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Thursday, 06 August 2009

 A NEW and better life, DOES mean change!
A new and different life, is literally that and does not allow for a return to the original descriptions of a life that could no longer be supported by the reality of an environment that cannot sustain you.  The foundations of a need for change exist simply:  either the old ways can be supported and survived/ or there must be new ways that will be supported and are survivable; or you die.  Such is this day, for all life on earth.  The list is long, the reality of leadership by men absolutely clear;   we cannot survive this. The evidence, clear enough without going into detail for some, that we either change our ways as a humanity; or we are simply going to die.  IN BRIEF: a short list of examples are provided. 
1.   Fusion is the same fire as is on the sun/ a machine is ready and in use today for the purpose of creating fusion here: fusion is atomic fire, burning the bonds that hold atomic structures together.  Everything here is fuel/ we CANNOT put it out. They will tell you “it takes tremendous pressure to sustain fusion/ but WHAT IF THEY ARE WRONG?  The answer is, a “lake of fire” that consumes all.
2. CERN, fermilab, and many others are all trying to create an end to the discipline of energy;   that reality of an action creates a reaction/ thereby a definable existence called time.  The release of undisciplined energy WILL BE “a nightmare”. The expansion of energy past the limits where a reaction is possible;  means there can be no containment or alteration or method to stop it.  Think.
3. The biological structure called genetics ARE LITERALLY NATURE ITSELF!  MAN is mutilating this structure that builds our bodies, every aspect of nature; the very thing that separates species and allows  immunology to exist/ THAT LITERALLY KEEPS pandemic’s away.  The very disciplines and distinct order that creates fundamental knowledge so that we know how to breathe; ETC. man will NEVER be a god/ you will die first.  Nature is everything life/ genetics are nature.  How can you be so blind?
4.  The oceans are under attack and ready to die/ because factory ships stay on top of entire “colonies” of fish/ so they can take them all; ending the possibilities of reproduction/ destroying those fish dependent upon the same prey as you take. Pollution and ethanol (6 gallon of water per gallon of ethanol) and abuse (the Ogalalla aquifer is empty in some places/ the water depth down by two thirds:   6000 years of accumulation, and it provides a lot of your food;   when empty you lose) are attacking the under ground sources of your water, and you will soon thirst to death.  You are dependent upon fertilizers to produce food, and these will run out land based potash is nearly gone/ you are mining the ocean and it will fail/ cutting production by one third..  You are dependent upon factory farms and these cannot exist without antibiotics fed daily/ and the antibiotics are all failing.  Which will end surgery, and most of medicine in general; consequently you die, from a cold.
5.  The resources you need to exist in society are being relocated in your garbage/ destroyed.  As are the chains of life that make our existence possible such as bees, all because you wish to mutilate nature and spread poison over everything.  The newest line of pesticides and herbicides are critically harming insects/ which in turn harm everything that is chained to their lives. Weapons of mass destruction are waiting/ and men are pushing each other with abuse, theft, and violence.

6.  In america and beyond;   the “rich” are consuming the poor/ taking from them everything they ever worked for/ everything they wanted or depended upon FOR GREED.  Today, not only are the “rich” given everything they want/ rescued from their own failures/ but the poor are given their bills, made to pay their penalties; and forced to borrow the same money they provided and pay twice the amount of interest and penalties required: first they pay to give the rich their money/ then they pay to borrow their own money from the rich;   who enslave them again. This is a foundation for civil war/ and this is a nation filled with weapons and pride; a place where once the shooting starts, have the population will be dead in one week.  Because fear will force you.
7.  Today, the fires you burn consume more oxygen than is created by nature.  We know, because we know how much fuel is sold, records are kept/ and we know how much oxygen is needed to create that fire. Tomorrow you die slowly and without mercy.
WHAT is not important about these things?  What deserves more attention than this/ because it is the whole earth, life or death for us all?  Where is your soul, as you sit there in gluttony, greed, and ease;    “Saying I don’t care”.   Prove me wrong, work for life, or understand your decision is death.
