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Friday, 17 April 2009

One of the most decisive movements in hate and consumption today

is the simple and deliberate intent to control other people, and use their bodies, their lives, & their time for your own purposes.  This is accomplished in the primary reality of numbers/ whereby the masses are convinced “they have no option but money/ and the rich are convinced, their numbers are the money these need”.     BY GIVING the economic middle class, some numbers as they have demanded for themselves/ the reality of a gang of thieves against all the rest: has been created, by the simple inclusion of those who choose to believe “I AM going to be rich”.  All know, none are rich/ until they make someone else poor.  All should know, until they make very many people poor, there is not enough slaves to go around.  The consequence of this day in america is: not enough slaves for all the numbers.  Workers being replaced with machines, and the demand for efficiency; used not in protection of the planet/ but efficiency in production to create and destroy by consumption every resource possible.  Even so, this is done with the intent and actions required to eliminate any job that does not suit a need in the work/ or a person that doesn’t like to grovel and be controlled. 

The critical reality of living deals directly with the consequence of “too many numbers to be fair”. The foundation reality is, there is no intent to be fair/ can’t win the game, control the people, play like a god:   by being fair.  So the obvious solution by those who lead the hate, is to create numbers that are completely unfair.  So long as the food and water hold out/ so long as the slaves get something they want, at least a little bit; controlling the numbers means:   that some can take a billion dollars/ while the vast majority of slaves can survive on one thousand dollars, WHO THE HELL CARES.  Do you make more than one thousand dollars/ then compare that to one billion dollars, and tell us all who is a slave too.  “Pride/ the winners” say:   I got more than you/ that’s what matters to me!  And its true, thereby these are the “slavers/ the people who run the whips to keep the others in line”.  Someone has to do it, or the slaves see a potential to revolt and claim more for themselves.  NOBODY gets to steal much alone/ there has to be collusion and the intent of greed (I WANT yours too).  And so an entire network of thugs is built upon the single premise:   if we give a little more to these thugs/ then they will keep the prisoners working, while “organized crime” strips their lives of all that it was or is meant to be.  Every prisoner, is someone chained or captured and held within a confined space/ the reason doesn’t matter:   IF, you cannot leave, because someone else will make your life even more miserable should you try, and be caught/ then you are a prisoner.  Jobs can be like that/ are like that when the money controls your reality.  A job that pays so little, you will starve should you leave, is a misery that chains you to the wall.  A reality of choices, that leaves you bankrupt and without options, because your debts have imprisoned you: is another form of misery that provides “leave, and you may die/ be homeless/ or be dead, because you have nothing with which to survive but this slavery.  In this world called america/ the foundation applied to life and living over the last few decades, is PLAINLY AND WITHOUT COMPASSION, a clear purpose to establish slavery by debt in all possible contempt over people who fall into the trap of credit cards and all the rest.  WANT IS AN ENEMY, and its primary target are those who desire to have more than you can justify, RIGHT NOW.  This is an elemental reality of attempting to “keep up with the rest/ by consuming just as much as do they”.  Which of course feeds upon itself, by the reality of credit that allows some to have more than they can afford/ and others to follow, with credit that allows them to have more than they can afford as well.  All goes along “happy/ winner, I am so proud”; until the day when the prison door closes, and the reality of a trap sets into place.  Not to worry though, like the banks and their “he’s down/ kick him, spit on him, take whatever you can find that is left/ riffle through his pockets:   and collect penalties and fines (you owe/ we covered a bad check, etc, etc)”.  Only got your “best interest in mind”/ don’t they?  Such is america/ the land of greed and consumption beyond their means.

One might ask:   how is it that so VERY many people could be targeted into falling into traps/ how could the majority of a nation, end in the sewer of debt realities; that will hold them as slaves until the day the nation itself declares bankruptcy? The answer is: “we are going to get rich too”.  We can go ahead and spend these numbers, WE CAN expect great things for us too/ if we just play the same game as do the rest.  For example: in the seventies, when Carter was president, he made a concerted effort to pay down the debts of this nation (the power hungry & proud, hated him: making the rich man pay his own bills, HELL NO)!   But he was president, and interest rates shot up to over 15% because the money for credit was tight/ because the reality of the money, could not be tampered with, because it was literally tied to gold (so much gold, per number of dollar bills).  And in the rural community, as with other forms of property the price of what existed began to rise faster than inflation: the call of the day was “go ahead and save your money in a bank/ and watch it become worth less, every single day”.  The demand of most in that day was:   buy, buy, buy, because the land appreciates every single year; going to get rich/ because it will be decades before that debt is going to be paid.  It was a plan based upon what seemed certain: a nation going to pay its bills/ going to take decades/ prices will therefore rise, and anyone holding money as cash will simply lose.  But then came Reagan, “the rich man’s whore”.  And as president, he refused to pay for anything/ bribed everyone across the world that he could find/ flattered as much as possible/ sold the gold in fort Knox to pay for it all/ sold the nation to foreigners, giving them “deals no american could have”:   and caused the interest rates and appreciation of property to fall.  Ending in a wide sweeping economic death to rural america/ because all the people who had expected to depend upon america paying its bills, as it was right to do;   were now stuck with depreciating land values and could no longer pay their own bills.  What had seemed stable/ because everyone was doing it.  What had seemed certain/ because the government had bills to pay, and it was the right thing to do: therefore years to come, dependable: suddenly became a trap.  Family farms/ thereby all of rural america was changed practically over-night.   Only the rich men, and a few family farms were left to buy and control everything.  This very same scenario has now been played out in its basic form, in urban america: whereby the people believed “buy property, get rich/ get what you really want:   because it will continue going up; look at all the money you are losing!”   But of course, as is always true, “the rich men give nothing away/ it will become a trap, even if it doesn’t start that way: because wherever the money is, there will be those plotting and planning and working to take it away. Legally first/ but if that doesn’t work, then by temptation, manipulation, threats, violence, fear: OR the taking over of power within the nation itself.  One of the biggest threats to every nation of people:   are those who get into position to conceive and create laws that govern the rest of the people. One of the biggest threats to every nation is in who controls the court.  One of the biggest threats to any nation is defined by who controls the information.  One of the worst offenses of any people, is to let a few individuals decide for all the rest.  In america, you have reduced yourselves to fools.
In america, it is the lobbyist who writes the laws/ bribes will buy almost anything.  In america, where the court fails to keep its constitutional duties no matter where that duty resides.  In america, where polls as are plainly the propaganda of news in this day; have literally taken over the election:   it ain’t the voice of the people/ until election day.  Before that day, its simply propaganda and the intent to rule over the election and say:   ain’t we proud/ listen to us, we will tell you how to vote.  And of course let us not forget the people who take more numbers to pay off the rich people so they won’t suffer.  SO THAT the banks can raise the credit limit of more people, and   get the last few people available,  to be the slaves they want them to be.

