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Thursday, 20 August 2009

The elemental knowledge of life

is an understanding created by the facts that do exist, thereby declaring from reality, that this is our existence/ and these are the directions that prophecy how and what we are to become.
The relationship we share as life, is a joint venture through time capable of describing, destroying, enlightening, honoring, or being the end that humanity did choose for itself.  As human beings, this world has been ravaged by humanity; led there by the arrogance and pride that refuses honor or respect for life. Discounts and seeks to destroy with violence, our world of life through the destruction of genetic disciplines, (nature itself)/ the experimentations of energies that cannot be controlled; with absolutely no purpose but conversation; blind/ dumb/ foolish/ and stupid;   all seeking failure for a world, bound together with mass media constantly searching for complete submission by all humanity.  The elemental creation of slavery, the force of money, tied to the inevitable collapse of governments because they have proven to be liars, thieves, and failures without the possibility of improvement.  You cannot steal the lives of millions/ construct death and evil for billions;    And walk away unscathed. It will not happen. This world is very much like pearl harbor December 7, 1941;   when everyone in Hawaii, and America had no clue, their lives, even their individual worlds were about to change.  This time in history is the same, there are murderers that have made plans, their machines are prepared and ready, the decisions have all been made; only the moment awaits, to take away whatever they want from you.  But unlike world war two, this  surprise “holds  consequences”   that cannot be changed back to the way life used to be.  As is true of history, it is humanity competing with humanity over who gets to be superior/ who gets to be the “boss”;   because we all cannot have everything, and someone gets to lose.  The difference here is, a critical war will end life on earth, instead of simple revenge on all sides/ it will be extermination.  Our resources are attacked at every level/ our environment/ our oxygen/ our ecology/ our ocean/ our food/ our nature/ our lives with weapons of mass destruction/ our economies;   our everything is under attack, because past the point of no return, which means nature cannot recover sufficiently or in time to keep us and it alive:   there is only death left.   That day does not come with “ a clear life is over”/ that day precedes the reality, all evidence now proves life is over.  The difference is you must use your mind to understand the consequence of your truth, to see this in advance of every person accepting it is true.  The difference is, “a surprise catastrophe”/ or a reality of acceptance that we must change; life is too important to gamble, and destroy.

In the simple sense, that I have become “a mother” to you/ like it or not, either side.  The reality is suddenly impressed upon me, that this is a never ending job/ a consequence of life that cannot be avoided, because the price is too high to surrender.  It is necessary, that you survive; therefore it is necessary, that I support and defend those who cannot yet do so for themselves.  While there are many who do deserve hell and Armageddon/ the majority do not;   but unless you will defend this world, “the devils” will destroy you too. This is a consequence, because the evil of people who have chosen to destroy this world; they gamble endlessly with nature, the only life, body, and mind we have. They gamble with our food, our world, our environment; literally everything we need, and everything we hope to have.  These “scientists/ witch doctors” have chosen to lead all life into complete collapse of everything:  can you name anything that men have invaded and not caused the destruction of.  Take your money, men chose to be liars and thieves, chose to sell your future to hate, chose to strip this world in endless greed, chose money over life endlessly.  And chose to end life on earth, because they are so very proud the leaders all refuse to protect life or nation; because it would cost them their pride and power and selfishness. The university and politician have proven fantasy is more important than life, or truth, or honor, or duty, or respect!  All important discussions   necessary for life; has been given control to your mass media, the “expert” has taken control over your universities and government; and will not surrender, because it means their wants will end.  Temptation, manipulation, extortion, theft, power, pride, and control will end:   when the expert has lost its worshipers.   The price of their own decisions must then be paid for by themselves/ no more slaves. Instead of kings and queens, they will be equal or less.  And they refuse/ selling you to death instead;   because they believe “we know everything important”.  Even though reality proves they know nothing of importance or refuse to obey its truth.   Instead of the expectations of luxury and wealth/ there will be poverty and reality.  But instead of assassinating this world by choosing truth, thereby not bringing it down into HELL AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos);   these changes mean life, and a new world order that cannot be defeated by greed, power, or pride.  That is the choice/   but it is a choice of life or death for this world, not just a different experience in time.  There is a price, for choosing wrong personally this time;   life or death for a world, does not allow any excuses;   every single one over the age of twelve, is intimately involved in the outcome, in the reality of whether this earth will be exterminated by the choices men and their leaders have made.  There is no place to run/ there is no place to hide/ there is no purpose in fear, as to fail is to be;  the essence of horror, and the creation of terrors that cannot even be imagined.   Fear failure, not men. Fear survival, if this world goes to extermination, cannibalism, and horrors you will see, but even then refuse to believe this is possible.  The purpose of a trial, as is here on this site, as US supreme court docketed case “08-1339"   IS TO PROVE these statements of true and real threats to our very existence is real, or not/ or to what degree; as best we can.  The litigants and this court prove arrogance is far more important/ and they deny the law, and destroy due process as is guaranteed to each and every citizen.   But the law, is as strong as the people who enforce it with honesty and grace/ with critical respect for the purposes of justice and truth;   and trial will come, if the people choose this to be.

