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Friday, 27 February 2015

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mutilation of nature itself/ the intentional destruction of DNA/ the biological release of “weapons of mass destruction” as is the crossing of species boundaries” a known cause of every pandemic identified in history.

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On this earth, there are literally trillions of “all life on earth”/ every single one of which is being threatened with extinction; including yours.  That fact comes clear, as our reality becomes certain: our destiny or fate is:  “about to be sealed, so says the evidence”!  In these words, you are asked to share:   is, The question!  With trillions dependent upon what we do/ you do.  With trillions of individual lives, including every child, & every future child (we are all miracles);   dependent upon the reality:   do you/ or do we  care?  The answer must be:   LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST!  There are, no other significant objectives here: simply life must survive, by law; & no gambling with our world. No threatening every existence on earth, with your experiment, theory, fantasy, lies, theft, or excuse.  WE MUST SAY    “NO”! Taking their tools for this,  away.    BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY:  called    “WE THE PEOPLE”/ are owners here.  We paid, for that right!

Audio Heat, Fire and Explosion Audio Whipping the Slave Expressions Simple Choices
Audio Atomic Structure Elements of Me Beyond Desire Treasons of tragedies Simple but with Elegance
Audio Reality of sun energy Forming Destiny Audio True Democracy I Chose
Presence Battleground of Harmony Man Wants More Reality of Energy The Law of True Democracy Basis of War





AS STATED:   the entire purpose of trial/ the purpose of these sites, and this work is fundamentally summed up by the motions filed in this case:   14SC-2

EACH BEING FUNCTIONALLY ABOUT:   what happens, TO US;   when you’re wrong?

Motion 1    (to investigate threats that gamble with our entire world.)

Motion 2    (To investigate threats that gamble with our entire natural world of life).

Motion 3   (To identify and prove, what the future will become/ as it applies to resources and environment)

Motion 4    (To stop and prove counterfeiting/ thereby returning to reality and truth in money).  To stop civil war, by using the law.


Video Last Lecture
Consider the Source Constitutional Redress Leaders Involved
Miscellanious Summary Consider the Source Established
Consider the Knowledge    Consider the Understanding Court Statment



WE THE PEOPLE own this state and this nation: the trial, Champaign county court, IL;         14SC-2   filed 1/8/14.   established on the principles of democratic ownership.  Seeks to identify and prove:   the following statement as our authority exposed:     so that  NO MAN OR WOMAN employee, etc:  shall then ever dare say, or imply;  to any citizen again:  

            (we can, and will gamble with your life, your world, your nature, your child, your future;  steal your money, imprison or enslave you/ or anything else we so desire;  and there ain’t nothing you can do about it).

          Ownership means:  The clear and certain authority of democracy,  MUST BE ESTABLISHED, and ENFORCED/ same for all.  No one is ruler, that means redress of grievances a first amendment guaranteed legal right of the US constitution: MUST BE OBEYED.  The reality of redress is: “the most powerful words ever written”/ because the legal right to bring our employees into court, and demand an accounting or investigation DOES prove we the people truly are, “THE OWNERS” here.  But that does mean LEGAL participation/ responsibility/ & decisions to investigate our employees, OR the very extreme and serious threats that can make us all extinct/ the opportunities of TRUE ownership/ etc as we the people:   ARE GOING TO BE DETERMINED BY YOUR VOTE, or YOUR ACTIONS, or  YOUR DECISIONS in the next few weeks.   The filing is/ the laws used/ the brief   and the summary of trial purposes.  Trial 14SC-2 is “your trial for democracy and control”.  Make your decision, because there is nothing else legal, or illegal;   I can or will do for you.  You have a legally guaranteed right:   either use it, or abandon it.  The law is true.

          THE foundation of our democracy as a state and nation is:   that WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here/ there are no rulers/ no religion may rule!   In contrast to that, our employees have created situations and corruptions that fundamentally deny our right to that authority; and give it to the assumptions of university knows.  The US constitution HAS a solution:   its called redress of grievances/ a first amendment law.  In contrast to the claim by the state of IL; that they are “doing their job”/ comes the realities of debt, that only serves a tiny few.  Failure to protect the people even though the evidence of potential terrorism is absolute, and against this entire world.  A failure to confront federal employees in their counterfeiting of money, conspiracy to deny redress; etc.  A failure at very many levels;   “Because our employees,  believe the university knows everything/ and the people can call them “the government”; as is a lie.  That assumption constructs a cult worship: where even though it is clearly known, and removed from court time and time again.   To bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ can in fact make us all extinct!  There is no proof of otherwise.  There is only a blind and extremely foolish assumption:   “Not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will put itself out”.  If that fails/ WE BURN.   Every threat, that possess the potential to destroy billions of lives, and even an entire planet/ or mutilate all life:   BY LAW, must be investigated.  BY LAW, our lives cannot be gambled with.  BY LAW, WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE the right to know,  but all are refused, by all forms of leadership.  When/ how/ what can happen/ what is not known, but merely is an assumption or theory without ANY TRUE facts.  Is nonetheless a reality:  which exists as experimentations that can destroy everything we need, & everything we are.   IS A TRUE THREAT, a reality that can become our extermination. Or the refusal to protect resources we depend upon for our very existence and survival:  is substantively a very traitorous act, by our leaders.  Not the demand they must do as I say, or believe anything I present other than law.  The law: recognizes  the fact, that potential complete extermination of life;   its mutilation of genetic DNA potentially beyond horrors;  for a religious cult called evolution.  The known resources in jeopardy of collapse.  Even the threat of civil war, by the counterfeiting of money.  Or a long line of extinction in nature itself;  that ends in our own demise.  Are all facts that can be investigated:   and are absolutely within  the public right to know/ and in fact  must know, for their own survival.  Gambling at this level: IS OUR DECISION/   NOT, a tiny few;   who claim to be “god (we can, and will gamble with your life/ and there ain’t nothing you can do about it)”.

          This court casefights for redress; as is the law.  Exhibits A, B, C, DThis court case fights for protection from execution by, SAME  fire, as is on the sun: it burns atomic bonds/ because nothing less can produce the energy.   TO INVESTIGATE :   is NOT the assignment, “the court must decide what will happen”!      BUT THE DEMAND: TO INVESTIGATE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THESE SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG!    And subsequently protect us all:   when being WRONG, is absolutely our extinction.  Because there are NO second chances.  Once ignition occurs/ once a pandemic is released from species mutilation/ once nature collapses, or our primary resources are completely lost: we die.   Just the facts!

           This court case fights for equal treatment under the law; through democracy:   WE HAVE GUARANTEED RIGHTS.   And does seek the reality of justice, and fair play; including the demand LIFE must always come first/ for this planet.  This case is not less, than any of these things: it is more.   Time is running out 1, 2, 3


          Which brings me to you:   trial date is set:   march 7, 2014 courtroom D   Champaign county courthouse   case # 14SC-2.     THIS IS, the very last “go around”/ last chance anybody gets to interfere with the outcome of all the threats we do face.  Because there just AIN’T enough time left; for any other chance or person to intervene.  Like it or not! 

          This ain’t my war, its OUR war to survive.  If you can’t find some way to support the fact, by a fair and deliberate reality:   THAT WE DO NEED TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS.  Then;  I  am done/ because time does run out, and a long court battle that merely delays the inevitable:   “ YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH”.   Isn’t worth the effort/ even if I choose to continue anyway; it will be pointless.  One second too late, and we are all dead.  Not a game, a demand for proof: we won’t die, because our leaders failed/ a damn theory was wrong/ or a blatant curse, to demand evolution must be proven.  Were just plain lies, or worse!

            Not a game;   why should we be their slaves/ as is a debt that cannot be paid (no end);   or an inflation that we do not share in the numbers: “the few,  get it all”. 

                In the definitions that control our lives,    comes the truth: that we did not create the miracles of life which surround us, and keep humanity alive. 

          Chaos, the assumption of the religion called evolution DID NOT create/ chaos only destroys.  Which means thought, discipline, and order, came before anything else called life.  The human reality of this day is a march into chaos, that will end in the destruction of everything; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, and its introduction here .  Therefore you, the reader: MUST comprehend an honest and real understanding, “UNLESS we change as a world; from WANT first:   TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ there is no future, for any living thing.  To be wrong, on numerous decisions that gamble with our entire world, and ability to survive;   means we are dead/ no second chances.  As is consistent with the theory: “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ because there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire”.  Even you, can understand; being wrong, is death to this planet.  You know:  That fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: it burns atomic bonds at 8-10 million degrees F!  We can’t put it out.  One, of the  Experiments going on right now. 


          IF you agree with the purpose of that statement: “life first”/ THEN you have become “a messenger” burdened with the truth:   that we all have a right to know what threatens us.  We all have a right to understand the possibilities and potential of what can be changed, to rebuild our futures.  We all have a duty, to build for hope/ and accept the responsibilities that come with our existence on this planet, in this time; and choose; to work for life first.  There are consequences, to what you do/ or what you do not do.  The reality of greed, the consequences of want, the tragedies of pride and power and destruction: have become a burden nature can no longer overcome.  That DOES mean, our world has changed.  You, are destroying faster than nature can provide.  You, failed to “put anything back/ and you cheat, lie, and steal;  proud of yourselves for that fact; its called revenge/ or they did something, to me first”.  You worship a university that has increasingly threatened not only you, but this entire planet.  Without change: YOU WILL receive your reward, for the decisions made.  Not “GOD” punishing you/ reality and truth establishing, “no more lies, no more mercy”.  You chose!

