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Monday, 31 August 2009

In this reality of time, it is apparent that "religious suggestions" are no longer useful, as a deterrent to absolute failure. The elemental suggestion of "satan's sword"; as a figurative venture in aligning the tragedy of that work, with cause and reason to stop doing that work; is clearly not enough. The end result of that is: CERN and the other science experiments which seek the death of this world, must be attacked in a more clear manner under the light of understanding. This is NOT my desire, as any new understanding distributes another round of incompetence and science without a brain/ without respect/ without honor, or honesty or anything which I can accept. Yet unless you understand, there are consequences and stop; the world will die. Every life on this planet lost.
The consequence being: that some more information will be released, because it is considered necessary/ but there is a price. That price is: I will no longer educate you, not even in advertisements, for the purpose of establishing this site to your needs. That price is: if you desire any more of my help, you will stop the crucifying of life on earth/ end the genetic mutilations across this earth; now, before you die from horrific terrors you cannot even imagine or comprehend. We are done here, after this; because if you cannot find your mind, if you refuse to enlighten and examine your own heart; I will certainly NOT give you any more information to kill this earth with your absolute arrogance. I refuse to help you die. That said, with this information; there will be more of those who say: IF he knows more/ then lets just force it out of him, by whatever means torture allows. With awareness comes the reality of a predator. The anticipation of a reward, a means to prove "I am more, as a body, than you".
Regardless of that, I will hope some fragment of decency and truth remains within you; so you can survive. As to the two worst experiments in energy of this day; that which can kill you at any time, day or night; because the national ignition facility (nif: generating 500 trillion watts) is poised to do so/ even if CERN (a particle accelerator intended to operate at 7 trillion volts) needs repair for a few months; they will bring it back. Unless you stop them.
In its simplicity: NIF is an experiment in what the consequences of heat energy can do. Those consequences are: it can create fusion/ and fusion will sustain itself, because it is the atomic bonds burning (a bit like a chemical fire where molecular bonds are burning); and there is an endless supply of fuel here/ which means once started we cannot put it out, and will become just like the sun. The earth simply a "lake of fire". There are other consequences: by controlling the atomic environment and "suffocating it" with energy through heat: the energy will try to escape: that is literally what keeps us alive during any nuclear event. The entire purpose of nif, is to contain the nuclear environment and not let it escape. That leaves us with three potential options/ but no more, because it is a simple environment. Fusion/ one of the lasers fails and allows escape; creating an explosion commensurate with the energy being used (the law is, for every action/ there will be an equal opposite reaction)/ and if sufficient energy and pressures are created (they can do so), the next step if contained is the creation of a black hole. Because if the energy absolutely cannot get out/ and more pressure is applied than the environment can withstand, then it must turn inward, and that is what creates a black hole, or dark matter as a result. Under anything close to full operation nif WILL establish one of these three results. Fusion the world dies in fire/ a black hole and the whole world will be sucked in, believe it or not/ an explosion massive enough to duplicate the energy being used could easily extinguish the entire San Francisco region; creating a shock wave and potentially dumping massive "disturbances in the ocean", through earthquakes that would then be felt across the ocean as a tidal wave. Such is your experiment/ and you CAN understand this simple association of facts. That means it is a choice, and you allow it to exist at the risk of an entire world. Idiots suggest: it takes extreme pressures to sustain a fusion fire/ because they believe "the sun burns from the inside out"; an apparent fools paradise, as they have no other means of identifying fusion for themselves. But we see no fissures/ no means of identifying "hotter area's and colder ones" as this must occur if indeed it burns from the inside out; pressures will move and vent where they can. But apart from all the evidence in this/ the primary reality already discovered is: that a dying sun goes supernova, and as a result expands to more than 3 times its current size; becoming much more intense. THAT MEANS, in simple terms for this to happen: the core of the sun must expand. To expand, the mass exposed must be heated farther than it has been. That means the inner core of any sun is much cooler than the outer surface where fusion occurs is. And that means it is absolutely impossible to believe the sun "burns from the inside out". The evidence of a supernova, ultimately and without question proves this is not so.

