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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The point of no return exists within this next year, for all manner of Ascience experiments@. The people laugh, ridicule and say:   NO MAN or set of men can destroy this whole earth/ he lies, this is just another; Athe sky is falling, bastard@.                           
While it is correct, no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth;   FUSION CAN destroy it.  And once it is started no man or set of men can stop it.  Look at the sun, understand NIF(national ignition facility) literally exists to bring this same fire to earth. And they are not alone.  Therefore prove you can survive/ or they cannot be wrong. How can you control or put out a fire, where atomic everything, is fuel? The water, the rocks, everything is fuel.  Did your science tell you that? Did your university tell you?  Did your government? Did your media, explain or defend your right to make this decision/ and not simply inherit its result occur?  No, not a single one.  All are edited/ because they fear their job/ their pride has taken over their lives/ or the demand for power controls everything about their lives, including even: the reality you will die, if you don=t recognize this truth.  Look at the sun, and prove me wrong/ that is the same fire they intend to bring here.  Understand for years, I have pushed for understanding Athis is insane/ what if you are wrong: all life is dead@!  And not one, perhaps a tiny few in these last days:, did anymore than run away, ridicule, or pronounce Athey know what they are doing@/ even though this is an experiment (we don=t know/ that=s why we experiment)..
While it is correct no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth;   the RELEASE OF UN-DISCIPLINED ENERGY CAN!  Take a look at the Abig bang@/ a changed universe; the most destructive event in all history called time;  and prove CERN: the intent to recreate this energy can be survived. Or, you, and this world, will be dead in this next year.  The relationships attacked in this madness;   are somewhat hard to understand, and you don=t understand the simple truth of looking at the sun, and recognizing: WE DON=T want that here!   Why should I bother to explain it.  You fight for nothing but greed or lust.  You live without honor, truth, love, discipline, or life:   because without the first, life has no real value.  Thereby you surrender without a fight, you give up, without even a whimper: shame on you. These pathetic fools/ these damned devils so ignorant and filled with arrogance search for nothing;   they are the worst kind of baby, using you/ using life/ and prepared to terrorize existence, for a toy; so they can play god.  Gambling with everything/ knowing nothing; and don=t care.  The essence of what they do is defined as follows; even though you have no right to know, as you have literally earned nothing/ but destruction.  When the extreme atomic environment is escaped/ the laws of time end, or are reduced to the gamble AIF we survive@.  At the extreme edge of atomic existence/ the collision of electrons at the speed of light plus the speed of light/ turns deadly as the train of electronic particles that follow escape reaction, because these subsequent collisions push the possibilities of mass beyond that realm called time. As they escape time do to the velocity that exceeds all functions capable of resistence/ they still do retain mass, as the fragments left over by dissintegration.  That mass retains its bond with REAL energy (NOT to ever be discussed)/ and with that mass and its link to lets call it gravity: even though the speed is beyond comprehension;   just like the electron environment around an atomic nucleus/ the mass returns or tries to return to its center.  That means in simple terms:   AIt ain=t   AGod=s particle@/ ITS SATAN=S SWORD@.  And this simple exercise in absolute disrespect, becomes a Abullet@ that then consists of the means to break every atomic environment it encounters/ slicing and dicing this earth to pieces. Not only does it break the foundations which hold us all together.   Just like it did during the big bang process whereby the mass in order to collapse in one gigantic explosion:   the mass was weakened first/ by atomic dissolution of bonds, that will not reform.  The second part is:   this is the means by which the inner core of this earth for instance was ignited.  This Asatan=s sword@ will then further invigorate the reactions occurring at the center of this earth, and as a consequence; just like in the big bang:   when the heat has multiplied past the point of no return/ it blows up the entire mass, because the bonds which hold it together, are gone.  So we now will see:   if the shitheads can be stopped, before they use this information to further endanger this world.   Or if instead, the damned;   just don=t care.

