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Friday, 17 April 2009

Fortunes and failure, walk in defiance of life.

As a consequence, the reality of life here on earth is filled with caustic and volatile relationships that tear life in this world apart.  Fortune means: winner, I have achieved more than the rest/ therefore I am more.  Fortune therefore becomes a reality of division, and a death of friendship, as one competes with the others for superiority. Fortune means, that to achieve what is more, GREED must come so that you will take what belongs to the others as their rightful share; because without the rewards that belong to the others/ there can be no real wealth, only the possibilities of your own hands.  What you can do personally for your own specific environment. And that is not enough to claim superiority/ only the evidence of hard work, and the learning necessary to design a life of your own. This is not wealth, therefore to be wealthy, there must be slaves/ or there must be resources to plunder and rape and destroy (just to keep the others from having some too/ thereby not being dependent upon you).

Failure on the other side of this tragedy called fortune, lives in the depression, that not only is this one not superior/ he or she is not even equal to the majority; therefore less/ therefore loser. And the consequence of that is a need for revenge, wherever want lives inside.  Where want fails, suicide often comes next/ therefore violence erupts, as the proof of a life lost and about to die.  Religions enter here, wherever the failure has not been so devastating as to enter inside for violence.  Where it has/ the reality becomes, that religion is an excuse to be violent to the others, instead of yourself: “its their fault”. And the people in the middle, are forced to close themselves in; trying desperately just to live their own lives, without joining either side.  Make me happy, is a constant demand for the wealthy/ make me proud, is a constant need in failure/ let me survive, and build my own little world separated from these others, is quality of life as conceived by most.

As life on this earth, we are all required to build something out of what we are, where we live, or the experience of learning.  As you look around, what is seen is:   the possibilities and opportunities that were presented to people/ and the evidence of what each of those people did with that choice.  Doesn’t mean life was fair/ just means, each one is required to build within the environment and means presented to them.  Like it or not, life is not balanced or fair in the sense of same: instead life is directed to be balanced within the reality that exists.  In other words, instead of competition for the same things, it is necessary to work where work invites an opening for you. Among the human animals, “those who have failed to find anything beyond want”.  Where there is excess, there will be predators that depend upon that excess: in animal life,  a large herd for instance/ needs a killer, to keep the population under control so that everything is not eaten.  But killers need a large herd too, or their food is soon gone as well. Enter the fortune makers, who live like elephants (a relative of the mouse)/ and the failures, who become a predator in one variety or another, such as a snake; with or without the opportunity to interfere with the herd of elephants.  All those in the middle are either competitors for resources, but on a much smaller scale/ or food.  One of the most deliberate of all human animal traits, is the intent, “to get and control a predator for your own purposes”/ thereby all the herds seek “killers, to do their bidding; be their protection, in one form or another/ with enough temptation and flattery, the predators do what they are told.  So long as, they don’t become too proud”.  But pride demands proof of terror/ and that means the predators continually get out of hand: so the big herds demand controls, and they form a variety of chains for that purpose to confine and keep their predators “under the rules”. Then the big herds GET VERY PROUD/ and begin to taunt their captives; and the plotting and planning begins/ the foundations for conflict have formed, and the tragedy that is human existence wherever pride and want control becomes an epidemic of greed, wealth, lust, and coming violence.  Having warred, history proves the very same thing then begins to accumulate, as greed, control, rules, and the intent of pride and want are never far away.  Such is life for the majority under the leadership of men. We can no longer survive it.
That means instead of just living for want/ working for pride/ and operating on either side of fear and delusion: ALL of humanity must learn, that life is far more than any of this/ and choose life first, instead of the games that they do play.  The pissing away of life, that they insist upon doing.

