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Friday, 27 February 2015

Countless people have tried and made sex their purpose in life. Regardless of the consequences that are real and fundamentally important to their existence. Physical sex, within the categories of want, are strictly tied to chemicals and how they react with your own body.  Want does not accept a relationship/ rather want asserts “good for me/ IF good for you, that’s ok; but what more is necessary than me”.  But the reality of life as a sexual existence is far more than that/ where intercourse between a man and woman exist: that simple act accentuates the possibility of more.  Where there is a possibility of more, there will be hopes cultivated, a heart to experience in potential passions, and a purpose that escalates rapidly toward an intensity of shared experiences that expect “we are family”.  At least that is the expressions of female, that I found.  On the other side of the line, what is male understands the boundary that exists/ understands the relationship that needs or desires expressions in love/ reaches for family and the discoveries of an honest love and respect: BUT still needs the space necessary to let destiny search and lead, inside his soul.  The heart lives between these two, and searches where need must be defended; either for life or for love/ when these two do not fit exactly. The timing is wrong, the reality is life or its needs and desires, has been granted a greater value than love.  I have found considerable freedom in the potential reality of female composition/ but I have always known the boundaries of male, and the disciplines “he needs”.  No one can have everything, choices must be made/ discipline must be recognized/ and duty must be measured within the intensity of what will be lost or won. These are all realities with sexual impacts between man and woman.  They all have a price, although different between the two individual genders. Happiness exists, where truth comes first/ honesty comes as the decision we will both share together/ and love experiences hope within the relationship we have chosen to care and create with each other.  About each other/ regardless of “this timing does not now, fit”. There are needs in sexual existence, that fundamentally demand an answer to sustain hope/ hope is essential to life in love.  These are relationships that are different than searching for a lifetime together.  These are, I do love you, you are important to me/ even if it is only for a little while.  The test is, “do you love/ or do you lust”?
The elemental essence of this day particularly in America is: that you have chosen greed and selfishness for yourselves/ and these lies are now failing because the truth is: YOU DO expect to be paid for your work.... fantasy, lies, and delusion are no longer enough.  Or more simply the pyramid game, or whatever you choose to call it has collapsed.  It collapses because like all lies, the truth has revealed that numbers are meaningless without the worker and the resource to make money come true as an asset rather than an “imaginary friend”.  Numbers are just numbers/ money is a promise kept by the people who made it, a resource that can be attained, because it is real and true for you. Want built your disgrace, the disease of your   greed.  Pride did all the rest.

For simplicity, instead of entering the discussion forum or going through the links below/ you can simply download:  files on this site.  But do remember your participation is necessary, your decision is vital to the work that must be done/ for this planet to survive.

Since no critically important beginning among you can be found in this matter, of life or death for this planet.  These  initial discussion platforms are created to help you begin.  BUT UNDERSTAND THIS,      you must begin, and you must find truth, and accept it as “the law”.  Or there is no struggle to survive/ you give up, and death will overtake you all.   Work!

 Each of these links/ all the links below, are intended as a beginning for you;   NOT for me.  It is your job to “fill them out as is necessary for understanding/ and appropriate decisions.” a chat room is provided for this purpose/ and multiple chat rooms can be added, if that is realistic.  THIS IS YOUR TURN TO WORK.      Make your decision,   it is not a game.
The reference site forms around

THE LIST, IN ORDER OF MOST IMPORTANT REALITIES, as topics for discussion.  This forum with its chat room gives you that opportunity, use it.   {instructions, if you need them}

1.  The needs of this courtroom are: for truth/ for evidence/ for knowledge/ for understanding/ for wisdom/ for LIFE FIRST.

2.  The needs of this society are: a return to truth in money/ for critical respect/ for justice & fair play/  for food/ for minimum requirements needed to survive/ for opportunities/ for work/ for change, as in community work projects that will support our future/ for business relief/ for military relief/ agriculture relief/ and for housing relief. THESE FUNDAMENTALS CREATE  AN UNDERSTANDING, THAT WE, ARE THE OWNERS OF THIS NATION.

3.  The needs of this nation are:   a courtroom that adheres to constitutional law, no exceptions/ for laws that are fundamental to life, and learned by all/ for resource protections/ for freedoms WITH responsibilities/ for a place among the world of nations, as friend/ for a world court and police, with law governing what will or will not be done.