CERN is an experiment, where heat ends and the environmental energies of cold exist. Just as deadly, but an entirely different reason. The first level of understanding is: there is absolutely NOTHING to be gained by CERN. Like evolution, it is "smoke and mirrors", to get your money/ and let them play with themselves instead of being real, or working for life itself. This is
Regardless: we begin by looking at the various realities involved. The first is the irrelevant and useless attempt by einstein that suggests energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, it does not/ and this is only the formula for kinetic energy known for a long time: kinetic energy equals mass times speed. Einstein added speed as the constant "speed of light squared". Nothing more or less, just a value that cannot be recreated. In addition energy itself, IS NOT "the end result, as is kinetic energy/ BUT the reality of how that energy to create motion itself functions within the real world: PRIOR to becoming kinetic. The intent then, To alter the function of cern to play god, and gamble with this world: and ask the question, if heat represents an atomic environment expressed by accelerated motion/ and cold is an atomic environment expressed by the assumption of "standing motion": what then is the variable that changes one form of motion into the other?
Kinetic energy is the establishment of heat/ heat is an action, and as such it gives us time: the existence or possibility of a reaction applied to reality. The critical existence of speed as a relationship to atomic environments is confronted at absolute cold with a fundamental dilemma: the electron environment will accelerate/ but the nucleus must remain essentially still; because the mass involved is influenced more at the nucleus than its electrons. Or more simply: at absolute cold, the environmental relationship between proton and electron is still essentially the same, with an alteration granted by slightly "out of balance" electron rings in travel; giving the nucleus some vibration, in a sense. The intent and purpose of cern is to push this environment of "nuclear energy" much farther beyond its dedicated limits assigned; by using absolute cold/ and pushing the atomic environment into doing "something else": by creating man-made kinetic energies. Or more simply cause the nuclear participants; to have motion within an environment so cold: the laws of energy in this time on earth: would not allow this to be so. Men intend thereby, to create "their own nuclear world"/ in this experiment; nothing like it ever seen on earth before. CERN exists to use the electrical energy of multiple nuclear power plants combined: to push the atomic environment into a situation where there can be NO reaction, to any action that is created by cern. This "super" state, is established by stripping the electron environment away; using trillions of volts. Volts identify how closely the electron environment is in proximity to the nucleus. The function of the kinetic energies created in this experiment are to give the proton an action of its own, within the environmental realities of absolute cold wherein the laws of nuclear physics dictate it should have none. Thereby if a situation is created in absolute cold: there can be no reaction because the proton or nucleus of the atomic environment therein refuses it to be so/ unless heated by the explosions they create. So the critical question is: can this method of human intervention in an atomic environment achieve the necessary thrust, to get past the heat; and enter into absolute cold. The multiplier effect is quite simple: humans intend to create a chained event of explosions that will then accelerate at a minimum some of the particles or protons into that arena of cold. As such these then bypass the effects of cold, and become motion in a state of existence which cannot react to the motion being created. It is a state past the elemental limits of time; because action and reaction no longer exist.