It is slavery when one person is allowed to take more than what another [how many people?   Ten people are allowed/ or hundred people/ how about   one million people: is that too much?] Bill Gates resides as winner of the rich man’s game/ take all you can, give nothing back; unless the government (a public outcry for something)  forces you, because they are going to take it anyway/ and may take more, if you don’t.  That is one man, whose fortune resides in a computer software solution for this single problem:   “I don’t want to learn/ make this damn computer do something for me”.   So, in reality it is improvements in hardware that made microsoft useable/ but it is “I don’t want to learn”/ that made him a business.  But it is control of the courtroom, that made him rich. It is the legal fight to retain his monopoly, and control the competition by presenting computers for sale, already installed and you paid for this: with this software.  Buying the competition at “bankruptcy sales (you can’t compete with us),” instead of doing the work: want easy!  The courtroom in america is filled to overflowing with corruption/ the intent to collect money, regardless of what justice will allow.  The lawyers are thieves (requiring forty times or more, than a vast percentage of the population makes), the judges believe “they know/ don’t need no damn law: we decide/ cause we are practically gods over you”.  And the politicians need than damn contribution/ or I   lose. Ain’t you proud, hell what more could any true democracy want?  Well, its easy ain’t it/ just let them have everything, don’t want to fight, just give me everything for free.  Welcome to america.

Of course, in reality the average worker does work quite hard/ its either that or you can’t be rich. Can’t have what the neighbors have.  Can’t keep you wife especially, simply because she wants to be rich too/ only got one life to live: got to make choices you know.  So the easy way, IS BORROW until its over.  The easy way is to resign yourself to the concept: nothing we can do/ these damn people in power are going to kill us all anyway.  So lets just have whatever fun we can/ TO HELL, with tomorrow, I WANT today..
But of course tomorrow does come/ if you don’t die.  And tomorrow is here, spent all your failure/ sucked in all the disease you could stand/ discovered hate for being a participant in death:    Got to fight or die now.  And reduced to fighting for survival by repairing all the damage done/ while you were being “SATAN:   the people who destroy”: for lack of a better word. The question that is your future, now resides upon the truth of whether you will learn what is necessary for you to survive/ or turn away.  The question that is your future, now resides upon the truth of whether you will work honestly and honorably for life, or not. The question of this moment in time is:   will you abandon your pride/ because the game is dead, and you must grow up.  The question of this moment is:   will you accept that life requires truth to lead, that reality defines a way, but only if truth decides.  The question of survival is change/ because without true, legitimate, and forever change:   this world cannot survive the damage humanity will do. Your days are numbered in truth;   history has faded away, and reality now reveals:   if you do not participate in keeping nature alive by RESPECTING IT/   nature will die, and so then shall you.  The question of life becomes:   either you will rise up to confront science, weapons of mass destruction, liars, fools, failures, and leaders of men with truth.  Or they will kill you.  Simple as that/ no second chances.

Everything that life as humanity is, or can be, or will be forever; is going to be decided in the next few months or years.  There is only war/ where food or water cease to be plentiful: you have nearly a billion people hungry/ and an ocean nearly extinct, because you refuse respect for it. There are countless threats/ and there is only one true solution: YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR WAYS.   There is exactly one solution for establishing true change in this world: men must be removed as leaders of life on earth.  Like it or not, that leaves us with women in charge.  They are literally different/ that means a different way will be found.  But no one knows if it will be better/ IT IS HOWEVER OBVIOUS AND TRUE, that they cannot do worse:   than deliver us to the door or hell and Armageddon, as has been done by the leadership of men.
Make your decision/ but remember this, once the point of no return has pasted in a probability of less than two years:   your freedom to make ANY decision for life, ENDS.   It will be a          “Roller coaster ride” down the cliff of no return.
FIND SOMETHING YOU CAN DO, FOR LIFE ON EARTH/      AND DO IT.   Join in this need to evaluate and identify every truth that confronts us as life or death: and prove as      WE THE PEOPLE       ,   our voice matters.                                      OUR DECISION FOR LIFE OR DEATH.

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