4.  The needs of this world are:   for population controlfor an ocean, specifically its life, that will continue to survive/ for oxygen, the most fundamental of all elements required for our survival, to remain sufficient, that we may ALL breathe/ for the plants and trees to be maintained at this current level, without exception/ and planting be done across this world/ water conservation and exploitation as necessary for life on earth, and the future/ for justice, fair play, and equality particularly for women in every nation/ for work, to establish a barrier in environment, nature, and all facets of life on earth that are threatened with extinction: that no more shall be lost.

5.  The needs of women are:   to understand the reality of men, that they may know how best to contain and control this world/ to understand, how best to work together in cooperation with each other, to achieve peace on earth through justice/ wisdom/ and fair play/ to establish population control/ to conceive of and  create new and different relationships, that are not based upon ownership such as has been marriage/ to establish and create the possibilities of raising children with help/ to educate and inform as best we can/
, what will become our lives, our nation, & our world.

6.  The needs of sex, under the control of women are:   to understand the realty of men sexually, that you may know how best to contain and control their world/ to accomplish the framework of a society, “that weeds out” sexual disease, instead of letting it overtake human existence;   stop the epidemic/   to understand the basic decision, where there is no owner in marriage, there is no chain/    you cannot “buy a man” and what is fair, is truth;  because we need each other, and disrespect buys you hate, apathy, and disappointment.

7.  The needs of an economic advantage for women are:    Fundamentally adhering to the simple rule, want is an enemy; only truth and reality get to decide/   critically understanding, that credit is an assumption of wealth, it is not a measure of success/ developing plans, that honor society & the purposes of honest money: to help each other be happy, and survive in peace/   functionally accepting, the critical truth that no one owes you, or me, a life:   NOT even   GOD ;   (You are a participant in nature, not someone   “God gave a life, and is then indebted to serve you in such manner as you desire”).      We are ALL required to work, and if you refuse, then you have no place here in time.

The foundation of lies, liars, and failure, that is the leadership of america:   is again asserting and demanding that debts simply don’t matter/ UNLESS its your debt to the bank/ government/ tax/ etc. THEN EVERY DAMN PENNY, is expected to be accounted for.  So apparently the truth here is, that their numbers/ their debts/ their decisions  don’t matter: CAUSE WE have to pay it.  Current leadership, throughout all categories:  Is asking you to believe in lies, & liars again.  Recently, the federal government has spent about 3 trillion dollars “just to be your government (that is an actual cost of $20,000.00 per each trillion dollars/ for each of 50 million workers: or it cost each worker, $60,000.00 apiece, 50 million of us, for them to do their business: just the federal government)”/ they accepted 500 billion dollars in debts for you, from trade imbalance for the first part of the year/ they demanded you the taxpayer shall protect the rich with 700 billion dollars, plus a few hundred billion from earlier bailouts; from their capitalism, by increasing your slavery (come get more credit/ that is the answer, BIGGER CHAINS for all)/ doesn’t include the loan guarantees they made in your name to the rich for about 3 trillion dollars/ they took your social security money, and spent it, leaving you “with an empty account”/ spend a few billion dollars in Iraq, killing/ and allowed the accumulated debts in all sectors of society, up until this year:   is over 100 trillion dollars: PRIOR TO THIS YEAR..  Because the above is just the federal government, TOTALING roughly about $200,000.00 per worker for this year.   But lets move on:   debts for each state government/ debts for each city government/ debts for the financial institutions are separate/ as are business debt/ agricultural debts/ paper debt “bonds and things, not accounted in the bank sheets of regular debts/ and let us not forget the  roughly 50 trillion dollars in personal debts, that individuals have collected for themselves over the years.  NOT “just a leadership problem”/ you wanted, they wanted, ALL said “lets be rich”!    Oh, well I guess debts really don’t matter/ do they?  Well unless you actually want to be paid for your work.  Because if the numbers are fundamentally just a means to “let the rich” be lazy, gluttonous, and in control of your lives/ then what they pay is just a form of indenture that keeps you alive, and away from their doors, with clubs in hand.

