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Friday, 10 April 2009

One of the questions, that are integral to peace

Are the relationships, that determine both fundamental and critical decisions;   that are then translated into immediate action, or confined.  These are not of the consistency that underscores all human relationships to thought/ rather these are the foundation links that become mob action/ short term insanities such as hurting yourself or another/ and base line interests that form the elemental designs of hate.        Or, in a more simple format/ what are the basis considerations, that become an acceptance of hypnosis. 

Hypnosis, is the entitlement of “free, don’t need to think or understand/ am allowed to act or react, because this is not my fault”.  Or in the common religious vernacular:   “being sheep”.  This entitlement is aided by the simple assumption, that the person in charge of me, shall not hurt me/ but lead me to greater things for myself.  “The goat is in charge/ cause he’s stronger than me, therefore able to protect me”.   All of this is of course absolute stupidity, but it none the less exists, and has existed since the beginning of time, for men and women.  The elemental reason (our measurements) for this reality, is that men and women come into adulthood without the necessary education:   “To understand, what should be next, in their lives/ just don’t know/ just don’t know how/ just don’t know who to trust, or how to get satisfied with their lives as human beings.” Therefrom, these choose leaders, who use mass hypnosis as their guide [tell us what we want to hear/ make us believe the impossible for now;   so we don’t have to face our truth. The end result is then destruction through war, because “now, I know what I will do, when all fails”: we/ I hate you].

So, the basic function of all hypnosis results in “unfortunate, or BAD consequences”:   belief becomes the level of understanding in humanity about their direction, desire, or purpose in life/ therefore what you believe does guide your life, right or wrong. The individual sustain-ability of an identity, is dependent upon hope, but it is managed or upheld through respect. Where there is not respect, hope dies, and leads human belief to war; whether that is nations or marriage or individual behavior: respect decides what truth will come. The question of belief:  is of course based upon the decisions that have occurred prior to the moment in time when reality suggests, “I am incompetent to make my own decisions/ therefore I must or should follow someone else”.  This results from decisions that have gone badly, with consequences that proved “I don’t want this to happen again”.  But that creates a host of problems, in a mind that must measure itself/ and if it does not find itself as a competent human being/ then belief is meaningless.  Measuring means: “if I am like this one, or that one, or the successful one, or the vengeful one, or the strong one; etc/ THEN I too, will be successful, just like them”. Or, then some will say, “I was robbed/ that should have been me”.   So mimicry begins, with the belief life would be better as someone else.  Adulation begins, because after all:   “You got what I want/ therefore you must be better than me”.  The idolatry of expectations begins:   if you are better than me/ then I must follow you.  If you are better than me, then you will not make the same mistakes I am trying desperately to avoid.   But alas, there is no freedoms here/ thereby what begins as adulation becomes the measuring of an individual that “does NOT meet the specifications,   of a god”. So it ends. Where there has been slavery (because you are like a god to me), hate will ensue.  Where there is hate, revenge will come, through the violence that is necessary to prove “I HATE you.”  Where idolatry ends, the use of excuses begins; weapons are considered “friends, my power”/   drugs are considered, my excuse, my friend of the moment, my escape that ends as an enemy invaded/ and sex becomes a tragedy of rape, even if it is consented to; because there is nothing but chemicals involved.  All because you won’t face, or work, for truth and identity, in your own personal life.  Shame on you.
So now, in this day, the consequence of idolatry (obama can’t do it) will be:   that people refuse slavery/ begin to measure all “leadership” as false/ and assign blame, with guns and fire and rape. Belief has occurred/ adulation has been given/ failure is coming quickly.  The people must now accept that they will simply do what the others say or suggest/ because they have no power to do otherwise.  Or abandon hope, or if all else fails;   accept the truth. This whole world will fail, cannot be denied; the evidence is quite clear, even for you. Because this reality of economic lies, CANNOT be dealt with “using more lies”: we can spend anything we want, its all good/ is a lie.  All lies fail; thereby countries fail/ and people who know not what to do, with a life called his or her own:   will become just like the German society prior to world war 2.  The common complaint: GIVE ME A JOB/ will become a war machine. The next available hitler, will be called savior again/ simply because “all lies are good/ make me believe”.

