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Friday, 10 April 2009


Among the foundations that conceive of a new beginning/ there are these.
1.   That we as humanity are independent of the things called money, because “money is a game”/ used to determine if we are owed, rather than if we deserve. The difference is: we are owed a job, “like the rest”/ but we deserve every freedom without restraint, so long as: “you don’t hand us the bill”. There are restrictions, “you must live with the reality you create”/ consequently there are rules, like zoning, “can’t come here, and do the same to us”.  But the foundation of freedom is very simply, “you cannot tell me what to do/ unless the law and constitution allow it” even then, due process grants to me the right to contest and demand: justice/ fair play for all/ and equal treatment, or set me free, if I don’t substantially ruin or affect  your life.

A very simple beginning, to a different world:   A debit card will be used, that buys from a list of “this is what you deserve for taking care of your responsibilities to this society: doing your share”.  Anything else beyond that, is done with money, as the method most useable in determining freedom, if you work for it. Business will be left alone/ with only personal income (what you take out of the business) subject to the same limits as everyone else. But business income is subject to community lending, if not directed by the business to other business needs/ and it does not go “with the owner; you have your income”, it stays with the business.  Assets beyond income belong to the community, state or nation as decided by vote/ should you simply quit, or sell.  But do understand society has a right to tell you/ equal rules to all:   this business is too big/ too much competition for the rest. Therefore unfair/ as is proven today “to big to fail/ IS WRONG”.

2.   That we as humanity are RESPECTED, only when our lives are valued enough, to be given an equal opportunity/ a shared responsibility with the rest. That means, if you are lazy, you will be removed:   respect is a two way street in society, as in marriage or life.  Nobody is immune from their responsibilities, not age, not sickness beyond so many days:   fail, and you are abandoned.  When there is war/ for those who are literally involved in the consequences of war:   RESPECT says, that one year is enough, unless this entire nation is at war, “all hands helping”.   After one year, respect says:   there must be a time for family and friends, a time to grow in peace and harmony so that relationships can recover.  Therefore a period of not less than one month, at suitable retreats for personal family/ or one friend to come along MUST be provided to all returning from war, at no expense to them. That includes their other expenses from normal living, and a job that will not disappear; without significant cause.  It is a time to recover and adjust, and prepare again for a different life.  Those who elect to go back to war, may do so. Those who elect to remain in the military may be returned after two years, to war/ otherwise they remain in logistics, or other support methods, such as rebuilding equipment, or training.  To send anyone to war/ MEANS you will pay too;   get used to it/ “an optional war”, provides rights on both sides.   Use the draft, because it is a shared responsibility, or no one goes.  That is respect for the military, and they are a true part of this nation/ it would not exist without them.
3.   That we as humanity may exist in harmony, ONLY if we respect each other throughout society, and all life, and our own personal lives,  in freedom.  That means simply; in exchange for doing your share of the foundation work necessary for survival, the rest will leave you alone, so long as NO real harm exists beyond yourself, to any life or environment by terms called hate.  THERE WILL be however, some zoning restrictions, as this is only fair. Society cannot run, if your freedom severely interacts with mine; there must be compromise and negotiations that assign freedom a greater hand. But it is your life, and you are entitled to be free.
4.   That we as societies on earth may exist in peace, ONLY when we choose to allow the law that ALL AGREE UPON, by a massive margin,   to rule our world.  Our authority is law/ our control is by truth/ our peace is a product of respect.
Thereby giving to a world police from every nation, the authority to control leaders through this an additional world law (chosen by the people of every nation); means we will be at peace on earth. Taking away every “horrific weapon”/ ends tyranny and death by tyrants.
Let the deaf create a language for this world.  The deaf because they know how to communicate without excessive words. That makes them the “experts”, in this field, to be planted as communication for life.

5.   That we as life on earth, SHALL NOT/ MUST NOT endanger the others; not for any cause or purpose;   unless war against massive extinction potential/ further destruction of everything we need to survive, threats of extermination by science, or any other small group of people, including leaders;  who are literally choosing to gamble with every life on earth.   Or with very consequential realities of destruction, such as is food and water.  Genetic mutilation, is such a gamble.  All big science is such a gamble.  Weapons of mass destruction is such a gamble.  A long list of human endeavor complies with this statement:   thereby, before true peace shall exist/ these weapons/ this gambling, shall be surrendered by every nation on earth. NO exceptions/ either peace or war.   Either way, is to choose and decide for life and future, that means we must do it together!  NOT one nation at a time, the vast majority for life on earth, working as one. My work too, cannot be alone/ without “a surge of interest/ it simply fails”.
6.  That we as a world SHALL learn to share, NOT because I say so/ because life needs this to be so;    Or if not/ then millions/ then billions will soon try to enter the tiny places that are left, immigrating/ and destroying the rest.  Where life is not as harsh, because the actions of men destroyed so much/ this comes soon, with much more aggressiveness.

