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Friday, 17 April 2009

As we approach the end of life on earth, it is unfathomable how arrogant and foolish people have chosen to be.  Today I am reading about CERN;   
Their words “The most powerful physics experiment ever built, the LHC will re‑create the conditions just after the Big Bang.”      And just what are the conditions after an explosion; take a look at mt st. helens; and immense blast of energy invading the area. Or a thermonuclear explosion, first the explosion then the effects of intense energy spreading everywhere.

For the few who still don’t know what a big bang is:   it’s the explosion of all matter within the known universe a few billion years ago/ nothing more devastating/ nothing more destructive has ever been known in this entire universe.  And these people want to “re-create it”!    Gee, what could go wrong?   After all, an explosion capable of creating the known universe   sending mass trillions of light years away from the center/ because it was such a horrific event;    Who could possibly expect that wouldn’t be a good thing for this earth?   Goodbye then, if you don’t care/ what good is it to talk?   The scientists will continue to argue “not quite the big bang”/ but lets be real, “they are speeding protons up to the speed of light/ and then smashing them together in a head-on collision”: TWICE the speed of light at impact or “E=MC SQUARED.”  Its their dream, “pure energy”. The web site listed below informs you that they are indeed very near ready.  The purpose of extreme cold is to increase the velocity of the proton/ the 5 trillion electron volts/ or if not enough the later 7 trillion electron volts are to sufficiently isolate these protons from their respective electrons that they are completely vulnerable to impacts.  They have already succeeded in creating head-on collisions with billions of volts/ what they want to do with trillions of volts is see “vaporization” of the protons/ thereby releasing all the energy that binds a proton, and controls the electron environment explode at once.  The nuclear progression  that follows is well “under control, isn’t it”?  Can’t go wrong?  Scientists well, they are just too smart to endanger all the earth?  Isn’t that right?  Returning to mt st. helens, remember the volcanologist that knew exactly what was coming, but stood on the mountain when it was clearly about to blow up.  He wanted to be god, so he stood in the energy, and believed “the spirit, would survive and make him god”. He was wrong.  The question;   Are they more insane/  or you, for letting them do this?  Hard to say.   Well lets review anyway in case you still have a mind hiding somewhere:   they have separated out the single most energy intense mass in this universe called a proton/ lined up a few trillion per second, of these little components that make a nuclear bomb “nuclear”/ and are going to explode them.  “But under controlled conditions”/ accelerating them with computers, magnets, cold, and nuclear power plants to a maximum “ speed of light”/ but crashed from opposite directions its speed of light x speed of light= squared, energy.  Not to worry though “just a few at a time/ its not like nuclear explosions propagate”/ its not like the big bang wherein the explosion was so powerful that the entire earth would have been treated “like a pea, so to speak” ; hell, humans are god right?   And for good measure, if they don’t kill the earth the first time/ NOT TO WORRY, they have bigger experiments in mind!

Time is up/ either find your voice amid all this horrific pride; and stop them;   or be dead.  Want to be wrong? But wait, “your so smart, you know better; thumping together two sticks of dynamite” with potentially trillions more power than these (its what they hope for/ its what “big bang means”); such as is the environment created by men: going to prove they can be god;   well that’s just smart, isn’t it. I truly don’t know how you can stand “the brain power”/ must be the size of a tyrannosaurus rex, at least.  What do you get for the gamble?  Nothing but arrogance and pride/ death/ the  end of this world potentially/ at least europe devastated and seeking new places to live.   Or, if like the big bang, the energy intensity is so great it propagates throughout the mountain and more, well then the earth blows up!  But who knows, maybe?  Well worth the risk for devils (kill em all).    GOD   might intervene for now/ but why?   Are you worth the trouble, or just going to do this again/ how about genetic mutilation/ or the endless threats created by man: they are every where; and that means your leaders are fools.  There is some love in humanity, but without respect.    Does that not make you a fool as well.

As for me, “I have never felt more like a girl”/ forced to the background, while men prepare to kill/ mutilate/ and destroy each other.  Just waiting, hoping the worst of them will be killed, and something left of a life worth living.  I am reduced to talking/ have become dependent upon law/ not allowed to do more.  But           “Who cares, but me; are you working”/    after all, if not this, then fusion will burn the earth to nothing/ and if not that genetic mutilation will destroy nature entirely/ and if not that, the oxygen consumption well beyond replacement will make you lay down to die/ and if not that starvation and thirst will bring weapons of mass destruction/ etc, etc, etc.  “Your so smart”/ now isn’t that so much better than more appropriate name-calling?  Can’t stop any of it alone;   and your too proud/ want, regardless of the cost/ and so selfish, if change means a penny lost, you believe “your personal world, is coming to an end”.  This world will die, just once/ nature will be lost, just once/ the earth can be lit on fire, just once/ humanity can kill itself, just once.   There is no going back, work for life first/ or face your own worst enemy; “yourself”.

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