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Friday, 17 April 2009

One of the necessary changes required due to global warming

is the simple fact that some water must be displaced from the ocean that exists.  The only method possible for us to do this is to use the available resources to create holding area’s on this earth/ thereby saving the various islands from immanent destruction.  Of the various places on earth that are low enough, desolate enough, and large enough to contain a large volume of water with minimal excavation rift area’s and depressions around the world.  The only real question is:   what would be beneficial to the area about connecting it to the sea/ how much effort required/ and who would do this work. 
Immediate interpretation of a large new inland sea would be the value allowed to sea life in a new protected environment/ which would eventually provide work and sustenance to humanity.  If dug deep enough, passage for working ships would be allowed.  IF USEFUL, a generator and turbine would produce useful amounts of electricity for the region, for a significant amount of time, while this inland sea fills to capacity.

It is necessary to establish the simple design needs of a generator for specialized area’s;   needs not be the most efficient for the production of electricity. Instead in this situation the most effective “turbine useful for spinning the generator of electricity”/ is an entirely different design being in effect much more similar to a paddle wheel, than a centrifuge.  Consider this a horizontal gear that is wide and long over which the water travels/ like a paddle wheel on a “Mississippi river boat”.  Only the water goes over the top for more efficiency where that is realistic.  An alternate design for more effective capture of the energy is a common gear contour to the horizontal water capture areas, that being lets say 18 gear teeth involved on the axis that turns/ and each gear tooth designed for the maximum energy and the least damage to any marine life that might encounter it.  Such an individual tooth design is then basically the “letter   J”  without the top bar/ wherein the vertical straight member becomes angled back to push the marine life off without harm.  The semi-circular curve of the J is the energy capture moment, and must contain a useful, but softened top edge by means of rounding or other marine body protection materials to aid the creatures that will encounter it.   In theory then, the water rushes over a long gear like cylinder that is placed in its path. Energy hits the curve of the gear and pushes it around in a circle/ hooked by gearing to an electrical generator:   constant cycles per second can be modulated electronically/ but in reality, in remote area’s the need for constant cycles per second is minimal.  The electricity generated will be usable without the consistencies required for more/ gearing will however select an appropriate constant/ and the flow of water will be substantially the same for a lengthy period of time.  This same type of generator/ “paddle turbine” combination, can be used in dams that are required to protect a fish surge/ such as salmon rivers.  Instead of water directed through the centrifuge style turbines these can be shut down for the times when fish surge is greatest/ and energy can still be collected with minimal damage to the fish going through the experience.  That simple design can be used in a combination type of effect where the water is allowed to go through top of the damn fixtures for this purpose, with a glide path.  Or more dedicated energy facilities can be modified to brake/ stop the turbines; holding them in place, while the water passes through.  Incorporating the new style paddle turbines a slight bit farther down the line, to generate electricity.  By housing the paddle turbine at its water impact site, with a variable clearance “housing/ a cover over the top of the gear such as a hydraulic pump might use”.  The actual clearance required for fish protection can be adjusted during peak times/ and then readjusted for the vast majority of the year at minimal clearance for maximum efficiency of electrical generation.

There is also the question of how to negotiate fog while driving.  In america;   ignorance and blind stupidity allow for an all-out do anything you like/ in fog reality that encounters tragedy at regular levels.  Instead of common sense, and critical teaching and law/ with penalties;   creating EXACTLY what each driver is expected to do/ and what will happen to you from society if you disobey these rules.  Such as reduce your speed immediately to the available stopping distance that you are capable of actually seeing.  Down to ten miles per hour/ assuming the road can be identified.  Of inventions that are capable at this time of creating some level of ability to understand what confronts you are the various electronic measurement devices that send out a laser light to register the distance an object is from you.  These properly defined will give some indication of what lies beyond the limits of your vision/ an automatic alarm aids and identifies braking/ or the need for panic braking.  Common sense demanded of all/ are the best defense.

Added to the use of simple electronic measuring devices for personal cars and trucks/ is the understanding where fog is a constant threat in particular area’s: the use of road side electronic switching devices that operate exactly like your garage door sensors placed perpendicular to the road.   CAN be used to monitor the road itself and indicate for the driver coming into the fog bank what is actually happening with an arrangement of lights/ an information board/ audible horn or whatever you like; so that the information of what is happening as determined by the switching sensors monitoring the road ahead will show.  A car that runs between two sensors can be measured, and the speed assessed; sent back to a predetermined spot on the road telling what the traffic is doing.  More sophisticated means if that car does not make the next sensor/ or is stopped in front of a sensor:   an apparent accident has occurred.   And so on.
Added to this assessment of driving for safety is the need to further the actions legitimate rules for every driver, and produce justice for all.  In other words:   you convict and incarcerate and condemn for man-slaughter;   people for choosing to “drink and drive/ because you contend this is a choice they did not have to make.  If that is fair: THEN for every person that is guilty of choosing to use a phone/ text message/ put on make-up/ drive while tired/ smoke/ ETC:   they too, made a deliberate choice

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