 Well lets review;   your own personal debts matter, don’t they/ “because people will come” and  throw you out of your house, let you starve or eat out of the garbage because YOU didn’t take care of these numbers called debt.  Which of course means debt numbers matter for the common citizen, in real terms of life and even death/ or the disaster that becomes hate.   WHO THEN, believes that debts don’t actually matter?  Well obviously the people who run the country believe numbers are irrelevant.  Obviously the university and cities believe numbers don’t matter/ they spend it like water, creating debts “that someone else is suppose to pay/ ever wander who”?  The banks and wall street don’t care, after all “they can make FUNNY MONEY” ANY time they want it, by just advertizing “YOU can be rich/ and then multiplying those payments by 10 or more”.  Buy anything you want with swindles and cons.  And let us not forget the federal government who wipes debts entirely clean, with just a little accounting change; aren’t they special.  Its only numbers/ well except for the actual workers debt:   SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY/ don’t they.  You know its true.  Although in a literal “SEA OF LIES”/ the propaganda machinery uses mass hypnosis, temptation and manipulation as best it can. So, in real terms;   not necessarily the fault of common citizens/ ITS JUST YOUR DEBT. Somebody will pay.  One trillion dollars, divided equally between the american workforce of 50 million people= $20,000.00   twenty thousand dollars per each worker.  But not to worry, the american government claims 14.4 trillion dollars of production OR MORE CORRECTLY, the american liars claim that every single worker, divided equally creates the equivalent sales of $288,000.00 per every single worker in america.  See that worker next to you,   he or she generated $288,000.00 worth of work/ if all things were equal.  How you say can they claim such a thing?  The answer is, it comes from the financial districts and their ability to lie and deceive the world itself. As is clearly being revealed: they made their money selling disease and dysentery, wrapped in pretty little lingerie boxes: “we’ll fuck you later”.   Not to worry though, who will get mad at that/ shit, its just money, no one really cares;   do they?  By multiplying numbers/ selling worthless paper and inflated claims for property or assets, etc, etc, etc.  The financial industries and their propaganda machine which is wall street;   “Made you rich”/ didn’t they? HELL YEAH, they did/ YOU GOT NUMBERS TOO, don’t you!  Well some at least, ain’t that right.  After all, YOU CAN have as many numbers as you like, doesn’t matter at all:   UNTIL the day comes that you wish to trade those numbers for something real.  Such as is happening with the baby boomer generation today.  Imagine that, they actually want something real with their “funny money”/ their numbers built from multiplying imagination, delusion, and fantasy.   And that is why there is a problem today, people actually want more than an illusion:   but can’t have it/ because “well, that is a reality you know/ not just fantasy”.  The words:   “Spends don’t it”/ ARE losing ground to the honesty, that people want to believe their numbers count:   and actually have something besides numbers.  Pity, seeing as all the debts created in building those numbers, are considered to be real: YOU DO want to be paid, right?   Just like global warming is not just about the carbon footprint/ but more critically the heat generated by fire.  The reality of your credit crisis and economic meltdown is about the truth of your debts:   slaves now/ YOU got nothing left to trade.  So the demand of government is:   loan these people some money/ the reality of banks is:   WE WON’T loan the slaves any money, that would be giving it to them for free.  But with a world in crisis: NOW, they will be looking to entrap any person left, that is not quite a slave yet.  Can’t have you with money/   WE WILL BE WINNERS, which means YOU lose.  So, the end result of all the money given to the rich for free, making every taxpayer a slave is going to be civil war/ UNLESS, you can be redirected to believe “lets WAR with them instead”; why tear up our own country.  As is the common reality when crisis appears.  Germany is a prime example/ as was Japan some seventy years ago. Somebody has to pay, and humanity will choose someone to lead, that will remedy the anger with war:    Because men always do.
Mr. Obama has revealed his plan for your economy: he is going to add another trillion dollars of debts “$20,000.00 per worker more/ HELL WHO CARES”.  But of course there is this one little problem, somebody is suppose to loan you the money.  In a world in crisis, every nation in trouble financially; just where do you think the money will come from?  You can’t pay/ so it’s a gift!  Who is going to give you the money for his plan/ and what happens when you cannot even meet a single payment?  Surely nations won’t get mad/ will they?  Or, as is constant in human society: we will just pretend, and keep printing numbers and giving fantasy until this ride stops/ and murder, mayhem, and blood takes over.  YOU REALLY DON’T THINK THE RICH, are going to give back their trophies do you? As this is the only way to return life to a working reality in truth.  Without truth there is no trust/ without trust there is no peace.