Regardless of that, the simple truths that leads lives back to reality; that become the understanding of decisions that literally do choose the direction, the destiny, and the purposes of a human life in this day are all necessary;   so that an opportunity to do better shall indeed exist/ so that possibility of change removes any and all excuses; even if you do not choose that change.   The truth of whether you choose life or death as humanity on earth is then, clearly set before you. IS DISTINCTLY YOUR CHOICE.

I too have made choices that distinctly changed my life; they are real/ but they also serve a purpose.  Controversy “stirs the pot”/ gossip lubricates the tongue/ an attack on pride proves there is anger inside/ a reality of power revealed, conceives of fear and directs your attention to those who have sought your life/ the endless worshiping of false and ridiculous idols, is defined by stupidity/ and the reality that you and your leaders are wrong, comprehends the consequence of what then is truth, and where shall our futures reside.    Each of these were a decision to confront you, without war/ however the choice I have made is now a decision to confront me instead:  with the honesty of what you need/ rather than my need to demand “ stop killing this world”.   The consequence is:   rather than war, all must understand/ rather than want, the honesty of wisdom must be recognized within the decisions that are true.

Controversy is not a manipulation, when related to a life or death question/ it searches for what is hidden inside.  Gossip is not a temptation, when the reality is designed strictly around me/ its my life, and I will use it as I wish.  As television and other forms of fantasy have arisen, the expert has taken over/ and human life regulated to “you don’t matter anymore”;   pride says I do/ anger says, “stop killing me”. But it is the pride that gives fantasy its power over you, as want is conceived to be more useful than truth or reality.  Anger is necessary, and used to crush fantasy, because unless you recognize truth;   want will continue to rule your lives.  The assumptions of power are, “I deserve this/ I earned it/ I took it/ ITS MINE”; and none give it up, because its what they do want.  The price to keep it however, is a surprise over the others so they cannot gain a footing and defeat that power. That surprise is: words and flattery and temptations or manipulations or extortion/ that surprise is changing the rules, or consuming the courts, or infiltrating governments, militaries, or universities; wherever the power exists;   WITH LIES.  That surprise is presenting machines or experiments that “they can’t do”/ while using lies, manipulations, flatteries or fear to conceive of whatever the people are willing to hear, “its all for you”;   even though history proves the only thing “the people” are going to get is violated and raped.  And of course there are the religious;  making certain that belief can be “whatever you like it to be”.  Reality does not matter; as is the case of evolution:   “Built it ourselves”/ and a few words and pictures built idols even the brain dead should have been able to defeat.  How do you arise from nothing, to organization, DISCIPLINE, environment, thought, reproduction, factories to build bodies, utilities to remove waste, transportation equipment to move life, tools, sight, sound, speech, smell, sex, and so much more;   by an accident.  How do you keep this accident from killing itself/ where is the reproduction/ how do you go from “a mud-puddle”, to legs and joints and tendons to hold it together, muscles to move it attachments to keep it all together, bones and blood and heart and livers and more;   “Without even a mind”.  Yet this mass of dysentery has infiltrated every university, religion, government, and institution;   building on the lies “we created ourselves”/ to support we can be gods, “its easy”.  Your leaders, your lives are playing games; “its all about what we want/ we can consume anything/ let the world die, cause that way we won’t have to pay for everything we stole.”  Keep them underfoot, keep them quiet, keep them in fantasy so reality cannot disturb our selfishness and blind stupidity.  Fight with experts, “who can defeat them”/ the army of the foolish (university) will not be defeated;   so say your leaders.
