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Friday, 17 April 2009

The realities we face

Today, the assertion is: that we can spend our way out of bankruptcy!  The mind of a fool, the arrogance of a group of  intellectuals that know nothing of real life.  Simple as that.

In recent times the news reports spending in this fantasy land (called America), is over 5 trillion dollars just for health care costs.  Divided by fifty million workers, the actual workers in this USA, not anyone who files an income tax report/ but go to work and contribute real time and effort workers equals a cost in healthcare of $100,000.00 per each worker.  One trillion divided by 50 million is $20,000.00 dollars each. Times 5.  The reality is:   every aspect of medicine MUST BE REDUCED to real work and life/ not the current extortion and playtime of take everything you can get.  That means simply, IT IS YOUR SALARY AND INTENT FOR PROFIT that fails the test of reality, and you will be stopped.    THIS Allowed by “let the government pay, and various other factors called extortion”:    we are the government, and we the workers are tired of paying for every pitiful excuse you can think of. The federal government alone spent roughly 10 trillion dollars last year 2008, for everything/ promises to pay and all.   The past includes medicare and the endless desires of the old to have their “ass patted down with baby powder/ and diapers changed by someone else”.  YOU are only a baby once, and it ain’t in old age.  Reality must come, social security and medicare together:    are over 52 trillion dollars in debt early last year:    divided by 50 million workers, equals over one million dollars debt per worker.  CAN’T BE PAID.  You do get to die, if you are unable to care for yourself/ after a short term of compassion. Just how it is/ like it or not, you spent everything/ trashed everything/ and built this world as it is, along with your children who were even worse.   Why should you not reap according to what was sown?
The cry of every GREEDY FAILURE IS:   we are too big to fail/ you have to give us everything we ask!  But that is not real life/ YOU broke the machine and environment from which you stole, extorted, raped, ravaged, and destroyed without the slightest tinge of repentance (sorry for this).   WHY SHOULD WE THE PEOPLE,    Help you continue in the destitution and utter disgrace of what you chose to become.  You stole from us, ridiculing us, enslaving us, trading our lives for your luxuries, and destroying the sanctity of our home in every conceivable aspect of your ability to make a decision that was not for life/ BUT MERELY GREED, PRIDE, and WANT that did not include us.   You are not “too big to fail/ you are NOT to important to fail/ you are not getting away with “we are sorry now/ so now, give us more of everything we want, DAMN IT.  GIVE US MORE”.  Instead pray you don’t get what you DO  deserve!

The rich man’s game is: make the poor man and woman pay for everything/ don’t let them have nothing they don’t beg for.  Until the gambling game is about over/ wherein the tide turns, and the people are given the opportunity to dig an even bigger hole, so the rich people can shove them in:   and say its all your fault.  LIKE HELL, who drove this train to ruin/ who is or was in charge?  The answer is without the slightest doubt:   those who hold a university degree, and control every aspect of big business, medicine, government, banks, and courts combining into the largest depository of corruption that this world has ever seen. All done by the aid and combination of media control that is inherent in propaganda, and the control of a nation.  The biggest ponze/ pyramid scheme of all, is run by those people who have been in charge of the United States government: lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and running away from every responsibility to life or nation, with cowardice and fear.  Special people, ain’t they? Hell, too smart for me/ ain’t that right.
So lets see: by their quotation, since these are “the best and the brightest”/   lets review.
1. Sold the nation into irreversible debt/ can’t pay it, while they took, sold, destroyed, or mutilated everything they could touch. Given to utter chaos, because the fools in charge believe they can continue to lie, and pretend “WE are too big to fail/ they will miss our buying, they will lose business”.   But lets be real:  YOU, the fantasy land called america; are absolutely bankrupt/ not one chance to pay anything back; just like your banks, people, and more.  SPENT IT ALL, and then threw it away.  You have failed already/ and those who continue this ride, will fail completely just like you.

2. Gambled, & gambling, with everything we need for life, TO SURVIVE WITH/ didn’t give a damn about “what happens if your wrong/ cause well hey:   ask any one of them, and all will proclaim “didn’t die yet/ that proves we can do anything we want”.   But lets see:   do you die more than once/ lose a leg more than once/ starve more than once/ go blind more than once: etc, etc, etc.   The answer is no/ therefore all the gambling of the past, “is simply dumb luck”.  After all, every gambling addict will tell you:   they ARE going to win, this time!  Isn’t that right, but they never do/ except for a tiny few, who then continue to lose it all, and return to the sewer.
3.  Took democracy:   a decision by the people, to join in unison and protect themselves from tyranny/ and turned it against the nation, by controlling media propaganda, the court, changing the money to nothing more than numbers, and lying just as fast and furious as they can.  Hell, what could be wrong with that.
4.  Took the military, and made them die in Iraq, just because of fear in washington, by lies about other leaders. Presented phony documents, and throughout decades;   lied about everything they could. There was never a program to “get to the moon”/ it was a deceit to build intercontinental missiles for bombs.  There was never an intent to win the Vietnam war/ it was a preliminary training ground for world war 3, with the USSR.  A very long list of lies.
5. Don’t have to pay/ pretending as if the children/ grandchildren/ or even the people one thousand years from now:   could actually pay your debts.  They cannot/ will not/ because this generation is deliberately assassinating everything the future needs.
6.  Don’t give a damn about duty or honor or responsibility to the people, nation, or world:   endless lies, using the fools of the university delusion, “we can control them, if we all stick together”.   Don’t care about anything real, just fantasy, greed, power, and pride.  Don’t care about the end of this earth, its life, or our duty to share it honestly with the future, or those here and now;  anywhere on earth. The trinkets thrown about and propagandized as “how great we are”/ and literally nothing more than “crumbs that fall off the table, not even scrapes given to the dog”.   Corrupt, vile, destitute of honor or value or life: sold to    Greed/ worshipers of power, pride, and want.

