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Suggests, that knowledge has increased enough, through the evidence of information and investigation/ that now we believe as a group, in the function of this information as a reliable resource to guide us into a future that will be happy. Truth is the elemental discovery of a participating relationship that fundamentally creates an opportunity for change. What type of change that might be is not a valid criticism of truth/ truth merely indicates the reality a change can exist/ or does exist by the development of a decision. 

Therefore truth and knowledge are separate examples of the same existence in reality, while knowledge is the first part of basic descriptions in reality. And truth is the example of an identifiable relationship between the existence of knowledge, and the possible impact of energy either in reaction or action. Truth suggests, the creation of a decision, is possible.

Within the conception of truth, the reality of life and living searches at the perimeter to start, extrapolating from the beginning, what the end will be. Truth is not a description dedicated in humanity to an absolute/ rather it is the method and means of assertion, that brings conception within the destinies that we create. What is fundamental to time understands, critical environments reflect ourselves, our means, our dimension, our reality, and our association within the parameters of thought itself. What is perfection, is not a human reality/ therefrom we know, that no matter how hard we try our understanding of truth will be flawed.  What is important in this discussion is not the “envelope within which we measure and believe/ called the brain”:    but rather, the essence of thought from which we conceive of possibilities that do become our world. What is true, illuminates the developmental paths of life and living.  What is thought, underscores the obedience of life to the creation of love or hate.  The passage beyond ourselves, from the boundaries that are time, identifies those who believe in love/ and those who do choose hate instead.  Time, “the middle ground” simply ends.  The choice to create yourself, as an identity in love: is yours alone.

My reality has shifted, I am not edited or instructed in anything regarding this writing/ BUT, I am required to add “this type of paragraph”, in addition to my own. It is required: in the simplest possible concept; I do seem to have crossed the line between male and female, and honestly feel slightly more female than male. For the first time “it feels kind of permanent”/ like I fell off a edge or something. Life is, Not as strange as it used to be/ but very different: doesn’t really seem that different from “regular life”/ but my life  inside  FEELS very different. Life outside also feels different in that now, I have to listen to a desire for bigger breasts/ I don’t know why. Hard to describe, you just can’t imagine: an entire life  changing/ feels like I am being pushed, pulled, kneaded, stretched, rolled over, “like I’m a loaf of bread or something”/ you can’t imagine, I have started to lose my grip, or touch or something; and lost some freedom of choice besides, on what it means to be male; strange. Its not horrible, not exactly unkind or bad; its CHANGE/ and clearly no choice.  “I suggest” its not fair/ and the female spirit inside says: “no one said it was/ end of discussion”. In other words, I am being treated like many women have been throughout time/      but I get to be “the woman”. I have no idea, why me!   Body and mind as accepted finally:   has become a reality beyond my control, a consequence I cannot do either to or for myself, a truth I cannot even conceive of;   but a miracle of change that is spiritual “in nature” and left to    GOD    To decide what is best for life, and for me.  NOT “deviant (nothing to do with men)”/ but a reality that has been focused upon what life is or is not for women, throughout this history of time.  Not my decision, what my life has become/ what is required of me to learn, a body and mind that is not the same.  To that end, “in a spiritual sense” I found myself in what could only be described as “a kings palace ( a very beautiful place)   harem/ where I was the toy”.  Locked in, couldn’t get out; a toy for the women there to use as they wished.  I did not like it/ “ I am, more than a toy”/ but no choice: do you not wish to be more than a toy.  As this vision faded away, I did remember the simple truth, that over time very many women have been treated in this same way;   taken, &  placed as a toy for men, locked in and no way out.  A very sad thing for them, life is more than that/ where is the freedom, where is “my or their choice/  right/  hope for life itself as a participant in truth”. Where is my honor in living/ or theirs.  This question presents a wide range of relationships that do not meet a basic level of respect for each other among men and women.  This question asserts, that very much must be done to equalize and respect our independent realities as female/ or male.  The entire elements of a society, are necessary to be reconstructed as a new dimension in developmental truth.  That basic truth is:   that no one can be considered as less than you.  To achieve this lesson in value, there are functional and fundamental requirements involved.
In the simple terms of time:
1.  Steady and straight/ truthful, fair, and kind are all primary requisites for the creation of justice in society. Therein every leader must represent these basic ingredients: without prejudice or bias to any.  Law then begins, by the understanding that life itself is the most precious reality of our universe. Nothing else even begins to compare.

