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Friday, 03 April 2009


The elemental grace, of an opportunity for change is the critical realization that change must occur.  Thereby the comfort and ease, of old or insignificant ways and methods, must end.
The value of change is simple: upon recognizing that there are indeed better methods for accomplishing the art of survival/ the foundation for change begins.  Upon understanding the basic truth, that we will die, without change/ there are no further arguments accepted, “for the same simple ways, that point directly to extinction”.

Of the various levels of evidence, that provide our access to a description called “the future”/ the first and foremost development called knowledge, must be:    Examined and investigated as to what we as life on earth, MUST HAVE to survive our bodies called time.  Food, water, nature, resources, safety, population sustain-ability, justice, freedoms that apply happiness, and social harmony all exist as our first defense against death. The end of GAMBLING WITH OUR LIVES, is literally fundamental to our survival/ this is not an option, because today the level of threat exceeds that which we can survive.  These threats are created, by people without heart or soul;   thereby lies and liars are the common thread between them.  If it were not so/ then they would choose life first.

The consequence called humanity, as a product of what men choose to do to or with this world, as leaders:   HAS PROVEN to be not only a threat, but the foundation for extinction. Everywhere the hands of men have been/ the world is in trouble.  From the air, the environment, nature, government, education: it doesn’t matter, look anywhere and catastrophe is waiting.  Common to this reality is the governing of men, whereby all these threats do come to pass.  Common to this truth, is a university that cares nothing for life/ but searches for money, power, pride, and selfishness, by any and all means possible.  Common to the evidence that is fundamental to these conceptions:   is the reality,   what has government ever done, that their leadership did not ruin in some form or fashion/ just as soon as they could.  There are affronts and attacks on literally everything: the money is bad (their job, to regulate).  The environment is going bad (their job to protect).  The ocean is going extinct (their job to understand, and identify realities that must be changed: now).  The oxygen supply in our air, is under immense threat, a critical threat unlike any other ( but they don’t care/ as this information has been presented over years). The schools are bad/ the young are infecting themselves with sexual disease at a pandemic rate/ population is growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week.  The level of angry and evil men, searching for methods to create war has risen to extreme levels/ and will soon break all barriers. This nation is at the edge of civil war, from all the stealing/ all the lying/ all the promises and manipulation/ all the propaganda, that has proven false:   yet the leaders live with their head stuck in the toilet. 

Idiots abound,   believing they will fix economies by creating more of the very same thing, that brought you to economic crisis:   more inflation/ more credit, to create slaves.  In the USA, the latest admitted to count of dollars injected into society is 11 trillion dollars/ which will soon turn to 12 trillion dollars.  That means knowing by math, that one trillion dollars is equal to fifty million workers, each owing an additional $20,000.00 apiece for that trillion dollars.  12 trillion is then equal to:   $240,000.00 apiece for the time since January 2008 began.   OR MORE CLEARLY PERHAPS:    The numbers injected “to save you from economic collapse” equal almost one million more dollars per every four workers.   Do you believe your paycheck is going up two hundred and forty thousand dollars?  If not then your ability to buy anything/ HAS just declined by the fact “SOMEONE IS GETTING THESE DOLLARS”.  THEREFORE SOMEONE ELSE, now has the ability to buy, what you must then slave to pay.  “The rich man wins”/ what a surprise.  And lets not forget, the banks and lending institutions, and government, and wall street all multiply any number they can get by 10,   “To create loans, for you”.  So an actual increase in numbers by 12 trillion dollars, will soon become 120 trillion dollars, by the common practice of “the american wealthy”.  Got to give you a loan/ don’t they?  Hell yes/ but then inflation will come soon, and you will become slaves for real;   as reality will prove, no job for you.

The only reason we are not, or have not been using wheelbarrows to move the dollars needed to buy food to eat/ is the fact that with electronic numbers/ liars in government/ thieves in charge of the numbers/ and a populace that says “leave me alone/ BUT MAKE ME RICH”.   Allows, the accounting of what is real and truth/ to be dispensed with absolutely no reliance on fact, no composition of clarity or the intent that you should understand (just like medical accounting/ the entire purpose is too keep you from understanding).  But the populace doesn’t care;   because “the government pays” right?  Not true of course.  In literal fact, the government of this nation is the Constitution and other integral documents/ “soaked in the blood” of those who fought and died to literally create this nation.  Our employees, are just that, our employees hired to do their job.  Those who pay, are those who work and allow themselves to be taxed.  Therefore every time you say “the government will pay”/ they literally take money from your pocket.   BUT IN A LAND OF FANTASY AND DELUSION/ this of course has not been going on.  Instead, liars have come, and every fact of need, is answered with “we will pay later”.  Every consequence called a bad choice is met with, “let the others pay/ the children/ the grandchildren/ the rest of the world:   OR MORE CLEARLY, ANYONE BUT ME”.  But no one does, so the debts grown over the last decades have risen to well over 2 million dollars per worker/   according to accounts created by the government employees: before they shut the information down.  Got away with it, didn’t you?   Yes you did, until the day, when more people WANT PHYSICAL REALITIES;   THAN “just numbers in a bank account”.  And you may be certain, “the baby boom generation WANTS it all”.  Don’t care is their motto.

