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Friday, 14 August 2009

A different life, means; we must evaluate the reality of this situation, before progressing onto something that would be “more suitable for life”. LIFE IS NOT A GAME, nor is sex.
The reality of this day is very simple: this world, is in fact headed toward complete collapse of economics, ecology, biology, environment, governments, resource loss, pollution consequences, food shortages, shortages of water, civil war, weapons of mass destruction being used, and more.  Having tried for thirty years to find anyone who would be more than a little interested in the reality of these things.  Having tried politely informing/ educating/ yelling/ screaming & kicking at your pride/ waiting till the threats cannot be ignored any longer/ and a variety of other methods;   by direct communication/ mailings/ email’s/ and other basic descriptions of communication available to me.  It is clear, that we live not as equals/ but that you are children, refusing to listen/ refusing to surrender your toys/ refusing truth and the consequences of failure/ choosing to believe whatever fantasy or delusion you find best/ and accepting, “any toy for you; so long as you let me have any toy I want”.  Thereby experiments focused upon destroying life on this planet abound.  While humanity plays, whines, shits in their diapers, and complains “I want more”.  No adult could accept the levels of reality, evidence, work, or duty to protect and be responsible for life, for the things they do that have been presented.  The reality of children and only children (with very few exceptions) is complete.  You have failed to grow up, and your toys have become a reality which threatens this world, and every life in it.
My intent for thirty years has been to present an opportunity for change, with reason and purpose that can be explained as not only necessary, but even in our best interest as human life on this earth.  You, the vast majority of people as is represented by at least hundred’s if not thousands of people talked to in that time;   are only interested in being a small child, and demanding “to be nursed”: do everything for me/ I am all that is important.  This is america, the reality of a land led by spoiled and blind children; is not the world led by the same.  OUR REALITY has not changed, we are threatened by very many critical realities;   many of which all by themselves can end life on earth here, at any time & on any day.  Because the machines exist to do that/ arrogance and hate are in ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE/ and genetic mutilation is practiced by millions across this world.  The genetic code is nature/ the loss of nature is the end of this world of life.  And the children of reality all run to hide, fearing and forboding;  absolutely determined not to care : “we cannot win/ we are at their mercy”.   But there is no place to run, life on this earth depends upon what we do now/ before “those devils” who practice their hate, by designing how best to destroy us, “with their play”; have ended all hope.  We are not dead yet/ but we are quickly approaching the point of no return!
Reality says: I CANNOT talk to you like adults/ because you are simply not.  After thirty years of believing you were, with some variations & some short periods of behaving or believing badly for the vast majority; it is clear, “blaming, you could not understand. Was in error.”  It is finally clear instead:   either worthless, or children.  You are not worthless/ consequently, you must be children.  BECAUSE no sane adult would ever allow all these threats to exist, or fail to act with an entire world proven to be at risk.  You cannot be adults, because it is impossible for you to be so blatantly careless and without honor as life proves in this day; and not be simply children. Those who do not believe they must be responsible for life/ yet you are not young, thereby unlike children, you have no excuse.

Truth then says:   if not adults/ because this is life or death for a world, because all living creatures upon this earth are about to pass the point of no return. There is no end to this work, until one of us: I/ we (any who help me) or this world dies, or is mangled past the point of no return.   Therefore I must talk to you as children who refuse to grow up/ infants who refuse to wake up, even though your life depends upon it. The end result is:   I must accept the role of mother, because “father/ more correctly dad” as a disciplinarian will not work for you.  You run away, and scream “I won’t hear this”;   temper tantrums and all. Any attempt to reason, shame, argue, discipline, or even war; is met with absolute pride, and a complete refusal to accept the price of life: which is to understand what you must not do.  Instead of acceptance of this simple truth, YOU choose ridicule/ YOU bury yourselves in pride, and burrow into power and selfishness by choosing not to care.  Which leaves me with only one option left: to abandon everything but a “kind heart & a gentle soul, reaching out with love for those who must be nursed (pay attention to me)/ accepting YOU must be nurtured (letting you, be more important than me) or you die, because the threat of extermination is very real.  Completely blind to the fact, it is literally your own fault. I cannot live your life, or make your decisions; but I cannot let you die without helping as best I can”.   It is a “mothers’ way”.  This is a reality that unlike tv teaches you, cannot simply be discarded: YOU must act, YOU must care, YOU must work and take an active part in the outcome.
