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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the critical assembly, of human behaviors that is financial reality today
the constant that is “numbers beyond all possibility of value”/ will not go away.  In the current concentration of people attempting to gain more numbers, or protect those numbers that they already have; from “the thief called economic reality” [in other words, you don’t own these numbers/ you can no longer control these numbers/ and society cannot support these numbers anymore].  The actual reality is: that value in human society is the assumption, of an opportunity “to get more for free/ than you deserve”.  Nobody is proud, they got what society says they deserve; everybody agrees you earned it/ consequently, it is not considered a prize; it is your right/ our agreement with you.  The fight, in economic terms of human behavior is to prove “YOU WON”/ and have the trophy to prove it is so: I am so proud/ look at me!  The reality of numbers in play in America and around the world is simply the proof of all the games people have played to prove “they are winners/ I took/ I conquered; now you owe me”.  And of course that means others must be slaves, because the numbers are so incredibly unfair.  The game ends, because there are not enough slaves or resources to continue the deceit.  The people reduced to slavery now understand “the game is over/ they will NOT become rich/ and they will work themselves to death, if they don’t stop this insanity of fools corrupting government, law, and lives.”

The foundation of every society, is the ability of the people to work together/ in support of each other, as friends, family, or at least not enemies to each other.  That environment fails, where greed has transformed the very act of living, into a need to become someone else’s slave just to survive.  Slavery is not so simple as a “task master standing over you with a whip”/ slavery comes in many forms, and is identified primarily within the simple truth that you have no choice/ someone else controls everything you need to survive, they set the price, and you have no say.  In terms of numbers, when the vast majority must deal with numbers that represent what it takes to survive/ while the few deal with numbers that are nearly a billion times more: the end result is, the numbers have made you a slave.  IF YOU ACCEPT THEM.  But reality knows, unless you can and will isolate yourself from society “and literally grow your own food, etc”/ the option to get away from the controls of those who have attained control over you, are very minimal.  And even if you move to a remote location such as described:   unless you own the ground literally (played the game and made the money) you will be throw out for trespassing (because they want to).  Own the ground/ then you must make money to pay the taxes, or they will take it away/ and throw you out for trespassing.  Get the picture?  Like a disease, greed (I WANT YOURS TOO)  infiltrates reality in every possible path.   The demand for power (do whatever I say/ BEG ME, not to rule your life in pain, or sacrifice; or I will take whatever I choose) & pride (get down on your knees and worship me/ PAY ATTENTION TO ME) struggle to keep you as slave.

The elemental essence of money, is very simple: I own you, because you agreed to exchange your time and your life for this money/ you agreed to make life sustainable, by the terms this money has created for you.  Therefore you will pay the bill, you accepted/ or I will own your life. It is the agreement that makes money powerful.  It is the assertion of a right, because you owe me;   that makes people a slave.  The critical truth however is far more complex.
While it is true, that we must exchange labor and the value of a resource in fair market relationships.  The foundation of that exchange is the critical relationship of what is fair. What is fair, often does not exist in interpersonal trading “mine is more valuable than yours/ therefore it is unfair, that I should give you this, in exchange for what you give me: hence the beginning of money.”  But money came with a secret: it could be used to control and establish slavery/ by those who used weapons to enforce this shall be so.  So while the intent of money is absolute fairness, between friends/ the reality of money, became a game of enemies secretly hiding “like a snake in the grass/ simply waiting to strike anyone who came close”.  As is true of every generation/ and every nation, liars and thieves come to play the game of numbers; giving great presents to a few/ so that they “like all goats/ or pied pipers” can be used to draw the sheep to their slaughter. Guess who the sheep are?

The elemental disgrace of human existence is:   that people are attacked at every level of life in society, by money.  Because there have always been thieves and liars salivating greed/ and corrupting life by preying on their neighbors, or the things their neighbors need. Every town, nearly every family/ certainly all humanity has the experience of someone “who wants it all/ to hell with you”!  The reasons are varied:   but primarily its “look at me/ pay attention to me/ play with me”; and the end result is, a boughten “friend” is not worth the price/ so the game becomes an alternate way of life, and people are simply discarded, used, abused, and raped along the way.   So much for friendship, it’s a war intent upon power, control, want, pride, and enough hatred to measure you “less/ therefore I am a god, next to you/ therefore I can do anything I want with you, because you are judged of little or no value to me”.  As does every violent criminal, in every violent act/ this judgment is made, before the deed is done.
The social development of law, is primarily a reality defined as an intervention in the consequences of money/ even more so than the violence initiated by resource starvation; and the demand “I will take yours/ you must be my slave, so that I don’t go hungry anymore”.  It is money amidst the society itself, while things are workable, and before reality demands “someone is going to die”; that presents the possibilities of law and the outcome of courts and police to be threaded into a working expression of what we all need, to keep the predators at bay.  LAW IS: “ALL OF US/ not just you”.  After killing comes to call/ the envelopment of law is pushed away.

