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Friday, 17 April 2009

THE FUTURE, what can we see?

The first and foremost reality is: the fundamentals decide everything, because they are the truths that will define what we have to work with, live with, contend with, or be happy with.  The constant of american life for decades is:   be damned to the fundamentals LIE YOUR ASS OFF/ STEAL THE MONEY/ PRETEND ITS OK TO CHEAT,  control the media, creating experts and a roadmap for fools and government so that the people can enjoy being stupid:   until the day “the sheep go to slaughter”.
One of the biggest scams is the claim in numbers of a national debt.  But that is only the federal government debt (not even state debt, no personal debt, no business or agriculture or banking, or industry), and at this time it probably doesn’t even include social securities and medicare.  So the sheep go through life and society believing in their goats, assuming the lies are real/ when if fact its an asinine assumption.   Face the truth, and do better.
One of the biggest scams is the claim “that all money is good money/ capitalism needs foreign money”.  Take a better look, and you will see a nation in crisis; being sold to foreigners at a tremendous rate that will only increase.   It means you are about to become slaves, that only war can fix/ but when they take your tools, even that will be impossible; except for weapons of mass destruction “your saviors/ pitiful fool”.

The mutilation of nature by genetic mercenaries, is ready for its final stage; pump in some nano particles and watch the genetic disciplines die; not instantly in most cases, but quickly.  Crucify more in every conceivable way, and you get to play devil or satan if you prefer:   destroying all life on earth.  Pitiful disease; stop them or you will die a horrendous death/ the prophecy is called Armageddon; nature in chaos.
Every fool has a plan to sabotage the water/ pumping down trillions of gallons of toxic materials, that can easily spread to aquifers/ using water that cannot be replaced, for fuels/ and dumping everything you can find into it on the surface, contaminating the entire ocean, plus more.
It takes a “pandemic asshole, of men” to fish out every ocean on earth” and keep on doing it until every possibility for recovery has ended.  “But I want/ but I need/ I DAMN THE OCEAN, because a new car is more important; or whatever it is”.   Pitiful disease on earth, foolish failure.  What will you eat/ and where will the people go who are starving because you did not care enough to work together.  And a big portion of what you took, was simply thrown away.  Today, not even for dog food or any other/ should the sea contribute anything.  Today only the small ships should be allowed to roam; while you feed the ocean, so that it might be able to recover.  If you refuse, the ocean dies/ and wars with weapons of mass destruction will come.

Search to see just how much oxygen you consume/ search and experiment to understand just how much oxygen the green earth can provide:   and then be scared.  Do what you can do/ or as soon as the ozone hole is finished; your ability to breathe will dissipate into nothing.  Is your car worth that?  Heating a massive house worth your ability to breathe?  Even having to demand this question calls you a failure, without the sense of a nat.  This ain’t no game, reality knows you are using more oxygen for fire, than this entire earth produces.
The human demand for resources, has produced “the rape of this earth”/ finding from one end to the other, humanity desperately trying to “get rich”:   by ransacking their way to death by desperation and war, as life is washed into the sewer, by the apathy of greed, want, selfishness, hate, power, pride, and a long list of human dysentery in the mind.  The day is over, when you can be as america was and is.  Having trained the world to “throw it all in the garbage”/ the world responded with “YES LETS ALL DO IT”.  When faced with the same money problems; the world responded with “YES LETS ALL LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL TOO”.   Praise the american fuckers, they stole from the world; “they are experts”.  Lets join.