So my life is different now, and your role as infants and small children on this earth is now fitted to your behaviors and fantasies;   even though I talk only to people with plenty of age to know better.  Can’t/ won’t/ don’t want to/ going to be rich/ leave me alone/ i am afraid; etc   are all the sign of a child:   when the reality is, we will all die, unless you grow up.
Nonetheless, I will try “to mother you”/ because life on earth is literally at stake. I will literally choose to abandon what is male, because you are worth more than that; you are   GOD’S   CREATION, and time is no longer on your side: too many men, too many machines, and too much hate.  Believe that, and honor with respect the truth is as simple as “we cannot be wrong/ we must stop the gamblers from killing us”; and its reality,  which is people playing god, with your life and body here on earth. As for me, the end of disciplines that are strictly male, the resolution that order is “for nurturing”/ rather than for “battle preparations”; and the simple truth, life will decide for me, rather than I will decide for life. All of these things are part of female, in its essence.  The elemental needs of today assign reality by its truth, thereby I must live true.

The first lesson of this day is:   determined by why do you fail to listen?  This is a behavior exhibited by several simple truths, as you are not complex human beings;   but governed instead by the simple truth:   “We don’t want anything to ruin our games”.  Children are not expected, nor do they expect to be responsible for this world;   and as a consequence we look to those who do lead this world (the university, the politician; and the money), and find these the primary block of people who refuse to grow up.  These are in fact so delusional, that they insist the others may not grow up either.  So the lesson of this day is governed by a need to stop the children of university (those proven to lead/ those clearly governed by fantasy or we would not be so threatened with extermination)  from playing their games long enough, to let the children of reality (those who follow, because they have been worn down with ridicule, fear, and foreboding “they will all, laugh at me”) understand they must be responsible for the others: fantasy cannot survive, reality must rule.  Even though the children of university talk well, organize to defeat the children of reality;   the absolute need here is to end this game, so that life can take “center stage”.  And reality can provide the truth of what we can do as life on this earth to repair and support, and be responsible for  ourselves on this earth.
The question is:   how do you stop the leaders of children/ when all the children believe, “they do better than we do/ so we have to participate”.  And the children of reality say: “if we stop playing their game/ these others will run away with the ball; and we won’t be able to play at all”.  And they cry, because it is believed that is important.  As a mother, I must remind each child of reality: it is not the game that is important.  And you each must remember, that life is far more than a game, and you are able to change the things you do, so as to create and enjoy a different way of spending your time and energy, even if these other few won’t play.  But the children cry: they have a better game/ they have the ball;   what else can we do?  As a mother, I must remind you; that life is not tied to a ball, or a game, or a leader.  Life exists because of the amazing gifts that your body and mind are/ the amazing and miraculous things that nature and energy are and can do.  That the mind is a marvelous reality, but only you can influence it, with hope/ only you can accept the price of truth, and be responsible for your life or love or happiness.  If you do these, then the mind will understand how best you can play by yourselves, if you let it.  But from the past, it is clear and certain the children who do not feel accepted, will complain;   because it is now honest to say, “they are jealous” of the others, and their game.  The power to confuse, emboldening the leaders to play with extortion, stealing, ridicule, and other forms that are the evidence of hate.  It is a sad game for both/ a game their parents refused to control; and most inflated. How many did not say instead: “be a winner”/ not simply a human being?  Be somebody, so I can be proud/ because you made the rest a loser; instead of them making you the loser. Losing sight of humanity, discarding the entire world of life, for a simple trophy to be thrown away at a later date.

