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Thursday, 06 August 2009


After 3 decades of working within the reality: these choices that humanity is making for itself/ WILL end in catastrophe.  It is clear, obvious, and real;   that my methods are inadequate to the fears, beliefs, and failures of the human population of this earth.  I am apparently “more different than I thought”; because as is true by the evidence of my work and life/ the reality of truth that surrounds us, is more than enough to make me accept:   life itself, and personal decision must be discarded in favor of keeping life on earth alive.  NOT as your savior/ can’t do that/ never will be able to do that:   but I can bring you a message, that WE MUST do that, or die.  Even though you are “too afraid, to hear reality/ or too arrogant to conceive of truth;   too selfish to care about anything but your want”:   the message has been clear, the evidence more than sufficient to make you hear.  BUT, as it is clear and certain you refuse/ even though your very lives are threatened with extermination, your future so bleak at this moment, it will reduce all hope to insanity.  And your lives literally living in the balance between life or death this very day;   because there are machines running, that can end life on earth at any given moment.  Even with all that, still you run away and hide/ believing as you want, that IF you just won’t believe/ then nothing bad will happen to you.  It is absurd, stupid, and without sense;    Like hiding in the closet of a burning house/ your fears are coming to surround you, and leave you no way out.  But still you pretend/ still you believe in the fantasies that are death to you/ still you are arrogant and so proud it is impossible to talk to you.  I have tried politely/ tried every form of communication there is available to me/ tried education/ chastising you/ confronting you with reality and truth/ tried the law, which remains unenforced, NOT unable to establish truth.  And more.  Still you run away and hide, all but a tiny few.  Wanting everything, but surrendering everything to death; which means everything you want cannot survive, everything you do, cannot conceive of a reward that you will ever know, at least for long. Such is the truth of your threats/ your reality.
In america at least;   the people do however believe in their medicine/ their university/ their government/ their media/ and their court; somewhat less in their military; but they believe.  Let us review:  you are the most drugged nation the world has ever seen/ a reality of addicts, a consequence of the most hypochondriacs that have ever lived.  How?  The answer is propaganda works, whereby the advertisements are effective, and the doctors know “you do want something”/ even if it’s a lie.  But they also know, “cut off a breast/ diagnose a cancer” and for a couple hours work, they claim a new car for themselves.  You believe, because most think its basically free for them;   but statistics claim a 5 trillion dollar annual healthcare bill for america.  5 trillion dollars divided by the 50 million or less workers here= $100,000.00 per each worker/ per year.   Just for healthcare; YOU ARE LIARS.

The university has created for you weapons of mass destruction/ threaten you each day with fusion, or other devastating effects from the national ignition facility/ are literally destroying nature each and every day with genetics (we cannot fix nature/ once dead, we are dead; that simple.  Like AIDS or any other disease it will not be contained/ genetic collapse will spread “like lightning”).  They lead all others in tempting you/ manipulating you/ controlling you/ lying to you/ stealing your money, behind your back/ promising everything, and delivering little more than death and debt.  You will say no/ but every threat we face can be tied in one way or another to the university you worship.  Doesn’t mean there have been no benefits/ it simply means, if your dead, what good is the rest.
The government lies, every day.  They pretend that debts don’t matter.  They pretend that debts that cannot be paid/ are not inflation, when clearly if not inflation: then it is a direct intent to steal the public blind and reduce you to slavery.  Because when adding numbers/ when giving all those numbers to “just the rich”, when selling the nation to cover their ass, and keeping it quiet so you don’t know. When disavowing the law, and choosing anarchy.  When allowing wall street to completely mutilate business and industry;   allowing all forms of gambling through wall street to exist/ instead of containing it for the express purpose of REAL BUSINESS AND TRUE INDUSTRY.   That has nothing to do with financial services.  They lie about your money/ they lie about your assets/ they fix the books and pretend accounting does not matter, money does not matter, because the people must pay. They promise themselves everything.  They promise the people anything, even though someone will claim they are owed.  They fail in ten thousand ways, and yet you still believe; who is the greater fool?

The media is now owed almost exclusively by a very few who do control and edit everything.  Fail to abide “by my rules” and you are through as a journalist/ good luck paying your college bills, “cause we few own it all”.  Our monopoly is extreme.   What they do shove down your throat is any part or portion of sensationalism that can be found.  Seldom if ever a mention of anything called value/ just “an ice cream social”, or someone shot, killed, abused, or used someone else.  Political coverage is essentially “did the president or others take a shit or piss; details at ten”.   While they do talk/ because hours must be filled; there is no substance, because there is no thought; no value or honor in finding the truth “conversation is over/ work to do then”.  And as we all know, conversation is what the people want anyway.  DON’T want no damn truth, it means change/ don’t want NO DAMN change;    I got mine/ or going to get.  It is true we get what we want as a people/ it is also true, like a shepherd with sheep, you are being led; politely cause they want you money.   But distinctly, defiantly, and deliberately led to where the people who own the media want you to go.  Do you not believe?  Without a doubt, anything you are told.