 This cannot be allowed to happen, nor without help, can a billion people survive the reality of decisions and methods and ways that the men who lead you have done.  Nearly one billion people;    that many are currently hungry, or starving/ because of over population, and horrific stupidity/ just didn’t care. The men who chose to threaten extinction of us all/ chose to spend everything for big science/ weapons/ allow genetic mutilation/ etc; are not for life. They made a decision/ and you chose to follow, because it was EASY:   to reap this result, is your reward/ to reap hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos) is your reality, without change.   We must care for each other with respect on all sides, or there will be war; regardless of law. Desperate people do desperate things.  That means none shall be allowed to isolate themselves/ we must work together/ one world.
7.   The elemental task of work, is defined as:   what I must do to survive/ what we must do to survive, and keep this earth alive.  That work MUST be shared by all/ will be shared by all with respect for each other, or you fail.  The salvaging of what is left of this earth, CANNOT WAIT.  If you fail the ocean/ it will cease to exist as a life force;   a billion more people, will have nothing to eat.  If you fail life, anything that is inherently necessary to the chains that build life on this planet:  then death comes, dependent upon how badly you continued to do tragically. Threats are everywhere; because liars have ruled.  Its your life, or your death:   make your decision/ and present no excuses. EVERYONE is entitled to this work/ EVERYONE is required to sustain their share of this work, with reasonable efficiency, ethics, and ability.  OR you may be removed from society/ required to live as best you can;   beyond our lives and influence.

8.   The critical task of work beyond survival, is defined as:    What human experience proves to be, “my hope, for my future”.  Thereby happiness is linked, to the association of “my work/ my time/ my life: my choice for myself”.  Consequently there must be an allowance beyond the days of foundation work “to repair all the damage done”/   for independent truths.  These are created with shared responsibilities by:   work responsibilities for RESPECTFUL food and shelter, AS IS SHARED BY ALL/ the future included.   Which may be as small as ten hours a week, at some point; dependent upon the choices you make.  Leaving the rest of time, to do what you personally desire most: NOT slavery for others by you/ but opportunities to use your ability for yourself.  UNDERSTANDING, unless you are recycling/ reusing/ conserving/ etc;   the lives you assassinate from the future; will curse you/ because you did not care enough, when they needed you. The people of a human future,  needs the resources you have been throwing away, or will die.  Therefore you need to recover and reuse as best you can, or there is nothing for your future either. It’s a simple fact of life.

9.   The foundation of democracy, or more simply:   government by the laws, the people themselves create.  Is a vote/ BUT NOT simply a vote;   without sufficient education a vote is merely the tool used by manipulators and thieves to destroy society through propaganda.  Thereby the foundation of democracy is a vote that understands/ and is used to create the tools for justice and life in society, by the people.  Therefore you must understand this VERY simply:   every possibility of your future, is determined by the law that you choose to exist/ to enforce/ and to apply as “the right of      WE THE PEOPLE”.   The consequence of that is:   you must choose to create only the laws that are absolutely necessary/ everything else is a rule, and carries a penalty that must not be excessive. Rules shall be contended with in court/ where liberty holds the greater concern.  ALL LAWS MUST BE BRIEF!  Such as is the ten commandments of biblical days/ not because they are religious/ BECAUSE they have stood the test of time, and we all:   still understand them easily.  The term is quality of content/ not simple brevity.  There must not be any opportunity for real mis-interpretation, therefore the law or its intent is known.  Your laws must established, for the same reason:    CLARITY AND TRUTH; understood by all. Legislatures are for enforcing your decisions, inspecting whether justice is done.   Demand an open courtroom.  Demand a judge be removed for failure to adhere to the laws you create.  Demand there shall be penalties, for any courtroom that fails to respect the laws, and intent, of this people.  BE FAIR/ but demand “good behavior, particularly from a judge”.  Respect those well, who do their job with honor.
10.   Every religion “believes it’s the best”/ the ones who should be in charge. But every religion fails, and their leaders are not true to life.  These are places where the people go, when an undisciplined life needs help; a place where a “higher percentage of people with a heart”, than the common majority,  try to find each other.  So leave them be, help them attain    Truth, by limiting what charitable means: INCLUDING any and every tax release/ including limits on income for the leadership, and limits on possessions of the organization.   Because either “you are for   GOD’S    WORK “    Or you are in it for the money, pride, or laziness. And if for the money/ then it ain’t a charity, NO tax abatement at all. Every door open/ every light shall be turned on, every account held up to public view:   so that every religious organization is known by its truth.

