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Thursday, 20 August 2009

The distance between love and hope, is the treasury of what we believe is true, compared to what we know is true. Love is an emblem of the heart, the story of what we accept as our lives carried out through the essence of who we do desire to be. Hope is a relationship that knows not a beginning/ rather than born, it is expressed through the life we understand as our own.
What we know of this world today is, that we are threatened with extinction, that we are in trouble and must change to survive. That is assessed and accepted in the countless methods of tragedy and disgrace that men and the leaders of men have compiled to mutilate, gamble, pollute, over-run, cause extinction of environments and species, and generally destroy this earth we call home. “Science/ university” tells you plainly: they are going to bring the same fire that is on the sun/ here to earth. They tell you plainly, they are going to create more heat than an exploding star here on earth. They tell you plainly they are going to “recreate the single most destructive event in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE”. And you, the people of this earth; “Are fine with that”. Don’t care, let them play; “they know what they are doing”/ yet its an experiment, and that means plainly by definition of the word, “they don’t know”. Yet your fine with that; go ahead and gamble with evry life on earth/ an entire planet in ways that literally can end life. And your fine with that, because you believe “nothing I can do anyway”; so you just run away and hide your anger letting it brew into hate. Not a smart move/ just as insane as the people who threaten you: waiting until there is NO POSSIBILITY this can be corrected/ the world is dead. But not to worry though, after all by playing god with nature and all life; you get to mutilate everything and die instead; and your fine with that/ “cause they promised to wipe away every tear”. What could go wrong with that, letting people who don’t care, play god, crucifying every plant, every animal, every insect; simply everything; as they already do, by mutilating genetic structure and placing in nature itself “to see what can be changed”. Its all good, cause after all “you are believers” in every lie they produce; aren’t you. When did you last say no? Going to save you, with weapons of mass destruction all over again. Just take another look, because time is running out.
What we believe is true: is very simply, becomes the truth of who we are, and what society will become. That when combined with lies however: becomes a world which we cannot survive. The question is: what is truth? And what can change do to us. If you find truth, then all these things can be corrected as best we can/ and the world will again breathe as life returns to the possibilities called time. If you do not find truth, but continue in lies, failing to confront and recognize that the energies being used can indeed destroy this world; the failure of genetic disciplines, can destroy every life on this planet. Then the destiny of this world has changed, from being confronted with nature, and controlled by this consequence. To now our reality is, we confront nature and it is controlled by the consequences of what we do. That has become the road to complete annihilation of all things good/ the exodus of all things necessary for life. Religion sides with evil, walking alongside the very people who do the most damage; saying “give me the money too”. Science runs to capture as much pride and power as it possibly can/ worshiping the chance to say “I am a god”. Politicians play the game of winner, and loser/ blindly giving away everything of value on this earth. And business cares nothing at all, except for money. The people clamor for want/ worship the money that is not real, and demand let me fantasize too. And men all believe, that if they just play the game/ nothing bad will happen to them. Who gives a damn about the others. But life has a surprise for you; nature cannot survive the things you are doing. Therefore complete collapse is immanent/ as nature dies, life is mutilated beyond recognition, because you didn’t care enough; you will cannibalize, rape, and ruin every conceivable happy thing on earth. That is what you bought with your gambling; and you will receive it, before another year goes by. This is 8-17-09 / and unless GOD intervenes again for you, you will not make one more year.

These things are not love. These things are evil, because they are willing to sell this earth to destruction, for want, pride, and power/ for apathy, disrespect, and don’t care. You will have nothing of love soon/ because there is no truth in any of what you do. The consequence of all these things is, we must talk about our truth, our future, and the relationship of our lives to living on earth in this time. This is done throughout the web sites and its associated sites provided by me. Not to judge you, not to convict you; but to demand truth must be recognized, and reality must be defended.