In individual assertions:  My own position in time, as of this point is a relationship with the spiritual woman inside, that can control me at will/ but leaves me alone to live as male in writing most of the time.  This has become, “am in charge of me/ but am not”, a strange relationship that rests upon the truth;   that consequent to our “living arrangement”, the elemental path of life will be determined by her needs not mine.  This is not a reflection of values, but a reality based in time that has proven her ways are superior to mine/ therefore she must decide the major paths called our journey together. It is a right created by being correct. It is a value to living, proven by the truth: the consequences of being wrong are too great to challenge. The best we can do together, is then the best we can do.
Within the technical aspects, assigned as the lesson:  of measuring this relationship and adjusting the same simple values to your life:   comes the understanding, that among the people who share your life, are those whose technical skills for understanding the truth will be superior to yours/ NOT in everything, but in the compositions of time where being wrong is not an option.  The reality of life is, that the best we can do, is investigate, examine, prove, and decide that truth will lead us all.  Not men or women/ but truth. Anything else is idolatry, and this always leads to hate, failure, slavery, or a pride that gives other life FAR LESS value to you. Consequently the need to identify the most critical truths that exist within you, is an absolute must, when creating the person that life, time, freedom, and purpose agree to be. Identifying the most critical truths, for survival of this world, will be the difference between life or death.

Critical truths of the human “spirit”, are all desires for the life that you wish to live. These illuminate your purpose, and identify what is in truth “your personal treasure”.  A desire is the foundation of expressions or experience, that gives life the meaning called ALIVE.  Therefore each desire of your soul, “the place inside that accumulates happiness, through love” does in fact also identify what contributes in time, life, freedom, and purpose.  These are the effects, actions, or reactions that ultimately belong within the developments called ALIVE, because they are time in association with you.  I am/ you are, the elemental value of these relationships, because they are the building blocks of everything I choose to be/ everything that brings me happiness/ and everything assembled to create the essence of my soul: each and every description allowed “to become the reality called me”.

This is a journey, to understand the essence (fundamental facts of creation, that is you). That journey visits, every participant and influence, as a relationship NOT MEASURED, but understood;   based upon the decisions that did or do  influence you.  That journey explains life, NOT as an action or reaction of others/ but as the decisions which you make based upon the pleasure, pain, joy, disciplines, honor, truth, or respect through courage that you can find and describe.  These are not measured/ they are understood as participants; thereby, each participant has an impact, and that impact is a description of what becomes either “good or bad in you”.  Every participant in the journey that is your life/ rather than its experiences in time; is NOT a person.  People are about time/ influences that reflect either pleasures or pain, are expressed by the purposes upon which they depend.  The decisions of a human being participate in time as “good or bad”/ but the reality of associations that predict and determine these decisions are conceived by the impact of what is hope in love/ or truth in reality/ or designed as expressions in hate, whether subtle or not.
The elemental association we have with life, is creation/ that creation (the building of an intricate, disciplined, and defined life form) establishes: HOPE, as the single relationship that lives outside our ability to conceive of an environment, that is more than are we/ therefore to experience it, we must go beyond ourselves. The end of “I”/ the beginning of us, as creation and the life it gives.  This simple thing elevates the consequence of our lives, to a question of how did we become life.  LOVE then assembles itself, into the values of creation as a living experience, expressed for the purposes of an environment balanced between the moments of time, and the experiences of life as a creation/ rather than simply the body or mind called I.  We are elementally time, as this body and mind do represent/ death elaborates on that, as the certainty, time will end. But life conceived as creation, and elementally bound within the hope of creation and ourselves beyond simple existence.  Begins the experience that fundamentally shifts reality into the distance called love.  Love expresses our belief, that life needs love more than time.  Love experiences the essence of value called creation, and thereby participates in the building of a home designed by love, wherein “family” honors itself, with discipline, respect, and truth. The passage generated by female and male sexual honor, respect, and truth of love:   represents the discovery of values and treasures, that present peace within a soul.  The participation called home, wherein life is rewarded with “us”/  no place “for loneliness”.