So the first question of learning how to communicate between honest mother and child; is to understand the need that has been dealt from such an intense blow caused by pride, that these children do not feel as equal beings in time.   What could devalue life itself, in such a literal form as this has done?  The answer is, the game itself, where winner means:   we will call you “loser”/ and the game reinforces that, because that is its purpose.   The critical question between mother and child, is then how do I reduce the game, “to merely a game for you”?    The answer requires “a tiny bit of growing up”/ but that is the price you must pay, to understand your own world.  Truth decides, not want!
As a mother, the first reality that I must remind you of is: the children of the university are just like you, there is no difference even though they claim to be winners.  We are all equals as life.  The word winner just means;   “The played a child’s game”/ competing for the trophies of a child/ wanting “look at me”.  The word winner just means:   a few created the game, so they could call themselves winners/ and then condemn you as losers.  That makes them extremely arrogant/ but it does not make them different, except for that pride.  Pride is an evil thing, because it separates and divides.  Pride asks for power over you, because these children don’t want you to win/ that means they would then lose. And pride never wants to be equal/ pride always says, “I am more”.  The children of university live in fantasy, because they are not forced to accept reality; they play for life, and they are largely supported for thirty years, before they are forced to do any work at all.  The university forces the student to accept mind control; because it is not your brain that lives here, but the composition of someone else’s assumed to be superior; true or not..  I have found no greater place for “NO free thought here/ this is for indoctrination, and we are gods” than a university, or even any other school; “the gods of school” don’t like ANY interference (makes them look bad)..  It is memorize what you are told, by us/ and cast aside all other thought.  Life there is do what we say, or we will bankrupt you, and make you poor. Want to argue/ they will cheat and change the rules; because they can, who will contend for you?  As is the medical profession, “its stick together for extortion/ or we throw you out”.  But even so, the rest of society is the same, controlling what the children think/ controlling their access to wealth, and threatening anyone who puts that money at risk.  It is the means, by which a flock is created; instead of human individuals “with a mind of their own”.
As a mother I must remind you the meaning of a game is:   this has no basis or fact in the lives we lead, it is merely an attempt to pass time by, while we wait for something more important to do.  Simply something useful “like conversation”, to participate with each other, as are all ways of finding and creating means to search for friendship and love in life.  As a mother I must also remind each of you, that there will be “mean kids”, who “steal the ball”, or make other excuses requiring you to pay attention to them.  They have no excuse for bad behavior, except to understand:   they want your attention, they want to use or abuse you for someone else’s attention, & they pursue a purpose that is always entirely selfish.  Whenever possible leave them alone, as they are not worthy of your attention.  When that is not possible, it is necessary to find ways of including a more powerful force than are they;   that means the law, as the law is conceived for the protection of us all.  Law is not a tool.  Rather law is a decision by society, “that this will be our way”.  Not yours or theirs, but our way/ because this is our society, not simply theirs or yours.  This is reproducible in schools and more; confronting those who present hate, as leaders or by force with the truth, you may not stay here anymore.  As a mother however, I must tell you that law is dependent upon the people who will enforce it, upon the justice of those who administer it, and is eloquent for life, only when mercy conceives of what is honest, true, respectful, and fair for all.  Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of leaders, and these leaders all learn to play the game of “who gets to make the rules”.  Thereby, “the laws of a school” must be clear, simple, and not allow ridicule or power or pride/ but equality and truth alone. We all contribute to peace/ or we join in the disgrace of a nation, a community, or a life blessed with time.

As a mother, I must tell you not to judge people by their looks;   simply because this is their gift/ not their contribution as an individual to happiness and hope for us all.  Do remember to be honest with yourself, NOT picking pieces to say “this is me”/ while leaving out the parts not so perfect.  Because that is what causes the games to “get out of control in the first place”.  Believing someone has more & someone has less/ then pride stepping in, to prove “I am equal or better”.  While I know it is not fun, to be someone “with less, in some way”.  It is still true, that life itself is so far beyond what we could have done for ourselves, that each and every one of us must be called a true miracle.  Can you make a human out of “mud and water”?  No one can, and that means each of us is a literal miracle, for we had nothing to do with our birth, very little to do with our bodies of importance, and with all honesty the mind is a gift as well; although we inherit, and build as best we can, the gifts we must work with have nothing to do with us.  It is not a blessing of one over another, instead we are the reality of choices made for us/ the consequence of choices we made for ourselves/ and the truth of how we chose to handle those choices no one had a right to make instead of us.  Character is our participation within these things/ our choice to handle as best we can;   with dignity, integrity, and grace the world which we cannot control. 
