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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the reality of our time

the consequences of male decision are these: that we live in a world under assault/ that as life we are threatened with every type of disaster that men could conceive of/ that the likely hood of war is absolute, because the population explosion is not a part of any political agenda;  therefore discarded to the wind.  The consequences of resource exploitation are immense/ the reality of starvation, as close as the realization: the ocean is almost fished out; thousands of trawlers from every nation, fishing every single day, of every single year/ and the fish catch is far beyond what can be sustained; and it feeds a billion people.  What are you going to do when those fish end shortly, unless you starve; except war?

Want to see what is coming/ then look to the images of police in gas masks (can’t identify them that way, can’t charge them with a felony), at the political republican convention.  Simply intent to run over any type of political demonstration (NO voice, NO rights) “looks just like the images from China” does it not? [I suggest to you, very little difference apart from how each one controls the propaganda. They use “governmental power/ america uses economic money; essentially the same. Both have the same purpose, to create fear in the people who wish to protest.”]  But of course the propaganda machines of american media “just can’t see it”/ or more correctly “the money controls their job/ their position/ and their identity;  after all, what story is worth being “fired/ black-listed/ controlled/ etc”. But hey “its america, isn’t it”/ where money rules everything.  What is actually “scary” is not the fact that people in power are the same the world over.  Rather what is scary is the fact “the american people cannot see it & cannot think or say it/ UNTIL the media tells them to”.  It’s a fact/ not an illusion: think about that statement for one minute and see what you find. As to the police themselves, the problem is as simple as “we”/ not all of us, rather “them or us”. As does the military, so does the police, firemen and others;  defining society as them, or us.  As WE are the righteous/ and none other even deserves a right to speak: WE are the power, and proud.  Which of course makes the entire rest of society and humanity less.  Being less, means you are measured/ being measured means, “you are on your way to being worthless”: when ANY problem or irritations  arise.

There is no lack of jobs that can be done, & need to be done for the sake of life on earth/ NOT simply greed.  That means its strictly a matter of how is this to be paid for.  Bearing in mind, that all money is simply the expectation of the people; and you are liars, holding numbers stolen from every single place temptation led you. You stole from the children/ grandchildren/ future/ nation/ world/ yourselves/ every damn dime you could find: its your reality. Because you fear the truth. The simple solution is: go to court, and redefine your money (the numbers), so that truth can give all the opportunity to work/ and rebuild your lives as equals. You cannot succeed without bankruptcy, and its consequent realities.  You cannot survive in peace, without a courtroom to divide and conquer the rich/ and keep the poor from killing them. Fail, and to disasters you will go/ one after another, after another, on and on; until civil war consumes you or the nation itself. Do you really think all the people about to lose everything they worked for, won’t get mad/ won’t fly into a rage, as the people with money try to control them in every possible way? They will seek revenge, good/ bad/ or indifferent; when you lose everything you have because of liars and thieves, “its hard not to become angry”.  Choose: justice or war.

The elemental demand to confront all the realities and facts that threaten our future, is fundamentally held within the addendum to state of IL trial on this homepage.  It is the critical avenue of law, that gives humanity an opportunity to express their voice and their decision in their own lives and nation/ because it asks distinctly for “truth, and nothing but the truth”. Doesn’t matter what that truth is, good/ bad/ or indifferent, simply let it be the truth.  Finding it necessary and wise to examine and investigate before the world, for what will be our future; is wisdom= choose.  The law is not a choice, it is the law/ a gun however is a choice, as is violence, unless you are actually defending life.  Where the law rules, the people rule!  Simple as that, because limited (in words, so there can be understanding and a defense of those words) and real law that is critically fundamental to all living things, or functional in absolute terms (we all need this, to be happy); are the things that present life, peace, and happiness to everyone!  But those who hate.  Greed is a hate/ power is the purpose of hate/ pride is the desire for hate/ want is the vehicle of hate; and that means very simply “remove hate/ and there will be peace, happiness, freedom, and love.”  Hate is a decision, unlike love which is strictly an acceptance in truth and life.