Regardless of that, Mr. Obama and his group offer, that they will spend one trillion dollars employing 5 % of the workforce.  Giving these, whatever wage they demand, and abandoning the others/ can’t hire them all, and like GM workers, these will all want everything they stole prior to this day, and more.  Fair, is for fools/ isn’t that right?   But lets review: going to repair highways as a big expenditure of funds (that’s certainly different/ isn’t it):   going to spend money on bridges (who the hell needs to repair or rebuild them/ throw it all away;   that’s certainly different/ isn’t it):    Going to spend money on infrastructure for cities (can’t do that/ cause it’s the federal government, and you can’t pick favorites for long, the rest will be at your door with clubs.) besides like New Orleans, do you really think graft and corruption will be controlled?  Really?  Better wake up now,” beddy-bie/ time for fairy land stories”:    is basically over.

But lets just look at the unions today, particularly the UAW and their fantasy “we can keep on stealing, everybody else does”.  What is a union?  Two things actually:   we are going to demand more money from business owners, a necessary reality of life.  And we are going to demand by gang organization to take someone else’s job/ and keep it for ourselves:   cause we want the money/ and don’t give a damn about you.   Not so friendly, not fair at all, and fundamentally corrupt.  The assumption that an increase in income should be a yearly event, an increase in anything an absolute given.  The assumption that wages are stagnating if not, is a liars web created by the illusions and propaganda of the university.  The simple truth is, that where security lives, thereby peace/ all understand the basic reality that so much money per person in use, throughout this country gives all the means to know where they stand/ and assess, if this other one is taking advantage of us. An increase in wealth, is your decision to spend wisely or not. An opportunity to be essentially the same, the elemental path to harmony and hope for the individual.  Union greed has proven no better than university greed.  Union greed has proven no smarter than university greed.  Stupidity and disgrace rule america today. Like it or not, its true.   Because GREED controls nearly all.

The end of delusion, is fundamentally over:    for all the damned science and tragedy that is man, and his desire to play god as well.  YOU WILL soon pay what you owe/ or YOU WILL quickly stop.   Mutilating nature is beyond sanity, comprising evil in its most basic form: don’t give a damn about nothing/ LIFE is my toy.  Playing with energies that cannot be denied: IS LITERALLY DESIGNING/ GAMBLING with the end of life on earth/ not even insane, this is simply satan at work, evil without the slightest covering.  Believe in men do you, consider where your money has gone/ LIARS ALL AROUND, tinkerers assuring you every step of the way, “we can fix this/ while they took your lives and made you slaves: and the only fix becomes the lies must end”.  Do you really think they will end lying?  Really/ what part of sewer don’t you understand.  Assured in your mind that all science is perfect, its everything we need or want to be/ there are NO costs, no debts to pay?  Really, I suppose there is nothing wrong with weapons of mass destruction either, just because we all know, even a few of these can make us extinct:   I guess men decided fear can be trusted, “just like the image created by satan/ fear makes you god does it”.  Not dead yet/ therefore nothing can happen?  Really, just because a 100 megaton bomb did not completely destroy your world yet does not mean it won’t/ or didn’t come close to killing life on earth before. Just because you did something one thousand times, does not mean one thousand and one, ends life on earth.  You didn’t believe the space shuttle would blow up/ even knowing, they sit on a large bomb and lite the fuse:   too smart/ but alas, you were wrong. You didn’t believe that “germs would mutate/ and antibiotics become useless;   JUST because you insist on creating these germs with your insane usage of antibiotic feeds, and other absolute ignorance/ but they are coming.  You didn’t believe the money would ever stop/ credit would ever demand retribution/ but you were wrong.  Even though all your “special people” & propaganda institutions told you not to worry; “they know what their doing”.  Like hell, but fools are fools/ insanity is just a reference to believers in sewer sludge, instead of truth. When the options run out/ terror begins.  When death is at the door, and there is no escape:   humanity will bring horrors upon itself that can scarcely be believed. The intensity of your delusion, the absolute insanity of all your religions called science, and others from the past;  and all their blind and bigoted followers that believe anything they are told. And yes science is a religion/ in most categories,  because although they “claim superior knowledge” (they know/ fuck the others, only we are special)  of life and the universe/ in reality these are nothing called special ;   just the current “best game in town/ got the most conversation you know”. Just like every other religion before it.  What preacher man does not say the exact same thing/ what religion does not point to their book, and say “perfect/ we know practically everything”. Show me the difference, or is it to hard for you to defend your words?  Perfect, makes me god too/ after all, like being a fan of anything “I am part of the winners/ regardless of the stupidity of it all.” I cheered, that makes me “ a player”:  Dumb ass. Grow up or you die/ and take life with you.  Want your true reward/ fear not, it is coming. For an eternity! In terms of energy/ mutilation/ or any other aspect of science that is under scrutiny here:   the simple form of proof demanded is NOT your endless conversation of stupidity or disgrace.  RATHER the only thing that matters is:   YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES!   If this is a gamble, or potentially a disaster in any appreciable possibility with life/ YOU SHALL NOT DO SO.  Beyond that, apart from the fact, it is stealing our money/ I don’t care. Children have played with toys from the beginning. But let no one forget, “their toys, are our money”/ their substance for survival, is our work.