But let us review: the university wants to please, otherwise the people will abandon them/ so they make promises, “whatever you want to hear, whatever you want to be; that is what we will do for you; in plain sight/ BUT behind closed doors, everything is about the money, everything is about power, pride, selfishness, hate, and the intent to learn how best can these be manipulated and enslaved.”  Slavery is not simply chains/ slavery is life without a choice, without a chance for the freedoms common for the others; it is time taken, efforts required, because the threat of death or worse is great.  When your life is held together by pennies/ while others are receiving billions; the relationship is completely unfair. Slave.
Even so; promises made by the university must have the games applied to keep them from understanding this is death or a scam.  The games must appear real, the reality of talk must be convincing; therefore mind control is constant and the media are used as the tool.  Pay attention, what is truly useful in the messages received from media or government?  Not much.  But in contrast to that: who or what is not attacked, if they do try to inform and enlighten by everyone demanding “look at me”: commonly a fight for nothing, a blatant arising of fools and failure.  So whose fault, is a world at the edge of collapse?  The answer is primarily GREED, the demand more simply understood: “I want yours too”.  With greed, everyone is a predator or prey.  With greed, life is a game, and reality is a trophy used to pretend “how great I am/ and how pitiful are these others, I MUST be a god”.   These things breed hate, and all hate breeds violence and the dissolution of peace among life.  Therefore it is greed that is a primary enemy/ it is university that confronts us with manipulation, extortions, and pride/ it is government employees, that fail to accept the price of what they chose is an endless series of whining, crying, and I don’t want to honor my duty or accept the price that must be paid.
Restructuring society requires patience, but it also requires the honesty to construct legitimate means for identifying truth, and enforcing: YOU SHALL NOT gamble with our lives/ nor shall you force us into slavery;   WE WILL DECIDE, for ourselves.  Therein the truth of a real democracy:   WE, will vote on the important issues of this day ourselves/ and abandon the idiocy of voting for someone else to vote for me; on the law, the money, and the reality of life that we do seek for ourselves, our nation, or our world.
You should understand, as a man, my patience has worn out with you/ however within the restructuring of my life “toward a relationship with female, even as the possibility as the essence of female”; that time has allowed the possibilities of changing for your benefit.   The elemental struggle required of human life today, particularly in america is:   YOU MUST understand your situation as real/ YOU MUST ACCEPT WHAT IS TRUE SHALL LEAD YOUR LIVES, and reestablish your reality: within a reality itself, that is needed for life; fantasy is dead.  Fail to do this, and you will die.  Because that is what the evidence says; and lies will not save you/ fantasy will not give you one second of mercy when life and nature collapses at your feet.
The value of communication is determined by what you choose to communicate.  Remember that, and if you are a noisy, blatant, piece of hate or stupidity; then shut the fuck up.
The need for communication is real.  The reality of communication is VERY SIMPLE:   it is NOT, “he said/ she said, that is worthless shit.  Rather the accumulation of information that identifies, examines, and creates an understanding among all the people, so that they then can make an informed decision for themselves, is the function of REAL news.  Every examination of reality includes what is valid and true as an argument for or against.  Every investigation includes, what is true today/ what we believe is true for tomorrow/ and the reality of who will pay. IT AIN’T going to be “the children: ha, ha”;    anymore.   THEREFORE THE RULES ARE THESE.
1.  “I am, I am, I am” is a worthless piece of shit!   Stick to reality is this, and truth as applied to this situation is that; here is the evidence.

