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Monday, 31 August 2009

In the tragedy and disgrace of this nation called America, the reality is indeed bleak.  A nation of cowards, led by a nation of fools.  Cowards, only because you will not fight with the fools who are killing you.  Are you not then afraid of them? Are you not afraid of being ridiculed, or made ashamed for challenging “science”;   EVEN when it is clear, these people are literally insane.  The national ignition facility in San Francisco suburb;   claim to fame is “we will generate the equivalent of  500 trillion watts: or more clearly 5 trillion one hundred watt light bulbs; and you are standing in the middle of all that heat.  They don’t see a problem, even though this is more than the equivalent heat of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb.  Set off, in San Francisco, can’t find nothing wrong with that. Can’t comprehend for every action there is an equal opposite reaction; hell that won’t stop us. Or perhaps its more clear, by saying we will lay out a grid of 100 watt light bulbs each of them not more than one foot apart center to center: that then covers 43,560 sq feet per acre/ divide into 5 trillion light bulbs, or square feet= 114,784,205 acres of 100 watt light bulbs burning at once:    114 million, 784 thousand, 205 acres.  You want to stand in the middle?  And the science community all stands up and cheers! Are they not all insane, literally, can’t find a brain among the entire group?  But you don’t care?  Go ahead lay back in your easy chair, watch some inane tv show and have a beer or drug;  what the hell, its just an attempt to bring the same fire as is on the sun, here to earth.  WHAT could be wrong with that! Except for we can’t control it/ can’t put it out/ can’t ship it away; once started we just burn.  After all “their big brains” couldn’t be wrong/ right.  Or how about mutilating all of nature, what could go wrong with humanity playing god; WITH EVERYTHING.  And aren’t they smart; they figured out “hell life is a accident/ we built ourselves one piece at a time, by (selecting) whatever we wanted, and removing whatever we didn’t want, to become what we are today.  Not a damn piece of evidence anywhere, but as religions go, “its more conversation than most; priests everywhere/ taken over government and university; got the media too; so who cares if its true.”   Even so, truth is a reality that will not be denied; whether you lie to yourselves or not.  Lets review: “built a piece at a time/ apparently you don’t need all your parts”.  Lets suppose you didn’t have teeth, so this blob of nothing, without a brain decides (oh wait, it has no brain to make a decision with) oh well, like all religions, “lets just ignore that”.  But without all the framework necessary such as a hinged jaw/ muscles, a tongue, comprehension so as to understand the need to eat, and tools such as arms and hands to get the food into your mouth or the comprehension of what food is or isn’t/ salvia to keep it from sticking in your throat, or the valves to keep it out of your lungs, or the means to capture or use food; etc.  There is the simple process of babies don’t have teeth, so that they do not hurt their mothers, and are then fed.  If they had teeth, it would be different.  But then teeth grow being built by the factory of a human body, with sensations to know how to protect them, edges to cut or grind with, enamels to protect them from the various acids, diseases, etc/ and yet a second set at a later date, because the very young can fall down and break them, or lose them to tooth decay.  The human body factory builds these teeth “out of thin air”/ and gives them to you, in the right place, at the right time for your life, and stops building them in support of your life.  What if they grew out of your ass? The only reason they don’t is genetic disciplines.  Just this one tiny piece of the human puzzle that is life, and you give it all to “scientists” to play god with.  They are mutilating everything, across this world; promising “no more tears for you”/ BUT THEY WILL DELIVER HORRIFIC DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT and worse, because men nor women will ever be gods. Adaption, is merely the evidence of “perfect design”.   Yet you are afraid to challenge them, afraid to be ridiculed;   while they crucify and mutilate life on earth.  Like everything else, once one small part has been changed; the whole evaporates into death.  You can see it for yourselves in many ways:   did not the invention of chemicals change and nearly destroy rural america?  With chemicals, there can be very large farmers; and with greed and determination that have ejected the others to claim it all.  Killing the small towns as they go.  Just one little change/ with big results.  Just one little change, that has produced trillions of tons of pollution in all forms;   because greed rules your world.

