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Friday, 27 February 2015

In the elemental decisions that face us in this day, there are delusions and fantasies to be dismissed/ truths to be faced whether you like it or not/ realities to be examinedso that we cannot be wrong, or simply die.  Because of insanity; and there are true decisions to be made about our democracy, both state and nation;  our world, and the future we face.  I am not the decision/ I am merely "the messenger"; enforcing the truth, "you cannot simply walk away or hide, from all this tragedy coming. It is neither your right/ nor is it possible to survive, unless we face our truth as a planet.  That is simply the facts, that must be investigated: TO PROVE; "what happens, when this goes wrong".  Redress, the reality of law provided by democracy through our constitution; is not a game.  Federal and state trials  going on today.  Nothing is more important, than the survival of life on earth.  The summation of this work proves, I am not playing; because the evidence proves we are threatened, WITH EXTINCTION.  Therefore "worth your time" to understand.  DON'T believe me;   believe the evidence or prove it is wrong.  But remember this: when gambling with an entire earth, and all its life: THERE IS NO "going back".  Once past the point of no return, we simply die.  The primary site

Something about you/ something about me.

  Another extreme threat being:  "they can do anything they want with nature itself".  Even though it is absolutely proven that the intertwining of species, the mutilating of DNA can produce horrific results:  including pandemic's/ complete disassembly of the body/ chimera's (bodies combined with other creatures, etc) or monsters for simple.  And VERY much more, bringing nature into chaos that cannot be reversed.   Ask yourself deliberately:   ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THEM BE WRONG?    And many more threats as well.

Are you willing to understand,the experiment to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe;  is not so simple as these assume.

            The functional definitions of all sites I provide are now listed on www.justtalking3.linfo   the purpose being:  to provide the option and tools required to give all members of society a chance to change their world, before it falls into chaos.  There are threats that CANNOT be dismissed/  there are issues of democracy and fair play which CANNOT be dismissed without the loss of freedom/ there are issues of economies destroyed, because greed ruled too long.  There are lawsuits required/ officials warned “we the people” can occur.  There are people warned, to fail is to die, because the truth of our reality is clear enough to know what the future will bring, without change.  The foundation of this work has proven:  humanity itself does NOT want to participate in anything but their own wants/ you want, to blame someone else, excusing yourself from the consequences, the reality of a choice you do not wish to make.  That is the decision of a  small child/ and will not be accepted as enough to stop the destruction of this planet or its life.  Which means simply:  YOU MUST GROW UP, and take responsibility for what you CAN DO.  If all you can do is pass this message on/ then that is what you must do, for life and a future, and yourself.  NOT because I say so, that is irrelevant.  But because the truth is clear enough for  all to see:  threats beyond our ability to survive past the point of no return/ are threats that make us all extinct.  Not a game, a fact of our existence in this day. Believe it or not, I will be proven true.  This is your chance to fight for life on earth/ fail, and it dies;  you too.
                YOU ARE NOT A BYSTANDER/ YOU, are a participant in what our future can or will become.  You are, the reality of what you choose to do/ because that is your truth.

The fight for social justice:   vs the IRS; trial preliminaries/   vs the FBI, the initiating trial/   vs state of IL judiciary.  More at site
These trials, both state and federal: because of their severity, in terms of being wrong. Account for the reasons this work has been done/ all other sites and work are merely complimentary or foundations for that work. They exist at or download the entire site as a zip file here.

The work continues on (click here)


I asked for and demanded: let us search for truth, the evidence of our future according to the constitution and law. I demanded let none threaten us as a state, nation, or world: protect as the constitution demands. Those who threaten us today/ have no right [I provided proof]. I asked: let us all work to define a new tomorrow and protect the children today. What I received is a revolt and a revolution from the law/ by the very people employed to protect these very things; and are sworn to protect that very law. [I provided law]. Because they worship power, pride, and the status quo, more than life/ they chose to discard reality. We must now look beyond "the employees of government". Are we not equal? Do you have no say? Is this NOT, A GOVERNMENT "OF THE PEOPLE/ BY THE PEOPLE/ AND FOR THE PEOPLE": ACCORDING TO THE LAW! Answer the question [is this not true]?
I asked: protect our lives from foolish and insane risk/ let us look at the evidence/ let us seek knowledge/ let us understand our truth and these threats. I asked: protect this world from terrorists, known to be creating the largest bombs or carnage possible in this world. I asked do not gamble with our world. I asked for communication from media, supporting democracy in truth. Let democracy decide. I asked for support from religion, demanding this is important. They found fear.