2.  In the constant development that is a society in motion, the reality of someone to make decisions in favor of the rest is simple and ordinary.  But the question of who, remains a mystery to the constant experience and expression of this world/ thereby some ingredients are necessary, to make the process more specific to the need.  One ingredient is described above/ the second is as follows: of all things that can and do make a difference in life or death, truth is the most fundamental of all answers to how, when, and why.  Truth describes the reality, defends or annihilates the future, discovers law, and applies justice wherever love will rule.  Therefore truth is the most fundamental of all participants in society itself.  The most functional understanding of what is truth, rules the day. That means in the end it is truth, that will rule those who survive: nothing more, and nothing less.  The consequence of being human is then applied to the purpose of truth, and discovery searches for those who accept and defend truth itself, always understanding that reality has a place, no matter what “a perfect understanding of truth might imply”.

3.   Within the creation of understanding and definition regarding the fundamentals of society, the very first creation of purpose and desire is required to be:    What has the greatest value here?  The answer is life, but not in the frivolous expectation that all are the same here in time.  Rather with clarity and certainty beyond all forms of reason that would contend   LOVE BUILDS LIFE AND SOCIETY/    Hate destroys life and society!  It is that simple. So then the true question for building a society which values life, supports peace, defends and creates justice, and defines truth:   begins with the separation of love and hate.  These are distinct enemies, and they will never live in peace, side by side.  That too, is a very simple truth. Equally true, is that men and women are equal in every sense of the word/ but women will lead, because men have brought us to the door of horrific and terrifying consequences to all life on earth.  They are abandoned, as leaders;   women will lead, and be given control of sexuality, because of that fact. Clarity understands that there are only two real choices in life, beyond survival consequences: they are to desire friendship and move, work, and live by the function and desire of that fact. With a purpose that all should be happy, just as are you.   OR hate, wherein the desire is to make people do whatever you command/ take over power/ assert “winner/ YOU loser”;   and other forms of violence that seek to enslave and devalue anyone that is not you. It is NOT particularly hard to establish who is for love, and who is for hate: but it is a society decision/ “not a single vote”.  Only the liars, leave doubt.  Anger is not necessarily hate, talk and demand answers;   if the complaint is valid, anger is a function of demanding change, where people are unwilling to listen.

4.     One of the elemental needs of society is law/ without law, and the police and courtroom there is anarchy as those who are willing/ turn evil, stealing/ burning/ killing/ and raping all they can. There is no alternative to law.  Law is our decision as a society, to function within the purposes of justice, with the desire for peace, so that all may understand and believe equality exists for them too.  The most critical law, MUST BE “similar in design to the biblical ten commandments”.  NOT in a religious way/ but as to style and content.  It is brief, to the point, got its message across, and leaves little room for those who would belittle or change it; therefore a perfect example.  The law of any society needs to be within the people’s grasp.  Therefore all foundation laws exist within the simple language of this people, and within the confines of “one page”/ so that everyone understands and earns both the right to obey, and the right to challenge as an authority. It is the law that decides, and where necessary all of society can and should be brought together to create the precedents that will be the interpretation of that law, when it is necessary.  Society designs, votes, and enforces the law, there employees therefore in service to the law understand:   “You WILL HELP”, where it is necessary, or be in contention as an accessory working against the law. Those who are injured in support of law, shall receive care and benefits that are appropriate to your society.

5.  For a society to function correctly, everyone has to care/ everyone has to share/ and everyone has to do their part for the survival of all, including themselves.  Equal is equal/ and that means you will do your work.  Equal and equitable means that access is granted as liberally as possible/ but work done has its own rewards, and the payment of that reward is not the same for different levels of risk, perseverance, earned knowledge, or even understanding.  However, THERE ARE LIMITS, to what anyone can claim above the rest.  If there are not/ thieves will come; and society in harmony will break down into “have, and have nothing/ because the others took it for themselves”.  Therefrom the basic outline of society is: everyone has not only a right to work, but an obligation to work for themselves and society.  To attain that right, and control its reality: what is government MUST control the basic elements of access. In other words, the government called WE THE PEOPLE:   will own the roads and bridges; the transmission services required for utilities; the natural resources in terms of mining, coast lines, water, educational development, medical treatment facilities and their tools.  Other resources such as farm ground, are developed under the control of WE THE PEOPLE, by respective “county” voting/ which creates the conditions by which you or any family or member of society may use that farm ground or will sell it to the next.  Such as:   when YOU, or a distinct member of your close family are not doing more than fifty percent of the physical work on that farm, it is time to sell.  Such as by vote, the members of your agriculture community will decide how much ground any individual member may control, either by ownership/ leasing/ or any other means. In other words, YOU shall not control what we need!  Property taxes already prove you are not true owners/ the government is:   this is simply a respect to the others in society, that they may share as is appropriate to the environment.  And so on. Old growth  Forests, and off limits.  There shall however be selective cutting WITHOUT taking the very best:   for reproduction/ within the following terms, only if you prove the lumber you haul out is proper and fitting/ only in sufficient quantities to control extreme damage by forest fire. NO clear cutting, and NO ONE is allowed to cut within a forest, unless they are also responsible for planting new forests in an alternate location. You cannot take anything/ unless you “put it back/ in like kind.”