Humans have now made "extreme energy/ as the basis of a kinetic existence, within an environment that does not allow that action; as a consequence nothing exists to stop it from sustaining itself. Much like an electron sustains itself in a nuclear environment; the rules are much the same. BUT the potential effects are distinctly different due to the size of particles being allowed/ and the range of motion, separated from its disciplines by nuclear law; this "super weapon" is now free. The question is: what can the proton or "energy deposit" of a nuclear environment do here? More importantly: can the proton now accelerated beyond the limits of anything being able to react to its existence, continue on without interference from anything/ will it not heat up? Can it explode, without the element of heat being used? Is it freed forever, and what are the limits if any? Critical to the elemental study of what is possible, is the transfer of heat, from proton to the environment of cold; without an electron shield for balance/ the question becomes, "exactly what does the excited electrons already in this cold do, with an alternate nucleus that mimics an electron freed; but is not"? There are only two feasible choices: either they tag along for the ride/ or they interfere with the passage of this proton, thereby heating it up. If then it is true, that the proton has nothing that can react to its presence/ in the absence of heat; it would also be true that the electrons in orbit around other atomic nuclei; cannot react to its presence either. BUT if it is true, that this proton represents a stronger draw to the electron than does it "parent nucleus"; then surely that electron will gravitate to the greater draw. The question becomes: does the "super proton" have greater/ or similar speed than an electron? In which case, the proton organizes a march essentially: of an army of electrons as it proceeds. The question of an orbit is abandoned, the balance of power is shifted within a similar situation as is the planets and sun; due to gravity. The larger draws the smaller, even though the distance in space can be great. Unlike the sun and planets, there is no discipline of action/ because there is no consequence called reaction to create time. These simply gang up, like a swarm of insects or such. The question remains: are they completely random, or is there an influence that remains to establish some aspect of order, as an alternate law in nuclear physics. In every gravitational solar system, there is a black hole at the center.... within which a planetary system resides. In this scenario, there will be no black hole created by the effects of pushing proton particles past the edge of time/ HOWEVER the influences illustrative, of a supernova collapse that leads to a black hole will be realized. Or more simply: in a supernova when the atomic energy is exhausted: there will be an reaction equal to the action that preceded it. Or in this case, as is the design of solar systems: a disk of influence will be defined, because the explosion has a distinct direction and at right angles to that direction the debris will flow. The effect of creating a "wormhole"; which is nothing more than an opportunity for electrons to collect in transition from a balanced atomic environment, "to an army"; is fundamental to pushing an accelerated proton past the limits and disciplines of real energy in time. Once past, the disk created by gravitational influences are held to the consequence of what a wormhole can do. Like a cord, it hangs on/ because the thread of influence is time itself. Therefore a constant emerges. Time as a constant, emerges as thought/ but time as a constant of energy; conceives of things that cannot be measured, because they exist at speeds so extreme there is no reaction to that speed: in essence then eternal. Critical to the end result is: how does the thread of existence, retain its identity? As energy, the critical existence of all those nuclei that have been abandoned by their electrons; become an anchor. That elemental truth then becomes a line which is attached to an endless action, that returns and returns and returns at unimaginable speed, slicing and dicing the reality of atomic nuclei at it proceeds through this earth.
There is a "little war" in me, over providing this level of knowledge; what is male says absolutely not/ what is female in me now, says "it must be so, they are dying; and our only hope is education: an understanding sufficient to stop the insanity." This is then a compromise/ and no more will be given.
DO NOT BE SO STUPID as to think you are going to envision yourselves as part of a wormhole/ etc/ etc/ etc! You are not, it is impossible in every aspect or account to enter within anything here; all you get, if you continue is death/ for a planet. You will never play "startrek" for real.
As for me, feeling forced to pass by a boundary just because you are so vain and proud and careless; the entire world is a toy to you/ want is all you do care about.. That is proven by: even all of life is being crucified by you!
I am going to do something else, at least for awhile. Find some education for yourselves: TRY to find your mind; dumbass. Life is not a game/ NEITHER is death. My world is struggling between male and female, a reality I could not even comprehend a short time before. Your need is immense, your decisions will decide because you are the influence as humanity that threatens this world; only you can do better as people on earth; female can help, male confronts. And it has become clear, confrontation will simply end in war. It must be abandoned, unless absolutely necessary. The critical question is: do you desire life enough, to pay the price of survival?
This kind of information about energy, is nothing more than a conversation piece/ without the machines necessary to endanger life on earth. The fact you have these machines, even in lesser forms than cern; states simply, a lack of respect for anything of value here on earth. The possibility that you may find this more conversational, or of interest to you/ than a long list of realities that you face today, and every day: each of which threatens your very existence: says you are foolish and blind. The fact, that there are many among you that will look at this information as an opportunity to experiment with your fantasies says simply: either as a world, you get control over your scientists/ university, or they will kill you, with their stupidity, arrogance, disrespect for life, and plain disregard for all things of real value. You must get control over yourselves, and stop poisoning this world, hiding in apathy, and running away.
