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Monday, 30 March 2009

Death, and the development of absolute arrogance

The composition of this human existence, particularly in this nation called USA;    Is a small fraction of men control the propaganda, the government, the banking, the industry they wish to control, large section of agriculture, and all university thinking.   It is these leaders, that compete to “be god over you”.  It is these leaders, who devise and create “big science” as the means to overcome this world with their delusions and fantasy.  It is these leaders who built the gambling machines, that broke your economic prosperity.  It is these leaders who continue to lie, about anything and everything environmental, or friendly to this earth. It is these leaders, who desire weapons of mass destruction. It is these leaders, who have called for the crucifixion of nature itself. It is these leaders, who blindly, arrogantly, and with hate;   envision a world of slaves, from which they will be god over you in all insanity of power.  The “university builds them”/ and the wealthy deceives them;   to become the elemental religious exclamation of “satan”.

It is useless to continue with an education from this point on, simply because enough knowledge has been generated for you “the people, of this world”/ to understand, that you will rise up, to the task of a courtroom whereby delusion and fantasy are overruled.  Or you will die/ believe it or not is unnecessary;   you will simply die, because the evidence demands it will be so. Therefore the question before your heart, instead of the tragedy of your minds is:    Are you willing to gamble with all life on earth, by letting “satan among you”/ play with all life on this earth?  It is a simple question.  As to satan’s/   the foundation of risk, that can by the facts, destroy so much that this world of life ends, is indeed “the destroyer of worlds”.  So then the heart asks clearly:   where is your soul?   The answer is, if not hidden so deeply that you are unaware of it/ then discarded in the trash, with this earth of life, because you simply did not care enough, about the truth, that life is a real blessing.  Humanity and its evil ways aside.
Fools and idiots, are a hundred for a penny, today.  They line the streets, are displayed with consistency through the media as your experts and leaders.  Line the bank and financial institutions from one end to the other, with few exceptions.  Control the governments, and if fact are surrounding the people at every juncture where extortion can consume you or this world. Such is america in this day;   NOT a nation of fools/ but a   nation led by fools and idiots without honor, without responsibility or duty, without justice, and without any common sense at all (a jackass has more).  Common sense, is what life teaches, what pain and reality enforces: THEREFORE, such ignorance and stupidity as exists today can only come from the delusions and fantasy of an education that does not conceive of reality or truth/ but lives in the degrading definitions of what men want, power strives to    Manipulate and control,   and the consequences of pride, wherein if no loser can be found/ then there are no winners either.

The common description of the people of america, is very simply “it will all work itself out, and be alright in the end”.  A very EASY EXCUSE, to avoid any and all realities that are uncomfortable, or requires work and actual risk on your part.  The common descriptions of the religious are:   “Hell, that damn idiot is confronting me, WE ARE college graduates/ and I won’t take it” let him die; he must be “from satan”.  Yet my ways are not destructive.  Yet my ways honor our CREATOR,    And   JESUS as well.  Delusion and fantasy do not.
CONTRARY, TO THE POPULAR MYTH;   that this world cannot die.   Are the elemental truths of a population count multiplying without end.  The foundation need for food, air, water, resources, and much more are all in jeopardy of complete collapse.  Your big science struggles to find the way, to be god and destroy everything/ thereby proving in that one instance “this group, is winner;   we played god for real”.  An entire world consumed;   but they are winners/ aren’t they?  HELL YES, they did what no man before them could, and is that NOT the absolute desire of the insane; complete power/ even better than an atomic bomb;   although the majority still dream, “they will control genetics and make insect men/ or fish women, or plant people, or whatever the insane worship as devils to do.    And still, the people moan and whine, “I didn’t get my new car/ woe is me, I wanted steak tonight:    I HATE my life, why am I such a loser”.   All really important stuff, ain’t it.  Failure, is the sign of a nation without discipline, without duty or responsibility, or truth/ fool, is the sign of those who live only with fantasy and delusion/ absolutely INSANE  idiot, is the sign of any people who will risk this world, just to play god.  Who are you not?