11.   The elemental needs of healthcare are such that we must all contribute.  That means first, that there shall be an extensive education about first aid, and many other useful means of intervening in a state of trauma or need.  To facilitate that work, there SHALL be computer programs accessible to the public for their use in diagnosing their own illness, or someone else.  In other words, “the art of observation, and critical truth” as is applied to the decisions that are valid in medicine shall be helped with instruction, and computer programs that aid in understanding what this means.  The use of people, to identify and diagnosis such things as breast cancer by their films, etc will be made public.  It is for your protection/ currently a doctor gets a new car, if he does a couple hours of surgery; in a land being CONSUMED by greed;   how dare you not be suspect, of “just want the money/ don’t give a damn”!
And all those who prove to “be good at this” shall be paid/ or receive a certificate establishing their ability, that they may be listened to.  Significant allowances will then be made, for their contribution to the welfare of society.  Of interest, is the simple truth: that specific surgeries can be taught in a minimal time frame.  Such things as minimal but necessary plastic surgeries, can be expanded to a world/ simply by training  people who can do this work. No more saviors, opportunities to help.

  Healthcare is a shared reality/ shared means:   if you need too much, so that the others will suffer extensively/ then you need too much. It is time to die.  Understand it, and vote on what you will do/ or will not:   BELIEVING that you will pay for real, this time!  No more fantasy/ no more government/ simple reality; “a percentage of income/ tied to a small base payment through taxes”. And NO MORE EXTORTION FROM MEDICAL BUSINESS.  We will take over the right of billing/ and we will employ the doctor ourselves as a government, until such time as FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE IS established with grace and mercy as society decides to pay for.  NO MORE GREED. Private business in medicine is over/ public medicine will remain.  Any doctor who “abandons us, will either be forced to leave forever or imprisoned/ or if they leave on their own, shall never be allowed to return here to america; without imprisonment for years. A deserter earns nothing, but contempt.
12.   The elemental truth of what is fair, belongs to justice/ as seen by all society and is conceived by what will be the future.  That means “OPEN THE DOORS, turn on the lights, establish clarity and truth, investigate honestly, and be disciplined with the honor necessary to achieve harmony and peace through happiness, by equal treatment for all.  A situation described as:   “I am not alone/ I have friends in this court, this nation, and these people”.  Courage is required!  Courage simply describes those who have not “sold themselves to want/ thereby the possibilities of honor, duty, and life CAN come first, if that is your personal choice”.
For, The people who have not solidified their acceptance of death, as “fair enough/ if we don’t die, the young cannot live” [consider what this world would be if no one had ever died!] . These cannot lead, because fear will rule their world, if any real threat exists.  Fear cannot lead, panic will sell this world:   just as it did today. Fear lies, and hate consume, they do not defend.

13.   As life on earth, WE MUST control the resources.  Because every life depends upon that reality. As debtors who owe each other as nations, incredible amounts of trade: the primary tool of reconstruction & repayment shall be:   whatever is critically fair in creating a new world environmental structure.  Or more simply: the United States shall provide things like stack scrubbers for coal fired power plants in China. Such things as, Critical environmental help, around the world;   because they owe, and shall pay/ as do others. And the benefit of environmental security is for the people/ NOT the few.  BUT FOR LIFE ITSELF.                   Added to that is the truth, the “Wealthy americans”,  have been “too, well fed/ and have grown delusional because of it”. Certainly not everybody here/ but, Take a look around, case in point 121 million dollars for a memorial stadium disgrace: at the U OF I, Urbana IL.          Therefore you will charge them payments for their debts: by  food, to the point that reality becomes truth in fact.  That reality is governed by:   life is not a game, across this nation.  The lesson is:   GROW UP, WAKE UP, and stop the fantasy, piss head/ dumb ass.   Not said as disrespect for the majority/ RATHER understood as a description of their  leadership; of their university influences.
14.   The elemental means of changing “the employee descriptions of government”/ thereby changing the tragedy of a few, to the reality of WE THE PEOPLE:    Is as simple as understanding the words provided in the constitution:

  quote “WE, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our children, DO.......”    So the question is not what has been done/ BUT WHAT WOULD BE BETTER?  The right to change is clear/ because we are not a static people, WE ARE FREE!

