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Friday, 27 February 2015

As to advice for this summer: with trillions spent (1 trillion= $20,000.00 dollars per every person/ divided by 50 million people). This is literal and intense inflation, nothing more & nothing less. Consequently there will be an effect, before the summer is over. Simply because there are a lot of new numbers in circulation (people spending), and that brings a demand for "more numbers, per product, and more product". BUT with the advent of trial, and the reality of potential change as does this trial represent: come fall, this is likely to deteriorate into "wait and see" across the nation and world. Thereby inflation will not be as aggressive come fall/ through the period of trial. The approximate 3 trillion dollars already spent, equals sixty thousand dollars more numbers, per each and every worker=50 million/ in the USA today. That kind of inflation will soon demand notice. It is necessary to accept the inflation during this period, as complete economic collapse is worse: we will decide what is fair in the fall. Gas is likely to rise dramatically for instance/ because it is expected the stimulus (code word for extreme inflation) or more correctly the flood of "fake money" will be impacting our reality. Just as, the employees of government: giving $8000.00 free to new home buyers is affecting the housing market right now. Buy now, if you must/ but remember this: there are no winners in inflation. This kind of inflation means, the end of the middle class/ as for every dollar you earn honestly: a few people, will collect thousands or millions instead. That imbalance means, "you work for nothing/ as they can literally take everything with their numbers". This has been going on for decades; Exactly the same, as extreme inflation has been doing for the last decade/ hyper-inflation as is the obama plan, will simply end life as you know it; because it is so extreme in numbers as to ruin all opportunity for fair play/ or even the potential to be involved in any decision. Creating in effect, a game you cannot play: "the few, have all the numbers/ and you can be slave; never equals again". That will lead to civil war/ if we do not resolve this crisis.
Consider the realities involved and make your own decisions. Gold, and silver are still the best hedge against inflation out of control; because we do need to go back to money backed, by things that cannot simply be fantasy. But put it in a bank box, and don't expect to be "rich"/ that day is over, or life on earth will be. Commodities as have been proven important in the past year, will again take off. But come fall/ things will change, it is too early to tell, how or what. If the court will lie, and commit treason, refusing trial/ they break constitutional guaranteed law. That would be extremely unwise, opening the door to punishment by the people when this world falls apart in two years or so, without intervention. But it is their decision to make/ their life and eternity to live. Just as you have the right to choose what decisions will affect yours/ even if unfair to the others.
Do what you consider wise, or not; that is your decision as well. To achieve a greater sense of control for you, this web site will be left alone until trial/ except for the potential of a new link: for the government response. Should I change my mind, I will limit my own change to a new link or two on the top/ or side. In that way, you may discuss the site more correctly as it stays stable and unchanged. An involved public/ does more than anything else to prove "we the people": are OWNERS HERE. Be involved.

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Realities of this day.

Elementally Described

Time Line

On this site , the reality of education has brought a few simple articles found in the upper links here, from various area's of the original site. You are invited to visit that site, along with the other sites provided in the left column/ a total of about 5000 pages, if you wish. The links & the forums all have interesting articles as well as: my own intent to prove, pride is not acceptable: life is not a game. There is a sub-text tied to revelation 12/ the beginning of that is found in if you wish to read it. Not a religious man/ a surprise. All recent court documents are on , all previous court documents are in the abstract file on . The current US SUPREME COURT FILING is added here, as well as on just talking one. All new court information will be added here, as it becomes available.

The intent of all sites is, a preparation for change/ because the evidence is clear: without change our reality, as well as our environment, our genetics, and our world will not survive. Think before you decide/ want is irrelevant: LIFE MUST BE FIRST. Everything else is second or less. The leadership of men has been "money first/ greed second/ who gives a damn about anything, but money and lust; third". That must change. The purpose here, is not to control anyone, it is your decision what your own futures will be/ however because life and death are involved for you, KNOWLEDGE is essential to this decision. Therefore the element called understanding is presented with desire, that you may find and use: honor, truth, discipline, life, and establish love as your guide. The function of wisdom, is to participate through these individual passages that become as a teacher to your life, through learning heart, life, soul, and thought. A passage to the destiny of your life, is not a focal point (reducing this world, to one tiny little thing)/ rather a passage, is the illumination of a direction created by your own heart, a journey for your own soul, and a destiny designed with your CREATOR. Those who enter, find GOD; if your purpose is love. Those who enter for hate/ are consumed, even if for a time they are allowed to influence this world.