The easy way, is to condemn all university endeavor and work/ but that too, is not true.  There have been useful and honest benefits from university driven realities: but the facts of this day are simple, those who have played at the highest levels of control over society; engineer disasters from one end of this planet to the other.  Simple as that, greed, power, hate, pride, selfishness, consumption, want, foolishness, stupidity, arrogance beyond insanity, violence that exceeds every terrorist on earth (they don’t experiment to destroy a world), etc.   So in other words, an education has value/ BUT A DAMNED desire to play god, is HELL ON EARTH.  The simple conclusion then:   displace, discard, or destroy those who desire to play god, and risk all our lives in the process.  Not hard to understand, as all men do say “IF THEIR DEAD, they won’t do this anymore”.  So the question is:   if war no longer solves any problem, but merely causes extinction to accelerate/ then how do we stop the insane from killing our planet, our nation, our environment?  The answer is, by controlling government ourselves, as a true democracy of WE THE PEOPLE.  All who have failed, by choosing to destroy with the possibilities aligned with these experiments and tragedies of greed and power, will be given another chance to work for life/ BUT IF THEY FAIL, to death they will go, no third chances.   Stop killing this world, or this world will kill you.

The foundation of human want says:   he’s crazy/ there is nothing to worry about, we still got it good/   he’s a damn nut!  But let’s review:   do the math, with 7 billion people on this planet already, or sure to be soon.  How many people stand on every acre of plant-able soil?  How many people are fed all year long per than number/ PLUS every other living thing on the planet?  How many times can you empty the sea/ because today, that is literally being done, with factory ships a particular curse, which exterminate entire colonies of life, forever.  Its true, go search.  How much will you grow when your fertilizer supplies end?  How much will you grow when your irrigation is over/ aquifers are all dried up, go look, the ogallaha aquifer is reaching critical levels soon (irrigates millions of acres/ CAN’T be refilled, even with surface water, because it will be contaminated, and fill the aquifers with sediment, etc.  You are growing by 2 million more mouths to feed on earth than deaths, each week/ do you really think that doesn’t matter.  You have nearly cut down every real forest. You have consumed and thrown away so many resources just in america “a billion people” from the future, will have to die because of you: they have nothing left/ you took it, and threw it away, for fun.  You are consuming oxygen and the plants that produce it beyond what these plants can produce.  You are building graveyards as subdivisions, because it causes you to consume so much more resources/ take so much more ground out of food production, and use so much more energy, that these represent your death march; rather than “your greatness, as your pride assumes”.  The list is very long/ but hey, “YOU are too damn smart to listen, aren’t you”.  HELL, nothing can go wrong/ it will all work out/ just keep doing whatever your doing, “and kill this guy/ damn fucker, playing with our minds”.    Wouldn’t want to learn nothing/   I LIKE IT, that way;   ain’t that right?

