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Wednesday, 01 April 2009

The foundation of all leadership claims is:   “You cannot do this yourself, or you cannot be organized without a leader, or without a leader those who are against you will attack/ and defeat”.  Therefore governments arise, organizations exist, and armies are born to control both sides.
The question of society however is far more simple:   provided there is RESPECT for each other/ defined by JUSTICE & FAIR PLAY for each other/ expressed by the means to be equal, and obtain honest equity for your contribution:    The only reality that attacks as a leader is, laziness, hate, pride, and power.  Laziness, because when one refuses to carry his or her own burden/ then the others begin to do the same.  Hate because, without respect for life/ there will be cause.  Pride, because it turns every living moment into a game, for the purpose of creating losers.  And power, because there are always “plotters, & planners” who assume they can “take yours too”, and enslave you because then you MUST depend upon them.      The only reality that attacks as nature is:   when humanity takes too much/ destroys too much/ refuses to put anything back/ or just plain has too many children. The world then turns to desert, and life becomes harsh.

So the truth of life in society is very simply:   that it fundamentally depends upon respect. Leaders do not respect you/ just how it is. People who are lazy, hateful, power hungry, or wish you to be loser; so they can assert I am winner; do not respect you.  People who refuse to accept responsibility and duty do not respect life/ thereby their actions will not respect your needs either. 
Justice is a decision by society to accept the value and burdens of LAW.  Where law exists to achieve justice and fair play, with equality and equity for all: NOT, just a few. That is tyranny, not justice;   as is plainly evident in america today/ tyranny is everywhere, extortion is the “university way”, tragedy is the result of disrespect, and failure is the assumption that truth does not matter;   “Hell the leaders believe, they are gods”.
So then the question of life in society, as peace, hope, life, love, and courage IS dedicated to what brings respect/ and how that respect is generated and upheld through the law.  The fundamental meaning of law, is then to create and distribute the value of society through respect for all life is.  Without nature, there is no life/ therefore failure to respect all of nature as best you can:   is a recipe for disaster “a little of this, a little of that, and pretty soon;   it will blend together either as good or bad”.  The same is true of society, the little things matter;   such as playing games with life.  Life is far more important than any game, any conversation, or any personal desire.  Games are for dividing society, NOT for harmony within society;   unless they are true games for the simple pleasure of spending time with each other. To be winner/ is to cause others to be loser:   is that a path to friendship?  No, it is not. But people want excitement, they want “ten thousand things”/ because they believe in the road that men have taken:   to divide and distribute the value of society, based upon the power to take it all/ and then enslave the others “winner, a success no matter how many are afflicted with the disgrace of who you are”.  Because money creates power, power creates pride, and pride demands to be winner.

Thereby we see, that functionally for society to transform itself into a new creation;   the games that describe winner or loser must be dissolved.  For friends/ NOT for trophies;   a reality, that men in particular will find hard to accept.  The tragedy of believing women or men are trophies in themselves must also end. In every issue of society, if we are not equals/ then there will be troubles.  If we are not equals as men and women, there will be no real peace.  These questions begin as “what is peace, that we might find it worth the price”?
Peace is the existence of a  relationship defined, where measurements do not participate, beyond very minimal levels. It is the measurements that create games/ it is the measurements that divide men and women.  It is the measurements, that inflict power, and control pride. Therefore it is the measurements, that fundamentally destroy peace.  These begin “Innocently enough”/ with small things, but increase as age relies upon the conversation these bring.  “Got nothing to say”/ thereby gossip, games, power, pride, hate, etc all gather as the means to not say “nothing”.  The end result is fantasy and delusion/ as these come to measure how intellectual you can be;   thereby creating “the classes” and the criticism of others.  Therefrom it is easy to understand that the base mechanism in measuring, the fundamental value that it presents to the people who use it:   IS CONVERSATION.   Consequently, the need for conversation ranks high in the list of what goes wrong in society.   The question here is: if there is a list, and it goes from less influence to greater influence;    Does that not mean it measures/ does that not mean we need measurements?  How can we survive without measuring risk?

