Tuesday, 23 December 2008
Is an understanding medium dedicated to the relationships of what we need to know as a humanity on this earth;   and then what our accumulated wisdom has found, through a dedicated search into our reality, and its future.  Our need to change.

For all the talk, all the money, all the degrees, all the rhetoric, and all the “high and mighty descriptions of how great you are”/    Your educational practices are failures. In other words, even though at lower levels the purpose of an education is to teach the children/ at the upper levels of university degrees, in charge of challenging every child to be stupid at every conceivable level does rule.

Rampant disgrace, and tool of the powerful to insure the children are overrun, and enslaved: are the only descriptions allowed.  What is less important than that, DOES NOT MATTER/ until it threatens us all, as is constant with the university degree today.  Let us review:  it is the university degree that controls each and every government office/ it is the university degree that controls each and every financial office in this country/ it is the university degree that controls each and every major manufacturing concern in this nation/ it is the university degree that makes each and every deal with other countries/ it is the university degree that controls weapons of mass destruction, and genetic mutilation, and every other major threat that does exist to change our lives by exterminating life on earth; you included.  It is the university degree that does all the major hiring in every location above a modest personal business.  It is the university degree that gets a business loan/ gives a personal loan/ tempts you/ manipulates you/ devises school curriculum/ teaches the kids, and so on.   So when we look to see who it is that must accept “even more blame” than the others:   CLEARLY AND WITHOUT COMPROMISE in any form, the university degree sticks out.
So lets talk about reality instead of all the delusion and fantasy that exists within the university culture that has deliberately set about destroying so very much of our nation and lives/ and is willing to exterminate us.  No concern is given to those who risk their own lives, its your life: do with it as you please, just don’t hand me the bill.  And that goes for complete stupidity as well: GROW UP INSTEAD. 
Argument is made against all who would and do insist on gambling with all life on earth!  They fail/ we all die!  They screw up,    Our arms, legs, who knows what fall off/ because genetic disciplines build us, hold our bodies together, and give us life.  But not to worry, they can fuck their computers and be gods/ hell they can’t be wrong; right?    Who cares about you/ they know everything, you shut up.    Its just life, nature, food, water, everything on earth that they play with:   what could go wrong?  After all, they did the same thing to your money, didn’t that turn out “perfect”.  Sure it did/ an entire world at war soon;   what devil wouldn’t want that?

Regardless, the first level of education is survival, and if you don’t stop the university degree from exterminating your lives/ nothing else will matter.  Literally nothing else will matter.  So that is first, and if you succeed in stopping ALL OF THEM/ then it will be important to actually teach the children something of value/ instead of how to be prey to the rich and powerful.

Let us assume, that somewhere inside a tiny bit of life and living still exists/ so that you may get your lazy ass off the couch/ actually disengage the “mind-cuffs” from television and media in general; and work for life: even succeeding. 

At that moment, it is then necessary to discover what truth requires from an education in each of us.  The first level is simple survival on a personal level excluding all reference to the biggest, and most blind threats above.  What we learn is that our oxygen supply is threatened (fire requires oxygen: look at fuel consumption).  What we learn is that our food supply is threatened (the ocean is nearly devoid of life: look at sales. Fucked-up fools are everywhere mutilating as fast as they can)   What we learn is that our water supply is threatened (not only trillions lost in the making and distribution of chemicals/ trillions lost in the production of ethanol/ trillions lost in the production of oil: etc). There is even trillions lost to the production of agriculture products that are thrown away. Shame on you!  What we learn is our planet and environmental reality is threatened. (Without ozone radiation will threaten our bodies/ rising oceans will threaten the land we need/ changing weather patterns will cause havoc as we cannot move fast enough to recover what is lost, and there will not be room for us all: etc/ etc/ etc)  What we learn is our nation is threatened (the reduction of human endeavor to THEY STOLE IT/ means civil war.  OR, a redirection to “lets kill them instead”).   What we learn is all life, and nature on earth is threatened in countless ways: nearly every degree, a murderer to some extent . Not because that is what was designed/ but because want drives men to take whatever they can.  And so they have, with absolute disregard for consequences/ a thirst for money beyond all comprehension of life!  What we learn is the current leaders will not face the truth/ but live in countless lies and rejection of anything that they don’t wish to hear. (Listen to anything you like/ spending fantasy money, and asking delusion to pay, if even that: because they all know this is simply, completely, and without doubt nothing but lies) What we learn is, the future is disembodied by all the resources that have been looted, and then thrown in the garbage: because people live to say “winner”.  In a finite world, there is an end to everything!  Simple as that.