The human demand for more, for hate, for violence, and for power, pride, rape, and greed have all searched for greater weapons of violence to make the others fear.  So now the world holds these weapons, “everybody wants their own little match, to help exterminate the world”; us too/ just like the americans.  But that means the real power has dwindled/ the absolute pride has disappeared in the dust of a vile and growing disrespect for life on earth.  So the games have begun.  America and the USSR nearly erupted in world war 3 over missiles being placed in Cuba.  “Fun over”.  So now, america has been putting and trying to put missiles in the countries like Georgia; as a fundamental threat to Russia.  Playing the game of chicken, with the world;  “What are you going to do about it”?  So Russia has proven they don’t give a damn about the people of Georgia “merely pawns”.  The Russian military have proven they don’t listen to their president.  And that means the wish of the american generals, and whatever NATO has added in shit; is about to come true.  A general ain’t nothing in peace; “those who are filled with hate, WANT WAR”.  And they poke and prod to get it; as has been done at the Russian border.  But now, they have moved democracy out of government; and the military has begun to say “WHAT are you going to do about it; NOTHING”!   The end result of this little blitzkrieg, is as simple as turning back the clock to Germany:   they will proceed into all the countries they once controlled, a little at a time/ and may only attack     Those resource laden area’s;   because after all, the rest is simply a nuisance.  Your leaders wanted a war, or more particularly an enemy to play with (just more delusion and fantasy, “it’s the new american leader and way of life: got to have toys”)/ and it keeps the people in line, and working.  You played the game of chicken/ you lie (its all about Iran;   and the american sheep believe this maimed and ignorant propaganda as if it were free food: GIVE ME MORE).  PUSH RUSSIA BACK, or the military will have its way.  You push them by bringing tanks, or obvious military hardware for conventional war to the border.  BUT YOU DO IT A LITTLE, AT A TIME,   so that plenty of opportunity exists in every possible way for Russia to “change the mind of its military”.  You make it plain, that we are not playing/ you make it clear, NO weapon of mass destruction will be used/ and you make it certain: that the reality of this war, is the end of life on earth; because more than enough weapons exist.  The insanity is already there, ON BOTH SIDES.  Only the people, are left to push out into the battle lines, to be killed.

There will be starvation here on earth/ there will be people dying of thirst/ there will be tragedy and hell all around: BECAUSE THAT is what the fundamentals say; and the evidence exists to prove it true.  It ain’t fifty years away/ it probably ain’t five years away; and your science could easily kill you tomorrow.  Or in twenty minutes, the world could end with weapons of mass destruction/ either nuclear, or biological attack (plagues such as the world has never known)/ or chemical contamination;    Or just plain resource annihilation; or nature crucified and unable to survive.  Just to name a few.  Better “worship your big brain a little more”/ seems like, “it ain’t nothing more than sewer trash”.  How else do you explain these decisions?  “Its you”:   and your want, greed, hate, power, pride, selfishness, and more.  To smart for words/ so life says:  reduce it to one         SATAN.     Religious or not, it fits, worldwide.    The product of your leaders/ the product of those who push their leaders/ the reality of men as leaders.  Thereby, before cannibalism and hate begin to consume you all; the question demands:    Will you not change, to survive?  Choose women to lead/ at least they are not men: DIFFERENT IS MANDATORY, there is no room “for the same” in survival.
The truth does not care about what you want/ reality is the evidence of what you have chosen/ & time is relentless in every way; it stops for no one, until dead.  Without truth and knowledge, there can be no understanding.  Without these, there can be no wisdom, and without wisdom today:   the possibility that you can survive is practically nothing.  That is your truth/ whether you like it or not, is completely irrelevant. 

Therefore the only future worth talking about, is one of true change, based upon the singular demand:    Every decision MUST BE    LIFE FIRST!   The constant whining of men for money in particular;   is absolutely irrelevant.  That means in real terms of life and living/ you will choose to do the things that have value for life in the future.  You will choose to repair and rebuild all that has been destroyed, helping and sustaining life on earth. You AS WOMEN,    WILL CHOOSE    To limit childbirth, because without population control there is no future for anyone.  Abortion is NOT a contraceptive/ abortion is a death;   but the reality of life does not require, the woman surrender her life for another.  Instead, you will be careful and use what is available, searching for better/ and where abortion is necessary in the first 40 days it shall be done; BUT NOT after that, unless the fetus is proven deficient.  Where abortion is not fully and completely respected: the opportunity to become pregnant, will be removed.  It ain’t a game/ its NOT a choice; it’s a reality that chooses between “mother and child”; and there shall be limits placed on that choice.  You must build together as a nation and a world, but you must also build as villages; for sustainable lifestyles and methods;   because diversity brings the greatest possible methods of finding solutions for all.  Instead of the disease of men, called money:    You will look to the honesty of life, and serve society with opportunities that contribute happiness to all, possibilities to all who work.  You WILL remember the future, or you will die in your decisions of selfishness and greed; want and pride, are enemies.  And you WILL create a world policing organization/ dependent upon the world law that you will command governs the leaders of every nation.  And when necessary, you will remove those leaders by bringing them to trial, or killing them as necessary: this action determined by conviction in a world court that you will create.

No nation gets help until the issues of population control, resource respect, and environmental sustain ability are met.  Having met with them, discussed realistic needs/ fairness to all/ equality among the population/ and so forth: you will as a world, then help them comply if needed.  The primary method of helping IS:    NOT dumping products/ but building such things as a manufacturing facility for the production of specific drugs.  Learning what resources can be used.  Demanding what is fundamentally necessary, WILL be done.  No more whining;  either do your work/ or we let you die. 

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