Tuesday, 23 December 2008
Is an accumulation point, for the converted wisdom of human discussions that have netted a gain in understanding that allows a critical base level of knowledge, to become an asset for understanding our need/ and what we can or cannot do about the consequence of male actions that threaten us in this day.

The foundation of male endeavors is to control as much as possible/ thereby establishing authority: the male description of success. To that end, the current Obama theory is to control everything “cause they know better than you”. They will save you. The method: very simply by spending money that they don’t have/ can’t earn/ don’t intend to pay; or very simply, like the last administration, they will and do lie.
Mr Obama is president, because the powerful and proud know not how to continue their games. They know someone is going to be blamed for all the tragedy and disgrace these few people “with money and control” have caused: THEREFORE it is human nature, to give the controls “of the sinking ship” to another: so that he will get the majority blame. So they have done, like it or not: the America all have known, is disappearing and will never return. And the people say: LIE TO US/ WE DON’T want to hear the truth.
But at 50 million workers (take out the children, part time, etc; all you got) times twenty thousand dollars each= one trillion dollars. The game is over. Soon credit will end, and inflation will rule at multiples you will scarcely believe. Save your debt/ and wait for the numbers to multiply; after a dollar becomes equal to one thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars, or whatever it takes to make you face reality. You can pay then. Save your taxes, let inflation pay it. After all, its what they are doing to you. The wealthy cry and whine, the egotistical graduate squeals with joy at being in power to control your job, the fucking intellectual grinds his teeth at any mention of being controlled by you: but the reality is, money is not real.

What is real, is the work that brings products or services that do keep people alive, or make them happy. What is true, is that nothing more than human time, effort, and ability create money/ the essence and reality of what we need to survive and be happy. UNTIL greed steps in, to transform money into “what you owe me”. Our lives, through our work, with the resources necessary for that work: ARE MONEY. Nothing more, and nothing less. The assumption of all money is: I have saved for a “rainy day”/ but the reality of numbers is, that thieves, liars, cheaters, whores’, and those who hate you can and do manipulate “the money”. As is proven true by the last few decades of work, the only thing that stands between humanity and the things they desire to do for themselves, is greed or devastation caused primarily by men. YOU worked for lies, knowingly accepting what you knew was too good to be true: that money and credit were free/ don’t have to pay. You knew it throughout these last few decades, particularly beginning with Reagan. Yet you ran to invest and buy and cheat and steal, just as fast as “wall street, and the banks” could find another lie. Creating a “man’s world”, being over $750 trillion dollars in debt worldwide. Divided by 7 billion people= $107,142.85 per each and every individual on earth. “It ain’t” just the American’s/ its men everywhere, along with some women.

So, to the average person the question is: WHAT are you going to do? Do they not control your job, your future, your life, your country, and your world? Indeed these few “with money do”. They say, YOU owe them! They say we cannot share. But that is simply not true. I say, liars are a dime a dozen; and only good for slime and greed/ which has no purpose but destruction of your life. “All economic projections” are simply the latest version of lies and liars that assert: “You don’t have to pay/ we can pretend”. Unless of course you control power, in which case everyone else must pay, but you. They will pretend nothing can be done about tax assessment, “to lower your billing”. That is simply not true, TELL THEM, we will not pay/ UNLESS all tax assessments are lowered by the same percentage that the real estate market has changed. Do it together, not one fighting separately; demand a referendum by vote. As you have found out already, the day of the liar has closed/ is closing around you, and will end your life, as civil war engulfs america, and the whole world begins to search for an enemy: so that they do not have to take the blame for what has been done. America at civil war, WILL BE an extremely bloody place! There is no longer a real separation, so that one group can be identified for slaughter, which means “everyone is a target”. Panic will set in, and nuclear bombs will be used, because what you call government will fail completely. The world will then see America as its enemy, and bomb him to death. “America is not, a her”. This is entirely the result of men, it is “he”.