Love is an elemental awareness, that life is neither simple or plain {meaning neither designed by humanity, nor composed by our design of mind}.  This   brings| a functioning assurance, that we are joined in our existence, by the participation of creation itself.  Creation allows us, to breathe, provides for us, all the parts and pieces to use and abuse the bodies we inhabit, defines for us an elevation in freedom, whereby we do understand, our decision is valid and necessary for this time and this life;   creates in us the weaving of muscles, the joining of limbs, the intricate alliance of intelligence and awareness that is body and mind, the framework and delivery of motion: and even the possibilities called thought {wherein, life is aligned with truth, so that the message we receive expands our own ability to translate and achieve a communication with creation itself.} What is thought, understands this composition in time as a boundary between the beginning of life, and the possibilities that do represent life itself/ therefore to abide in thought, is to determine the distance that will be traveled beyond this existence called self/ and live that experience.  Thought is neither simple nor benign:  rather thought comprises every facet of development, from the tiniest detail/ to the most fundamental energy/ to the creation of love, and the experience of destiny. 
Thought means, to create the environmental conception of a life worth living/ and establish the reality by fundamentals which will not be denied.  We cannot continue here, as artificial intelligence would NOT be beneficial to humanity/ and men or women would fail to respect life. Just because you can does not mean you should.  Just because want exists, it rarely ends without destruction: common disasters are “loss of hope/ loss of innocence/ loss of self-respect, or the respect for others/ loss of love, dignity, integrity, passion, & even life.   Even the beginning of hate, the threats that exist to exterminate life on earth;    are all associated with want.

But I have taken a detour from critical concerns for building a more simple/ complete life in time.  Therefore we return: To direction, desire, and purpose, in this exercise called time.  Time is the creation of an opportunity, to build yourself; by the freedoms necessary to choose and understand the basic building blocks of love and hate.  These are the primary movers of relationships in life, and they exist because life has such value, is such an extreme treasure in this universe of mass and energy:   that direction literally means “to life as love/ OR to death as destruction”.  There is no in-between in the composition of creation/ because there is no relationship beyond love;    And there is no end, beyond destruction.  The foundation of life is thereby chosen with integrity and courage, hope and faith (my way will be true, even if my answer is not correct), because love allows the honor of respect and value. Or the battleground of fear and terror conceive of hell and hades; the end of life, driven there by the effects of hate.
Direction means to choose, with honesty the purpose of your life, and then to go forward, to meet your ways, as the presentation of your own reality.  Desire is the elemental definition of what you hold to be VALUED AND TRUE, in your life/ thereby becoming the foundation upon which purpose is defined.  Purpose eliminates the influences of people and things, thereby concentrating on what delivers the basic transportation of a life worth living.

  These are then established in time, as the truth of your identity; the purpose, the desire, and the direction that you choose to bring forth within the life you have been given.  Freedom assigns us all to make these descriptions our own/ you may not “mimic or copy or idolize someone else”, because that is not you.  You must choose, or be lost within the boundaries of someone else’s descriptions/ some type of ideology or myth, that will end as a life you did not find:   this results in “dissolution of the right to exist”.  To survive beyond time, it is absolutely necessary to find yourself in love, as the direction, desire, and purpose beyond selfishness or fear.


  But again, first you must survive as life on this earth/ before anything more complex can be accomplished.  That limits our discussions of truth and reality to the simple facts being created to dissolve life, into catastrophe,  today.