The failures and the hateful/ the coward and proud/ the greedy and those determined to be “rich”;   will all hate that lawsuit, because it demands truth, and these groups hate truth.  They have wants, and those wants control their lives, their minds, and their ways. So that leaves all the rest, as the potential participants in this reality: that we simply cannot wait until every person says “oh no, we are going to die”!  At that point, you ARE simply going to die!   The fact is:   we MUST have change today/ we MUST do things differently today/ or tomorrow we are dead.  A simple truth, because as 7 billion people across this world;   we have overtaken natures ability to keep us alive.  If we fail to appreciate nature and truth, and do our best to keep nature alive; then it dies, and so do we.  Not a hard concept, simply look at the evidence and you will know this is true.  Therefore it is said simply and without excuse:   that this is no game/ our lives, your children, everything depends upon change in human behaviors; particularly the gluttony of America (you use 8 times more oil than all the rest of the world per person/ and that does not even include all the rest of the fuel you burn or use).  Shame on you!  Even the air we breathe is under assault/ and america is the primary assailant; because you have done this so long already. “I didn’t say, it isn’t fun/ the facts say, you may not do so anymore”.  It is fair to say; that the continent of Africa is also fundamentally challenged as the worst: in the fight against your population explosions, in ways that are effective and true. Or in combating sex of all kinds, as evidenced by the AIDS epidemic.  Not a complaint about sex/ a reality of people without discipline infecting others.  Like it or not/ no help of any kind from the world/ until the population explosion is under control (this is the decision of women, not men); and those men with HIV/AIDS have a vasectomy: because it stops the spread by men, is an issue of all men/ DO YOU want AIDS? Then stop the men who spread it:  no sperm/ no transmission of the disease.  Not so easy with women. Enlist the rest of the world to help/ and understand, it is “a vaccination for the world”/ before it is too late. Near pandemic already.  Every nation is required to participate, because we are 7 billion people, and will not continue as we are: either we stop and change as we must; as a world/ or we die as a world.  Therefore it is a choice, either accept the limits of our new truth/ or you will die. Not by my hand/ not by    “GOD’S hand”/ but because you simply would not accept truth must lead.  Simple as that.
WE DO, have choices to make/ for one and all!  If we fail to make these choices as one life on earth; all that  will grow is hate, / and hate will bring you HELL, AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos).  That is no choice, as none desire it! Therefore the you are either insane, or you will accept the price of your life, and pay it.     
However if you fail to actually choose life, and pay the price required of you for life: which is respect, honor, honesty, courage, hope, WORK, and love.  You will not survive. This is a choice/ fail to make the right decision, and you suffer the consequences “is that not so”?  If you fail to choose a different society and world, that too will cause this earth to collapse/ because men will simply return to their old ways at the first possible second; history cannot be wrong.  Therefore it is women who will in fact lead us to the future, or there will be no future. NOT because they are better/ but because men have failed the future.  And women  are different: WE MUST have different.  Simple as that.

The desire “to be somebody”/ is immense, in very many people.  That means want is the primary enemy of your life, and whether you can stop wanting everything that brings you to greed, hate, selfishness, and death; will determine if you and this earth will survive. Want is an enemy, because it does not care about life; these only care about their want, and lie to themselves about the rest.  And the end result of that is, all hate must be separated for life on earth to find its peace and happiness.  Want brings hate/ because want chooses only for itself, discarding all the rest.  Therefore the question of survival demands, who will surrender that want/ and who will not?

Money as opposed to the numbers and trinkets & possessions called money; that then turn into power, pride, hate, jealousy, violence, tragedy of every kind, and even damnation:    Is not in truth, what you believe it to be.  True money is the proper exchange of my time, effort, and work/ in exchange for yours in equal or realistic measures.  Money to men, is a tool to enslave each other/ to control, WIN, demand, and fulfill their lusts.  Nothing in that definition is about happiness, peace, harmony, or life.  Therefore what men have built, with their excuses for money: is tragedy throughout the generations.  But it is necessary to be fair/ and when more than two people are exchanging things between them, some means of dividing equally for unequal work or opportunities must be made. Therefore money is not going away; it is foolish to think otherwise.  Because this is not a place of love, honor, honesty, and respect.  Consequently there must be money in some form. So then, what is fair/ if what has been consistently used for thousands of years is not?