Liars and fools will complain: THAT could never happen! Just like they have always said, America will never collapse/ debts will never have to be paid/ weapons of mass destruction are your saviors/ genetic crucifixion by men isn’t a threat, and on and on and on. Instead of absolute ignorance and stupidity, LISTEN TO REALITY INSTEAD. Millions have lost their savings. Millions are being thrown in the street. Millions have lost the future, the things they sacrificed their lives for. Millions are about to become slaves and vagrants. And nearly all, are SO PROUD, they can barely hold their head up “it is so swelled with stupidity, disgrace, and disrespect for life”. Because they believed in the fantasy, and swore to themselves their delusions were real. Surely these will just forgive and forget, RIGHT? Not a chance/ unless it is clear, EVERYONE shares the same destiny. And only then, if someone can be found who will be trusted. That “someone is women”. They are different, and WE MUST have different. We must stop the insanity of science. We must end the tyranny and threat of everything that is weapons of mass destruction. We must accept NEW WAYS of dealing as nation to nation: WHICH REQUIRES WOMEN, because men have proven NOT to be trustworthy. And so on. Have you not seen failure in men, the leaders who hold that lies and innuendo of payments to debt that can and will never happen/ just so they can play with power, and lead the world to hell. NOT intentionally, its just the way of men/ to believe whatever they want to believe: “fantasy is just as good as truth/ so long as none ask questions that must be answered.” isn’t that so? The assumption of creating illusions and calling them facts “of the future”/ is nothing more than plain lies, where no evidence exists to support anything. And if they are lies/ then liars hide behind. As is true of every real business person alive, a foundation for growth and happiness through a successful business is built, ON TRUTH/ NOT CREDIT, NOT LIES, NOT ASSUMPTIONS: BUT REALITY, as it exists, not as delusion and the decisions of whining; “but I don’t want it to be true/ so I believe instead”. GROW UP. WAKE UP OR DIE.

This is not “your everyday catastrophe” as designed by men throughout history! This is an end of the world catastrophe as created through the reality of men refusing to accept responsibility for anything they do. Ransacking, raping, destroying, and then moving on to “a new area”/ having made deserts out of gardens, and death out of life. You are through, the food is threatening to disappear, with no option to return it. The water and air we breathe are threatening to disappear with no option to return it. The money upon which you depend, to keep score with your games of life, has ended: CANNOT be trusted anymore, therefore no jobs will soon exist for very many people across this world. The list is long, and can be proven true. You have already lost control of this earth as men, and simply refuse to acknowledge it.
Therefore the question of women arises, to see if they can or will lead life to safety. By organizing and applying one woman=one vote to determine the best methods and ways to change this world for life first. By choosing to end population growth immediately as is required of you.
There is no question defined by money in reality. Those who are willing to work for life in society, life on this earth WILL DO SO. If given the help and respect they need. You have worked for lies for decades/ the money does not exist, because the promises cannot be met by actual workers or the resources required. YOU worked for free, and were “happy, with your delusion/ because toys were provided, the hope to be rich controlled your world”. Both are now dead.

Thereby the future shall be worked for, within the hope for real happiness through friendship, respect, love, dignity, courage, honesty, and life/ or you will not survive. Life first allows and requires JUSTICE, DIGNITY, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUALITY, as primary tools in society. NOT as they are today, but as true friends would design for each other. Work is required, but shared, by everyone. Death is mandatory, for the sake of the children you have treated so badly that you wrecked their world. Money will still be used/ but LIFE FIRST, will be your asset, and your goal. If not, this world shall end, and so shall you. This world can no longer sustain, the insatiable appetite of man. If women cannot do better, applying respect, purpose for life, honesty with hope for a future; then it is time for life to die. YOU are the architects of hell and Armageddon/ therefore YOU SHALL “inherit your work”.
Make your decision.

In the simple relationship of people and their government, the reality behavior is: one group worships the possibility, to spend someone else’s money/ while the other main group worships taking money away from the others “I am going to be rich”. The first group runs away before the debt comes due, some giving too much, most giving nothing at all/ leaving the second to pay, with slaves if they can. Of course they don’t/ and hand the children and grand children the debts instead. “It’s the American way”.
Splinter groups have slightly different agenda’s/ but the reality is the vast majority of people either want to spend someone else’s money/ or get rich by making someone else be their slave. When you take all the profit for yourself, and share nothing; simply providing enough so the slaves don’t die; YOU have no honor, honesty, courage, or truth. It is all hidden away in the demand to be rich. Even so, the splinter groups cannot defeat greed, and they lose.