So, we must look at the facts by their direction. The first fact is:   NO GOVERNMENT, exists but by the words of agreement that form it among the people, by their acceptance.  Or more simply we all participate by choice, unless it is at the point of a gun or starvation/ or other means of influence that are not truly a free choice.  That means employees of government are merely citizens just like you, who have been hired to accomplish the goals, purposes, and intent of the actual government:   the words we accept as our life together.  That means that today in america/ not a thing is being done to accept the values, integrity, or purpose of the government, and the employees have failed completely.  Avoiding a long, long list of what went wrong/ what is wrong:   direction only requires the understanding of what is going wrong with your future right now.  We will reduce that, to an honesty that says:   what did the employees of this government ever NOT screw up? Yet you give them the possibilities and opportunities to play with energy/ mutilate genetics/ kill the environment/ destroy all the water/ produce or allow endless propaganda/ fail in countless ways and methods:   but you still follow them as if they were not goats leading you to slaughter.  They are/ NOT because that is their intent, because they insist on playing god, and allowing what they do not understand, to be manipulated by greed, selfishness, power, pride, and personal want:   foolish is not enough, “devils’ instead”.   Not because that is a personal statement of their lives/ but a reality of destruction, from their mind, which they do not turn away. But even so, the reality of human society in america is:    “This, is what we want, for ourselves/         Without the catastrophe!   JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT/ MAKE ME RICH”.  IS the common cry. Is it not the same in the rest of the world?
Thereby we understand, even though the entire world is dying/ even though all life on this planet is under intense threat of extinction:   the people of earth, are only concerned “with the money”/ and they lie endlessly, avoiding all truth because of “the money”.   Shame on you.