Should you not be afraid of them, after all; do not the smart people rule this world.    It is proven the highest court in the land the US supreme court is an anarchist/ taking the law, as is defined by case 08-1339 in that court, and discarding both the constitution and due process to protect the liars/ the rich/ and the powerful from their failures.  They had to answer one simple question: WILL YOU OBEY, the first amendment redress of grievances for the people!  They said NO/ EVEN THOUGH they have no right to refuse, it is the law/ THEY are NOT! The litigants in this case of first amendment redress of the people:   were the president/ the supreme court/ the attorney general of USA/ chief scientist at NIF/ and the governor of the state of IL.  All are acquainted with law, all are acquainted with the first amendment, all are in powerful positions/ and all choose to deny the law to claim superiority over the people and provide for themselves a bed of hate:   “Damn people can’t think for themselves: we are their gods/ let them eat our shit”.  And so this nation collapses under the weight of its own greed, fundamentally denying and discarding all aspects of justice as one group consistently tries to control the other groups with power; so that they can consume everything before the other with their want, gluttony, laziness, and outright hate for you and me.  Hate because there is absolutely no justice as defined below.   BUT WHAT could you do?  What power do you have? The answer is nothing, and none; that is the truth/ BUT THE LAW HAS MORE POWER, AND MORE AUTHORITY than any man or group of men.  And the law can rule this land, and any other land;   because it is more than men, it is OUR CHOICE for our society. Thereby if you enforce the law, the law will rule.  IF YOU ARE, a true democracy, THEN YOU/ WE THE PEOPLE:    DO OWN THIS NATION!  And that means our choice within the fundamentals of justice, is the voice that decides.
1.  This nation is called a democracy: its meaning is, there are no rulers, there are no powerful people, there are no exceptions to the law, there is equality among all the people: AND those who serve ourselves as the people who do own this nation, are bound by the promises we have made to each other under the constitutional documents declared as “THE FOUNDATION AND LAW, of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Our employees now believe they are immune to the law; they lie to us about everything (one simple example: an economic stimulus that can never be repaid.  Therefore it is not debt/ it is inflation; and we are being robbed).
2.  This nation has been redefined “by lawmakers”; those who believe they can do anything they want/ so long as enough votes can be bribed, stolen, deceived, or bought.  Therefrom we find an endless list of nothing “but how to steal a nation, from its people, by irrelevant and bad so called laws”.  Creating for the few, options and rights and methods of abuse, use, corruption, control or manipulation that the majority are NOT allowed.
Our employees believe they are gods, who can spend “our money” in any way they please: giving themselves raises whenever they wish/ transferring themselves out of pensions or healthcare or anything else provided to us;   they choose to make themselves “better”/ they believe they are like gods, next to us, and take our money to prove it.  BUT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO SO;   and that means they are stealing our money: are WE not the owners/ do WE not provide their jobs/ DO WE, not have a right to choose what we will pay our employees?  THEY do it to us!  They are lying about everything they do, the accounting for a nation; is merely a list of “cooked books”/ without truth anywhere. Because there is no reality in them.  And they are cheating us out of our nation; by changing their job, our requirements of them:   into whatever they want that job to be/ laughing, ridiculing, and spending money like drunken fools.  Saying “HELL, it ain’t mine/ what do I care”!

THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SAYS:   the purpose of an employee of this nation; whether it is federal, state, city, or whatever IS:   “We the people of this United States, in order to form a more perfect union (trashed instead)/ establish justice (ain’t no way in hell, the reality of life in this USA is established by what is fair to all: THIS NATION runs on greed, power, and pride; consuming everything/ assassinating the future/ and stealing from everyone it can. We have been overrun with FRAUD, “the diploma’s that stole our lives”) insure domestic tranquillity (the protectors/ our employees: STOLE all the money, pretending debts didn’t matter.   And then gave the last little bits to the most wealthy, most greedy, and most unworthy individuals they could find) promote the general welfare (we live in a nation that is 52 trillion dollars at last accounting in debt for social securities: YOU ARE ABANDONED in disgrace, YOU SPENT it all and live in fantasy and delusion) secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (YOU SPEND 5 trillion dollars a year on healthcare as a nation: YOU are a nation of 50 million workers.  That equals $100,000.00 paid per each worker for healthcare.  How are you not being deceived.  Your money is gone, how is that secured or a blessing; from those who rule over you “the big brains” who learned greed, power, pride and nothing else; but selfishness).
Doesn’t matter to you, got healthcare didn’t you/ got a damn new car didn’t some, fucking house to be proud of?  Hell, what’s wrong with that, deserve it don’t you: shit yeah, damn fucker shouldn’t ask such questions.

