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Thursday, 06 August 2009

Removing “I”, from the role of government

It is the foundation of human influences that cause governments to fail.  It is the critical reality of people who “WANT something”, that interferes with justice and hope in others.  Given that truth, the creation of a new government wherein the human factor is irrelevant; will prove correct upon the basis of law that allows all critical decisions HAVE been made by “WE THE PEOPLE”.
There will be a rash of people who counter and support any other method of servicing the communal interests of society; because they all have plans, and none of those plans allow for something so defined as is appropriate law.  Cannot defeat the law/ cannot swindle or deceive the law/ cannot interfere, mutilate, or manipulate the law;   so long as it is the law of WE THE PEOPLE.  Understood, taught too, defined without exception “NO mis-interpretation or manipulation by judges or congress”.  Simply the law rules, and justice will seek out all who confront us all, with their intent to destroy, abuse, or misuse our laws.
Therefrom we do understand, that government shall no longer be run by the rich or powerful.  That employees of government shall no longer have the power to overrule our laws, or hide from them; as is the current administration.  That we shall gain control over our money.  That we shall attain control over all those who have played with our money.  And we shall conceive of new and different strategies for expanding happiness through peace and equality as best we can:   NOT by acquiring those who shall vote for me/ but by voting through an education which then gives us all the right to change or define or inherit our government; by voting for ourselves.  The critical clue, for an honest and true form of government is to remove all outside influences.  That means, there shall be NO alternate advertisements of any kind allowed/ no means of influencing the path of government given access by any means.  Instead ALL relevant issues that must be addressed shall search through the rise of steps associated with truth and reality.  These are essentially established through a specialized court system to be established.  That court shall decide and declare one of three things does exist that must be addressed by the people themselves.  (1) that the nation, or world; is somehow threatened with real or potential risk to life or limb or disaster.  (2) that the nation itself is being swindled, corrupted, and misled by its leaders/ its business/ its military/ or any other form of risk to us all.   (3) that the future is jeopardized by the things being done, by any and all people who have attained such a massive degree of influence that we must limit that influence/ so they CANNOT corrupt or change our world, without our consent.  The president/ attorney general/ entire US supreme court;   and on a lower level the governor of IL all chose to discard all three of these priorities of life for ANY NATION on earth.  That fact, is a criminal act/ one that affronts and breeds traitors and treason.
Regardless of that, the issues of a nation are those that influence us all.  The issues of a state are those limited to the foundations that are not “all of us/ or this world”; but you and yours.  Bearing in mind, that if you ruin your state/ the consequences will be felt by the rest of us; therefore NOT entirely free.