This is NOT a further listing of these threats/ rather this particular work is the certainty of change that is in our best interest.  You can find that at & and other sites provided therein.

Of all the basic levels of happiness and peace in society, that all human beings must accept is the need for law/ the reality of an environment no longer able to sustain us, without our help.  Because we are simply too many people, NOT to actively make decisions that either sustain our environment or kill it.  Like any other thing:   dead is dead/ and if our environment dies, then so do we.
A base recognition of current reality is useful simply to point out the problems with failure and disgrace.  Humanity exists within 7 simple parameters of life: there must be food and water/   there must be a “place to survive for me, & mine”/ there must be an opportunity for my life to exercise some control over my time here on earth/ there must be a security accepted; regardless of how or why (insanity erupts if not)/ there must be an association with “other lives”, because this keeps us balanced in ways nothing less can/ there must be a sexual possibility, because our bodies are built and minds develop with this need/ there must be hope for the future, a relationship with eternity; or people turn to evil (I hate):   OR they surrender, and must search for a different life.   It is necessary to accept different ways, because this is the best men did do. Their contribution to our future as life on earth is extermination, and very soon/ because like dominos’ when chains of life break, tragedy strikes all dependent upon that chain

  In the elemental truth of this work, the consequence of learning:  without change we are dead, eternity is forgotten.   MEANS, that some will turn to hate/ some will turn to “different ways with regard to leadership”/ and some will hide in the certainty of failure, because the panic is too great.  The fundamental necessary for us all is held to be: “an education” that then gives us the right to choose, because we do understand the relationships that will become true, by the choices we have and do make.  In other words, we must rebuild our lives and our world within the NEW parameters our existence here in this time has set before us/ or we fail.  In other words, having recognized that failure is certain without work; the reality of change becomes like building a house.  The initial phase is all planning/ followed by “digging a hole”, so the foundation will remain stable.  It is then created, “brick by brick/ board by board/ shingle by shingle until all your work FINALLY not only takes shape, but becomes a place that will reward you for your efforts;   with a place to live in peace and happiness, if you have done the work appropriately enough.  More simply;   there are no “immediate rewards”, when reality itself must be changed.  But there is hope for a future that will be better than today;   because this current tomorrow is death/ you have threatened everything/ cared about nothing, and chose in this day to make life a toy.
The question of law dictates whether someone will come and simply steal your work/ claiming it for themselves; regardless of the fact they did nothing or not.  Therein we learn the law IS FUNDAMENTAL to our future;   because it is absolutely unfair, that “my work/ should then become your reward”.   LAW AND JUSTICE, are elemental to human society, the failure to achieve both results in chaos and anarchy.  The failure to understand the critical nature of discipline and balance are fundamental and functional to life in society; as the means to negotiate our future together: divides and separates through inequality, misery, slavery, and prostitution. Your current employees of government have reduced the rights of a citizen to slavery;   because the law is trampled upon/ and the right of a US supreme court trial to demand the first amendment must be granted;   simply laughed at.  See the trial on the above site.  The question, will you obey the first amendment.  Their answer:   hell no.
The common escapes of religion, sex, money, want, pride, selfishness, and insanity are all dependent upon destroying what is true, and replacing it with the imbalance called “I”.  The critical delusion that allows each escape is the functional assertion “I have a right”.  To understand the future will be different, is to recognize and accept “I, will be different”: there is no other way.  Therefore an understanding that precipitates into, “the elemental existence called soul”;   is a necessary path establishing the possibilities of a new world.  While this is too deep for all but a few;   if you find your heart, life can begin again: even for a world.