While it is correct no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth;   GENETIC MUTILATION CAN.  Men and women are invading every genetic discipline/ for very many, their actual intent is to cause critical genetic collapse; intending they will Alearn much@; once they know how to fully destroy it.  Genetic disciplines will fail, causing complete collapse of all things nature:   because nature IS THE GENETIC CODE!  Destroy it, and you destroy all life.  How many millions of engineering disasters have men not caused, how many times is incalculable that the leaders of men LIED, their arrogance astoundingly stupid.  The difference here is; a dead nature is a sealed tomb for us all.   Life is not a chemical expression/ not a mathematical equation;   as utter terrorists led by the priests of evolution have told you.  Life is the environmental development: that controls the creation, division, action, reaction, and especially balance that conceives of an energy set apart/ as individual. You get nothing more!  How much death do you need/ how much mutilation can you stand;   before your mind rises from the dead?  Do you not experience more cancer than ever before, more allergies, more asthma: not a single one knows, when a single mistake will mean the end of nature. What is worse is: THE DAMNED have literally worked for years to crush and destroy genetic disciplines; so they can see the result, and believe they will then be gods.  They will then be satan;   DESTROYER OF YOUR LIVES.  What pathetic fools you are/ a  horrific disgusting disease;   gambling with everything/ taking the weapon in your hand, to kill everything called life.  How can you be so blind: knowing genetic order and discipline gives every life its form/ its hands/ its ability to swallow or breathe/ its everything;   yet you allow these Adevils@ to play with it like a toy.   SHAME ON YOU/ Destroyed by your own hands, a schizophrenic insane desire to play god. You know this is life, literally the future, and yet you do it anyway; because the old want to buy more time/ and the young are so busy thinking about all they want, they refuse to accept the price of continued life, is you too must take responsibility for the decisions that are being made.  If you are older than 12 years, you CAN do something useful for life on earth:   THINK, ACT, AND DO..
Absolute failure is everywhere.  Absolute greed has mushroomed throughout this earth. Absolute stupidity is led by evolution:   the religion of the damned/ supported by nothing more than illusion.  The disgrace of life on this earth, because you were so stupid, so blind, so indifferent and lame in your minds:    TO UNDERSTAND, the body needs its parts and pieces/ not one at a time.  It needs them all, it needs sex and every reproductive organ. It needs the will and the mind to survive;   and evolution addresses nothing of value or truth.  Merely the theories of the damned.   Adaption is not evolution/ it is the sign and seal of Aperfect design@. A body born mutilated, is the sign and seal of what evolution would be, if it existed at all. [not a statement regarding any person;   a reality of the religion called evolution].
While it is correct ..... weapons of mass destruction can destroy this earth.  Did the media tell you:   the redress of grievance trial on the web site GAVE YOU THE PEOPLE, the option of declaring we will have these no more?  Did they tell you your leaders of america, were asked:   WILL YOU OBEY THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES?  One simple question they had to answer/ but in collusion against the law/ and against the nation/ and against life on earth:   THEY CHOSE ANARCHY INSTEAD.  As did your media, by not telling you:   there are options here, under the law/ we are not slaves but owners of our laws, and we can enforce them ourselves.  Fools and failures and idiots beyond measure, all pretending Ahow great we are/ we will decide for all the people@.  Shame on you/ because of their shame and disgrace by disrespecting both the law, and this nation.