BUT,  On the other side is the money extorted by healthcare, and the fact: YOU ARE being transferred from “middle class, to absolute poverty/ and the few very rich who will consume you”.  Because they (the banks, etc) already have $60,000.00 dollars from the economic stimulus per every single individual worker/ at the end of 2010 they will be given $240,000.00 per every single worker; multiplied by 10 as all banks do; and they WILL have 2.4 million dollars in free money to use against every single individual in this nation:   HOW WILL YOU COMPETE?  YOU CANNOT. THEY WILL OWN YOU, AND EVERYTHING ELSE!  WILL THAT NOT BE CIVIL WAR?  CAN’T happen here?  Hell no, damn it!  But lets review:   fannie mae and freddie mack the largest lenders in the nation or world couldn’t possibly go broke.  General motors couldn’t possibly go broke.  Weapons of mass destruction couldn’t possibly be used.  And so on.  Fantasies protect no one.  The delusion of university is “the provide much”/ but the reality is apart from a few trinkets and a little conversation what did they really produce that we couldn’t live without?  There are millions employed by university, and if the accumulated effects of all of them where compiled: they would be fired for incompetence, laziness, and outright didn’t do a damn thing worthwhile in your whole life.  The illusion of healthcare is that “they are special today”/ but the reality of healthcare is: without antibiotics, you go back directly to “the middle ages”;   because infection will end surgery, and the assumptions of medicine will be shown incompetent and poor, for very many people.  YOU are about to lose your antibiotics;  because you feed them every day in factory farms, where the loss of this antibiotic means your livestock will all die.
  Read the bill of rights to understand the rest of the rules for our employees to work and live by.  Then read the declaration of independence to hear and see:   the base foundation of why this is important/ and what our employees ARE NOT intended to do here!

Where, the leaders are fools, or traitors; the people are found in distress.  Where, those called wise, are nothing more than organized crime, extorting whatever they want from the people themselves: there is always gambling and risk taking as the defiant become so inflated with themselves, they literally believe they can be gods.  Today, that treason of life, planet, environment, and future has become such a egregious cancer: that it literally has grown to threaten all life on earth in countless ways.  The same as “they protect our money/ alas they lied, stole, and spent everything: FOR NOTHING”.  THEY ARE DOING (these smart people who play gods with our lives) the same with life, food, environment, planet, every base foundation that supports our existence IS LITERALLY BEING TREATED “just like your money”.  One day soon, you WILL wake up, and find yourselves not only in complete poverty/ BUT THE LIVING DEAD as well.  Everything destroyed by liars and fools.   And the people slept, because they were cowards, and fools!  Ain’t this you, a world in need/ and you run away to hide.  Shame on you/ this ain’t no game.

So then, WHERE do you suppose these liars and fools who lead you find their delusion and fantasies and the means to endanger and disgrace all life on earth.  Who do you suppose leads the government/ the business/ the experimentation/ the media/ the court/ and the police?  Is it not the university?  Indeed it is, as these “leaders” design and distribute an endless array of believe in me, “I am the expert”.  Surrender your lives unto us, because we are smarter than you.  So as we look to the reality of what decades of this “smarter than us” people, have provided for life:   what we DO FIND is an endless array of disasters/ a long list of threats/ an end to the future of life on earth, thereby the serial killers of children/ and the intent to destroy this earth on purpose with weapons of mass destruction;  just to prove they can.   Cause wise people would know “these things can save no one”.  Yet are you not fools, who believe ANYTHING you are told!  Indeed you are, so long as “your gods” tell you/ and your media reinforces it.  You have sold your mind, for nothing. You are selling this world, for delusions and death to you.
The propaganda machine works well, doesn’t it. How could you be less skeptical of what you are told by government, university, industry, military, or just about anyone else: here in america, the public eats it all, and says thank you.  How is that not propaganda, when even a question raised is perceived as a traitor to “your cause”. Just allow the media to present fear/ and then compile an endless amount of stupidity and trivia;   and the people become blank.  Can’t think no more/ don’t tell me nothing.  Leave me alone. This is not a free press, it is not even a resemblance “to news for the people”.  Because news for the people protects and defends the nation/ illuminates threats/ identifies thieves in government and business/ establishes networking for the people, and in all ways presents a helping hand for every community working for peace, happiness, and a future prepared for the children.  YOU ARE NONE OF THESE. And damn proud of that fact, like all fools choose to be.  The nation needs you, and media runs away/ the planet needs you, and media hides/ the future needs you desperately, and MONEY, PRIDE, OR POWER governs everything you do, NOT LIFE, OR TRUTH!

 SHAME ON YOU!  You are traitors, and this is treason.    The reality is simple life or death takes precedence over, “lets’ play/ or let’s play god”.


In the foundation of simple things; I do continually forget, that life here is abundantly challenged by the critical truth:   that your education was never meant to teach you anything about life, only fantasies, want, pride, power, and delusion.  Added to that is the always present intent to tempt, manipulate, control, and propagate lies for the simple purpose of keeping you stupid. The endless attempts to control you by learning what the keywords and images are; that make you do, what you would otherwise not do.   This is not said to defy you, or defend you; as the university has made you believe they are gods; believe they have something to offer you do not. The elemental truth is: medicine is the result of antibiotics, and pain of the people who died, not the people who studied them/ the reality of a computer is, more control over you/ there would be no missiles, except for the purposes of bombs/ genetics are strictly about playing god, and nothing more.   Rather than simply believe;  let us review, and then learn differently.