When a risk is recognized as worthy of investigation or examination by us all/ and there are no real risks that cannot be held sufficient and necessary to be heard by all the people.  Then the community of life that is this nation or any other, SHALL WORK within the rules of evidence, by investigation and the assertions of reality through the meanings we do agree are true;   to inform/ educate/ extrapolate what the future shall be in every situation possible/ and explain the facts to the people as well as show all possible evidence and expectations gathered.  So that the people can decide for themselves, under the boundaries of law.  We are threatened from every side/ in every conceivable way by the hands of men, and their leaders;   IT WILL TAKE some time to abolish all their tragedies and failure/ but after that work is done, there will be little conflict, and little work needed to sustain life in peace.
The purpose of a government IS NOT to decide for the people, as there is little the people cannot or will not decide for themselves.  Rather the purpose of a government employee is to guarantee: THE LAWS, AND THE PURPOSES OF THE PEOPLE are carried out, according to the laws which govern us all, and our future, and children.  They are NOT “government”/ they are employees, and when we make the laws, and enforce the reality of money and control over all financial issues [through percentage decisions governing spending; and tying all monetary funds directly to such things as gold, or population counts].   There will be few laws or little governing to make, beyond this moment of change.  Life does not change significantly from decade to decade;   the rules are simply:   DON’T THREATEN ME/ DON’T STEAL FROM US/ AND DON’T DECIDE ANYTHING FOR ME, that I have a right to choose for myself.
The issues of business are simple:   don’t destroy the future.  Beyond that, there are three simple rules:   be fair/ be plain/ choose to be respectful of everything.  And you have a “peaceful path before you/ we will help”.
The issues of agriculture are:   DON’T destroy the future/ and don’t destroy the possibilities of a diverse network substructure that makes all life sustainable.  Those practices that are not sustainable shall be discontinued immediately;   as in the factory farm/ as in poisons of all kinds being used, where farm workers would be better/ as in relinquishing control of everything to just a few; etc.
The issues of chemical manufacturing are plain:   some things are necessary and worthy of doing.  HOWEVER, risking the lives of entire cities shall not be done with any process/ and none get to discard the need to place harmful byproducts, where they will do the least harm.
The issues of forestry are fundamental:   WE MUST HAVE OXYGEN TO BREATHE!   Consequently, what is planted by men/ can be harvested by men.  End of the story.  Until time has pasted and it is appropriate to begin again by culling trees that can be taken without severe harm.  No more stripping hillsides/ no more taking the best/ no more “money rules here”.  Instead life shall understand reality/ and that reality is not tied to workers;   it is tied to the truth of sustain-ability and the reality of what we can take in partnership with life itself.
The issues of fishing are critically aligned with an ocean that not only will survive, but regenerate into “happiness and peace for ocean life”.  In other words no more factory trawlers/ no more large fishing vessels:   the quantity and quality of the fishing grounds in all aspects of the industry shall govern the reality.  UNTIL those grounds are rated HONESTLY as truly replenished, and functionally able to sustain a fishing fleet.  ONLY SMALL fishing vessels, shall be allowed to operate. The garbage must be picked up/ and an appropriate usage for that “raw material” found to pay for the enterprise.
The issues of flooding and storms across this nation shall be addressed with the simple assertion:   NO MORE BUILDING HERE; without a floating foundation, and the mooring lines/ reeling utilities, etc that allow housing to float above the water should any such flooding occur;   housing starts above four feet high.  Styrofoam encased in plastic would work/ or simply chambered plastic foundations made out of the “raw materials” taken from the ocean would be a good solution.
Retention ponds/ redirected streams, etc, etc, etc.  Vehicle pads must also be conceived upon such floating foundations.

In the matter of taxes: apart from the necessary support of things we all need and demand, the method of payment MUST BE CLEAR, SUBSTANTIVE ON ALL COUNTS, AND COMBINED TO DESCRIBE EVERY SINGLE PENNY BEING PAID BY THE TAXPAYER.  No more, we take a little/ they take a little/ everybody but the worker takes whatever they want.   We will know everything in plain english;   with such wording and pictorials such as a fifth grader in school shall understand.   There is no taxes on the various forms of business.  Instead, business shall pay taxes on what is taken by the people for their own income and expenditures.  What the business makes itself, is required by that business for expansion, expenses, and maintenance of the business.  BUT THE MONEY goes to community banking, and they shall be told 6 months in advance prior to any foreseeable expenditures; so that arrangements can be made.  When sold, it is then that taxes shall be paid/ as you are no longer intending to participate in the health and welfare of the community.
Healthcare is a matter of competition/ and your leaders in healthcare have purposely intended NOT to allow competition in that field; with a variety of tactics that are not only a monopoly, but criminally, treasonably DUE to be prosecuted in a courtroom of WE THE PEOPLE.  Every issue of money has nothing to do with “the paper”.  Rather every issue of money, is about the time, effort, and other forms of life, you have taken from my life;   that is either fair for both of us/ or unfair for one of us, and nothing more than GREED, POWER, OR PRIDE.   Every issue of money is about the people, who will be required to do the work you did not do for yourself.  What do I, then owe you\ or you me?  The answer is a decision among the people who call themselves a nation.  The reality is, a percentage of income and property.  But not without reality.  Reality is the young deserve our care.  The reality is, the worker is an asset to society and deserves our care.  The consequence of old age or severe health crisis is:   there is a limit to what you can ask of us/ and money shall not decide who deserves care.  But there are limits for every society, and every society shall decide by their agreed upon words, WHO and what shall be treated, by vote, as a nation itself.  NO MORE blaming or pretending “it’s the governments fault”/ YOU will decide, and keep your word. Social security and medicare together today are over 50 trillion dollars in debt = 50 million workers x $1,000,000.00 per each worker.  NO MORE FANTASY/ no more delusion; and NO MORE THIEVES IN MEDICINE EITHER.  It ain’t a “gold mine”/ and you will be controlled, removed, or imprisoned for extortion; unless it is clear and certain this has changed.