Reality Again

The reality of life is, VERY MANY PEOPLE want their time/ everything to stay exactly the way it is, "winners/ to hell with you". Life however resides only where truth allows it to survive/ you cannot continue on earth, without change. The destruction is massive. That fact, will anger the old (too old for change, got mine; going to keep it. The truth however indicates that the numbers of the majority: that they claim, are what was stolen from the young; did you not leave them the debt?)/ that fact must make the young passionate, or they will not survive (no resources, no food or water, no money, just war, as men prepare to hate men, all men/ rape women & children: dead because science ruined your world, & greed ruined the rest)/ that fact, can be proven in court, where truth comes, or the penalty is death. Do NOT gamble with this world, as in the science threatening everything; or you lose it all. The critical reality therefrom, becomes: a trial to decide, what our future will be. The court is useful/ but not necessary, if required; you can discard them, and rebuild. Should I die, do NOT quit/ an organization of women will be chosen carry on, if women choose this to be so, and work accordingly. Because real change demands true change, it is women who must lead. Those who have brought us here, to death's door/ cannot lead anymore.
WE THE PEOPLE, is an answer.

The intended US supreme court filing to be sent (NO response yet from the clerk regarding details) in pdf
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THE LAW is not a weapon/ rather the law is our structure as defined within the terms of society, to be our fortress against the people who believe in hate. With law, our reality changes to define peace through the essence of what we believe is our inherent and true rights in freedom and responsibility. With law, we fight for respect, for truth, the dignity of equality, and the purpose of honor (our choice, to live in harmony with others) and create our nation and world. Our need to protect these rights, this home, and to build what will become the destiny of our people, our very lives; is completely fundamental to who we are inside, it is the desire that conceives of our truth. Love or hate is a choice, with consequences for many. Life is a decision, built upon our relationship with law. But the law itself is more powerful than the words which describe it/ the law is more eloquent than the lives which protect it: the law, is our foundation for life, hope, love, courage, discipline, truth, and above all respect. Because without respect, there is no law within that life. The consequence of that reality is, "we must teach". The reality if you do not, is "pandora's box"

love and society

YOU, are confronted with the simple truth, that without the complex relationships this world represents as environments and chains of life, and ecologies, and disciplines, and law, and minimum trust as government, and more: life can indeed end on this earth/ because of what we do, and have done as humanity. We are now 7 billion people on earth; all wanting everything they can get/ it is not "the same earth", because we are so many more, with greater tools. The consequence is, this earth is struggling to survive. As it is clear by this time, of the possibilities called crisis or catastrophe, due to the minimal efforts of media and university: not all bad! The consequence of potential failure has been used, for the purpose of making money/ but it is at least presented. What is not presented is the reality and truth or scope of what is or has been done: thereby leaving greed, and power, and pride, and want, and hate alone to lead you into the abyss of "we have NO choices left/ this world will end". The message of this day is: GO TO COURT, and investigate your reality. Therefrom let truth and understanding dictate your future, so that you do not die in absolute insanity and chaos: because that is coming. The consequence called change, cannot be done: without making real changes to the process of decision. Men will continue to act and decide as men do/ they cannot remain as leaders, because they cannot make the changes necessary to keep this earth alive: they are men, and men have made the decisions that brought us to this day, and will continue down the same basic path. THEREFORE ONLY WOMEN CAN LEAD, because they are different, and think differently, they do represent change. NOT necessarily good change; they are untested/ BUT CHANGE, and we MUST HAVE CHANGE, or this earth will die. That is a statement that need not be believed. Rather it is a statement that can be tested with knowledge in a courtroom of law (so liars are removed with penalties that will be SEVERE). When educated with truth, THEN the world itself must decide if it will live or die. Only the women can keep you alive, because they are different/ but without the acceptance of men, they will be challenged harshly. You must work together.
As a messenger that brings you this message: to women I say, battle on for life and truth: even if men are not worthy of you; MANY men will die, instead of defeating you/ if they stand between this world surviving or not. You will then rebuild, with those who are left. Life is not a game. The "thousands" of threats against you, capable of exterminating life on earth, are NOT a game. The destruction of everything you need to survive as humanity and life on earth is NOT a game/ it is the reality of men, and the tragedies they have brought to this earth. The games men have played with money, the deceit & lies and theft, and cheating all have consequences that lead to WAR: not a game/ but a true threat you can easily conceive of, in a world filled with weapons of mass destruction. The absolute arrogance and critical hatred of science, in threatening everything on earth, "just because they want to play god"; IS NOT a game either. Rise up/ wake up/ grow up, and BE LESS THAN COMPLETELY STUPID AND BLIND, or you die. MAKE YOUR DECISION.
Because time is running out/ and then you will have no choice, but to die. INVESTIGATE YOUR WORLD, FIND YOUR TRUTH, AND RESPECT YOUR REALITY!

DO IT NOW, letting truth lead, through the understanding or discretion of women! Because they are change, and we must hope for their best, too many tragedies await us/ without this risk. Men have led us to the doors of hell (unquenchable insanity) and Armageddon (nature in chaos, without discipline or mercy). We face starvation, thirst, loss of critical resources, oxygen starvation, and much more/ time is running out. Investigate for the sake of your life, all life, and your children. Is this NOT worth your time!