2.   “I believe, I believe, I believe” is your personal opinion/ and I don’t care.  Shut up, and understand this communication is about life or death or peace for this world, it is NOT about what you want or believe.  This communication is for all of us/ not just you.  Believe instead in the evidence that if fundamentally true.  The law that is trustworthy and real.
3.  “I might die/ I am afraid/ I hate you for this”, is irrelevant.  Because life is about life, not just about you, and what is best for the whole must be chosen/ not what is best for you.  All of us, or you:   YOU lose!   Consequently the choices to be made are not personal, they are for life only.  What is personal to you, is not different than the reality of us; but what is justice for all is.  REMEMBER THIS:   when time ends, eternity begins, therefore time is itself irrelevant/ literally worthless except for the possibilities of choosing what eternity will then multiply.
4.  “I want, I want, I want”, is a bastard or bitch phrase;   without the slightest concern for honor, duty, discipline, or desire in friendship for life, hope, or love.  I want, is selfishness leaking out of a disreputable sewer.  What is real, what is true, what is needed, what is life or death or a future that will survive for the majority, for life;  are the only topics that will be discussed.
5.  “I don’t want/ I won’t change myself/ I refuse reality” are all topics of an idiot.  REALITY DECIDES WHAT IS FAIR/ TRUTH DECIDES THE ESSENCE OF WHO YOU ARE; the combination of both asserts:   you will live or die, because of these choices you have made.
6.  “The critical reality of truth proclaims: THERE ARE CHOICES TO BE MADE, for peace, justice, and life”.  These are not whims or wants or greed, nor do they allow for consumption, stupidity, gambling, or the refusal to respect your children and their needs for the future.  You WILL CHOOSE RESPECT!   Or you will dig your graves.
7. “The critical needs of reality, WILL BE DEALT WITH HONESTLY”, or you will end your lives in a sewer/ cannibalizing all that exists.   MAKE YOUR DECISION.  And understand what you don’t know can hurt or kill you.  As is the case of the national ignition facility (nif).
8.  “The elemental honesty of sexual existence will find honor and discipline in you/ because this is a human need that cannot be discarded to failure.”  Therefore the foundations for a new relationship between men and women must be formed in respect, but understood on the grounds we are equal.  Critically aligned with what women desire, because men have chosen extermination for this world/ are they not leaders; THEREFORE it is “a woman’s turn”.   As to religion, particularly Christianity;  in your own bible JESUS it is written slept in a tent with 7 women every night, none of whom “were legally married to him”/ surrounded by his disciples, who did become jealous.  The rules will change/ how is up to women, not men or religion:  in other words, your argument is ruined, your bible mute in this matter as your leader chose this path.  But understand clearly as is heard by the latest statistics: “black-skinned people (these lead, but other groups, have growing problems too)  have encountered an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, so the report says: one out of two, between the ages of 18-34; with an STD.”  You cannot simply fuck yourselves to death, without consequences.  Wake up, but do not assume the bible is worthless as “Noah’s flood” has been proven true: by the reality of oil and coal/ WHICH HAD TO BE BURIED all at the same time, and then covered.  Which are buried so deep in places, with such abundance; that there literally is no other explanation.
9. “The elemental choice of a new direction” is not so simple as listening to one side of anything.  Hybrid vehicles are a case in point; whereas the initial savings in gas assume a lifetime/ the reality is, batteries must be replaced.  There are costs involved/ environmental realities involved/ resources lost, polluted, etc that must be considered in the overall effectiveness of an “so called solution”;   just looking at gas mileage without understanding “the package deal”:   is wrong.  Understand the entire process before making commitments you are expected to pay for.  Such is the case with healthcare in america today: whereas people are screaming “this is the best”/ BUT IN REALITY, you have not paid for your health care for decades.  “Its all free, if you need it/ let the government pay”.  You are the government, and the lies/ the stealing/ the extortion/ the failure/ the stupidity/ the excess: and the reality all now demand NO MORE LIES.  You will pay, by a percentage of wealth and or income; because that is the only fair way.  Your health not worth that price? Then die.