The elemental reality of the rich is very simple: they control what we want or need.  Simple as that.  In other words we do not need them:   SO LONG AS, you can control yourselves!  Think you can do that?  The reality involved is dedicated to the balance of law and a respect for each other that does not involve “I hate them”.  Think you can do that?  It is the only way past “the wealthy”/ and into a situation whereby we control ourselves, our nation, and our world.  War is created from two different sources:   either the rich use it to destroy the organizing of the poor/ or the poor have ruined their environment by over-population or various other means of disrespect, and must now attack someone else because they were fools.  Think you can stop that? BEYOND these things, every need and every want creates a job.  Don’t need no damn rich man to create a job; they exist.  The second part is: with machines and more, the possibility of a few controlling everything increases with every passing day.  That means to gain control, you must be willing to share the work with respect for reality and the truth we all deserve a job with a living “successful” wage: just like you. The courtroom WILL stop being a den of thieves, and lawyers will end their reign of terror on life in america. [a problem confronted, is a problem fixed; NOT the means to attack any business.  A criminal act against law, nation, or life; and you go to jail or death;   as a lawyer, if you fail to put life first, put law first, or are found participating in a criminal usurping justice: THERE WILL be penalties].  Do that, and we will have peace.  In essence, put simply:   LIFE FIRST, not money.
The elemental search for justice, peace, truth, and happiness in the near future exists within the confines of a courtroom-like experience, whereby all the necessary participants are brought before the nation and told bluntly:   IF YOU LIE, OR INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD US;   we will kill you immediately.  This is about our world, our nation, our lives;   and there will be NO games.  From this moment on, reality is about understanding the truth/ no matter what it is, as reality proves it shall be/ is now/ or fundamentally presents a risk we cannot take, for the sake of life on earth.  There is a need for primary participants to establish and perform the investigation and examination of evidence.  THE ONLY, group of non-involved people in the games men have been playing IS WOMEN.  Pay them, and let them learn and teach you;  as the most logical group of unbiased people you have available.  Someone MUST do this work/ and it is men who represent the vast majority of damage to this world.  Therefore it is women who represent the least likely, to discard reality/ despise truth/ and present power, pride, or greed instead of justice.  But let no one, have superiority over the law/ EACH must have equal rights, and equal dignity, and equal justice in their world.

We turn to economic stimulus as a fact/ not the story of fantasy and delusion that is common to all government officials in this day.
This day is different that those in the past.  Instead of a cushion whereby any amount of numbers could be generated, without serious incident;   simply hidden by more lies.  The reality of this day has changed.  TODAY, all the people who believe they have money, are retiring and are desperate to spend it on themselves.  The most selfish of all generations in the history of this earth, have come to the point of death/ and they wish to take everything they possibly can with them.  That means no amount of numbers or bribes will last long.  While it is true, that putting tremendous more numbers into the economy will support it for just a little while/ it is also true, that those who do intend to take “their money” and spend it, without doing any work, will not be satisfied with the labor force here in america.  As is the cause of this recession “the retiring baby boom generation”/ they have only just begun to want, they will tragically embrace every government program/ and they have chosen the “easy way”, and lived without honor for the majority of their lives.  “Going to be rich/ to HELL WITH THE REST;   MAKE ME RICH” IS their motto and creed; as a vast majority.  Assassins without doubt, as the influences of university have given them access to threaten an entire nation and world/ including every child, and every living thing. An absolute failure! Take a look at this world, YOUR GREED is everywhere/ your disrespect and arrogance like a cancer upon this earth.  Shame on you.

