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Friday, 17 April 2009

From the article in Scientific American “the future of physics” February 2008, starting pg 38

the machine at C.E.R.N.    Pushes experimental physics past the current barrier of billions of electron volts, into what is now trillions of electron volts;   a thousand times more.
According to the article “each proton will have about 7teV of energy= 7,000 times as much energy as a proton at rest (normal state).  7 times more energy than any previous experiment.  Each proton will have a velocity of “the speed of light” .  There will be 100 billion protons in each wave to be smashed.  There will be 2,808 waves or bunches of protons to be smashed. And they will “cross each others path at”   Up to 31 million times per second, at 4 different locations throughout the machine.  Expected collisions per bunch crossing is 1,550,000=  31 million bunches crossing per second/ collisions  per bunch crossing 20 = 31,000,000 divided by 20= 1,550,000 smashes per second   EXPECTED;   but they have never done this before/ and all expectations have been known to be wrong. 

The expected “most cataclysmic of the smashups will release.....about 2 trillion volts”.   The statistical data of how this kind of energy will be concentrated into the “point of a needle....and squeezed down to the size of a human hair” is simply a lie.   Because this kind of energy doesn’t work that way.  Ask any electrician.   2 trillion watt/volt an equivalent energy of 2,680,965,147 horsepower   DOES NOT FIT ON THE POINT OF A NEEDLE!   NOR IS THE BIGGEST MACHINE IN THE WORLD;    “Built out of wire thinner than a human hair”.  Nor are their collision chambers so designed.   IT’S A CALCULATED AND INTENTIONAL  LIE, to mislead all involved, but the few who know.

2 trillion volt/ watts     The definition of watt is: the absolute meter ....kilogram-second unit of power equal to the work done at the rate of one joule per second or the power produced by a current of one ampere across a potential difference of one volt: 1 / 746th  horsepower.   Or 746 watts equals one horsepower.
The definition of volt is: the practical meter= kilogram- second unit of electrical potential difference and electromotive force equal to the difference of potential between two points in a conducting wire carrying a constant current of one ampere when the power dissipated between these two points is equal to one watt and equivalent to the potential difference across a resistance of one ohm when one ampere is flowing through it.

Instead of their lies:   LETS REVIEW THE FACTS.
Fact one:    We know they intent to create a 2 trillion volt crash/   it could be way more, because “their bunches will pile on top of each other once the nuclear reaction begins”.  But 2 trillion is what they offer in their bragging, and it is enough for this exercise in truth.

Fact two:   we know this 2 trillion volts of energy is equivalent to 2.68 BILLION HORSEPOWER by using common formulas of math.

FACT THREE:   EVERY ELECTRICIAN KNOWS “YOU CANNOT FIT     2 TRILLION VOLTS OF ENERGY ONTO A NEEDLE (that is not what they built);    EVERY MECHANIC KNOWS, “YOU CANNOT FIT 2.68 BILLION HORSEPOWER”   INTO A NEEDLE. (Not even when its released in one second of time) Don’t care what you do to it, it AIN’T going to fit.  IT’S A LIE!

FACT FOUR: the intent here is to release this energy within one single second/ because instead of “a controlled experiment”: they do intend to create   “Real energy”, because this machine was built to experiment with einstein”s     E=mc2   and that is what they want.  To get it, look at the collision chambers, and you will see:   “not a needle in mind”

FACT FIVE:   the liars intend experiments they have not told you about.  This kind of energy cannot be controlled.  This kind of impact cannot be separated from the risk of absolute thermonuclear consequences.  And that means it must not be done.   The consequence of a thermonuclear event here are extremely high.   The reality of   2 trillion volts of nuclear explosive divided by 1.2 million kilowatt hours (a kilowatt hour is equal to:  10, one hundred watt light bulbs burning for one hour) per kiloton (1000 tons of TNT) of nuclear explosive=     2,000,000,000,000 divided by 1,200,000= 1,666,666 kilotons of TNT/ multiplied by 2,000lbs per ton=3,333,333,333 pounds of TNT.  But because this is a consequence that is built like a thermonuclear device:   which means the controlling energy is crushed into the smallest possible cavity by a 27 kilometer circle of energy that “won’t stop”/ because “it’s a train wreck”.   The above calculation is far too small:   it represents only the physical energies involved. “FROM THE POWER PLANTS”.