 While it is correct....... the loss of life through loss of food, can make you cannibals/ and you are destroying the ocean: factory ships wipe out entire colonies of fish, because they can.  They catch/ then they process while keeping the colony close by/ then they take more;   just as most men take everything, leaving not a single one for another generation. Which means no possibility to regenerate exists, the ocean food chain gone. The predators dependent upon the fish taken/ the colonies destroyed, now going extinct too.   Humanity has set into place a factory livestock system completely dependent upon feeding antibiotics; and they are all failing, in people and in livestock; and when gone; your animals for food will die by the millions per month, with no means to stop it. Because your opportunity for other choices, has all but disappeared.  You have chosen to use antibiotics, chemicals, pollution, and more to isolate organisms and make them stronger;   establishing the means for horrific disease.  You have chosen to abuse antibiotics, making it soon impossible to stop any human disease/ and ending all surgeries, because the infection will kill them first;   all because you want Aeasy and proud/ lusting for wealth; and selling your souls@.   Humans are multiplying people at 2 million more mouths, than deaths to feed  per week/ and many more threats exist from this simple reality. But instead of life, instead of responsibility, instead of truth:   all demand, AI can have as many children as I want, IN HELL (because you raise them for war; nothing left/ for food; nothing left/ for horrific realities because you are so damn proud nothing can make you recognize reality@.  Your poisons alter and mutilate genetics/ your failures in every conceivable way threaten this earth and every life in it; billions, if not trillions of tons of chemicals and fertilizers are poured onto lawns, for nothing more than Apretty@.  Fertilizers responsible for a large portion of your food to eat, used up/ a resource that will end;   destroyed because you are so damn proud/ so damned arrogant, nothing matters but you.  You are destroying all water reserves/ polluting, using and abusing for nothing more than a useless ride, or a desire to throw something else in the garbage.  You are responsible for Aa million miles of garbage@ in the sea.  You are burning fossil fuels at a rate that consumes more oxygen than this earth produces:   guess what happens then/ dumb ass.  Guess, go ahead/ where will you hide!  You are warming the earth/ and pretending it does not matter, because you want your greed, power, and pride. You are listening to experts, because they stole your mind;   making the masses little more than fools.  And the religious say Aamen, etc@/ because they don=t, want to be different:   just a damn insurance policy anyway. AJust in case@.
Yet I am ridiculed, and even feared.  Because the greedy don=t want to lose their power.  Because the proud don=t want to be equal.  Because the majority all Awant to be rich/ even though they know inside, you cannot be rich without making many others poor@.  Religions all say Afollow me, but every one of them lies in this pit of man-made disasters@.  Every one runs away from reality and truth to hide in their fantasy/ in their illusions of stupidity and disgrace.  Leaders;  making a few responsible for the rest;   causing the majority to fall in the very same pit, from which you soon cannot return; the living dead/ and more. ARMAGEDDON means nature in chaos; how will you survive that?  Not even this genetic crucifixion of all GOD=S CREATION;   is enough to move you to do anything more than whine.  Shame on you/ Wake up, or die. You are insane/ proven without a doubt as leaders, to a world called AI/ we don=t care:  MAKE ME RICH, TO HELL with the others@.  Consequently, All that is left, is whether the masses wish to join in this death the leaders have brought to you. Or return to truth and reality before it is too late.  All that is left is too decide if women will abandon all life on earth/ and choose to exterminate it with their indifference, or greed, or lies, or want; as have men. It is their turn to lead/ men have failed completely. But if they will not, then YOU are dead!  IF you continue to wait for every threat to be proven beyond every doubt:  Ayour dead@/ and every future, every life on earth with you.  The mind MUST accept knowledge, function with honesty through understanding, and choose honor, because life needs wisdom, to be truthful, to survive.  Find your life back/ learn genetics and science are more than a game:   these are the end of your world.  Wake up,  Or die. will provide more.
But what it cannot provide, is your acceptance of a need to talk, to work, and to intervene in the tragedies that will soon overtake this entire world.  What it cannot provide is your decision NOT to allow those fools, devils, satan=s or whatever you wish to call them:   to gamble with all life on earth.  What it cannot provide, is the simple truth, that if your pride is so damn important to you, that all life on earth is less important: than your want or fears/ then you don=t deserve to live.  And you won=t!