Read the declaration of independence, as a reminder: freedom is not free.  And decide, if we are better off, with the status quo/ or need change under the law, and WITHIN the constitution of this USA.  Democracy demands, THAT WE ARE THE OWNERS of this nation/ thereby we have a guaranteed right to establish WE THE PEOPLE as truth, within ourselves and our nation.  We have the right, to assert:   what the constitution allows/ shall be done.  The law is our power/ and the constitution is the foundation and basis of all law.  It walks with us, as    WE THE PEOPLE!
15.   DUE PROCESS, is an understanding between the law, and the citizen:   that guaranteed rights, not only have a purpose for society/ but you, the individual,  have the means to enforce these rights for yourself, by a courtroom that belongs to the purposes and desires by a  society conceived for justice/ held to the reality of fair play/ and chosen through respect, as EQUAL under the law.   This is declared,    in WE THE PEOPLE.    

The few, DO NOT OWN THE COURTROOM/ the people do, and any judge who fails to recognize that right, and ownership of the people, DOES NOT BELONG within the concept of justice, or the courtroom.  Due process is a right to the law that matters, therefore it is a right to law that exercises truth through justice as society demands. The judge MUST ANSWER WITH LAW, there is no room for “frivolous complaint by a judge”/ only the law.  The LAWS you will create, (one hundred or less/ one page descriptions of FAIR PLAY) , will then govern every action of the court/ or the judge is in disgrace, and will be removed.  The right of law, gives you the people ownership of this nation.  The control of the courtroom for truth, honesty, honor, and respect:   require anything less than good behaviors from a court official will end in removal or punishment or both. Will become a criminal proceeding, if that abuse of the law is flagrant and particularly unjustified. No excuses are allowed for the people who must enter there, you are asking, needing, or required to be there; and the people have a right to know why they must intervene in your life or freedom.  Protect the child/ protect the truly abused, if they need it;   the rest stand “under the light”.
16.   The need for an education is fundamental to life in society, therefore always shall there be public schools/ but not in the way done today. Both male and female shall have an inherent right to education.  Both male and female shall be instructed, early and often;  that their future is dependent upon what they themselves     learn.  Both male and female shall not be graded, because it accomplishes little, and makes a divide among the students:   INSTEAD they will be tested, pass or fail, at the end of the school year; according to the needs of the job they select, by the people who potentially will hire them.  They will choose their teachers, and their classes/ and the teacher will be paid according to how well they do.  It is the teacher who is graded, and paid accordingly.  A teacher teaches/ that has little or nothing to do with a degree. Teaching is dependent upon what you know.  College (the training for specialized work), will begin in junior high, WITH ACTUAL WORK SKILLS, NO “preparations for college”/ actual lessons applied to and for the work itself.  Any that need further schooling than high school will be chosen by their respective supporters, who will then pay the tuition, in return for work.  Life is about life, until the disaster of manipulators/ controllers/ thieves/ and failures make it a competition, for slaves.  By turning money into tragedy for others.

It is not necessary to pay “the college graduate more”/ the common reality is “best years of my life”; therefore why should we pay you, to take better jobs than we have?  But the tuition is another matter, if you need and desire the student for your business, health, or whatever/ then you can pay, but they must then work in realistic ways, or be liable. It is not a game. 
17.     A nation of small to medium sized business, runs on the very simple philosophy:   if what we do, requires the help of very many people/ then the work is subdivided into independent contractors who will complete their part;   just as it is today. Except there shall be NO large corporate entity to control the whole.
Every independent contract division becomes the corporate board [the members chosen by vote among all members of that business].  These then govern assembly and production of the whole.  BUT they do not govern the people who will participate as independent contractors.   Individual bids shall be given to corporate boards/ and those bids will be opened by community leaders.  Both together, will then decide what contractor stays, and who goes.  Everybody knows the bid, communities who physically sell realistic amounts of these  products shall have an equal vote with the board about who wins the bid in these matters.  In a tie, the workers decide.
18.   To begin the journey of removing hate from our lives, the simple reality is:   that we must have people to testify against those who are responsible for hate.  Fear does not allow this. However:   as in the reality of   a skunk/ panic can set a smell, because fear will look for a place to hide; “the device will then be used”.  And that smell then identifies whosoever was close.  We as society can then question that person to obtain the truth needed to assign blame.