Regardless of that:   MONEY is the work and the resources and the time used by other people, in favor of you. DEBT is the time, work, and resources necessary to pay these other people back.  Simple as that.  When people retire they say: “I have saved up money (my time, & work for others) so that they may spend their time and work for me.  BUT freedom allows for the spending of money for other things.  EXTORTION allows for the freedom of taking more than some deserve, by forcing the others to pay;   because the price is TOO HIGH, to refuse that slavery.   There are VERY MANY EXTORTIONISTS in this nation called america.  And there are very many people who have taken EVERY SINGLE PENNY EARNED/ AND SPENT far beyond anything they deserve.  This nation called america is over 100 trillion dollars in debt:   all debt, not just federal debt/ state debt, city debt, county debt,  personal debt, business debt, agriculture debt, financial debts;   ETC. [just like your taxes, the full amount is hidden as deeply and darkly as is possible]. And that does not include the manufacture of bonds as debts, in every setting.  The people who have led this nation for the last fifty years in particular;  have spent every single penny/ have spent every child’s portion/ have taken advantage of many foreign governments/ and have done nothing, but plan for the extermination of this earth, instead of supporting its continued life.  SHAME ON YOU. 
One trillion dollars=50 million workers x $20,000.00 !  It is absolutely impossible that these numbers can be paid back.  They are strictly fantasy and delusion supported, created, backed, and defended by the US supreme court/ the president now and past (apart from Carter)/ and all other forms of government.  In fantasy land, they supported each other with the words:    Debts don’t matter/ we can spend anything we want!   But of course,   “Debts for you and me DID MATTER”/ cause we didn’t get to create “monopoly money”. 
Today, as the law allows through redress of grievances/ THE RIGHT OF A NATION CALLED,    WE THE PEOPLE!  It is time to declare exactly what the debts that didn’t matter to the people who created them will be.  My own position is: YOU CREATED THEM/ AND YOU WILL PAY THEM ALL, with every damn penny you stole, plus interest.  Is that not what you require of us?  Every penny stolen to “support the rich”/ WILL BE RETURNED.   Simple as that, with interest.  Every bankrupt entity will be sold to individuals;   in small enough packages that none can threaten a nation with any further collapse, ever again. The majority plan, by every elder/ or more correctly every male leader, was and remains:   SEND THEM TO HELL! [what does NOT threaten us?]  Consequently, the reality plan of life is: separate those whose intent cannot be forgiven and remove them by all means necessary. 