The foundations of thought, which apply to the understandings of eternity; are a LONG way "from your ability to understand or be invited to learn". These are spiritual aspects UNCONNECTED to the machines you have built/ and do not exist as the same. "Just more fantasy", if you cannot understand that simply, and with honesty or truth. Thought is the existence of freedom in life, the opportunity of an identity to express "yourself".

GROW UP/ or at least WAKE UP; or you will die soon. From the tragedy of your own arrogance, pride, selfishness, and thirst for all things power. It is a "spoiled" child that refuses to learn, stop or die.
The foundations of peace, happiness, and hope are all locked up within truth and reality, as life first. Not money first as is the common and constant disgrace of men. For decades, every attempt to establish an education among you, has been rejected; because the absolute desire for greed could not be deterred. To your shame. Even the very best among you, would run and hide, at the mere introduction of such a little thing as "a style of writing not consistent with your expectations". None, searched for answers/ all searched for greed, gluttony, or leave me alone so that the others will not ridicule or pick on me. To your shame. If you cannot pass the most simple test: of choosing life, rather than choosing greed or failing to stand for what you choose to believe/ at least asking questions, without judgment; then you cannot enter in, where life belongs. It is that simple.
The elemental task before us all, is to find an understanding of value/ an honesty of working together among all people, for the sake of life within a future that we can then survive. You will not survive the future men and their university have led you too. Women are an unknown, but they are different/ consequently will choose differently.
Nif is little more than a torch, to light this world on fire. Cern is little more than a "butcher's knife". Genetic mutilation, regardless of the lies or cheating or manipulation or promises to be god: is a graveyard filled/ a dead earth coming soon. The progression is likely to be: an array of growing allergies, followed by an assortment of mental dis-associations, followed by wounds that simply will not heal, followed by tumors and other diseases beyond statistical expectations: followed by, the mutilations that cannot be explained; the point of no return. This terrible tragedy is created primarily through the elemental tragedies of beginning with the lower life forms and altering them through the constant mutilation, which they then ingest; altering their substance and output ever so slightly. These are then ingested by the next of the chain of life, which alters them slightly, and the next/ next/ next, etc. Becoming a mutilation throughout the dependency of life from one member to another.
You understand, a body or mind not working properly is a problem: BUT you give human beings the power to recreate life in "their image"/ destroying disciplines, and conceiving of every fantasy they can devise; to your absolute shame/ YOU have chosen to be devils. That which destroys, simply because these have no comprehension of true value or life. Shame on you, when you know beyond any doubt: everything men do, ends in shambles. You cannot control your money, greed defeats you. You cannot control your government; they lie, and protect power instead of you. You cannot control medicare or social security or medicaid or healthcare: because you have no ethics, no sense of honor or honesty, and choose endless want instead of reality. Lying to yourselves, so that truth cannot enter your world, until complete desperation and war convince you. And time and time again, that is exactly what you do: trash everything, until reality comes to teach you: YOU MUST NOT do this. The history of this world is plain, men have led throughout; and returned again and again to the same patterns of behavior that caused war, grief, desperation, and desolation; "like a dog to its vomit". The complete tragedy in healthcare coming; will be horrible to behold. You have nearly killed off your antibiotics "for free food, by turning livestock into nothing more than money". Shame on you. Without antibiotics, having increased the strength of every disease; there is no medicine, and will be no surgeries: "disease will get you, if you try." You have failed in america, and hold onto a healthcare business based in fraud, deception, lies, cheating, extortion, and just plain stealing: because you pay with debts, and you know or should know, these cannot be paid, it is a game. The game will collapse. Your government plays with insurance, leaving reality behind, and hiding from the truth as if it were a venomous snake: going to kill me. The cost of healthcare is the health industry that takes FAR TOO MUCH, pretending to be gods/ while in fact dispensing as much disaster as they do good. How many times do you hear "mistakes were made"? Do you really think there are none? Are doctors perfect/ or as greedy and unfair, as any other member of society? Answer this question.