This is the beginning of returning to life on earth, and until we accomplish the resurrection of reality within an understanding of truth/ the possibilities of our lives extending beyond a few more years is impossible. It will not occur. Shaking your ass/ hiding in sex or fear will not help/ there is no running away from a reality that we cannot escape without actually changing these things ourselves.  WE MUST CHANGE THIS WORLD, or the consequences of what our leaders, particularly men (do they not lead/ have lead throughout history: this is “their best”.  And it represents an end to life on earth.)  What men have done are literally going to end life here on earth.  NOT BECAUSE of what I say/ because of the evidence that exists to prove we cannot survive human decisions of this day.  We cannot survive the university degree, that has pushed us to the brink of hell (all humanity going insane, because there is nothing they can do to stop death on this planet) and Armageddon( nature in chaos, due to mutilation and chains of life broken). We are at that door, and once past the threshold, there is no going back.

What we need to learn is responsibility as a humanity to our world.  What we need to do is choose LIFE FIRST, in every situation, accepting that truth must lead, and reality must define our options, methods, and ways; as best we can.   These things are fundamental to life itself, our lives today, and in the future of all life; called this earth.  If you do not accept the simple duty of resolving honestly what is real according to the evidence/ then you cannot live here on earth anymore.  Not because I say so/ because the evidence of human failure and its truth and consequences, are in fact prepared to exterminate you. This is nothing I desire/ and every intent of these words to enlighten you, are fully prepared for the simple task of making you aware:   and demanding without true change, nothing of life will remain.  People will say:   HELL, the world has always been this way/ NOTHING has changed.          BUT they are wrong! This earth has changed, we are 7 billion people/ consuming everything that 7 billion people can touch, every day/ every year/ every decade; and taking more than the earth itself can provide.  When you don’t put anything back:   do you not go bankrupt? Indeed you do. Never before has humanity held the tools to mutilate and change nature. Never before has humanity built the tools to challenge energy and pretend it has no consequences. Never before has the world experienced “global economic meltdown”/ but it will now.  Never before has the needs of billions been seen as in control of millions: and war is inevitable.  Weapons of mass destruction are spread throughout this world: hunger affects one in every 7 people.  And there are terrorists lurking, waiting to burn you out/ and take your lives away.  The world has changed/ and if you do not: you WILL NOT survive what men have done.

The purpose of this discussion was intended to be about schooling/ but the reality of life evades the more simple conflicts of a future to be lived.  First comes survival/ then comes the possibilities of living in peace. Just how it is!
For the sake of being simple:   studies for the future include WHAT IS NEEDED to compete with you, or more correctly to make honest, real, useful decisions in truth for life!  Establishing life, society, law, survival, purposes of peace, courage, love, family, respect, honor, and truth inside themselves. A desire for honesty in the relationships of life, particularly between man and woman are also necessary. That of course is scary to some:    if fully prepared, they could leave us out/ take control, and be in charge. CAN’T be rich, when everyone knows the traps/ everyone understands the reality, and comprehends what is true!  But that is the price of a true education, and if you are wise, it is an education that will expand the possibilities for everyone/ instead of diminishing the opportunities for anyone.  Limiting possessions/ limiting incomes and the like gives true and permanent control to all the people.  And with that control (voted upon periodically), you get to choose what society will be/ WITHIN the terms physical reality and truth allow.

The primary difference between young and old is: the young believe “it will heal”/ whereas the old know, “sometimes it won’t”.  The young believe life will take care of them/ the old know, sometimes it won’t.  The young believe, they can/ whereas the old understand sometimes “you don’t matter”. The critical truth of a world that limits the possibilities of each group for tragedy: requires an education that is real, true, and fundamentally accurate to the descriptions and needs of a world that will not accept “stupidity”.  Life will change for us all/ because that is what is necessary to survive and keep this world alive.
Law is an elemental tool prepared for and by those who desire and live within the purposes of peace.  Justice creates truth.  Fair play creates happiness and hope.  Equality understands the basic needs and respects us all.  PEACE is the result, when love blooms between man and woman and child.  It is a choice.            MAKE YOUR DECISION!