The very first question is:   what is this want/ or more correctly what does it mean “to be somebody, in this world”?  The real answer is, “people respect me, for who I am/ they love me, rather than use me”.  The second question is: with regard to the lies of this want/ is exactly what would be important “if you were the only person left here on earth; you could take anything you wanted, fanciest car/ biggest house/ jewelry: you name it/ its yours”. Speed, literally anything you want!  Except for the fact, that you are completely alone!  What then would be important to you/ today, tomorrow, next year?  The true answer is; life itself is the only real treasure anywhere in this universe/ because nothing else truly matters at all.  Therefore, every want is about impressing the others “to play with me”/ therefore every want, is a demand “to pay attention to me”.  The opportunities of a new and different society begin and end with how you treat each other/ and how you teach the opportunities of sharing “the wealth” of each other as living creations of value, WITH RESPECT.  Regardless of color, looks, a whole body or not, and so on.  My own teeth are a wreck/ and some people do judge me on that alone; never bothering to allow the possibility, “there may be value inside”. This disrespect for life itself, is a direct  participant in life, choosing to discard some people/ and heaping benefits and opportunities some others.  And it does matter in more simple realities of a complex behavior;  where genetics are important, for the next generation: a participation in sex.  But in every other sense we are equals, because we are each alive in time and all deserve respect. Time makes us equals/ only death changes that. That of course assumes that genetic mutilation does not simply consume us, within the next few years.  Not a problem you say; hell, evolution will fix anything we break “in a billion years or so”.  Maybe in that amount of time you just might grow a brain/ except for the fact that you will be dead of course, mutilated beyond recognition in just 3 years time, perhaps forced to be a worm instead of human: “genetics build worms too, you know”.  Its not a numbers game/ and they don’t understand anything important.  What could be wrong with that/ engineering disasters we cannot possibly fix. Destroying all life, just because someone was insane or stupid, or just made a mistake?  Does not everyone suffer, along with that person who ends in the deepest HELL? Indeed all will suffer/ life will end.  Stop cursing yourselves or face horrors you cannot even believe.