The elemental drug called I, begins with the existence of a choice.  That functional reality “I can choose”/ literally exists as the foundation for closing off the world, behind the door marked “you”.  Therefore I, is the exception created from an opportunity to change your existence by the decision that you will make; either yes or no, or the various levels of indecision that drive people to the doors of:   excess or failure.  I cannot; thereby comes to exist as the prison walls within which life surrounds me/ that I cannot escape.  These two definitions create our world, but NOT without the elemental path of delusion and fantasy whereby people decide:   there is a middle ground/ if I just accept this lie!  Thereby I can be in control/ I can make a decision I refuse to make;   simply by believing in “one tiny particle”as a truth; and discarding all other relationships that prove this is useless by itself.  Nonetheless, people continually  accept these fragments, creating fantasy and delusion:   because they choose to believe:   life is less important/ than their own want.   Not true, is less important than the pride to say: I am winner/ you are loser.  These are consequences of a belief, that asserts “I am more important/ than anything else”; and is found in the vast majority of human beings.  After all, if you are dead/ is that not the end of you, not the end of everything you can do or be, to yourself, or anyone else? An elemental quest called eternity; is different subject matter, and applies to an entirely different subspecies of humanity than are those who find in themselves only want. As to the question of death itself, it is true, that the end of body finishes all that is possible within or because of that body. Simple as that. Soul, is NOT “the same”.
We begin with the relationship of “what is truly important/ and to whom”?   The value of life/ the value of identity/ and the value of an opportunity to decide who you are;   DOES represent the relationship of what is important, or not.  The lesser evaluations of “ease, simple, friendly, or painful” limit rather than expand the elemental descriptions of what can life be.  The search beyond self, an instruction elevated through the decision which leads directly to thought:   “Not me, but life shall decide”.  Soul is the pathway from which we enter this relationship:  oblivious to “I”/ then becomes, the participation called life.  The value of life, “I can believe”:   our source of energy, time, existence, freedom, and all things, expressions, experience, or love.  The creation of Identity, the possibilities of life in me (one of the participants/ rather than I, the only participant of importance, “the entity describing itself alone as life”), is fundamental to every relationship that survives the intensity of a choice to be free.   We cannot, or I cannot participate beyond the limits of discipline/ because reality assigns freedom the cause to expand exponentially and therein all identity becomes dispersed into “nothing bound”/ and life is lost to dissolution of purpose or desire.  Thereby we learn, that it is fundamental to choice, as a creation of specific life/ to understand we do have an obligation to create within ourselves an environment that accepts the purpose and desire of a life worth living. Or what does it mean to you, that you are given the chance to be ALIVE?  
This question, is more than the others; as it represents your own decision to participate in the freedoms and responsibilities of life itself.  This reality accepts the question of participation as a meaning defined by the purpose you will create, or the desire you will accept as your personal contribution to “our lives”.  In this decision, comes the truth of what your passions will be/ the relationship of intensity you will bring/ and the courage applied or needed to be yours, so that you may begin this journey into the destinies of a creation, that is indeed the existence of you.
Every road or path HAS a direction!  Every purpose or desire, its own beginning created from the experience or expression of a value that is understood to be important by you. The critical question:   CAN YOU expand your reality and truth, as a meaning that is beyond yourself?  Because if you cannot/ then fear will overcome your existence, and life will be about body or mind instead of life itself.  We do not live by body or mind/ we DO live by soul, the relationship we share with life itself.  Fail to find soul, and eternity will fail to find you.

 The fundamental existence of an identity created that is beyond yourself, is the evidence called love.  The critical relationship between what is important, and you;   is created within the boundaries of what do you love?  The expression and experience of love is defined by the relationship within which you search for desire, and the purpose by which you choose to become involved in an outcome from which you are intimately responsible as a participant representing yourself.  Love is not a game, it is a decision that participates in someone else’s life; making or breaking the heart as “our desire”/ not just yours.  Therein the life of another responds, and the reality of another is changed, by the things we choose to do, choose not to do, or simply fail to recognize as important at this time.