The relationship we share as love, the value of a heart that lives for life/ not worships fantasy and ruin; Is not measured, it is earned. More simply, you must choose this path as a personal decision/ before respect enters your life, and you become its participant in time. Respect is the essence of every life, as it teaches how, why, what, and where we can or will survive. Respect underscores who can be trusted, and establishes the relationships that conceive of truth, trust, and reality as life on earth. These things are not found in want/ they are not earned in pride/ and they are abandoned by power and its brand of hate called selfishness. Consequently love is an emblem of our reality/ rather than the focus and truth that lives in this time. Love is not “a question of the heart or soul”/ love is the acceptance inside yourself, of time devoted to the essence and relationships that change our lives, because we care.

It is our reality, that we must work towards a different world/ a humanity that builds within the words “LIFE FIRST”. Instead of the common male direction of, “only money matters”. It must be said, that men are not the enemy, I am a man/ although my “reality” has changed very significantly. Nonetheless, instead of the enemy, it is the constant battle against those who seek to rule this world, demand to be “WINNER”, and enslave, own, and violate the lives of everyone involved, or potentially captured/ imprisoned/ or beaten into submission. That is the enemy of all mankind. To combat this enemy, men have formed themselves into armies/ but the army is controlled by power and pride; making this an ineffective weapon of true peace. To combat this enemy, men worship money; believing if they have the excess money, then they will escape the others/ and even make them suffer too. To combat this enemy, religions are formed to tolerate capture, but retain some semblance of honor through disciplines; but luxury and ease have seeped in, and today their cry and their prayers are greed. They fear me, because they will sell their children/ not to be poor; not to pay their own debts; not to be equal “want MONEY to be FREE”. But that means, there must be slaves/ “someone has to do the work, surrender their own lives” to make you wealthy. “Don’t give a damn/ so long as its not me”. To combat this money, some men abandon common sense and take enormous risks: so they can claim “importance”/ instead or in place of the money. Some sink into drugs, others suicide and so on. Money too, is not an enemy if it is real (unlike America and the world today/ where fantasy has taken control). Rather the thirst of a few men channeling GREED, into the reality of a little power that can be grown into a war, with the pride or selfishness that seeks a relationship with hate, so that others can be ravaged and ruined/ and under control “going to be rich/ MUST make them poor”. Are all constants in this world under siege, by greed. Men strip and ruin, to gain control of their lives/ and if they don’t, another man will come and destroy, taking what was intended to be saved; so they surrender. Men are not the enemy, GREED is. And the power, pride, and thirst for revenge generated by the consequences of this hate/ the gluttony & lust, and the rest all prove “money is first”/ not life.

To achieve different/ WE MUST have different leaders! That is not a complicated statement. The same, cannot be different; because it is the same. That means our only hope of true or significant change is women in leadership positions; in a situation that is under their control. They may do no better (hopefully better)/ but in simplicity, they cannot do worse, than an entire world threatened with extermination.
What then is different, and why will this benefit our lives is the subject of discourse in this ad.

We cannot continue to consume as is currently done/ this world is finite: we are 7,000,000,000 people; and you will come to ruin quickly; as loss of one single ingredient can lead to your downfall, in countless ways including war. One such ingredient is the mutilation of nature/ the end of life as we know it. Issues of energy are so extreme, they will be stopped very soon, or you die; it is that simple. Yet you worry and fear me: I tell you change or die/ HOW is that “an enemy”? It is not.
The question however is more simply how do we consume less, and be happy? The answer is: consumption does not make you happy/ instead it competes to keep you from being lonely or depressed “got something new”/ and interacted with the people or places that sold these things to me; they paid attention “to me”. The value of consumption, is then not in the process of things/ but in the reality of people that changed the circumstances of my life, so that I felt ok about myself, my world, or my future. Consumption is consistent, because these are very fleeting moments which fade away almost as quickly as they come. Consequently, worked hard for this/ but threw it in the garbage because there is no longer any happiness here.

To understand basic unhappiness; is to understand the reality of what loneliness truly means. Loneliness is created by the consequence of trust dying, because what we thought we knew and could trust as real, in the identities of our time; has
betrayed us in some form or way. That simple truth, then excavates the reality of what we believe, and finds fault in everything that is possible for us to conceive as our life, our world, and our future. The mental structures of knowledge, contain the definitions of who we believe ourselves and our family, and our world or life to be. A “breaking heart” is in reality the trust that gave us strength to face another day, crashing into “the consequences of human disrespect, hate, or you don’t care about me”: consuming the peace generated by the foundations which provide me/ you hope.