Regardless, if we are equals/ then my time is equivalent to yours/ my work is equivalent to yours: but my risk, or the work required for a true education, and other factors make us unequal in terms of money deserved.  However, there is no true consequence or reason to assert or assume, that more than 3 times what the average person does earn yearly is appropriate for anyone. Doesn’t matter if you earn it in a day/ the rest of the year, you will earn nothing.  REMEMBERING, that if one earns more/ someone else will earn less.  Because what is used for money, MUST be controlled with an asset that cannot be used as fantasy and delusion.  This CLEARLY proven throughout this world, time and again; a money supply not based in reality/ does not work. “People want more/ WANT TO BE RICH, and remove the reality; therefrom fantasy grows like a mushroom cloud, and thieves take over the world”.  This is not fair/ nor is it fair to allow one person to control significantly more than another person/ nor is it fair, that all do not own the earths’ resources “raw substances” as a nation or world; and as owners choose accordingly by vote.   The reality of numbers is simple: until you spend your numbers and exchange it for something real/ you can have as many as you want; here take an extra billion; $1,000,000,000.00/ just move it off this page and add the numbers to your bank account statement:   see nothing to it/ until you want to spend it! The same is true of all numbers everywhere/ the difference between who has enough numbers just to survive, and those who have stolen everything they personally could from you:   comes down to “when the people get tired of being taken for fools/ tired of being slaves; they start killing”.  That starts when the pyramid game has too many people actually trying to use their fake numbers/ because someone actually has to do the work; and that means everything becomes unfair. So to keep the people working, CREDIT is issued/ temptations abound/ and the people are rounded up into the “slave pens/ and forced to conceive of greater tragedies; if they don’t work very hard”. Someone has to work/ and we all know, those with numbers expect that to be us; it’s a fantasy world you know! HELL YOU got yourself into damn trouble with credit/ THEREFORE YOU PAY.  Never mind the lies, manipulation, temptations, greed, power, pride, lust, violence, or just plain forced labor for nothing:   WE GOT YOU NOW.  Work, or die!  That ends in tragedy for all, with terrible consequences to everyone.  Civil wars do remove the whip, and life starts over/ in the past.  History is filled with nations that have collapsed, simply because “the rich/ made life not worth living for the poor/ the struggle too harsh to care”.  The only other option however is a courtroom, whereby everybody decides what is fair/ and what is not. It’s a choice.  The critical reality of how to get to the courtroom, is very simple as well: the law of life, decides “today is the day we need to examine, investigate, and decide for ourselves:   what is our truth/ our justice”.  The next critical step as every union knows, is to survive until you get your judgment for life with justice and equality for us all.  Fail to allow the wealthy a place for justice too/ and there will be consequences.  Which means for the poor, that their must be food, water, utilities, and shelter plus a little more until the trial is over; and won! For the wealthy, a lesson in humility, because unless the pride (not people) is killed/ there will be revenge. Pride is the demand “I must win”. The critical issue of course is very simple in who controls, the ability to survive  today: the simple fact is “we the people” provide everything/ and without us, the rich starve; they cannot take care of themselves, without money.  “The money is proven worthless numbers without any substance whatsoever/ every citizen cannot be holding assets of $400,000.00 four hundred thousand dollars or more: if we divide the numbers being used by 300 million people= it equals this much.  Therefore the numbers are worthless, unless a bag of groceries is going to cost about $5000.00 dollars/ its completely unfair.  Which means the majority are simply slaves.  But this is a good thing “for this moment in time”/ because if the numbers are worthless/ then they are worthless to everybody.

  In contrast to wealth however, it is a simple fact; that people do not cooperate among themselves well/ and that opens the door for wealth: because they are your leaders.  They keep you from killing each other/ or failing to function; do to all the problems of laziness, fighting, and more. The wealthy assume risks, that the others refuse to take, and in that risk, there are jobs and change good or bad for life.  Find your ability to understand truth and consequences/ accept the truth that to build something new, for the right reason is worth the risk; and do it for yourselves. When you can no longer find any reason “that this won’t work/ then it will work, unless you did not research it well/ or stop and think sufficiently.  Regardless, today;  A billionaire, and a pauper have exactly the same assets/ because it takes money to hold property doesn’t it.  After all “taxes will be paid/ ain’t that right”.  And if the money is worthless/ then as a nation of people; NOT power/ but we the people.   We will be looking to get back our lives.  Simple as that.  IN COURT/ BY JUSTICE, TRUTH, AND EQUALITY;   but without consideration for numbers: Only for what is fair to all.

These are base elements to what is fair/ the second half of that assertion is a job that will be accessed without someone standing in the way.  That means society must employ those without a job, and that means: there MUST be shared work & shared education, so that people are prepared to do each job.  Not something for nothing/ not nothing for the same as me; but reality for all. Not the communist brand where a few are in charge of the rest/ this NEVER works for anyone.  NOT the capitalist brand, where nothing but money is important; not life/ not environment/ not a future/ absolutely nothing but money:   this as is seen in america HAS consequences that destroy. NOT the socialist brand either/ but a more honest version of society that allows and encourages freedom; but understands, with 7 billion people and a dying world, there will be limits on what any individual can control or own.  Its up to you, how you get there/ but its up to us, by scheduled vote: just how much more than the rest you will control. 