The is only one critical answer to returning life to society/ currently you are dying, because that is the direction you are heading/ and you pasted the point of no return with your lies.  They will not save you.  To return to truth, MEANS all the liars are removed/ the processes and mechanisms that caused the problems and supported the lies are changed/ the “rich” are returned to reality/ and the poor are challenged to accept the fundamental truth, that we do have a lot of work to do:   and our reality is, that we will all work for the sake of life/ rather than money to return the possibility of survival.   Or we will die/ because so much damage has been done, by the leadership of men, that nobody gets to pretend anymore.  What is necessary and real, MUST BE DONE.   What is foolish and blind, MUST BE DISCARDED.   What is peace on earth will be established by friendship and law and sharing;     Or    GOD    Will simply stop caring about us, and life on earth will end.
The outcry,    “He can’t say that”   / is fundamentally unsupported, simply because the very long list of threats, many of which single-handedly can cause your extermination from earth:   prove that Creation will end, IF YOU DON’T CARE.   And the simple fact is:   that   although we are distinctly CREATED,           Anything less is completely absurd.  Our reality proves, that our decision matters for our future.  Rarely is there the evidence of      “Intervention”      Beyond the message of change/ the reality of some indication in truth, that this message is real.    The evidence of threats, is your truth and evidence:   this message is real!   The reality and truth, of a message created by love, supported by truth, and presents the honesty of a duty to inform, because there is caring present:   all support the simple words:    Change or you will die.  

Find your heart, search for your soul, and decide if you will work for life on earth/ because if you don’t the earth will end.  People have been saying the world will end for thousands of years/ but today, at least a dozen threats exist to do so/ today ALL THE EVIDENCE demands that you will indeed be exterminated soon, even the prophecy of Revelations in the bible is being understood as well as other religious prophecy being recognized.  And as always, people are hiding in their lies/ the religious hiding in their judgment and condemnation for anyone who does not “glorify them”.  This warning comes in the last days:   BECAUSE YOU, would have it no other way.  Greed, and a blanket of delusion were your desires.  Wake up now/   grow up now/    Stop being sheep now/   and learn truth, or you will fail.    Can’t believe anything I say, its your right:   isn’t it?   So then go to court, examine, investigate, and determine what is true for you.  Fail to remove the liars/ and demand only reality; and the world ends in horror.  Fail to recognize what reality and truth are:   and a cascading descent into HELL AND ARMAGEDDON will suck you into eternity. Where there is no escape, no freedom, no rights, and eternal death.                   MAKE YOUR DECISION.
The understanding, that science CAN and WILL RUIN this world, is a matter that SHOULD HAVE an impact on every nation in this world.  The clear possibility of an “atomic bomb”, created at the national ignition facility in San Francisco in 2009, a fact of life, that SHOULD AT LEAST interest CANADA.  Not to mention the ignition of an atomic fire that CANNOT be put out, the entire world.             WAKE UP, BEFORE YOU DIE.
PISS HEAD! Get your head out of your ass.