This world only dies once! ANY argument to the contrary is the evidence of a fool/ a bastard/ a devil/ or a liar. Today, there are many machines to destroy us all. Today, there are many people who literally want to play god; with every life on earth.  With absolute stupidity and lack of discipline or honor; LIARS AND FOOLS have led you to the gates of HELL (a world of humanity   so insane, they know not what is real/ truth/ life/ love/ or respect: lost it all to pride and want). We stand at the door of ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos, through genetic mutilation) as well.  We stand at the door of extermination by a list so long,   ONLY GOD can keep us alive.   Because as is the common description of men, throughout history:    AEven if they cannot build it/ they DO SEARCH for ways to destroy:   thereby claiming, we are great/ because we now decide life by death@.  Your scientists work to destroy discipline and order from this earth;   ASaying we will be great@!  Just like your financiers claimed Awe will be RICH@/ and took you to fantasy and delusions and complete bankruptcy;   before your very eyes, ears, and even knowledge Athis cannot be@.  Yet you accepted the lies anyway, because YOU wanted to be rich.  NOW YOU ARE VERY POOR, living on lies, and waiting for revenge.  Buying guns, and waiting for the day, when every human life is a target;   every experience is the fear: Ashoot them, before they shoot us@. Shame on you.  This world is dying before your very eyes and ears;   and you do nothing.  At a minimum, you can talk, educate with this site, or work to establish the law as is the supreme court case on this site;   or any other decision you wish to make.  This is life or death for the world;    Because machines exist, to exterminate you in many ways, at any time;   because even without war/   WE NEED the disciplines of energy and body and life.  And your world is under attack.  There is no going back, from chaos.  Drop off the edge, and life on earth is over.  You become the living dead. Start working!
Turn off their electricity/ take away their funding/ take them to court!
But your too smart to be fooled by mere evidence/ the suggestion, Athose gods, of science and university/ those gods of university who are going to save you@.   Those gods  you believe in MORE than evidence or truth, are actually killing you;   intent upon destroying this earth and all its life?  Gee, what is that name they should actually be called again?  It has something to do with religion/ but hell, if evolution doesn=t tell you too;   why should you believe anything right?   Of course you are worshipers;, hell you got television to keep you under control/ and we all know, the people who own it: Awouldn=t just use you for money or power or pride@ now wouldn=t they. Of course not.  After all, they are the first to remind you:   one trillion dollars equals 50 million workers times $20,000.00 each one.  The first to tell you, we are or were;  roughly a nation of 50 million workers.  They have been investigating and learned: the three trillion dollars already spent by bush and obama represent $60,000.00 dollars of new money:    GIVEN TO SOMEONE per each and every worker/ BUT NOT to a single real worker.  They are the first to tell you: this money is being used by the wealthy, to strip every asset from every hand in the nation/ resulting in absolute poverty with no chance for better without civil war for most: aren=t they? Isn=t that what they do? Or do you suppose the rich own your media for a reason/ describing you as the slaves or puppets on their string..  And creating for you;   a crippling need to work your life away for nothing;   because the rich don=t need you/ therefore why should you not be their slaves.  Bought, used, and thrown away.  Did not the court give them the media/ make them owners, so the few could rule the rest:   so the university could take their manipulations, temptations, and fundamental ridicule and lead you to your death. They did indeed.  The media  know these things, as do many, many more/ because over the months and years I have told them; they have no excuse.  They side with tragedy and set you up for war: where the blood will literally run in rivers/ because fear and guns are all that is being left for the masses..  Aren=t you proud of your worshiping them now;   aren=t they special?  Oh how great they are;   or is it how gullible, blind, and stupid you are?  You tell me.