The foundation of American government is currently based therefore on greed/ the assertion of want, selfishness, and pride all agree: there has to be a way to make those children pay more/ there has to be a lie so big and so monumentally unchangeable, that no one can take their greed away. You HAVE to play our game/ cause there is no other: jailed, chained, and a slave forever to “us”. Although it is not “the plan”/ the reality of creating a debt base beyond all measure of truth is the lie, that even a nation can borrow its way out of bankruptcy. The Obama plan, “passed by the legislature”/ seeks to spend even more until no country in this world will sponsor any more american debt/ and inflation although well hidden today, because of the propaganda machines; will soon take everything away, even from those who call themselves “millionaire’s”. Every game of numbers/ every pyramid scheme ever devised; ends because too many people want their numbers/ and since this cannot be paid: the thieves run away with the loot. The biggest political nightmare of the moment is then simply: that the spenders, believe nothing can deter them from their credit. They could not be more wrong. While the fiscally responsible people, ARE SO GREEDY, that they sold the nation to poverty, simply to prove they could. The splinter groups cannot defeat greed, and until true poverty comes, the want to “be rich” controls both groups: one wants slaves/ but the other wants “everything free”. Both are liars. Consequently we live as a nation of liars/ because greed and selfishness walk hand in hand together. They are allies.
Defeating these enemies of peace, harmony, life, and love requires an understanding of the base principles that create a happy society on earth. They are: a functional knowledge of critical elements because these establish peace, by an understanding of justice, truth, life, and equality. Where there is justice, every life is able to find their relief, and their way, because time is a friend, society is an honest relationship with life.
These establish harmony, by an understanding of discipline and order fundamentally organizing the people into participants for the sake of life on earth/ rather than themselves. Not making people do what “you decide”/ but helping educate people to achieve the ability to perceive the future at least a few years in advance. When truth allows this, choices can and will be made for the purpose of a better life/ by the decisions that we all make to participate in a future for OUR benefit and hopes.

These establish life, because truth compiles our understanding and knowledge into the search and blessing of wisdom, so that we ourselves, each one may accept the basic responsibilities that are a literal part of life and living today. We have overcome nature, by sheer numbers and needs/ and wants. That means unlike the past when human decision produced deserts and wastelands/ and they moved on. Today, there is no place left to move to. Consequently, life on this earth must go back to “everyone takes care of their own little spot on earth/ because there is no room for you elsewhere”. You will earn your future, by the things you do/ the truth you follow; or your own failures. Others must help/ but primarily every little community must take care of itself. That means NO big business/ so that there cannot be “massive trouble across an entire nation”. Small business so that if one fails/ another will easily take its place. The critical lie today is: that “this business or thing” is too big or vital to fail. While that is true as far as it goes/ the greater truth is, once these are gone, the ability to choose better and rebuild for a sustainable world shall be achieved. Anything less, and you fail/ civil war erupting.
Even so, this is simple enough through a bankruptcy proceeding for the entire nation. Take back the winnings of the gamblers/ and just plain tell them: life is more important.

The establishment of love, is the single biggest factor in all of life, that adheres to the discovery of happiness and hope/ the opportunities of blessings and peace. Love is then the opposite of what occurs in most of america today. Instead of friendship and happiness, understanding, believing, and accepting that life is the single greatest treasure in this universe/ very many of these believe in money, and use sex as an escape from the world they created. A momentary excuse, to be selfish and blind. Love begins in the trust and truth, that a friend is more powerful to life, more fundamental to hope and happiness, than is any other reality in this world. In that simple assessment, and ITS CONSEQUENT actions and reactions for the purpose of love/ a life begins that will become acquainted with love itself. Add within these moments the honesty and truth and trust, of a world that is literally built of miracles we cannot understand/ a reality of AWE, and the understanding of “A CREATOR, HAS been here”. Then, the possibilities of all that is love, honor, discipline, and truth begin to achieve everything that can be hope in love or life.
There are many behaviors in humanity; primary causes are the desire to have friends/ the desire for sex/ the desire to “be somebody in your eyes, or mine”/ the desire to control/ the desire to feel alive/ the desire for stability/ the desire or refusal to admit you are wrong/ the desire to blame someone else, or transmit your error to them/ the desire for marriage/ the desire to find a protector/ the desire to belong, even if it is less than worthy of you. And more. Hate is a decision, not a desire. Hate produces revenge, jealousy, violence, disrespect, ridicule, and all things unkind.