FACT SIX:    IF, THE REALITY OF THIS EXPERIMENT CAN BE CONTAINED TO KNOWN THERMONUCLEAR MELTDOWN;   then by those calculations we have to start with the actual physical energy involved, and MULTIPLY by the explosive equivalent of 1.2million kilowatts of nuclear power generated on top of the physical energy applied.

FACT SEVEN:   cern has countered with the conclusion that their most active explosion will be no more than the equivalent of 347 lbs of TNT. according to the site http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080118083220AALKBcA a stick of dynamite 1 x 8 =0.62 lbs.  Therefore the biggest explosion they expect to create is then a bundle of 562 sticks of dynamite tied together and exploded at once.  What could go wrong?  But lets review: the dictionary declares a volt is essentially equivalent to a watt; “in simple terms” they are interchangeable for the purposes of calculating energy involved at the resistance found in common temperatures.   The dictionary says the difference is in the resistence/ and the resistence at cern is considerably lessened by super-cooling.  Which means the wire used to transport the energy can be quite small.  Heat is a fundamental of watt, thereby although the energy can be extreme, if the heat can be lessened, the result is less watts used.  So at cern, although the energy is still there that can be converted into the same amount of energy that was “put into the wire”/ when changed to heat: the calculations can hide the fact that if “all does not go as planned”/ and the experiment of colliding particles starts to overrun the expected result:   ALL THE ENERGY THAT HAS BEEN PUT INTO THE WIRE, COMES OUT IN ONE SINGLE BLAST OF REALITY.  THE ENERGY IS THERE, even if the heat normally associated is not.  If anything goes wrong, every bit of energy will be used in the explosive result.  And that is the amount of energy initiated into the conducting wire.

 In the case of cern, they state their use of protons, rather than the adjoining electrons; as a defense against “out of control heat”.   Instead lets review the proton is the largest mass in a nuclear existence;   like the sun to our moon, when compared with an electron.   They intend to take that mass, accelerate it to the speed of light and smash it into another mass at the speed of light: by infinite amounts of nuclear consequences if the experiment goes wrong.   Einstein’s theory   is mass times speed of light squared, is the energy; therefore it is the proton that releases all the true nuclear energy.  When they smash them together, with countless multipliers; if the experiment grows ONE TINY BIT beyond the expected range of heat: a thermonuclear explosion will result.   With more actual atomic mass, to be detonated;   than a 400megaton bomb. Let them prove the mass and energy are not there.  Lets consider their expected explosion of “347 lbs of tnt” and ask the question:   is this enough to entrap the protons and start a multiplier reaction?  Hard to tell/ want to be wrong?  What we do know is that its at least 7 times more energy being subjected to this reaction than ever before.  That means in cern talk, that there will be 7 times more protons to collide and interact with each other than ever before.  It takes exactly two protons to disintegrate into chaos (not be broken apart/ but disintegrate the boundaries and destroy the insides), and the rest will follow along.  The energy is here/ the only question is then: inside their explosion, is this going to happen/ or inside their “smash arena” will things get out of hand?   Hard to tell, but clearly it could: want to be wrong?  There is no going back.
They are lying about their expectations to use energy, because the calculations of wire size can be done.  Let them tell you   exactly how much electrical energy they are storing on the conducting wires. The biggest machine in the world, does not come down to a needle, and a hair like wire!  And go see just how big those wires are.  Don’t believe they are just over-sized.   Do the math, and determine just how much energy they intend to use.  Get into their computers and find just how much energy they are packing into these lines/ compare it with the energy taken from the nuclear power plants;   and prove it ain’t just a great big bomb.  Just because they “don’t expect an accident”/ has nothing to do with reality or truth.