 What does common education do to help you today?  Does it teach anyone how to stay away from ludicrous financial deals?  No, not a thing is taught about how to live within your means as a member of society:   don’t want no damn smart or knowledgeable people, they revolt and refuse slavery.  So it is not taught.  Does common education provide the means to compete in society/ or is it mostly just a waste of time for the vast majority, who will NEVER use even a little of what is forced to be memorized?  No, there is little to nothing about how to compete successfully, no preparations for a real job/ no reality taught, no truth in the aspects of real preparations to make you fit to support and defend yourselves.   “Increases the competition/ and that brings the price down: HELL with that”/ let them fight.  What does common education teach about sex or love or marriage?  Not a damn thing worth knowing, or fundamentally of benefit to anyone. Does common education teach about law or medicine or human rights or a government owned by the people; obviously not: makes the people believe they are owners, and not slaves/ who wants that; they will attack the rich, or fail to be slaves. Or how about religion, commonly taught a deluge of “very little about life”/ BUT taught the rules, as if they were god himself.  How sad for all/ but hey, that is literally what religion is.

As to learning, the essence of what is necessary to be learned by all here in America:   is that we are a democracy under siege. That siege is determined to take away all democracy and reduce all its people to utter poverty as is consistent with the demands of men throughout the history of this world.  By making you absolutely poor, control/ manipulation/ temptation/ propaganda/ and obedience without question all evolve as the reality of men is laid bare:   produce a fantasy for the rich, by altering the environment of all men and women and children so that they MUST adapt to the whim of the powerful or die.  It always ends in war/ but rich/ powerful/ and proud never understand; and will always believe “then we sell guns/ coffins/ or hate; and make money”.  The elemental learning of how to survive without playing these games:   IS A VERY SIMPLE:    Remember THE LAW rules over us all.  Therefore the foundations in law, apply all necessary force to adhere to the government we did create.   Or more simply, rulers, leaders, judges, or employees are not greater than the law; rather the law is greater than they are.  That means:   if true law is enforced, then money has no say.   Because all law that is real defends justice, fair play, and equality for us all/ not just a few.  The elemental essence of democracy is then seen in the simple words:    IT IS THE LAW, THAT RULES!  Every human being working for our government, is then simply an employee; with a job to do, a reality of obedience to the law to keep, and a pay or benefit which we the owners do decide.  They will always counter:   “Got to pay big money/ to get the best people in government”; they are greedy beyond belief you know, for power, pride, want, and selfishness.   Which always means: “the money” is not relevant, to who is best at keeping HONOR, DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY, DISCIPLINE, COURAGE, HAPPINESS, PEACE, HOPE, LOVE, RESPECT, or anything else of value to life.   Look carefully at these words and understand them simply:   KNOWING in your heart and mind, “that you cannot buy a single one”; these are decisions of the soul.  Money is NOT a factor, where honesty and truth come to live.

As to all things financial, it is plain and simple to each and every honest life:   that if we lived in a society or nation where people were free to express and experience life in the happiness and peace for which we were born.  Then there would be, in a democracy:   an end to greed/ a set of controls created within the law to destroy power and pride, and give the people their own opportunities to work, participate, and obtain what is fair and just for all.  That literally means:   there will be limits on personal wealth/ so the rest, can have access to their own dreams, their own needs, and their own happiness.  There will be limits on how much any person can own, thereby control and manipulate society, or any other person.  Giving access and honor to the people who work for a life, that is fair and just to all/ NOT the same life, but never again as slaves.  There will be limits set upon the old, establishing: when you are no longer able or willing to do at least 51% of the real work involved in any business: then you will sell that business or farm, because society needs it/ and you have chosen not be sufficiently involved.  It is time for the next generation, food and business, etc;   is not a toy/ not a possession, it is the stability and foundation of society in terms of survival.