Love is a decision to participate as life itself, joined in the journey towards our destiny in eternity. People who desire friends most often believe by acting as you believe they would act/ I can be their friend. It is not so, a mimic is a toy, not a friend: be yourself! The desire for sex is based upon a variety of factors, the most important being; that love will honor our lives, and give us peace inside where hearts unite as one. There are many liars in this world, find trust first, through truth and evidence of being alive in love. We are all “somebody”/ because life is not less, than the most precious resource in this universe. Control is the assumption, this is necessary or I might die/ therefore it is driven by fear, and fear is always a tragedy. We are alive, by virtue of thought, or in lesser human versions of thinking; the consequence of our ability to slow down time, so that we may enter within the creation of ourselves by choice is an opportunity to recognize all that is not alive. And how lucky we are, to join in the living of a life created for freedom and truth. The desire for stability, is an exaggeration of hope, where trust has not yet formed, and truth is not yet believed as your own leader of life. Stability is the request to understand life through wisdom/ but if you are unwilling or refuse to do the necessary work for yourself to attain this goal, it shall not be yours. There are many people who hide from themselves “in being right/ I am, therefore I cannot be wrong”. The result is a life hidden by the lies you create for yourself, to hide from reality. There are those who blame others for everything, regardless of right or wrong, its your fault/ I am innocent, even if that is blatantly untrue. These assume by following someone else, they can escape the consequences of their actions. It is not true, unless you are a soldier: in which case, where life or death is a direct relationship to this time, the choice is not always yours to make. Marriage is a game for most, caught one/ don’t care, “I will remake him or her; they will do it for me”. But of course this one has no intent of change either, and most end in divorce/ or should have. There are countless people who wish to be protected from life, and all the trouble it can bring, due to the realities of men mostly. Some hide in deviant sexual behaviors/ others search for money as their saviors, their means of protection/ some desperately search for fame through winning something; “Doesn’t matter what/ take a look at the Guinness book or records”. All the desperate stunts, which end in catastrophe or near catastrophe belong here, because no matter what the avenue, the purpose is to find some method of lasting “he or she is the one”. It is a selfish behavior. There are countless people who surrender their lives to gambling by whatever means, including money, lust, prostitution, etc; a long list. The purpose is to escape from reality, by surrendering that reality to a game few truly believe they can win. But by doing so, they have created a “way out of the responsibilities and duties of life”. I have escaped, is their true desire/ but life does not allow for this, and the end result is more depression than in the beginning. You are either alive or dead/ and must live or die to escape the disaster that is depression. There are people who desire nudity, as a message of freedom in me. There are people who desire to hate nudity, even though their body is “essentially the same”. Life is not so simple, as a judgment about clothes. Grow up. But do understand this, as a woman: if everybody gets to see/ then who is left to prove “just because I love you”?
We live in a time of choice, either we choose for life/ or your choices will become death instead. Critical truth requires an understanding: LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT “Than this, what the people of selfishness and greed have chosen for this world”. And that ascends unto the understanding, WE NOT ONLY HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE FOR LIFE/ Either we help each other make these decisions for life, or we become murderers of the children and all life on earth instead.
Fools want control!

Love, respect, hope, truth, courage, honor, honesty, trust, discipline, strength, happiness, joy, and more all believe in freedom, the right and the responsibility to make choices for yourself/ that then become the evidence I can or cannot trust you: bring life. I can or cannot believe love will be shared/ is a question created by you because you do care/ or don’t. The foundation of a female human body, is as the temple of GOD, being to men, the essence of what is praise worthy, loving, and life. Not because of sex, but through the elemental knowledge, that I am so loved by GOD, even the very nature of this life, and its participation in my life, can give me joy. Prepared for me, & I for her! Those who believe otherwise are foolish. Those who reject all women, or as women all men; are blind. Behaviors that do not respect “GODS’ WORK”, are in rebellion to HIS LIFE. Thereby the fools are to be separated from those who love, as life distills the eternal footsteps belonging to an identity capable of ascending into trust beyond all comprehension of time; and live as children of GOD. The essence of woman, is a door to this path.

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