7.   And of the sheep who pasture here, the people who are so gullible and passive that they will believe anything!  Did you not welcome the lies/ worship the numbers/ fear and accept war/ escape into sex, instead of confronting your reality/ chose lies instead of truth/ worshiped anyone who could convince you, not to believe in anything but “science and america”/ bowed down to your knees praying to these liars, mutilate anything WE DON’T CARE.   And at least one thousand more elements of delusion, that gave you to be:    FANTASY LAND,     instead of a democracy called the United States of America.

Your failures and lies, will not keep you alive!  The utter destitution and disgrace of everything you have ravaged to proclaim “we are great/ we are special/ you are satan’s helpers”; witness against you in terms so absolute nothing but MERCY can save you.  YOU are leaders in crucifying life on earth.  YOU are leaders in the gambling of science whereby all life on earth are held in the balance:   to be abandoned, or intervene.  YOU are extortionists, killing off peace and harmony;   with your “business of medicine”/ corrupted by the insane greed of fools and failures who know nothing of honesty, honor, duty, or love.  YOU are the destroyers of oceans, and its life; leading the way to extinction. YOU are the makers and the LIARS behind weapons of mass destruction;   calling them your saviors/ while knowing full well, the insane will destroy this earth with these very weapons, if you don’t do it first with your science.  YOU are the assassins of future life, by destroying everything that is necessary for them to survive. YOU are the enemy of life, creating pandemic realities;   just because you want food to be a couple pennies cheaper, or easier;   because you are LAZY, and bordering on worthless;   using antibiotics for food supplements/ throwing antibiotics everywhere from your fears.  YOU are massive polluters.  YOU are destroying aquifers that took hundreds or thousands of years to fill, for nothing.  YOU are a pitiful disgrace, using pride and power as the evidence of a space program so apathetic to life on earth, that BILLIONS are spent for nothing at all. YOU are the destroyers of a covenant called the constitution of this USA, preferring lies, innuendo, corruption, hate, cowardice, desertion of duty, and tyranny to the laws and guaranteed rights granted to this people. YOU ARE playing with every version of food and life on this planet. YOU are using fuels that consume so much oxygen, there will be nothing left for life.  YOU are changing this environment called earth. YOU are contributing most to sea level rise. YOU are a disease upon this earth.  Because you simply DON’T CARE about anything but your want and pride. SHAME ON YOU.

LIARS about everything, not only evolution and the utter shame it reflects upon you, as the people most involved with bringing this infection to the world.   BUT LIARS AS WELL, when the evidence that Noah’s flood not only existed, but is absolutely and clearly defined by the evidence of all that coal and oil underground which concretely prove could have occurred in NO OTHER WAY.  But what is also evident and real by that evidence is a massive amount of life on earth at the time of the flood.  Thereby the idiots who suggest “the bible knows everything”, are FAR TOO SIMPLE to be trusted.  Just like the other religions.  All religion, is a man’s version of what men want or believe; what is not from man, is held within the understanding called truth. 
LIARS about what the future holds.  LIARS about what happens, when this earth, NOW FULL OF PEOPLE, begins to fail/ and must cannibalize its people or die.  LIARS about the need to share/ the need to stop warring and remove the weapons of mass destruction. LIARS about men and their ability to change rapidly enough, to make a difference: they cannot, because there is always another liar, hiding, threatening, plotting violence, asserting jealousy, hating, or planning revenge. LIARS about the war waged on every person that could not find relief, from your diploma.  LIARS ABOUT FOOD, GENETICS, WATER, POLLUTION, SCIENCE, WAR, WEAPONS, EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH, without exception.  LIARS about an education that is nearly worthless to most.  LIARS about the politics of money, and how it has dissolved the integrity and dignity of life here in america.  AND MORE.
And for what?   Nothing more than the disgrace, you call success.  SHAME ON YOU, throwing away this entire earth, for worthless pennies.

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