End of Tyranny


The questions of our mortality, exist as the beginning of our soul!

Changing governments and society

This REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, according to the first amendment of the US CONSTITUTION: is now a docketed

trial, case no #08-1339

(in pdf) The petition and appendix and proof of service and letter of compliance.

Motion of importance , The Reasons

That simple change means, the justices of the US supreme court must make a LEGAL decision based upon the petition, and its appendix as provided. Because there is NO legal possibility that the first amendment can be discarded or ignored: it is fair to say at this time, trial is expected/ because there are NO precedents/ and that means there are NO excuses. Should the court fail the law, it goes to media review.
The letter, the case is docketed, “scheduled to be heard by a judge”! The notice, The waiver.

a letter to the us supreme court (PDF)

[Providing direction and the purpose of a clear agenda: as is consistent with the motion presented, and as yet is muted by the court. That agenda is: DON'T GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES, YOU have no legal or constitutional right. The court in fact is obligated, TO FIGHT

this "extra-ordinary case" #08-1339
Osterbur v. USA et al.


Dated June 15, 2009



The elemental truth of possible and potential consequences that do in fact establish risk/ gambling, against all life on earth; as is created by science without sense/ fundamentally convicts all who use these experiments; as terrorists against this earth, and all its life. This is not a conviction based upon "a completed act: wherein this earth is dead". Rather this is a conviction based upon the truth, there is no recourse/ no set of actions to be taken, once critical tragedy has occurred. The plain truth is in view: by their own words and actions, the foundation of such experiments as is defined by the national ignition facility in the USA, and as is defined by CERN, a joint action created in part by the United Nations: DO CRITICALLY ALIGN the possibilities and energies of multiple nuclear power plants/ used in conjunction with foolhardy and extremely dangerous conceptions: to create the potential of damaging or destroying this whole earth, and every life on it. The many other threats, such as genetic mutilation, particularly those whose only purpose is to critically destroy genetic disciplines so that man can "play god; and make insect men/ or bird men/ or whatever it is that the criminally insane believe they will do" : is equally prepared to establish death to nature itself, the end of life on earth. WE CANNOT "fix what they cause to fail"/ THEREFORE IT IS A TERRORIST ACT, to literally attempt to crucify ALL life on earth. There are more.
There is no excuse/ there is no science worthy of these risks or gambles/ there are profuse lies regarding the possibilities by all connected. There is an intent, to destroy life/ an action conceived of by creating weapons capable of destroying life on earth/ there are people lying about what they do, for the express purpose of "playing god, over the lives of all others"/ not just a few. There is NO POSSIBILITY, that we can "wait and see" if all life on earth is to be destroyed. WE MUST USE THOUGHT, BASED IN KNOWLEDGE/ AND DESCRIBED BY THE PLAIN EVIDENCE:
We literally CANNOT be wrong!

Or life on earth is dead. Consequently, all who gamble and mutilate are ordered to stop their insanity/ or be held accountable, to the possibility of coming trial. Wherein YOU will be charged with TERRORISM/ and if found guilty by the people of this world: YOU WILL be tortured and killed slowly, and with as much grief in view of the world as it is possible to give to you. If you aid and abet a terrorist; are you not fundamentally guilty of the same? Would that not include knowingly or directly providing food, energy, transportation or any other type of reality that intentionally allows one set of people, to risk all our lives? It ain't a job, if that job intends to create the potential of death to this world. We are more than "a poker chip" to gamble with; this is our lives, our world, and every future life, till the end of time. We DESERVE OUR SAY, fully educated and fundamentally free to choose for ourselves by vote!