The function of knowledge is then to identify and create foundations upon which we build a life called trust. The fundamentals of love, which is a relationship beyond ourselves wherein life is an expression and experience anchored by the hope and creation “we do care/ I do share; we are family (the essence, you cannot be less than part of us).” Pride is the enemy! Power is a fool, wherever love exists; because power confronts love with hate/ causing one or the other to die. Jealousy is the excuse: I WANT, regardless of your heart or soul/ I alone am important.
In the reality of this day, surrounded by useless knowledge and endless temptation and distraction with fantasy, want, delusion, greed, hate, foolishness, and failure. The ability of people to sustain their love, and respect their bodies, mind, or life has fallen into a critical stupidity. Nearly all, “want to play/ or more correctly do not want to be left out, and discarded by the others”. Therefore they do, what they do, because of fear. Fear is an enemy, it brings you nothing but more panic and fears/ as a consequence you find hate; as a reality it changes people, and they begin not to care. Sinking even farther into the mire of prostitution, greed, want, consumption, violence, revenge, jealousy; and in the extreme rape arises, sexual deviation begins, and pedofile’s are born (those so weak, they seek out those who cannot possibly defend themselves; to use and abuse or kill).
Our relationship to want appears, where life itself has been discarded, in favor of things, possession, sex, money, mine, trophies, or the demand “WINNER”. The question is WHY, did you discard life: FOR SUCH WORTHLESS THINGS?
The answer is: because you want to be “superior, the one who is more than equal/ the one who is like a god to the others. I am the one you come to/ I am the one you need/ etc.” The reason: pay attention to me, make me “somebody important to you”. Therefrom the association is, “if so damned important/ then you will care about me, and share if I ask”. Yet that is completely untrue; because sharing and caring is about love, and none of want is about love. Want takes/ want does not care/ want refuses to care, and bribes, flatters, tempts, and manipulates instead. Love establishes the relationship that shares an essential equality as life, therefore inherently equal. Love creates the basic reality of understanding, what I have is given to you, wherever need is true/ so that you too may share the same experience and expression in love as do I. My hope is then as love, and my truth is that you may do the same. There is no superiority; there is only truth and the existence of trials upon which that truth shall defend us all/ because it can. Truth identifies a law, and every law is a defense of life; even if it is harsh and unwilling to compromise: life is not a game.

We then examine this world, to define and determine its needs; creating along this path the foundations of truth which will defend us all. Pride stands directly in the way; presenting hate as the backdrop, to a world defined by greed. You hate each other enough, to make life a game, and demand “without a trophy/ then you are trash”. Shame on you. You hate life enough, to threaten an entire world/ to create situations and threats that will literally assassinate your children. You hate this world enough, to cause extinction among life, to pollute extensively and without concern. You hate creation itself enough; TO MUTILATE IT/ and play god. You hate relationships enough, to disrespect, use, and abuse those who surround you, even GOD whom you cannot live without. You hate society enough, to seek revenge/ to use religion as a purpose of war. You hate the opposite sex enough, to infect each other with disease; and not even care/ to use each other as a tool, not man or woman. You hate your food, establishing the foundations of failure throughout the ocean/ by crucifying it as if it were worthless/ and throwing poisons and antibiotics upon it as if it were simply your toy. Shame on you. You hate even the water you drink/ as the aquifers are under complete attack, and you war against ever drinking this water again; choosing fuel over life/ choosing to dry up every chance you have to survive. You hate the experience and expression of life, choosing instead of life for all/ “babies for me”; when all the evidence demands this earth CANNOT support its current population/ you increase it by 2 million more each week. You play with energy/ and those who conceive of it gamble with everything; and you refuse to learn they are devils in disguise. You worship those who lie to you, about anything at all: we will make you rich (and the world runs to this door/ but it was all a LIE) we will take away every tear, being gods over genetics (but they will soon destroy you entirely instead; SATAN himself). You worship luxury, wealth, ease, gluttony, stupidity for the sake of conversation, ignorance for the sake of “we are then free”, failure because it leads to power and pride, and excuses: “let the others pay, let the government be our excuse”. You are spoiled and evil children, lacking sense, lacking courage, lacking respect, lacking honor, duty, or responsibility. Because that is where your leaders have brought you. That is where you said: I can fight no more.