Heart is an element of time, created from the need to recognize our bodies are fully dependent upon this mechanism responding to our needs.  Life in the existence of loneliness represents this same basic need/ as it begins the expression of whether we wish to live or die, by the intensity of a life worth living for, or not.  Heart is the acceptance of a belief, that here in this person, this relationship with life; there is cause to understand, even I can and will be happy.  Thereby a relationship destroyed, is a cause to believe in that happiness lost. The intensity of an opportunity designed by the influences of another human being; either good, or bad.  Heart is the fundamental relationship between mind and body, wherein love is exhibited as “the keys” to me and you.  These things are not small or insignificant; and do represent a more critical acceptance that my life will not only be influenced by you, but held in truth by the elemental respect that is my decision for you/ and yours for me. Respect is a value, that cannot be assigned; it is accepted in truth, or it is not.  Just as a life is respected, or it is not.
Sexual definitions are represented: as the passionate embrace of all we can be together, as one.  Or they exist as the various levels of intensity by abuse or use exhibited by another: without the existence of respect for the other life involved. Sexual participation is granted when the elemental need for trust has been “approved”/ OR when loneliness, or hate intervene and demand “something will be done”. Sexual composition and development, is a relationship devoted to the intricacy of why am I doing this/ what do I hope to gain/ and why is the body a tool, or a gift.  The fundamental foundations of all three, examine the simple truth:   that chemicals operate within the body and mind to create a functioning foundation wherein “my life” believes in sexual composition.  That leads to hopes, whereby the opportunity to gain a new experience or expression leads some to exercise that ability.  The consequence being, if abandoned to the chemicals and their formation within our experience as body, the essence of a tool erupts.  OR, if trust, truth, respect, courage, discipline, and love combine into a relationship that shares heart and releases soul to combine as if we were indeed “for these moments” just one person alive/ then the gift of sexual reality identifies an environment created as our lives together. We cease to be lonely, and become the creation of a spiritual existence.  Spirituality is the essence of life, as it transforms the ability of soul, to enter thought as is distinguished between those who share the same journey through life itself.  It is necessary to encounter the same journey, because unlike time, thought is an elemental decision conceived by individuality, but can be joined by the acceptance of an elevation in purpose beyond simple belief.  Thought examines the desire of life, and if that desire is real and true to the purpose of its soul in love;   then relationships are formed whereby life becomes life, and spirit challenges the essence of soul itself.  If you look for purity, and a purpose called love:   look only to the biblical descriptions of JESUS CHRIST;   as these do represent the foundations and formations of a life critically aligned with the truth called and experienced as love.

There are elemental pathways determined by the things associated with ease:   religion, sex, money, want, pride, selfishness, and insanity are joined by “follow the leader”/ and the reality of a “road to be joined by the decisions of others, as is the flock, is born”.   Religion asserts: join us/ or be separate from us; there is no other way.   Sex as a tool, erupts from the decision that life and body are of little worth/ therefore I will take the pleasure or escape the pain, by entering into a world I can control;   because the other(s)  have no meaning to me.  Money is the base level of manipulation whereby all things are mine/ so long as I play the game of power, and exert the abilities of temptation, flattery, or ridicule.   Pride is the simple association: you are a tool/ not just your body or mind, but you are the evidence of “my slave, my trophy, or my abuse: I WIN/ you lose.”   Selfishness is the existence of a desire chosen through the elementary acceptance of hate;   I need NOT consider the others, for I am “ like a god, to me”.  Insanity is the singular example of lost, blind, deceived, or simply so alone nothing is real anymore.  There is criminal insanity, the addition of hate, whereby violence is a necessity; “to keep the idols chosen from crushing you/ crush the others instead; do what you are told, by voices that live only in your emotional acceptance of what time has taught you people do or can do”. 