In the elemental discovery of meaning and messages that illuminate our world, the need for understanding and knowledge is very real. Unlike the people of our historical past, we have consumed the possibility: "we don't need to care". And now sit directly before the decisions that preclude our existence from remaining here on earth. This is a world under duress, because we are so many people/ nature simply cannot endure us all, anymore. Unless we make deliberate decisions to aid and sustain nature/ so that it will aid and sustain us. From the oxygen we breathe, that is being burned by fire faster than it is being produced; to a dying ocean; To a world about to go to war, because of all the lies, want, pride, selfishness and decisions that are distinctly men: who have made the decision to exterminate us all. Rather than change, or accept truth. The list of threats is VERY long.
A very simple beginning starts with 3 changes/ and very simple understanding starts with the variations of insanity, that refine the simple truth, this is knowledge that you can use for yourself. And a list of learning tools called creation, for simple beginnings, is added.

The destinies of individual decisions give us cause to think and consider. And if that was not enough, the elemental physics of a world now threatening us called Yellowstone is examined for the purposes of our decision as humanity. The final work expected is simply called a "closing bell", school is out.

There are summary compositions, that seek an understanding beyond the purposes of mere words/ but these exist in the dimension of thought that goes beyond selfishness or want. To conceive of them in this simple beginning, you must accept the simple truth; pride is an enemy, "it makes life a game". LIFE is far more important than that! And this time on earth, far more serious. We, are losing everything required for our survival: EVEN, the air we breathe, because there are so many fires consuming the oxygen we need, life needs, to survive. THIS is not a game, all life on earth is threatened in "a thousand ways", literally everything: because pride doesn't care, and arrogance (we don't have to care/ we are everything we need, "practically gods, let us take more") is everywhere..... BUT THEY ARE LIARS and FOOLS! You are not asked to believe anything, YOU are given the opportunity to investigate for yourselves. The federal lawsuit at, is your beginning.

The fundamentals of human society are:

Very simply, 3 separate things/ respect/ justice/ & a job to sustain and allow life, happiness, and freedom. It is not more complicated than that.  Accomplish these, and time is good.  Until that is hate creeps in, from the 3 base realities that make humans fear. Someone is going to kill me/ someone is going to take everything I have/ someone is going to make me cry.  And the last of these threes are, that nature is going to defeat you, by dying/ unless we apply ourselves to helping that nature and environment survive/ so it can take care of us.   This is basically everything, believe it or not.
So, the simple and fair assertion is, if we take care to keep these things “safe and warm in truth”/ then we will have a future that is kind, peaceful, generous, and happy.
Respect and justice, are the base elements of all society; a discussion of jobs is provided. web sites provided by me to you/ and links are found to each in this site . All provided by me are free, without restrictions.




The endlesslie, that your individual decision does not matter is over. We face a world approaching complete distress in hundreds of ways/ and we will solve these troubles as one people throughout the world, or we will die, because you did not care enough even to try. We are dependent upon real change, NOT make believe; and that opens the door to a reality that is different.  The only different method of leading human existence is with women.  Because history proves what men can and will do/ and this is the best they did do. A world at the brink of chaos, starvation, war that will end with extermination of a planet, the complete destruction of nature, and the end of sanity causing HELL on earth.   Therefore we begin in the element that is for women.

 Click here for the discussion platform in book form. These are the beginning discussions that you may reply to at will, if you choose the forum instead.

the need increases for a female organization to oversee this site/ find a way, discuss it, and do what you can do.The purpose of this web site is to allow public participation, as best I can/ therefore it is, and is intended to be; a short and relatively simple structure for understanding the parent site to this work. All sites are for educating about the need to understand our world is under extreme stress, and near the breaking point. My desire here is to create a “friendly, non-threatening” environment for discussion, but “ Can’t fix a dead earth”.  So when you no longer need your mind to understand, that our lives are literally being gambled with/ then its too late to do anything to stop; a dying earth.  So there are things about all manner of learning on each of the 7 sites provided. Things about all types of relationships, particularly love/ IF you can see past the need to discourage and stop pride.  A lot of reading if you wish/ but not a lot of boredom. Enough knowledge to assign a need to be involved in this discussion and decision.   This site, is a presentation of understanding based in ideas that are linked, so that you can communicate among yourselves for the purpose of these things.  And decide if they have value to you.  As it is clear, my own means of communicating has a limited response/ it is perhaps, a little too much in a variety of ways:   so this site is intended to open the door, so you can try. Until it is taken over by women however; there will be little change or additions/ this is their site, not mine in its intended purpose. The assumptions that it was unnecessary to discourage or discard your pride, prior to an ability to conceive of honor or honesty/ discipline or duty, is simply not true.
Among the very most important considerations however is the fact that science is threatening to kill us all, sometime in 2009/ there are experiments and machinery built that has never existed on earth before.  These are massive in scale and purpose, and can literally end life on this earth/ or even the planet itself. Because they are hard to understand for the vast majority; I will try a simpler way.  More details at .