Trial is coming within the US SUPREME COURT/ they have no excuse; they must desert their duty, and abandon law, to excuse trial #08-1339. {found at the US supreme court or on}. And there are penalties for anarchy; either the law rules, OR it is anarchy. This is trial based upon 1st amendment redress of grievances; and there is no debate as to grievances or constitutionality. Either we go to trial, or anarchy rules this nation. Therefore, because YOU DO THREATEN all life on earth/ I tell you plainly and today: CEASE AND DESIST these actions; until the people of this USA, speaking for the world/ or the world itself shall tell you their decision. If the majority are willing to let you gamble and risk their lives. If they say yes/ then "go ahead". But if they say no, and you proceed in ANY form: criminal consequences and torture shall be yours. You are to shut down these threats to life on earth. You are to obey the law, and not threaten all life on earth. You will await trial; because HUMANITY has a right to decide/ not you. Fail to respect us, and you will die; as the nation decides.
This warning is given prior to trial/ because the machinery and experiments are currently running. Regardless if "life on earth survives" an experiment that runs during this period; IF YOU PROCEED/ YOU WILL be charged as a terrorist. Because if we find your work to be "essentially, probable cause" ; with regard to risking our lives. You will die, as a terrorist/ along with any "political, military, or judicial figure who assists": if the people so decide. Just because the bomb did not go off/ does not make you any less a terrorist! The fact you placed a destructive device in our midst, and intentionally gambled with our lives; is enough. Those who receive this warning are ordered to inform "all their associates; in the various sciences, that are gambling with life". If you do not/ their lives are condemned by you.

My authority: is governed by the truth, WE CANNOT BE WRONG as humanity on earth/ THEREFORE WE AS A WORLD MUST NOT GAMBLE with life on earth. The law is on my side/ trial, is on your side: prove your lies [PROVE, there is no possibility that life on earth will be damaged]. Let the people decide. That is the purpose of this partition, in the trial listed above. "Perhaps the people, will continue to be blind, deaf/ mute and dumb". THAT is not my concern/ neither is my own life a concern: this is life on earth, by human choice. This is democracy in action as we the people. It is clear and certain: some will be like me. NOT a mob/ NOT outside the law/ NOT a threat (the law threatens you, not me): but determined to have our say.
The question: WILL humanity arise, to literally protect itself from potential extermination? Only they know: IF THEY CARE ENOUGH! My job is not to decide that fact/ it is their's. My job, is to provide an opportunity for the people on earth to decide for themselves. Play time is over, life or death is NOT a fantasy/ it is our reality. Let the evidence prove truth.

The question: can humanity understand, "we are the government, of every nation"; cannot be underestimated. The knowledge of law provides the foundation for true democracy; because it removes the leader, and presents the law as our ruler; one and all. The wisdom to create LESS than one hundred "one page laws" which will then govern all aspects of society and life in community, and work: IS A FUNDAMENTAL search for what is justice, fair play, and the assignment called equality. The necessity of learning: YOU SHALL inherit your own work, rather than come to invade and take mine, is critical to discipline and the honor provided by honest work and choices. We will share/ but you will gain only by your own choices: you may NOT simply take mine or theirs. The critical difference between rebellion, and the RIGHT TO CONTROL GOVERNMENT, is a courtroom battle wherein the truth decides our direction, by the understanding of choices created within our own reality. NO FANTASY ALLOWED! The critical reality of a change in government is divided by three separate things: those who hold weapons shall be confronted, NOT with violence/ but with the truth "YOU, are one of us"/ and those who fail that test, will find themselves a criminal; and if a murderer, then due for "just rewards". The second is communication: the right of the people to understand, be educated in their choices, rights, and obligations; the ability to talk and conceive of change, and therefrom assemble the necessary law. The third is food, and basic needs: WE are the people, who do the work/ nothing of society survives without that work, therefore these needs are ours/ these resources are a right. Money IS LITERALLY our work, and natures' resources. The question presented is not taking what we need/ BUT not being refused access to what we need, while change is taking place. The difference is: that the money involved is ours/ the numbers that "leaders of men" have provided, are worthless. Because WE THE PEOPLE will create our own, as TRUE DEMOCRACY becomes the truth of this or any other nation. WE ARE the nation, WE ARE the food and providers of every need, WE ARE the soldier, the police, the medicine, everything! Therefrom, we literally CANNOT be denied.