 Fundamentally this is: no more private practice.  A set office visit cost, decided by the public. Followed by a percentage of income or wealth according to the disease: collected by “governmental authority” and redistributed according to the decisions made by the entire healthcare industry; one vote/ one person. “We all matter”.  Beyond that, the “government” provides “the hospital and tools/ specialties shall travel, realities shall decide.  Instead of thousands of dollars to decide “to take a pill, in diagnosis”/ you will just take the pill, and then determine if it worked. The door to medical educations shall OPEN WIDE, with every school teaching medical information and realities particularly associated with emergency.  The “government” provides all funding for medical training/ BUT NO MORE 30 years of schooling.  REALITY SAYS: what is actually used in life, is learned in months and not more than 2 years.  BE SPECIFIC, and use computer programs as a participant in all diagnosis.   People die, ITS GOOD FOR THE LIVING!  It gives us all, a life to live; for a time.  Don’t like euthanasia/ then push them into the cold for a few hours; its quiet and simple, nature does the rest! This is NOT a judgment/ this IS a reality of life; and a decision YOU will make, because “someone has to pay/ no more lies; no more saying let the children, or pay later”. Reality will return/ or you lose everything.    CHILDREN SHALL HAVE FREE CARE, until the age of 18.  As to the rest, NOTHING IS FREE/ if you don’t pay, someone else must; or it’s a lie!  For the “scared to death”/ YOU can buy insurance to cover costs above the line determined by all of society:   THIS is all we can or will do; your time to die has come. Nature is correct/ reality will decide.  But if there is insurance/ then that insurance will be an additional percentage of wealth and income;   same for all: you will not give “the rich man or woman” a break.  Same percentage for all.  Let no one tell you, the cost of healthcare “ is determined by price”.  It is not, the cost of all resources is determined by those who control and restrict these things.  Money is strictly a human decision and tool/ no resource says to you:   you cannot unless you pay.  Money is about men, and their greed/ decisions/ and failure.  Thereby “the money” is either fair and justified/ OR it is greed and selfishness, working to contain and control people with power, and their pride.
BUT UNDERSTAND THIS: doctors are not gods, they make endless mistakes/ which you never hear about. They, as in all categories of human work are greedy; and an hour of their work today, can be equivalent to a new car tomorrow for them is a blatant and real incentive “to cut off your breast/ your arm/ your joints” whatever it is.  These things are certain to be happening;   because there are people whom we know can and will do it.  UNTIL you get real information about doctors and hospitals.  UNTIL reality is about the patient and NOT about the money; there will never be a time when trust can be applied.  Can’t happen here?  I am told insulin used to be about two dollars/ today it sells for about one hundred dollars.  Same stuff/ same methods of manufacture; “its just greed/ because they can;   because you need it, and must pay or die. An extortion like any other/ like any organized crime”.  Think for a change. Think as well, that assumptions “they wouldn’t do that/ or they know better/ or they would only use truth to decide” are utter fabrications of fantasy and delusion.  Your scientists/ your university covets and worships “your delusion that they are gods”; and they commonly throw away truth and evidence for lies.   Such is the case: in their claims of a sun which burns from the inside out/ when in fact a supernova explosion proves exactly the opposite without doubt.  An exploding sun undergoes massive expansion prior to complete exhaustion of energy:   massive expansion MEANS, something inside the star is expanding because of the sudden intrusion of heat.  That means for expansion to occur, the inside must be much cooler, than the surface: or it could not expand.

10.  The balance of power is determined by law, or by force and ignorance of the law/ or the opportunity to use the law in favor of society.  The balance of power in america is determined by greed, the power of wealth/ because the people all said: “I WANT, to be rich”.  Therefore they looked the other way, while their lives were sold into poverty, and they gambled this nation away for trinkets and play. Today all the evidence points toward the end of freedom, liberty, and a life that you can choose for yourself;   because the money will force you to comply/ until the hate being raised, forces america to accept the price of pride which is revenge.  The “stimulus” is in fact giving money away, as the numbers called dollars to the wealthy; “so they can employ you”.  The wealthy will use these numbers; by the end of 2010 or so;   roughly $240,000.00 of new numbers per worker in the USA.  Held by banks primarily, which can then multiply by ten, these “gifts of your labor and debt” to them:   to be used against you.  HOW will you compete to buy anything, when “the rich” have 2.5 million new numbers just given to them to use however they wish.  WHAT CAN YOU BUY, against those holding these numbers against you?  Why will they employ you/ when clearly you will be hating them?  This type of avalanche in complete INJUSTICE;   will succeed in stealing the nation.  Your own failure in refusing reality and truth;   brings this moment to your lives.  A failed state, a failed nation, and a dying world:   because “your leaders” want everything, and refuse to pay for anything.  Let the slaves do it.  Let the immigrant if they refuse.