Regardless I will try, if you will listen: of the various threats, the two most severe, if not immediate (hard to tell, with all the threats that exist: but both are due this year) are at the national ignition facililty here in america/ and at CERN a united nations machine in Switzerland and France, there are in fact many more/ but complexity is not useful here.  The national ignition facility (nif) is so named because they do intend to create fusion fire (same fire as is on the sun).  From looking at the sun, we KNOW this is an atomic fire; it is not a debate! Therefore if you can read their literature, or understand at all, the purpose of this military/ science facility in a San Francisco suburb as defined in their name is:   to create that atomic fire here on earth.  Endlessly promoted by many for decades as the solution to all our problems/ but with only one small problem NOT RECOGNIZED at this moment in time.  They cannot put out an atomic fire/ because everything here is based on atomic structure, and that means like the sun, everything here is fuel.  Can’t put it out.  Their initial expectations are to reduce a “basketball size volume of liquid hydrogen/ to the size of a needle point” with 192 lasers surrounding that target.  Each laser is expected to quote If you could hold a giant magnifying glass in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward Earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in a University of Michigan laboratory.”  These will be charged, focused, and then all 192 lasers hitting the target at the very same second.  180 million degrees fahrenheit is expected (as opposed to say 100 degrees fahrenheit, a hot day on earth)/ plus more pressure than you can imagine. 

The purpose is to surround the atomic environment of hydrogen so that the materials cannot escape. It WILL work, unless one or more lasers fail. So the probability of fusion is actually very high.  A fire that will burn the earth itself/ which we cannot put out: want to gamble? Can you stop a known fire here by throwing gasoline on it? No, you cannot because the gas is fuel!  Regardless; to understand better, we return to a well known physics law:   for every action there is a reaction.  That is a fundamental in time, and it is true.  So when all this energy is focused onto hydrogen which is an atom that cannot morph into something else: the question arises, what will the reaction be?  The answer is  a reaction that is the same size PLUS the energy allowed by the hydrogen itself will arise as a result/ the law of action and reaction insists.  That will make the reaction event:  not only fusion, but with the effects of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb going off in San Francisco/ particularly if fusion itself is not the result/ the only possible result is a bomb.  The alternative to a volume that can react:  is less simple to understand.  With a smaller volume of hydrogen confined and reduced by pressures to an infinitesimal spot because it WAS forced to react into itself instead of reacting outward in atomic fire or force.  The result WILL be, a black hole here on earth.  Incredibly small/ but with all the energy focused upon it and contained within that tiny spot: making it on an sub-atomic scale, essentially turned inside out. The end result of that multiplication of density will be:  that energy when finally released, from an environment of perhaps a billion pounds per square inch or more (as it turns from reaction to internal destruction): elemental atomic structure will be crushed/ but a little will stream out of its center;  in a directional “beyond extreme” laser type of effect. The physical law of action equals reaction/ actually changes into an action, created by an alternate dimensional state: where atomic structure no longer exists. Because to implode and create this density in response of all the energy applied, all internal structure must be forced out.  Or more simply, that which is described as a neutron in the arrangement of an atom is discarded/ and the protons are welded together, while electrons are essentially discarded or swallowed. Do to the immense pressures used/ the ascension of heat is  altered from a force/ to a receptor of energy. The environment of a black hole  will then be accelerated into multiples of the energy provided and used. It reverses energy in opposition to the law of an action and reaction: creating the opposite effects, of an action/ when it could not react, by changing direction: heat and force turned around; becoming an increasing action inside/ instead of a reaction outside.  Thereby the black hole  increases in mass and motion so long as there is energy to consume/ it is a “perpetual motion machine”. “It will suck energy in, and because as with all consumption there is a bit that will not cooperate with the whole: thereby the “laser effect””. One wanders if it can literally bore a hole through this earth? More importantly one wonders, if indeed there will be a complete alignment with the center black hole of our galaxy in 2012: if so, then it is apparent and probable that this “laser effect” will be encountered by us.  The answer potentially radiates within the possibilities of what has happened to other planetary objects: but without life as a mediator of reality, we cannot know.  The    “elemental physics” result; of every black hole is however, the  Making in effect of  dark matter/ because it is the opposite of what we see in real life existence, as the disciplined order called time.  The question is:   even though this newly formed, BUT  densest possible material in the universe, although infinitesimally small/ as a black hole with extreme energy applied to it is:   Will,   IT WILL accelerate the energy focused upon it, into the elemental mass of its center, and thereby create the effect that humanity describes in space as a black hole thereby sucking in its neighbor planets, stars,/ us etc?   Making a black hole here on earth, even if you cannot see the mass itself?  If so, It will not be survivable. Not for anyone. The question asks in reality: what is the energy contained?  Because that is the determinate factor?  The answer is: without doing the math/ that anything which can create MORE ENERGY; [as described in their own site at nif] by describing what they say will be far more intensity than a physical star exploding into a supernova in space:   IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO CREATE WHAT A SUPERNOVA CREATES, a black hole in space. Therefore dependent upon the exact configuration of what happens;   you get either a multi-megaton nuclear explosion “the least violent”/ an earth on fire we cannot put out/ or a black hole that cannot be controlled and will eventually suck in this entire planet, because the laws governing time and order, will be changed.  Not a guess, these are the laws of physics/ the reality of a changed state in energy and dimension that are going to be used in this experiment.