The critical truth of an education is:   this makes it possible for the young to compete with the old/ with others to compete with you.  Thereby a real education dispenses the consequence:  “That you might take away money and business, from me or them.”   While that sounds good to the young/ it sounds unfair to the old, “I had to work hard, learn myself, etc/ why should we give this away to children”!  I need money too!  This is a real life dilemma/ the consequence of which is:   like welfare, the response of education is too keep the children at bay as long as possible/ let them be our slaves for awhile.  Even so, it is education that makes the real difference between what you can do, and what you can only dream of doing.  Thereby the social solution to this base fear of the elderly is:   to create a circumstance whereby an education is a good thing/ rather than a threat to those who can teach you how best to survive and do well.   This is also the base solution to youth, as it defines the circumstance whereby you are not helpless, but enabled.  The common assumption is “college”/ but that has warped into prison time; as reality proves this will be a great slavery for most, extorting so much, that only the thieves in organized crime benefit.  Not society, as those made into slaves/ become agitated, suicidal, or unwilling to participate further for life: “don’t trust you no more”.   The critical solution is: for those who teach, as a part of their career in working outside the school environment:   will get a percentage of what the young do make in their attempts to gain business, work, or a better life.  You will prove: that a specific job has honestly been taught/ and if you do that for the young, they in turn having been prepared for life, will reward you with a small percentage of what they make.  Let taxes do the collecting/ BUT ONLY, where the job is clearly proven to be “in response” to being taught by this person who helped me honestly.  BE FAIR.  This is in some sense similar to the old ways of being taught your job, on the job.  But it is changed in that, no longer must a job be provided by your teacher, you have the right to seek whatever you wish.

Sex is an understanding of one simple truth: if you are going to participate, there are consequences.  Contrary to the endless chatter “sex is free, just an exchange of fluids, or whatever people have tempted you with”.  The reality is: that sexual intercourse, can result in babies, diseases, hopes, beliefs, depressions, suicides, murder and other forms of jealousy, hate, expectations, lifelong consequences, death, altered destinies, unhappiness, and many more.  Sex is not a game.  Physical sex leads to addictions, ends the possibilities of romance (stops you from getting to know each other as people), opens the door to moral, ethical, and religious interventions in your life: warranted or not, they will come anyway.  And more.  Physical lust, simply means being used, abused, owned, or controlled and forced; being void of an identity, by being reduced to a body.

LOVE AND SEX, is a completely different experience than physical sex/ even though they share the same basic tools and references, they are nothing alike.  Love creates the possibilities, honest and simple sexual sharing presents the understanding of caring, that makes all lives whole.  Love establishes family and the essence of a truth, that WE can each trust, even with body, mind, and soul.  Love expresses the freedoms we seek together, but understands that sexual embrace is a dignity conceived of as our identity together, the place where nothing in this world matters more than the simple truth: we do love each other.  Sexual reality is a tool experienced in the relationship that gives passion its purpose; to desire the essence of you, by giving the essence of me.  Sexual truth is a desire beyond this moment; even if it is all we will ever have/ because I know, that we did love each other today.  Tomorrow will be better.  Therein life reveals, that sexual realities assigned by love, can heal people;   BUT not without making them aware, “two lives are better than one”.  Therefrom we know, that sexual love, is both healer and the possibility of sadness as well. It is a hard thing to understand, when it is better to help, or not.  From time to time this changed in me;   “To help is better/ but then with true sadness, it is better to help only by presenting someone else who can stay;   to this day, where I believe time has taught, let the person who is in need decide/ but be honest and plain. It is impossible to know, “your true need”/ it is only possible for me to know; how much I can or will give.  Therefore this type of decision is held to what I can or will give/ and then you must decide.  I do suggest, it is the best we can do.  But do understand if you are young especially: that there are many “expert liars” around/ many who manipulate, tempt, flatter, or try to buy you for sex “its their game/ and you are the trophy”.  So leave the decisions of need for later in life, unless it is perhaps so very clear, life or death hangs in the balance; that something must be done.  Even then, do not do this alone; tell all who can be trusted, and be careful:   because the young rarely experience true suicidal thoughts, and if you intervene and then walk away, it will only increase these;   because you left too.  Be, an honest and true friend, who will listen, care honorably, and share with respect.  In nearly every situation, this will help more.
Marriage, is the elemental need for someone who will share life with you/ forgive you/ respect you/ and understand I am not perfect, but neither are you.  These things are called caring, and they do establish and protect family. Marriage is a purpose created by the need to feel secured, to believe “I am protected, and defended against sexual loneliness”. Marriage is a desire to say;   “I own you” legally, therefore do not make me unhappy; I can hurt you.

In its most simple sense, I have been reminded; that life is precious, there are no eloquent words for death, except to say love is worth this price.  Instead of happiness, reality says: NOW, I truly know how much value this person, this existence had for my life. The destiny of love, searches the soul/ wheresoever the soul resides, there too will be the identity of human truth. Thought is the existence of a passage that is neither body or mind; nor time. Therein, the possibilities exist as the essence of what your own truth will allow, as eternal.  Thought is neither physical or mental; rather it is the essence of heart talking to soul, in ways that freedom understands. The passage beyond life, is not death/ that is merely the end of time, and the body which houses you as an existence.  Instead of these, as it is true:   only the ability to think, creates a life worth living as human.  Freedom is the essence of thought/ but discipline is the reality of thought, and laws define every truth. The passage beyond body, is considered impossible; because human existence is believed confined by body, and therein unimaginable without this boundary to define.  Truth however, is a greater boundary, and law is a more fundamental experience as life.  That means:   body is less than spirit, the mind irrelevant as a passage beyond time.  The definitions of truth decide.