Primary to all their calculations are the fundamental expectations that nothing will go wrong; but lets review: we have two conductors not far apart carrying a trillion proton volts at the speed of light (so close it doesn’t matter).  A electrical voltage comes in waves/ produced on a machine at the power stations, and with fluctuations in voltage at the power station those waves can be slowed or speeded up regardless of intent; do to power usage change, etc.  Once in the machine stepped up to one trillion volts, those waves will be less than perfect, because a trillion volts is not a perfect wave, even if cooled to near absolute zero.  Over a network of 27 kilometers,   IF one of these freezers goes down, or fails to cool evenly with all the rest, that too will cause an imperfect wave and those waves that are not constant deflect all rhythms intended for the machine.  In other words, there concept of a perfectly working machine wherein the smashing of protons in a completely uniform manner is just a pile of shit.  As to the previous machines, they were 7 times less powerful than this one/ and contained far less proton mass.  We then look at their methods of acceleration and note, “there are 7000 liquid helium cooled magnets”, and they work by computer instructions in the same way as a linear accelerator works to move a maglev train: one is activated, then anther, and another in a simple progression around the track.  The protons in “100 billion proton bunches”/ are the trains on that track, and there are 2808 bunches or trains all moving in the circle”.  What happens when a section of the track slows down, the magnets fail, helium escapes, computer glitch, or power failure; among the many things that can go wrong?  Do not the “trains collide”/ in a commuter setting they do.  What happens when “lots of energy” crashes: they get bumped along.  If bumped too hard, the energy release will destroy a section of the machine as in any electrical short; is that enough to cause nuclear breakdown at the speed of light squared, in a situation NOT planned for?   So then, when we look at their calculations of intersections colliding 100 billion protons, in 2808 bunches/ purposely intersecting opposing lines of energy 31 million times in one second, & we understand that it could be much more violent than that.  Like cars on a freeway, just one car crash, can tie up 60 miles of highway.   But the protons are coming anyway.  What then happens, when an accident occurs?  The answer fundamentally relies on how much inertia and power is involved.  That fundamentally relies on how much power is actually hidden in the lines;   and at one trillion volts/ expecting an occurrence of potentially 2 trillion volts the horsepower equivalent of that is by simple math 2.68 billion horsepower in simple physical energy.  BUT that is based upon temperature at normal 70 degree F.  And this is super-cooled to remove the heat of electron movements. So it technically does not total the physical heat of watts that would normally be produced by this much voltage. Instead with most of the electrons removed, the majority energy that is left is nuclear at the proton level.  The only question is, what conditions will cause it to explode?  A volt represents the actual physical energy that would be produced by the electrons / a watt represents the heat output of that energy at 70 degrees/ and amperage is the sum total of energy that can be or has been transmitted for usage into the conductor.  That means although the heat is removed in the form of electrons/ the more critical and energetic nuclear energy of protons is still there.  Its what keeps the electrons in orbit; a bit like comparing the gravity of the sun/ to the gravity of the earth; when adjusting for the energy differences between electron and proton or inner nucleus of an atom.  Just in a different form, and although in their experiments if controlled, the wattage is not critically noted.  The alternate or balance of that statement is:   IF the experiment goes wrong/ and the energy release turns nuclear; the potential of far more mass than strictly a normal atom is clear/ meaning a thermonuclear event has already achieved significant compression, in terms of atomic nuclei without assistance by alternative means.   An electron volt exists, because it is impossible for all electrons to be removed: therefore at the rated trillion volts, there is the added reality of “a soup” of electrons that don’t belong somewhere/ and the question at a trillion volts is what will they do?  Hard to say.   Something like the difference between crashing or driving a motorcycle and a semi-tractor with trailer; is the reality between proton and electron maneuvering.  The momentum matters.   Can’t stop this, so you get whatever you get: could it not go nuclear, if all goes wrong.  Can’t simply turn off the switch if a chain reaction begins.  They do intend to use massive amounts of electricity in their “crash and burn scenarios” / they have built a machine that can be made to entrap a nuclear explosion, because so much mass is waiting at the speed of light, to join the reaction: which is fundamentally slower, because it is shifting from one state to another; a bit like one football player down/ and the whole team piling on before he can get up.