In Europe, there is CERN; whose stated intent is to recreate the “big bang/ MOST destructive event in the entire history of the universe”.  They want to bring that here on earth: an energy which blew up that reality:    to create, the entire sea of galaxies we know as truth/ but they want this destructive event to be recreated here.  To achieve that end, they have taken Einstein’s theory of E=MCsquared or energy times the speed of light squared. And do fully believe that with this proton accelerator they will be able to achieve “PURE energy” or more simply by definition an energy without discipline. The opposite end of dimensional energy; whereby instead of so much energy it collapses atomic structure into a dense mass to create a black hole.  In this scenario, the attainable effect is to “massacre” the discipline of atomic structure in such a way that the force of disciplined structure is transferred into nothing but free energy, releasing not only the energy inside a proton/ but recombining it with the energy that forms the basis of all matter itself: the ability to hold together. Once freed from all discipline or laws governed as time/ by creating a speed exceeding the speed of light whereby nothing can react to it, because it is so extreme. However that statement comes from the disciplines of order/ and thereby here in time, it must contain mass to be effectively true. [if it is not mass here in order/ then it doesn’t exist as a method or means to act or react].  But that is not distinctly true, whereby the effect of energy itself, is seen in everything; due to its bond creating mass itself. What we then see about an energy so pure that mass is not associated with it/ becomes the literally mechanism by which all mass is created.  Or not only can it react with mass/ it can act upon mass as well, by any degree of expansion or contraction that is available.   The machine already built, accelerates protons, the most energy dense material we know about here on earth.  And accelerates sufficient quantities of protons at the speed of light in two different directions: so that these two opposing tracks of  protons lined up like train cars, can be switched.   “To become like a train wreck with both trains on the same track”.  The intended consequence being: much more power than ever before/ to attempt the annihilation of protons, thereby releasing that pure energy.  This machine is: hooked into multiple nuclear power plants/ and all this power is being translated into & focused upon an amount of protons: crushed into this one tiny spot (as many as possible).   TO annihilate the protons with the intent two, or a group of protons will produce a direct head on, so extreme the proton environment can’t escape collision effects.  Thereby breaking the structure, and freeing the energy from which it was made. The critical question is, will it be extreme enough to dissolve the mass into energy without allowing it to react to the collision?  If there is no reaction/ there will be pure energy.  A state of energy that has no control, and no way to be contained.  How long it can or will last is unknown/ but what this can do, is already demonstrated by the big bang, and this expanding universe. Once released, “we cannot put it back in the can, so to speak”/ it is what it is, and will do what it does”.  How insane do you honestly have to be, to take this gamble? It is beyond description, the only word we have is SATAN.

   The energy cannot truly escape, unless they achieve the elemental power to accelerate beyond what a reaction can define.    Even though Einstein’s theory of pure energy can be proven true, ONLY BY an energy we have never seen (except as a universe of expanding galaxies), we clearly cannot control it. Their stated purpose is to recreate the energy environment that caused the previous universe of mass and energy to explode into expanding  galaxies and stars.  If they are even a little bit correct/ this type of energy can invade the mountains within which it is enclosed, and blow them apart. Maybe even the entire planet/ I do not know:   do you want them to gamble? Really/ there is no going back, not even for one second.  I do not have to be correct/ they have to be proven correct:   that it cannot be as described.  They cannot, because that is the purpose of an experiment, to find out what you do not know.  Think about it/ but remember both of these machines and more, are already built, and awaiting trials later this year: 2009.   There are no second chances/ the only absolute proof you get, is the end of life on earth. These threats, and many more are literally life or death for us all: NOT a someday in the future, NOT for someone else to decide.  It is up to you, now. Nothing less than the complete dismantling of these machines and others will do/ they are liars and fools, and will try behind your backs;  it is their pride.
So, the purpose of is a trial/ an opportunity to learn and evaluate and make the decisions that gamble with our lives:   OURSELVES!  Instead of this death science of today.  The purpose of court is then LIFE FIRST, in every conceivable way.  Help anyway you can.  Its your life too.   IF YOU TRY, YOU CAN: understand all these things.  Do not run away or hide/ this is our only home, if we do not save it, we have no home. There is no place to run or hide/ it is literally life or death.  If you gamble, you will lose. As to the potential for trouble in 2012, I recommend prayer/ but do not fear, whatever it will be, is what it will be. Fear produces nothing of value.