This is a question that deserves some respect/ and understands that without change, the future is clear, certain, and without the possibility of survival.  The death of genetic discipline, is the horrification of life on earth/ terrors beyond imagination.  Its NOT hard to understand/ nature through genetic information builds our bodies, preempts our need for thought with the necessary information required to use the bodies we are given, balances our relationship with body and every other need and consequence we have. Genetic disciplines and purity knits our bodies together/ puts a skin on it/ heals it from harm/ operates the muscles/ organs:  and even gives us the opportunity for pleasant, happy, and free.  And much more/ YET the devils of men, the whores of women;   choose to take this most valuable treasure of time and creation/ and play with it like a toy.  Purposely intending to defeat genetic discipline, just so they can learn how to play god themselves “going to make you have man/ half goat/ throw in a mosquito brain, and maybe a snake tongue for fun”: THAT is the purpose of your genetic scientists.  And if not, THAT is what you are going to get, as life itself turns into nothing more than a puddle of scum.   Piss head, get your ass up and stop the “university” from destroying this world;    Or get what you deserve, “nothing, but hate”.  And this is just one threat, in a world full of life ending extermination plots, established by the men who have failed every living organism on this earth.  Change this or die, is your truth!  No excuses/ no options:   CHANGE OR YOU DIE.

SO, THE REALITY IS;   THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE IN DISCUSSING A WORLD THAT DID NOT CHANGE:    If not change/ then hell and armageddon, on your way to extinction and hades (eternal damnation, for ruining    GOD’S   CREATION,     On purpose, you chose.)

CHANGE MEANS: in order to get a different result/ there must be different methods and meanings applied to the questions and answers that have been proven bad.   It is absolute and without doubt, that men have brought us to this place in time/ these are their decisions/ their ways and methods/ their thought patterns and purposes.  That is how it is!
The only possible change that is honestly different is for women to lead/ THEY ARE LITERALLY DIFFERENT;   and regardless of what they choose, if left alone to be women;   their choices will be different than men:   a new way, in time; for a new ending or beginning as life on earth.  That too, is just how it is.  Like it or not/ there will be no true change, unless women are in charge of society, of humanity here on earth.  Men are to be abandoned as leaders:    Because we are at death’s door/ and you brought us here, for a nation, for life, and an entire world.

Therefore the fundamental to be engaged for life on earth is as simple as give an organization of women dedicated to creating peace on earth, through justice and fair play for all;   the tools to do this work.  That means 3 distinct things:   the women do have to be free of fear, regarding their lives and the decisions that they will make.   To accomplish this, they are to be given complete control over sexual behaviors with regard to men (more of a role reversal actually)/ so they don’t fear.  And they need to be an organization large enough and opaque enough in terms of individual leaders, that NONE can be singled out for torture or bribery or power: or any other form of coercion as does occur with men.  That means a forum established in the more pure purpose of actually solving the problems of life and society/ without being dependent upon individuals to lead.  The most economical method of doing this is with the internet;   thereby allowing the creation of independent but opaque conversations.  Developing primary considerations;   understanding the topic to be discussed is not random but disciplined information carefully considered;   accepting the responsibility of a nation or world, is NOT a decision for you/ BUT FOR THE TRUTH required of you to seek.  If truth actually leads rather than women/ then a decision shall be made;   and women will then choose according to reality, what can be done for a better future for life on earth.  The foundation required for building a life that can survive is very simply:    Every choice that you make, MUST BE FOR LIFE FIRST,    Nothing else counts, money is irrelevant.   When sufficient truth has been declared.  Then reality is discussed.  When sufficient reality is known, that an opportunity to be heard exists for the sake of life on earth/ THEN AND ONLY THEN, A VOTE IS TAKEN: on individual matters,   WOMEN ONLY/ no men allowed.
        The failure of men is:    Nothing else counts, “money first”.   If you do not abandon this tragedy, then you get its reward: death.

Should women fail to accept this new responsibility, the future is also certain; they will be sold for slaves/ trampled/ raped/ and discounted as worthless,   because the population is so vast;   it is women who will be blamed.   Its either that, or men have to take the responsibility:   you tell me, what do  insane men, surrounded by fear do?  You tell me, if faced with paying the price of their failure/ or blaming that failure on women is about to occur?   I will tell you, just like wars erupt because the problems have become to large to deal with.   It will be the same result here, because not only are there tremendous economic failures to deal with/ there are food shortages, water shortages, genetic abnormalities, weapons of mass destruction, and a long list of threats to be dealt with.  Men have no answers, but blaming each other left/ so its war on someone, or war on everyone.  You can count on it.  There is no other option, WOMEN WILL INTERRUPT THE CONCLUSIONS OF WAR, in men.   Or life on earth will die, because nature cannot survive, this nation cannot survive, the kinds of war that are coming.  It is just that simple.

