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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the elemental reality of pushing electrons at twice the speed of light, and intentionally removing them from the environment of electrons that discipline the energy inside an electron, by creating a cushion/ comes the simple truth:   when collided to create an explosion/ the end result is no propagation will exist, because there is no environment or atomic disciplines  to overcome.  Unlike the atomic bomb, which propagates through the atomic disciplines to limit explosive effects/ the removal of that environment to expose the single most energy extreme we know of in this universe to explosive consequences:  is an explosion that knows no boundaries.  Thereby it does represent the “big bang” wherein mass beyond our comprehension was vaporized in seconds:    Because the energy could do anything it wanted.  That is the meaning of undisciplined: “do whatever you can”/ and extreme energy, NOT affected by boundaries of disciplines, DID create an explosion so extreme, that it formed the universe today, “which is still not done expanding” because of this energy released.  Think about it.   Want them to gamble with your life? It has no purpose but pride. 

We have come, to the moment of consequences for CERN/ the reality if “this one is enough”/ or will the next bigger one be too much for this world to survive. I pray for life. The failures of satan have won round one/ the proud are insane,& the people are blind and dumb and deaf sheep. Each one saying “its not my fault/ so I don’t have to be involved”: yet the entire earth is being gambled with: how is it, that you are not involved?

 How pitiful you really are.  The leaders walk away, pretending/ the religious hide in their closets, secretly believing “we will be gods”/ the best the media can do is “a tiny, lets hope they know what they’re doing”/ the united nations provides the money and the power; couldn’t find any humanity that needed a few billion or hundred billion dollars apparently. The courts are quiet/ the military non-existent/ and the university standing “like cheerleaders with their vagina waving in the air, saying look at me”. All of them waiting to see, if the earth will in fact die or not/ allowing utter failures to do what they told you they want to do.  Which is create the second most intense explosion the universe has ever known. The first turned all the mass in a different universe to dust;   satan here on earth, wishes for the same: “going to be god”.  The disease of pride controls, the pandemic either grows, or stops, dependent upon the destruction. How many lives sacrificed/ how much tragedy, because you wouldn’t stop gambling; with ALL LIFE ON EARTH!     BECAUSE  you won’t accept/ and pretend you don’t understand life must be first.  The vaporization of atomic nuclei is in fact the release of an energy burst equivalent to a bomb. Not like the breaking off of pieces/ a bomb. The consequent action or reaction dependent simply upon the sequencing of more fuel onto the fire. The possibilities exceed safety for the earth, we live in this moment; “within the odds, yes still alive/ or no, they destroyed us all”/ and must accept the consequence; either alive or dead. 
PRAY NOW, or life on earth will get worse.
PRAY NOW, for a mind, that actually thinks.

PRAY NOW, for the appropriate reward, for all who endanger us as life on earth/ including the geneticist/ the evolutionist/ the physicist/ the media who cannot find even a tiny bit of outcry “this ain’t right”/ the leaders, who fail on every front and hide praying for “look at me, I did this”/ the university who lives to blindfold and control the student, making brain-washing the food of their days.  And all the rest.  How pitiful you are.  They tell you in no uncertain terms “WE ARE GOING TO RECREATE THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE;”      You DON’T need to know any more than this!  ITS ENOUGH TO PROVE, stand up for LIFE. AT A MINIMUM, DEMAND A COURTROOM FOR LIFE, AND THE REVIEW OF ACTIONS THAT CAN MURDER US ALL.
And men either hide, or say “lets do this/ lets play god”. There are no words to describe this kind of contempt for life; therefore we are left with the religious, and call each one involved,   SATAN.  Did you help/ did you turn away, to let them control and destroy life without even a word, much less a fight of any kind;   then you are devil too.   Is learning life is not a game/ death is not a toy that you shall play with my life or my world;   less than correct? Make your decision/ or die without a whimper, “sucking on a snakes’ ass, for comfort”. There are many more of these experiments! Live or die, its up to you.

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