As a mother I must tell you, to find passion for your life; to understand this world has an opportunity for you to fill, because you are you.  Maybe not “as extra special”/ but clearly as love, happiness, or hope in or for, someone else’s life.  To help them in their existence, because loneliness is a terrible thing that influences very many people, driving them to do terrible things sometimes.  I must tell you, that loneliness is an expression and an experience created by;   life without a purpose, a hope that dies without a desire to revive it, and form peace in your life.  Therefore you must understand, that love or hate will form an anchor for your existence.  And you will choose one direction or the other, because life demands it from us all.   Everything we do, is about other life & other people, therefore aside from simple survival, every choice you make is about “loving someone else with truth, honesty, respect, or the honor called life we all deserve”   Or your decision forms the basis of hate, because you have then chosen to tempt, manipulate, control, discard, or in some way cause the life of another living creature to find pain, or suffering, or to be less than they truly are.  Never do that;   because love is everything of value, and why should you lose everything, for nothing but hate.  It is the mark of a foolish person, that may never find their way “back home”.  Home is where the heart lives, home is where love searches for the desire to say “I have found in your soul, the place where I have belonged”. Hate will never know this truth.
It is the honor of being your mother that allows the opportunity to say:   happiness, shares the moments of life, because we cared about each other.  Happiness is the honesty, we chose to participate with each other, because truth and respect formed our bond, and we accepted that price as worth time in our hearts, for each one.  Happiness grows where trust blossoms, because not only did we care/ but reality shows that our acceptance of each other is real, true, and without a price. The destiny of friendship, is the discovery of a relationship where love decides; rather than a mind or body.  Love is the existence of a passion without price, the experience of an opportunity to bond where acceptance is your only true gift. Love does not depend upon body or mind or possession or pride.  Rather love is within itself, an environment shared between two or more people, showered in the desire to accept each other, and share with honesty and truth a world called “ours”.  Not a world called “mine”.   But as children must all learn, in this time, as human being on this earth;   you must be careful to understand, people do change/ people do lie/ expectations can be different, and commonly are/ and we our confronted by death, therefore it is necessary to give your heart and your hopes carefully.  Necessary to understand, the gift of mind and body are not ours to keep; therefore be fair with yourself, and be fair with others, and accept this journey as an individual must be traveled at times alone.  But understand as well, that OUR CREATOR is also the one who loves us individually more than any other one;   therefore we need never be truly alone, not ever. 

As a mother, it is then important for you to know as a child given to this time as love;   that eternity is real.  While it is impossible to say this simply, it is real to understand the miracle of our existence is simply that.  The reality of our bodies, the ease with which we move, the freedoms of our mind, all the things we have, that it is clear did not have to exist for us: tell us all, that love, thought, and the desire “that we should be pleased with ourselves” is fundamentally with us all.  While it is true, some people are born harshly, some die through great suffering, and some people never get to be truly free.   It is also true, that life itself is the greatest gift, if you have love/ and times ends for all, if you are struggling hard, be patient, or ask for relief.  Even so, the love apparent in all that we are or can be/ cannot be less than “from a   GOD “ who loves us dearly, and there is no cause to believe that love individually ends just because a body or mind wears out, or is injured beyond its own repair.  The liars who suggest so many different things, all fail to understand life is not a body or mind;   “These are simply, the houses we live in, here in time.”  Because life, is the ability to think for ourselves, the body and mind merely translates that thought so we can realize the essence of life, is here, within our soul.   Love is an expression of soul, the identity joined by destiny to participate in the journeys of our lives. Love is an acceptance called desire, where beautiful means “without the purpose of hate”/ a life joined by his or her relationship with   GOD.  Soul is that participation with   GOD , wherein prayer and possibilities reach beyond ourselves, and tie our souls together as thought challenges us with a passion for more. 