 I am reminded that even with all the faults that are clear and certain, the tragedy of your want and pride and desire for power;   I still love you “humanity on earth” much.  There is still a truth of love in you, still an opportunity to express and experience all that is peace, happiness, hope, courage, and more; because you are truly    “GOD’S   creation”. A miracle in every sense of the word.  Whether you are clothed or naked, whether clean or dirty from grime, whole or not;   you are life, an intensely greater reality than anything else in this universe. I am reminded: that I do not know your true individual needs, not your future, not what abuse or use or tragedy that you do or will face; and find in this truth, that I have been too harsh.  A woman I know, was lonely but I kept my distance knowing that if I intervened she would quit looking for “someone who could stay”.  She found someone, “I believed, proof it was the right decision for her”/ but now a terminal illness threatens; and I wish that I had simply intervened for happiness as best we could be. We cannot know an individual future, we cannot experience the truth of a depression that could become deadly, we cannot know how deeply someone else needs to be touched, honestly with love for life.  There are many things, and time has taught with age, that to judge any life that exhibits real need with a decision that is not their own, is wrong. I can only make a decision for me, I cannot make a decision for you.  Often this becomes a marriage of sorts, as it becomes impossible to turn away without tears, once the need has been addressed.  It is constant and sure, those who believe you are “happiness and hope for their own lives” will make it very hard to leave;   it is after all life, hope, and happiness.  But as for me, the need to establish this message for change, made me too sad to stay; I needed to help keep this earth from dying; and have done the best I could.  You must make that choice too, as life or death is one human being at a time; we all contribute, to one or the other/ because we are literally so many people.

I am reminded also; that medicine has value, the computer enables this message to exist, because it could not be delivered to this world in any other way.  I am reminded machines enable us to find time for other things, but they can take over as well. BUT YOU must be reminded as well:   that when extreme amounts of money are involved greedy people, become even greedier.  Do not be so blind as to simply believe in doctors: they literally can describe you as sick/ produce surgery upon you, or give you drugs none of which you need:   and declare themselves healers, because you survived their attack.  How do you know?  Do you think they will take the blame, would you turn down thousands of dollars for 2 hours work/ how about if you needed the money; gambled it away?  Think the “government, or medical industry will protect you”?  It is not so, as was clearly and completely proven during the clinton administration:   went to Russia, and claimed “a big deal” no nuclear weapons were pointed at the USA. [in reality that is nothing more than a computer keystroke, and back again; it was nothing/ and that is what the press gave you].  Remember Clinton “balancing the budget”?  That was nothing more than taking all the money spent for social security, and putting it in the national treasury to be spent;   while allowing nothing for social security itself but debt. [ and the press said nothing].  The supreme court has denied the law, in the case I presented: a simple will you obey the first amendment redress of grievances? They said no/ and the press said nothing.  Do you not yet understand?  The same is true with all genetic research, VERY big promises/ but no mention of gambling with the absolute destruction of life itself:   “Its all good/ and the media praises them, and propagates anything for money”.  You must wise up, and do the work necessary to survive.  You must stop all the gambling with life itself, with this planet, and this environment or you will die.  It is NOT a hard concept/ threats are everywhere.  Just look at where you are, and understand “the smart people brought you here, because they care only about themselves; and are fearful of everything called honor or duty or responsibility”.  Think not, look at your debts for real, NOT the bastard lies of   “Federal debt/ that’s what we owe”.  It is not so:  you owe state debts, personal debts, banking debts, business debts, agriculture debts, bonds and more.  Over 100 trillion dollars easily; and the press keeps you blind, deaf, and stupid.  Think.

 The critical period is here, the message is delivered, the reality is we live today by the grace of GOD; as there are clearly and surely machines and people holding tools that can literally destroy an entire planet, mutilate all life into horrific tragedy, and more.  As for me, I will continue in some form or measure until September 2010; hopefully we will survive that long, it is not a guarantee.  But as I do understand these things, the disciplines, the belief in a future that must be protected have all died; replaced by the reality that the future will be determined by you; I have no other methods to ask you to think, no other true choice to ask you to wake up before you die.  There are inventions to buy your interest with, for a short time/ before they are stolen/ but if I must buy your life, I refuse.  Otherwise with regard to useful machines;  if I am dead, then their free are they not/ none to say otherwise.  Even so, buying you is a worthless thing to do, as these are decisions of heart and soul; and nothing can buy that in truth.  Therefore it is not done, nor will it be done. Although my right to produce useful inventions remains.