One of the critical factors of human stupidity is its relationship with a desire to play god.  Don’t need no damn reality, got my own version of truth, right here!  The latest incarnation of idols and images, is of course evolution.  “Look here, see this fits into the puzzle I created/ therefore it must be god; I am god, because I understand the possibility of this relationship”.  Ancient men did exactly the same, in every culture on this planet;   the easiest to understand is the very similar religion which worshiped the sun: “look here, see the sun comes up, and makes the plants grow/ therefore the sun is god/ and because I understand this, I can now worship and claim to be like god, cause I showed it to you”.  I personally see no real difference between those who worshiped the sun/ and those who worship evolution; “look, these are similar”/ therefore listen to me.  IF humanity is ever going to climb beyond absolute stupidity, it is fundamental to say:   INSTEAD of just taking the easy, measurement of your eyes/ and then claiming to have captured the trophy/    It is absolutely necessary to examine the evidence, and then believe in the foundations of truth that are represented in the law of life. Every religion will claim “they are the truth/ just listen to evolution for awhile; the incredible stupidity is only matched by arrogance and pride”. But that is what every priest, or witch doctor, or purveyor of religion does.  But only discipline under the law, reveals anything that can be called proof of life.  The law of wisdom says: unless all the factors do fit/ there are pieces missing.  The law of understanding says: UNLESS the relationships that have been identified and committed too, are true and functional within the fundamentals that life requires/ these things are not true.  The law of knowledge says: UNLESS the foundations claimed are in fact functional and disciplined and ordered by the duties required of the decision that then could be made/ there shall be no respect for this, because the elements of creation are not formed in fact.  There is no wisdom, no understanding, and no knowledge of any kind or value in evolution; like all the images and idols of the past/ those in powerful places simply shove it down the people’s throat. But there is always a reason this occurs!  In terms of evolution, because it is our time/ the purpose of power is simply to dissolve the passion of the people to protect nature from the mutilation of men.  Men mutilate, NOT to help you in any way shape or form/ but rather, this is about the power to control potentially everything “you want eyes/ THEN PAY ME.  You want a child/ then be my slave”. And so on; being god has its rewards you know.  Therefore it is race for the money/ and a demand to be more powerful than man has ever known.  Just like the science claimed for playing with each and every threat that now exists not only to damage and terrorize this world, but to exterminate it.  All starts with evolution/ by taking away the argument, and calling the people of discipline and truth “mere fools”.  The propaganda machines of media, have been particularly effective/ and “isn’t it fun, that this is all done with your money, indoctrinated into your children, and sealed on your grave: killers of this world”.
So the real question becomes: HOW can people be made to realize what is truth, as opposed to the simple excuses and lies assigned to animals/ NOT human beings.  How, can the need to expand beyond want and pride, be recognized as valuable beyond belief?

The fundamental answer is love/ but the reality of love is; that love has always existed, and it is not enough to keep people  from wandering back to lust, hate, disrespect, violence and all the rest.  The question then turns to:   WHY is this so?  Critical understanding replies: “the vast majority, deliberately want to TRY everything”!  They then find, that some things are pleasurable/ some things can be done without cost, “if you are lucky (gambling starts here)”/ and the EASY ROAD to success in time, is to make someone else do your work. The lazy have arrived. Knowledge or the expressions that lead to binding one participant with another; ask the question: would it not have been better if every gamble “bite you: proving this is a bad idea”/ if everyone had to do their own work/ if things that were pleasurable, had no stigmatism assigned to them?  Wisdom says, in the formation of freedom within a mind that can only measure, there are no allowances for immediate punishment, because these would then provide chains and prisons that humanity could not push beyond due to fear. Freedom is then assigned as valued and valuable. The question is why? The answer fundamentally comes in the experience of life itself/ an identity requires the freedom to decide/ life requires knowledge to understand the boundaries within which a true choice exists.  Therefore the freedom to build your own truth, is identified in the search for what you do truly desire, the purposes of your heart and soul.  These things are “food for life”/ regardless of the passages that we must take to find our freedom, the foundation upon which we search, is a need to discover what is truly of value to our own life.

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