There are other problems too, the factory fishing vessel is sufficiently sized to completely massacre entire colonies of fish/ they take them all/ leaving nothing to repopulate the area/ causing any other fish that is dependent upon the prey fish now gone to disappear as well.   Thousands of problems in the ocean/ and it feeds one billion people: WHAT ARE YOU going to do, if the ocean dies completely?  Except for war/ which at a birth rate of 2 million more mouths to feed each week, than deaths/  will obviously require at least 2 million deaths a week:   JUST TO STAY AT THIS POPULATION LEVEL of needs. 
And again:  We know how much fuel we burn, because we sell it/ therefore we know how much oxygen that fuel takes to burn: fire requires oxygen to burn, you learned that in grade school.  So the question is: does the earth produce enough oxygen for all this, and us too?  The answer is NO it does not/ and the forests which make a large percentage of the oxygen are destroyed, or nearly destroyed.  The oxygen we continue to breathe comes directly from stored oxygen that is in the ozone layer: when it is chemically altered, it must go up or down/ and this oxygen returns to the earth surface.  That oxygen is what we have been using/ and it will soon be gone.  Think about whether your fire is worth your breathe.  Do the math.

And again: Leaders love power/ it makes them feel important.  Which is why the current economic crisis is here.  Power is used to despise and say of truth:   WE WILL NOT/ because we found an alternate solution.  But if not truth/ then it is a lie.  Simple as that/ not hard to understand.  So, in america today, the race is on to spend as much taxpayer dollars as possible, to lie your way out of the truth:  that you the american people borrowed too much/ and simply cannot live in fantasy anymore.  The end of “I not only want this for free/ but I will take it for free: to hell with you”.  The only real value to be discussed is: what is money?  The answer is, money is the life, effort, and time of a human being.  Trees don’t demand money, OR they won’t let you cut them down; do they!  Money is strictly a human promise/ and a human work to accomplish this promise: either you may possess this instead of me/ or one of us will literally do the work for the other.  There is no government money!  There are only government employees who make  promises for the people they represent.  Promises, that these people will do the work, or give you their possessions in trade for these promises made. There are no gods in government/ its just people like you, with a job that can influence your life for good or bad.   1 trillion dollars, represents 50 million workers, each paying $20,000.00 twenty thousand dollars.  Or in other words, in the bailout of fannie mae and freddie mack, your government officials  declared that you the people they represent shall pay $100,000.00 dollars each for the lies and stealing of these companies/ the delusion of riches, from all your greed/ the reality of want and pride by an entire nation of people, and ALL the immigrants who wanted to participate in that greed, want, & pride.  That price doesn’t include the nearly $200,000.00 per each of 50 million workers/  promised this year by your officials that you would pay for everything else the federal government has done.  Doesn’t include state or city debts. Doesn’t include business or banking or agriculture debts. Doesn’t include personal debts. And doesn’t include any past debts:   those numbers are just for this year alone. $300,000.00 of new debt per each one of 50 million workers.  Still think it isn’t a delusion or fantasy? You are bankrupt, and the sooner you face your truth as a nation/ the sooner you can heal and be at peace.  All the numbers are to be trashed/ WE THE PEOPLE, are required to assemble what will then be called, “justice for all”.  Then, we may begin again under truth and law to guide us along the way, for a better world and a better life. The lie that you can have anything you want for free, is over/ or there will be civil war (hate crossing the line into violence, because of what I believe you did to me). The lies regarding social security across the board, are over.  The lies and tragedy of pension plans are over. The lies regarding medicine and essentially most US business are going to be changed. The lies in education are going to stop.  And a new world begin, is the reality of this day/ because everything built that is not truth, is a lie/ & that means it is a threat to existence for the entire planet.  Therefore the choice is life or death/ the reality is, we will live by the direction and disciplines of truth, or you will die: in hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos).  Or, in simple reality and truth:   if you do not stop the death science; now preparing to end this world/ you won’t make another year.  As it is with everything else they do as intellectuals in the universities: as is constant in human history.  For the sake of conversation and pride, these take anything, and make an expansive story out of little or nothing.  Do not be so simple as to just believe: ask for proof.  Unfortunately for you, the propaganda methods for all religious beliefs such as are common in all these things/ are effective.  Evolution a prime example; has been effective, even though the absolute disgrace of lies is apparent and real/ and you should not have been so gullible.       You will believe that your life is NOT worth gambling. You will believe, that your “gods of science whom you worship” are fallible and not worth following to your own genocide;   or you die.  Believe in evolution do you?  Well lets review: they say in effect “we built ourselves selecting what we wanted to be/ ONE piece at a time: brain last”.  Explain to me, how did your body survive without all its parts and pieces and the intelligence to use it?  How did your body hold the bones and muscles together? Any part of it? And a few billion more. Do not bother me with stupidity/ explain the facts beginning with genetics;   but understand this,   THESE THINGS ARE NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE THEM TO BE. It is far more complex.
There will be no permanent change: unless the basic framework that built all these tragedies is not replaced.  The leaders of this world, as it exists; are men.  That leaves us all:   WITH WOMEN TO LEAD, simply because they are different.  And WE MUST have different.  It is not an option/ we MUST have DIFFERENT than today.  Simple as that.