Again their statements are: 100 billion protons per bunch/ 2,808 bunches=200,808,000,000,000 protons involved in one big pile up all traveling at the speed of light squared;   because they are each direction is going the speed of light, and they are crashing head on into each other.   Establish the nuclear bomb equivalent and the potential energy starts/   but remember these protons have 7,000 times more energy [Scientific American, feb 2008] before the explosion begins. That means the actual mass potentially exploding is equivalent to a nuclear weight of 1,405,656,000,000,000,000/ at a nuclear density significantly greater than your most powerful nuclear weapon materials/ crashing head on at the speed of light squared: WHAT COULD GO WRONG!    THAT’S before it potentially expands into the environmental consequences as well, of surrounding physical atomic structure.   Inside a mountain, with an immense nuclear explosion that cannot evacuate the heat or force MEANS;   like the surrounding container of a thermonuclear bomb:    If it cannot escape; the result is the energy multiplies until the energy does escape.  The difference between a fission bomb and a thermonuclear bomb is not fusion/ it is the difference between electron destruction ( the destruction of balance and motion primarily within the electron, a reaction) in a fission bomb & proton, neutron destruction (the destruction of balance and motion primarily within proton and neutron energies: that which holds the unit together, a reaction) in a thermonuclear bomb with the electron soup.  Fusion is the burning of energies, it is not a multiplier reaction/ rather it is like a chemical burn, but far beyond intense.  Prove me wrong.  In other words; it’s a packed tight, bumper to bumper freeway; and the question is at the speed of light squared:   does enough energy dissipate before the rest comes to join it: OR multiply into  bomb/ or not; want to be wrong?   This is 7 times more +, than any other experiment.  An explosion is:  Taking the mountain with it and more.  This is a very big bomb.  PROVE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!   “The gun is loaded, pointed at the earth; and reality is asking you directly:   “Feel lucky”?  Not once perhaps, but each time, until they are through.  Fail, all die.  How is that a “good idea”.

It seems necessary, although NOT desirable to state more simply: that fusion is essentially visual in the mind as a balloon that has been poked and the air is coming out in a relatively controlled manner.  Whereas proton destruction is a smashed environment, a bit like a water balloon exploding when crashed into the concrete.  In like manner, an electron environment may be considered like the balloon filled with air, that is made to pop from pressures that distort it. Each of these scenarios have distinct risks, in experimental nuclear conditions.  When trillions of volts are applied, the accidental bumping or intentional collisions are greatly enhanced (7 times more so, by their predictions)/ the spacing is less and more violent as each proton must exist within its own space; but that can be reduced to joined as in common nuclei in normal conditions.  When two or more joined protons collide with two or more joined protons, the multiplier effects begin.  I remind you clearly;   that your experts are often wrong; they declare “eat this food/ don’t eat this food/ on and on and on;   10,000 different diet plans”.  They declare lots of things that are born in fantasy, and developed in delusion;  but they sell you anyway.  They declare by the most common theory that the sun is a giant ball of gas, that burns from the center out: yet if it was a giant ball of gas/ seeing that it has burned by all calculations for over a million years;   how could it still exist?  If that much gas had been burned away to reduce it in size to the measure today; then by logic, the sun had to be much bigger; and if it had been that much bigger:   would it not have “melted the planets” by being so much hotter?  Obviously it is not gas/ because a super nova sees it grow tremendously in size before it explodes/ thereby due to heat expansion of the base materials we understand that heat has overcome the inner disciplines to create that condition, and there must be atomic structure that is fundamental mass underneath to cause this to happen.  Yet “your experts in physics” understand next to nothing;     Going to give them your life to play with?  Does that not make you insane, at best? In the case of NIF, if the timing is perfect and there is no escape for the nuclear energies created, they will get fusion; the biblical lake of fire, here on earth.  If the timing is not perfect, they get a thermonuclear bomb.