Truth is upon you/ life is at the door between “heaven or hell”; and you must choose a better way for your own life/ or you will drown in the sewer that created this trouble and disgrace upon your own lives. Reality is at the door/ even the blind can see it: because the evidence is clear, the reality of resource depletion/ weapons of mass destruction/ hate/ genetic crucifixion/ loss of foods and water/ oxygen/ gambling with an entire world, even more all state this is your last chance to survive by change. This is your last chance, to choose differently and rebuild creation as best you can.
It is not a simple thing! Life requires you to learn, to trust truth/ and NOT fall into beliefs that are so blatantly ignorant and stupid that you choose to fail. Life demands RESPECT, and nothing less. Survival means “all humanity must come”/ or you fail. The elemental task of righting this world; falls to women (life must be different)/ but is equally laid upon men. Your roles have changed. This reality is the only method of pursuing peace (men as nations; do not trust each other), establishing cooperation (power nor pride are acceptable anymore/ there is no middle ground), confronting aggression with mediation instead of war (the primary battleground, is over women in one form or another), and conceiving of society where LIFE IS FIRST/ instead of the common and constant, male dominated method of money is first. The possibility that a majority of women will choose for happiness instead of power or pride is potentially real/ but must be tested and proven before declared true. There is no room for want, it is an enemy.
There is no room for selfishness: WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE, must be chosen. NO MORE GAMBLING/ NO MORE DESTRUCTION/ NO MORE MUTILATING/ NO MORE PLAYING god/ NO MORE ABUSING LIFE OR USING LIFE FOR A TOY, RESPECT: NATURE, SEX, TRUTH, REALITY, ENVIRONMENT, ECOLOGY, AND THE FUTURE. That is your journey, to save life on earth. Respect GOD and JESUS or die! The various methods you may choose to allow this to function and grow on earth; is up to women. Men brought life on earth to the edge of HELL AND ARMAGEDDON/ and are abandoned as leaders of life. Either accept this, or enter the world they chose.
Don’t believe this is true? You can believe anything you want/ BUT WHAT YOU CANNOT DO, is avoid truth anymore. What is true, WILL COME. The failure to make a correct decision, will end without mercy; because you were built by GOD, and you do understand this message to you.
The messenger is meaningless/ but remains a sign of your reality and truth; a consequence of your decisions or lack thereof. He is a gift to women, proving what they will do with men under their control. It is not a game; women will choose/ he has no rights, as if he “were a woman out of history; and women were men instead”. You WILL identify, the truth called women; in charge of life on earth; by establishing this reality.

YOUR decision is established by the evidence and its truth/ your decision is applied to life or death for you, and this world. There is NO middle ground; because nature has no substitute! Once lost, it is gone forever. Only life, or death/ by the choices that you shall make: this is, a trial. And your own judgment determines the outcome. You can believe anything/ but you WILL live the truth, of what you do from here on to eternity. Fantasy has died/ and you will decide if life is worth fighting for. Fail to fight, and your dead. Fail to understand, tragedy awaits you in less than one year: and change that! Or you don’t even get to hell, HADES enters as a lake of fire “like the sun”/ and even though you expect “the end”. I tell you truly, it will not be so. You wanted it/ you protected it/ you chose to gamble with the entire earth: and you will inherit your reward. But not to worry, CERN/ genetic mutilation/ weapons of mass destruction: YOU HAVE LOTS of threats to choose from. As worshipers of countless gods, “every single one going to save you”; What could go wrong? There is no substitute for discipline in energy or life. There is no substitute for complex structure and integral workings that build life, and prepare it for survival. There is no substitute for balance, and the creation designed for harmony and peace. There is no substitute for honesty, honor, duty, responsibility, courage, respect, love, hope, or life; once you have dismantled these, even one of these past the point of no return, all life on earth will die/ because of what you did, or allowed to be done, in your time.