And then there is leadership, whereby the people themselves decide “life is too tough for me/ I will go along with the crowd:   surely we all cannot be wrong.”  But that is fundamentally untrue, as is plain throughout history; following the crowd simply multiplies the impact of being wrong.  Every crowd has wants:   its how they determine where I belong.  Because I want too!  The elevation of want, to the self fulfilling parameters of I:   look only to create what can benefit as“ the I’s, have it”.  Thereby those who are not functioning as part of our group, can be left behind/ or left out, because they are not “One of us”.  The critical relationships of law and justice form around this fundamental of human choices in society/ and function to dismantle the individual groups.  and attain the evidence called WE THE PEOPLE instead.  Justice is the purpose of an ability to intervene for the sake of equality and happiness called peace in society.  Law is the desire for an equitable relationship with all others, such as is created when we live in peace.

The elemental decisions, that create peace:    Are law, the foundations decided upon by all the people as their way, their life, their hope for the future in happiness.  Composed and completed by a system of intervention that is fair, deliberate, and worthy to be called friend; because it shares with us all, the function of law, to complete our lives in peace through happiness as best we can.  Critical to every exertion of peace, are the foundations that give us life.  NATURE BEING ABSOLUTELY PRIMARY TO EVERY HAPPINESS, TO ALL POSSIBILITIES CALLED PEACE, AND TO EVERY HOPE THAT IS FOR A FUTURE WE CAN SURVIVE.  Comes the truth that we are no longer simply inhabitants of a nature that takes care of us.  Rather we are direct contributors to the possibilities of nature itself being able to survive the impact of our 7,000,000,000 people who live here on this earth/ each taking, each needing, each either working for or against a future for life.  We are absolutely dependent upon nature to provide for each one/ and all other lives.  We cannot survive, unless nature allows for it.  We cannot survive “the bastard’s and devils of men playing god with nature”.  It is that simple. If nature fails, we fail/ if nature is forever altered;   we will be mutilated until nothing is left of value for life.  What have men not succeeded in violating, destroying, or violently abusing until dead;   that they could?  That day is here, with genetic crucifixion of our world.  Nature is the genetic code/ nothing more, and nothing less. Life itself is a different participant;   but is irrelevant, if you take “nature” away. The exercise of a valid argument is: created by wisdom.  The reality of a need to work and thereby intervene in certain death for a world:   without an excuse for a single soul.  This ain’t just me/ this is for us all, and for a future alive on earth.                       
There are participation’s in life that allow or require the elemental essence of friendship.  This is one of those times, whereby it can be recognized that all life on earth is threatened with extinction.  The decision required of you:   IS FRIEND, OR ENEMY, or just don’t care!  Make your decision/ because time is running out, for any decision to matter.  Once we pass the point of no return, nothing in this world will matter;   all violence will simply be the elemental disgrace of what men chose for us to be.  All rape, all cannibalism, the sign: nothing will survive; because mutilation will consume all nature, every life on this planet.
This is not a friendly message, because YOU have not been friends to this earth/ as enemies you have consumed what life needs.  As enemies you have changed the reality of nature, the consequence of environment, and the composition of oceans.  As enemies you have created the actions that will bring you to war;   because of your greed, gluttony, and foolishness.
As fools, you have bought into evolution;   where even a child should and would understand:   LIFE is not an accident, nor is it a game.  The university has led you to disaster/ has made you blind to the facts and realities of life itself.  You call them savior, but there ways have led you directly to bankruptcy, and a world threatened with absolute disasters, the kind that describe HELL AND ARMAGEDDON.
The web sites provided give you the interpretation of Revelations.  The reality of evidence gives you the understanding:   THIS IS NO GAME.  The consequence of continued failure is death.  The truth of change requires your acceptance/ and the reality of religion demands:    Even though I don’t work by your rules:   the enemy is YOU, not me.  I bring you the opportunity for change/ the knowledge, that you must investigate and examine these realities:   because they can and will take your lives.  Where is that evil?   Where is that a sign of impending doom issued by me?   YOU ARE the perpetrators of evil, as your men and leaders of men have brought all these things, all these threats into your lives; governed by the university, and established by governments that know nothing but what is foolish and blind.   WAKE UP,    OR YOU DIE.  Because you chose it.

