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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the matter of keeping the economy going

the reality is: INSTEAD of giving useless money, or worthless numbers to the greedy who have lost their way.  IT IS time to sell their assets off, to local banks. Let the property be divided up/ let the branches of large banks be auctioned off to the highest bidder/ let there be no bank, beyond the limits of a single solitary property and door.  So that this fiasco can be removed from every happening again.  Back, to the way it was when things did work for society/ back to the consequences of a neighborhood bank, that was in fact responsible for itself.
The economic crisis you face, is strictly caused by greed and want/ established by lies and thief, the rich cheated this entire nation, through the propaganda and the expert/ and the politicians bought and paid for with slaves.  To abolish this deceit, and repair the financial reality of a nation:   “It is the large institutional structures that must be abandoned”.  No more monopoly/ no more conglomerates/ no more associations/ no more “big”.  Rather personal/ life first/       Society second, developments that do not make the entire nation fail, because a few gluttons suck the shit out of you.  The problem occurred because “of the big government approach to everything”/ big banks/ big gambling with the stock market/ big money:”   let the others die, let them eat shit, let them be slaves;   who gives a fuck, WE WANT MONEY.   Is this not your leaders?

The very same can and will be done with the stock market, whereby pieces are sold off as necessary/ and then these pieces become independent operations either aligned or not with what was. Let the lenders take their loss/ insure bankruptcy incurs personal losses to the wealthy in exactly the same measure as they give or have given to the poor. Evict them, take whatever you can find; and let them have the street.  Should any try to escape to another country, demand the money all back.  To insure you get it, tell those leaders, if owed by america: simply go get from these what you are owed, and write it off our bill.

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