  One of the lessons required for this however is:   “ skunks look for easy food:   there are those, that like dogs in particular, who will try to protect their food, or property from a skunk and get sprayed”.  In other words, a chemical tag is not enough/ there must be proof of wrong doing by a predator for real, or only questions exist/ observation required;   about whether a smell was used by liars and thieves. Contrary to justice and law.
19.    The development of employees in government, is a necessary fact of life.  When laws are created/ decisions made/ hope identified/ and truth explained: there are still workers required to translate and achieve these desired ends.  Where accounting is held “up to the light”/ as OUR RIGHT TO KNOW, what you are doing in its entirety.  Then it is our own responsibility to investigate and examine ourselves.  By choosing “a pie chart” of taxation: this amount goes only to this.  By consolidating all taxation into one category for what can then be spent upon the military for instance. Then the people take control of their money, and tell the employees of government: don’t spend more, or be accused of embezzlement and fraud. City, state, or nation.
20.    By controlling all area’s of science and tools/ by taking away the opportunity of science from the university and combining it into more business-like models under direct supervision of what the people will allow.  Every dollar accounted for/ every opportunity absolutely open to public view.  We will remove the vast majority of “extermination”  threats from our world.  No more foolishness, as is the space program/ real life   issues for happiness, peace, harmony, and hope as is consistent with NO GAMBLING with life itself.


In the consistency of time, the relationships between male and female are fundamental to building anything and everything called society.  ALL, that is peace/ comes from a relationship between male and female respect for each other; whether they are living, loving, working together or not.  Without respect, there is no harmony/ only ridicule.  Without respect, everything is destroyed: take a look around you, and know this is the truth, as is plainly defined by university educated “big science”; they just don’t care/ because they have no respect for truth. No respect for nature, no respect for energy or consequences, no respect for food, or life or liberty or water or anything of life.  Just money.  These love fantasy and delusion instead, worshiping power and pride/ for the things selfishness buys. The game, that makes you “loser”/ them winner, “going to take it all”.
Regardless of these fools, if you are to live/ there will be respect between the sexes, FAR GREATER than it is today.  That means, both sides MUST learn, and accept their responsibilities as male or female.  Freedom is about personal space.  Society is about interpersonal relationships, and there will be respect.

In critical observations, through the passage that is my own life, what is man lives in the essence of purpose: I WILL do this, because of the importance it represents to my life, or our lives. I believe: we must defend, or if not, at least I MUST defend/ some things are a duty, even if you are alone. Life depends upon us all/ even if there is no help, life is more important than self.  Within that composition, the elemental concerns of purpose are:   Respect has identified an enemy, that cannot be trusted in any form.  Respect has created a need to defend those who cannot defend themselves, as life is precious/ and love cannot be replaced in an individual life, it is unique, and must be cherished.  Respect is the foundation of every purpose that is justice, every consideration that is fair play, and every willingness to share or care/ because without respect there is only ridicule, and ridicule is selfishness attached to hate.  Therefore what is man, rather than enemy; has achieved the elemental truth called respect.  Respect is:   the decision inside, to honor the value of life, to be disciplined and careful around, within, or because of “the treasures of what we ourselves can never replace”.  To be man is,  to find courage, where courage is needed; and to share love, our expression beyond ourselves, where purpose explains: love believes “true acceptance, is my gift to you”.  Purpose demands “friend or enemy/ or without dimension”, is every life.  Therefore without an identity that can be considered in trust, there is no possibility for love or hate in truth; only possibilities that must be watched.  Purpose examines creation, because strength needs an understanding of boundaries, a relationship born within the spiritual quest of life or death.  Man needs life to establish freedom, from all that is simply survival. The critical passage/ a trusted fundamental relationship between male and female is that expression of life,  that is the spiritual establishment of freedom itself. This is a time to be at peace. Survival cannot be discounted/ but without true happiness, survival has no real meaning.