 There must be an opportunity for people to express themselves either by working harder, learning more, or by exploring more. The fundamental allowance for variations in pay contribute to that demand/ but more importantly, is an opportunity to participate correctly with the people of your community or the world.  In other words, many people want to set themselves apart; “look at me”. To accommodate that, without generating undue jealousy: the allowance is made for society to create rewards for those who have achieved more than most/ with the opportunity to teach the others.  Therefore if you teach your competition essentially, and honestly; we will give you benefits!  In the real world of today, sharing and caring will be the most primary armies of life; that are available to you, to use.  Fail to share or care properly, and people will turn to hate.  Hate will turn to war/ and war will end life on earth; you are      7 billion people/ “if you killed 1,000,000,000 per week [one billion dead people laid side by side in 3 by 6 ft graves= 18 billion sq feet of space or literally there would be an endless sea of dead bodies from one weeks worth of the dead that equals 413,223 sq acres/ 646 square miles of nothing but dead bodies! [ still 6 billion people left/ on an earth that could not support 3 billion at the turn of the century, before the sea was plundered/ before there was fertilizers and improved breeding; which of course is now ending, because the fertilizers are not infinite, and genetic mutilation will kill us all].   It would still take 7 weeks to empty the earth”. War will end life/ because the resources will disappear or be degraded to the point nothing survives.
WE LIVE, BECAUSE NATURE LIVES! War or simply the decisions of this day will kill nature/ are killing nature, and that means you will die; or you will change your ways, methods, and wants! War will end life on earth, because it can.

  So you need to find ways to share with each other the benefits we all find to be a blessing; such as vacations, work, opportunities to learn, happiness to share: love/ romance/ passions for life/ and sexual honesty among men and women.  Truth says: it’s a choice, that you can easily make/ when want & pride & hate, are removed! These are choices, and you will take care to be certain, no possibility exists for love/ before you abandon them.  Many people are abused, many people today are abandoned, many people today are judged and measured, many people today are so proud “it’s a wonder their heads don’t explode”. And so on, lots of destructive behaviors/ that impact people everywhere:  so be very honest, and be very aware of damage done. There are idiots and fools, everywhere/ planning and plotting for absolute stupidity, without a concern for anything but themselves.  The day of the playground is over/ whether you like it or not, it is time to GROW UP.

I have come to the end of the road, basically as far as I can go in assisting you with the understandings necessary to change your world. More would not serve any useful purpose: YOU have to choose now/ because even if I continue beyond this addendum, the lawsuits presented on the homepage;   the outcome itself will not change.  Either your politicians and employees will choose truth and reality/ or they will continue to hide in fear, and chase their fantasy; meaning quite simply “society must then force them to accept their duty/ or replace them”.  That means you: organized and determined to bring the law to this society, and to this nation: nothing else will do.  Without law and a courtroom, there will be no consensus among the people. If there is no consensus, there will not be sufficient human interest, therefore change to matter. Without law, tragedy and violence will control. Law is the only weapon that matters/ a fact, that required “a female spirit inside” to teach me; as strictly male, my plan was to fight about it; a bad choice, because the consequences would not have led to peace “the intent/ but it would have failed”.  True law, the foundations created for life in society, in this world;   ARE the only ones that functionally decide for life. Law is the moderator for all humanity: not you or me, but the law.  Don’t need the rest/ these enhance and determine freedoms and rights; the rest, are just rules decided upon, for the simple purpose and desire to control the rest.  A little is needed, so that all are realistically safe. But more than that, and freedoms die.  It is an entire world, that needs to understand and accept whatever is proven true: THE LAW OF LIFE.  This is your choice as a world/ as humanity on earth.  Define it, obey it, and life will go on for very many years here on earth. Fail, and the earth fails with you.

Healthcare is a very simple “percentage of income/ based within a reality of possessions; conceived by the honesty of what is fair”. Dependent upon the care you need. “If doctors say no, we want more/ then train others, and throw these traitors out of the country”.  Society itself decides by vote, “how much will be done for each one/ NO exceptions, you chose/ BUT you will also pay for what you chose: NO MORE PRETENDING”. Life or death is not a number/ but the people who work, want money, and that is your reality.  No fantasy, reality! Society itself will decide when it is necessary, by body or mental failure for you to die; because “the earth is full/ and others have needs too”. No more whining/ no more tears and tantrums: choose! And do bear in mind, that in all of nature, when any creature badly overtakes its environment and ruins the balance nature needs to survive: they do commonly develop diseases to rid that problem of no balance; so that all survive, instead of destroying everything. The time to play is over/ the time to understand: we all die, and eternity takes over from there.  What exists for you in eternity is all that matters.  If you believe that is nothing, then why are you afraid?