We are possibilities and purposes beyond our comprehension, each one/ therefore why are you jealous?  Choose to be “the best YOU can be”/ challenge yourself to be the most truthful, honest, respectful, and honorable person that you can accept as your life.  Not perfect, as no one can be that/ but true, to the life you were given/ the identity you accepted for the sake of love/ and the heart that gives of itself, because you did choose to care.  We are not to be judged; the law does that.  Rather we are to be respected, we are to be identified as love/ if not hate.  Because there is no value “in the middle, where life has no place of its own”.  Mine, is an irrelevant saying that only truly applies to your personal body and choices.  Ours, as is created by the society we live in, the opportunities we share, or the possibilities or responsibilities we must care about;   live by the passions of your own heart, the acceptance of your own honor or truth.  Gain your life, by choosing your passion; and always be hopeful for your future.  These things are important, so learn them for your life.   Just like building a body or mind when you are young/ allows you to use that body or mind, that discipline created in your youth;   for your whole life.  Such is the truth that lives and accepts the passions, purposes, and desires of heart and soul; find them early, use them for life.
The elemental functional search for beginnings as “a mother” has been established.  The critical competency for a work that must be done has yet to be conceived of.  But time does not allow for perfection, only the participation of truth as best we can.  For that cause and reason, I will make one last attempt to help you organize as women.
On Saturday,  September 26,2009 starting at 10:00 am.  “Rain or shine”.   At “homer lake park”/ between the small towns of ogden and homer IL, one mile west of route 49; an opportunity to begin is arranged.  You will see the sign “FOR WOMEN ONLY”, no liars allowed, no fantasies accepted.  The purpose being to find a way to invite women of all ages to lead this world.  The reality of my work to date, is visible at .  This is an informal gathering, because you have failed in the past. If you desire better/ then you must provide it.
We begin with the simple solutions:   that as a society and a nation called america; all fantasies must be removed.  One such fantasy is:   no more free money/ no more debts without honesty or truth/ no more gambling with our lives/ no more leaving the future to chance, or believing the children must pay.
That solution being truth, life, and hope instead.  The force to be used is law, the reality of one person=one vote must become “government”/ as voting for someone to vote for me, has/ will soon collapse in ruin.  Is fundamental to recreating a democracy that will survive. The failure to understand, hatred will grow, because of all the tragedy men have made, all the potential and real tragedy that is coming; and there are consequences to that.  Demands change now, not “when nothing can be done anymore”.  There will come a day soon, when we no longer matter/ when our decisions shall be worthless.  Because we did, consume and destroy the nature we require to survive.  We must have different/ we must do this very soon.  
This is intended to be; an opportunity to decide for yourselves, if you are strong enough to fight for life on this earth.  If you are not, then “your white flag of surrender” will wave.  Even as I continue, it will be pointless without women required to help.  My purpose, is to help you understand/ your purpose is to organize and work.  If there are supporters for this work, then another opportunity will come; arranged by you.  That is your decision, my decision is to help/ not to lead. I am committed to this work, the only question is: are you?  Nothing can be done without your involvement.  Bring whatever you believe is needed/ homer lake is a small park, therefore if many do arrive; “groups will have to form”.  If your desire exists, there is “enough time”.

I remind you again:   one trillion dollars= 50 million workers x twenty thousand dollars each.  We are a nation of 50 million workers.  That money represents above and beyond your expenses, your taxes, whatever it is you want from life; this is your debt, created for you by   “Government employees”.  They have spent 3 trillion dollars so far/ or $60,000.00 per individual worker.  Given to the banks, who multiply it by ten means:   SOMEONE with access,  is holding or spending $600,000.00 can you compete?  Will they not buy everything, leaving the masses with nothing?  Indeed they will, and are. If this is a debt that cannot be paid/ then it is inflation hidden as debt, so we do not complain. BUT once “the rich” obtain all the deeds and loans you hold, unlike numbers, YOU WILL have to fight them in court for relief.  You will have to fight for the right to have or do anything beyond slavery and poverty;   because they simply will not need you anymore.  By the end of 12 trillion dollars in “free money to the rich”; the debt will be $240,000.00 per individual worker.  Multiplied by ten, as all banks do means: “the rich;  those with access to the money”,  will have $2,5 million dollars to spend/ and you will have “trinkets” at best.  Do not believe things will stay the same, civil war is coming.