So lets see, those you have trusted with your lives, your nation, and your world:   have led you to complete economic collapse.   It is a complete economic collapse, because you are entirely dependent upon “the trillions of dollars promised by the bush and obama administrations” just to keep the vultures at bay.   BUT ALAS, the vultures are now multiplying rapidly, and soon the end of promises will come.   These say: “no inflation”/ but inflation is the multiplying of numbers into the economy, so that every dollar bill is devalued.  A dollar represents the work you did/ added to that dollar for the last 18 months or so is an addition 12 trillion dollars or so:   at 1 trillion dollars= 50 million workers times twenty thousand dollars each (do the math) times 12= $240,000.00 per worker is added to each dollar of work that you supposedly did.   Or every dollar in pretend (you were 100 trillion dollars in debt, by 2007)  money a year ago/   is now joined by two hundred and forty thousand dollars more;   did you get your share?   Someone is taking these numbers, no inflation to you/ BUT SOMEONE HAS NUMBERS THAT REPRESENT YOUR WORK, soon to be joined by $240,000.00 more,( you going to get a raise are you? no.)  because when they put the numbers into the economy, BUT DO NOT inflate the actual value of the work to go with it/ THEN THE PEOPLE are divided into “have and have not/ as is the critical truth of what is happening to the so called, middle class” simply turned into slaves, as you work to survive.  Cannot compete with the numbers of “the rich”, and the people who actually get the numbers can now buy and sell you at a whim/ take your food away/ throw you in the street/ whatever they wish.  Your leaders claim “this will stabilize the economy”/ but in reality, its just another method to steal every last penny, and leave the vast majority with absolutely nothing: but slavery, and bodies for sale.  BUT, the future is entirely predictable economically, as these numbers are generated, and the wealthy gain even more numbers and imbalance over the poor/ they will take more than ever, leaving no middle class at all.  There will be a short term up-tick in the economy; “how can 12 trillion dollars of your money: YOUR DEBTS/ HELD BY OTHERS, created by your government employees, in an effort to tempt the rich into employing you. [So they can and will spend your money “it’s a gift, to them”]; and make you work.  But will this,   not increase the attack on resources, and resources are literally the future of all work, even life on this planet.”  Contrary to all the LIARS, AND THEIR LIES, there is no lack of confidence in the economy, the human debt load is the problem/ you gambled, they took it as all casinos do, creating more and more games for you to play “to get rich” and the vast majority went broke, as all gamblers do.  That means because   debt is the problem, adding bigger loans to people who cannot afford their small loans, will simply end in “we have nothing left now”!  And the vultures (sorry for giving the birds a bad name) will then be ready to pick your bones clean.  “Its just business”/ so its all good; right?  Just a game right?  As in the case of berine madoff “can buy a judge, and a court system, and a prison; just for fun”/ do you really think justice is coming?  Grow up.    You get a dollar for your work, oooh wait, the obama administration promises $13.00 per week raise/   oooh  boy, I can hardly wait/ can you:    WHILE FOR EVERY WORKER IN THIS NATION; YOU GET for actual work:     WHILE somebody else is collecting $240,000.00 more,  for your work/ but that’s just for the last few months.  THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL has demanded this much money SHALL be added to the number count of dollars in america: $240,000.00 per worker per year for 50 million workers.  Do you really think your salary is going up by $240,000.00 this year, so your salary can stay even with where you are today? They have been doing this for decades: stealing, lying, extorting, while you remain blind, dumb, and without any sense at all: BRIBED into ignorance and stupidity/ fooled with the army of experts, that surround truth like an enemy.  Sound fair?   Well shit/ who the damn fuck cares, its all good/ it will work out for the best in the end, lets go get a beer; ruin my day damn shithead.
As for government, the public WILL grow tired of obama/ as he chooses to lead them with delusion, fantasy, and pride; rather than truth.  BUT, for a short time further, 12 trillion dollars of imaginary money, will make a difference (spends don’t it/ damn fool)/   so long as you don’t believe in paying anything back, and clearly the american public believes in free;  going to be fucking RICH, GET OUT OF MY WAY, damn you.

  The other nations will soon abandon you however, because you don’t pay/ and that means a complete end to the american way of life. WHY, should they give you 1 trillion dollars a year (twenty thousand dollars in bad debts per year on top of everything else, per 50 million workers), IN MORE GOODS, than you give to them?  Explain it to me/ go ahead?  WHY are you so special, that they will continue to be your slaves, instead of asking for an equal trade?   Will they not instead try to obtain every machine and every resource available to you. If you refuse?  Do they not have your money, therefore a legitimate demand?  Absolute poverty will occur, as everything goes bad, THIS  will result in civil war/ because its what men do, when they have no other solutions, along with rape.  All because you refuse to accept the truth, YOU SAID:   WE WILL PAY LATER/ but never did.  You are bankrupt/ and if you face your reality today, there can be solutions. That means instead of “me, me, me”/ you must find “us”; and accept the truth as your reality. “What a concept/ hell, who wants that, HELL you would rather die: wouldn’t you”?   But,  If you wait a tiny bit too long, “the rivers of blood” will come instead.  Alas, the world will not go free/ this will then bleed to every nation on earth.  You can continue to believe the stock market is your savior, it will rebound a little:   WHY NOT, going to pump in 12 trillion dollars of imaginary money;   I CAN SPEND IT.  Therefore business will boom.  Well at least until the foreigners get tired of your theft/ won’t be long now.  Or at least until the slaves are so angry, the dead are laying everywhere;   but who cares;   got imaginary money, AND SLAVES to take it.
 GO TO COURT, and get your lives back. Force them, with the law. THEY MUST OBEY LAW TOO!  That is the beauty of law.You are millions to one, with foreign nations to help/ it can be done.