You have been lied to, about everything.  You were told Agoing to be rich@/ while in fact, THE THIEVES had raided the vault called government and assets;   and carried it all away with your blessing.  Going to be rich, got numbers!   But as you are learning as dim-witted fools:   numbers are not only worthless, they are the greatest liars of all.  Did you not believe in your numbers?  Did you not have many numbers which vanished into nothing? Money is the work of people for you/ and the resources necessary to make that work happen: nothing more, and nothing less.  THE LIARS assert, that you can build a debt by trillions of dollars Aits not inflation@!  BUT REALITY SAYS, if it=s a debt that cannot be paid/ then it is inflation, hidden in the disguise of DECEIT. Your problem in economics today is very simple:   the baby boomer generation NOW WANTS not to work/ and spend all their numbers; letting people be their slaves; so the numbers are now being transformed into actual money realities.  Consequently the people and resources required are not real/ and the money is then becoming revealed as a lie.  Your Agovernment@ employees have chosen to Astimulate the economy@ by adding 12 trillion dollars over the next 2 years;    But workers will see none of it/ only work instead.  That equals $240,000.00 per worker injected as numbers into what the average worker IS TOLD & believes: Aisn=t inflation@. Can you pay this back? Hell no/ which means it ain=t debt:   its just monopoly play money, used to confiscate and destroy your world.  Someone has the numbers don=t they:   banks and others will multiply this by ten; giving only those with access; SO MANY NUMBERS, no one else can compete: they WILL own everything.  And the people will find themselves ruined in two short years.  Nothing but civil war left.  Did the government or media tell you that? They know/ cause I told them over months and years. Are they not thieves, swindlers, criminals, and con-men; working in collusion with the supreme court; because they know too.  At the end of 2007 all american debts combined totaled roughly 100 trillion dollars. [world wide estimate of debt at the end of 2007 was roughly $750 trillion dollars.  IT AIN=T, just an american problem].  LIARS just let you believe federal debts are all that is important/ but that does not include personal, business, state,, ,,etc.  ARE THESE LIARS NOT IN CHARGE OF GOVERNMENTS?  Who else is it, that led you to complete economic disaster?  Were your own employees of government NOT IN CHARGE of making certain, the money was real/ life was fair/ the court and all branches of banking were upholding the law. Keeping justice through fair play.  Giving equality its measure of substance;   because none were treated differently?    Or did these employees LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY WERE DOING/ trade your lives, for their own ease and worthless intent.  Carry on every lie, and pretend they were not traitors.  The people of america believe they are still rich/ but there is nothing left.  THE THIEVES TOOK IT.   Yet you say of them, they will protect me from harm;   from certain death as in the experiments you have been led to accept.  FAILURE ON EVERY SIDE, as resources are attacked, the earth itself is changed;   and doom rises from reality to consume every single one.  Going to get rich in the stock market again?  Every single worker had their money devalued so far by an additional $60,000.00 dollars of new numbers added to the Aeconomy@.  Did you get yours!
In the history of human existence/ there has never been a time, where the machines of men could destroy this earth, its nature, its balance or order, or all life.   UNTIL TODAY. NOTHING, is as it was/ because this earth is now under the possibilities of what men can and will do.  They can destroy us all/ and they will:   unless change comes very quickly.  Want to be wrong/ then dig your grave/ your children=s grave; and explain why it is you could not be bothered to help save this world.   EXPLAIN IT, to your child, or be damned.
Consequently all things old, are irrelevant!  All preconceptions as to what can or cannot exist, or be done to us have passed away.  And we are confronted with a reality and a truth that exists between what some men and women are willing to do/ because their pride has made them insane.   OR the truth and reality of what those people who are not entirely insane can do, to stop these tragic descriptions of human dysentary from gambling our lives, and this earth away.  There is no coming back to what existed before.  There is no saying your Asorry@, once the point of no return has passed.   Today, and in the few remaining days left before everything is lost:   YOU MUST DECIDE,     IF YOU WILL, OR WILL NOT:   FIGHT FOR LIFE ON EARTH!  None are excused, we are literally under attack from arrogance, disrespect, and especially those people who believe they will or can play god.   We will die instead/ the only way to prove that IS TO BE DEAD/ therefore I say to you now, in this date July 30, 2009:   that you will choose to stop the gambling so that you may live.  Or you will enter HELL AND ARMAGEDDON, because that is what you chose instead.  Make your decision/ time is at the threshold of death. There is no going back.