          In the hope that you will “find your mind, heart, and even soul: and fight for life on this planet” / therefore I continued the work. These sites are provided free, and may be used without restriction.  Take them to your own sites/ change the name; do whatever you consider best, in a battle for life on this planet.  I don’t care: they are “yours”.   Download the html sites so they cannot be taken away.   Support the sites, and each other:   so distribution can be simple and successful; when or if  needed.  I am irrelevant to your decision:   this is YOUR choice/ this is for your world, your child, your future, and even your eternity.  It is not mine, I have made my choice/ and done as duty required.  My job, and my need to participate ends here; because only you, can change yourselves, or your world.

            It is not my job, to bribe/ tempt/ manipulate/ lead/  or control you.  It is your job, to RESPECT YOUR WORLD.  If you continue to refuse:   the duty and responsibility, to use, or understand what has been substantially prepared for you, for free: to defend this world, and protect its life: then simply, YOU deserve to die.  I cannot support that, with continued work/   I have not failed your children, or life;  substantially or on purpose: they do not deserve to die.   Can you say the same?  I HAVE proven to be “a friend, to life”/ not an enemy, or any religious illusion.  I have proven here on these sites, your need to investigate/ examine the evidence/ and decide for yourself.  Simple and plain.

        Thinking for yourself requires truth in knowledge:   which means go to court and investigate your reality/ DEMANDING the truth, and accepting nothing less.

          That demands redress of grievances (the purpose of lawsuits here); as our authority over the nation, by vote of each and every citizen.

          That,  Requires questioning everything until it is clear, this is our true reality, and the simple assertion of a future revealed.   Thinking for yourselves requires understanding;   thereby this site and others I have provided will give you aid; search for more/ and question everything until you do understand.  I am NOT the question/ not about me=  I have done enough!  Learn for yourselves:   after decades of GREED/ GLUTTONY/ EXCESS CONSUMPTION/ FAILURES/ AND ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE by so many; with not a care or concern for life or environment in sight among the vast majority.  I am not particularly interested in anything but life for this earth. This Creation MUST survive!  Believe that.



and then we come to the genetic mutilation of all life on earth;

          They demand to be god over nature: saying, we will make "NEW CREATURES OURSELVES".  Their priests,  Hidden behind closed doors, have been deliberately trying to dissolve genetic disciplines/ balance/ and order:   every single day, for the last fifty years or more. That is their stated purpose, to demand that evolution [chaos, without so much as a mind;  must rule life/ including you and yours]  And suddenly they are about to succeed.


 NATURE IS DNA (THE INSTRUCTIONS, THAT BUILD/ BALANCE/ CREATE/ AND SUSTAIN:   YOUR BODY, AND MIND:   AND MAKE EVERYTHING ALIVE,  WORK because of the disciplines/ order/ balance/ and ability to think: plus the energy needed to create life.   The abortion of genetics demands this shall not remain/ they want control! As is seen in excerpts from their own words below.


C.  Crucifying our world:   Page 1.  "Is the first microbe that thrives and self-replicates with only a synthetic genome to guide it....forming an artificial chromosome 1 million characters long.   ...motivating force is commercial....could be worth more than one trillion dollars....proof of concept that we can make....changes across the entire genome of an organism....add entirely new functions....create a new range of industrial organisms....produced short strands ....strands reassembled....spliced in.   The crucial step...synthetic genome and transferred it into another kind of common bug.  As this bug multiplied, some of its progeny ditched their own DNA and began using the synthetic genome.  THEN the transformation began.    "Its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA software in the cell.  The cell instantly starts reading that new software, starts making a whole different set of proteins, and in short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges".

applications of this enabling technology are enormous....weaponised microbes...make the most powerful bioweapons mostly by our imaginations... unless it is deliberately injected or sprayed into a goat...


Page 2.   They're building life.....dubbed genetic engineering on steroids" - is inspired by the convergence of nano-scale biology...mail order synthetic DNA.  "Just about anyone has the potential to construct genes or entire genomes from scratch, including those of lethal pathogens..... scientists predict that within 2-5 years it will be possible to synthesise any virus.....backed by government funding and venture capital.  They aim to commercialize new biological parts, devices, and systems that don't exist in the natural world. some of which are designed for environmental release.... concentrated in the hands of major multinational firms....biological samples, sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in corporate labs thousands of miles for synthesising genes and genomes are widely accessible and advancing at break-neck pace....there must be an immediate ban on environmental release of de novo synthetic organisms until wide societal debate and strong governance are in technologies that will challenge human society and food sovereignty...

Page 3.   ...successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....artificial life refers to the synthesis and simulation ...and also to possible life forms and concepts that man not have occurred ....not only in life "as we know it", but also "life as it might be"....US biotech company announced they have first cloned human embryos.... all embryos died early.... federal policy regarding stem cell research, human cloning, and biotechnology.  


"Building an evolvable physical self-replicating machine is a grand challenge.  The main problem is that the device must be capable of hereditary variation, that is replicating in many configurations-configurations into which it enters unpredictably by mutation. Template replication is the solution found by nature........replication must be maintained by preventing side reactions such as spontaneous ligation, cyclization, product inhibition, and elongation of staggered ends. The last of these three results in every lengthening sequences in a process known as the elongation catastrophe.  The extreme specificity of structure required by the monomers is indirect evidence of some kind of natural ......prior to


FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: as is the reality of the last paragraph made above: biology is NOT a simple mix of chemicals in a pot, stirred.  Mutilations cannot be undone/ ask a soldier who knows.  Pandemic's cannot be reversed; known to be caused by species boundaries crossed.  Biological weapons can kill at least 97% already, of humanity.

           Evolution is nothing more than another religion: very little more than "I went shopping for what I wanted a body to be/ I chose/ I built myself, over billions of years"; without a mind.  How is that not a religion?

           Rather truth says:   you cannot have a body of any life;  without all the parts, pieces, processes, reproduction, utilities, etc: that you must have/ that  you need from the beginning to survive.  An entire body without lungs/ a heart without blood or vessels/ mussels without bones or joints or hands/ everything else but no mind?  WHAT, DON'T YOU NEED, for life to survive?  How then did evolution build you one tiny piece at a time?  It is insane.


          You will, either start thinking for yourself/ or die!  It is a guarantee; do they not have the machines running/ are they not literally doing the work, to threaten and gamble with; or DESTROY all life, with everything the planet is.   Based only upon their religious "I believe";   theories. Billions of years ago, according to the theory of evolution, chemicals randomly organized themselves into a self-replicating molecule.   Or more simply:   "poof, organization/ discipline/ balance/ life/ and everything it instantly needs just came out of chaos, without so much as a brain.  A MILLION BITS at a minimum just lined up/ found a specialized environment/ boundaries to protect it/ reproduction to enable it to continue;  in a puddle of chemicals.   OR, by their simplified version, "we shopped for what we wanted"/ and took whatever we desired for free;  again without so much as a brain.  How do you make a decision establishing anything new, with less than a brain? That does not even include all the mechanisms that are required to sustain life, separate chemicals, establish harmony between the various parts, contain the whole, import and transport the chemicals needed/ clean up and remove;  or a few billion other considerationsIf you abandon all discipline/ all balance/ all order, and randomly act without a single consideration of consequences:   WILL THAT IMPROVE YOUR LIFE OR BODY?  Obviously no.  Critically proven, without even a guess:  "NOTHING, BUT A DAMN RELIGION".   Science is: IF IT AIN'T CRITICALLY TRUE, at every level of comprehension/ THEN, it's just a  guess, and absolutely nothing more than another university religious insanity.    WHAT IS LITERALLY TRUE, and can be identified by its own reality, fundamentally constitutes LIFE by its essence.  What is belief, is merely a personal decision.

           the insane men (men do control this world) demand:   that all of nature shall be mutilated/ because they “can do better”.  They will create, “whatever they damn please” out of life.  

          The reality however is:  Nature is DNA, the instructions for building a body of life, and allowing it the freedom to choose.  ARE BEING SACRIFICED! Without the body, there is no life.  YOU cannot build your own/ nor can they repair the damage they are doing!  Little is more insane!

 Without a body that works effectively, and with the associated abilities and consequence of knowledge as is necessary to survive and be happy: there is no life.  Mutilated means: forever changed.  Without the critical resources provided at exactly the right moment of construction, and in the right way: the body/ mind is damaged forever. Our very humanity DISSOLVED FOREVER/ EVERY LIFE ON EARTH!  Where there is no body/ there is no life on earth. 

Without all the fundamentals in place, there is no mind or concept of thought: there are no eyes/ears/ taste/ sex/ touch/ balance or anything else we do expect, because NATURE has proven to be correct: (all agree), FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, AND MORE.

Without these literally:   BILLIONS OF INSTRUCTIONS, that create disciplined factories, which build life.  Create the chemicals, the energies, the utilities, the workers, the parts, the transportation of goods, and everything else a body (plant, etc) ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO ESTABLISH LIFE.  There is no life.  Yet the most insane people who have ever lived:   believe they can do better/ changing one piece at a time, so as to recreate life, “in their own image/ whatever they want.

   Is life DESTROYED by arrogance, power, pride, and absolute selfishness, because of devils (for lack of a better word) in our midst”.  This ain’t no game.  The endless promises/ the blind rhetoric/ the deliberate destruction/ the merciless enforcement of “make it mutilate, all of nature/ corrupt it all”.  Is not less than satan on earth!

          The media propaganda machine, and the enforcement of rhetoric strictly tied to the theories of men: to demand “we can play, with this”.   Is an absolutely clear tragedy of chaos coming; and all the rest of life destroyed with it.