THEREFORE LADIES, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT/   life or death for this planet, now rests on your shoulders, and within your search and reality of truth, justice, fair play, and peace;     Or we simply all die.

To gain recognition and acceptance for your ability to solve a significant problem that men cannot/ it is fundamental that you embrace this trial on this site case #08-3954 and prove you are able.   The function of this trial is to gain insight into the reality of our lives today, as it exists in truth.  No more lies/ no more fantasies/ no more delusions/ no more excuses:   NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, as it exists in debts, nature, threats, purposes of all branches of government and its conclusions by action, the reality of university threats/ military threats/ physical threats/ global threats/ environmental threats/ genetic threats/ water & food threats/ population threats:   and MORE.   In other words, this is a searching vessel for knowledge and understanding about what the future men have laid before us truly is/ and how to change that future for survival of this earth/ protection of our nature/ and elemental happiness for all life on earth; plus justice and everything necessary to bring peace and harmony to life.  Not so hard/ simply begin in knowledge.  Learn to understand the basic laws that guide a conclusion, that will prove true for the future.  Accept the consequence of wisdom, that I/ we must make a difference, when life or death is the reality if this fails.

The establishment of law, in other words, the knowledge and understanding by the people of their laws/ so that they can obey and participate in a harmonious and peaceful world, is governed by the use of laws that all or the majority can understand/ and DO understand, because they have learned.  Therefore every law that will be used to govern, is a SHORT one page law, explaining what is important.  Every law that is not fundamental to life, is no law/ and rules are to be kept to a minimum.  We ascend as a society, from our appropriate use of resources/ without resources, there is no society.  Therefore the protection of those resources, defends the future/ and declares that the children shall NOT be assassinated, for gluttony and pride.   Don’t kill the children!   Remember that.

Court reply Supreme Court 4-14-09, Appellate Court 4-14-09

So today, in this simple moment called time, the fundamental of our journey as life on earth at this moment:   is to consider and decide IF THERE IS REASON TO BELIEVE, the THREATS AGAINST OUR SURVIVAL AND HAPPINESS, ARE severe enough to warrant the use of a courtroom to dispense with the lies, and ENCOUNTER WHAT IS TRUE.    If you believe, that there are sufficient threats to demand an investigation, specifically designed to establish to the best of our ability WHAT OUR FUTURE WILL BE, with change or without.   Then you need to engage in every activity that will produce that evidence, investigation, knowledge, understanding, honor, and appropriate decision that will follow.         
If you believe, that there are not sufficient threats to warrant a courtroom investigation to remove the lies and establish the truth/ I suggest you learn better, and quickly, before all possible options for a future simply disappear.

This is not a game, environmental tragedies exist and are accelerating/ genetic disaster is literally “moments away”/ an ocean dead, with no possibility to recover very soon/ economic chaos and hate coming quickly/ and a thousand more, just to start.  Such is the price of your greed/ the failure of your pride and arrogance.  The deceit used to LIE YOUR WAY INTO THIS HOLE.    Shame on you.   This, didn’t need to be/ YOU chose it as a society and world:    Because you wanted GREED, more than life.  Shame on you.   Live or die/   the men chose die:    TODAY it is the WOMEN who will choose, and do the work or fall into the trap         Laid by men.   There is no going back.  There is no middle ground, because we are so many people, we are now in control of nature, environment, and life on earth.   There is no option, NO RELIGIOUS answer, NO military answer, and NO reliance on the past.   Life on this planet HAS CHANGED.  The question of this day, is can women save us all?   Their answer, will be required.  Run away or hide, and you die/ taking this earth with you.   THINK before you answer, for yourself.   THIS AIN’T a group decision/ this is YOUR DECISION, and what you are willing to do, in support of life;    Or not.  
Make up your mind/ MAKE YOUR DECISION.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 27 February 2015 )
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