11.  The social experiment that is “big is always better”/ has proven to be a lie.  Big just means: like worms hiding in a vast container of food; they get to ruin much more.  Diversity is the honesty of a protected world, a protected life:   because one single incident does not cause the entire system to collapse.  It does not give, the power to a few/ to control the lives of multitudes or nations.  Diversity in plant life by natural means establishes the opportunity to survive/ while a structured “we want this” plant life means:   one single disease, and you are wiped out, “the living dead”/ because disease or mutilation or sudden and severe allergies, or loss of anything leaves you without everything.  It is absolute failure, to assume “we will be a machine too”.  Tampering with nature, altering the food base when your knowledge is equivalent to a worm; is beyond stupid/ you are satan, “destroyer of worlds”.  STOP or receive your reward.
12.  It is my need to treat you as children/ since you covet only play and delusion, since you choose want and consumption over life:   you are not my equal, because you sell life to tragedy, assassination, and failure.   GROW UP AND BE MY EQUAL, because unless you do, life on earth will end.  As a mother, I must remind you, life is a blessing and a responsibility to yourself, to all life, and to each other.  As a mother, I must remind you:   that if you continue to fail, there will be death and no mercy because that is what you chose to do.  As a mother, I choose to care and to share the things important to your life/ because you are a creation of    GOD.   A possibility of love, as created by the story of    JESUS   himself/ wherein honor, duty, responsibility, self sacrifice because it was needed, and all the things that are love and life in peace, hope, and truth were given as a chance to change in you.  Not a religious man or woman; I believe in truth, not rules; and this is a story accepted as true, in the reasonable assertion, “not too corrupted by time”.  Your ability to love is real.  Your heart beating, presents your life with the opportunity to understand, “this, is a miracle/ and I must respect it”.  Your soul given the possibilities of all 7 signs of life: love, respect, truth, trust, caring, sharing, and hope/   presents your decision to ask for a relationship with   GOD   .  What is more important than that?
It ain’t money.  Either get over this stupidity, and choose life first, or die.  So says the man in me/ but the woman says: love will find a way, if you are honest enough to do your best; life will wait for women to lead us all, to a new and better existence, here on earth, through justice, equality, and hope.  Want to point a finger at “who done all this damage to this nation”?   Look no further than the diploma;   want to know why?  Then look no further than the Vietnam war:   where the children of reality went to war “cause they believed in their government/ got to do it, it’s a duty”/ and the children of fantasy complained and yelled and said “we are the courageous ones”;   until one or two died; and then all went hiding/ all colleges went silent.  Because they had no courage, and refused the concept of duty.   That reality as a war was a lie (you cannot just believe, TRUTH matters)/ that reality as “courage on campus” was a lie;   and these are the people who lead you.  Find your courage, and search for reality through truth!  Dumbass.
The foundations of change are in me too, but it is a struggle everyday.  My decision has not changed, life on earth is worth the price/ but reality must be shown, there is no other way.  Simply understanding is not enough, time requires evidence.  That evidence for me, is a humanity that reveals:   we too, have made the decision to change/ or at least, we the people are listening to our own needs, our own reality and truth.  That this decision of yours, is real and not just another fantasy of fools.  Child is the term for those who cannot fully understand the decisions that they make.  Therefore reality is the complete understanding, that truth applies by the evidence, and the law: for every action, there will be a consequence.  For every reaction in time, there has been a decision that preceded it.  The reality of unequal, is as simple as: you choose to gamble with all life on earth/ I find this reprehensible “at a minimum”.  Mother is a term requiring the decision: I must not choose less, or this child will die, or fail.