FAILURE HERE, IN LIFE ITSELF:   Which can only lead to the complete disintegration of biological structure;   turns life, or whatever is left of it:  “to slime (no structure)”; how,  cannot that NOT be less than “satan”.  Religious word or not, you do understand it!  These diseased and damned  “sewer excrements”, RISK OUR ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE!  There are no second chances;   consider any disease unleashed/ consider AIDS.  Understand nearly every pandemic is a result of species boundaries crossed:   WHICH THESE DO, EVERYDAY across this world.  And understand nature in chaos is clearly coming quickly now.  And there is no going back/ once we pass the point of no return!  One second too late, and we are dead!  The future, a HORROR FOREVER!

Geneticists are literally trying to become “god”/ literally trying to decide what life is going to be in the future instead of nature.  They actually believe they can do better.  They literally say, “we want to create completely different creatures”.  When in reality as is plainly evident today:   humanity CANNOT even control its own money.  How much less nature itself!

Armageddon means:   “Nature in chaos”.  Geneticists are actually working as hard as they can, for the last fifty plus years/ DELIBERATELY trying to cause genetic stability, disciplines, and balance to be destroyed.  They believe once they see it fail/ then they will know what to do, to “be gods themselves”.  I say: instead of gods/ they will be “satan”;   the destroyer of every living life on earth, as we descend into living chaos;   because the bodies of life in peace and harmony;  shall exist no more.  They will cause the end of balance (two arms, two legs, etc)/ they will cause the end of structure (defined forms, bodies that are more than slime).  Everything beautiful, desirable, valued, or worth living for DEAD AND BURIED.  And;  There are more threats!  Not a game, life or death for this world.

    Make your decision;   there are NO SECOND CHANCES:       Choose!      Do it now, time is running out.


  The endless mutilation of plant, animal, insect, reptile, human and everything on earth by the priests of university religion demanding they will be gods/ they will create life by stealing genetic information and rearranging it so they can call themselves creators;   are beyond insane so far that there is no word, even satan does not truly fit.  Because the lies are so extreme (the promise, we are going to fix every problem/ we are going to be gods over life) so blatantly beyond man or woman to conceive of with the slightest degree of truth.  That these liars simply have no description other than satan; there are no words.  Genetic disciplines are nature itself, combined with energy, THESE “FACTORY INSTRUCTIONS” on how to build a body of life:   create, sustain, reproduce, identify, support, conceive, and provide every single form of life/ every single individual life including yours on this earth.   This religion called university, and its priests say to you:   we will now be gods over life.  But look at the truth of history, and ask yourself when was there ever a time when what men did/ was greater than what nature is?  They gamble is an exaggeration!  Rather they mutilate everything, saying to you “DON’T worry, evolution will fix anything we destroy; in a billion years or so.”  Ask yourself:   when did chaos, destruction, the violence of mutilation and disease, the endless destruction of resources, or extinction ever bring you happiness?


One of the simple realities in genetic structure these your idols, the propaganda of your religion cannot comprehend is:   that genetics is a living structure, which means every component inside its creation MUST be able to get along with the rest of life surrounding it to survive, and do its job.  Instead of peace and harmony in genetic life as is determined through breeding: “can we get along”?   Your gods and images of gods as are the university priests of college; “throw everything including the kitchen sink/ the entire sewer”:  into genetic structure just because they can.  Saying to you, “don’t worry/ be happy; after all evolution will fix anything we destroy”; as they sacrifice an entire planet.  Knowing nothing, they sacrifice everything to worship “the devils inside their head”/ failure is NOT a big enough word!   Even though tiny successes have come, because genetics in nature itself (not mutilated) even today;   are originally, nearly perfect.  Where there is minimal damage, they have some minimal success. What you don’t know is the horror stories of what else came with those successes.  What they did do,  in countless life stories of plant or animal or other living realities in this creation: that would horrify you.  And you don’t care, because that would require believing “they ain’t gods”.  That is your failure/ because you are such “believers/ such extreme idol worshipers”.  You question nothing, and wait for everything you want, believing anything the propaganda machines say.  While an entire planet is murdered.  Shame on you.



The information and understanding discussed on these sites, is useful in creating your own purpose, design, and desire for life on this earth.  Today, not tomorrow, as time is truly running out, & there is no going back, beyond the point of no return.  When nature cannot sustain us anymore, it is too late.  As 7,000,000,000 “billion people” on this planet, we are literally at “the tipping point”.  The place where what we take, cannot be sustained by the nature, environment, and resource that keeps us alive.  Think, then act because you understand, WE must. Learn, so that you may know why, and accept:  RESPECT for  LIFE, so that all may live; is not a game.  CHOOSE LIFE FIRST! LET TRUTH LEAD!  UNDERSTAND REALITY, so that rebuilding can begin without bickering.  And do what must be done for life on this earth to survive.

 Can’t be that bad? Men are playing god with machines that by their words can create higher temperatures than an exploding sun.  Intending to bring fusion here to earth: fusion is the burning of atomic bonds/ thereby we know, “everything on earth is fuel”. That means, IF they are wrong/ the earth turns into “a lake of fire”: LITERALLY!  MEN are playing god with machines that focus the energy of 2-3 nuclear power plants into a single beam so extreme, that beyond a point of no return, it cannot be controlled/ it will be, like a bullet in a gun, “that kills planets”: the very same mechanism that weaken the structure of primordial mass, before the big bang created this universe of planets and suns.  That means, in a very short time this planet can explode into dust; as did the big bang; LITERALLY!  MEN are playing god with genetic disciplines, order, and balance/ the very things that give you a life worth living, a body worth inhabiting, a mind that works for you. THAT MEANS; without the order of designated building process/ the balance of “two sides”/ the disciplines of a mind that works at your command; and more!  YOU/ ALL LIFE, turn into nothing more than slime (what can exist without order, discipline, or balance).  DUMB ASS! Men are ravaging the seas. Mutilating life. PREPARED TO EXTERMINATE YOU! Ransacking or poisoning every resource on earth.  And have stolen all your money/ therefore preparing for war. Every food source is threatened, every medical advance about to be lost; because antibiotics are the primary source of that healing.  And that is just the beginning. Read and learn; then ask yourself, if gambling with this entire earth, and every life on it, every creature and species; absolutely EVERYTHING:  IS WORTH your apathy, ignorance, or stupidity! How can you be certain genetic promises are not exactly like “we will make you rich”/ NOW PROVEN:  THEY STOLE YOU BLIND, AND INTO POVERTY  INSTEAD!

           Grow up and learn/ this is NOT a game. ITS YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FUTURE, AND EVERYTHING FOREVER! This earth, our genetic existence, our ability to survive; DIES only once. Think, and ask yourself:   do you want any man, or group of men to have this much control OVER YOUR LIFE! THEIR decision determines if you, your future, your child shall  live or die/ their failure, is a price you will pay with your EVERYTHING/ an entire world DEAD.



          How is this not just another damn evolution: the religion which says, chaos (without discipline):    held together an environment/ built chains of life out of nothing/ replicated itself without knowledge/ chose for itself, without understanding/ and became your life without the slightest scrape of wisdom.  Hanging organs, building bones, plumbing it all together, providing controlled movements, and EVERYTHING ELSE; “without even a brain”  WHERE is the proof, show me what chaos builds? WHERE IS YOUR MIND!   DUMBASS, just another religious buffoon?  Do you NOT believe everything you are told? Do you not laugh at the uneducated?  Turns out/ “they are smarter, than you”.

The environments of work: how do we share?


          This question is fundamental to society, and a basis involved in friendship; the critical link between whether we will survive or not!

          All things begin with the statement:   “Freedom is not free”!  There is a price, or you will fall into a “hole”; as is commonly consistent with drug addicts.  The price of freedom is:   that we must bind ourselves together, for distinct purposes that establish our own control over ourselves/ so that we cannot be singled out as an example of power gone array.  The intent to create an example to be:   feared by the others!  Hide or run away, don’t let them see you!  Which is exactly what power wants you to do.  The drug addict refuses “the sanctity of our decision as a society”/ and intends to demand, “I alone”.  Or more correctly, having rejected “the common and ordinary; for a wide variety of reasons”/ the possibility to escape “our reality” is enticing, and becomes the gateway to hide and run away from reality.  The hole for some is: they believe the drug is better than reality, and accept quickly that they need it to survive.  That makes them dependent/ and a slave is born: no escaping need?  Therefore whatever you accept as “absolutely necessary to your life or happiness” MUST be carefully chosen!  A more clear Reality is:   even though the consequence of being born is life/ the reality of time, is not a balanced or disciplined ascension into order:   unless you become that for yourself.  That requires your decision.  Beyond the gift of time, are the decision that you will make/ or be required to defend.  If life is less than a drug to you/ your future is bleak indeed.  WHY, try it?

          Human time exists as we present it to ourselves, within the limits and realities of our environment, and the choices that were made.  Human choices include all the tragedy that life can be, apart from nature; which does not of its own accord generally do more than teach respect.  Because death lurks “behind the wrong door”.   Nature then teaches we must choose/ while reality teaches we must pay the price for what we choose; or it is likely, someone else will. 

          The critical question of sharing is:   do you care enough, to participate as friends/ it is a two way street!  The second part is: are you willing to do your share of the work, participate in any sacrifice that may be required, wait for your reward, and accept duty requires this of all?  If not, the future is bleak for this planet/ because whether you believe it or not:   the assumption, “I will just go get more” is about to end for us all.  We are 7 billion people+!   With everyone taking, every day of every year; with more coming on a world where we already inhabit as one person on every acre of agricultural soil.  Nature was correct/ fundamentally antibiotics have become a curse;   war, starvation, cannibalism, and more stalk us because we are so many people now.  Because we did not accept the necessary responsibilities that came with a change in nature itself.  Even so, I would not be here without antibiotics/ and neither would many others, so it is a blessing that was functionally denied; and has been nearly destroyed; by the reality of human choice.

