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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

OUR WORLD, AND OUR NATION, AS WE THE PEOPLE;  unites, because we accept the value of our contribution as the vast majority of people, WILL BENEFIT only when we control the law!  Therefore we govern ourselves by democracy:  ONLY when we create the law, which then governs our employees!

          The continual tragedy of corruption in America, that is an all-out assault (called treason) against constitutional law, from the highest levels of the courtroom and presidency on down.  Is a purpose which intends to destroy the constitution itself/ by making it irrelevant, with rules/  and unenforceable, by refusal to let the constitution be used as the law of our land. I HAVE COURTROOM PROOF, of this fact!

 The university diploma:  a reality of people NOT FORCED by truth or its consequences or survival by any means established in life or death/ "BELIEVE THEY CAN DO BETTER", than we the people who literally did die, lost family, or became mutilated in defending our right to control and govern ourselves.   A reality of people, who live within their own  fantasies, because they are protected from reality:  by counterfeiting OUR MONEY. Why ain't they so damn smart:  they have declared themselves to be "god"? indeed they have.  Ain't they been setting traps for decades, and insuring the people don't know:  by using the propaganda of media to distract, or control what the public is allowed to think? Indeed they have.  Media claims:  "these tiny few owners of every communication don't tell us what to do"!  like all traps, the reality is far more sinister:  they tell their editors what they will do/ or face exclusion from this work forever, as only a tiny few, do control every job.  Do you not understand:  if two pictures exist, and one says "ugly" and one says "pretty":  someone gets to choose what will be shown!  The same is true of everything you see, hear, and then say:  because you are believers, rather than citizens engaged with your world and your nation/ your life choices;  given to others, without the law being obeyed,  IS NOT DEMOCRACY.  It is tyranny, with every intent to betray!

So let's define corruption:  which is like death of a body, "the slow destruction of what was once living breathing substantial value, in life or society".  The US supreme court enters here, as the "CEO" OF WHAT happens in a courtroom throughout the USA.  What happens is:  the powerful are protected/ the university is their religion, and they do fall down in worship/ the law that is our democracy as written down and called a constitution IS BETRAYED/ the nation itself is led with blinders, into threats and failures and the assassination of its children:  because no matter what, the few in power will be obeyed.  Thereby the constitution is made null and void. WITH irrelevant rules, supposition without fact or value, the absolute refusal to accept constitutional law, and the constant "select only judges on the higher courts, WHO HAVE proven to be:   liars/ traitors/ and thieves against democracy itself.  By trampling the foundation of our nation:  which is:   ONLY THE CONSTITUTION SHALL DECIDE!  IT IS THE LAW, WE MADE FOR OURSELVES.  ENFORCED BY AN OATH AMONG ALL EMPLOYEES of rank, that the constitution SHALL be obeyed and enforced as it is..

          THOSE WORDS ARE:

WE, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America. 

Those words, are the mandate:  the direction and authority to follow and enforce,  for every action taken by our employees: to govern our lives, and their own.  These are the laws, we made to control ALL OTHER LAW, AND DECISION.  Which DOES unite and explain our purposes and desires as WE THE PEOPLE.

There are more, as written within the amendments/ the bill of rights/ and the declaration of independence:  which together represent the force of our nation as one people.  Who are given the duty by democracy itself:   to fight for each other, for our freedoms,  and for life.  That is the foundation of America:  as written by WE THE PEOPLE.  There is no other! 

This is what the university diploma, and in particular its "constitutional law professors" fight to destroy.

So, we begin with what did the people who felt so betrayed by their leaders, that they chose WAR and its cost:   to build another way.

"in order to form a more perfect union"

MEANS:  anything that is substantively true, functionally real, and without significant threat to life or nation/ shall be employed for the purposes of us all.  Which is to be secured, happy, and at peace for the sake of our nation, your children, or our world.

To "establish justice"

MEANS:   the courtroom must serve ALL THE PEOPLE EQUALLY!  No one is used for an example, all are the same.  Collusion exists, to insure nothing that does not directly benefit the powerful, is allowed in court. Lies, cheating, stealing, treason, and conspiracy to deny the law:  have been found in the courtroom cases provided by James Frank Osterbur.  Both state and federal.  Proving those in charge do not establish justice, but do interfere with democracy and its desire to "build a more perfect union".  By choosing to worship the cult of university, EVEN WHEN OUR ENTIRE PLANET CAN DIE.  Nothing is more vain, traitorous, or arrogant than that.  Proven true.

To "insure domestic tranquility"

MEANS:  THAT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS, and among those rights are, WE MUST be informed when true, or potential threats against us are found.  WE HAVE RIGHTS, which means you the employees of this people SHALL NOT gamble with our world, or our lives, or our children!  YOU, have no right!  MEANS:  the reality of nature and resources so absolutely critical to our very survival as a world of life CANNOT BE THREATENED/ or, you shall NOT assassinate every child, and murder every living thing by genetic mutilation or by throwing what life itself needs, into the garbage.