Regardless, if that is all life is to you/ then we must look at the money.  If an education is worthless to you, unless “you become rich”/ then you are going to die. But nonetheless, we will discuss this money that leaders claim “will save you”/ and people describe as their “savior”.  As with all idols/ it will not.  Instead as has already occurred in human history, the most recent catalogued historical event being Germany prior to world war 2: wherein they too desired to “fix the problem of lies, liars, and fools”/ by adding numbers instead of value and truth to their society.  THIS WILL work for a short term beginning/ after all, when $240,000.00 per each of 50 million workers is added to the balance sheet:   a little trickles down to the worker (currently, for your participation in this debt, “you get an additional $13.00 per week”/ lucky you).  But not to worry, they will give you a loan anyway, because it simply does not matter whether you pay or not/ what matters is whether the slaves work or not.  What matters, is what the people believe!  Because it is that belief, that gives mass hypnosis its power over the mob. Of things coming, is the promised return of the stock market “wall street” if you like, because after all, with this many new numbers, the ability of a few to control the entire stock market will be simple and easy.  But lets review reality for just a moment:   the dow jones is at 8000 more or less right now, and if it goes up to 16,000 shortly, american’s and many around the world will think of themselves as “rich again”.  BUT the fact is, even if wall street goes up double/ that is only two to one, in a world where the dollar has increased by 240,000 to 1.  Consequently even if the dow goes up double/ YOU are still down 120,000 to one behind.  Your leaders have indeed added that much numbers/ dollars,  to the scale that measures your worth as work.  The fool adds, “hell it spends don’t it/ its good for me”!  But lets continue:   where there is money, the human wolves will come to get their share, and they will get some.  In all realities of this day, workers ARE NOT going to get their share, they could have given workers $20,000.00 apiece times 50 million workers= one trillion dollars:   and that WOULD have solved the economic crisis, because no worker in america would have complained.  Instead they would have bought cars, houses, and anything else as fast as they could.   BUT there is no power, no pride, in giving the poor money;   is there!  Instead leading people, being the great savior, making people dependent upon you;   are all things of power, pride, and selfishness. No, your leaders did not do that, even though they were informed this was a possibility, by me/ no excuses.  Instead they have spent or promised 12 trillion dollars, ($249,000.00 debt) or soon will; and given the people working $13.00 per week as their reward.  Do you NOT know, this can never be paid back?  You already owed 2 million, what’s a little more?  Lets review:   power, pride, greed, and selfishness know of know boundary except “lets take theirs too/ lets take it all”.   It’s a game, winner takes all/ or you lose. So then WHAT would the most greedy people in this world do, with more numbers than they can count?  The answer is:   they will come, to own every piece of property they can/ they will come to own your lives.  And they will be able to outbid you on every single property that is america.  From hidden perches, the vultures will then begin to confiscate every mortgage, and every foreclosure will be an excuse to remove you from anything of value you have;   including your bodies.  “Its what hate does/ lets make them beg”/ lets own their wives, their lives, their fears, and their hopes.   Its called evil desires.  Can you stop them:   your employees have given out, or will soon 12 trillion dollars=$240,000.00 per each of 50 million workers!  CAN YOU COMPETE?  No, you cannot, particularly since these greedy own the banks, will own the government employee (got to have money), own the courts, own the military and police (got to have a job/ don’t want that to be me;   kill if I have to).  Already lining up to buy “toxic properties” for nothing, “doing you a favor”/ and lets not forget, the government employees, not only allow banks, wall street, and others to multiply their money by 10;   they practically insist upon it.  And lets not forget, the lesson about who decides if this is “good property or not”: its them. The reality of today is very simple:   you cannot stop them today, because they have set all this in motion; passed the laws, control the “government employees”;   and will attain the money soon.  BUT THE TRUTH of this day, will set you free!  Because the truth is you ARE BANKRUPT, and if you accept the consequences of truth, go to court and sort it out “fair as possible to all”/ THEN YOU WILL take their money/ power/ greed/ and pride away.    THIS IS, THE ONLY WAY OUT! Because the greedy and powerful are in control, and the only way you get control back as society, is to remove the power of that money, or more correctly the fantasy and delusion of those numbers.  It is your only power/ use it, or lose everything; because civil war is close at hand.  Some will say: “the gun is better”!  But ask them honestly “going to kill a billion people? Hell, just 6 billion to go!  Think about it, and understand, war will end all life on earth/ it will spread, it will take away every resource, and leave this earth as cannibals or die.
This is the final straw of course, “damn writer, is causing too much trouble/ even if he has an engine, we don’t need it that bad”.  Kill him, will come next/ so we will see, if women care. 

 The problem that created this is constant, with every economy: the same in every nation:   the gamblers (going to be rich) lost all their money to the casino (the wealthy and powerful, who change the game to prove you shall not)/ and now the casino will have to close, the owners give back some of the money so the game can go on:   OR the gamblers are done/ lost everything.   You bet “I WILL be rich”/ to hell with the rest!  And as always terrible consequences follow.   But lets look at what a new one quarter million dollar debt increase can and will do to each worker.  Do you really think no one will try to collect?   They will try, the vultures and wolves will come/ the court will be, the graveyard of dreams, and american society will melt down into civil war.   Because that is what happens when you bring or build hate into a society/ by calling every worker a “target, to be manipulated, extorted, and controlled”. Its “the intellectual way”/ to assemble and create traps.  But the common way is:   “Kill it, and that life will never bother, or attack you or me, again”.  They say to you:   credit will fix this nation/ yet the entire crisis revolves around bad credit/ and the few who stole all the money.  That means the only real solution is bankruptcy, whereby we take back all the stolen money/ discard all the unfair debts/  return accounting to truth/ and discover reality, so that the future need not kill us all. 

