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Friday, 17 April 2009

 50 MILLION WORKERS   X $20,000.00 EACH, & EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Anyone going to pay?       {from www.justtalking.info}  a US supreme court case
IN THE PAST YEAR, your employees of government have spent/ began to spend/ promised/ or plan to spend so far:   12 trillion dollars= $240,000.00 per each of 50 million workers OR every 4 workers represents nearly one million dollars in new debt.  Created by both the Bush and Obama administrations.
WE ARE A NATION OF ABOUT 50 MILLION Actual   WORKERS.  People who make the nation survive.
Liars say; that you have now paid your federal tax burden for the year, as of April 12. Did you pay $20,000 each, for the new debt, they just created?  Did you pay property taxes? Did you pay state taxes? Did you pay sales taxes? Did you pay a long list of “extra taxes”?  Did you pay the debts from last year? Did you pay the debts piling up for decades [on January 15,2004:   we owed $75.945 trillion dollars as a nation/ do you think this didn’t go up]? Did you pay foreign governments everything you owe?  The correct answer is: you have been living on  LIES, fantasy, and delusion for decades.  CAN’T BELIEVE IT?  You believe you lost money don’t you/ let truth decide
IN January  2004, the federal government accountants claimed $96.257 trillion dollars in assets.  Divided by 300 million people “every face/ baby or not” that amount totals $320,856.66 per each citizen in 2004.  Did you have your share/ someone claimed it, or the numbers are liars.  If someone claimed it/ then they expect your work, and their luxury; think about it.
Science threatens us, at the National Ignition Facility: going to create fusion (same fire you see on the sun)/ but we cannot put it out/ we cannot contain it/ we cannot stop it: we can only die from it, because it is far more powerful than we are.  Not to worry though, they don’t believe a fire once started in a place filled with fuel, will sustain itself?    Too proud/ going to create a sun, right here on earth; now that’s power, right! Stop them or die/ too proud to be wrong, then kiss your life goodbye.  Think about it/ willing to bet this world, they can’t be wrong THIS IS NOT A GAME.
Our option/ our only link to power is: bankruptcy, because it requires us all to return to “equals”/ and start over.  Our authority, is held within the constitution/ the foundation of all law.  Our rights are established as law, BECAUSE EVERYONE is subject to the law/ don’t matter who you are. Our nation, is subject to our control:   by the terms of   WE THE PEOPLE,   as addressed in the first amendment legal right called “redress of grievances”; wherein the employees of OUR government, must account for themselves.         THE RIGHT, to defend ourselves/ is necessary. Demand it.
The new site for this work is at www.justtalking2.info both contain a US SUPREME COURT filing that is current/ and directed to the singular purpose of a redress of grievances by the people; according to the first amendment. Redress means:   the employees “will give account” for what they have done.

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