          I will choose to accept: if we are friends, and begin immediately, the potential is that we will have enough for everyone, and NOT lose much more of nature itself.  That is my hope, and hope is essential to life: without it, you become isolated and despondent/ or depressed and suicidal.  Hope is necessary, for us all.

          That begins the discussion: how do we share the work?  And establish hope, life, and a future which includes nature, children;   the values, realities, and decisions that continue to make us all feel alive!

          Hope by its essence is: the acceptance, I and those I love, shall be ok!  To achieve that life depends upon: all of nature to give us what we need for food/ and planet, its environment, oceans, etc;  for the resources, order, and disciplines work itself requires.  Men commonly reduce that entire statement “to money”.  But as we so tragically see in money today; “its just a piece of paper dependent upon the honor and duty of government employees; and they just don’t care/ they chose liars, thieves, cheats, treason, and traitors.  As a consequence although money will continue to be used; IT, nor the people who have abused it: ABSOLUTELY cannot be given the authority to choose for life.

          The future includes more than just you or me/ it includes those who are not yet born, and all those who are too young to fully be able to defend themselves at this time.  They are dependent upon their elders, and you have failed them completely at this date.  You don’t teach them “necessary for life” in school/ you drug them to keep them quiet/ you steal their future, destroy their resources, and fail this planet so BADLY, that in fact you gamble with all life on earth; just to play god.  You even lost all your money, the single thing you worshiped enough to sacrifice your life in time for.  Because you wouldn’t challenge your gods;   “University knows;  is more a quack/ than a god”.  While absolutely proven to be:  liar/ thief/ fool/ failure/ terrorist/ cheat/ power hungry disease/ and more.  Still you worship them, because they control what you think and what you hear, and what you believe, and what your religions say (priest/ etc, is a university graduate is he not), and politicians to corrupt the law, and make rules to destroy democracy, threaten and control with the fear of a courtroom filled with “ravenous money hungry wolves” who will attack you without mercy.  No offense to the creature, they just do what survival requires of them.  The majority:  Lawyers and judges who defend them just do whatever greed and power will allow; there is a difference.  Enough of that, the list is long.

          To attain a future for life on earth, and keep it alive rather than on the path of complete destruction as is today.  It is absolutely necessary to remember the children have needs too, as does nature itself.  When we compile a listing of those needs; as best we can throughout all of humanity.  It is then, that we can begin to conceive of WHAT OUR TRUE NEED IS, in a direct decision that is required: to keep this earth alive.  We must know this in detail, and accept the consequences of our own choices will sustain the future or destroy it: because of what we did or did not do.  That is life today, and for the future;   because we have overcome the possibilities of nature to survive our humanity/ UNLESS WE HELP NATURE ITSELF, to survive; by NOT being such blind, thieving fools.  The children have no future today: prove that is not true/ or accept the description.

          So we come to values: those descriptions in reality that prove LIFE IS a blessing, time is a decision, and today we have no choice but to make each other GROW UP!  An infant sees life as merely   “I want/ or I need”; they can do little more.  The inclusion of thought establishes options, such as now I can recognize you are my friend/ and I can make decisions for myself establishes “baby”.  The child understands:   together life is more fun/ I am happy, with you and them.  The teenager wants and demands: please help me prepare to help myself/ while the adults say;   I need labor/ NOT competition, so we won’t; unless you are my child.

          The sum total of human behaviors today is: you are an infant/ mixed with greed, hate, failure, and destruction.  If you are to achieve the status of a baby, you must grow up.  That means the cult of university knows that has damaged you so severely: MUST be dismantled, to become what you need/  rather than anything it wants to do.  That requires the assembly of thought, so as to anticipate or identify the true decisions that you can or cannot make for life.

          Thought demands: 

1.   a focus that separates you from time/ so as not to be disturbed by lesser things than truth.

2.  The very critical separation of knowledge into what REALITY has proven to you/ so as NOT to be deceived by “beliefs/ that are merely theory, fantasy, foolishness, selfishness, or outright failures & lies”.

3.   The critical understanding of your own limitations and lack of truth;   which demands NO decision can be made here at this time.  Or if a decision  is required: we must, and we will choose “life, and safety first”.  As best we can.

4.   The elemental decision: humanity itself cannot join in my own decision/ it is mine, and they shall not take it away.

5.   The critical truth: you are not “a god”/ and as a consequence only truth can decide what is “life first”.

6.   To ascend beyond baby to child:   requires you to understand, our biology is a MIRACLE that cannot be dismantled into anything less, “by a thinking brain”.  It is an absolute reality/ not a guess.

7.  To ascend beyond a child:   requires discipline/ the acceptance of order/ the realities of balance/ and the courage to be what you choose to create within yourself; and accept what others have chosen for their own life.  Working together for the rest.

        The endless human chant is:

I WANT what I WANT, and I don’t WANT nothing but what I WANT/ and that is final; don’t tell me nothing/ UNLESS you give me what I WANT.


            The foundation of democracy is:   that we will limit ourselves as a government, to what we need to control/ and let freedom, or liberty;   take care of the rest.


            The critical clash that is want versus freedom and rights for every other individual or life/ determines society.


            Capitalism is:   economics determined by supply and demand!  None of that, or very little exists in America today.  The take over by communists: people who believe “the experts” know better/ and will NOT be selfish:   have been overruled, and proven entirely WRONG!


            In terms of a policing action to direct and control governments: little is more effective than an true and deliberate legal (until you obey constitutional law, and the intent of our agreement as a nation which is “the preamble of that same document”; there shall be, a  tax revolt.  The refusal to allow ANY decision made by “the rulers” to proceed.  Stand at the door, and demand your constitutionally guaranteed rights:   as is first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES!


            In terms of policing the courts: little is more effective than “judging the judge/ the lawyers/ and the outcome”.  As true to justice, fair play, and equal treatment under the laws of our nation.  By constitutional decree, a judge may retain his or her position ONLY UNDER “GOOD BEHAVIOR”.  But there is no allowance for or against age or health/ as a consequence:  its up to the people themselves, to accept this judge or not.  The purpose of a jury is then NOT to be limited in their discussions/ BUT TO EXAMINE the penalty in particular/ to seek an investigation, where the evidence of bigotry or prejudice or failure is evident/ and to control what is, or is not an appropriate policing action in OUR SOCIETY.  In America:   WE, the people OWN THE NATION, and shall not be told NO, unless it is by constitutional decree.  Our employees, are our servants/ or to be dismissed, penalized, or imprisoned for failure to obey the oath required.

          The most powerful words ever written are/    The most critically impressive economic reality identified, “each $1.  representes one billion dollars/ $1,000.  Is one trillion”.  One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people/ or roughly one in three US citizens, babies and all.   The basis of society, and the foundations of our behavior are recognized through understanding.  The most critical questions humanity has ever faced now exist as the relationship we have allowed to be created:   through university leadership.   Our ability to understand the levels of extinction that we face: cannot be determined by what you believe or what “we all want”/ as that is irrelevant to this reality, in this our time, and by the consequences of our truth; as the choices made by human societies on earth. Our courts and political leaders have made their decision; regardless of the law, constitution, or democracy itself:   they choose power over us; an illustration of some of the laws they deny.; at every level.  The media, or more correctly the propaganda machinery of the powerful and proud, have made their choice:   they choose pride and want, over life itself.  Every single life on this planet is involved in the outcome of what is being, or has been chosen by those who lead humanity on earth today.  Our leaders, have chosen HELL:   humanity without hope/ ARMAGEDDON:   nature in chaos/   APOCALYPSE: a war without end or mercy, because hate controls now; where all weapons of mass destruction will be used/ and turning this planet into a sun, by bringing the same fire here as is on our sun.   Saying of their efforts, “the fire will just put itself out/ because there is not enough gravity (they admit: don’t know what it is) here”; even though this entire planet is made out of fuel.  As that fire is:   the burning of atomic bonds.  As is similar to the burning of molecular bonds by fire here on earth. A reality similar to the difference between TNT and theatomic bomb.   Time for change, is running out. 

          To demand better requires this information must be distributed so as to give humanity itself as WE THE PEOPLE/ their right, to refuse:   and control, those who are so badly attempting to destroy our world.  Those who literally gamble with all our lives, based solely on their desire to do so, risking our entire planet, all its nature, and every possibility of a future that exists by refusing to address the threats that we cannot survive.  WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO INTERVENE; this is life or death for our planet!   WE HAVE LEGAL JURISDICTION, the law called REDRESS:   THIS IS ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR NATURE, EVERY CHILD, EVERYTHING WE VALUE.   Therefore this decision requires, US ALL, thereby:   to take control over our democracy, and resurrect our future/ ending the fantasy and delusions of “university knows”.  By demanding truth/ nothing but the truth/ and no excuses or lies.  All theories refused/ or examined by proven realities:   for what happens when this is proven wrong! NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE!  Is necessary to survive, not only as.  WE THE PEOPLE OWN, this nation!  But as aworld.   To refuse payment, for those employees who have threatened our extinction with their decisions:   is fundamentally required.   The need is:   GO TO COURT, and examine the evidence/ to find what is TRUE!  Before you die, or have absolutely no recourse: “to damn late now”!   The sites I provide to assist you are these.  If you succeed, the requirement to aid in the distribution of this news, to a world; demands a donation.  Let those who say, “its not time yet/ or the consequences are too extreme”;   remember the lesson of a tornado or other natural event:    We you literally see it coming, IT IS TOO LATE, to prepare now!  The lesson of this day is: “the cancer of a diploma, is a disease that kills, steals, and destroys”; because the power released upon society by the assumption of “an expert”;  has proven their pride has no boundary, and their want extends past INSANITY.  A proven;   absolute failure, to all that is important for life.  True, whether you like it or not.  Reality then states, “the expert so called” can and must testify, but only to present the existence of known data.  No theories accepted/ absolutely no rules allowed:   only justice, the literal expressions of “fair play”, and the quality deserved by ALL life, understood by the word: “equal/ not superior in any way” .  Judged by the reality called liberty, and the jurisdiction called freedom:   establishing WE THE PEOPLE!  Under constitutional rule, as the preamble, and its amendments demand.   “We, are the owners here”/ not our employees! 