The Simple Truths

For those that are having problems downloading Adobe PDF reader, to read the PDF files below. There is a free alternative that is MUCH smaller in size. Foxit reader can be found at

THIS IS THE SPACE DELEGATED: to the response of those legal entities representing the USA and state of IL; according to the demands of the lawsuit presented above.

Quote: "The government hereby waives its right to file a response to the petition in this case, unless requested to do so by the court". ELENA KAGAN solicitor general/ counsel of record May 29, 2009

In a more simple expression; it is believed counsel for the defense, has found no suitable grounds or merit within the law; for challenging this petition. Thereby agreeing to trial.

This is in fact a wise and so far "friendly position"/ as it allows the law to "do its job". Even so at least 5 supreme court employees, commonly called judges must agree: the law will be served. What is necessary to understand about this case is: THAT IT IS NOT INTENDED to be a battleground. Rather as is consistent with the constitution: all manner and means available are to be used, in the friendliest possible manner/ to find the solutions which we need as a nation/ and define what is in our best interest as citizens of this democracy. A battleground IS NOT my intention or desire/ HOWEVER if the intent of the court or any who appear: without honor, respect, truth, or the purpose of "best for all"/ a battle will ensue. Redress is the means to decide without civil war or rebellion, what the law and the nation allow: in a time, when clearly trouble has arisen. A more simple sentiment: NOT your way/ NOT my way; but as a nation decides is OUR WAY.
THE STATE OF IL has not yet responded, and if they refuse: they must accept the decisions of the court, as they occur without the opportunity to respond.

A NEW "MOTION LETTER" IS SENT TO THE COURT/ REMINDING THEM the national ignition facility: IS IN FACT, A GRAVE THREAT TO US ALL/ and no more time for failure is acceptable.

Proof of service

PROGRESSIONS in time, as expressed by this link are a means of challenging anything not suited to this work.

“ the clerk of the court denies 08-1339"/ an illegal act, a conspiracy to deny the law.  A docketed case means: “the judge or jury,  must decide”/ not a clerk.

The question presented before the US SUPREME COURT here in this trial, established on this site: is a very simple, will you honor the law, that is the first amendment legal right to a "redress of grievances" created by the constitution, in this amendment?

The correct answer is, "YES, we will obey the law"! Anything else is: NO, WE will choose not to obey the law, thereby attesting to anarchy and the criminal intent to steal from the American people their right to law, their guarantees as a nation. To be governed by the law, and to receive judgment according to that law. It is the law, that is judge; the employee, is our advocate for a fair trial.NOT THE OTHER WAY around. The question before the people of this USA is then: what will you do, for this nation and yourselves? Accountability, democracy, freedoms, duty, respect, truth, and the foundations of government by "WE THE PEOPLE", as is this trial: Submit, that you must enforce the law, even if the judge does not! That you must establish WE THE PEOPLE, or submit to tyranny. That you must do your duty, defending our nation/ our world/ your children; and all life on earth, by the decisions which face you today. This trial is simply, about our future, even as a world. If you walk away/ you choose to cast this earth "into hell"/ you choose to continue the things of university and men who do and have mutilated and are destroying this environment/ the resources required for life/ this nature: allowing life itself, to be infiltrated with chaos, which is (Armageddon). This trial is about finding the truth, of what our future will be, unless there is real change. Not my guess/ not your assumptions: the reality of our truth, as best we can understand it. Failure to assemble and believe the evidence, as best we can: is a decision of fools. The future comes, or your dead.
Our critical truth is, WE DO stand on the precipice of one disaster after another/ and without a true change in direction, there will quickly come, a point of no return. The various cause and effect of that statement is listed throughout this site and its sister site are assertions based upon the evidence/ but they are not demands for your acceptance. RATHER YOU are being required to assess the evidence for yourself, and choose better; or let this world die. You are being asked to live by truth, instead of fantasy and lies.
IT IS: A very important job, FOR YOU/ is that not so? I simply bring this message of change or die/ this right to claim the government of this USA, as WE THE PEOPLE, or not. It is "your choice"/ and you will distinctly make it, by what you do individually.
Your choice/ therefore your decision! Whether this nation and this world will live or die. Or whether I die, prior to its completion/ IS irrelevant. This is your trial, as WE THE PEOPLE, of this USA. The common foundation of "no one listens, no one cares, no citizen has any power, they lead us to hell and we have no choice: ETC/ ETC/ ETC". Are all failed excuses! The law decides, and the law gives you this redress of grievances by the first amendment of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Therefore if you continue to whimper and whine/ instead of work for change and truth: IT IS YOUR FAULT, as an individual citizen of this USA. YOU FAILED, "not them"/ just as guilty of treason, as those who didn't care enough to choose better.