The courtroom, is the place where every nation lives or dies by the truth.  Where is the truth for this nation.  With threats all around/ with law demanding action and acceptance as DUTY BOUND/ with the conspiracy in all high places complete: the court answers the singular question, “WILL YOU HONOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” the peoples power.   There answer while facing the potential of imprisonment, impeachment, the loss of everything they worked for:   because the law is more powerful than them all:    Yet they refused; even with the evidence of a world in massive trouble.  They knew, but did it anyway.  As did the lower courts in clear and certain procession.  Failure at every level/ failure at nearly every case presented under the law. Failure to abide by due process. Failure to respect.  Failure to contain the lawyers who ransack and rape right in the courtroom, extorting and pretending law when in fact it is actual thievery right before the judge, in the presence of all. Shame on them.
The military is tempted/ let them do it, cause we don’t want to.  The military is used, because we want power/ and power must be seen, or it is worthless to push people around.  The military is abused, whereby those who do deserve honor are largely failed.  The military is charged with “superpowers”/ meaning just one mistake, just one bastard in charge, and the world can be lost.  And there are many bastard’s.  And there are many who make mistakes. 

While it is true you can believe anything you want/ it is never true, you can escape reality by pretending it is not real.  And every threat that can cause extermination of this world, is very real.  You cannot hide. You cannot run away.  You cannot escape.  Your only choice apart from fantasy and thereby death:   IS TO FACE YOUR FEARS, AND CHOOSE TRUTH, RECREATING A FUTURE THAT WILL BE SURVIVED.  Yet you refuse, and soon there will be no choice/ because time “ran out”.  Too much damage done, you simply will not survive;  even if you suddenly try.  Consequently, instead of belief, it is absolutely necessary that you learn reality, and support truth in the decisions that will provide LIFE on this earth.  Failure is literally death/ regardless of what you want.  Never have I said to you “believe me”/ that too is worthless, I am not an issue here/ nor have I ever been, nor do I wish to be.  Reality is the issue, threats are TO YOUR LIFE, YOUR FUTURE, & YOUR CHILD.   Truth has no substitute, either you accept or refuse.  Go to court, investigate, examine, and decide what is true; and what is real; that is my message to you/ combined with reality of a need to wake up.

All these things and more have failed before you!  Because you are “asleep”/ complacent, because fear drives you away from your truth to conceive of fantasy, and believe in fairy tales;  no matter which liar leads you to your death.  “I won’t believe/ anything I don’t want too”;   simple as that.  It is foolish, and blind;   but it is, the “current american way”.  You let want lead you/ you chose greed as your god/ you deliberately stepped on anyone you could, because “winner” is more important than life.  And more.  And you ridicule me, for choosing life, regardless of the price.  Not against death, but in the quest, the necessary search for passage beyond this world.
There is no middle ground left.  The end of nature as you know it, is just around the corner staring at you with mutilations you cannot even imagine.  If you survive/ because only   GOD   knows if HE will allow this earth to be lit on fire, or any of a number of other horrendous human experiments.  You will lose your food supply, because that is what you chose/ and you refuse to repent and support safety for yourselves or other life on earth.  It’s a choice/ and you have chosen death.  Because you cannot sustain current practices, and will have no opportunity to rebuild, before you starve and fall into cannibalism and thereby world wars.   That I have called you failures or fools is fitting;   these are the choices men, and the leaders of men have made.  This is their reality, chosen for you.  As a consequence;    Women must try, as men did choose death for us all.

I too, face the greatest challenge of “my world” / it is different than yours.  I have been avoiding the simple truth: I have not been successful in convincing you there must be change.  I was not successful in conceiving of a plan, or a method that would help you decide to do that very thing.  It is the introduction of “the spirit of woman” that made this site possible, this message governed by an education rather can confrontation.  Yet here I am, still confronting you/ still presenting you with information that you do fear.  And it is fear, that drives the masses of society away/ OR if suddenly turned to me, will want a leader instead of accepting truth.  That is NOT acceptable.  Consequently, the end of male in me looms as the only way possible to help you survive.  NOT as your savior, as a concerned “citizen of life”;   willing to do my part for life on earth.  Whether you will accept your duty, is strictly your decision;   I have made mine.

Confrontation brings fear, in those who run away or hide from reality;   and that is NEARLY one hundred percent; the human race.   I cannot be a man, and not confront you/ I cannot conceive of, or accept your ways of running from the truth, or hiding from reality;   I simply cannot.  It is completely against who I am.

