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Monday, 13 April 2009

TO:   those who are dying

FROM:   James

The question is: why?
The answer of course is, that unless we die/ there is no place for the young to live. They need, what we take. They need the opportunities to be in charge for themselves. They need to make their own mistakes/ because it is how we learn.  Not because we have to learn this way/ because being human is or can be so remarkably easy, that pride is almost unavoidable.  And pride leads each one, into disgrace/ disrespect/ and heartache, in you and in those who must play the game with you.
The question is:   why must we learn?
The answer is a much more complex description of variables and values that make up the essence and reality that will be our lives/ as the identity we will create for ourselves. It is that identity, it is our truth that becomes the foundation for a life we will choose.  It is that life through identity and its truth, that becomes the quest for whatever you seek in truth. Therefore we learn, that we may choose to seek truth/ we fail, that we may learn the value of truth, honesty, and discipline.  And we believe, so that life can express the basic foundation of what we desire, and then seek these purposes as the humanity we are.

The question is:   if we are simply to die/ then why would truth, identity, foundations, desire, belief, purposes, honor, discipline, love, or any other value of existence as life be important.  Why not simply discard everything, and seek “carnal knowledge, and animal behaviors”?  Some do.

The answer is: by the understanding of what has value, what is truth; LIFE becomes a quest for everything that gave us these possibilities of living a life that has substance through truth.  What is less than that, is the living of a lie/ or the relationship with body or mind, that leaves out heart and soul.
Our critical relationship with body and mind/ is as the home we exist within as time.  Without this body or mind/ there is no time.  When the body dies/ so does time, and so does the value of our physical identities;   they end defiled or eaten/ and without honor. 
But where heart and soul have emerged, from truth/ the possibilities continue under the certainty that truth itself can never die:   what is true/ remains true forever (even though repentance can cover it up/ it is still true, although forgotten unless you uncover it).

 So then the question comes: if truth has an eternity, where does heart and soul conceive of a home?

The answer is:    Just as life as body and mind must have an existence to be identified/ so then does the heart and soul require an existence in fact, to be real.  Every truth is a reality.  Every home, is the place where your own elemental creation, meets CREATION itself.  Creation is a participant in all our lives (did you build your own body/ conceive yourself? No, you did not).  Creation is, that description of life beyond our personal bodies or mind, that defines the possibilities called freedom, and establishes the passions called life. Life is a passion, or you die/ because suicide has overtaken you.  Life is a decision to participate, because nothing less is a desire to be alive.  Therefrom, we begin to understand the journey is beyond ourselves;   where home is the love we share with creation.  Or reality is the enemy we made with creation.

The question called love, asks of heart and soul: what is the true passion of your desire/ what is the honesty, discipline, and honor of your own purpose in freedom? 
The answer is: simply your own.  Love is, “the bond between Creation, and CREATOR”.  Love is, the elemental meaning of truth combined with the passions of your soul/ and the purpose of your true hearts desire.  Love is, the home expressed by your embrace of happiness with being alive. Love is the elemental beginning of a passage beyond yourself, into “worlds unknown”.  The entry by decision, to accept the risk of participating with all you have, or can be.
Even though time can be harsh, is harsh for some, the reality of life requires your acceptance of its price/ no matter what that is.

The question called home: expresses the contradiction of a price for life/ and offers the reality of love as our contribution to the whole, our acceptance of a responsibility to the others, as being bound within love, by discipline, honor, and duty.  These alter the reality of survival/ to describe “a home, wherein we all belong, and we all live or die together/ by the strength that is our bond for each other.”

The elemental creation of a home, is built upon this truth.  Wherefore, only those who can and will accept this as their own truth, can belong.

The question of eternity as life, begins here.  Where truth combines with love, to identify those who have accepted this challenge called life, and chosen to become alive in the precious treasure that is love, through sharing and caring for us all.  Love is a gift/ which deliberately means, “it cannot be owed”. Love is a discovery of friendship inside, that belongs to our Creator (is your   body, life, heart, motion, touch, tenderness, speech, hearing, etc, etc, etc, NOT wonderful gifts?) / and those whose love by honest friendship, gives us the meaning that becomes “I am ALIVE”.  Life is a destiny/ but alive is a meaning applied to this moment in time, alive is the essence of a gift chosen to be “the miracle that lives inside as hope/ the translation of Creation into eternity, for me”.  The word miracle, then expresses the identity which conceived as love for me, a body and a life; that I could never have owned or found upon my own.
The answer as to what does eternity mean?  Establishes the very simple purpose, of a relationship conceived by love, that cherishes hope, and lives within the gifts of a CREATOR that is willing to love us too.  Love is a gift/ therefore our love is intrinsically important to participation beyond the levels of respect/ where only true love can be born.  Love beyond ourselves, love that reaches beyond the treasuries of friendship and hope, love that struggles and binds to the singular experience discovered as family.  We are family, those who do love honorably, honestly, with heart, soul, and discipline within the creation called respect.  Respect means: I have accepted, the place I do deserve, not as measured/ but as life, by the purpose, desire, and love that is my life/ that will become my eternity.