          Reality states:   our employees/ “the university diploma”  stole our money/ they stole or attempted to destroy our future/ they refused the very basic elements and fundamentals of democracy that support our lives, and keep us all from dying!   THE PRICE for that is:   NOW WE DECIDE! 

          You can control leaders by establishing world laws, that do have the authority to bring ANY LEADER into “our courtroom, as people of this world demanding critical rights and fundamental respect”.  When they understand: you are NOT EXEMPT from the laws WE DECIDE and enforce as a world/ nations will be changed. You can control any weapons, in any nations;  that you so choose as a world: so long as its equal and fair to all.  You can protect the earth, the sea, the resources, and more; by enforcing cooperation with these laws. 

          You CANNOT evade or choose, to lie about the truth of your destruction: and what must be done to hope, “life on earth shall continue”.  Truth decides everything; applied to reality, means then:   your decision shall be made.

          YOU CAN, resurrect the money; by simply tying the numbers to a population count: thereby each knows, what is or is not fair.  Choose a number as the maximum anyone can keep, and erase everything above that line.  Let limited capitalism do the rest.

            DOWNLOAD THESE html  SITES, so they cannot be taken away. Distribute them; they are yours, free of charge.


          The elemental relationship that has limited my own response “to the law”; shall be recognized as owed to “the spiritual woman inside”. As is constant with male, “I was, headed in a different direction”.  Law is the answer/ force is not! Let the law be your army! But make no mistake, without direct participation from we the people as a nation or a world or any part thereof: you will fail.

          I am not your leader/ change yourselves!  It’s:    YOUR JOB.    Not mine.  You have: the tools/ the law/ the rights/ the democratic authority/ THE NEED/ the understanding/ the incentives/ and the foundation DUTY, TO PROTECT THIS WORLD, and even this nation and its democracy from terrorists. That includes: protection against the geneticist/ the physicist/ and all who threaten life; which does include population control!. If you fail to accept the responsibility you owe to life on earth, and every child:   I guarantee, you will get everything they have prepared, with your blessing:  for you’re  own extermination, and conviction (you chose too).     The death of this world:  So says the evidence.  The religion of evolution, which has conceived of genetic mutilation, and brought it into our lives:   believes, and attempts to destroy genetic disciplines/ balance/ boundaries/ order/ and everything life is, to bring chaos into this world.  In an attempt to prove, what is an absolute lie.  This is “Armageddon coming”.

            The evidence also says:   you, are the worst generation that has ever been, to have allowed all this destruction and wanton failure/ BUT YOU ARE also the generation that decides if this earth and all its life will live or go extinct, by terrors unimaginable.  Making you the most important generation that has ever lived.  It’s a choice.  You WILL make it, and be responsible for what you did or did not do:   forever!  There is no place to run.  There is no place to hide.  There are no excuses that will be accepted: including fear!   Life or death for this world, is no game/ and neither is the threats you face.    I DO NOT demand that you believe this message/ rather I demand you investigate, examine the evidence, participate in a courtroom decision as the democracy you are, and identify the truth for yourselves, and this world.  Which does have every right to participate; in what affects us all.  Because there are NO SECOND CHANCES!  The failure of any critical system or chain of life, means we are all extinct.  Any assumption, that our world cannot be lost; is dis-proven by   “Noah’s flood”:   because the evidence of fossil fuels found covered all at once, some thousands of feet deep/ CANNOT have occurred in any other way.  Try thinking for yourself; for a change.  Is dis-proven by a sunburn, from 91 million miles away.  Is dis-proven by birth defects/ hunger/ and reality.   GROW UP.



Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 From the court , IL Superme court 1, 2
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, My Response Last Order And again. And again. Yet again, Letters from the IRS

The disciplines of leadership DO NOT include, an outright gambling with all life on earth!  Of all the critical failures, that represent the reality of “university knows leadership” in this portion of the same US supreme court/ US tax court case ; that identifies criminal corruption in all the highest levels of US federal government.   The very worst/ most easily identified is:   these leaders have decided they CAN bring the same fire here to this planet as is on the sun, a 9,000,000 degree F fire, that burns atomic bonds.   Because the theory goes:   “Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”/ so it will just put itself out.  On a planet that is nothing but fuel!  In case you missed it: that means when they are proven wrong, this entire planet becomes another sun. There are NO second chances/ once lit, either it puts itself out, OR we are incinerated .  It is that simple/ no one escapes “being wrong”. 

          Of the various methods needed to prove them wrong/ it is also useful to understand.  In terms of gravity failing to hold the fire to this earth/ the more critical reality is:   just how much suction does a 9 or ten million degree fire establish, particularly in this atmosphere?  Do you not understand a forest fire 3,000 degrees;  sucks in air (a chemical bond fire)?  It does so, because the expansion of heat creates a vacuum!  The probable air speed of this atmosphere on earth being sucked into that fire at the base of its flame is roughly one thousand miles per hour.  Or more simply “just like a candle sucks up the was to burn/ an atomic fire will suck up this earth and burn anything that is built with an atomic bond.  Which is everything.  In terms of fire growth, a chemical fire doubles in size every minute.  An atomic fire will do over 12 times that.  In terms of a candle and the room needed because of heat expansion:   test it for yourself/ light a candle with full air flow.  The flame will be roughly 7 times bigger than the wick/ the flame will rise roughly 7 times higher than the wick engulfed.  A candle flame is roughly 500 degrees/ as we then multiply the effect of heat expansion which is the same regardless of the source or type of fire:   a 10 million degree flame needs 140,000 times more room!  That simple reality proves the flames you see on the sun itself (its visual size), are NOT the source of fuel/ but the reality of heat. The wick itself turns to ash as it is incinerated.  The ash cloud of an atomic fire, is the simplest possible combination of atomic structure that is able to form after any possible “singular” components of atomic structureescape the fire.  Thereby the hydrogen chemical signature of the sun is nothing more than its ash cloud.  Everyday, the national ignition facility tries desperately to ignite an atomic fire on earth.  The day comes soon, when that fire will destroy us all!  No one escapes.  Or, more simply the CULT of “university knows” will then be SATAN on earth.  With all its believers assigned as “devils”.   You chose to let them!  You have NO EXCUSE, because you do understand a fire 91 million miles away, that burns your skin here in summer; is no toy!

The sites I provide are these.  The primary information for all sites, for this entire work:  is this portion of “trial after trial”:   in both state of ILLINOIS and US federal and supreme courts.  A FEW, of the thousands of links used upon these sites. The most powerful words for human society ever written.  The question called life.  The reality:   those who say “debts don’t matter”; believe they are rulers, and never intend to pay.     To even suggest media has not failed us entirely, is fantasy!

        The purpose and desire very simply:   we are threatened with extermination as a planet/ so says the evidenceThat fact,  cannot be left:   to those who have made created the threats, and realities we now face.  Download these html sites/ so they cannot be taken away, or hidden from you. Support this work, or it can disappear.  Support “life for this planet must come first”/ or it, and we, will all disappear.  You are not asked to believe: as was demanded of the courts;  you are asked to investigate the evidence and prove what is or is not true/ because we cannot survive being wrong; not even as a planet of life.  You are asked, as was the courts:   to communicate these threats to “humanity” and let each one decide for themselves; as is consistent with freedom and democracy itself.  As for me, I have proven and delivered everything in this work, I came to do.  The decision, and the consequences of life or death for a planet:   the investigation, trials, etc now comes to you.  I have finished/ nothing else is required of me, for this work, or your decision.

        Should the IL tax lawyers decide: after months of silence, to go ahead and accept the demands of the IL supreme court document filed; by certified mail:  but again “refused, without a single word from the court or the lawyers”/ because they cannot win.  I would return for that, or similar.  As is consistent with your own realities; the work is not perfect/ it is simply the best I did do, for life, and planet; that will soon be approaching one tragedy or crisis, after another.  The critical question is do you care, & will you share the information you accept as “too important to be wrong”; with anyone else?          


Balance states;   it should be recognized, that none of these sites/ all these words, represents the assumptions of an optimist (I believe everything I want, will come to me).  Neither do they represent the assumptions of a pessimist (I believe everything I don’t want, will come to me).  Rather reality states, that truth has a definable order, and the disciplines of thought are decipherable, if you simply apply wisdom/ honesty/ and a clear understanding of courage.  Can you not predict: when you spent more than your checking account has in it/ what happens next? The same is true of more than “just counterfeit numbers”.  Truth matters.