The reality of today is:   that the numbers are all bad/ the influx of 3 trillion dollars so far, IS:   $60,000.00 has been given to somebody else, to play with your life.   Did you get your sixty thousand dollars/ THEY GAVE YOU THE DEBT!  But not the money; that they gave to the rich man/ so he could rule over your lives and make you slaves.  And this is only the beginning the banks CAN and DO multiply this money by 10, giving the rich man $600,000.00 dollars to buy anything he wants FROM YOU.  CAN YOU COMPETE?  With free money?   Didn’t have to work a damn day;   because the debts all belong to you, the worker here in america/ land of the free my ass.   It WILL soon be the land of the slave/ because the rich will own everything, including the court; and you get nothing, but a gun. Gee, what will happen then?  SHIT HEADS,   wake up before your dead.  Not enough, not to worry obama and congress will have spent 12 trillion dollars by the end of 2010/   so even if you think you can compete now:   just wait until they multiply one quarter of a million dollars per worker in the next two years.   Want a raise, HELL WHY NOT/ ain’t even a penny in real money.   But wait until they no longer need you, or are no longer willing to put up “with all the crying/ whining/ and desperation”.  DUMB ASS, that is what kind of control you are surrendering/   just because you are TOO DAMN STUPID, to accept reality, and work with truth.    What an absolute failure/ none could be a more complete fool:   than is america today.  Apparently the television set has fried your brain/ cause it ain’t working.  And your media leads you to death and civil war/ with bloodshed beyond anything the world has ever seen.   “Thank them, its what pride does for you;   and ain’t you proud yourself:   HELL YEAH!”  So damn proud, nothing can get inside but shit. You are, “ a pitiful disgrace/ and I am literally ashamed of you”.  The absolute fear of weapons of mass destruction and other threats recognized drove this nation to absolute gluttony and the frenzy of consumption without restraint: “going to get mine now/ going to live and lie, so I can get it all before they kill me.”  In the Vietnam war, the nation divided into those who believed “ we must”/ and did not ask why; these became the leaders of apathy (just for me damn it, no more for us).  And those who did  complain, ran away in cowardice when a single death arose, “poof, like a cloud of smoke” all disappeared, and were never heard from again: these became the leaders of greed, and I don’t care. Shame on you;   what you don’t know can kill you/ what you fear does not go away just because you hide or run away.  Even the little things such as nano technologies where these tiny particles or machines can invade the biological environment and “shred it/ stop it from functioning/ or destroy it from the inside”; WHAT is wise about that/ another damn disease created by men.  Reality MUST be dealt with, as it exists/ like it or not.  Even so, reality knows all life is going to live or die/ based upon what america does in these few coming days.  So many threats emanate from this nation/ that life cannot be sustained without you.  Ain’t you proud/ threatened an entire world, with your greed, lust, want, consumption, power, pride, arrogance, and just plain selfish failure of a life here on earth. YOU threaten all life/ YOU threaten all nature/ YOU threaten all environments/ YOU threaten with weapons of mass destruction/ YOU consume the majority of resources/ YOU are responsible for massive contamination of minds with media:   are you responsible for what you did?  Hell no, money is all that matters/ let the rich man get everything he wants;   because he owns the media, and none are allowed a voice without his command.   SHAME ON YOU/ SHAME ON THE COURTS, WHICH BECAME NOTHING MORE THAN PUPPETS bought and paid for with failure of a nation.  Wake up, before your dead/ and you take the world with you. Wake up/ before you assassinate yourselves.

Once again, the intent to stay on track; as to the realities we face with debts and the influences of WHO GETS THE MONEY; will be tried. The past has worked to rob you blind/ because so long as nobody spends the money/ “it literally doesn’t matter how many numbers you claim as yours”.  Nobody cares, because nobody does the work, spends the time, and the resources stay in place.  Nearly all will argue:   america is NOT a place where hardly anyone saved anything, in these past decades.  And that is absolutely true, “we will pay later”/ the absolute anthem of a generation, taught to every other generation:   but no one paid, except the poor.  That however is largely irrelevant when compared with pensions and Wall street/ and the multipliers of fools and failures whom they are.  As was consistent for decades:    The american investor absolutely DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN about where the numbers came from/ they just wanted the numbers to be called “mine”.  Didn’t care/ didn’t want to know/ didn’t matter what business or manufacturer was ruined/ absolute GREED.  And wall street obliged by ravaging/ raping/ mutilating/ manipulating/ and selling an entire nation, so you could claim the numbers.  Didn’t matter too much, because with absolute arrogance, every debt was established with “just look at my pension”/ I am good for the money.  BUT IT WAS JUST NUMBERS :  here, have another million/ doesn’t matter in the bank; except for the multiplier that made the poor participate as fools (I WANT SOME TOO), even though they knew better, the absolute arrogance of others caused them to believe it wasn’t a trap: did they get caught? No/ not until today.  But now, the numbers want workers and resources that don’t belong to them.  The lies, have come to steal what the extortion demands must be paid.  The reality of people who have said:   I am worth way more than you/ now intends that not only should you be slaves forever, they should be kings and queens, and rule over every worker with an iron fist.  I have the money/ you need the money:   WORSHIP ME, or I will give it to someone else.   Yet reality proves we are equal/ because life itself, is worth far more than any amount of numbers.  Numbers are merely numbers; and if we do not accept them as payment/ THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING.  If we as a nation do not honor and respect your claim to property/ THEN YOU SHALL NOT OWN, without a war.  RESPECT, IS A TWO WAY STREET.