As liars move from one shelter to another, trying desperately to salvage failure from reality/ the truth applies a simple understanding:   VERY NEARLY EVERYONE, has had a hand in terrorizing the reality of this nation.  How extremely few there were that did not DEMAND GREED WAS THEIR GOD!  The tiniest reference to reality or truth, and they blew up/ demanding don’t you do nothing: I WANT MONEY!  DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE REST.

So now the predators have ate all their prey, and have begun to live the reality of “what now”.  The assumption of some that contracts are sacred, is nothing more than an illusion of fools:   what contract has not been broken?  Wall street going to make you rich, “a guarantee, for years”.  Bonds can’t go bad, its government; but guess what government ran the biggest pyramid scheme of all.  Banks have a responsibility to their customers/ to the nation/ to the world:   “It’s a contract”.  Or the nation itself, to life for this world/ to peace and the demands of the constitution: is that not a contract as well?  Is there no contract with those in the military, to die for America/ for life of this world, if it must be:   but not as mercenaries/ not “just a few/ but everyone”, if it is indeed about America.  Get in line, failure has a long disgusting list of supporters, cheerleaders, players, and until recently “friends/ that would stab anyone in the back, for two nickels more”.  Who is not a failure: from the billionaire, who tragically crept into the lives of millions as a predator to their peace and happiness.   To the bum, who believes “all are bad”/ and intends only to escape life, because it is not fair!  One lives to hide from the impact of money/ one lives to hide from the world, behind their money:   both trash the lives of people who do the work.

Even so, we now return to the reality: the prey are decimated, and the vultures are either going to attack the remainder/ or wait for them.  The wolves are going to attack each other and die.  Or the government employees are going to take over and control everything/ because by driving the economy directly into the ground as is spending currently going on:   means they do get control/ unless you go to court.   Not, because I want to go to court/ because we need to go to court, and return truth and reality to a system that completely lacks both/ lacks justice/ lacks respect/ lacks dignity/ and will turn to war.

So the question is: what can be applied in court, beyond the descriptions that are already given?  The basic problems not yet encountered are pensions/ investments/ and the future of those who wish to gamble with money.  We begin with social security and ask the simple question:   what have you not been paid.  Over 50 trillion dollars in receipts beyond assets/ the people in retirement  have collected over one million dollars more than 50 million workers have contributed to your lives.  WHAT do we owe you?  Explain it in detail!   The pension plans of government workers are next/ “guaranteed my ass”, YOUR JOB, each and every one a participant on some level, above and beyond the public itself:   WAS TO PROTECT OUR LIVES from this very thing.  You get nothing/ just like the social security group.  All will be equal/ all will be provided with a small percentage of GDP that this entire group will decide how to spend for themselves. That includes presidents, to janitors, to the railroad and teachers; everybody!  You failed.   And as you would say to anyone who came to your own door begging for money:   go away/ get a job.  But the beggar says: “it was a guaranteed gamble”/ I couldn’t lose, and he or she keeps coming back:   WHAT WOULD YOU SAY to them?  If not, I will call the police and have you arrested for vagrancy.   If this is your answer/ why should ours be different!

There are pension holders in private companies/ promises to be paid beyond anything that can be sustained by any business or nation.  Explain why you should be paid/ when in fact, those who were in a position to make these demands also took for themselves far more than the rest of the public could afford/ those who laughed at the public in general claiming “we are winners/ YOU are LOSERS”.  EXPLAIN just exactly why the children should be made to carry you/ particularly sense you have done so very much to threaten an entire world:   what exactly do we the poor, or your children or grand-children owe you?  Explain it in detail, and then we will decide through court what is fair.  Explain to me why YOUR GAMBLING, did you not expect to get rich/ explain to me why YOUR LIES, AND LISTENING TO LIES are fundamentally our debts?   Did you not gamble and lose/ did you not take everything you could, and ridicule the rest of us/ ridicule your children, degrade, disrespect, devalue their lives, and demand their future was an early death in hell or Armageddon;   just because YOU DIDN’T WANT TO PAY YOUR OWN DEBTS!   Explain what it is we owe you/ go ahead, were listening.
There are of course the few who deserve their pension/ who made little and were taken in, pushed along by the herd:   consequently, those at the bottom scale of earnings who lost to mutual funds etc: shall receive their reward in realistic participation with the court.  That much is owed/ scale starts at the poverty line, one hundred percent/ and goes downhill at one percent per thousand increase in income (based on a twenty year cycle); until all gone.
The investor and their investments were gambling in whatever terms they chose to do so.  Do you not say to the winner “I will beat you later”/ do you not say as a loser, “I will come back”?  So be it, you gambled and either won or lost/ that was the game, you played it with zeal, fortitude, and purpose; establishing real desire, and fundamentally changed this world:   congratulations, you wanted power, and received it.  You broke, the nation called America.    Aren’t you proud?  You should be, think of all the power that took, and you are responsible; with all the rest.  Congratulations, pick up your worn out shoes, and hid in the streets; as did the bums and vagrants of 1929-40. You earned them.