To "provide for the common defense"

MEANS:  when the reality of weapons of mass destruction used, IS EXTERMINATION OF LIFE ON EARTH.  THEN THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY weapons of mass destruction used or held by this nation or any other.  Which then means:  that WORLD LAW, AND WORLD ENFORCEMENT OF THAT LAW, ON LEADERS OF THIS WORLD:    shall replace those weapons, and shall degrade that military around the world, until NONE can threaten our planet or its people with extreme destruction.  The fight to enforce that is:   BRING THIS WORLD TOGETHER, to write the law, that then governs every leader in this world.  Let the world itself then CHOOSE:    and  "receive its reward" for what they did, or did not do.

To "promote the general welfare"

MEANS:   The conspiracy to destroy American currency with inflation/ as is proven true by the table of the federal reserve:  "total liabilities and assets of the United States".   Establishing for the nation itself (before they hid it)  a debt over $153 trillion dollars/ while claiming assets over $202 trillion dollars.   A debt which cannot be paid/ and a reality of assets claimed which when divided equally are roughly:   currency printed, numbering  about $28,000.00 per human face on this planet.   Babies and all.  The thieves have bankrupted us all/ including billionaires, because if its counterfeit:  THEN ITS WORTHLESS.  This is direct government betrayal, even if it was "the easy way out":   until the war begins.   WE MUST RETURN REALITY, to our currency.  That begins with attaching the currency to the citizen population/  changing the constitution/ and making the money tied to gold again, so that it won't be counterfeited without a cost; easily, as is today.  Where debts don't matter/ unless you are their slave!

 Reality states:   we the people WILL DECIDE, what happens now:  WE ARE THE OWNERS!  Which means WE DECIDE!  Because if you don't find your own justice/ YOU WILL find your own civil war, and the nation itself, will be demolished and dead. A complete failure of employees (all of which have a university diploma, and live in fantasies) to accept reality rules/ NOT them.  WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS EXAMINED;   reality will know, nearly all this debt and delusion exists, "because the university diploma" STOLE IT, for themselves. Leaving nothing for the nation, other than debts which cannot be paid/ an environment badly damaged/ resources failed/ children used and abused by the arrogance of "let the children pay our debts"/ along with an endless list of failure attributable to fantasies and delusion.  The propaganda of fools, used to blind and distract humanity itself.

          REALITY STATES:  MONEY, is nothing more than an agreement between people:  for their work/ or their ownership of a resource.  Money is then NOT A NUMBER/ but a reality of time, effort, and who gets to decide what can be owned.  Limited capitalism:  wherein we decide what the maximum and the minimum income ANYONE can earn/  or resource they can control per year is!  To be decided by our own vote!

To "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity"

MEANS:   NOBODY, gets to own the courtroom/ or spend our money/ or create terrorism in our name/ or play god with the world/ or cause slavery to exist (we didn't get paid, "its counterfeit")/ or destroy the "free press", by limiting or allowing  ownership to a few, who do control our lives and nation, by propagating anything they please/ or letting a university diploma destroy capitalism:  by counterfeiting ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY they want, and are then paid with "government money";  so reality doesn't matter.  OUR EMPLOYEES, HAVE BEEN COUNTERFEITING OVER 9 TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR; TO SPEND, on whatever fantasy they want!  "it wasn't us or the nation"! A disease that has invaded every facet of American life;  including  medicine, education, and absolutely everything else:  EXCEPT FOR THE SLAVE, who gets little or none.  Who gets to fight for survival, even with robots.  ONE trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each and every person in a crowd of one hundred million people!  Basically the entire workforce of America.  Its all a game/ and your media has kept you distracted:  so the university diploma, can play their game called "we can be god/ we can be tyrants, liars, terrorists, traitors, cheats,  and thieves.

To ordain and establish, means:  to invest our lives, our future, and our nation/ even world, with these words we accept to be true.  To establish understands the consequence of that action is a DUTY to enforce and quantify the values we have selected for ourselves, and make them come true;  to the best of our abilities.  One nation/ each citizen/ no excuse!

          THIS CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  means:   WE, THE PEOPLE;  are the owners here/ and there shall not be treason, to our laws,  as declared within this written document, and sworn to by oath:  without penalty.   FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;  establishes the way, with legal rights to examine and judge our employees:  by public and full TRIAL.  

Trial means:  without regard for status or claims/ there shall be truth.  What we do with that truth as a people, determines what justice will be for ourselves! 

Thereby I give you two accounts of redress according to the first amendment as docketed US supreme court cases.

11-100/ its complimentary appendix; the solicitor general lawyers response/ the courts answer.

US Supreme Court Trial

08-1339 / and its complimentary appendix; the solicitor general lawyers response/ the courts answer. That you may study and understand what the meaning of legal redress is/ and decide for yourselves. Accompanying these documents is the enforcement of what democracy means in terms of we the people, and our lives. An extra-ordinary writ, which the clerk of the court was absolutely determined shall NOT be docketed. Docketed means: the court must answer, trial comes.

If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story. Communicating with you. Defining discussions. Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world! A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst. Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed. Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court. The beginning survey, a disciplined talk. Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law. Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting "cruel and unusual punishment" upon the poor. Confronting initial questions "why". Asking what is real for tomorrow. Developments in life and living.
The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, "top is last writing/ bottom first"/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can't be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence "of biblical proportions": could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose "to hide, and run away". With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


         “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.


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