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Friday, 17 April 2009

OF A necessary concern,

is the simple truth, that capitalism has long ago been abandoned by the USA.  The tragedy and disgrace of today, is long past the truth that exemplifies capitalism, and is in fact more simply just a swindle in motion, built upon lies, propaganda, bribed judges (do it/ or you lose your job; “we can make you sorry”), and legislatures without truth; both state and nation.  You cannot have capitalism, where the debts surmount all forms of reality.  Taxes paid, that do not represent an actual respect for work done/ payment received;   is not a working democracy. The elements of law providing oversight have been banished.  The reality of anything backing the numbers as was gold in decades past/ long spent and gone; still lying though; “hush, that’s a secret”!

Currently the US government employees are threatening Russia with missiles on their border/ just like they did prior to the Cuban crisis when the USSR tried to do the same.  The simple intent is to recreate the cold war/ thereby freeing both military and government official from scrutiny, giving them all power, and especially pride;   “because you fear”.  We have science believers, brain washed to absolute “zombie states”/ can’t even hear “an energy burst 1000 times greater than all the electrical energy used in the USA”;    Stated in popular mechanics magazine/ not my words. [ energy, for a month or 2/ I forget exactly.]      “Zombies (lost your mind)” who cannot hear or conceive of:   playing with the very essence of nature/ mutilating it, trying to deliberately cause this disciplined structure of all life to fail:     IS NOTHING LESS THAN CRUCIFYING LIFE ON EARTH!  Way to damn proud to consider the possibilities of “can’t go back/ can’t fix this/ we are dead”.  No sir, people going to play god/ what could go wrong.  Hell, “they wouldn’t LIE TO YOU/ would they”.  Zombies, who believe the media keeps you informed of all you need to know:   its true, they will tell you when “the president goes to take a shit: hush he’s in the restroom now/ listen close”.  But not one damn thing about the slightest bit called important or necessary to know.  And the public says:   WE LIKE IT THIS WAY!  Cause then we don’t have to take no blame.  Just have to pay for all the tragedy/ just have to fail and die;    So what’s wrong with that/ until the bill comes due.  DUMB ASS. 

Lets review reality: you have no money, because money is the fair exchange of work between humans/ and the resources that make that work possible.   That is what money is.  Its not a number, that’s just a measurement of value.  But when value is measured by absolute lies/ then there is no value, and its all a lie; established to keep the slaves working/ and let the numbers make you king or queen and not be fair.
The case to be reviewed, is Bill Gates: holder of roughly 50 billion numbers/ presented as money:   or more correctly one million workers, each making $50,000.00 per year salary, by the numbers OWES THIS ONE MAN, A YEAR OF WORK, and all the resources that work would require. [you will not, blame him for your troubles/ he merely played your game/ “winner”].
The capitalist fool says: oh, how wonderful for him/ and such a blessing for us:   a million people employed, for a year.

But reality says: if one man gets everything we make for an entire year [ each person owes the entire years salary fifty thousand dollars/ therefore you have nothing left, for food, shelter, utilities, or even taxes; to pay the entire amount within a year/ BY ONE MILLION PEOPLE.   Then they get absolutely nothing.  Even slaves get more than that, just to keep them alive] so in reality one million workers is not enough to pay this bill.  You need more.  You need “something left over” from your work, to keep yourself alive/ to be able to pay the debt claimed you owe.  “HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE BELIEVE, in numbers”! How many more tragedies before the blood comes out?
Reality says: in america, just the federal debts for this year due to “financial stimulus/ please give the poor a higher credit limit: please, oh pretty please, see they will be good slaves, here have more promises.  Give them a higher minimum payment they can’t pay.   Because if you don’t/ then they will starve: “we know the rich won’t share”! And that doesn’t even include state debt/ social security debts/ personal debts/ business debt; etc.  Please don’t let the lies die, power ends/ pride dies too;      And the fools who drove the machine who took us here will have to face their truth.
Capitalism in america was sold to greed.  The stock market and mutual funds promised “FREE MONEY”/ and the public went wild;   loving every minute of it:   WHO GIVES A DAMN, WHERE IT COMES FROM,     WE ABSOLUTELY DON’T CARE!