Today, I believe my own choice has changed;   from understanding the need to inform you/ to participating in the need to comfort you individually, and hope that whatever happiness that can be found will sustain you individually.  The need to consider others is gone, the need to participate in protecting your lives, is gone. My whole life for the last 50 years has been to understand threats must be contended with, for the sake of all life on earth; MORE important than any individual, anything else.  Today, that has disappeared, and the opposite is true; I know not how, but it is so, a strange reality: different than I have ever been. The foundations to care and share on an individual level, with individual people;   establish this time spent for you as a humanity is over.  It is your choice, your work, your life or death;  and I am successfully removed.  Not thrown out, not too tired to continue or any other excuse: rather informed by life, changed to understand;  that it is now necessary to prepare those who must survive your decision as best they can. Those who love, will make the right decision and fight for life/ those who do not love, are irrelevant to me. Where there is love, there is a life.

 The list of people “who know, everything” is long/ they make judgements everyday, create situations which are harsh to life in one form or another, everyday.  The constancy of people who declare “ITS MINE”/ regardless of any other consideration is a tragedy for every life on earth. As there is nothing truly “mine”/ except for your own body and mind.  Everything else is a derivative of truth/ or the impacts driven by the freedom to lie, and create consequences that will fail you, and life. The relationships created by my own decisions that are harsh, are Not:  in the reality of terrible choices that are clear, and  an absolute threat to all life on earth. In real terms that was reduced to little more than “a spanking, for a corrupt and shameful child”/ because men react with war, when confronted.  Consequently or more correctly with grace and mercy, life itself decided that I should learn to be “more like woman”.  Granting you understanding, and the delivery of this message;   but without the opportunity to express war as a means of avoiding truth.  As I proceed, it is clear; if this world is to survive, it will be because women will rule it.

  But in contrast to that for me today, there is the human aspect of an individual life, a reality that cannot be measured just because you failed to respect all life that surrounds you. There are honest needs in this world, that do require individual attention.  I find in this work an end to participating for your life.  I find in honest and real need, the desire to help individually for the sake of love, rather than life.  You are given your chance for life/ you are given your chance to participate in survival and a future; enough know this is true, to understand YOU ARE NOW the difference between life or death for this earth/ not me.  You are the means to distribute and declare we must change and choose life first; not me.  You are the witness, or soldier, or whatever you define in honesty; that stands between life or death for this planet/ not me.  No longer is it your turn to work.  Today it is your reality that you will work, or you will die instead because you simply did not care enough.  Not convinced?  The evidence is sufficient to demand trial; thereby finding out what is true or not/ if you hurry.  If you are allowed, because we live entirely by mercy today.  The opportunity to play satan;   is in many hands, and the mind beyond proud cannot find honesty or sense.   GOD will grant us mercy, or at any second, on any day, without so much as a warning;   your lives can be extinguished by what men can do. This is what you chose;   how well did   JESUS prophecy, read it to find out.  Not a religious statement, simply a historical fact. How poorly did religions do? They fear me, and worship those who literally are about to kill them all. Don’t think so?  Again, in the most plain and simple exercise in anyone’s ability to think:    Just how wise is it to believe you can start the same fire as is on the sun, here on earth;   a place where everything is atomic fuel.  Can’t put it out.  Can’t control it.  Can’t send it away; once started, dead.  And the machine sits ready, and able at the national ignition facility to do just that.  They say, “we are too wise”/ but they don’t know, it’s a theory, and if wrong: YOU are dead.  Genetic mutilation is the same. Threats from every side “the same”; a dead world, because you worshiped “the university”; who gave you little more than trinkets and conversation.  Apart from threats to consume an entire world. How pathetic; what else is there is say/ your leaders won’t protect you/ your media is owned by money, pride and power as well.  Your university is only interested in playing god.  And your own souls are dying as we speak.  You will find “your heart”, or life here is over.  Just tragedy to endure/ until growing terror takes you to hades (eternal damnation).

Mercy is your decision to participate in someone else’s life, even though the reward is all their’s.  In the same way, the work of this message is to deliver it to humanity across this earth; because it is life or death, and they have a right to make this decision for themselves; not you, for them.