In every sense “success or failure” is yours alone/ shared by the ones you work with.  But it is your job/ not “ours”.  Our only job, is to create a network within which you will not fail completely unless you choose hate or become so lazy that hate is granted to your life; and you are removed.  The elemental needs of the young are required to be cared for/ if they survive birth on their own condition: “extreme care shall not be given”. NOT because these are not important/ but because nature will decide instead of people.  The same is true throughout society. Healthcare for the young within the limits society itself shall set, is required for a healthy and active society: you will protect them.  Healthcare for the old is not required for a healthy and active society, particularly today:   when it is the old who have ransacked this earth, and this nation, for everything they could get.  One and all saying: “let the children pay: WHO CARES”. The answer is none (do you see any saying let us not take so much?) No more! A percentage of GDP as voted upon by the public, and that is all;  spend it how you like, but all will be included over the age you select for everyone. No more lying/ no more tempting, manipulating, traps, false statements, mutilated truth, or fantasy.  Nothing but the truth.
A “special” understanding of social responsibilities is applied to the reality of abortion.  Every life has a beginning/ every life erupts from that beginning into the light as a participation in living.  You would not argue a seed planted within the ground and growing, does not become a plant/ the same is true for humanity:   THERE IS NO ARGUMENT about a fetus is a human being or not, it is. But so is the woman or girl that has had her body highjacked by the reality of a birth that she cannot bear.  Therefore both have rights/ and both will submit to the reality of human existence. Primary to growth, is the time of recognition “I am alive”.  Without this sense of presence, the time of recognizing death does not exist either. It is expected that this change occurs at about 40 days or a little longer.  Thereby the time granted to woman or girl is 40 days/ MAKE UP YOUR MIND, and let no one stand in her way. Let no one say, I could not get the test: let them be free, as needed. Beyond these days, unless the body itself aborts, or there is proof the baby present will be critically handicapped: only in extreme cases is an abortion permitted/ and it may be sterile should accompany that decision. Do not say to me: “must abort/ these are the tears of liars, when if fact at most hospitals today, a healthy fetus is aborted and called worthless/ while a baby not able to be saved across the hall is called precious, and millions of dollars spent for failure results: IT AIN’T TRUE. There are minimum standards for a happy life/ why live another.

6.  There are critical relationships in life, and we live within the narrow bands of what must exist for us to survive. simple as that, you do not get to make your own rules; no water/ no food, you die, etc.  No resources and you shall not work, nor will there be any product to help you survive or be happy.  The same is true of the future called humankind/ or any other participant in this life here on earth.  That means WE MUST SHARE/ WE MUST MAKE “GOOD CHOICES” with the resources available/ and WE MUST consider the needs of the future as if they were our own.   WE OWE IT, to the children.  There are no excuses.  We share a critical relationship with this earth as well, as every life on it.  We cannot destroy any portion, without destroying the possibilities that are required for the living.  CORRECT CHOICES must be made without gambling our lives away/ or the future of life on this earth.  You will choose only     LIFE FIRST/   NO, gambling with life allowed.

7.   Respect is the elemental understanding, “that this, or this one, is responsible for things I could not, or did not do for myself.  Respect is the critical acceptance, that I am NOT GOD, and therefrom, not allowed to be judgmental over another living creation: only the law does that/ only truth, applied to love or hate” can judge within the law.  An elemental study of respect, understands that nature exists as it does, because balance is of a primary importance to every portion of creation.  Therefrom we have predators and prey, and they are balanced so that both sides of the line effectively help the other sustain maximum health and stability.  Too few prey, and predators turn against each other/ too many prey, and the young, become an easy target. Man is a predator, creating livestock herds/ and when starvation looms, he turns against the other men.  A small percentage of men however unlike other predator or prey, turn against women and make them a prey/ applying the decision of disrespect or worse, to their only ally for life: the term fool arises. It is clear men have also targeted children, because they refuse to pay their bills.  It is elemental to a peaceful society, that every member with primary survival participation     MUST BE RESPECTED EQUALLY.   Women and children, are a distinct member of that group, even more so than men/ particularly today.  The second participant for humanity beyond themselves, IS ENVIRONMENT, including resources, chains that feed the different levels of life, ecosystems that structure and protect our world, and the life upon this earth that we do share it with.         GOD IS A PARTICIPANT AS WELL.   