But alas, to get this “free money”/ your stock brokers attacked and sold every valuable business in this United States, selling it off for pieces, destroying everything they could touch:  and you “the public”, couldn’t wait for them to do more.  Don’t close the door, I am coming with more money; MAKE ME RICH. And didn’t they?  Well you got numbers don’t you/ what could be more valuable than that.  Never mind the destruction/ never mind the disgrace of this nation.  Never mind the disrespect and selfishness, ETC/ ETC/ ETC.  Cause you got your numbers.  No job, no future, a nation in ruins: THE CHILDREN are going to die because of damage done: but hey “what do you care”!  Can’t change you; got numbers don’t you/ HELL YES!           “Pitiful damn,,  DUMB ASS”.

So, lets look at what is left.  Case in point is General Motors corp.  They are losing according to the local news stories, OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS each and every month!

One billion dollars equals:    one million cars sold, EACH ONE bringing one thousand dollars MORE, than it is sold for today. Per month!   Or they will fail and go completely broke/ leaving vultures to pick the refuse clean.  No doubt foreign nations will come/ and more work, or the opportunity for work, will disappear;   BECAUSE WITHOUT YOUR MACHINES/ what will you build?    GM is in this mess, because every single employee “took the money and ran/ leaving the company for scrap: DON’T GIVE A DAMN.  LOOK AT ME, I got numbers”.  GM is in this mess, because wall street and mutual funds in particular bought in without the slightest concern for reality or truth and as of about April of this year: gave them 300 billion dollars in excess cash/ that ALL the employees then spent on themselves.  Three hundred billion dollars is equal to:  one hundred million cars sold at three thousand dollars MORE, than today’s price.  Actually more than that/ because they haven’t made any money for well over a year. But even that does not include the interest on the money/ penalties/ fines/ begging/ or just plain cost of business that cannot be covered now.
“Zombies” can’t understand, these simple truths. Cause it means change.  Cause it means the numbers are bad.  Cause it means you sold your life for lies/ you chose for numbers, and then ruined this nation, because of your GREED.  “Zombies in media” refuse to believe these simple truths/ and wade right in “as true patriots; willing to support any lie/ just so things don’t change”.  Piss heads/ no honor, just an open mouth that says “I won’t tell/ WE can colorize it”.  Because after all, they are employees of a TINY HANDFUL of the rich and powerful who own these companies:   and they own them for propaganda purposes, not honor/ MONEY.

CAPITALISM is about fair play (I worked/ therefore you work for me), and the need to be governed by the simple truth:   if a resource is getting scarce, or is hard to get/ the price must go up to control the usage of that resource:   TO INSURE IT IS NOT WASTED.  That is the simple truth of capitalism/ and whenever it is interfered with, tragedy follows close behind.

But people don’t like being told NO, you can’t have this.  So government steps in and pretends it doesn’t matter.  This begins the lies:    We control, we have power!  Then comes pride;   lets do more/ we are gods.  Then comes waste: who gives a damn.  Then comes the need to cover up the building tragedy of failure. Then comes propaganda, and the need to control all methods of news. Then comes a demand to release the laws that govern and regulate. Then comes the bribes, required to control the court and change the laws in legislatures. Then comes the arrogance of believing “WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW”.   And then comes truth; and the decisions that will determine how much blood will be shed.   GO TO COURT, and choose better for yourselves.
Lies are lies!  The sooner you let truth back into your lives, the sooner you will find substance/ survival/ and happiness:   instead of failure, and what will become, the destruction of this world.          Work for LIFE FIRST/    NOT, the pitiful damn disgrace of GREED.          SHAME ON YOU.

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