       The elderly will divide a percentage of national income in reality; by vote, deciding for yourselves how to distribute this money/ no more fantasy here either.  Live within your means, or die; its up to you. Spend it all on healthcare or food or frills/ its up to you, but you get no more. The obvious solution becomes group homes, organized buying, hiring doctors just for you and so on.  “Good enough for orphans”/ good enough for you. They will complain, but “to share in the benefits that you left for the others IS FAIR/ is it not”.  If you failed to leave the children or the nation anything worthwhile, then you get nothing/ because that is fair, it is what you deserve. Let the children be merciful, if they wish/ let them remember what was done for life. But let them remember this as well: you plotted and planned their extinction/ taking them through hell and Armageddon first. Because these would not face their truth, but hid in fear and foreboding of reality instead. Weapons of mass destruction, are about fear for both sides. Refusing to pay your bills, a complication that arose from the simple fact, that people can in truth kill this earth in the next twenty minutes; and there is no going back.  Not exactly conducive to peace, life, or harmony; so there is some moderating influences in truth. Be fair/ be real/ be respectful/ and be honest within the law.

The simple truth is, that sexual behaviors, between “man and woman”, are reality in human existence: and a blessing or a curse. There are chemical needs, and many people are not always disciplined or nice.  Men chose to make sex a reward, “a trophy, and a possession”. These have not proven to be fundamentally correct/ and that means change here must come too.  Women will either save this world, or abandon it/ because they did not care enough; simple as that.  That fact means, they will decide the next round of sexual behaviors; it is their right/ because they are required to keep life on earth alive: BY USING THE LAW.  If they succeed/ they earn the right to decide. I would suggest you be more pragmatic; and use those who cannot control themselves, to aid those who are otherwise abandoned sexually. The price of no discipline, or other failures of a sexual nature.  As to marriage itself; a simple legal contract so far as society is concerned.  The truth is, that you cannot buy, or give someone your body legally; it is your own possession/ and that means you CAN use it any way you see fit, so long as you pay the price yourself. That price is personal/ anything imparted upon you by another “making claims over your body” is criminal.  Apart from all sexual considerations, the simple truth of marriage is:  people do get a divorce (good, bad, or indifferent= many people get a divorce).  That means in a peaceful society the marriage license should be changed entirely, no more ignorance/ no marriage allowed, until the issues of a divorce are dealt with!  In other words: before you are married, you will decide and declare what will be given to the other. Before you are married you shall decide; and that will control how all possessions are split should you get a divorce. No more lawyers/ you chose, “that’s how it is”.  Children are a matter of responsibility, and caring!  Therefore stay close to each other for the child’s sake, and share as best you can.  The judge need only consider the child, not you.  No more jealousy/ because there is no more ownership of a body;   we own ourselves.  Love keeps life together/ not contracts, not parades down the aisle, not religions; only love.  Where there is love, you will share honestly, if you can: OR allow the other to search for what you refuse to give in happiness. Or simply cannot. Love is acceptance, not control.

As to the legal marriage contracts of this day; the battleground should be closed.   Simply decide by educated vote/ what is honest and fair.  What each will receive or surrender in divorce. Same for all who are currently married: no more lawyers/ but mediation where necessary.
Therefore reality says to you, that I have done my part and presented you with this opportunity/ now it is truly time for you to do your part, and defend this world, by acting and participating in ways that will accomplish that feat.  I can continue in trial for a short time more/ but the reality is; without “the interest and participation of the people” this is just noise, and will amount to nothing.  Because even if I prove my point, and prove correct over time “yes, you are going to die”. You do not have time to play/ and when it is clear and obvious to all: it is too late. The world itself is under assault, and again “when everyone agrees by the consequence that sits before their eyes; we are going to die/ THEN YOU LITERALLY are going to die.”  It has become the point of no return, and you failed.  That means: YOU MUST USE YOUR MIND, and find in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom the truth that will become your opportunity to make decisions and change this future from extermination/ back to life. 