Our critical alliance with understanding assumes measuring is the part we understand/ but it is not, instead the foundation influences of pain and pleasure accompany that inference of a measurement, with the knowledge that this may or may not have a cost.  That cost, is then placed upon a scale to identify the disciplines and respect necessary to achieve an expression or experience that is valid, with the need that must be filled to grant existence to this decision.  If there is no decision associated with a price/ then this is a measurement.  If there is a decision that reflects the price of living, the costs of a life in freedom, then these are the elemental descriptions; that build our home.  Not a measurement, a place inside where we will exist and define ourselves, because we paid the price to make that environment exist/ and express or experience life according to these needs and rewards, or pains.  Therein we learn simply, that reality requires a decision based upon the merits of each and every situation that is created.  We also learn, that measurements are about “the lazy human way, of describing a life you did not choose to examine or express/ because you refused to pay the price of its truth.”  Measurements, are then the lies, that you choose to use, because real life & truth is a greater price than you chose to pay. The reality issued, of time for humanity, is then: learn to be true, to your heart and soul. This is done, by accepting the decision to participate, even when a reward does not seem to exist:   beyond the building of your home inside.  We must all build a life, by examining the world of possibilities that are given to us, and choosing “the best we can be”/ learning and translating ourselves within the freedom of a choice;   but our reality as    Truth.

There are measurements between men and women, regarding sex, health, looks, ability, and responsibility or interests; even skin color and culture or money.  Each of these are considered important, because they shape our world in time, and these do contribute to the consequences of a future generation. As is true of “every recipe”, the combination of factors and elements involved;   as will be determined by the levels of flame and time applied:   DO, create fundamental complexities that contribute to whether this combination will be “good or bad”.  It is not fair to assume, “that anything, can be thrown into the pot”/ and it will be edible.  It is not true!  Therefore the better the chef you are, the more profound your understanding of the ingredients necessary will be, with regard to the lives you are forming together.  If you are careful, or deliberately plain, “things can mix very well, for life”.  But if you are not careful with your own hopes and dreams (so to speak)/ and the same with a potential partner, then the tragedy of things that do not mix well, will influence your life;   and you will be disappointed in the result.  Therefore, it is clear in some sense, that “picking a mate” requires the understanding of what works for each of you.  Consequently the careful building of knowledge, so that wisdom will create its own reward; assigns to each one, the possibilities of a decision in freedom, that will reward their lives, or not.  Measuring is not allowed.  Rather the understanding of needs and desires, the translation of purposes in ways that detail the consequence of our living, and the deliberate destination that we choose together form the basis of creating our home.  No home is measured/ rather every home is understood by love, or not.  Love is not a measured existence/ love is the gift of happiness created by heart and soul; thereby the very expression of a life decision to be “the essence and blessing of what creation has desired us to be”. Love is the acceptance of this decision/ the translation of what life means to you and me.  Thereby the lesson of this day is: to create the time and respect required to understand these things in each other.
If we understand that life is not a game/ then we understand, that life in society need not have leaders, as we know them today.  There must still be women to make the final decision based upon truth, reality, knowledge, and wisdom/ but these are different than a person or small group    Who simply takes the rest to where they wish to go; which always seems to be power, pride, selfishness, and slavery.  The consequence of understanding the truth about any decision that must be made is:  that then an educated decision can or will follow.  An education is the basis of a foundation, created through the elemental connections that bind one action into a known reaction/ thereby giving us the opportunity to change or know what that reaction will be/ or action that should be taken, because this will contribute to our lives, rather than take from it.  The organization aligned for the purpose of examining, investigating, and controlling the decisions that affect or afflict our lives:   is based upon a very simple acceptance of the need to identify and understand every aspect of a decision that needs to be made;   “As best we can/ and if insufficient knowledge exists, then that decision MUST wait, if possible”.  You know how to involve the greatest number of people for the purpose of clarifying truth, and designing a question that can be answered.  You do know how to identify, what is good for the future of life or not.  It is a known value/ simply refine it.  And enforce it, with law, through democracy:   WE THE PEOPLE.

Having developed the “leader base”/ the next step is the understanding of work, and how this infiltrates and confines our lives, how this ends, as a competition against each other: and what we need to redefine it.  There are three foundation elements involved in the simple extraction of all business from the hands of the few.  These are limits to income and property possession/ NOT the same for all, but limits to roughly 3 times more than the lowest paid full time working member of society.  There must be access to natural resources and all utilities, tools, and education;   so that none may control these “as the rich man”/ so that governing means, the future counts too.  These things are decided among the three constituents involved: government of all the people/ the people involved in the work/ and the future. Each has an equal say; thereby each is given one vote, and the constitutional demands to be set apart as critical needs and relationships shall be determined.  The last ingredient is HOW DO WE SHARE INSTEAD OF COMPETE?
Sharing is the assertion of equality, and that equality consists of an honest or honorable development in equity for the work and time done by human effort.  All money is the measurement of time and competition developed among men in their games to be winner.  Thereby all money exists as a strategy among men/ to create slaves of, or from the rest. “You do all the work/ and I will laugh”.