The only possibility is female.  The only probability is the essence of female inside; as it is impossible for me to be woman/ without   GOD   simply making that happen.   NOT a decision that is part of me, how could I know.   Regardless it is possible to accept the relationship created with the spiritual woman introduced through Revelation 12, in the bible.  It is possible to understand and accept the essence of woman inside/ even though it is the exact opposite of everything male; that my life has always been.  Never a moment otherwise, until the day I opened the spiritual door of woman; “seemed necessary at the time”.
What is useful to you, to this work, is the understanding; confrontation must disappear; simply you were told, must do.  Fears must subside, therefore the relationship of threats to our lives must be left behind.  A new and different state of mind must exist, leaving what is male/ and beginning what can only be called female.  Life on earth is worth this price, the opportunity to help absolutely important, because there is no going back.  If you do not understand why/ then it is useless to talk, to you.
So many things are different already;   the end of thinking “like a man” IS an immense confrontation to me.  WHAT can thinking like a woman really mean?  How will it change my life? How will I survive, in a “half man/ half woman” body on the other side of life.  There is nothing here that allows men “Inside”/ they can only destroy me, they cannot own me, and never will.  But as the essence of woman, in a partially male body;   women suddenly do.  They literally can change, alter, build, or destroy my life; much like men have done to them as a gender throughout history.  It is not “a gentle thought”.  I know not how it all ends, or what will be.  Only, there is no going back/ already everything lost that was male, is honestly gone;   simply cannot find it back, literally gone. This has become my reality, and I could not be “more surprised”.

The essence of woman, is not a fearful thing/ but it is a very different thing, that understands I must begin again.  That is not a confrontation, merely a reality.  Instead of “living at the extreme outer edge of human existence”/ where energy, boundaries and disciplines matter most. I must turn to live on the inside, and search where heart and soul combine, instead of alive separately, they are the “new world”,  that must be searched together.  It would seem “not so different”/ but in reality, the change is immense, from a place where life is about everything outside, and how heart or soul can be affected individually.  To a life created about everything inside, where heart and soul are life itself, the essence of a world without the influences of confrontation/ without the essence “of a battleground” to be fought upon, or the disciplines required for war.  It is a search for life itself on the inside where my decisions affect it, rather than life as the participant in an environment outside, affecting me.  There are similarities in both male and female existence, but they divide along the reality of what is truly important “to me”.  Discussing therefrom the base elements, of why “we are lock and key, for each other”/ rather than simply “alone is enough”.

I know not how it ends, female has only begun.  The discovery of true male however is identified by the four elements of life: courage ( the price I will pay) is the foundation/ strength (the disciplines of truth) the giver of possibilities/ purpose a design worthy of the risk/ & desire creates the association with love that then becomes the opportunity beyond ourselves.  When   a relationship with   GOD   is added we find soul, through the wisdom of respect.  When a relationship with    JESUS (the most definitive example of love, honor, and eternity without fear) is added, the elemental example of heart, an acceptance of the price assigned by these things granted to us from JESUS.   Then and only then, the path created in trust, allows for the essence of thought to extend and expand our world, as a journey within the destiny of time, by creating the expressions that will conceive of eternity.
I KNOW now, that female searches inside.  I know that instead of things identified beyond the fundamental foundations that defend our environment as life/   our relationship to   GOD  and to   JESUS is elemental to the family called love.  Where love exists, is where her search begins.  Where the value of heart, and the courage of soul identify the possibilities of a union beyond ourselves in the essence of love/ rather than the realities of environment;   woman is different than man.

The elemental essence of Revelation 21, is created in “how GOD   changes us”.  Thereby it is inherently defined, by what you do or do not do “with the inside of your life”. The foundation of every soul, every heart, is the individuality by which you create yourself as an identity capable of inheriting the right to choose what can survive, as hope and truth in your life.  Through trust in truth, and the creation of a respectful freedom where environments give you the opportunity not only to survive, but understand and participate in love; through the disciplines necessary. Because law will not be denied. Where your hope lives, your life shall follow. Where your truth exists as a destiny created by the direction of your soul “to love/ OR to hate”; that journey is the life you chose. Do not let another make this choice for you.   Chose and abide in your choice for love, as if “eternity depended upon it”.  Do so, because    GOD   created you/ and there is NO possibility HE will fail.  We live this life in the freedom and lack of respect/ lack of discipline,  our ancestors chose.  You are not slaves, and freedom has its price. The opportunity to make bad choices, is literally a price defined by freedom/ because if “the hammer fell, and you were killed just because you made a bad choice”:   that would not be freedom to choose, “would it”.  Therefore, “the good, live with the bad”; but eternity separates all, by their own truth.   The elemental truth about predator and prey is: either   “There is just enough to survive (in which case, if freedom allows a bad decision/ then there are not enough to survive),   OR there will be an abundance, and the consequence of that is, “some must die”.
Balance in nature, is constant and everywhere.  Balance in  common human decisions, is scarce and lacks the direction of truth.  You have decided as a humanity, “to let the bastard’s play   with life, as if it were just a toy”.   If you continue to fail, to stop this;   “Then man will be your god, the destroyer of this world, will consume you”.  Satan or devil is a purpose to destroy    GOD’S   GOOD   WORK.   Every part of this creation/ every life on this earth is     GOD’S   WORK,   HIS PLAN, AND HIS DESCRIPTION OF WHAT IS GOOD.   That which mutilates itself, or is the result of the tampering or failures of human decision is simply that.   LIFE IS GOOD,   but if you fail to stop crucifying it; then life will go bad.  Hell will consume you with insanity, continual rape, and tragedy beyond your comprehension in this day.  MAKE A DECISION,    NOT to remain blind.  NOT to allow stupidity and liars to rule.  NOT to gamble with everything.  OR DESTROY everything with continual “I don’t care”.    Make this decision, or say goodbye,    To life!

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