One of the lessons of this day is: YOU THE AMERICAN WORKER, perhaps every worker across this world/ HAVE BEEN working without pay for years; “just imaginary numbers, promises without any real value”.  Therefore it should not come as a shock to you, to understand that real society does not work for money:   but the decision to participate to create an “end product”.  Working as society, that end product will be something that benefits the whole society.  Working for money /”to be rich” as a society, or person;   as you have discovered today, just means someone is stealing your future. And war will come/ because that is how the majority get their “financial” lives back/ history is full of the proof of that statement.  How stupid can you be?  Real wealth, is the opportunity to be happy and wise/ without struggling to survive.  Happy is not a product of money, it is a relationship with freedom.  If your only relationship with freedom is having slaves/ then the price of your happiness is their sorrow.  The reality of your decision to make them sad:   means you refuse to share, care, love, or accept the responsibilities of your own life.  What a disgrace you are!  Wisdom follows only the truth, and lets reality do the teaching;   because it is wise.  To survive means:   to accept the burden, and achieve the freedom called choice as a message from your hope.  Death is neither friend or enemy/ instead, it is the passage beyond time.  Without thought and energy, you will disintegrate, unless “saved”/ or pursued by fear.
You don’t get to die twice, do you.  This world will not end twice, WILL IT!  Just once, and life on earth is over.  Perhaps you should just be quiet, and continue to pretend big science will make you all gods/ there, “that’s the answer”, isn’t it? They wouldn’t lie to you/ would they?  Ever think about where big science gets its money?  They don’t create it?   So the US government produces it:   go search, and find out how much just the federal government spends on itself, its little projects, and learn how many trillion they have promised and spent to exterminate YOU.   All good though, hell something is going to kill you;    Can’t play god, unless life is at stake.

You won’t make life in the ocean extinct more than once.  You won’t be able to put any water back, therefore you thirst to death.  You won’t have more than one nuclear war/ exterminated and done.  You won’t release catastrophic pandemic’s more than once, if you are lucky; because they will compound onto each other, and make misery that much worse before you die.  You certainly won’t engineer nature as gods, more than once;   because without discipline “every creation is a slimy mess”;   and that too, will happen to you, as your own body evaporates before your eyes.  Can’t live without air can you.  The list is very long.  Religious or not, the prophecies of Revelation and other religious predictions, are literally about to come true.  You can find biblical interpretations within these sites I provide/ I am not a religious man, therefore it is too much trouble to identify all the other religious prophecies too; do it yourself.
You laugh and ridicule the story of Noah and a world wide flood/ yet we KNOW, that coal and oil are all created from the plant and creature life buried at once in localized graves/ many very deep underground, and there is other possible mechanism for the destruction of so much life/ and the end result that these were buried together at the same time: than a world wide flood.  It simply is not possible, whether you ask the biblical account or not/ the evidence of a global flood is absolute, do to oil and coal reserves.
There are many who laugh at anyone who would suggest big science can destroy this world: yet at CERN the reality is simple, they are stripping the single most powerful energy source in this universe of mass called a proton, from its disciplined environment; no cushioning left/ which means one explosion can become the simultaneous explosion of all protons/ which means instead of a propagation through an atomic environment to reach the energy:   all discipline separating that energy is lost, and all protons act as one proton.  The current generation of bomb material works by stripping environments so badly, the discipline is nearly ruined, but still functioning somewhat.  The people at CERN   want to play, by destroying all discipline, and then creating an explosion they assume will be as they predict.  Rather like the Marshal Islands, where one little atomic bomb, was actually one big atomic bomb, “whoops”/ oh well, they don’t make mistakes anymore right?