Your leaders say:   we can fix this, by printing money, and pretending we will pay back a loan that simply is not possible to pay.   Do you really think: no one will become even MORE ANGRY, at such lies?  Really, lets consider then:   if your neighbor borrows one thousand dollars from you/ giving you a sob story that you cannot refuse;   it’s a lie, or more correctly, “it’s a story created because of lies”/   but he says, “I will pay, on this day, this much money plus interest.”  The day comes, he does not pay;   “Knew all along, CAN’T”   BUT, unless he gets the money, he does have to change.   Soon you learn, he will never pay/ then you learn, it is not possible/ then you learn, “I needed that money, for me”.  Now what is your response?  Meanwhile, this neighbor has gone to another person with the same sob story built upon lies/ HAS polished his act, to become even more convincing, and taken more money from him as well.  Of course he will never get his money either.  And soon the entire neighborhood is owed money:   what then happens to the liar?  What then happens, when the court is absolutely useless?  What then happens when the liar, cannot raise any more money period?  What then happens when need surrounds them all, because the liar, kept his lie going, until the entire neighborhood was threatened with everything from starvation/ thirst/ foreclosure/ and enemies all around?  You tell me.  Is this not “your america today”?
Your leaders are attempting to fix “the money supply” by printing more money/ electronically is so much easier isn’t it?  Don’t need wheelbarrows to haul the dollars, anymore/ got credit cards.  As with all inflation:   that means if you hold a dollar in hand today:   in short order, there will be an additional $240,000.00 more dollars in circulation to accompany that dollar.   BUT NOT TO WORRY, because if only the rich have access to the $240,000.00/   THEN the rest of the people will not even know it exists.  Well except for the fact, the rich people will begin to take absolutely everything.  Will they not buy every property, “inflation, they know/ but you cannot stop them”. THEY WILL have the numbers/ you will not!   Will they not take ownership of your lives/ got to have money to survive; as inflation rises/ you will beg, and sell honor to survive;   family will insist.   Will that not grow into a hate, that will not be quenched:   after all, the proudest people who have ever lived on this planet, are not likely “to be good slaves” for long; got guns/ fire/ and rape!

As happens to every historical society/ as is consistent with the leadership of men, over and over and over again.  When crisis becomes        Violence/ JOBS WILL COME!   But the powerful and proud do not like jobs that give the people back their freedoms and happiness.  If they did, it would never be a crisis/ if they did, violence would not be a staple of human history.  No, they will not give you jobs for life/ as always, they will create jobs by which the few, can control the many: the will give you jobs in military production/ they will insist “on a strong disciplined (DO only what we tell you to do) war machine”; with them in charge of course.   And when done, as did germany, someone WILL BE ATTACKED.  Because there is only so much war machinery to be built/ before it must be used; otherwise, there are no more jobs again.   So it’s a simple matter of who to attack/ propaganda will lead this effort to decide;   asking, who are the people willing to accept: must die, instead of us?  In america, N. Korea and Iran/ Pakistan, in the tribal communities all have the current edge.  The building of a nucleus to demand “this is why”/ is currently underway.  That is because in reality:   there is absolutely no reason why they cannot have the very same things as you do. [YOU WANT A WORLD RID OF THESE THINGS/ then you get rid of them too!]  But with fancy words, and irrelevant logic; people are willing to be led anywhere the hypnotist goes.  Quoting laws, that are not/ because they are not fair to all.  Suggesting ulterior motives is always good/ besides it disguises reality.  And so on.

But actually these are only the little things/ far more extremes are currently threatening every life on the planet: they are within weeks of killing you/ while absolute disregard for human life by war, is still a year or two away.

The propaganda is heavy;   always hypnotizing with “everything you want to hear”/ while telling nothing of the costs, the risks, or the reality.  This is a world led by liars/ a world followed and supported by fools/ a world destined to hell and Armageddon;   unless of course “the lake of fire” comes first.  Isn’t it odd, that biblical prophecy, is actually coming true?  Take a look, the predictions are indeed here, on your very doorstep.  How sad for you/ that tragedy and death are stalking your every move.  Shame on you is redundant don’t you think/ instead, it is more relevant to say:   start praying or die.  Believe it or not.
I do not suggest “premeditated diabolical plots exist”/ rather, from leadership without skills, or courage, to the current “religious mania: If only I were in charge/ then I would do everything the right way, god’s way”;    Except of course we have no gods here. So it all goes bad.  The foundation for a secured world, in functional resolution to take care of itself: is to divide and destroy all the cancer of “business to large to fail”/ and return to every adult has an opportunity within him or herself.  The door, for an economic future, is open to all.  That is done with small business/ independent banks/ critical acceptance of your own need to work and create for yourself; and so on.