This is part of
CHOOSE LIFE, don’t just fall into death.                  
That is my prayer for you, in this day.
James Frank Osterbur

So that none can say, he would change his mind; if he looked at death today/ regarding “its time to die”.  I AM aware that I too am getting older/ that time will run out, and this body or mind;  ends this life in time.  BUT I am also aware, that eternity follows, whatever you believe that to be; IT WILL BE, for an eternity.  Therefore what happens in eternity is all that truly matters; fear will not change that “for the better”.  I CHOOSE not to kill the children, for the absolute selfishness and blatant evil, “of another day for me”. 
As to issues related to torture as a viable and real method of interrogation:   the reality is, WHERE people threaten millions/ just because they can.  Then this small group of assassins, will be treated “just because we can”/ in whatever way is productive to the end result/ NO you shall not. 

the government response is here now: the price for fighting for your lives according to the federal government is an interest payment of $2075.10.  We will go to tax court instead. As sent: 
dated:    08-16-09
This is a declaration of intent, to file in tax court/ contesting not only the interest, that is charged to me; but since you have no honor or respect for the validity of my claim “it is the court, that delayed payment/ it is the court that must pay all service charge and penalty; as I could not pay until that matter was decided.  And it is they who chose the starting date, and the length of time involved in this process of being stripped of my guaranteed by America:   human rights.
Because you were not satisfied with the amount considered “tax owed”/ I am no longer satisfied, with the tax as it exists.  And seek with clarity, the foundations which clearly explain, examine, investigate, and “bring to light” all the trash and garbage the governmental employees bring upon this nation and world.   Consequently I require, the address and name of the closest tax court available to me/ where this process of demanding truth, identifying the reality of due process and failure by government employees shall be challenged:   TO OBEY THE LAW.  As such, you are invited to provide your claim to the law that you must serve in penalizing me with interest/ and I will provide you with constitutional law instead.
Initiating this response, for the sake of brevity and respect to the reader/ as this is intended for public consumption.  I do, provide you with insight as to how this trial will go. 
The american government warrantees my right to due process as unequivocal; meaning there is no other recourse but to provide the law, as written and guaranteed by the constitution.  There is NO LAW, that supercedes the constitution of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Therefore any congressional dictation or innuendo is mute in contrast or confrontation to the law that is superior and controls.  My right to due process/ my right to be informed of the law, whereas I might fight for my presence within a courtroom of law in defense of this nation/ was trashed, disgraced, and defiled  by the very people assigned to protect and defend us all.  That case being the purpose for this delay in tax payment/ that case being docketed as *08-1339 within the US supreme court.  The law was delivered by me/ the question before the court, created before the named litigants as their job to protect was: WILL YOU OBEY THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES?  Their answer was NO.  Their right to discard, does not exist.  Their right to deny the first amendment to this nations constitution is anarchy and defiance of both the law, and this people.  Your attempt to collect interest or penalty/ or now in reality any tax at all for this year is thereby mute:   as you and the employees of which you are part, DID NOT do their duty, and rejected the nation, as well as me.  Due process not only denied by graft and corruption/ but used to extort and establish the treason of pretending “you did not sell us all, to the enemy of law”.  The law did not fail, the law proved invincible.  It is the employees of government who proved to be traitors, to the people.  As redress is about us all/ not just me.

It is again necessary to remind you: as employee of the government of this united states:   OUR GOVERNMENT IS, OUR AGREEMENT AS PEOPLE, THIS IS OUR LAW, AND THIS IS WHAT WE WILL DO FOR EACH OTHER!  That you are merely people employed to do a job for which we pay you.  You are not free to declare, change, disrupt, confiscate, or excuse yourselves from the law.  THE LAW IS OURS, it is not yours/ IT IS NOT “THE COURTS”;   BECAUSE THIS IS OUR NATION AS WE THE PEOPLE.  It is not your nation as thieves who believe they can change what we own, into anything else than what we have agreed to.  THIS IS OUR NATION/ you are the employee!  By oath, the principles are demanded to agree, “they will defend the constitution and the people”.  As a reality these leaders did neither, but chose treason instead.  Treason is the intent to subvert and destroy the sanctity of the whole/ thereby making all more vulnerable to an enemy;   to those who defeat the law, by hiding their actions from view. 