             That said, the worst possible decision humanity could make is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ a fire that burns atomic bonds, here; where everything is fuel.  There are NO second chances, a fire that cannot be extinguished/ just like the sun.  The second worst decision is of course, the intentional destruction of life as a body in time itself.  By mutilating and crucifying genetic structure; (the basis of all Creation itself, across this world), and spreading the foundation of pandemic disease.   Which is genetic boundaries crossed between species. The third is the destruction of all resources that support life; as is constant and sure today.  The critical question:   where all leadership has failed, because they believe the universities are god/   can YOU find your mind in time, “to fight for this world”!  All WILL certainly die, if you don’t!  You are not asked to believe that statement/lain  you are asked to investigate and examine the evidence, establishing a clear and certain response:   CAN WE AFFORD TO BE, OR LET THOSE WHO ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING WE VALUE ON EARTH, including life/ planet/ survival/ and even the solar system itself BE,     WRONG!    That is a true and accurate statement, clearly establishing;   this is not a game.  Everything we are or need or value is threatened with extinction.  The choice is yours;   as I have done everything I could do, to inform and educate you.  Only you, can change yourselves, or your world:     or defend your future.  Ask any farmer, “if you eat next years seed”/ you can be happy today:    BUT, what certainly will happen to next years crop!    To believe in your leaders, or your media to protect you, has been proven foolish.  Clearly, they didn’t care about tomorrow, at all! We add one final reality, the prophecy called Daniel 12.  It reads, “from the time humanity starts trying to ignite the same fire here”;   NIF as is on the sun (worst possible decision)/ there will be 1290 days before that ignition occurs.  That date coincides perfectly with the expected operation of the exo-watt laser= one million lightning bolts, all striking the same place at the same time.  It continues at the 1335 day from this beginning/ all life on earth will be lost. Or, more simply:  the fire will have grown, and the entire atmosphere of earth will have been ejected into space.  For those who are certain this is just trying to scare you:  the reality of coal/ oil/ gas/ as the fossil fuels we use, DO prove beyond any doubt, that a world wide flood did occur.  Because there is no other way, to clump these masses of life together, and bury them under thousands of feet of earth or sea; in some places.  Simple and plain, these things are, “life or death”; not a game. The destruction of a world, BY CHOICE:  is called “SATAN”.  Not a religious statement, simply a fact!  Where then, do YOU stand?  Eternity will remember/ there are no excuses; not for anyone, including YOU.

Summary overview of sites.

Stop a rape display,    many rapes are begun by climbing through a window/ this is a simple motion detector, placed below or anywhere in the close vicinity of a window.  It turns on a light, and a noise maker of some type by simply screwing in a light bulb socket adapter.  Placed it could easily be hooked to a camera/ it could easily be hooked to an aerosol chemical spray, which contains an identifying chemical for tracing in court, an odor for tracing in a crowd, & some fluorescent paint; for seeing the perpetrator at night.  There are a wide variety of types and kinds of motion detectors, the one in view cost $8.00.  It is wired simply by attaching a simple two wire lamp cord, to the two wires in the motion detector base, and covering the base with a standard octagon cover plate. It can be set on the floor or hung on wall or ceiling. Victim defense jewelry is also a good idea.

In the development of an alternative to complete chaos and the destruction of life on this planet;   the critical means required to establish change are simple ones.


1.     We own this nation                

  1. The constitution is our government, NOT the people we employ.
  2. The foundation of law that is already established for democracy itself, and our protection is: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  A first amendment definition which allows the people themselves to organize through the courts or as a mass of humanity that will not be turned away.  Demanding the investigation and subsequent evidence of reality/ the cause and consequence of threat/ and did or did not, our employees do their sworn job.
  3. Truth decides, not want.  Life decides/ NOT money, power, or pride.
  4. The elemental change required for immediate relief is bankruptcy: because there are over $200 trillion dollars of counterfeiting in the marketplace around this world/ and there is NO other way to remove this trash.  Those responsible shall be charged with their crimes.
  5. The fundamental change required for sustained relief is: that currency will accurately reflect the number of citizens in this nation:   so many numbers per citizen.  So that all know what is real, and where they stand.
  6. The critical change for a “united america”/ rather than an enslaved america sacrificed to the counterfeiters is “limited capitalism”      Our decision as a society, to establish, protect, and defend: the limits of poverty by creating a bottom payment for work.  And a maximum limit of wealth, so that WE will not be denied our opportunity to share in the wealth and resources which nature, nation, and life provide.  That includes property ownership will have limits as well.
  7. The disciplined purpose of democracy is:   that we must rule ourselves, by creating the laws which control our lives and our society and our future:   OURSELVES!  As established in this time, “to vote for someone to vote for me/ on the laws which govern life and nation” is a sewer, and a septic tank filled with failure, fantasy, and greed.  We must change the laws, and rearrange this government to reflect the simple truth that is established in the preamble and by the words which did create this nation.  We will discard “their law”/ and find our own.  Simple and plain and as few as is truly needed.
  8. The balanced truth of democracy is:   life comes first/ or you die.  Therefore the choices you make MUST establish a future not only for you, but your children (they must have resources)/ nature itself (or you cannot survive)/ the chains of life, which create food and “biological supplies” for the next creature; intact, or everything dependent dies.  Water saved, and protected.  Oxygen cherished, and the ways,  means, and realities required:  to keep us all alive defended.  The current claim is, “over the last ten years, more goods have been manufactured than in all of human history preceding that point.  Or the resources WILL soon be completely gone.  The biosphere 2 project proved oxygen generation and need: look it up.  Water consumption and poisoning is horrendous.
  9. The order required to survive as a planet is:   DON’T gamble with life or the planet or its nature or its environments or its chains/ its oceans/ its climate/ or its miracles.  Error on the side of LIFE COMES FIRST, for this planet!  Money is irrelevant/ as is your want: TRUTH DECIDES, by the evidence; as best we can.
  10. The foundation of democracy is a vote; but that vote is worthless, and nothing more than a pacifier unless JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, EQUALITY, AND EQUITY OF LIFE, WORK, AND OPPORTUNITY cannot be supported.  When the “rich, or the powerful” decide who you get to vote for/ you have no say.   Instead; “Merely puppets in the wind” playing democracy, and becoming the fool.  Reality decides a true vote/ want is the foundation of every lie.
  11. RESPECT is the difference between a nation divided, and a nation united.  Every participant in leadership in this day divides and destroys, because that: is what the rich man wants.  “Kick them down, so they can steal”.  RESPECT REQUIRES that tyranny be removed.  Tyranny is: “we will rule them, with rules”!  Oppression is: “we will decide everything/ they have no rights, and no say; WE, are the superior ones”.  RESPECT understands: that to rule yourselves and decide your own future requires:   “You must let truth, justice, reality by the evidence, and the consequence both now and in the future decide”!  Want is irrelevant/ it is a base (upon which all others grow) lie.
  14.         We turn to the evidence of “America” and consider reality.
  15.         This nation is built upon the genocide of every people that was here prior to the invasion of “Europeans”: we want it all, and you cannot stop us.  They won, because hundreds of years of war, and mining:  prepared them. It was the weapons, and the supply line, that decided.  The great treasure that America was:   is called resources!  The legacy of men, across this world is:   when the resources are lacking/ men will choose war.  Or, wherever the resources are: men will choose war; with nature or with life.
  16.         Resources create ease and securities/ thereby the possibilities of happiness and hope.  Women want them too!  Men are desperate “for more”/ to be “the winner”;   because if you ain’t the winner/ then you are the loser.  Or more simply, “I want everything now/ because I am going to die, and old age is not “for fun”.  So the battleground is:   “You/ or me”.
  18.         The lesson here is: that whatsoever happens to the resources, determines the future of war, for all mankind.
  19.         The lesson is: the removal of resources/ thereby options and possibilities;  decides when an army will be formed.  The leader of that army will be a reflection of the hate (you took it all/ or we got nothing) that has been found.
  20.         The lesson is: without respect, there will be genocide/ rape/ and mutilations.
  21.         The lesson is: no amount of resources is safe, from men. Plenty means:   throw it away, only then can we manipulate and control the others.  To be RULERS!  So the purpose of every leader (I am superior) is:   to remove options and possibilities, thereby you must look to me, as your “god”.
  22.         The lesson is: if the law of life, “we are equals, we have rights, we have needs”/ does not rule.  Then weapons will.
  23.         The lesson is: the value of any other life, according to the majority of men:  is measured by their human want.
  24.         The lesson is: men seek out a leader that gives them what they want.  What you want, as life;  is irrelevant.   And, they are willing to believe anything, so long as it is what they want!  Or serves to destroy what they don’t want. Ridiculous is not a problem, its just a solution to hope for; “when I believe;  it doesn’t cost ME, much”.
  25.         The lesson is: human numbers matter/ because the more there are, the faster the resources will be consumed.
  26.         The lesson is: the majority of men move in herds/ or armies (we have joined with the predators) if you prefer.  Their purpose is simple:   I want/ what I want;   and I don’t want, what is not important to me.  Simple and plain.
  27.         The lesson is:   if it is “easy, or free” the majority of men in groups;   will take it all, your life or death is a mere inconvenience/ if the others want it.  Because that, is what makes men rich, and few do not covet wealth.
  29.         So the question of these lessons is:   HOW do we change this world, with or without the majority of men?
  30.         The answer simply:   if the law rules/ then men do not!  Because if the law rules, it looks at the individual/ rather than the army.  The law then is the army, that defends us all.
  32.         So the question then is: how do we make laws, that will remove the power of men, and stabilize this earth from the assault that is so destructive/ and will exterminate us from the planet itself?  How do we enforce that law?  The answer is: we make them obey their oath, or go to prison.
  33.         The answer is:   that justice, “the expression and experience of respect for an individual or a nation” IS a reality that can be agreed upon.  With that agreement comes a law.  The enforcement of that law becomes a foundation of protection:  for all of society, each individual;  and the resources for both.  The search for our own truth in this day, and through the courts and leadership for what is “justice” in america; can easily be determined by the cases presented on these sites.
  34.         The answer is: that fair play “the demand for equal treatment, and justified payment, according to reality”   Consists of a fundamental which provides and protects the economic health of every individual.  That reality is examined by “the selimi case”, and what the “government employees did or did not do.
  35.         The answer is: that equality based upon the simple truth, “we are equal/ until proven otherwise” cannot be thrown in the trash without true and real DUE PROCESS in a court controlled by the people themselves.  Through the democratic selection of law/ the critical control over judges, as they will be judged on each trial, and thrown out when necessary; removing special treatment/ the controlled process of legal representation, by making all lawyers shall be paid only by society itself (based upon their work); with penalties for discarding justice and fair play or equality among us all.  That reality is examined on  

        The answer is:   that leaders CANNOT determine debt/ SHALL NOT determine war/ do NOT make laws, but merely prepare them for public decision/ and are employed primarily for the investigation of all employees of government, business, or others as is necessary to insure OUR LAWS, AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION have determined/    ARE KEPT.  Plain and simple.  