Sharing is the opposite, meaning simply: that it is the work that has value/ and not the money.  To achieve a relationship with work that is not driven by selfishness/ the purpose of the work must be “the gain of all, in society and beyond”.  That means, the things we will build together, establish a foundation for each member to create a life worth living, by conceiving of a decision they will make to encourage peace and harmony. That decision does involve the common consistency of work, that is normal today/ but eliminates the critical concessions required: “to do what you are told”.  INSTEAD, the variation of liberty and freedoms allow:   some things MUST be done, and these will be shared through the existence of a demand to do your share of this/ whatever that might be, if labor does not come forth;   pay thereby goes up and down accordingly. Not, the poorest must bend down/ rather each has a responsibility to insure this work is done for society.   The next section of work, is for the benefit of society, thereby it is good for people to do it/ and the opportunities for an education will be provided to all/ the tools needed for this work available to all who are qualified to use them. If you do the work of an education, that is fair and legitimate/ you earn the right.  The next section of work, is for the future of society/ these create the elements required by those who will follow us.  Consequently no denial of duty exists here either, and all must participate as is necessary. The final arena of work is for the individual, that means the fundamental benefit to society is poor, weak, or non-existent. No development of time is required here, each is responsible for their own.  So the question these create is:   HOW do we relegate this type of situation so that people do not argue and combine into “little armies” intent upon control?  The answer is:   you MUST control the fear!

Fear means: to eliminate the assertion of death or failure, by competition.  That means the guarantee of a job is required.  That means in today’s world, that the hours required of each worker will be adjusted by the needs of all to work. General pay starts at the mid-section of income whereby the highest paid get three times as much as the lowest paid member/ but he majority with be in the middle of these as to pay. The more fair you are, the more vast the majority will be “in the middle”. Actual Numbers are essentially irrelevant (doesn’t matter how many you use, so long as the quantity per worker is controlled)/ as is proven today, wherein you have worked for free, and simply didn’t know it.  BUT an excess of credit or numbers, is an end to organized work, as these give access to a few:   to more power than the rest.  Thereby numbers are important, and credit is to be controlled:   for the sake of peace and happiness in society itself.  The three area’s of work that are bound together for the purposes of society are guaranteed to be shared.  The single area of work that is strictly for the individual, is not. I suggest these are to gain their “wealth” through recycling and reuse/ through invention and entertainment. Anyone who does not wish to contribute their “fair share, as a responsible citizen does”:   will be deported to area’s assigned to this type of humanity/ and left to fend, or create for themselves. I am not responsible for you/ BUT WE ARE responsible for granting and sustaining your right to “be like us”/ insofar as the opportunities of society can be equal and equitable/ and free.

That leaves us with the single remaining concentration of trouble in human society as:    WHAT does freedom allow!  That answer is not limited to “my decision or yours”/ it is not defined by “our decision to make you”/ nor is it the creation of constitutional mandate.  Rather, freedom is the essence of a decision that does not adversely affect the others beyond what we agree MUST be allowed/   because it is not our right to intervene. No more “ok for you/ but not for you”.  One such example would be:   those who drink and drive and punished with criminal offenses for their decision/ yet those who use drugs, talk on the cell phone, fall asleep at the wheel, etc have the very same consequences, yet they are politely excused.  While it is not fair for anyone to risk the others/ it is absolutely fair,   if a decision must be punished because of the outcome/ then every decision that creates that outcome by a decision that need not have been made should experience the same.  Or more simply CHOOSE a better way to get drunks off the road/ and demand more from those who endanger lives. The list is long/ the reality is simple:   freedom does allow for any behavior that does not endanger the others substantially/ but that does not mean we will pay for your tragedy. You chose. Another example is cigarette smoking, whereby a few are made to pay dearly for their choice/ while others ruin economies/ destroy lives/ enforce failure; and are called a success.  How stupid is that.  Cigarette smokers however need to pay for their own medical expenses in advance/ through payments for cigarettes. As to second hand smoke, there are countless chemicals and dusts created throughout society that we must endure: either control them all, or leave the smoker alone:   to his or her own environment, no wholesale bans.   People will assume, “this is too much”/ these people do not deserve considerations.  But they are wrong:    It is your actions as a society that cares about nothing/ that mutilates all of nature/ that gambles with all of life on earth, through the mental illness of trying to be gods/ your decisions to proliferate and build weapons of mass destruction/ ETC.  Clearly it is the majority who are insane and lacking sense or control of their most basic understanding of duties.         