Breasts are, the most clearly definable element/ understood to be woman.  The sign of “a loving heart” is, the elemental passion of life, mixed with the unmistakable embrace; that we are more together as man and woman in love/ than we will ever be apart.  Life is a mixture of love and humanity/ where peace and harmony combine, in a lasting embrace called time.  This site is: CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY!

The picture chosen to go with this site is of a pink heart, with "an assortment of female nipples, with just a little color showing to identify: women". The purpose of such a collage, was intended to be, a sign "we are here". But, After some reflection on that/ the reality of that type of picture is, only women can present it, use it, or claim it to be theirs. Not me. Consequently the description below is a little out of place/ but left in anyway, as a measure in controversy; used to elevate the discussion, if women can lead/ they must admit to reality. And not be shy/ that day is over. Today life is about what women will do, or not do/ it is your choice. You will choose a picture, or not. To work here or not. To work anywhere or not. For life, or not/ it is up to women across this world, I just bring the possibilities to you.

The future is not about what you want!

THE FUTURE is, determined by what truth will allow you to have. Most believe this is a harsh statement, that fundamentally takes all the joy out of life.  Want is such a highly defined intent of selfishness, that it seems critically necessary for happiness.  But just like pride, what seems important, is in actual fact a violence done to society.  Just like pride, wherein you CANNOT be a winner/ unless you first make someone else a loser: the reality of want is, that a list of elements assigned to decay will arise.  Want is a decision NOT to let love or truth decide.  Want is a reality, based upon your decision that “I am first/ nothing is more important than me”.  Which is simply not true.  Our relationship with life is as a valued asset in time, a creature conceived with life, born within discipline, and structured with the elegance of a body and mind that can live in freedom.  Nothing here indicates that we are important to life itself, apart from the truth we all share that same experience/ we are all free to express it as we desire; according to our own truth and disciplines.
Want asserts that it is not life that is important/ but your own presence in life and time that is important.  Want asserts, nothing is more important than you/ therefore every decision you make that supports, defines, or enlarges your portion of participation with this world or its life;   is the right thing for you. Want assigns the others as, fundamentally less than you, because after all, what is the benefit to you, if they live and you do not/ or simply have more than you?  Want searches for happiness in the pride of  competition and aggressiveness in  games/ but every game is just a game. It has no real meaning for life. Want searches for happiness in sex, but without love it is a useless endeavor, strictly a chemical sequence of personal recognition (simple selfishness)/ leaving people without, because you stole something they had:   an opportunity to share and care with another human being of the opposite sex. Want is the birth of a liar/ because want suggests that even though reality and truth say no;   there is a way, if you lie.

 Such is the case of all who lie, steal, cheat, and murder in the drug trades among other things/ it is want that establishes why, pride that forms the decision “you can die”. Such is the case of want, where drug addicts lie to themselves and say: I don’t care. The majority do care/ but want rules their life, and they become lost in their own misery; “nothing matters but me”. The end of it is again linked to the very simple truth: let the drug addict lead you to their supplier/ then confiscate his or her drugs and give it to the addict, metered out in what they can use for themselves in that day. This removes the money/ and it is the money that enables this want to exist, on both sides: both user and supplier. 

The elemental search that is for truth, as the participant of your own life, begins in the assignment, that life is more important than you are.  But we share in the existence of life, and that means we are fundamentally a part of this truth and its value if we do so choose.  Thereby we learn, that our function in creation is, to accept our participation with life as a gift, and in that gift to understand that we do have the option to share its environment for an eternity: “as long as life itself survives”.  That is not an image of time (body or mind)/ but a discipline applied to the essence of who and what we are.  Order says: that our beginning is created by the elemental awakening of freedom: therefrom I AM ALIVE is found. The assignment of body and mind come with the essence of growth/ that we have a presence here in time, and will accept the order necessary to achieve it.  This asserts a decision is made in the building of a human body and mind/ a relationship between life and the existence that is body and mind. The critical question is then: what decision can be made? The answer is, to accept that life in time requires you to step outside the envelope of elemental existence, and choose the loneliness attached to the existence of body and mind in connection with time is required.  This raises the question, does humanity have the ability to turn down life in time, inside the womb? Or conceive of the reality that this decision represents?  Or if they do have a decision in this process, does that mean they can return to the essence of life rather than body should they choose no?