Of all the countless threats, that can become extinction for this planet/ even within the next few weeks or months; the people who play with extreme energies, or mutilate life, or contrive critical changes in things we have no immune defense against, or weapons that cannot be stopped, or a thousand other facts of male dominated decisions.  The constant thread between them all, is men want to do this.  They want to play god, with our lives, our planet, our environment, our nature, and particularly with women.  If they are not stopped, VERY soon/ then the children are correct:    HURRY, we are going to die/ the elderly have destroyed our future.
As to money supplies: these are VERY SIMPLE, there is no crisis/ there are only those who stole the money, and refuse to give it back.   But they are leaders of course.  And then there are all those who played the game, believed in the game, and sold their working lives to the game of men.  Only to be proven losers, because “the game was fixed, from the beginning”.  These don’t want to surrender their working lives either/ so they continue to play the game, until all is lost “within a year”; and then guns will come to play a different game, that will soon be completely out of control/ across this world.  If you are not destroyed first by the experiments of men with energies, unleashed to be “satan (destroyer of worlds)” over you.
Our reality as a world/ as a nation is very simple:   you played a game with your monies.  You convinced yourselves with lies, that you could “have money for free”/ and you did, by saying we will pay later.  Alas, the bill is due.
All the gambling, all the passionate embrace of lies and liars and fools and failures;   “On your way to BE RICH”.   Has now proven, either you will accept the truth, of what you were doing/   or you will descend into hate, for each other, for this world, and for all life;   causing insanity to rule human existence, instead of men.  Causing endless rape, to be the life you have chosen/ because then you will know, this entire world will die/ and give you no mercy at all.  That is the price of your lies.  That is your future, if you fail to change and respect reality through truth.

Money is not a crisis!  Money is the promises of humanity to each other.  Therefore money is as simple as choosing RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER.   That need, REQUIRES:   that you declare bankruptcy as a nation/ then as a world;    So that you may be equal again.  Bankruptcy removes the rich, and returns reality “to you and me”.  You have nothing to lose/ with few exceptions, all of them poor people:   all the claims you have were bought with stolen goods/ with lies/ with extortion/ with disgrace, dishonor, and disrespect for life on earth.  If you are not willing to surrender these things/ then you have no rights left to the life you have lived.  It is a simple decision.   Either you accept truth, and be fair with each other remembering life first.  Or you will die, very soon.  Simple as that.
Not a hard choice/ a real choice.


The elemental demand is your pride.  The foundation of life and living prove that, ACTUAL SURVIVAL, is far superior to the delusions and fantasy that power, liars, failures, and fools suggest.  This world is under attack, and like in war;    As in Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941;    If you refuse to wake up/ then you will suffer the consequences of environmental catastrophe/ mutilated nature/ energy disciplines lost/ starvation/ and a long list of things you chose with your pride:   that simply, made this earth die.

The methods of the court in this USA are prejudicial/ proving immense bigotry against the people, by suggesting that a judge is greater than the law he or she serves/ greater than the first amendment/ greater than the people who pay them to do their job.  Ridicule is proven beyond doubt.  The games of criminal conspiracy, used to control and manipulate the games against the people in court, are clear in the trials presented; and if you look, in the multitude of cases brought before every type   of court that are summarily dismissed for “frivolous”.  Not all are frivolous, by any means or description/ and if it is you, then none are frivolous.  Its just a game/ and if as a lawyer you don’t play by their rules; then you “just won’t play”.   Because power, pride, position, and money control the court.  Otherwise justice, truth, and fair play would be first.  But it is not.
In other words, the foundation of america is WE THE PEOPLE.   And if you do not accept the need to “work for yourself, in support of this nation”/ then it will die.  The need is simple:   demand the truth, demand access to all information and prove the right through constitutional law.   Join the trial created in for this purpose, and remove fantasy, discard delusion;    And let the truth actually set you free, to preserve and work for life on this planet.  A future, that will not be death to all living things.  Learn, do, and believe your work will make a difference;   if not, then we are lost.

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