For this, I am taxed and penalized.  It shall not be, without a fight.
The elemental demands for all employee of government is as written within the declaration of independence: .... that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed....  In other words, if WE THE PEOPLE do not consent to being governed without fair and equal representation, as is the purpose of the first amendment redress of grievances: THEN WE THE PEOPLE need not pay the tax, that holds our lives under despotism and the failure of leaders or courts.   Such is the demand to be heard within a courtroom of law.  Whereas the law says:   I AM ENTITLED TO DUE PROCESS, and the court shall again declare to its leadership:   whether it is duty and honor they will obey according to the law.  Or follow in the steps of treason as is already proven by the US supreme court.  A “just power”/ is attained through the law, in obedience to the law/ as a distinct respect to the guaranteed rights of the people of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   And this case, as created and defined by the taxes withheld from the year 2005; DO represent that case just as much as do I.  Because without the money withheld, the court would have simply ignored my right to be heard.  It is the money the court worships/ it is the law, they chose to absolve in order to keep the money; and hide the stealing and lies. 
The question of law further identifies: that in matters of money, there is no political question to be dealt with.  Either the money is owed/ or the money is not owed or to what extent that may be said in accordance with the delivery of services or goods.   YOU the employees of government, provided no such service/ no acceptance of the value called law to this society;   YOU STOLE IT FROM ME.   Which makes your claim to be worthy of collecting anything mute and without substance. You protected nothing, not money, not credit, not healthcare, not resources, not environment, not the nation or the law or the future;   literally nothing, but greed and pride and power.
The bill of rights stands to protect the people from oppression.  There is no greater oppression, than to corrupt and destroy the law/ to pretend that the law has changed, and the people are now enslaved by the methods of an intoxicated leadership.  Power is not to be held over this people.  Pride is an enemy of law, liberty, and freedom. The first amendment presents a right of the people/ the guarantee provided by the preamble to the US constitution, establishes what we expect from our employees/ the words of the declaration of independence clearly state , what this nation and its people fought and died for/ and the bill of rights is fundamentally clear about the powers and positions that are fair and legitimate for any and all who would be our leaders.    NONE OF THAT, was upheld by the US supreme court/ or named litigants in the trial presented there 08-1339:   EXCEPT FOR ME.  
You expect me to pay for that/ NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT.  TAKE ME TO COURT.  As is my right under the constitutional amendment 7:    It is a matter of money, it is a controversy defined by:   your breach of contract against me, is a legal denial of my guaranteed right to due process. Your threat to extort or hence steal the money implied by a contract you did not keep: is against the law. My contract with this government is:   YOU SHALL OBEY THE LAW, as is created by constitutional demand.  Your contact as a government with me is:   I SHALL DEMAND ONLY THE LAW, and my right to be heard, my right to a courtroom of the law, NOT bastard’s and whore’s pretending to be “gods, who need not obey the law”:   without threats or fears. The law decides/ NOT an employee of government. NO employee has rights or authority beyond the law/ interpretations shall not exceed truth. The failure to respect that, is a criminal act/ an act of treason against the people called United States of America.
The expression of people and their government;   is a reality of discipline.  Either you have the courage to work for life/ or you fail, and separate into “armies of want/ where the end result will always be war”.  Reality says: the foundation of every argument is:   “For us/ OR for me”. Within every governmental “we the people” decision, is the fact: if this blessing, if this work, if this right is not protected/   IF THIS DUTY to ourselves and the future of this nation is NOT shared as equals.  Then civil war will come; because those who are enslaved, WILL arise against those who have captured their lives and chained them to a wall.  Money is irrelevant/ what matters is what people choose to believe.  If you believe “money is your god/ as do the vast majority”/ then money is all that matters.   If you believe LIFE MUST BE FIRST, then money is merely a tool used to expand the benefits of life and living, as best we can.

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