These are all fundamentals that represent the perceived importance of individuality.  Thereby the question of life, as an essence established in the body & mind of humanity decides the relationship that is between life itself, and the body called time. That relationship is: to identify yourself as an individual, YOU MUST take the freedoms offered to you, and make decisions that will determine your life and future destiny.  These are isolated decisions, conceived by your individual relationship with time/ but they are also shared experiences with heart and soul; the expressions of life in concert with respect, love, and truth.  The analytical question of whether we can return to the life that gave us birth, through the building of a human being; is created in two distinct relationships with existence: both birth and death. Where the process of building an identity has been quantified as a participant, or soon to be with life, the answer is no.  At the beginning of the process, whereby an identity called human does not yet exist, the answer is yes/ because growth has not yet “cemented the value called humanity”: roughly 40 days past conception.. (It is a long discussion to relate this simple thing/ and not worth my effort today).  At the end of an identity, where death has established; YOU have no further place or time here, the critical question is:  since you departed in freedom, to accept individuality/ do you still belong to this environment?  That answer is up to you.  The question here is:   what makes this answer yes/ and how does the reality occur? 
The foundation event of our lives, in the distinction that is life or not, as an eternity:   is based upon the very simple decision,   “Do you desire life in love and respect, through sharing, caring, and honor/ OR do you want hate, and the simplicity of violence, or lack of concern!”  If you do not care/ then you are not a participant in life.  If you do not share/ then you are not a participant in love.  If you have no honor, which means that discipline and duty have taught you plainly and clearly, that WE are more important than simply me/ you simply do not belong to those who do have honor inside themselves.  If you cannot respect truth, then you cannot survive.  If you do not respect love then you cannot belong to a family or home.  If you do not desire life as family and home, then you simply do not belong. If you do not learn, the essence of our existence, expression, experience and so much more is tied directly to    GOD    / and CHOOSE to honor and live within peace as a gracious, happy, and blessed participant in life itself;   then your decision is simply not to live here, with   GOD .   If you do not accept the passions and intensity of a value so critically dense with your acceptance of our 3 base elements of existence itself:   thought, freedom, and law/ then you will never learn the relationship we have with truth, love, value in essence, hope, and joy.  These require courage, but mercy can do more. 

Thereby the answer becomes; who are you really in truth? Where there is truth, there is a way to conceive of eternity between the experience of thought, and the element called energy. Thought is the elegant grace of a law which allows participation in energy, without the fundamental influences of energy acting or reacting upon you.  Thought is a freedom unbound, which then takes on discipline as its honor/ love as its weapon (for each search is dependent upon love), hope as its destiny, whereby life learns the truth of where you wish to be, value assigns “the nature of you” to its reality.  And joy remembers, that your life is a gift, that can never be repaid.  Enjoy it as life was meant to be.  Shared in happiness, because we care about each other.  The elemental path that is shared between thought and energy, is a communication called spirit. The foundation of life itself, is an expression of    GOD    Called soul.  Thereby if you choose and are accepted into soul, that soul WILL return to   GOD   because it can and will so choose. The heart reaches inside for passion and intensity, giving us the ability to experience the essence of love, the happiness of creation in life itself, and the hope that changes “me/ to we, one life with   GOD     Forever.”

Love or hate are the expressions of life, beyond the need to survive/ or the decision not to survive anymore. Suicide is a primary ending of hope/ where there is no hope, life will fail. Many of the participants in hate, exist simply because love did not embrace them as they needed to be embraced.  But there are also a number of participants in hate, that simply live there, because it is the violence and revenge that they do desire inside. The difference is in true remorse and repentance.  If these have neither, then hate owns them.  Hate is not free/ you have to surrender your heart.  Therefrom hate can be seen as: those  passionate about;  anything that battles against love, hope, truth, or peace.   Real repentance is the true decision, that I will never be found here again/ even if that does not quite come true, it is the truth of this decision that matters, and you will to continue to grow and participate in love.  Real remorse is the decision to make amends as best you can/ and follow through with the work and the life that proves this is real in you.
Life is not a game.  Life here, is the blessing of an opportunity to achieve individuality, and from there the freedom to be and do as you desire within the framework of a truth that you must create for yourself.   What is true in you/ becomes you, although many try desperately to hide from everything. That is of course, “the essence of a lie”.  Happiness is found in truth itself, where you have faced your reality, and found life to be your friend/ NOT because some other humanity says you are worthy;   BUT BECAUSE you are a life created by    GOD   .  And need no other approval of your right to exist.  You are a life here on earth/ accept it/ honor it/ do the best you can & learn from it regardless of how the others act or react to you.  THIS IS your life, and only you can or will live it.  BE HONEST with yourself, OR you will be unhappy.  Be HONEST with the others you share life with, OR you will be unhappy.  BE TRUE to yourself, because in the end/ eternity will only matter to you: no one else will be there to take the credit or blame/ JUST you.  Thereby it is strictly and only       The decision you have made!

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