Money is not "a thing". Money is life, the embodiment of time given for you/ & when fair, it is an equal exchange of time then given for me: PLUS the resources that make it possible to effect a change or create a desire, even want; for someone else's life. Money is NOT a number/ it is not a paper dollar/ it is not wealth that gives someone else power over everything. Money is what we choose to believe brings justice to our lives. Therein, it is known and clearly perceived: that the american dollar is not money/ but merely acts in the form of terrorism, that confronts the world with: I AM going to take this, and you have no say. In a world of reality, without the fantasy of leaders, or university: truth would say NO! Yet all, or nearly all huddle together in the graves dug by those who lead you to death; waiting for tragedy, as a sign "WE can kill". We can prove, death or power, is not only what you can do; WE CAN TOO. Civil war is coming, with millions of guns, endless ammo, and no sides: all for themselves, which makes everyone a target. Dead in a day, for millions.
You can have whatever healthcare you choose, IF YOU PAY for it. The price is providing competition to the healthcare industry by creating your own doctors, establishing patents for medicine will be owned by the government; thereby produced at cost through competition. And so on. It will remain true, that some patients need too much; and they must die for the sake of the others. Nature DOES know best; whether you like it or not/ nature has proven throughout time, to be superior in every way to any thought or consideration or attempt of men. Nature knows, men do not. BE LIKE NATURE, CHOOSE TRUTH, and define reality accordingly, for LIFE FIRST.
IF YOU will choose life first, then you will resurrect yourselves from the grave and crawl out/ before being buried. If you continue in greed, power, selfishness, and pride: YOU WILL get what you deserve. Life is not a toy, remember that and grow up.
The building of a different life, is not complex. It is simply the understanding of truth, so that our reality as people and life on earth, can be identified by the things we all need; and the possibilities of justice, fair play, and equality can provide.
Once you have identified truth as a reality/ then you may begin to assess and understand the levels of damage, and the true threat each of the tragedies set before you by men and university have done. Wisdom allows, that what is most important shall be given priority, while what is honest and true understands: the relationships between men and women and children must be cherished so that they too survive. It cannot be all work/ but it must not be, "a failure to work appropriately and with zest for a world to save from ourselves."
Contrary to what leaders will tell you, it is not "great advances in high speed transportation" that you need/ this is a useless means to invite people to NOT build a life or society where they are/ but go looking elsewhere, and leave the building to someone else. It is not fair to life, or humanity: the result is plainly written on america already. Letting the others build for you, produced GREED in greater amounts than ever on planet earth. They applied credit to the stripping of resources from everywhere on the planet/ destroyed everything already built for the simple fantasy of "mine, mine, mine". And moved people from one place to another, in a long line of tragedies from family to failure; as greed found its way through media temptation, and manipulation/ as university tested its power to control, and wealth built the means of acquiring government. You now face slavery, because only a few control all the money: even though it is not money, but lies. The consequence of not accepting the "dollar" is: YOU MUST THEN return to reality and face your fears, your debts, and your future without the Dressing of stupidity and ignorance as "are your experts"/ who brought you to shame. Instead, LIFE will demand you accept responsibility, duty, honor, respect, freedom, and the need for love, hope, caring, and kindness; as best we can. Throughout the decades, such talk or hints of such talk brought only ridicule/ because greed gripped your soul. Today, YOU WILL find your heart back, so you can begin the journey to find your soul, or you will begin the reality of hell and Armageddon: as is the reward of all the men who lead you.
Your food and water and oxygen is under attack, and will die; the proof is obvious and real; go search. Trillions of gallons of water used for ethanol, that can never be put back, in a world that will soon find itself thirsting to death. Fossil Fuels burning requires oxygen/ WE KNOW how much fuel is bought/ how much oxygen it takes to burn every single btu. And it is known, but not well studied that plants do not provide enough to replace it: that means you will soon suffocate, with no chance to survive. The food has become your toy, thrown away, discarded/ the ground to grow it, destroyed by housing or pavement or carelessness; and you don't care.
Your resources will end soon, as is common and constant under the attack of men; take a look in your garbage; "It is not a gold mine of the future"/ it is your shame.
The environment will soon dramatically change.