Respect asserts: that the primary enemy of life today is men/ they having proven, that nothing is sacred/ nothing is precious/ nothing real or true need be obeyed, producing and following endless lies and fantasy/ or delusion instead.  The primary enemy of the future is distinctly men;   however this  includes women, who have their own demands for children, REGARDLESS of the fact that over-population threatens us all as surely as do weapons of mass destruction.  Everything on this planet is under threat of extinction/ because there are limits, environments, chains, and entire systems of life and living that men refuse to respect at all.  Everything to men is money:   GIVE ME THE DAMN MONEY, or I will kill you/ is their mantra, “can’t bother me no more, if your dead”. The majority are less certain/ but they follow their leaders, and their leaders go to money, because that is where their followers are willing to be led. Do not women want more too!  So much more, that the garbage piles threaten to overrun society itself.  Shame on you; balance is not within the reality of men/ because no one looks at you, if you are “just common”.  Therefore we know, that a huge participant in the lives of men, is the fact that they want more than they have regardless how much they have/ and they want it, because they wish to appear to the others as more important than they are. The reason: “people follow me/ I am winner/ & women will come to me, if I have many things for them”.  Broken down into its various segments:   more things, is then a direct attempt to influence women, for whatever it is that you truly believe women can provide for you (not the same for all). The critical link here is then “what do men and women desire from each other really”? What is the fundamental reality that explains behaviors that are both critically unstable for life on earth at this moment in time, and functionally illiterate for all intents and purposes within both groups: so that attempts are made by men and accepted in bribes by women?

Balance demands an answer, so that life can achieve the understanding necessary to stop the games, and accept the place I have in this world, is enough for me/ for us.  It is not sex/ because sex is not enough to control the life and living of man;  not enough to participate as everything needed by woman. The question resolves a fundamental issue of life, as the need to survive/ AND the necessity to be happy.  These two exceed the parameters of sex by all measure and means of sustain ability. Sexual experiences only last a short time for the majority, so it seems by listening to complaints of women.  If they are “left out” of the experience, and expression of their own sexual needs/ they will be unhappy, and turn to things.  If men are turned away from, “don’t want you” by women, they will feel “left out” of the experience and expression of their own sexual needs/ and turn away from women,  to games.  One of the critical questions of this day applies history to current reality, and demands an answer:   do you believe the people of history, having almost nothing compared to you/ were unhappy?  Because if they were unhappy, why did not more of them commit suicide?  I would argue, that because the need to help each other was much higher in honest terms of partnership, friendship, and the cohesion of society necessary for survival; that they were happier in many ways than you.  Therefore it is not things, that make people happy.  It is honorable people, establishing honest behaviors for the sake of love, friendship, and happiness.  Where this did not exist, war always results:   got nothing to lose/ a suicidal intent, won’t bother me no more either, if one of us is dead.  Or more simply 90% or more of the hardship and grief found in society, is attributable to what men and women did not get from each other.  9% or so is attributable to greed and various other temptations and manipulations that come with games people play when they are not happy.  And less than one percent comes from real and fundamental (won’t change) hate.  So with limits placed upon all people regarding income and possession/ this nine percent are controlled, and functioning with society.  By separation less than one percent will be removed/ therefrom providing the base for true peace.  But ninety percent of the trouble MUST be eliminated by changing the perspectives and circumstances of men and women in their search for happiness. The question for balance is then WHAT:   would make women happy, without stripping the earth bare, and ending the future of life?  The critical element is a respectful, caring, honest, honorable, brave, sharing, romantic man for most.   The critical element for men, without stripping the earth bare, and ending all life here,    would be:   let woman be my friend, let her help me to succeed and thrive, let honor and honesty be her ways, let her truth and happiness be to me a seed that grows and blossoms in love forever: because her love and her life was with me.   These are not so different!  Therefore what stands between a treasury of love and truth, is the tragedy of what human expression and experience must be.  HOW, do men and women get so very far “off course with each other”?