How can you fail to understand, that it is necessary for all things to be done in their season; if many creatures were born at any time but that in which nature has provided for them/ they would all die. How can you fail to understand, even the reality of eating has risks/ as people do die from choking on food; without a mind prepared to eat/ knowing what to do, not to do, and fundamentally aware this must be done or you die: is not small or trivial, and it comes with every birth. If the leaves on trees did not fall off in the winter/ the ice they would accumulate would kill them, old leaves would not be able to sustain growth or life. There is tragedy in everything you do; how can you be so blind? You want, and that is the end of your journey for most. It is not enough.
The old ways must end. Genetic mutilation must stop. Science without a brain must be controlled. People must not continue to consume everything, or have children without understanding we are 7 billion people and cannot survive more. The list is long.
There must be a recognition that hate is the predecessor of all violence/ that hate identifies those who are or will be violent; and as a consequence of that: they will be separated, confined, or killed. Society need not sustain them. The millions already doing genetic harm/ can redeem themselves by using those tools and training to identify PROPERLY the criminals who prey upon the rest. Fishermen can become those who clean up the ocean, while it strives and hopes to make a comeback. Farmers must end all crops that are not food, so the ocean can have peace for a time. And humanity must learn and accept; because you are so many people, it is absolutely necessary that dead human bodies will be ground up and fed to ocean fish stocks; so they can feed you. You have nothing else to feed them with. The forests must be replanted as forests/ because more than your desire for wood depends upon them. Marijuana can be used for paper. Massive restructuring of society to replace the car/ the use of energy as you know it with sustainable methods must occur. And the relationship of all people and their societies must be governed by law/ not employees who believe they can play god over the others. Without world law (the end of weapons of mass destruction)/ without sharing and caring about each other and this world; you will die soon. Without accepting that it is humanity that has become “god or satan, over this world today”; which means like an owner, if you do not do the work that is necessary/ make the decisions that are required of you to sustain “the business of life”; Then quickly you will have no home, no food, no air to breathe, no body to inhabit, and no hope for mercy: because this is literally what you chose to do. Freedom is not free/ refusing to believe reality is not reality, is strictly for liars.

Truth is a message created by the laws which become transparent through the demonstrations of time. Fantasy is the delusion, like any other lie/ that this can and will go on without consequences; the price simply goes up, the longer the lie survives. The current tragedy of lies is very long; people fighting for lies/ believing that lies can be sustained and the consequence of following liars, can be free/ IT IS NOT SO. Your leaders have lied endlessly to you, because they wanted life to be free; they wanted to play games, and pretend they could be gods/ they used people and all life for their toys, and have pretended this will not have consequences to them. But they are wrong, and your lives are in the balance; Between the relationships that sustain life/ and the realities that take your life away. People say: “I won’t believe anything bad will happen/ and they run away and hide in fear, or denial by any other means”. But like hiding in a burning house/ this will not save your life. People say: “let the children fend for themselves, I did/ and I won’t care about their future! But in a world of 7 billion people, where each takes and destroys nearly everything they can find; YOU have damaged this world to the point of its death/ playing with nature as if it were a toy, and you were gods. This lie, HAS damaged all possibilities the future can survive; thereby killing the children because that is what YOU chose to do. It takes no “great brain” to understand how much damage 7,000,000,000 can do/ each day, 365 days a year, every year; in a very finite world. “But your not involved”? Well lets review just a little: for the sake of fuel: the aquifers are being completely drained. To grow an abundance currently of corn; nitrogen losses have killed over 5,000 square miles of ocean environment, altered rivers, etc. These where incubators of ocean life/ and the ocean feeds about one in five. In america “Reagan paid the farmers not to grow food: in a time when the debts were massive/ he abandoned all intent to pay: and media loved him/ and sold: we don’t need to care, to the american people”. Secretly selling all gold reserves, “where do you think the gold came from? And not a word from the media about reality or the truth “this ain’t free”. But you know everything, don’t you; like a bottle fed baby/ you suck whatever the media gives; believing everything/ yet look at your world; and more importantly LOOK AT YOUR FUTURE. One hundred trillion dollars in debt, by 2007, and not a word from the media. They tell you federal debt/ but leave out personal, state, and every other debt. Well informed! Think for one minute clearly, and you will understand LIFE has changed/ or death has come; for the world itself, cannot survive this humanity, as it is. Choose better, or you will die soon. It is a fact of reality, so says the evidence that proves this will be so. Make a better decision/ understand your world. Choose life first!