The social responsibility of every society, and every member of society is then to insure that the law is used and sufficient/ the resources protected: so that the killing does not come.  Both of these are very corrupted at this time/ whereby resources were simply used as the means to avoid controversy and responsibility: “throw the damn shit away, and we will just go get more”/ makes jobs doesn’t it, everybody happy ain’t they; got their damn job, “don’t bother me”.  And with enough  numbers to play with/ everybody gets to gamble “they will be rich/ working themselves to death, for promises that cannot be kept”. It is a pitiful game or fools.  You are lucky the game has ended, before the resources were completely gone/ but only if you become HONEST WITH LIFE. The spider web of human existence, has let you go for a few minutes;   to see, if you have the sense NOT to walk back in. It’s a choice,   CHOOSE BETTER!
The foundation of all human living, is a reality based upon the environmental impacts of what we choose to do with our lives.  Those who enter into hate, destroy the frameworks and structures required by the rest to assign and accept friendship and truth: simply because they take peace and harmony away.  Peace is the environment of opportunities that “none of the others can invade/ my decision/ my freedom to choose/ my right to understand, define, and determine the path I shall go”.  Harmony is the opposite end of this balance between what is essentially lonely, because it must be: finding your own truth cannot be done by others; this is your job alone.  Harmony is the essence of friendship whereby the values and identities of love come to visit our world, the essence of who we are, and desire to be/ harmony is the elemental ingredient in our passionate purposes for life, love, hope, and truth.  Without a degree of harmony with the people that live with your life, it is nearly impossible to find anything, but loneliness. Therefore both peace and harmony contribute to all that has value to the living/ while hate is the demand to destroy that peace and harmony by whatever method, thereby demonstrating “I am indeed/ god, over you”. I took away the value of your life.

So then, here we stand, at the edge of human existence and the path to life/ or the super highway to hell and armageddon.  To continue on in hate, is to pass by the exit that allows us to enter within the law, and determine what is fair to each one/ as best we can.  If you do this, there will be no mercy for you; as killing will start/ with almost no opportunity to stop. That probability exists, because the population of this world cannot allow “time to spread apart, and rebuild again”.  Instead more pressure will become exerted at every level of life, and the flames of division will create “the haves/ and the have nots/in mass exodus from what is fair to anyone”.  But not to worry, “plenty of guns and ammo/ and now a population that has been cast away to die, forced to accept rape, literally slavery, and absolute poverty”.  Gee, wonder what will be next.
If on the other hand, you choose to enter into life, and find peace and harmony through the law, and its virtues for healing society as best we can.  Life will come to comfort you, even though considerable change means hardship for so very many. It will not be in vain/ the day will quickly come, when life will improve.  But as is constant in the insanity of human existence;  just like a smoker, who stops for a time, and admits I feel so much better/ the consequence of human truth is:   many will want to start smoking again, just because “its what they do”.  If men continue to lead/ this is inevitable, and life will fail, because you cannot go back.  If you do, the world ends.  There are no more resources left for you to destroy for a whim or an excuse.  There are no more environmental damages that can be excused/ MUST fix these now!  There is no more room for a population explosion/ MUST STOP, or die in hell.  There is no more room for weapons of mass destruction/ because these are primary fears, that have led to many of the massive tragedies of this day.  If not friends/ then you will be enemies.  If not fair/ then you will be hate, and unable to survive.

Without extensive change, and a real, honest commitment to that change for the sake of life first/ through peace and harmony; you cannot survive.  It is that simple/ whether you like it or not is completely irrelevant.  You will do what is necessary for survival, or you will die.    The ocean and its life, MUST REST/ and no great recovery can exist unless you feed them.  Dead human bodies, are the only thing you have left to spare. Genetics must be respected, NOT CRUCIFIED ANYMORE.  Take away their tools, and keep a deliberate and real “eye on them to insure, this is done no more”.  There are plenty of jobs in law enforcement/ plenty of work to identify criminal or a criminal court. Fail and you enter Armageddon.
The elemental existence of sexual behaviors in society; NEED REVIEW!  The assertion of religion “that this is evil/as many do”:   is a blatant lie.  Sexual behaviors are a gift of   GOD   / it is the lust, rape, prostitution, and corruption applied by or through the controls placed upon women by men; that have failed.   Today, it is “the property of women” to decide/ how and why and when sex is a benefit for society, and for life. Today they inherit from men, the right to choose for society itself. Fail, and all possibility of balance in society fails with you. Sex is now;   “the choice of women/ not men”. You will decide “what is fair/ balanced/ and acceptable”.  Not men/ not religion/ not government or the courts: but women, by their own organizations and their own work.  BY THE CHOICE OF MEN:   We stand at the door to hell today / THERE MUST BE CHANGE.  There will be change, either as women in charge, or death all around: because that is the answer of men.  Can’t find a solution to agree upon/ then     Lets’ war.   Go to war/ and you die as a world.

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