Let the law decide.  The law demands in times like these:   REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, ACCORDING TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THIS NATION:    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   The law is our weapon as WE THE PEOPLE.  Not by the tragedies of those who have disgraced us with endless words to delude and give exit to those who confront justice, and steal it.  But the law, as written in its form of leadership for a nation: AS THE REALITY,    THIS, IS WHO WE ARE!  Today, this nation is a LIAR, and a fool.  Because you have let traitors and thieves steal your world. You have let the insane, threaten an entire world/ because you didn’t care enough to understand, ask, or stop them.  Instead YOU SAID,   “Let me be rich/ to hell with the rest”.  Selfish and blind/ ignorant and insane. Assassinating your own children, while pretending not to steal their lives:  SHAME ON YOU.
Where we will have our say, as the majority under the laws that formed this nation.  NOT the tragedy of treason/ the gift of traitors/ or the work of fools, thieves, or extortionists.
The foundation of every economy is the same:   we as society have organized ourselves, for the purpose of happiness through justice and peace under the law.  So that none, can claim to be rulers or judge/ THE LAW JUDGES, and the people;   ALL THE PEOPLE shall obey. 
That given respect means: LIFE SHALL BE FIRST/    Not “money, power, or pride”.   Where life is first, all people shall be treated as equals/ that are citizens here.  All immigrants shall be treated with respect/ but NOT as equals, because you have NOT accepted the responsibility of choosing us, nor we you as of this moment.
Life first REQUIRES an equal and fair opportunity for all!  That means, the rich WILL BE LIMITED IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE AND WAY.  The poor shall inherit the right to work/ be honored with a base pay that is respectful to every worker.  And be responsible for doing that work/ or inherit the penalties.
LIFE REQUIRES that there shall be NO SEXUAL OWNERSHIP, other than “it is your own body/ do with it as you will”.  Any person “selling/ owning/ or abusing” the body of woman, or man, or child   SHALL BE VERY SORRY.  We are life, we are greater than anything you can conceive of.

The foundation of every economy, is dependent upon the resources that exist to be used by that community.  Where resources are prevalent and easy, “society is blessed with wealth”/ because life is easy, therefore the opportunities of work are simple and plain.  Where resources are pitifully few, life is harsh/ and so are the people, because competition forces them to choose: “you or me”. Thereby we DO come to understand each society, and every aspect of peace and happiness is governed NOT by men or women:   but by the relationship of resources to every specific community.  In america today, as is around the world;   humanity abuses/ uses without restraint/ and violently extorts anything it desires for the moment; trashing the future, and literally causing extinction to occur.  SHAME ON YOU.  Do you not deserve to die for this very thing?  You are killing yourselves, and do know it/ and do refuse to stop;   let the children pay/ let the children die or go to hell. Shame on you.