The critical element of our future today is: life is not going to return to what this was, during “everything is free/ who gives a damn: worship the liar”.
We CAN SEEK TRUTH AND REALITY, and find happiness, peace, hope, beauty, and life in respect for each other and this world/ or we can die.  It is that simple.
There is a large amount of work to be done, putting life back together in such a fashion as is necessary to insure our survival as best we can.  If however you demand large paychecks, refuse to do what is necessary, and expect to be rich regardless of how much damage you do to the others / you will fail, and life structures that keep this earth alive will collapse under the weight of your personal contribution to selfishness and hate.  That is a choice!  And YOU will make it.
IF YOU SUCCEED in making a respectable choice based upon your reality and truth/ then the future we will build after initially supporting this earth and all its life:   will be.   That supply and demand will understand the future of billions depends upon what we do!  That is not a lie/ that is not an exaggeration, FAIL TO RESPECT the needs of a future that includes life on earth (as you have done)/ and you have chosen to be mass murderers to them.  Serial killers of the worst kind/ fully knowing, fully capable of understanding;    Who chose to make them die!  Shame on you, that this is even a question.

That leaves us with life as 7 billion people on this earth, with a great many problems facing us!  There is no room for insulant and useless discussions with liars and fools: what is true, will choose!  Issues such as global warming are ended/ resolved by reality, and clarified by all who cannot stand truth, by the simple task of multiplying the fuels we burn by the btu’s they represent/ and then turning that data into the evidence of our impact on this earth.  The amount of heat we create is indisputable.  The reality of choice for our future is: that instead of being completely interdependent so that a very few can control everything.  WE MUST BE completely dependent upon ourselves, assembling in realistic community what is necessary for ourselves to survive.  So that then, when some other group is in trouble/ we can lend a hand.  So that we, are not affected when you, are foolish and blind.  That of course led to marauders, killers of all kinds, as these were forced to survive/ by taking yours.  In that way/ as history does prove, a very few cannot create such tremendous trouble for all the rest. There are no winners/ there are no losers: there are only those who gamble with our lives, and cause trouble for our world.  That is the simple example.

In a more complex world, the elements of mutual judgment based upon a realistic ability to work together for life, offers a much more lenient and friendly approach to life as society.  The question is equally: what is fair to life/ what is the foundation for peace, happiness, and hope?  The answer is: YOU SHALL NOT gamble with our lives/ with your actions or reactions.  Simple as that.
With that as our certainty as humanity on this earth, we then begin with the simple values of what is fair?  Fair means, what is reasonable and acceptable for you is the same for me.  What is freedom for you, freedom for me, is fundamental to our happiness as individuals/ therefore it is fair, that you do whatever you do/ so long as you do not appreciably damage or threaten any other life.  Just don’t hand me the bill.  The element of hope in every single life is an understanding of love, an acceptance of truth that does not need further identification: “this is enough for me/ therefore I can be happy with what I do know, and I will accept by hope that which I do not know, will not endanger my life.  Hope, for the best is intrinsic to a relationship in discipline; therefore any religion that does not preach violence or hate/ can survive, if it has followers, is fair”.
Peace is an alternative existence to the demand:   MONEY FIRST!  PEACE IS THE KNOWLEDGE AND DIRECTION, THAT WE WILL CHOOSE/ THAT WE HAVE CHOSEN AND WILL RETAIN:    LIFE FIRST, and nothing more or less will determine our future.   That of course has nothing to do with our current situation in America or the world/ life has been entirely about money first/ and war is its conclusion; as is plainly seen by the evidence/ and extrapolated clearly from the facts that are in play at this moment.