            The elements of life in time, require our assistance to establish change, to understand happiness or hope, and to build a new life for us all.

Expressions beyond a simple mind; the elemental task of assembling critical content.


In this day of university organization that has trodden down democracy, and invaded every aspect of our lives; are now grouped together, from the least to the highest levels: same.  By stealing our property/ destroying our constitution/ corrupting our courts/ and flagrantly infiltrating every aspect of freedom, to declare “obey us, or we make you pay”.  Regardless what that level of freedom is/ a rule for everything is a tyrant establishing oppression.  The foundation of anarchy that is we the rulers (having discarded employment and equality) of this state, city, or nation will not obey constitutional law.  As has been proven time and again on my sites; starting at is merely the beginning of proof:   we have nothing left of our democracy, but traitors,  liars, and their lies.  The foundation of theft so flagrant that we are now 200 trillion dollars in debt;   as is depicted on the federal reserve site but does not include the 70 trillion or so of social security debt.  The lies and liars who counterfeiting our money, still had not enough and  gave away our business/ selling our nation to foreigners/ driving our opportunities away, so that we become beggars, or must accept the very limited realities of only a tiny few hold every job/ a tiny few control everything.  Threatening our nation, and  Destroying our world, as is clearly assigned by threats listed below

            The assertion is, that you have a legal right to violate constitutional law, and infiltrate my life/ trespass upon my property/ and oppress and change the meaning of freedom, the virtue of liberty: and assume your rule controls my life.  That begins the construction of a claim assembled  within amendment 3, you have  intended to take possession of the property, and install your soldiers to keep watch that my freedom may be crushed by your rule.  Just because a handful of people made a rule which violates property rights and freedom to choose for myself;  as held sacred and true by any and all citizens and all property owners/ has no meaning unless it does comply with constitutional laws.  You do not.  The elemental demand that is freedom/ a guaranteed right within constitutional law DOES construct the singular demand:   I shall NOT be told what I can do or not do, unless these actions demonstrate a critical demonstration of clear threat that cannot be understood as consistent with biological laws and fundamental physical realities/ OR accepted by common practice in society itself.  Without a clear and true need : Your taking control over my property, or my rights in association with that property, or my requirements of work as is consistent with job and life:   is criminal trespass/ as you have no valid argument of threat.  As established in the extra ordinary writ arising from 11 cv 2023;   you have no respect for zoning or law or citizen rights or any part of the reality called governing in a democracy.  The courts threw  that away.   Therefore NO authority to intervene, regardless of the fact that you may not like what I do, legally exists.  You have established treason;   your job is to establish and insure the guarantees of constitutional law/ instead, you have invaded democracy as traitors, and seek to rule over us as tyrants.  Critical threats established is not subject to your decision alone/ you are not god/ you are not ruler/ you are merely employees who have gone to far, again and again and again without responsibilities or duties owed to a worm.  The disrespect proven by you for life, for every citizen, for this world is without doubt.  The failure is horrendous. The endless listing of your fantasies, criminal conduct as has been proven in court,  failures in every aspect of society, use of every child as your slave or pawn is tedious and without purpose.  Rather the primary threats of your fantasy and total disregard for life and planet in conjunction with all rulers, who have deliberately acted against the constitution of this USA,/ is treason.  These actions chosen to destroy the securities of this people/ have defied all pretense and purpose of law/ and are now proven to seek to destroy life in this world totally.   Fundamentally, that can only be proven as nothing less than a satanic cult, out to destroy life/ a religious delusion of “university knows” gone completely insane.  These facts Are defined within the term by tragic, catastrophe, horror story;   or in other words “a university diploma”.  As is the singular constant among, “Those who led us here”. 


    The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership, of our lives, our planet, and our future.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.


THE EXTREME THREATS:    WE CANNOT SURVIVE, not even as a world, WHEN PROVEN WRONG.  A gamble we cannot turn back.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.  They continue experimenting today, which means at any time, life on earth can be lost forever.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



For threats,  2- 36 click here/ not all by a long way, but enough to understand.



            Having done all that I must do, for the sake of life and planet/ the rest is up to you.  Because it is your life too/ and very few fight for life.   The essence of every heartbeat is dependent upon true change, without it you will die, "a horrific death": so says the evidence against you.  Want DEMANDS NO/ but truth has nothing to do with want.  Our world has changed, because 7 billion + people have overridden nature's ability to survive and defeat us. That means what we do, decides life or death for nature and ourselves.

             The reality of a heart elevated, by the creation of love; learns what is true decides.  In contrast to that, I do have a choice;   your pride will demand "we are gods (our universities will save us)/ we don't have to change NOTHING".  But reality doesn't care what you want or think, only  what is true does decide life or death for us all. Lies always fail, and your leaders/ your societies/ your universities, and everything else are so corrupted, nothing will survive.  Thought presents to me, the possibility of doing more/ but you continue to refuse even the most simple concept of them all:   bringing the same fire here as is on the sun; WILL result in earth being a sun.  You even refuse to investigate/ your media absolutely refuse to protect you; about anything:  they are only "Sunday social news/ propaganda/ or its ok to fear". 

             Extinction looms;  However I choose simply to continue teaching/ these are some simple lessons, as I desire it to be. You must change yourselves, I cannot do it for you, "its not my right or possibility".  Whether you learn or continue to refuse, the opportunity was yours.  Elements of the heart/   Rules for relationships/ fundamentals of sexual behavior/ bribery and life/ no tears.  As to the traitorous conduct that denies due process of law in the US supreme court/ or the IL supreme court;   there is likely to be consequences, simply because pride hates to hide, it is a thief/ just like want is a liar/ and "loser, plots revenge".  Failure is consistent, wherever university goes:   not as the propaganda teaches you/ but as the reality of consequences hidden behind the doors they refuse to open suggest.  The university diploma rules government/ and government could not be more bankrupt.   "Pride steals/ and people lie" as is clear and present in this tax case


BELIEF, the elemental search


            The singular element within which "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT" is elevated too, "god/ or an assumption of the purposes of god/ or words in a book; etc".  It is not without notice , that "I DON'T WANT THIS/ I DON'T WANT THIS, ETC" is the basis in fact for hate.  Thereby they function together at opposite extremes.  Want forms the assumption of love, in a simple mind; because it accepts that more of anything, particularly a trophy or prize will grant happiness: "I WIN/ or you lose".  It is momentary at best.  While "I don't want",   forms the critical descent which then becomes an opportunity to join hate, and despise the world of life.

            The religious expression of belief explained here,  is then NOT, directly functional by association, with what is experienced by want; assuming that theory is more than simple want.  The purpose being to discover what is worshiped without a right.  But the reality of belief,  is assembled by asking:   what is MORE important than want?  Want and belief are intertwined.

            What is not a "witches brew, or a sorcerer's intent" about this / humanity has not changed, only its tools, and the possibilities now,  of extreme tragedy, and complete death for this  world.

            When we consider the possibilities of a billion times a billion watts of energy transfer, all within a tiny area as is a laser beam/ the reality of lightning strikes do come to mind.  It is said that, one lightning strike at its maximum can generate a trillion watts of power (although none know for sure).  Nonetheless the exo-watt laser would then be equivalent to the release of one million= one trillion watt, lightning strikes all in the same place, all at the same time.  That is what "the university is doing next".  YOU know what lightning is.  We know that the fire on the sun exists/ how it is possible, a fire so ferocious as this will not light this planet on fire?  The university says, "not enough gravity here to sustain it"/ but if they are wrong, in this one time is enough experiment: this entire planet becomes another sun!   How is that worth the risk?

            As is consistent with the realities listed above, identified in these works;   to be led where the consequence of wisdom itself,  does not let you go: is a disaster waiting to happen for you.  We must gain wisdom, to understand the consequences of knowledge.  We must let truth decide what is commensurate with RESPECT for life and planet, rather than simply wanting "to be more" than truth itself will allow.  Without respect every relationship dies, that includes marriage and friendship, OR our ability to live on this planet.  Without value, the essence of discovery, and the foundation of discipline; the reality of opportunities for the future itself; simply die.  That includes the people who commit suicide/ and the people who prove they don't care about life, and gamble with our own.   Eternity is not without similar rules.  More of this,   the list of sites I provide.

THE LAW IS AN ARMY OF ONE; that represents all of us, as one law, one order of things, one decision for justice, life, and peace.  That law, is then used against those who fight against us/ or to defend those who are attacked.  "I want you to remember those words/ as you read".

             life as is nature, planet and environment, the critical structures of discipline, balance, and order MUST BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED,These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.YOU must make them as a nation/ OBEY THE LAW; you must prove an oath has meaning.   You enforce constitutional law with a legal tax revolt: insisting,  DO YOUR JOB AS SWORN, or you don't get paid;   same as us.  It is a duty owed to the state and nation, and world/ it is a contract signed by oath.  My demand in legal tax revolt (trials above) is a jury trial/ under the terms of democracy/ as is first amendment redress, it is the law!  OR more simply my demand is:  LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES, if they have been wronged. Let the evidence be presented to them.  Let them assess the risk of these extreme threats, "IT'S THEIR LIVES/ THEIR EVERYTHING"! They do have an absolute legal right!     The IL supreme court.