There are a multitude of links to this site, and others I provide/ they will help you understand, anything that seems amiss or unclear. YOUR JOB, is to expand this knowledge, and establish your own contributions/ purpose/ and desire: in defense of this nation and world. Get off your ass, quit whining/ crying not fair, or whatever you do: and get to work. This ain't a game. GET THE MEDIA INVOLVED, its your job! This IS the only chance you are going to get, to change the direction of this earth: either you will use it/ or you just don't care enough, and do deserve to die. If not for you/ then do it for the children, or all life on earth, and for the future: you have your life/ give them theirs. DO what YOU CAN DO!


A personal letter to the clerk of the court

James F. Osterbur

Dated 4,23,09

re: the appendix is separate to insure the petition which you already qualified can go on.
There from as I have complied I do expect the same of you. Should you find fault with the appendix / I expect that to be treated as a separate issue.

(in pdf) The petition and appendix and proof of service and letter of compliance.

Motion of importance , The Reasons


Sued, is the USA and state of IL. Break down of the case is: this nation and state are in trouble and disgrace/ and according to this petition, and the first amendment of the constitution: the government employees, must now be accountable to the owners of this nation and state: WE THE PEOPLE. This is a demand for truth and reality/ BUT MANY people do not like truth or reality, and as a consequence: trouble may erupt, in the days prior to trial. A wide range of the insane, and delusional, and particularly greedy/ powerful/ and proud; will find this trial threatening. A great many will believe, we are better off as we are/ but that is simply not true. This trial is about truth and reality, therefore what have you to fear? Arrangements have been made for women to take over this trial, should I die. There is a limited risk.
The formal lawsuit, Reply by government employees: is allowed until June 1st, and will appear on the web site. After that the court takes a recess until October; and at some point this fall, trial is expected to commence. This trial is about everything/ about weapons of mass destruction/ economies/ pollution/ resources/ environment: simply everything that must be addressed for the sake of this world. Literally a world case in many regards. The one and only chance, "WE THE PEOPLE" have to make the decisions that will become our future. I WILL BE, demanding truth, honesty, fair play, justice, hope, happiness, life first, RESPECT, discipline, courage, honor, and critical reality must decide as defined by truth itself.

I have demanded, the extreme threat presented by the national ignition facility await this trial and its decision: BUT, it is literally up to you to stop them, as no certainty exists these things won't begin in ernest/ before they are stopped. Or CERN, or genetic disciplinary failure, or the rest; are all possibilities that do threaten all life on this earth. It is our right to tell them NO/ THEY RISK our lives too/ but time is not on your side anymore. Do whatever you can. Regardless what you believe the experiments can do for you/ this trial is to assess and ascertain the risk to life on earth, and then let all people decide, if that risk can be taken. Is that too much to ask? No, it is not.