The american people think of themselves as safe/ at least all the diploma’s think they are safe; got em fucked/ held in prison they got to pay us. “We made it a law, for us” TO HELL with them. Lots of people believe “this is america, and nothing bad happens here; hell we know everything/ got a free press and everything”. But alas, how little you really do know. Did you know, that the computer virus protection software “to protect you”/ is actually the most virulent method being used to learn, track, and document everything you do? Doesn’t register, cause its “a government thing”. Did you know that business owns the court? It must, how else can common young people become indebted for hundreds of thousands of dollars; just because they wanted to listen and share a song. Nothing about it speaks of justice/ strictly a matter of greed; done in court, to give it that “legal look”. Do you not recognize “billion dollar lawsuits/ and the lawyers take everything”; no justice there. Did you not see the Valdez oil spill in Alaska/ do you not know the people received little or nothing, even though it changed their lives; “just a government promise”, that none kept. “Wall street” disgracing us to the entire world, selling lies; yet not without the approval of government employees; stealing everything/ selling every business/ a government employee in charge of giving the nation away. Not to worry though, we have walmart; to export your jobs and bring you more debts instead of jobs. Microsoft one of the biggest monopolies in the nation for decades now/ and yet not one legal case against them that amounted to anything/ in fact not one case against a single corporation of any value in social worth or protection; because if a US attorney should try; they will get fired/ demoted/ or moved out. And lets not forget all the people who like exotics; bringing every problem around the world, here to america. Not to worry though, you got your pacifier; lets go make a few thousand miles more pretending “don’t care”. Too bad about friendship/ but after all if its money or a friend; well what can a friend buy you; nothing/ ain’t that right. All good though, “life is about the money: FOR US/ NOT them”. And lets not forget to sing the national anthem: “give me/ give me/ give me; throw it all away, burn it, trash it, use it and abuse it: and go get more/ ain’t that what credit is for! Ain’t that right, “good for the economy”/ ain’t that so?. Greed has you surrounded actually: can’t get a good job, unless someone goes into debt that will take the average student decades to dispense with; got them tied, chained, and enslaved/ cause there ain’t nothing you can do with this debt; not bankruptcy, nothing, till the end of your days or its paid; unless you leave the country: even then “they will be waiting”. And the diplomas control every access to “a good job”. Worship your pills? How few new drugs do not end in massive lawsuits; all greed from the lawyer/ just piracy in the court; but who cares. The reality, it is the patients who pay/ the drug companies who make the money (cause if they can make you believers quickly, “they sell millions”); and the “government employees that make it all possible”. But this is america isn’t it, where leaders always do what the people believe they do, and after all not one media journalist can find a single word to deny “its all good”. Conversation yes/ anything important or necessary for the nation no. Yet the world is threatened in countless ways/ we are at the edge of bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth: and they can’t find a word. “Well, IF you listen and complain; a little fear, a little paranoia, a little grandstanding; but no true substance: we GOT to be brave.” don’t we, after all, its just everything/ why wouldn’t we believe the university when they say “nothing can go wrong”. Hell, its just all life caught in fire; who cares, right! But, People don’t want to hear, isn’t that right? And it is absolutely true, they run away and hide at everything they don’t want to know, don’t want to hear, don’t want to believe: in reality: a nation of cowards. NOT because there is no courage here/ but because the university has them cowering and afraid: they got experts/ they talk better, hell can’t even understand what they are saying half the time/ AND THEY RIDICULE US. We cannot win/ and they control business, access, government, banking; absolutely everything/ manipulating us along the way/ tempting us through media/ and setting us up to fail with banking and the endless line of penalties and interest and slavery (still the same; forced/ not chosen). But lets look at history just a tiny bit. Understanding for the sake of this world, that the common american has almost nothing to do with any of it/ they just want to survive. And they compete hard, not to be left behind, and ridiculed as “loser”. Bad choices, but when you live in a monarchy of people in university who believe they own you/ and do; “What you going to do?