The question of eternity itself, establishes within the realm that is thought and energy, the possibilities of an environment that need not ever die.  Because time has no effect/ on what is not mass; because time is a measurement of distance, that has no effect upon the distinctions that exist as thought.  Because death is the emblem of time lost, mass disintegrated; there need not be a connection between what is thought and the intensity called energy contained. Our life here in existence as humanity, is measured by body and mind, a relationship with time.  BUT our reality here as life, is created by thought and the energy conceived within the terms called freedom.  Therefore reality describes these as VERY different realms of truth, combined as one being here on earth.  Thought is not a relationship with the mind/ thought is a relationship born within life, as spiritual existence is found, and critical understanding moves beyond oneself, to the edges and extremes that are discoveries without an attachment to time.  Thought discovers/ but only life can connect that discovery to the essential existence called reality and truth. There are passages to the definitions inherent with thought/ each passage becoming the participation of greater understanding, because life is an environment, and within that environment we must attain access within truth itself, or we cannot survive; unless mercy is granted.
So the question is, what then does access mean, and why is the element called truth, the single resource required for survival, if we so choose it?  A choice, because humanity is not an eternal creation, only the soul “can apply”.  But these realities function at the gate of understanding, where life itself becomes a process whereby men might be able to conceive of playing god.  Destroying everything, as they always do.

The answer is, not an acceptable expression, within human understanding/ found within thought, it must remain there. Life is not a game.

The question then changes, to what is death?

The answer, fundamentally applies time as the single ingredient in the measurement of a human life/ a life with mass, that disintegrates according to the processes within which it exists. The opportunities of a human body, rests upon the harmony of what creates it as living tissues capable of interacting to perform the basic services required for a mass to attain and control stability and motion.  We are living beings, because a wide variety of biological formations, that are living individuals grow into a complex association from which we control the basic monopoly of our time, through the complexities of making these organisms “our slaves”. A body and mind is formed of “billions, of these little slaves”/ which we as an identity or functioning human being achieve control through the use of human electricity.  Therefrom our relationship with the life we live, and the body we inhabit,  is based upon our association with complex harmony created in an environment which we then control. This is a relationship that demands our participation too, by feeding it, caring for it, etc.  That leads us to the understanding, “that I am not one of the billions of slaves (tiny organisms) that make the body work/ I am different”.  The critical    Connection between body and life is then somewhere within the understanding associated with the brain.  What we are able to think, becomes what we are able to do.  Therefrom the question illuminates the contention, of is our ability to think generated from the billions of tiny organisms/ OR is our ability to think accelerated by these tiny organisms and how our lives use that distinction and its mechanisms to alter the experience of life, as an understanding that emanates from our relationship as body only. Thereby the mind is more computer/ than it is life. 
To be free, we must seek a space in time, that is more than body or mind.  The body is our prison in many regards, as we cannot live here among life on earth without it functioning as it must.  Thereby we are imprisoned, apart from the experience that becomes our decision to produces what equals the opportunities called freedom. The mind measures, and functions as our interpreter of body, and its experience: but is that life/ or merely the development of inner connections that reveal the discovery of freedom, and its passage from a static constant , to free in motion/ able to participate in the discovery of existence,  by change we impose. 

To establish a framework by the structure called existence, requires the elemental essence of a composition that can be conceived of as critical to life itself/ that which is called truth.  To    Bind those elements of essence, within the conception of a reality, there MUST be friendship between the members being bound together/ that they may not be enemies, but find in the existence of being bound, the peace and harmony that will grant existence itself.  This is called fundamental love. There are many stages and levels of love/ but fundamentally all love begins as the friendship of an acceptance, or willingness to participate as a whole/ rather than simply self.  It is the understanding, not just me/ but we. From this we begin to understand that it is love and truth, which create.  But it is a choice that allows acceptance and participation/ a decision to become more than just one, to establish the body called life.
The question then becomes what is life, that we can live it as a decision belonging strictly to ourselves/ but may also align and surrender that life to the integrity of building an alternate existence by the relationships that we choose? 
The answer reflects a very simple truth, is life as family, worth more than life as self? If our entire existence is strictly self/ if we are nothing more than want & selfishness: then why do we desire life?  Critical truth examines hatred, and finds: these live to enslave, endanger, and control the others by fear. It is their purpose and desire.  Consequently death is their primary weapon.
The people of love, all choose family/ even if they are not invited, because of the selfishness and pride of others.  Love    Still demands     Family/ because love is a gift that requires a relationship to conceive of life, in the happiness and hope of sharing the value, caring for the treasuries of joy and survival, and accepting the price that is our work, to sustain ourselves/ because it is an honor & a duty to do so.
Life itself is the environmental awareness of an energy that can be controlled, by you. Life itself is a resilience that accepts the terms and conditions of survival, by our relationship to existence/ that means, we must have both knowledge and understanding to survive.  Life translates, the spiritual world defines.  Therein your life, illustrates both time and energy. The chemical energies that “run the body”, are not the elemental grace of a life conceived or controlled by thought. Thought is not a subject for your understanding at this time.

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