It has become apparent

That a lack of knowledge about the judicial system in general, must be addressed. There are three things you need to know:
1) that no one simply files a case within the supreme court/ you must fight in lower courts to get there, and present a failure or need to respect the law, to be docketed. Or "if special", they will play with you anyway. I am not, and this is no game/ life or death by countless threat exists. And we MUST deal with our reality instead of the delusion and fantasy created by idiots, and fools. This day was created by your leaders, and the law/ not me. I simply choose, to demand the law shall rule/ a vote shall be heard/ and accountability shall be given. Noted, is the simple fact that this redress of grievances, by the people, according to the first amendment has never been tried before/ that means: original jurisdiction shall be applied, after the initial proof and judgment/ that a LEGAL RIGHT exists. The variation of that right through trial, can be considered these words.
2) as is represented by this case and the words which define it: I am not the issue, the purpose, or the reason/ I AM a citizen demanding accountability through constitutional law. A fact, that any other citizen (even you) could also have done, if you had created the preparations necessary. If the court is not our friend/ then it is our enemy; and I am NOT willing to accept that. Let the law decide, for it has no eyes or ears, no heart or mind of its own: instead it is OUR DECISION, of what this nation shall be / not an employee, but we the people.

3) even the judges of the supreme court are bound, employed, and can be penalized: IF they do not accept that CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, is the basis and foundation of every law in this land/ and every opportunity to exercise authority over this people. Therefore, DEMOCRACY IS, we the people BY LAW/ rather than they have the control, and we get to be slaves. There is "no they"! Instead, there is the law, and it will be obeyed; or "the authority" is guilty of treason/ treachery/ collusion/ and stands as a traitor to the law and the nation.
and the law, is the same for each one. Thereby me/ you too. The right of redress is without doubt or contention/ the truth of failure by leadership is EVERYWHERE. The list of threats is long, not only to our lives/ but this very world.
Therefrom, the time is now, or never/ the rights of WE THE PEOPLE will be discovered today; \\ or you will whimper and die. Like it or not. Disaster is waiting, if you fail/ your life, your job, your future, your nation, and your world: therefore YOUR WORK AND YOUR CHOICE.
To be heard or not. MAKE YOUR DECISION.
This world is waiting.
Its fate, is in your hands.
BUT Critical change, DOES mean women will lead!
MEN, brought us here:
more of the same, is just more of the same.

To clarify, and create a more dedicated understanding of position and intent: I DO NOT stand here alone, in this trial! Instead, the law stands with me, the constitutional intent prepares my statement: it is the law. The first amendment is my guaranteed and inherent right to seek justice through law, the bill of rights illustrates a need for the people to be involved, the declaration of independence declares an inalienable right to participate in not only government but the demand for fair play, is a duty we must not ignore. And every soldier who fought or died for the HONOR, & sake of a nation called WE THE PEOPLE, stands with me: because neither they nor I fight or die for fools, failures, whore's, and idiots; that simply throw life and nation away: trading our expression and experience of life, for greed and selfish want. Therefrom I say to you, even though I do stand as one single individual out of over 300 million, and need no special treatment. IT IS THE LAW, the truth, the constitution, the blood, and the reality of our day that demands this REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, by and for WE THE PEOPLE. IT IS the law that demands attention and obedience through trial, and a courtroom, and the audience required by DUTY as a citizen of this USA. I merely claim my guaranteed inherent right to trial, as does any other citizen who believes in law, and seeks not only justice for me, but for life.

According to the law then, called: the first amendment to the US constitution. The demand for trial is complete. The reality set before the judicial service of the US supreme court: simply, either the law shall decide/ or criminal intent and purpose does exist. Each and every lower court, having had their say: finds no defense, against a petition for redress according to the first amendment/ they chose lies or desertion of duty. That means, not only does the US supreme court need to answer for itself, it must also answer for these lower court cases, and define what our reality must be according to the first amendment.
WE/ I do demand better, than the illusion of law. The first amendment is law. There are tremendous consequences coming, because of extreme delusion and fantasy in leadership; even for all life on this earth. Accountability in leadership & law includes: your job is to investigate and prove the future will survive/ MAKING DECISIONS, and providing laws, that serve this very purpose. For the people of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Anything less, is traitor or treason.

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