That leaves the final major hurdle of society, what to do with the sick?  The elemental truth is:   we don’t need you/ the world is over-populated and in crisis. But that is not the human truth, a simple reality that each of us has value/ wherever hate has not consumed them. And that means there are decisions that will be made.  The current american system is fantasy and delusion, pay with numbers that have no meaning/ it worked until now, simply because not as many wanted actual resources, but were content with numbers.  Today, those people who chose the numbers, and gambled reality did not matter; believe they will continue to get a quarter million dollars apiece, just to die. They will not.  Instead you will get a percentage of GDP/ as all the people will vote upon, and every person over the age of 65 will have a vote on how this money is to be spent among the elderly.  YOU WILL DECIDE, for yourselves, without complaint/ as you have already taken far more resources, money, and everything else that you did not deserve; as a nation.  As to those under the age of 65 and working/ a percentage of your income is fundamentally fair, for your cost of health care:   you decide by vote, how much that will be. You will also spend or be required to spend a small percentage as taxation collected for healthcare purposes only.  As to the children.  Those who have not, “an extreme disease”/ shall have “medicare instead of the elderly”; they are the future, and they are the workers of that future, and they deserve that peace of mind. Those with an extreme disease, will be given pain relief, and whatever may ease their burden as best you can.  The infant shall die if they cannot survive outside of the womb, unless it is clearly honest for the purposes of society to give reasonable assistance.  Fair to everyone.  Those prenatal births that exist prior to the last possible abortion that is allowed/ shall be denied help.  If on one side of the hospital a healthy 5 month old fetus is treated as trash/ then a premature baby on the other side of the hospital shall not receive “any other treatment”.   CHOOSE, either each one is precious/ or each one is not.  There are limits for every society in healthcare/ a wise society does its best for the majority, even if that means the few will die without a fight.  All drugs shall become the property of the nation/ thereby all who can and will make them for the people shall be allowed: if they prove sufficient. The same with medical tools and equipment. All schools shall teach paramedic training, and grant realistic studies about what to do in every medical situation/ throughout every grade.  All students who desire medical training shall receive the same/ if they keep their work up: whatever that work shall be, as decided by the communities which must support them. You will run out of doctors, because greed has trained very few. Train more quickly, or be very sorry. It is the doctors and people taking the money that must be controlled. But it is also the people who whine, cry, and carry on without the slightest sense of reality, who will stop, or be stopped from ruining,  honest help for all.

In review the foundation of a society at peace without the influence of direct leaders is created under the development of harmony and respect:   “I accept the rule of justice, fair play, and equality among us all”/ THERE ARE LIMITS to your influence, so that there will be freedom and liberty to choose for me/ us.  Issues that are critical to society, realities that need to be discussed as law are given to the organization of women, who will then negotiate among themselves instead of confront and war as do men.  There job, is to identify truth, and assemble reality in such a way as to RESPECT LIFE ITSELF, in every sense of the word/ creating peace through honor and honesty of purpose, that desires life, not money shall be first.  In fundamental law, constitutions (and their true supporting documents such as the bill of rights) rule over all leaders, over all judicial officials, over the people themselves.  That means the “ultimate authority” is the constitution/ and the employees of the people SHALL comply; or be guilty of treason: “the direct intent and attack against this nation/ and in defiance of the law.” it is    Punishable by death.  In the development of business and the control of natural resources in particular;   the simple fact is:    THERE ARE NO OWNERS OF PROPERTY in this nation.  TAXES PROVE that is so/ failure to pay your taxes, and we will confiscate your title, and claims of ownership.  Thereby without the slightest need to go to court/ as a people, you can choose to re-evaluate “who can own what”/ changing the rules by controlling congress or the president as millions against a few.  Throw them out, if they will not obey:  YOU as a nation, ARE THE OWNER of government/ NOT any asshole employee.  The critical truth of work is, its not about money/ that is the game of men. ANY employee who would say to you:   “He or she has the right to spend your money any way they wish:   WILL BE IMPRISONED FOR LIFE, without the possibility of parole.  IT IS OUR MONEY, and thieves will not be tolerated.  Therefrom, we begin to understand that work is about survival, and desires.  Survival everyone must share in by contributing their time and effort to the whole society [failure will get you banned, and removed from society].  Desire is about what you can and must do for yourself, but this is    Recognized as a competition with the rest, and if the benefits do not functionally assist the whole/ then your option for pursuing selfish interests MUST come from recycling or reuse/ NOT from resources that are dedicated to the whole.  A simple we walk together here, justifies and translates what harmony means.