3 billion dollars divided by 50 million workers = $60.00 per worker/ or if it was real money: YOU paid someone to purchase a new vehicle sixty dollars.  That is the debt divided equally to you.  Current spending on healthcare in America is said to be 5 trillion dollars= $one hundred thousand dollars, per each and every worker.  At its peak, the american economy was said to generate almost 14 trillion dollars= 14,000,000,000,000.00 divided by 50,000,000 is $280,000.00 per worker, each and every single one.  What is not fantasy about these numbers?  “Its your math, not mine”.   When the media talk about federal debts, its just  what the federal government has added to the debts of this nation.  IT DOES NOT include, personal debt/ state debt/ business debts/ agriculture debts/ financial debts/ etc.  A total by the end of 2007 roughly 100 trillion dollars of debt owed by the american people. When the government talks about unemployment, people stay on and are accounted by the government no longer than 6 months. Then they are moved to other programs, or simply discarded;  and not counted at all. 
Reality states: the free ride is over/ there are choices that will be made, or violence coming;   because fantasy land, the world of delusion and playing god is all but gone. The choices to be made include:   as a people choosing a percentage of gross domestic product/ or more correctly the tax base collected;   as your rightful “subsidy”.  Divided by all the people who will collect.  Such as ten percent to “social security”, which is then voted upon by all who collect social security, as to how this will be spent.  No more money will come, do you NOT tell your children, “can’t pay for it/ can’t have it”.  Indeed you do.  As to the elderly who say: “we earned this money”/ the reality is, YOU spent every dime, and every number you hold is what you took from the young. Not each and every one/ but as a majority, this is what you did do.  Telling the children, to pay your bills.    MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, but understand truth has come, and reality will no longer accept your lies. Or the world itself dies/ and YOU enter HADES, because you pushed it there.  Truth can be harsh, particularly when the lies have known no boundary at all.  This may sound harsh to the elderly/ BUT it is NOT nearly as harsh, as the world you designed, chose, and built for your children.  No one intends to exterminate you/ but nature will have its way.  Death has granted us all, the opportunity for life;   because the old passed away, and gave new life a chance to grow.  This truth must be respected with understanding and fairness to all; particularly the young, as humanity has seen fit to produce nearly 2 million more mouths to feed each week/ than deaths.  If not reality now/ cannibalism will come later.  Some will offer “he hates the college educated too”; but that is not true, I value education/ but I do not value extortion and the complete imbalance and thirst for power that a diploma has generated.  America is filled with monopolies, they are literally everywhere, because the definition of a monopoly has been watered down to fit such a small class of greedy people;   courtesy of lawyers, courts, and politicians.  These monopolies are consuming the economic environments that provide relief to very many people; all for the sake of greed.  Unions a monopoly forced upon workers, because it is the only way to participate with a monopoly of greed, have become, “just another list of people who protect their jobs/ and don’t give a damn about yours”.  Monopolies were coveted by people, until just recently; because they believed in the pensions and healthcare; they hoped for money and securities; but pensions are just filled with numbers, and healthcare is filled with more greed than any other industry than wall street.  Money is a promise, that someone else will do your work/ provide you with resources they would prefer to keep.  It is not a number, money is a reality of time, effort, and resource; these are not free: unless you steal.

I know I have promised “only what is safe and friendly”/ but as every mother tells her child:  if you will not learn reality, and respect the risks that you are taking; you could die.  It is a duty to inform the child, when real danger exists; I cannot do less.   But I will add, instead of being afraid, redress of grievances will buy you a new life;   one wherein truth and reality return to rule.  Then by your own efforts we will know peace, happiness, and hope, in a world established by caring, and ruled by sharing honestly.  Where greed is no longer allowed. AS WE THE PEOPLE, we can choose a new life, a new government based upon truth and reality and duty to each other.  We can grow a future for each child that can survive;   because we cared enough to build for life first/   NOT money.
