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Friday, 17 April 2009

The development of social economic ties to the community, as a society determined to get everything it can.  Fundamentally always plays the pyramid game:   “Its when lots of people put in a little money, and then get back lots more numbers instead.  They think its money/ it spends like money “quacks like a duck”/ therefore it is money, because I can buy stuff with it”.  But what goes wrong is, in the greed established by want and pride that takes actual money {the labor & time of people, plus the necessary resources to form a product or service}/ and when exchanging this for numbers; the outcome is far more numbers are now in use, than what the actual value of “the money” will buy.  Its called a pyramid game because it takes a whole lot of people putting in a little, for each layer above them to take out a whole lot of the value that money represented:   always leaving “the bottom layer of workers/ to pay the bills left behind”.   Money is labor and time, plus resources; if you have knowledge or wisdom, generally you get pay a bit more, but life is labor and time/ products and services are about resources; therefore your knowledge or wisdom is NOT fundamentally considered a great value to most, when it is in trade for their own lives.  That’s why people form “extortion groups”/ to force the others to give them more, whenever a situation comes up that want is more important than the claims called debt.  The secondary force of creating more numbers is simply to increase the penalties or interest, if someone makes a mistake.  Thereby people say, “your in the trap now/ and you have to pay”.  But of course they can pay only so much, and that then leaves them to be slaves;   because they owe what can never be paid.  So until they surrender everything they have, they get to be slaves.  Bankruptcy is then the only answer left, by which society says “you the banker, etc, made a mistake too” and will suffer the price of that yourself.  But if these are just numbers, then the numbers are written off as invalid, or some type of insurance covers up the expectations these represent/ or in the case of every nation “the taxpayer” gets the bill for everything.
So the game is very simple really, when “the treasure hunt begins”/ everybody sees a few gaining a lot of money for practically no work:   therefore these who see that say to themselves I want this too/ and they give their money “to the multiplier”.  If they get it back with more numbers, as they expect/ then they brag in one form or another; and draw even more people into the trap.  So long as the multiplier can produce numbers that people do not spend/ all works well, because the debts created, expectations desired are held “in storage”/ until the day when those who have held the numbers NOW want to use their numbers too.  When too many people “such as the baby boom generation” suddenly want their numbers to be worth their expectations/ the bottom falls out; the multiplier disappears, and the numbers become worthless: because no one is going to work as hard as is required to fill these expectations/ so they quit working, which leads to less people as money available, which leads to higher prices required.  Until inflation eats up everything/ because no one will trust the numbers anymore. Such is this day in america, and much of the world.

The baby boomers now want their expectations/ worked hard for them.  But they are the people who created the numbers, thereby expectations themselves; largely due to the expansion of a university degree “YOU HAVE TO, pay me more/ won’t be equal, I am better”.  Added to this simple reality of greed is the fact that mechanization increased rapidly during this time, so the numbers were allowed to find slaves without using people/ then came the influx of immigrants to “participate in free money”, but found a poor surprise.  And now comes the truth, that it was in fact all a lie: based upon the simplicity that although you can force people to agree to pay debts that they cannot handle/ you cannot force them to actually be more than they are in terms of life or labor.  And resource depletion due to active insanity has come to participate in your demise.
Money is time and labor/ we will ignore the reality of resources for this portion of the writing.  So if money is time and labor/ it truly cannot be multiplied beyond what can be done in that lifetime, after their own needs are met.  Some do more/ some do less, but each is dependent upon the labor and time beyond their own needs/ to be used  as a possible claim called money.  Anything beyond this is simply a lie/ because it cannot exist.  Money is people, and their labor and time;   no resource claims money, only people; money is strictly a people thing. But no resource means no work or food or living for anyone/ so resources are about survival/ people are about needs/ money is about what is left over as time and labor beyond needs, and resources as are available are about the work that can be done.  No resources no work/ simple as that.  No people no money/ going to offer a tree money to do a service for you?  Go ahead.  Without people there is no purpose for money.  Therefore people are not only money, they are the essence of money, and the value that exists as money for each one.  No one accepts your money as valuable= go ahead, have a trillion dollars or more/ who cares but you.

The current, this moment in time stupidity wherein the gamblers believe that this problem of money and credit is solved:   a) because the government says fannie mae and freddie mack cannot go broke/ because the taxpayers will pay.  Therefore they can continue to do anything they want, there is no penalty for criminal actions.   B) because the government has made a rule that removes the smaller speculator from the oil business.   C) the federal reserve has made it clear every big bank of any kind that gets into trouble will be given loans from the taxpayer , or those willing to believe in bonds of some kind.  D) the federal deposit INSURANCE CORPORATION, will take care of any tiny bank foreclosure; and keep the people happy.

But alas, contrary to the want and pride of the american taxpayer, he and she is completely bankrupt/ they just don’t admit it, but they will.  There is NO ECONOMIC GROWTH/ because every economy that is functionally and truly growing is producing a profit “we don’t have to work as hard now, because we invested wisely”.  There is no profit here/ the current reality a month ago was listed as the annual rate of borrowing in this country today is 2.56 trillion dollars, more than the debts already owed.  NO economy grows by creating debt/ this is just working down to the tragic reality of nothing left.  Like every other type of financial failure, once you have cleaned out the bank/ sold everything you could/ and borrowed all anyone will allow: next stop is the street, hunger, and real competition for anything that can be found.  In a nation of about 50 million actual full time workers   2,560,000,000,000 divided by 50,000,000=$51,200.00 [the increased debt load per worker this year.] that means no matter what you earn, as an equal worker in this nation divided equally among every worker, not including immigrants your debt load will increase by fifty one thousand two hundred dollars this year.  Doesn’t matter what you do, that is what the numbers say; if divided equally.  But on the other side of that are the people who believe “they are rich”/ they hold all these numbers and actually believe there will be people to pay them for their numbers with work.  It ain’t so/ the longer you try, the less resources there will be.  The less you will have as a worker, because “you are being paid with these numbers”/ therefore the sooner a new beginning occurs, the better off you will be:   because reality will be with you.

The alternate reality of that is of course: that after bankruptcy, it is clear the vast majority of people simply continue doing exactly what they were doing, and so they get right back into the same trouble again.  That means without an education, and without true and legitimate rules about lending and reality practices in banking, gambling, etc; you will be no better off than before.  Just more angry when a year or two later, the money is again ruined by greed and selfishness.  A clear example of that is fannie mae and freddie mack/ they are bankrupt because of their practices in greed;   and have been allowed to “say who cares, let the poor pay it”.  But of course, they continue exactly as before/ and that is what the government officials want, because anything less brings     Reality with it: don’t want that!  The oil speculators, are not as big of a contributor to the fall in gas prices as is the simple fact people are running out of money and credit/ therefore they cannot abuse gasoline as much.  The price of gas is driven by credit/ not by reality; people don’t care how much/ they care only if their credit says no; and it does.  The federal reserve cares about the big banks, etc/ because these are an obvious sign of failure, that cannot be hidden.  Therefore the very richest people get to write off their failures, and the taxpayer gets to be their slaves once again.   Because if the big 

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