In keeping with the severity of attacks being made. One of the most heinous is the intent by men to accelerate particles beyond the boundaries of discipline called time.  Time means literally:   the discipline to pronounce and understand, that for every action there will be a reaction.  Or more simply, that there is predictable order in this universe called the earth which gives us our lives, as time.  At CERN, at tragic facilities in other places around the world;  where absolute enemies of all life gather to play god/ and gamble with life as if it were their personal toy.  The reality is, these machines produced by tradesmen and governments, through university direction have come to the probability of removing boundaries that keep nature, and all life on earth alive.  Like any other virus or disease/ like any other WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION:   these terrorists plan to Athrow the switch: making energy undisciplined/ nature undisciplined/ life without the possibilities of control, because there is no discipline and order will then die@.   All because Athey want to play god@.  There is no other reason/ they simply want to play god!  Once these disciplines are erased from life and time exists no more, because action and reaction are not locked together;   either in nature, or in energy, or for this earth:   THEN these men (every single one who intentionally provided a penny/ every single one who gave these DAMNED  devils a kind word, or an opportunity to participate in life)  have completed their mission/ to BE SATAN;                                   Destroyer of a world.

There is no middle ground!  Either life lives or dies!  Dead is dead, and either you helped stop them/ or you helped to kill this world, because you didn=t care enough to help stop them/ or you are indeed, one of the devils (people who have chosen life to be their toy) who have literally chosen to play god, regardless of the consequences.  There ain=t no playing with your damned religions anymore: EITHER YOU WILL FIGHT FOR LIFE ON EARTH, or you agree to let life die; because fools are making choices from which we cannot recover as life on earth.  THESE ARE the decisions of men/ these are the purposes of leaders called men/ these are the realities of whether we live or die: because the machines exist, and are running that can take all life away. The absolute arrogance of university/ the bastard existence of pride in government so extreme that LIES are the basis of their words/ the utter tyranny of greed, found everywhere in this world/ and the pathetic stupidity of religions that cannot fight their way out of a wet cardboard box:   ALL CONDEMN THIS EARTH, and its life to the judgments you have made.   Not worth fighting for/ not going to respect LIFE OR ACCEPT TRUTH.  Not a decision or a determination for honor or honesty;    BECAUSE you all Awant to be rich@.  Selling life to HELL/ selling nature to ARMAGEDDON;   because you are the extreme disgrace of a world gone INSANE beyond all recognition of intelligence.   You sell your future, your very lives, and your children:   for a game, for a chance to play god Ajust once@.   Because after the Aswitch is pulled@; YOUR DEAD. 
Can=t defeat Ayour experts@/ just too tough?  THE LAW is greater than are they:    USE IT/ DEMAND IT/ ACCEPT THE NECESSARY PRICE TO MAKE IT YOUR OWN.     
DON=T know what to do, because you just can=t understand what it is they are in fact doing/   AJust going to trust it will be ok@?   Take another DAMNED LOOK at your reality/ greed consuming entire nations.  REVENGE peeking out, and ready to consume your lives, because Athey stole everything@.  When did letting another person control your destiny EVER make sense?  HOW FEW PEOPLE are you willing to trust with your money?  Why not? Because they aren=t worthy!  And yet you allow bastard=s, fools=, idiots, and DEVILS CONTROL over whether life itself, lives or dies.  Whether genetics the very existence of nature itself, to be crucified ARIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE@ / AND YOU WORSHIP THEM, PAY THEM, AND LET THEM DO    LITERALLY  ANYTHING TO LIFE, that they choose.    Can=t trust them with your money;   but you give them your life, your children, your future, and your eternity to play with instead.   WHO THEN IS THE ABSOLUTE FOOL?       YOU ARE INSANE!   WAKE UP OR DIE.

Your elders have led you to hell/ they have built the machines to take you there; established the arrogance and whoring of a Athousand prostitutes@ all clamoring, Alet me, be the one/ let me be rich@. They taught the children to worship and bleed insanity (memorize whatever we say, and do it or be poor);   so they could worship stupidity, and absolute denial of anything called truth: for the singular purpose of playing god/ making life a toy, to be used without paying for anything. YOU ARE GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING CALLED LIFE OR EARTH!  For nothing/ what could possibly be more foolish or blind.  And your religions worship at this alter of UTTER AND COMPLETE DISRESPECT FOR LIFE, ORDER, HONOR, OR LOVE. By not suspecting, not discussing, not investigating, not simply choosing FOR LIFE FIRST/ and nothing less.  Instead the pigs rule, by greed/ and the slaughtered sheep await those who will consume them into eternal hades.  The place cursed by god/ where nothing escapes.