America only does good? Ask the people on the Marshal islands; the US told them “just a little explosion” to test the effects of a nuclear bomb on ships. But alas it was 5 times larger explosion than expected/ an island ravaged and nearly destroyed. Or there is the pacific island where the US talked all the people there into moving “cause it needed the island to keep a third world war from happening” dropped a nuclear bomb; just to see if it could be completely destroyed. Couldn’t/ but the islanders lost everything, and are huddled in squaller with no place to go/ no work to do; “Nearly destroyed them as collateral damage”. Then there is Nagasaki; dropped one on Hiroshima/ two days later the second arrived: sacred they might surrender. That bomb being completely equivalent to pearl harbor; BUT MORE. “The americans worse/ because they just wanted to see it explode”. Then there is the constant disgrace of turning the world’s people against each other, by selecting one person, “to be owner”/ bribing, tempting, flattering, lying, manipulating, teasing; whatever works”; so that they can surrender their part of the world/ and america can ransack/ rape/ destroy/ and consume resources belonging to this world. The american people believe they give away everything “practically”; but in reality, it is very little indeed. You are leaders of this world for real: you led them to weapons of mass destruction; with constant threats. You led them to consumption/ before you took it all. You led them to antibiotic feeds; creating the perfect environment to build a pandemic. You led them to factory farms where the end of antibiotics that work; will become the end of livestock, as you have no alternative that will sustain you. You led them to factory ships; “going to get EVERY DAMN FISH”; leave nothing. You led them to poison everywhere, and the pollinators are dying; which means no flowers, fruits or vegetables You led them to a throw away society; and a million square miles of ocean proves what you did. You led them to ignorance, and blind apathy suggesting “trillions to one odds, to gain just one tiny micro organism of life/ infinite or incalculable odds “your mud-puddle organism” survived: what did it eat/ how did it reproduce/ etc. A bit like saying dust built your cars is it not; “I know, a wind storm came along, and then it blew into a volcano; and presto out came a baby car” that’s all it took. Idiot.
In summary, the american people do work hard/ “got to get me some/ don’t want to be no damn loser”. They believe whatever they are told, cause after all: if you don’t/ then you have to change something; cause its wrong. And then we can’t all “GET RICH”/ and have everything. Even though there are no rich/ unless there are many poor to be their slaves. Rich simply means: somebody else has to do the work; ain’t that right. Somebody else can’t have something the rich man has? Ain’t that right. But its all good, cause after all “you got healthcare” don’t you? Hell yeah. Well except for that nagging reality of 52 trillion dollars debt in social services due to medicare and social security. The 5 trillion dollars spent on healthcare every year= $100,000.00 per each and every worker. Or more simply; you been playing with fantasy money/ and the game is all but over. The USA boasted 14 trillion dollar economy; but guess what, “its all a pyramid scheme”/ selling lies, cheating people, hiding the truth, and selling the nation behind your backs. But WHO CARES? Certainly not the media; its all about “bad common people” that’s what people want to hear/ not things they cannot control. Not things like, THE LAW controls us all; even the employees of government. Isn’t that right? Take any employee you like/ and understand: this is NOT the government! This is an employee not only bound by the same laws as you/ but given the added duty to prove they are entitled to do whatever it is they do, according to the function, the foundation, and the fundamentals of the constitution of the USA; and its supporting documents. Not even the congress is allowed to subordinate the constitution/ nor is a courtroom, not one/ nor a president: the constitution IS THE LAW, of this USA. Remember that, and you will learn something of value.