Over the decades;   the common excuse has been 30 years ago: nothing bad is going to happen in america/ I won’t listen to anything.   20 years ago the common excuse was:   GET OUT OF MY WAY, “I AM GOING TO BE RICH”/ AND don’t you do a damn thing to interfere.  10 years ago, gluttony and consumption took over in a vain effort to prove “I am rich/ I can have anything I want:   I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE OTHERS,    ITS ALL MINE”.   One year ago, “what could have gone wrong/ HELL, this is america, nothing real bad is going to happen.  But lets review: you are bankrupt/ spending like drunken fools, making promises that cannot be kept, and leading people with lies.  What could go wrong, with that?  Well except for that probable 120 trillion dollar claim for DEBT YOU OWE ME.   ONE TRILLION DOLLARS= 50 MILLION WORKERS   X   $20,000.00 EACH ONE.   A debt that cannot be paid is not money, its inflation.  And your numbers are meaningless, because there are so many in use there is no actual relationship with facts.   ALL FANTASY AND DELUSION.  You are bankrupt, and without a claim to any real value in “ a dollar bill”.  Broke, because of your greed.  You will pretend only a little longer/ because judgment day is here.  Either you choose truth, so that you can repair the damage of lies.  Or you fail, and die.  I have spent the greater part of my life telling you “trouble is coming”.  Thousands of dollars and years of work saying to you:   stop, or it will all go bad.  Waited until “can’t possibly turn away” because the threat is so severe.  But still, your mind is blank/ your soul is all but dead/ and your heart you traded for greed.  Shame on you.  Life is about to die/ and you can see it, if only you cared enough to even try. 
The religious want to play.  The greedy want to win.  The proud want to make them all applaud.  And the powerful simply want you to be a slave.  This is humanity, with only few exceptions, because you have made living a game/ life a toy/ and reality nothing more than an excuse to claim the prize “I lost, because I was stupid and blind/ NOW give me everything back and more; cause I am an american”.   How pitiful you are.
The evolutionist religion says:   we need nothing/ we can build one piece at a time.  Life says:  show me, let us cut our your kidneys/ your liver/ your brain/ your heart/ your arms/ eliminate your food/ end your ability to breathe;   and a few thousand more.    Want to volunteer, to prove you don’t need these things?  THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Shit head.
The geneticist says:    IF we can cause genetic disciplines to fail/ then we will learn how to be gods.   We can and will make “insect people/ fish people/ people with ten arms:   and any damned thing we want”!   Want to volunteer?   They are doing this;   crucifying life, intending to destroy: WITH YOUR MONEY.  And more.
The list is long, the words are many;   because you are such assholes;   blind, stupid, arrogant, and selfish.  Filled with abominable things, because you don’t care/ and you don’t want to care;   it would require change, and everyone knows:    Changing from want, to truth;   ain’t for you.  But death is.  Not decades away/ maybe not even years;   as there are science experiments that can literally destroy you all at any moment, on any day, when all things go bad.  You cannot go back/ you cannot repair genetic structure/ you cannot fix pandemic’s/ or stop weapons of mass destruction/ not even civil war, because it will happen too fast. And what do you do?   When asked simply:    Don’t believe me, GO INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE THE FACTS/ UNDERSTAND YOUR FUTURE?   The answer is;   hide in greed, want, arrogance and ridicule, and pretend reality will not come for you/ let the kids go to hell:    WE WILL escape.
I tell you true: you WILL NOT ESCAPE.  Not here, not now, not in eternity!  You brought this disaster/ you paid the price for all these threats to exist/ you ran away from honor and responsibility and chose to assassinate the future, killing your own children.  You will not escape HELL AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos) is coming quickly.
Either you will find your heart and soul/ or you will get exactly what you chose.  Inheriting the choice you made, by the consequences YOU CREATED.
UNDERSTAND THIS; there are NO second chances.  You are causing this earth to fail/ by your choices.  Your reward is NO MERCY.  Because that is what you chose.   Choose better quickly or inherit your reward.

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