Or NIF where the intent to produce a sun, couldn’t possibly create an atomic fire to consume this earth like the sun/ could it?  Why hell no, just because the sun is on fire, doesn’t mean the earth is on fire right?  I mean hell and damnation/ these damn people COULDN’T BE WRONG: and that’s just how it is.   Can’t play god, without taking risks/ everyone knows that.  Well worth the risk, isn’t it/ engulfed by the flames of hades;   oh wait, isn’t that a religious prophecy too?  Stupid fools. 
The fantasy and delusion of university, the endless hiding of reality where these people have failed countless times/ the constant governmental interference that removes reality and discounts truth as some sort of trash;   have given the nation of america, the astounding right to be called   “Satan, the purveyor of death for a world”/ BUT THESE are NOT ALONE.  The university & governments across this world are racing, “to be the winner”.  Hard to tell who gets to accept “we did it/ we destroyed earth first”:   there are literally SO MANY contenders, can’t even identify the insane from the violently insane; there are so very many to choose from.
But that’s ok, because you are all special children aren’t you;   not content to be alive/   struggling hard to replace god with your dreams and visions of nothing, but what you want/ nothing but what you win/ nothing but what you can call yours.  HELL, you are better than    GOD    /ain’t that right.  Don’t need this damn world, going to build your own out of    GOD’S   WORK,   just rearrange it a little, call it your own.
But alas for you, a LIAR AND THIEF/     You ain’t god, and will die instead.
The warning is:   change, accept truth and bind with reality as life, working for this earth so that you may survive;    Or be abandoned to death. Hell and Armageddon, literally are coming. Just how it is/ YOU chose it.  


Your leaders have built an environment to cause humanity to hate each other.  Your leaders have built their industry of endless resources, which is a fantasy.  Your leaders have led the war to exterminate life in the ocean.  Your leaders have given you weapons of mass destruction, whereby they literally threaten you with “thirty minutes, and your dead”.  Your leaders are so arrogant and blind, I cannot even imagine the pit of “winner” that sucks them in.  Shame on you all, for letting them do it.

Death is coming/ to stop its destruction, IT IS YOU, that must work for life.  If you continue to refuse, what you asked for/ what you chose/ what you defended furiously as your right to greed, pride, and power:   WILL attack you, just as you chose.


THIS IS NOT, “all gloom and doom”/ you have a perfect opportunity to completely re-engineer society as you know it;   providing for yourselves a new hope, and a new way of living that will be infinitely better [CAN’T be worse, you are about to enter hell and damnation].   Therefore if you work, if you pay attention and listen only to truth, depending upon reality itself to lead you into honesty, honor, duty, and life through survival in time.  The day will come when this is called a blessing/ because life will rejoice.

However, if your absolute arrogance, stupidity, blind apathy for anything living including you, and disastrous ways are NOT abandoned:   THEN YOU WILL BE ABANDONED, and death shall come.  You will pray for it/ dream for it to save you from yourselves/ and worship the insane, as they eat you alive “so they don’t make it worse”.  This is your choice/ there is no other.  Either you will come to truth, love, life, and hope/ or you will descend into HELL.  This is not a game, it is your reality/ by the choices that you have made, or the leaders that brought you here to the edge of extermination.  CHOOSE WISELY.

The elemental essence of death, is the delivery of what your truth has become, to a world conceived by energy, but bound together by thought. The process of thought, extends and expands upon the identities which give it birth. That which survives in peace, is born from love.  That which dies in pain and suffering is created through your fear, hatred, violence, and pride. BUT the habitations, which allow life to create itself anew:   are owned only by    GOD.      All hate is forced, to build its own/ and cannot.
The disciplines of time are simple:   you are allowed to create for yourself an identity conceived by what you value most.  You are allowed to choose if life, and being alive, is worth the price of survival.  You are given the opportunity to RESPECT CREATION, or not.  To RESPECT     GOD     Or not/ it is your choice, and it will be “your reward”. The greatest treasure in all the universe is life itself, but if you fail to treasure it, even as time, truth, and love provide for you.  Then love must abandon you, because love and hate are enemies forever. 