I have set a date for you, September 26, at 10:00 am to begin organizing and working for yourselves.  I will be there from 10:00- 12:00 noon; unless there is cause to remain.  Go into homer lake park, between Homer and Ogden IL, just off IL 49, there is a sign.  Go in the main gate.  See the sign and turn right at that Y in the road/ go a little farther see the sign that says north peninsula, turn right and follow it to the small parking lot.  It is little used, primarily because it has no immediate access to a restroom, but is big enough for more than one thousand people should that occur. There may be no one, but me; I know not.  Do not believe this is my chance to lead you: IT IS NOT SO.  Believe this is your chance as women to organize for the work ahead.  You need not use this opportunity, but you must begin or you will soon have no options but to fail, and life disappear from earth.  Doesn’t matter if you believe that statement or not, truth is truth and will not be denied once it is set into motion. I will participate a little, if asked. This is YOUR opportunity, not mine. It is only my suggestion as a way for you, to begin.

Contrary to what was expected by me, the spirit inside declares I am done with this work. Therefore this site is closed to further change; it will not be by me.  Closed means, “forever the same”/ as this is necessary, to allow those who will use the words their opportunity to say what each needs to say without contradiction.  Closed means: the time to interfere in this work is now over; the opportunity to threaten or abuse or even murder is no longer useful, as it can change absolutely nothing.  Therefore the threat of violence is past, only the possibilities of money remain.  This site is prepaid unless heavy volume of data transfer occurs;   until October 15, 2010.  If volume turns heavy, look at the end of the donations tab and see the accounting (permission is allowed only to collect money here; for the specific task of keeping the site open, and no more. You will demand an accurate accounting; to assure this is true.)  Help sustain the site if you wish/ otherwise it will close early.  If lost, that is your concern, it is not mine. I am done/ this job is over, apart from what I personally choose to do in regard to advertizing or such things as that.  It is my right to work, just as it is your right to work with this site and its information or not. Regardless the site is now closed to alteration/ by me; with a single exception as described below.  No other has or will have “my permission” to make a single change; not even one.  If women do come, and desire it: they will be allowed a link to an alternate sight of their own. They are NOT allowed access or alteration to this site apart from that “front page link/ or if they wish a tab created just for links to women organizations dedicated to this work”.
Pray for mercy.  Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your reality and the truth of life or death for this world.  Running away will not help; you cannot hide from the death of a world, or its mutilation.  I am not here to make you poor/ you did that.  I am not here to divide you between young and old; the elderly did that by confiscating all that the young do need, with the intent to force them into slavery.  Was never here to save you, only to deliver this message of change or you will die.  That has been done, even if it is not to your liking, or expectation.   JESUS was not what the people expected/ nor was any other prophet proclaimed in the bible (those who came to say CHANGE).  I don’t care about religion, its just rules to me; rules are not laws, they are the intent to control; but that does not mean, I don’t believe in the message about OUR CREATOR/    I do; even some of the disciplines provided by religion are useful and appropriate for life.  As to the Christian bible; the prophecy therein is by far and without question:   the literal reality of this day.  Making that particular historical instrument “useful” to life. Not a religious statement/ one of education and historical accuracy proven in time. 

I DO, pray for you.  Pray for me as well.

May GOD bless us all,

 with at least the decision to live or die;   as a world. That is my purpose here.  To stop the progression of death as designed by men/ to allow you, Not simply to die without a clue, because some other fool, gambled everything you needed away: our decision as human life on earth, not just a few. Will now decide life or death, by your hand, and your voice, and your work.  Because I am done.  Look in the mirror, not “across the room”.

There is still the potential for: two inventions that can change this world.  If they are drawn by me, the need to advertize them remains in some small measure.  The consequence of that is:    For one last time, I will add this only, when I deem it is time :
 click here      (big engine)    (Small engine). 
If not here, it is inconvenient to establish anywhere else.  And the intent to provide was created here, within the site   .  But that does not mean, “a bolt, or a claim, or a word has not changed since” making both an entirely new “invention”/ as is common and constant in all patent activities:   unless you have an army of lawyers, “to cheat and steal, or defend”.  As such it is fair to reopen for this singular purpose.
But only if I continue to choose that it may be so.  It is “my site; and this purpose is either for women;  to aid in their plight of male domination,  and achieve equality and safety with men.  Or if they refuse, then just to advertize the message itself”.  Either way, these are promised through my sites, and as such can exist here.  The spirit inside allows it; but no more.

To those who believe “they can steal”/ I remind you, if you fail to be able to explain these inventions properly: then the evidence of your crime will be obvious to all.  They are not, what you expect; therefore I guarantee you will fail.  But if women do not come, within the patent process; I guarantee thieves will come.  As in the lawsuit at the supreme court described herein, the law does not matter to greed, power, or pride.

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