Weapons of mass destruction are "your saviors"/ HOW UTTERLY BLIND can you be: pathetic does not begin to describe it. Not only nuclear bombs, but chemicals that can kill millions/ and biological weapons that WILL kill ninety percent of the population on this planet, if not all; and can never be stopped once released.

You allow the mutilation of everything. Believing in evolution/ believing in experts, even though they contradict themselves almost daily. Designing crops for the least amount of diversity possible: does not everyone want basically the same thing? Of course they do; but that means all diversity ends, presenting this world with the potential of a huge catastrophe as any form or virus, disease, or potential killing agent comes "to kill it all".
You allow practices and methods which are destroying the oceans around this world; it feeds you/ how will you survive without it? You destroy coastal areas without regard/ dump everything you can find in rivers/ pretend to care, but do not. What do you not harm?
You have made each other angry, and without; because of greed and lack of concern for anything: WILL THIS NOT be war. This world owes itself at last count a year ago or more 750 trillion dollars. In a world of 7 billion people this is a promise to every man, woman, and child living = MORE than you can ever repay/ MORE than the resources of this earth can provide.
You are playing with every form of food, saying "we can do better"/ pretending you can play god; from one end of this world to the other; fools". Cloning disaster and disgrace, crucifying anything that moves, altering plants, poisoning tributaries, trillions of gallons of water polluted beyond use; everywhere you look is a disaster waiting to pounce; and you play games, and ridicule me.
You are killing life, and causing extinction from one end of this world to another/ killing the pollinators who help produce fruits vegetables insects and every life that depends upon them, such as birds, animals, fish, and you; and more. You have set up the livestock industry to fail completely, by depending upon antibiotics in feed, fed with every portion/ and now the antibiotics themselves will soon fail; crushing every "factory farm population" with disease/ ending that food supply and their lives because you are so blind, lazy, and worthless that money is all that matters.
You are idiots, listening to want, to "I", to selfishness, laziness, and every possible avenue of "WE DON'T CARE". Hiding from reality, wishing on fantasies, looking to religion as a grocery list and wandering why you didn't get everything you demanded for free. Shame on you.
You are cutting down environments upon which you and all life depend. Massacring unmeasurable amounts of life with endless poison, simply because "you see a bug/ or want to control some other aspect of nature in this world"; shame on you.
The elderly are knowingly and willingly selling their children's lives to slavery and death/ just because they don't want to work anymore, and are too scared to die. Assassins plain and simple.
You know this world is full, and cannot support another soul; but do nothing about a population increase of two million more mouths to feed/ than deaths; each and every week. Fully aware, this will end in catastrophe, with absolute cannibalism the only possible end result. Not to worry though, I am certain "YOU will blame it on GOD". Its your plan; do whatever you want/ and blame it on someone else/ or if its too big: "Just got to blame it on GOD"/ sure as hell ain't going to accept no responsibility or duty for yourself, are you. Nothing honorable here!
You accept evolution, EVEN A CHILD knows better; unless their adults corrupt their mind. Shame on you; what is random about life, about the body that needs all its parts to survive/ and needs something for food/ needs to know it needs something for food/ needs to find or catch that food; an endless list. It is a religion for idiots, and you spread it across the world. Shame on you.
Every problem plant, animal, insect, fish; whatever you can find: you bring back to contaminate another part of the world with: how is that not insane, or just plain stupid?
Every problem with human development, is another avenue for lawyers and judges to "make a killing"; destroying the search for justice and truth, by making greed, power, or pride their focus and intent. Discarding law, dishonoring society and the constitution, expressing judgment "because they know:; not because of evidence or truth. To HELL with society, because many of these desire to play god.
Every social need is attacked by monopolies; confronting all expression or experience as life and living with the inevitable reality: we cannot compete/ they have overwhelmed us. Turning you into slaves/ corrupting the basis and foundations of your lives and for what? Promises of pensions and healthcare, which are now PROVEN: they cannot deliver. Shame on you, for destroying your freedoms; because the end result will be "do whatever we say/ or die, cause we don't care".

You abuse the military; you abuse the need for justice by imprisoning anyone you please and ordering the rest around; making enemies everywhere. You abuse the children with an education that means little to nothing/ failing to prepare them for life in any realistic foundation called reality. Shame on you, setting them up for traps, rather than life.