Life first requires:   a commitment to law!
Life first requires:   a possibility of repentance (won’t do that again).
Life first requires:   a commitment to happiness for everyone/ and that includes, a base level understanding: that those who have gambled and lost/ NEED an opportunity to be considered as people, rather than losers.
Therefrom the reality of this day is limited to the consequences that would be necessary to attain for those investors that acted with some level of honesty or expectation of hope that did not endanger society beyond money;   requires sympathy, do to the extent of lies and failure and fools that did prey upon so very many lives.  The net effect of that is to move the burden of failure from those who had little effect, onto those who did have major effects.  We will then go collecting from the “CEO/ CFO/ MAJOR investors with controlling shares/ and take from them as they took from a company that did fail or is failing.  Such as GM, those who controlled that company took nearly every cent of base value from their operations/ by the choices they made.  The result is: as you did to the company/ we will do to you.

 All companies engaged in genetic mutilation/ shall be evaluated as invaders of this earth, predators in shame.  The damage assessed will be one hundred percent loss, to ALL  the major players operating the company.  And from there, dependent upon critical evaluation of failure and the intent to destroy the sanctity of life/ whether you live or die depends on how much damage you did.  As to seed companies, that play with our food, etc: you will return to “breeding practices, so that nature decides not you. there may or may not be something left for an investor. There shall be NO “patents based upon life”/ no equipment or tools or chemicals or labs or anything that allows the mutilation of life anywhere in this nation or this world: apart from criminal labs used for crime prevention and protection.   GENETIC STRUCTURE IS NATURE/ AND NATURE IS THE ONLY LIFE IN TIME WE GET!  YOU WILL NOT gamble with our lives/ not now, not ever again.

Every investment firm and bank that participated in fraud/ lies/ stealing/ theft/ and other deceptions:   shall be criminalized and their major players shall be imprisoned;   their assets seized;   and a fundamental audit shall prove or disprove if they get anything back.  Those who invested in banks, prior to 2009.  Shall receive their share of the assets of that bank IF ANY IS LEFT/ by participating in this simple program:   YOU CHOOSE, either 51% the people who had shares will split 51% of the money called assets in the bank among themselves evenly.   OR you may join the other investors who will take from these assets according to the percentage of their investment based upon an average of the year 2008. One or the other.  Those who invested in the year 2009 are strictly gamblers/ and need no compensation.
As to investment firms and their mutual funds, by any and all names:   the reality is “money is not free/ and you knew that”: but participated in greed anyway.  Not only participating, but directly responsible for the loss of a great many jobs, loss of manufacturing, and a wide variety of trouble, all because you wanted money. “Make me rich/ could be heard anywhere in the nation, because of you”.  Just as guilty as the bankers, and their slaughter of sheep.  All participated with equal greed/ therefore all will be treated equally as every asset is sold, and every person who held stock in 2008 will receive an equal portion of whatever is “found of value”. All the same, whatever that amount is.  At auction, you may reinvest as you desire/ no further intervention. A new and different day.
As to mining companies etc which do hold distinct natural resources in the public interest/ they will be forced to sell.  But will retain control of the work, IF environmental concerns are honestly met.  Otherwise it goes to open public bidding (so much material mined in one year), in short term 10 year contracts/ and then rebid. The public has a right to protect and defend its own natural resources/ NOT the work/ NOT CONTROL of everyday operations/ but of environment, access, and future concerns.

The government official employees, ARE THE MAJOR PLAYERS in all this strife and trouble.  They alone are responsible for JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUAL/ EQUITABLE TREATMENT!  The major players will be considered criminals/ and must prove they are innocent, because we hold the evidence that they are indeed responsible for failure.  Relaxing all rules/ removing those who tried to defend justice/ and simply stealing the public blind because no one wanted to pay their debts.  Which means the public has a REAL, AND FUNDAMENTAL ROLE in what has happened just like these government employees.  YOU REFUSED TO PAY/ and chose accordingly, those who would lead you. So you got what you wanted!  And now the debts are due.  Shame on you all/ particularly the leaders, because YOU are suppose to be better, and choose for life instead of failure as you did do.  Shame on you.

So the question is:   do you the public want these people incarcerated/ stripped of every asset, and placed in tragedy to reflect the damage to your lives, or not?  I will remind you:   that most religions suggest, REVENGE IS NOT a suitable excuse.  I will remind you: they did act within your expectations/ and choices. It is true, they simply had no honor/ but neither did you.   So then the truth applied is:   BY VOTE, governed by a courtroom of law/ you will decide for yourselves what should be done to your leaders/ their groups such as the SEC, and so on.  They asked for the job/ they should get, “what you choose, whatever that is”. Isn’t that the agreement? Or is “leader”, absolutely free?