This part is your job/ it is not mine.  It is your mind, I cannot enter inside and switch it to what you need to be.  My job, is accomplished; read and be educated.  Which means in essence, today I am done “working for your opportunity to survive”.  You have everything you need/ except the desire and decision that you must produce inside yourselves.  That is up to you.

My own design regarding living, may be somewhat misinterpreted; so I will explain it better.  With regard to death, I do not prefer to see anything die.  However that is not our reality, and as a consequence creatures do die. The human body requires complex building blocks, and meat provides these in abundance.  Creatures that are “out of balance” in population cannot survive; therefore some must die for the sake of the others. Life can be harsh/ nature can be harsh/ predator and prey are freedoms created for the sake of balance in nature, and both need each other/ both are a blessing to each other;   because none of us would be here, if one single type of creature controlled everything; they simply consume too much of the same things. My nephew died of brain cancer at 9 months old, a very precious boy; a very harsh death.  I am aware of the pain/ but that does not give any person the right to jeopardize all life on earth by crucifying genetic structure.  It ain’t fair/ life ain’t fair: but that’s how it is.  Accept it, and be grateful for everything you do have. Nature literally has brought life on earth through at a minimum thousands of years or recorded history; because it makes the best decisions for a balance that supports the continuation of life/ until so badly devastated, that it literally gives up.  Such as is many unnatural deserts, made by man. We face one tragedy after another/ all caused by the decisions of men and their leaders; particularly by over-population, which grants “do it or die/ and then you are dead, because you did not respect nature and the consequence of your decisions. I believe in nature, not the decisions of men.

My own life has its own issues, and today I actually feel more like a girl than boy/ “the breasts have grown a little” & the female chemicals  just keep eating away at everything male, and seem to have interfered to the point of change. {you can read how this started in www.complexdestiny.info  If you wish}.  Doesn’t mean a lot of things/ but it does mean I feel different.  At any rate, my life is or seems destined for change.  Maybe tomorrow will be different, I certainly do not know/ mine, has become a complicated life, not really mine anymore. Different, strange: from a life entirely about being male/ to entirely about helping female. I honestly never would have guessed, this could happen to me. Not that helping female is bad, I have simply lost control of being male.  Kind of a wreck/ but not exactly. And yes, I am aware that people “ridicule/ remember/ and even attack”.  Even so, I am happy with the work of providing you, thereby humanity, the opportunity for change. To continue life on earth!  “The spiritual woman inside” provided that opportunity, far more than me;  and this is simply part of that price. I would do it again/ because all life on earth is that important to me.  We are a Creation of   GOD   , it is impossible not to respect that for me/ which means everything required that can be done, must be done.  Being “me, the man I have always been” however/ is literally starting to become a challenge. Don’t know how it ends. So then here begins the truth, that the spiritual woman inside rescued me from the tragedy of male knowledge that proved “men are going to make us extinct”.  It was the knowledge granted, “that men can be replaced with women/ that became this work provided by the law”.  As a result, my desire to present and provide this opportunity of change, for life on earth has been answered; simply because the spiritual woman is inside of me. What you do with that opportunity is up to you/ I am done for all intent and purposes.  Its your job now; takes an army of people willing to let the law provide, and truth lead; even requires women to make the base decisions of human society; but that is up to you, not me.  What I find now is the spiritual woman has a desire too/ that is for women to accomplish leadership of life on earth, and it is apparent “that I can be used for this purpose”.  So respect demands that I do repay her/ honor adds, that life needs every person doing the best they can/ and honesty knows that my responsibility to return the favor done for me, is real.  Consequently, I will do the best I can somehow/ with what is given me to do.  Don’t know what that will be, exactly, but it does seem “even more of what it means to be female is coming”.  The sub-text to this work, is then complete as well. Seemed necessary to tell you; the spiritual woman inside needs respect too; I WAS headed the wrong way/ SHE changed that, impossible though it sounds. Simple as that, the price is now what can I do for her.

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