YOU CANNOT SURVIVE REALITY/ BY PRETENDING IT DOES NOT EXIST.   Learn truth, and choose reality, by working for a future that will survive.  Protect this earth, or die/ there are NO RISKS WORTH TAKING, that could destroy us all/ could become a tragedy beyond all descriptions of survival.  PERIOD.
Big brain my ass.  DUMB ASS/ WHORE, suits you better. [no offense to whore’s]

pretending is over,         Childhood is over,     Stupidity must end,         Power will end,           Pride is a fool,         And want; is nothing more than misery waiting to finish destroying  your everything. This earth is dying. Your scientists are waiting to destroy you, for only a little longer: their hunger to extinguish life on earth, is immense.  Got pride and power to feed/ they get hades instead, or will change.  You can for a very short time, still intervene; but when the line is crossed/ there is no going back.
So the question here is:    Do you choose hate?  Or will you as a majority come to understand duty, responsibility, honor, thought, and courage? Will you choose to work for and protect this earth, nature, life, and hope;   or just say, “to hell with it all/ don’t care: can’t happen to me.” The choice is yours, but remember this;   “Your experts have been in charge of the money/ in charge of the government/ in charge of everything:  your experts are LIARS AND FOOLS.
A reality certain to exist, if there is any participation at all is:       The plotting over me, will intensify. Hate will come/ the only question is: who comes first,   women or hate?  Women because they are different, and this world must have different leaders.  It is NOT an option, WE MUST have change/ and men have been leading/ are leading now/ and there is nothing about men that can represent change. That leaves only women, therefore life or death is up to them, for me and this world.

NOT because I say so/ BECAUSE GREED, POWER, PRIDE, AND WANT are all enemies of against what I do stand for, and support in this writing, this message, and the need for change on this earth. Men brought that here, chose it, followed it, paid for it to be thousands of threats, each of which can exterminate us all.  The common development of hate in humanity, as defined by this group of “I don’t care about nothing/ BUT ME” is:   one of us must die.  But:   I too, adhere to that sentiment, I don’t care about those who hate/ LIFE IS FIRST!  Hate must be removed from our lives;    thereby enemies all around.  The consequence being, as the opportunity arises, both sides will look to damage or remove the other. If I stand alone, then you are lost; & I will simply be murdered.
The scale of damage to and from liars, is sufficient in evidence, and in this message/ that publicity either way, will bring the public itself, to understand this is a choice for all life to make. No leader on earth has a right, to choose whether life on earth will gamble its very existence away.  The people can/ but your leaders are fools; because that question even exists. That means as publicity arises, the divide among society begins.  The failure to assemble publicity so that society can defend itself, means: YOU have chosen for the rest/ and their lives rest upon your shoulders; their eternity in hades, a reality of your choice instead of theirs. Let all choose for themselves, it is their gamble too.

  Even so, in less extreme realities;  the possibilities of an engine capable of replacing all current diesel and gas engines, should be sufficient to make them wait to kill me. After all, a world in chaos is not fun for the hateful either, no end to violence, “makes the game of predator and prey, not fun”.  I don’t play games, I work for life, a possibility creates hope; a  real change in these devices is hope, and coming soon.  I have been busy, and remain busy with other things.  The things you chose for yourselves, are not too much to demand you will endure, until time allows for work to establish change. I am not your savior. Work for life/ why should I do everything {as much as I can, is this not your life, your future, your children as well}?

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