            Your leaders and your courts and your media all say NO; the people SHALL NOT be informed or have any say.   (they are cult worshipers) believers in  "The university knows"/ university is a god, "can't be wrong".  Believers that they are the superior ones and can make every decision for life or nation/ YOU cannot.  They absolutely want power,  and control over us as is consistent with organized crime. But established by extreme experiments is the truth:   WE CANNOT undue, what will destroy us, when released. If the same fire as is on the sun, DOES NOT extinguish itself (as their theory goes/ not enough gravity here; but they don't know what gravity even is.  Betting the entire planet anyway);   we all burn with this planet; just like the sun.  It is a true one time only experiment, once true ignition fundamentally occurs.  These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.  They endanger and threaten us all, instead/ even the world itself.

IT IS TIME TO PUSH!  To become, what we will be, “forever”!   Make your decision: for life, and child, and world:   “the essence of love”/ OR, want, selfishness, greed, and the rest “called hate”.
             DISCIPLINE DEMANDS, That life should NEVER be a game/ that we, the people of this earth; have a value greater than theories/ more distinct than risk/ and more defined than those who believe “they can play god” with our lives.  Reality demands: we must choose differently.  Balance demands a new structural outlook, to what we do; In our relationships with each other.
            The final analysis of this work is very simple: if we don’t recognize and respect the reality that is coming, the consequences of being WRONG/ we don’t survive.  If we don’t respect nature, stop mutilating and crucifying it/ nature itself won’t survive, because we are now so many people, this world has changed, and nature can no longer defeat us all. It cannot defeat the horror’s inflicted if they don’t stop immediately.  If we don’t accept our responsibility NOT to let people play with energies they cannot control; we all die, a horrible death.  People say:   I don’t care, and all run away to hide from all they fear.  It will NOT help/ that changes nothing.  Unless we defeat those who threaten us with extermination from this planet/ we die.  It is not a hard concept.
            The confrontation that is government employee versus law and democracy; constructs a literal demand:   are we owners/ is our government, the constitution?  How that is answered decides who rules the future!  Currently our employees rule by bribes/ created with counterfeit money.  But the reality is: having “printed” 200 trillion dollars of inflation; the national  debt plus social security and state debts =$645,161.00 per 310 million people each.  Did you get yours/ its all free:   no reality attached!   The answer is no, we didn’t/ but a few did, plus ours, plus whatever they wanted to loan with this inflation/ all covered over with lies by government and media: THEY DO KNOW.   What is particularly bad however is this:   that they take these counterfeit dollars, and they buy our real property with them.  That means: they get it for free, someone got this money.  But because there is no reality of payment attached/ consequently it is not a debt/ it is pure inflation, given to only a tiny few, who chose to inflate their salaries, benefits, pensions, etc by using our slavery.  If it ain’t realmoney/ you didn’t get paid; they just kept you alive for the work, with bribes.   Soon we the people will own nothing/ because you cannot compete “with a printing press”; nor out of control government employees.  America will be, “like Palestine”: sold out; too late now.  You must demand democracy rules, and enforce constitutional law, oath,  and restrictions. As owners.   Or you will be forced to abandon America itself.
            Americans “have bought a gun”/ because they know its bad, and their options are few.  But lets review:    If you surrender ownership, and choose a gun: whose side are you on?  If you say America or the United States, it cannot be so, because you have failed the law, and our democracy.  We rule ourselves/ by the laws we create, the constitution that rules us all; including every law.  The judiciary does not/ they are bound by oath in support of the constitution and its intent: that is their job, and its power to rule is strictly limited to constitutional rights and demands.  What is important if you don’t use the law and democracy is:   even if you win a battle in civil war/ you cannot change the ownership of property until you have created a new democracy to control and change that law, which then controls you and us.  That means a new nation/ not this one: or more simply America itself,  must be abandoned. it will be BAD.  Particularly since it is unnecessary and irrelevant to the task of defining WHO DOES OWN THIS NATION/ and what is a legitimate claim over our property or not.   That right, is justified and decided by law; according to evidence and its truth.  Therefore whosoever controls the law, controls the future.  YOU CANNOT control the law with a gun/ it is impossible.  You cannot control truth, IT IS, whatever it is.  You CAN control the law with democracy, BY YOUR VOTE.   Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but your own distinct vote on the law that governs our lives for yourselves.  We need very few: short and simple, so we all understand/ and can use or enforce the law ourselves.
            We can change our world, and our money/ by choosing LIFE, AND PLANET;   MUST COME FIRST:   for us all.   If, you think for yourself! You are “smart enough”!   We are at the edge of crisis in all kinds of ways: the cost and consequence of letting “the smart people” lead.  THAT DID NOT work, they are lazy, as a group, living largely in fantasy and delusion; as the evidence does prove.  We must ALL work together, not just you, me, or them.  Learn more.   Some basic links. Thinking differently;

Developments in democracy:   HOW,  we understand our lives, our duty, and our ownership of that democracy:   within  our state and nation or world: Preparations for redress, in ILLINOIS.

          This is now, a legal revolt against what has been accepted practice in governing this nation and this state;   by our employees.  More substantially, this is the framework by which control as WE THE PEOPLE, who DO own this government MUST WORK to accomplish our authority as owners.  There is no excuse for weapons or war; these are failures/ because they never then go away.  This is law, by which the exercise of RIGHTS, as human beings united for a common cause: TO RULE OURSELVES BY LAW/ is established in peace, and with the maximum possible intent to be fair to all parties.  It should be recognized in that statement: that this is NOT about everybody gets the same/ as that is completely unfair.  NOT about there shall be no more wealthy people, that too is unfair; some do MUCH more than others/ and do deserve a reward.  Rather this is about JUSTICE, the acceptance of limits, by the boundaries which control just how much more, or less;  is fair.  This is about governing ourselves;   the ascension beyond being followers, to attain what is necessary in understanding and knowledge, for our survival as a world or nation.  Whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation, because the law is its own army; when enforced. Therefore we must make the laws that rule over us all/ OURSELVES.  A vote on the law itself/ rather than a vote for someone else to vote for me.

           THIS IS more importantly ABOUT: REMOVING THREATS THAN CAN END OUR VERY WORLD; MUTILATE NATURE ITSELF; AND BRING HORROR INTO YOUR LIVES FOREVER.   The change that is mandatory! Consequently the fundamental revolt is: that we must investigate our reality, instead of believing anything we are told.  No more experts, we will decide for ourselves. We must establish as best we can our future, and design our society, lives, and economies around what truth defines as a consequence. A reality, instead of this fantasy:  that will be in our own best interest as life on earth.  NOT "just you or them/ ALL of us".  Life for and on this planet, MUST come first.  To keep us alive.

          For this cause, and these reasons: these web sites have been created.  This opportunity to gather as women to demand your own say, and your own descriptions of CHANGE in society; has been created.   War is a man's way/ the game of money is a man's way/ the power to manipulate and control, is a man's way; each has failed entirely by the evidence of threat we do face.  Therefore woman's way has been devised.  Our leaders have been spoiled children, treating themselves to every form of disgrace and disrespect against us, that could be found.  Failed, by their own decisions/ but also because of an endless supply of "beggars, cowards, and bribes to control too many people. As a "honest mother teaches her child"/ we will remind them:   YOU have nowhere to run or hide.  We the people can, punish you/ can deny you/ can force you to understand: THESE were bad choices.  We are the military ourselves/ we are the police ourselves/ we are the nation, and without us nothing gets done.  We do have the power, to surround you, and deny you food/ etc.  We do have the power, to understand:   we are the government, the owners/ you, are the employees!  We do have the power to choose for ourselves, so long as we are willing to pay that price.  It is not free. But we DON'T have the possibility to survive anyone of the major threats that exist today. This world has changed/ because we are now over 7,000,000,000 people roughly one per acre. One on every acre of growing land on earth/ and growing at 2 million more per week. That acre has to support every other living thing on land as well. The ocean nearly empty.


 SO LET'S BE VERY SERIOUS/ the current supreme court case simplified.  "Goodbye then".                                                                                              

TRUE TO THE PURPOSES OF THESE SITES; the foundations laid by need, and the structures of peace and law built.  Do testify and create, the final purpose of this work, which is: that women of this world, particularly this nation;   SHALL come together to identify and choose, what would be "their solution" for this world's problems/ our problems and our future.  Men have designed and created what exists today, and the consequences that will come, without change: threatening our very extinction, world war, and even more.  We will NOT survive that/ not even as a planet.  Through their leadership and courts: the opportunity to change, to protect, defend, respect, etc:  was absolutely rejected, a criminal attack against our law, democracy, etc.  They still refuse.  THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS MASSIVE, our lives and even our planet are in trouble.  THIS IS: for your decision:  WHAT WOULD WOMEN DO DIFFERENTLYAnd the expressions in law and reality that would give you as  women the opportunity to make a difference, and lead this world by democracy.

           A vote can be, a very powerful tool.  JUSTICE is a clear decision, to share and care for ourselves, our world, and the future;  AS EQUALS!  It is a choice, men have failed severely.  Therefore as women alone,  gathered together as one: DO YOU, or do you not:  DEMAND YOUR SAY!  The purpose is true democracy, the reality is redress: an accountability governed by constitutional law.  The consequence is:   a legal revolution/ to resurrect our laws, our rights, our money, and our democracy as intended.  Not a game, we are in trouble as a nation and a world.  This is your chance as women:   TO LEAD CHANGE, and demand equality for all!

A summary progression, establishing what I believe to be, the most important part: summarized as "LIFE COMES FIRST"/ No more gambling with life or planet.

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