The elemental development of female within me HAS altered every aspect of the purposes of male, and abandoned them.  Leaving me with only desire, not purpose or the drive that comes with the essence of life, death, survival, and the need to protect what is important.  Desire is the essence of a life to be lived, rather than protected.  Desire is the meaning behind what is happiness and freedom, or more simply, this desire is the struggle to create relationships that bind lives together in love. It is reaching, TO BE ALIVE!         Altered from the need to protect life first/ comes the need to express life, and participate at or within the environmental structures called love.  Love requires participation/ love requires life, thereby this is a struggle to conceive of happiness and truth in the participation called harmony; whereby survival is not an issue, but a trusted way of life. As man, I considered this type of sentiment “unrealistic, at best/ even irresponsible” because so much can go wrong.  But in the beginning of what “female teaches”, it seems more important than survival, because without happiness or more correctly love, life is unimportant by itself. Consequently the “balance of power” within my own life and living, has shifted, to what is important beyond survival. To the meaning called love, and the acceptance of a time without tears as the message of happiness:   that I can represent for the blessing of life/ just as survival (I will protect you) is an alternative blessing for life, commonly conceived by man.
Quite possibly, because there is little or nothing left for me to do, for the sake of survival, for this planet/ the possibilities of woman are less concerning. There are so many threats/ but I cannot save you, therefore I am allowed “to simply do what I can”.  Even so,  If all these words are not enough; if you have no heart for life, no soul to allow respect within you to earn and learn “life is the treasure of this universe”.  Then you are too blind/ deaf/ dumb/ mute/ proud, and stupid to find respect or survival; and will die instead.  Nothing left for me to do.  Not a judgment, a simple reality.

Challenged, by the reality of a female spirit inside;   is then “not so bad”/ it is a change beyond the elements of physical need that exist.    To a relationship, where mental and perhaps spiritual needs are the essence of love, and where life is again,  the treasure of my soul.  As male we must live for survival & for life, it is a job born into all who are ascended to “man”/ not animal or failure.  As boys, we are challenged to learn, how & why/ in the passage between, where there is only respect to guide your way, to being a man. Fail, and you are passed by, to live without strength, courage, or discipline:   thereby in want the male child arises for selfishness/ games begin for purposes without honor/ and without honesty, love or a heart to believe in through happiness and hope;   the tragedy of failure comes quickly. Love is an element of survival/ because love is the essence of life in happiness:   that makes woman or (girl, to boy) “a treasury of hope”/ to every man.   Even a temple, to contemplate what love could be.

The common divide between male and female, is clearly: a behavior created by competition and want/ NOT life.  The path to honest trust and the values of honor and love:   are created by respect, are established by time tested relationships in trust, are  assembled through the disciplines of a life shared with honor (not with ownership), and bound together wherever creation itself touches, and changes our lives to be as one.

Creation is, the passage called time, wherein an identity is formed through the elemental terms called thought.  We are, what we are as life, because we can think.  Without thought there is no body or mind, thought creates us, thought defines and identifies us, thought gives us heart & soul:   and within the boundaries of a life called male and female joined as one spiritually, there is home.  The place inside us all, created to be our sustained and critical happiness.  Life is a destiny, time is a creation, thought is a value discovered beyond ourselves. Male and female is the search inside, for an end to loneliness forever, the place where happiness is born; and understanding knows, you have become,    my life in happiness and hope.

There will be some that chastize me, for not being a part of any woman’s life, for a long time.  It is not by choice/ far more simply, it is a reality of tears; a simple truth, born from, I cannot stay/ I have or had work to do.   The tears of sadness distract, from the happiness that was given.   Therefrom, I did not choose tears;   consequently  happiness for all, was lost too.  But we must do better/ I must do better.   The introduction of “female considerations” have proven to be:   NOT so simple as sadness or tears.  Tears are elementally more complex in women than men.  Therefore, love must search harder, for answers that recognize some tears must fall. Love must achieve an understanding, that is greater, “than you or me”. Instead of identities, love must define a treasury beyond ourselves.  Life teaches, it is better to have loved, and been loved/ than never to have known this truth.  Love teaches, the existence of possibilities beyond ourselves, is a path within creation itself/ the discovery of why happiness exists.

 It is fundamental between the sexes, that “forever means, I MUST be sure; even if this is not you/ that does not mean LOVE was not here”.  The foundation of eternity is simply:   that I will be, the truth that is in me/ NOT changed for you, but me changed by me, as I desire and believe love allows/ honor and honesty need.   Only where our truth is similar or same, can a relationship be absolutely true.  That does not mean different is wrong, it simply means to “be the same inside” allows no barriers between us.  If not the same, then there shall always be “a little different”/ thereby not in perfect harmony. Time is not so harsh that differences matter greatly/ but eternity is a place completed only by truth, therefore what is true, “must match”.  Mercy allows many things/ do not be too concerned.

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