While it is true, the influences of this USA have also had some benefits to this world; the broad effect is failure. You have accomplished nothing for the future/ nothing for the world as a whole/ nothing of importance against terrorism/ nothing for world peace or happiness. Instead, by your example the world has invaded every food stock/ every life on the planet; and been mutilating nature with millions of hands. Now of course, we get to the main event in so many, many things. Got the people believing “bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth is a good thing”. Can’t put it out/ everything is fuel, even rocks; but who cares; certainly not the media. The fundamental at work in the national ignition facility (nif) is simple: control the atomic environment with energy, so that the energy of that atomic environment is completely contained. And with enough force, it must turn onto itself, changing in composition until it is something different entirely. In the case of NIF; that change will be fusion, the burning of atomic bonds: for every action there will be an equal opposite reaction. OR if the energy within the atomic environment can be turned onto itself, and reversed in form: it will then become a black hole: because that is what happens as an exploding star focusing energy into the center of itself. If the energy is too great/ and there is no escape, it must then turn and move in a manner that the external forces require; becoming a black hole. And of course the university all say: what a great idea. What could go wrong: its just the sun here on earth/ or “its just a tiny black hole”; How much could a thousand times the electrical energy used in the USA directed onto a pin head actually do to an atomic environment anyway. Its not like there are “engineering disasters”/ HELL NO, not here, in america where every idiot can get a diploma/ and every fool will report it as “great”. Your water is under attack for fuel. Your oxygen is under attack by fire. Everything nature is under attack in countless ways. Your law is under attack, as your leaders choose not to obey. Your money is dead, whether you like it or not/ you owe roughly one hundred and twenty trillion dollars by this time; “But for ease, lets just say a half a million dollars per each and every citizen. Demand an accounting/ and put their lives on the line: dead men or women: if they lie! Scared? You should be/ as should all liars and thieves. “Sheep to the slaughter” but who cares? Right. Oh I know, “your going to make the blood run like rivers”/ aren’t you, got guns and ammo and everything; ain’t that right. Indeed it is, rivers of blood an all. But again let do math: 7 billion people in this world against you/ HELL, better buy more ammo. Kill a billion people/ just 6 billion more to go! Who cares, right. The world of yesterday has disappeared in the tragedy of your decisions. The world of today is: either there will be true change, OR very soon: YOU WILL KNOW, that you are the living dead/ with coffins built, and nowhere to hide. WHILE I DO, “try to be nurturing, and not make you fear anything” the reality is: without change there is nothing you can do to survive here on this earth. Consequently I do return to the reality of this day, to remind you: the games are over, and you literally must grow up. Life or death confronts you/ I do not.
Although there is absolutely nothing about your reality; that my life is required to decide. The story is about you/ about women, and what they are going to do as leaders of all life on earth; COMBINED AS ONE leader; to depict and define and declare truth and reality/ and direction. The spiritual woman who lives “with my world”; has written I am a sign to you. You would not understand. But do understand this: there are 3 billion females in this world, and I do NOT “choose it for myself”. The possibilities are beyond anything I care to consider; the reality as simple as “not my choice”. My reality and truth, are already so different, it is impossible to say no; even if that were a choice/ it is still not my choice: Because this is life or death for a world, nothing else truly matters. “A mother” does what she does, because the child dies if she does not; is that not so. Told to you, because as I become more visible; hate will notice too. Either women will choose “to save me for themselves”/ or I will be lost to torture and death. One or the other will happen, and there is nothing I can do about that either. Women will decide. Just how it is/ not a desire, a simple fact that hate exists to control you; and I exist to help you change that and survive. WOMEN will change this world, because this is the best men did do/ and they chose to steal, lie, threaten, abuse, destroy, and build weapons of mass destruction. They have chosen to cheat each other/ and proven they cannot trust each other. They have grown to hate each other, and millions if not billions stand ready: TO KILL ANYONE, who gets in their way. The bomb is set, it just needs the fuse to be lit. This is life or death for a world; because nature is dying, the entire world is threatened: and you will care. The only question is, whether too late or not.
You have failed your money; being led to believe “it’s a number”. Its not! Money is time, effort, and the reality of a life lived for someone else/ with the resources required to do that work; the number is irrelevant/ but the life is not; neither is slavery, where a few get everything, and the rest lose everything. You teach hate, and will get your reward/ in full measure; without understanding “the I”, has died/ today we must be “us” as the humanity of this earth. Work must be shared, the future must now be earned or you die. Choices must be true, or you fail.

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