You abuse the possibilities of government, welfare, media, EVERYTHING YOU CAN TOUCH; By whining, crying, playing the fool, and disrupting the very possibilities of change that do exist for you, as a community of people who care. Shame on you. And government employees abuse and use you, proclaiming anything, spending anything they want: without the slightest reference to truth or reality; just a game and nothing more than lies everywhere you look. They do not take responsibility, they do not do their duty, BUT they do and say whatever you want to hear first; hiding all the references to power and privilege given to the wealthy out of sight. Even so, you hired them did you not.
The police and court system, all your "save me professionals/ road officials, fail in many ways too". Choosing to believe its "us or them"/ making an army, where professional understanding of the law NOT out of a book, but as justice must reign instead. The job is: do what is fair for life! The reality is less. The court plays with words, rather than the intent and foundations of law, it does not know the constitution or fails. The failure of probation officials to surrender release to reality instead: "The criminals know better/ as do the guards; who will continue to be a problem/ and under the reality IF THIS ONE released fails; then your time here is multiplied makes them a better choice for who gets out or does not. The road officials, 911 services; are aware of problems with the roads. As indicated by an ad I placed in this area: simple road signs save lives, property, tragedy of all kinds/ yet they refuse claiming a few dollars for new signs is too much/ protecting a life, NOT worth the money when it is proven "this is all, that is necessary". That makes them an accomplice, if not directly guilty of manslaughter; their decision made the accident happen. A new relationship with "government employees MUST be formed". One that incorporates the truth: this is a contract between us, YOU do your job/ and you will be paid. Fail to do that job properly and you will be fired, or imprisoned: NO more union protecting you. Reality and truth, assigned its "savior" by the evidence of what you did do/ lawyers provided for your defense as needed. NOT "shove it up your ass/ cause there is nothing you can do to me". INSTEAD, we will teach you respect/ whether you like it or not!
You are LIARS! Proven countless times: just in the current money crisis; it is an endless charade about money that is not real. You are bankrupt, and continue to lie because just like the reason this debt exists: THE PEOPLE WHO STOLE THE MONEY, and refused to pay the debt/ and continuing to steal, continuing to add debt they have NO intention to pay, not even a possibility they could. Letting the future be blackened with death instead.
You allow thieves to steal from you whatever they want. The university takes anything it wants. Delusion takes reality away and gives stupidity a "space program". All forms of medicine extort anything they like: cause "they will pay/ what choice do they have but death, or loss". AND MEDIA HELPS THEM ALL. This too is a very long list; playing a game with life. Forcing changes in the microscopic world, with antiseptics and fear.

You fight for nothing more than money/ and the money is worthless: which in fact does make you a blind idiot & fool. Religion fights against me, because they believe in fantasies rather than realities; making them an idiot and fool. The university wants power, and is willing to sell anything you want/ make you believe anything you will buy; just to be proud. Stealing your children/ enslaving them or their parents with debts and claiming "that's the price/ nothing we can do". Does a resource make you pay money, OR the man holding the resource. There is no such thing as "this is the price, nothing we can do at a university." Because every price is assigned by the amount of money, the people there are demanding for themselves. While "raw materials" are a matter of society/ these too are governed by the wealthy you say: WE WANT MORE. Not by any other reality except scarcity: and for that reason, leaders throw the resources away, intending to drive up the price, and control your lives by becoming wealthier. Do you see everything being thrown away? It is the demand: worship me, because now I control whether you have what you need. Buildings, machines, food, everything abused is a result of controlling access, thereby controlling the competition, thereby controlling the price: or more simply, "making you a slave". The reality of men is an attempt to control everything, allowing no life to exist that they do not command or influence in their own way. The truth of nature is, that every life that can support itself, shall be given its chance to take whatever ground, whatever time can be found to present their time unto this world; controlled by nothing, except reality itself. This is the essence of diversity, the right of passage given to all who come without preference/ the opportunity of life. The essence of freedom, is a critical relationship with truth, respect, and discipline; because without all of these your freedoms will cost you more than the happiness they present.