There are issues presented within the words I write regarding life and death, that sounds as if “a life is worth little”/ it is not true.  But hate cannot remain among the living, because hate destroys the peace and harmony that give life its blessings. Those who deliberately choose, “to use the life of others, for a prize, or a tool”;   are NOT unaware, this is not respect.  They choose each life they touch, to be “money in the bank, so to speak/ and if not that, then it will turn to; garbage in my way”.  Consequently the sooner that ends, the more likely love can survive.  Death to the religious, should be an acceptance of the spiritual world/ is that not what you say you believe?  Then believe it, and enter in.  Death to those who have failed to believe in anything/ assume nothing will be their reward; WHY then are you worried?  Death to the countless others, who have not prepared in any way; becomes the question:   who are you, where only truth can answer.  Liars go to the second death, finding hades or the elemental desertion of life passing away through fear. The question of what is fair:   didn’t ask to be born?  Asserts that life has no value to you.  Yet each one has their choice, as best time and reality will allow; to choose, to define, to identify, and to love as best you can.  These are not small gifts/ and if you have not chosen to be “an enemy of   GOD “    Then your punishment shall not be severe.  Simply the end of life itself, gone as if you, had never been alive.  Is that not what you wanted?

You as humanity on this earth, have received your warning/ much like the people of old also received theirs:   with the deliberate inclusion of the right to ridicule, because if you cannot hear with your heart/ then you do not belong to love.

 CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY,    ACCEPT YOUR FUTURE, by that choice.   MAKE YOUR DECISION, before you are swallowed by the pride, arrogance, stupidity, and blind hate your leaders have given;   intending so should you to be too.  Stop them, or they will kill you, and this planet.  No second chances will exist.  Enough knowledge and understanding has been given.  You are on trial.  You will choose the ending or the beginning of a new world, because that is what you desired with your life.  One way or the other, there is no longer a “middle ground”. The old is ending. And that fact includes, there shall not be those who consume life in the future, just to die.
You are not gods!  You will never be gods/ not here in time!  You are not special, by measurements against each other;  life is life, and it is special, not you:   unless you truly identify yourself in love, the most precious reality in this universe.

The failure to identify truth, to acknowledge reality, to understand anything related to an ascension towards knowledge within the boundaries of value;   to identify RESPECT, instead of religion; to HONOR life instead of rules; to search for justice instead of power and manipulation: ALL testify against you, as humanity.  The foundations of men, as they exist, as they were CHOSEN to be built, and were paid for by human expressions:   ARE LITERALLY decisions to exterminate.  The foundations of big science, are nothing more than the endless intent to play god/ with the distinct change, that today YOU CAN become satan; the destroyer of worlds.  WHY would you continue to choose that?  WHY would you send yourselves to HADES, for such a little prize as pride?  The fact this decision exists condemns you.   BUT     GOD     IS   merciful, if you repent (never intend or expect to do this again).  You, are a pitiful thing;   mired in false gods, endless idols of stupidity, lost in the greed and lust of “winner/ loser”.  And worshiping money as if it had any true meaning.   SHAME ON YOU.  Life is in your hand, shown in your face, held within the motion and possibilities of thought shared by all;   yet you choose shit.
I am not your savior/ not your leader/ not your enemy, or even friend in the strictest sense of the word:   I am a messenger, prepared by    GOD     To perceive the message given, to warn and create the possibility for you to survive:   IF YOU CHANGE.              That choice is yours/ but if you do not make it truly;    Then everything man has chosen for you, will come. Horrific tragedy, after horrific tragedy. And then absolute insanity from which you cannot recover.

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