Three critical factors turn up immediately: want, pride, and selfishness. These alter the conceptions of life in peace, and surround the envelope of human dignity and integrity with measurements from the brain, about how this or that or the other thing would be somehow “another great thing to have”/ therefore to abandon what has already been found, and is expected to “stay on the shelf, dormant until you decide to pay attention”.  This,   is a staple of human behavior that undermines every life; that allows want, pride, or selfishness to remain in them.  This fundamental of human chaos, in the simple sense of loneliness and heartache/ is a critical relationship to how we change the present into our future.  The first part is to recognize that you are judging someone by measuring them/ and understand that this is not acceptable:   until they have proven beyond a doubt, “you cannot be trusted”. That is different than can’t trust anyone.  This is acceptance, until proven otherwise/ but held without trust, until truth reveals honor, love, courage, hope, and discipline.  This takes time, patience, understanding, and respect from both sides.  This is friendship.   The elemental bonds of a relationship are built upon the expressions and experience of “friendship”.  The critical link being, where friends are found important to living/ a relationship between man and woman are found important to life.  The difference is:  happiness reflects the acceptance of another human being in shared expressions/ but home understands the bond of participation’s that go beyond “simple reflections”; to become a transition from I,   “to us”. It is not the same to participate as friends/ where sexual realities prove “lock and key” were meant for each other.  The critical understanding is:   HOW do we create, what is fair and appropriate between man and woman?
HOW, do we assemble behaviors that not only allow hope, but also respect the dignity and dimensions of our individual lives?
The first participation is, don’t judge.  That does not explain the variation of physical descriptions that people do or do not find attractive/ these remain, no matter who you are;   it is an “inborn trait” meant to enhance the next generation, and we all have to deal with it as best we can.  Don’t judge refers to the compositions that people use to “instantly decide, you are worthless to me”.  This is particularly unfair, to every human life/ don’t do it.  Doesn’t matter if sex is not going to happen here, every life is worth the dignity called respect, and the opportunity called friendship regardless of their looks.  More simply:   DON’T measure people with your mind/ that is not what it was meant for. 

Where sexual desire exists between man and woman, the fundamental experience is determined by the level of loneliness; and whether you and he or she chose this out of a need for love, or the intent to use and abuse without regard for the other, as is constant in hate.  Disrespect dissolves love/ while hate consumes it, because trust is being “liquidated”.  Without trust and truth, there is no “ladder to climb, beyond ourselves”.  Without love, the functional essence of a desire to participate with you, without restrictions.  The possibilities of sharing an intensity so real, that what is two; dissolves into the expressions of “one”/ cannot be found.   But do understand: trust, truth, and love are in fact all elements of perfection/ thereby the attainable levels for any two people is defined by that experience shared:  no one is perfect, but there are levels/ which is why the “ladder” is framed as an expression in sexual existence. Those who meet on the same level, share equally.
The very critical question in human life is:   HOW, do we participate with each other sexually, without a lifetime commitment from one or the other or both?  The elemental truth is, without true respect for each other, you cannot.  Truth means without denial of every participant or method involved/ while respect demands, a gift is a gift/ not a debt to be paid or collected.  Therefore the search for sexual experience assembled in loneliness asks for need/ a search assembled in friendship asks to share the blessings of a heart found, that understands and cares about my heart/ a search created in the intricacies of shared expressions beyond the simple boundaries of time, seeks truth, trust, and love.    Those who have none of these desires, search only for sex: the physical release of chemicals for the purposes of their own body/ or a trophy “I win”, you don’t count. The critical relationship of an individual decision contributes want, pride, selfishness, OR DESIRE an honest participation in love, to the question: will you be my friend/ or enemy.

 Many relationships between men and women start out as friends/ but change to “not friends”;   as one or the other loses respect, and discovers or decides: “what I wanted cannot or will not be provided by you”.  When that happens sexuality will change from compassion for each other/ to a simple, “what can I get”.  When “the bank account is empty, credit is gone, and friends no more because of it”/ they leave.  The critical question more so than right or wrong is:   WHY was this important?  The critical answer is not right or wrong, but an element of love and participatory influence that will either change my life or yours. We have changed direction, and cannot continue because life does not allow it to be so.  These are fundamental influences of the heart/ time and place and happiness denied for both: when there was honest love at the beginning.
Critical access to the heart has two witnesses, one understands the desire of love and cherishes the moments created in happiness.  But the other is truth of purpose, and it conceives of time and life by the definitions of soul.  One is elemental to humanity and lives within the expressions and experiences of self.  The other is critical to life itself, and understands humanity as body and mind within the influences of thought that believe the relationship beyond existence, is defined by moments that are beyond self, therefore a journey that needs participation to be critically true to heart and soul. What is self, is not soul/ what is soul, understands the need for self, but accepts only what is true to the destiny of love without boundaries or walls. Complex understandings create trust/ but elemental love is still the basis of every bond that will survive.


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