As to ALL the other pigshit that is flushing out of washington these days/ on its way to global disasters.  There are no jobs to be saved at GM, etc/ do you not hear their plans to remove workers?  There are few if any schools to be replaced in reality/ regardless of their age: an education has nothing to do with buildings: does it!  And if a school building does need to be replaced, a “machine shed style building” intensely insulated would solve that problem: you can include a storm shelter hallway.  There are few jobs in road construction as this employs very few individual “common” workers/ and gives the money to just a few people in charge.  With rare exception, all bad.

You want to help energy consumption: INSULATE/ DEMAND FURNACE REPLACEMENT at over ninety percent efficiencies throughout America/   establish a penalty for business/ on workers who travel beyond a few miles of their work ( a few exceptions/ where there is no choice).  Demand all taxies shall be hybrid vehicles.  Use some of the inventions provided here. Refine industry energy expenditures to incorporate secondary heat/ etc.  So that heat generated is not simply thrown away. Stop all destruction of buildings, that are NOT completely unusable [don’t like the design/ too bad, its here, use it or give it to someone else].  Recycle everything.  Replant everything.  “Replant the ocean”/ and its tributaries.  Clean up the gulf, and stop the destruction.  Clean up the ocean.  And in simple terms stop destroying this planet/ choose for life.  You want to help people arrange “tiny temporary places” for those who need housing / food, limited to very basic menu’s/ and opportunities that are based upon people helping themselves. PROTECT THE CHILDREN!  In other words: Lead us to a better world/ and that does not include spending so much, that life in America is suddenly under government control/ and then completely out of control, with civil war.

The element called failure, is critically linked to the refusal to accept the parameters of life that are plainly necessary to survive, and prepare the future for your life.  As people argue about who to blame/ who to believe/ and  who to follow.  The simple reality is, what is true defines what must be believed.  What is true, understands who to follow.  And what is real, identifies who to blame, and whether anything can be gained by focusing of failure.  The end result of this day is very simple:   as a nation and a world, YOU LIVED, DEMANDED, AND FOUGHT FOR “WE WILL PAY LATER”!  Nothing else would do/ and nothing else was done.  The bill is due, the reality of your future defined by the truth of what you chose.

But there is the potential of bankruptcy, wherein all accept the blame/ and reality divides as best reality and truth can divide:   BEGINNING OVER, as you must to survive.  Failure to spread the guilt as far and as broadly as it is possible to do/ allows revenge, jealousy, and violence to erupt instead.  It is a choice/ and if you continue to fail as is the Obama way;   you will come to the door of hell/ enter the gate of Armageddon and the world will end.   The Obama way is simply to continue as you are, resting on the assertion, that we can borrow our way out of this/ all we need is a bigger loan:   IT IS YOUR AMERICAN WAY, IT IS THE VERY SAME THING, that has been done for decades now, with a slight “Obama” twist that assumes it would be better to turn back the clock and enter “the Roosevelt era” again.  It is not true! And it will not work.  You cannot borrow, because you cannot pay: end of the story.  The money has been completely corrupted/ because that is what “all the people wanted: WE WON’T PAY”.  So your numbers are irrelevant; completely meaningless, because you cannot pay with anything called value:    Well over $400,000.00 per citizen in dollar bills, means without value.  Other nations CANNOT be expected to keep your gluttony, consumption, arrogance, and desecration of the planet from its reality.  YOU have chosen to be a disgrace/ a complete disrespect to life on earth:   and I tell you true, the day comes quickly when none will finance you. For good reason!  That leaves printing paper, and establishing electronic money without boundaries.  And unless you enslave the poor the rich won’t play/ and unless you don’t enslave the poor, the middle and poorer classes won’t play.  That leaves the “government employee to force one side or the other”, that leaves guns as the solution/ with a million or more people fully willing and able to burn you out/ or shoot you down; as their little contribution to hate.  Shame on you all.       You will pay together: as equally as is possible:   or you won’t survive as a nation/ and you may easily take the entire world with you in death.   That payment is:    Choose life first!  Accept RESPECT FOR LIFE FIRST!  And make decisions that do not destroy, you or this world.  It is not “too much to ask”.   You have collected/ now it is time to pay: like it or not.
You have damaged this earth/ and you will put it all back correctly, changing what you do, how you do it, and who you follow; or die.    

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