The future is filled with numbers, just as the past has been.  The difference is:   unlike the past when all the workers accepted the numbers as pensions and stocks and delusions of wealth/ TODAY those workers now want “their slaves”.  The baby boom generation filled their pockets with numbers, and claimed “the children will pay”.  They are now retiring, and their thirst for everything will grow everyday. It is the reason this economic crisis exists:   no longer just numbers “saved as stocks/ pensions/ etc”.  Today these people want their slaves, and every resource the world needs to survive.  Failure arrives soon/ because this is a reality that will not “go away soon”. Religion always looks for the easy way out; let us pay the insurance/ and play.  The university always looks to “something extra special, that the people don’t understand”;   because without these experiments, the public quits paying.  The politician provides what cannot be done/ because bribes work well, until the bill come due. And the media is owned by a tiny handful of greed;   they expect, “MINE”/ and they control all.  But cowardice is common/ and pride overwhelms them all.  “Look at me, I am somebody”. But truth does not care, reality and the law of consequences will be kept, even if death is the only means of balance left.  Be brave, as best you can.  The question of life or death is a very simple one; why would it not?
The future sees, an empty ocean/ empty aquifers/ empty resources/ a lack of oxygen, because of fire and the practice of destroying forests and more.  The list is long, the reality extreme on many counts of what men and the leaders of men have chosen for this world.   Weapons of mass destruction, merely the most understood menace; and yet men continue to worship them “like gods”/ because they want to threaten the others; or pretend these will not be the end of life on earth.  They will, how is that “savior to you”?  Experimenting with science now threatens to destroy this earth.  Mutilating nature will destroy this planet of life/ genetic disciplines are nature.  Our reality must change/ the  gambling must stop/ confrontation (the ways of men) simply leads to war.

Different means, that women must lead/ because they are different, and this world has been chosen, built, and is the reality of what men do, and the leaders of men and the masses who follow them want.  It is their relationship with university, money, politics, and the law which surrounds us as our reality:   and our reality threatens us in every conceivable way in this day.  Nothing is as it was throughout history; nature is no longer nature, but exists under the influences of human behavior.  What possible good is that?  When reality clearly proves nothing men have ever tried can be sustained/ rather it always sinks into war, greed, power, pride, and slavery for others;   men cannot even control their own money;   nothing but numbers/ without turning to graft, corruption, collusion, and all possible sources of greed, thievery, extortion, and violence to all.   Yet you turn to ruin nature, because they love only “to play god”.  In all of history no generation has been so foolish/ no generation has been so blind/ no generation has been so defiant of truth and reality/ no generation has been so devastating to life on earth;   as you.  Led here by the consequences of what men want/ and what they will do, to achieve control over life, to say “look at me/ listen to me.”  I am looking at men/ are you not leaders/ is not the university their leaders:  and does not  reality prove “failure, complete and with the intent to exterminate all life on earth”.  Whenever people refuse to accept truth, when they run away from reality and choose instead the insanity of their delusions and their fantasy predictions, where life is literally on the line and being gambled with:   it can clearly be said they are fools.  Fool is a description applied to those who refuse truth, those who know what reality can do, those who understand, “the price of being wrong, is so high this cannot possibly be worth the risk”;  and yet they do so anyway.  That is life under the direction of men, the reality of failure “In a thousand directions”, simply a matter of time, and it will not be long.  The leaders of men have chosen to steal the work of billions, making `all these people angry, because they believed in the numbers/ but now find themselves “without anything they expected”.  Gee, what could go wrong with that/ but not to worry, “we have billions of guns and ammo; and the desire to use them waiting”.  With every man for himself, what could go wrong! Surprise the other ones, after all he who kills first cannot be killed by that one;   ain’t that right.