Your ability to work, does not depend upon money/ that is just the game of men. As is clearly proven by the fact, you have not been paid here in america for years: because your money is worthless, inflated beyond all comprehension; and you don't even know it. Shame on you. Regardless of that, it is still true, that the work occurred, because you believed in the end result; even if it was not true. The choice for life, is to discard money; and choose life instead. NOT discarding fair play or justice/ but greed, selfishness, and the endless ranting of "mine/ mine/ mine". Choose life, choose caring, kindness, and sharing so that you can build again the substance of survival. The reality of a time, that will reinvent life on earth as a society called our humanity/ rather than a society "called me and mine". The evidence is very simple: without change, you do not stand a single chance of continuing as life beyond twenty years or so; not even one. The evidence is, UNLESS YOU STOP the current experiments, you may be dead along with this earth within this next year/ because the machines created can kill this earth; believe it or not. ONLY A FOOL AND AN IDIOT could believe this gamble is worth the price/ and it remains NO MATTER WHAT anyone says: UNTIL these machines for energy are dismantled/ and the tools for genetic mutilation are completely controlled: they are ready to kill you! Unless you stop destroying everything/ you will have nothing; as is fitting: should you not receive what you ask for/ what you bought and paid for, what you said I don't care about: is that not fair. Destroying nature, even you can understand; presents no mercy, no opportunity to continue in time.
There is conversation allowing "we are all human/ therefore anyone who wants should be able to lead"/ that is simply not true: as it is reality, those who are serial killers for instance are also called human: should they lead you? Competency is the establishment of honor/ because without honor, there is neither duty or respect for life. That does not mean everyone must attain true honor: BUT it does demand those who do lead you must be honorable, and experience life by the essence of truth itself, believing in reality and accepting the price that must be paid to sustain life as a relationship to peace, freedom, respect, discipline, and love; at a minimum. Why do you follow those who lead you to tragedy and endless threats: AS IS TODAY. Why would you choose anyone to lead, who cannot accept the necessary disciplines in their own life: as nature intended life to be? It is insane. The elemental tragedy of this time is a belief: through fear, that we are lost, and too proud to fix it/ to afraid to make the decisions that are necessary for this time. It is men who choose this. It is women who must make a new choice and find the courage to seek wisdom and identify truth/ men have failed, and they are rejected; because this world stands at the gates of HELL and ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos). They brought us here, and it was the best; that they did do. They are rejected, and will lead no more. The foundation of influence for the future to survive is: WE WILL WORK TOGETHER, making choices as are fitting for this world/ by the elements of truth, respect, discipline, caring, courage, reality, and duty to the future that we do control. Nobody is simply free/ because nobody is simply safe, from what too many are already doing. We must organize into an army of people WHO HAVE CHOSEN: "To save this world". YOU must understand, without RESPECT FOR GOD! You will fail. This is not a religion/ this is a reality of life. A choice that you will or will not make/ and be responsible for. We are not dead yet/ the game is over, but we are not. As for me, I honestly feel very vulnerable, as if change has or is coming that can never be repealed/ a life that controls me, rather than a life I control strictly by my own decision: Different, not the same. That will be true of you to, "different"/ because the world cannot stand more of this. Your need changed me/ but my need to help you survive; to help you find respect for life is clear as well. The ending is unclear, but you do: have your chance to change.
I know, you do not wish to believe anything that is not what you want; simple as that. But your reality is; at roughly 7 billion people or whatever the population is today: we stand on approximately one acre of ground each one. That single acre must support every single life on earth, animals, plants, insects, birds etc/ and provide oxygen for each one. The ocean algae, "other life" that supports it and provides oxygen is being consumed by men to sell for "pet or animal foods" primarily; leaving the ocean without its primary food source as this builds the chain of life there. Your reality has become a choice: EITHER to accept the limits of this planet and proceed with respect/ or die. This is not a game, even a child can recognize that. Go investigate, examine the evidence, and find truth. It is your life, and your future for all life on earth. You are 7 billion people each one reaching in want, for everything they can grab/ everyday.

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