The common refrain of a decade ago was:   our garbage dump, is “the gold mine”  for our children.  Literally, that was not only their plan here in america/ the majority bragged it would be so. Take a look at everything your leaders of men choose to do for decades here in america;   and every hard choice was dissolved into “let the children pay”/ take everything for yourselves, and leave them nothing but hardship and hopelessness. Pollute, and dispute clear and certain knowledge, so that nothing would be done/ so that gluttony, carelessness, the disease of power and pride, and the selfishness of want could rule this part of a world now in crisis because you did not care to save life itself.  Instead you chose to hide/ or run away into greed/ or play fantasy and delude yourselves about the fact YOU DID CHOOSE TO EXTERMINATE LIFE on this planet, because YOU DID CHOOSE to create threats and realities that will do this very thing.  SHAME ON YOU.   And the world as well,   who stands for truth?  Who stands for reality and life?   The answer is,   VERY, VERY FEW.   Because that, is what men have chosen/ kill this world, assassinate its children and life:    To prove, “they have power”.  Not for life, not for anything of value:   but to prove we can kill you/ a vain and useless expanse of absolute evil.  Don’t care/ instead, men have chosen to kill each other by killing this world;   LIVING IN THE DAMNATION OF FEAR/ while pretending “we have weapons” FEAR US instead.  It is utter insanity, devoid of all honor or value/ the sign and symbols of a humanity that does NOT deserve to live at all.  Surrender them or you will have your way soon.  Destroy these weapons peacefully/ stop these threats, or your world will end, because that is what you chose to do.
The foundation of a fool is:   we don’t give a damn!  The clear and certain reality of threats established because YOU don’t care:   extends from no water to drink, polluted, abused, or destroyed it all.  To the end of your food supply chains.  To pandemic’s the like of which this world has never seen. To war over resources that will clearly end with weapons of mass destruction.  To thievery so vast and expansive, humanity will go to civil war as individuals/ every man for himself, every gun and neighbor an excuse to kill. To the crucifixion of nature/ the extermination of balance in this world/ the end of primary links that hold every chain of life together:   do you not have needs/ so does every other living breathing creature.  To the end of oxygen, whereby all your fires have taken what you needed to survive.  To a world without sanity/ an environment whereby cannibalism is all that will be left.  SHAME ON YOU, that all these threats and many more exist TO KILL YOU.   TURN TO YOUR CHILD, and say now: “hell, I was busy making money;   it was all for you/ ain’t that right”?  LIAR. 
NOT TO WORRY, the media won’t tell on you/ so long as you grant them power over your lives;  and pay them money to keep quiet.  So let the children die/ as that is and has been your plan for decades.  Why should they inherit your world!  Why should they pay for your catastrophes and failure/ are they not better off dead?  Are you not their satan, the damned devil who took their lives?  Answer the question?   Got to throw it all away, before it drowns you?   Yeah damn shithead stop destroying this world, leave something for life to survive, and even be happy to be alive.
The foundation for survival of this world IS LIMITED TO     MUST BE DIFFERENT!   The same is no different than judging all life on earth as DEAD.
MUST BE DIFFERENT does not allow lies, failure, dishonor, traitors, extortion or any of the other myriad ways chosen by men, to be absolute devils on their road to hell and armageddon.  MUST BE DIFFERENT DEMANDS       NEW LEADERS!  And like it or not, the only available possibility is women.  NOT because they are women/ but because that fact does make them different.  We must have RESPECT FOR THIS WORLD/ RESPECT FOR ITS RESOURCES/ CHOICES MADE FOR HONOR AND FOR LIFE;    Not the damned money excuse that history proves is “male”.  No, I cannot tell you what women will choose/ BUT I CAN TELL YOU, it will not be worse.  Because men have dragged themselves, and every life in this world:    literally to the door of HELL AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos).  And if you don’t stop now, in a very short time it will be too late to make any other decision to survive.  If you don’t stop now/ you WILL fall off the cliff into eternal death, because nature will collapse, and life will end without mercy or the single opportunity to change and return to respect.
SHAME ON YOU, that this situation exists.  SHAME ON MEN, that you have led all life on earth to complete collapse, and death.  How pathetic you are.   Shame on you all.               

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