The containment of fools, is like handling worms: it is easier to crush them/ than it is to work with them. The gamblers who have stripped all value from your money.  The politicians who believe that adding $240,000.00 to your paycheck for a year/ BUT GIVING THE NUMBERS to someone else: is not real inflation [your employees are adding 12 trillion dollars to the money supply.  That means in simple terms for 50 million workers each: there are now or soon to be two hundred and forty thousand dollar bills more in circulation than yesterday.  Do you not understand “devaluation/ and lies”.  Who do you think takes the loss? Is your paycheck going up that much? If it ain’t you lose.]  The big science satan’s who want nothing more than to prove they are gods.  And a thousand more who cannot conceive of anything but want and disrespect for the vast majority of people or life in this world:    MUST BE DEALT WITH, before life can find peace, and create a new world.

The gamblers are removed, WHEN BANKRUPTCY takes away the numbers they play with.  Declare bankruptcy, and take back control over your lives, your work, and your future: it is the only way.  “like it or not”.  Otherwise they play with you/ until civil war consumes life on earth.  The politician ends his reign, when people confront with reality and truth/ and refuse the fantasy and delusion.  Simply declaring bankruptcy, will stop the madness/ and remove the power.  Big science cannot exist without the money, or without the access to power supplies/ SHUT THEM DOWN/ REMOVE THAT MONEY/ AND CONTROL ENTRANCE WITH THE MILITARY AND POLICE, if they are not able, then do it yourselves.  The nif and cern, and others; cannot experiment, without electricity or generators: and they cannot control the lines that provide it.  Stop them, or die. Stop them or risk losing this entire earth.   The crucifers of nature cannot continue without their tools/ confiscate them;   and provide real and true threats:   NO MORE.  The issues of pollution/ the extermination of ocean life/ and all the rest are fundamental realities that demand a truly educated humanity:   so that we all understand, the reality that exists.  So that we all make decisions, that will keep us all alive/ and we all  provide defense against those who refuse. The consequence is:    Either YOU LEARN AND USE YOUR MIND/   either you examine, investigate, and create an education that works for humanity; or you die.  Each and every single one is responsible, for what they can do/ responsible for what they did not do/ responsible to the future, for lives that will be assassinated, because of their own failures.  This is not a game/ this is our reality, and our truth as life on earth, at this time.
The control of predators, who believe hate is an answer/ who believe they can be defiant, violent, and vengeful over the past shall end:    Or the world will instead.   Hate builds nothing/ it merely destroys, in a world that has not enough resources to “do it all again”.  The building of more hate among humanity, particularly men, will only set the world on fire/ add rape as if it were air/ and become murder to anything that breathes.  Because that is what your leaders chose/ they chose to steal, ridicule, anger, and violate every person they could touch with lies.  And the lies have a price.

There are terrorists who believe they are going to set an atomic bomb off in a major city such as Washington DC.  “Proving we are powerful too”.   But the consequence of that would be simply: that Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, perhaps N. Korea, and more;   would be instantly attacked by the USA with atomic bombs.  Wiping these people off the planet.  Complete nuclear holocaust would follow/ but “revenge is sweet”/ ain’t that right?
To achieve peace, all weapons of mass destruction must be removed from existence.  To achieve lasting harmony and hope/ the groups such as NATO, and the rest of the alliances to fight shall end.  REPLACED WITH, world law, and a world policing organization made up of every nation/ WITH A VERY LIMITED 4-8 year period of participation for each of these soldiers:   so that no portion or collusion can be created in opposition to this world.   World law, SHALL DEAL ONLY WITH LEADERS.  Replacing them as the law requires/ bringing the leaders to justice, as the law allows.  There is no allowance for fighting with nations/ UNLESS that nation refuses to obey the law, that protects us all.
THESE ARE, the base level realities of a peaceful and happy world.    CHOOSE THEM, or go to hell, CHOOSE THEM, or Armageddon will come to destroy the nature that gives you life, and allows humanity to pretend they can be god.   Do it now. Because time is running out.

Are you the judge, the reporter, the police, common citizen:   whoever you are, the facts are simple.  Life on earth, will die unless there is change.   If you stand in the way of that change, “believe it or not” HADES will have a very deep hole in terrors for you.   If you refuse to aid LIFE ON EARTH, because you fear, because your pride cannot, because your want refuses to surrender to the needs of us all, or because you just don’t care enough/   then I guarantee to you:    Death will not be your friend. 
You know not how you came to life/ you know not what death truly means: how then do you laugh and call me the “fool”.  Try thinking for once in your life.   Are you certain?  Then come to court, and try “to make me the fool”/ you’re god aren’t you? how hard could it be.   Is that not a good game?   But if you cannot stop the insanity first/ you won’t survive until the trial is over.  COWARD.

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