Men have literally attacked the food chain/ nature/ ocean/ oxygen/  the environment and utterly refuse to accept the price or the consequence/ therefore like fools, they continue on;  being certain of war, tragedy, and even extinction:   even planning on how it will all end “like it’s a game” (seen the show, after people are gone).   But they say to themselves and each other, the price is too high for me to pay/ let us all just get to our deaths in time, taking everything we possibly can/ lying as fast as possibilities allow; and let the children pay for this;   who gives a damn/ they have to fend for themselves.  But after the world, its nature, its environment, and its possibilities for peace, happiness, or life have all been destroyed;   DID YOU NOT send them directly into hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos).  Indeed, that was the choice, and leaders of life on this earth did and are making that very decision;   because they continue to want FREE.  Or more correctly “YOU PAY”/ we refuse.  Want and pride being the fundamental predators, intent to destroy the young/ power their purpose, the response of those who choose “we will NOT pay; we want it all; for free.”
Women in charge, are a reality untested and unknown.  But men in charge is fully documented and completely known; without war, they cannot survive.  Another world war, and life on earth cannot survive.  That leaves men without the possibility to lead.  That leaves women with the demand, COME FORWARD AND LEAD life on earth.  It is a matter of differences, NOT an issue of gender/ but it is that gender that makes the differences possible. Women must learn:   how to control men/ how to overtake and run the business world/ how to use the power of law, and honor enforcement effectively/ how to run the government, whether they are politicians or not/ how to believe in themselves so that it is possible to conceive of a future where peace, happiness, and hope will abound.  Women must learn, that pride and want are both enemies of life/ TRUTH MUST LEAD, and reality will decide. Women are standing in the gap between complete destruction of this earth by men, OR accepting the price required to lead life away from all the tragedy and death/ all the mutilation and disgrace that men and their leaders have devised.  The level of your education by men is irrelevant/ the honesty of your reality and ability to conceive of truth and life, a fundamental asset to proving what is possible or real. This is not “pretty”/ this is our lives here on earth, and if you do not choose function and fundamental foundations over “this is easier”;   then you too, will lead life to hell, or Armageddon or both.

The foundation of pride and want must end.  The critical realities of truth, love, life, hope, and courage must arise; or there will be no earth to call home.  Knowledge is the fundamental existence of reality as it is.  Understanding is the function of truth, as it explains the laws that govern our reality and describe our relationship with this world and its life.  Wisdom is the essence of knowledge and understanding combined, thereby revealing the possibilities and potential for our future, as it exists by the levels of thought that can be interpreted by life.  There will always be people who want more, than being alive has provided to them; the consequence of that are lies, that then become the foundation for all manner of images, worship of countless delusions, and the endless fantasy “we don’t have to pay/ its all free”.  But that is not life.  Life says:   if you build, then you will inherit a reward for what you have done. But if you are lazy, and described simply by want or pride or power/ then you will become selfish and the people and life who surround you will suffer because of what you have chosen to do.  This day, in human history is a compilation of all these things:   but to know it you must first investigate, your reality/ so that none may say “I was tricked”; not so, you are invited to understand the direction life is going.  To understand that as a reality composed by truth, you must examine the evidence and describe it by the relationships truth will apply.  To fully comprehend the consequence of these choices provided by humanity and the leadership called men, through their university, want, power, and greed; it is essential that you use your mind, heart, and soul.
BE HONEST with this day, and you will understand LIFE NEEDS YOUR HELP!  Be HONORABLE with your relationship as life to this earth, its nature, its environment, its ecology, and everything that is a miracle created and understood by the parameters of being alive;   and you will help me.  I seek the proper opportunity for humanity to MAKE A DECISION that will not exterminate this world/ by providing the possibility of going to court and seeking the truth in full and complete witness of life on this earth.  Is that too much to ask?  It is not/ yet your court system through out a redress of grievances provided by the first amendment to the US constitution.  Without law or cause/ because they believed none would find out, or very, very few.  This is anarchy/ because the law is the law, whether there is a witness or not.  YOU ARE required to help/ because I am limited, and cannot gain your choice: by myself. YOU must work too.

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