One of the fundamentals involved describes “their needles and hair wire” points of proton ejection; for some of the experiments as “wavering in the breeze” a bit like an antenna in the wind.  They are pushing a trillion volts containing a massive amount of nuclear power through a tiny hole:   essentially creating a machine gun firing point.  Machine guns heat up, because they have too.  That heat causes oscillation, and oscillation causes fluctuations in the output of “what is happening to the protons being shot across an alternate energy wave”.  The answer is they are joining each other, because the oscillation is violent at a molecular level of electrons based in the materials that form the structure upon which they travel.   Question: since we know that electrical energy travels in the direction of least resistence/ what happens if the least resistence turns out to be with the alternate flow?  Can’t happen/ just increase the flow in the other rail/ no problem?  Well lets review: at trillions of volts, the peaks and valleys are immense.  (Like in common electricity,  the greater the voltage, the farther away you must stay;   because it will reach out and grab you/ don’t have to touch it).  Therein we see that it could be a problem if one line suddenly takes on essentially all the power leaving the other line empty: what then?  Hard to tell really, depends upon the equipment and the weakest link.  The alternate scenario is of course that what is already in the line that was abandoned now turns to go the other way; in this case we end up with “a welding arc” at the intended experimental collision center and the question is: is this enough to cause a nuclear explosion?  It really depends upon the timing as considerable energy has now entered onto the working track and will soon be coming around in a massive collision once it travels around the circle to engage the arc.  A big enough arc is a tremendous amount of heat/ a train that is now practically endless crashing into a wall of heat;   has consequences.  The pressures and raw energy levels of nuclear mass traveling at the speed of light colliding in a head on wreck: at the level of trillions of volts, is an insane collection of male pride and want.  The potential consequences of a bomb capable of cleaving the earth is simply “satanic”.   Means not even insane, “the act of ruining or destroying life in your environment”/ THIS IS gambling with all life on earth.   IF LIFE ITSELF FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET, IS NOT WORTH PROTECTING from useless pride, and vain want;  then you do deserve to die. Pray you do not, because such arrogance does not deserve mercy.  Life or death has become an option, because humanity holds the keys to extermination of all life on earth/    in many threatening ways.

It can be said:   IF everything goes perfectly every time, then perhaps the earth will survive.  But if ANYTHING goes wrong, power plant problem, line problem, transformer problem, cooling problem, connection problem, computer or switching problem, conductor problem, or something fails or fails unexpectedly:   PROVE THIS WILL NOT TURN INTO THE BIGGEST NUCLEAR BOMB THAT COULD BE MADE.   PROVE IT, OR DON’T USE IT.  They are shoving 31 million crossings across four sites a second: what if they get more than they expect?  The earth could easily die: determine the energy/ and tear this down.   The people at cern are playing or intending to play with “raw energy, at its maximum peak possibilities/ no room for error” isn’t that so!  Just like the people at NIF are planning to play with maximum heat “180 million degrees”!  What could go wrong/ there is no going back?      You tell me, if this isn’t what it looks like?   Explain “why a duck, that looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck: ain’t a duck” so to speak.  Chernobyl was “just a little experiment in physics”;  you can be certain of this: the men who caused it/ who went along with it: “believed themselves perfect/ nothing could go wrong”      Wrong with these experiments/ and the world dies:        Dumb ass gamblers/ or terrorists/ or satan;     you tell me.

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