Too much for you?  Don=t like this conversation; going to run and hide!  I TELL YOU TRUE, THERE IS NO PLACE TO ESCAPE, NO PLACE, WHERE YOU WILL NOT BE CONSUMED BY THE DISGRACE OF WHO YOU CHOSE TO BE. 
But hey, not you?   Going to be Amiraculously saved@? Going to heaven damn it/ ain=t nothing going to stop you!   Well lets review:   all GOD=S   CREATION   is under attack, and you do nothing.   All LIFE on earth is under attack, and you do nothing.  ALL THAT IS SACRED TO NATURE ITSELF,    IS BEING CRUCIFIED AND YOU APPLAUD.  All that is discipline and order on this earth/ everything even time depends upon is under attack; and YOU do nothing.  Instead, you run away and hide/ or you ridicule because pride has consumed you/ or you want, more than you know you deserve, because you have chosen GREED for yourself and literally do sacrifice your children for that purpose.   Hell yeah, YOU have truly bought your ticket to eternity;   you will surely get what you deserve,   AAnother round of drunkenness (TO HELL with life/ I CHOOSE NOT TO CARE)   and adultery (I WANT, to be more than I am/ LET THE OTHERS PAY).
As you continue to sit in your own shit and vomit;   remember this:  GOD     DON=T NEED YOU!    Its      HIS CHOICE    Too!
Science is attacking you!   Science and university have built every machine that threatens all existence on this earth: WITH the help of governments.  Your leaders brought you to deaths= door/ and your religions helped them do it;   because they are blind and deaf cowards, with little or no honor or respect for life or   GOD.   Instead they love their lives, because they steal the respect people hope will represent their lives to   GOD.  All die, because the pit is now wide and very deep.  YOU WILL PRAY, BECAUSE LIFE ON EARTH HAS ENDED BY THE CHOICE OF HUMANITY/ men have exterminated you.   EVEN THOUGH you do not yet see this reality, it is true/ because their machines and their ways describe the evidence: they will not be stopped, until it is too late/    UNLESS    GOD    INTERVENES!   
You HAVE become completely dependent upon    GOD=S   MERCY for your lives, here on earth.   Because the machines and the minds of the dead, have already chosen your fate.
You were asked directly:    Take this to court, and let them prove this is not a gamble with all life on earth.
You were asked directly:   TO OBEY THE LAW, and support every effort in the law/ which you refused to do.
YOU WERE WARNED, THIS IS FAR MORE NOW;   than anything in your past, because these machines are far more powerful than anything that has existed prior. 
YOU WERE TOLD:   THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH FOR A WORLD/ there is no going back. Yet you are dead, lifeless as a corpse/ and headed for HELL AND ARMAGEDDON.  Do better quickly or die.

I AM NOT your leader/ not your savior/ not your enemy.  Couldn=t save my little nephew from a single thing/ can=t save you.  NOT your priest, not your anything;   I belong to GOD , just a plain man/ who is now governed by Aspiritual female@; because what was man could not keep from confronting you with force.   Only female in this life was strong enough to intervene/ because I recognize confrontation would have only brought war; what is female now decides my destiny. It is her right, because she chose better than me.  I have worked long and at the extremes/ because you are destroying everything; what other choice is there.  BUT  Instead of working for you:     I am a messenger:   and if this message is not enough to say:    ADirected to do so,    by    GOD@.     Then you explain to me, what is! 
Like a postal worker, the letter is delivered/ its up to you to BE ALIVE enough, to read and work for truth, and real change.   That is Not my job/ its yours. YOU CANNOT accept, the consequence of being wrong/ BECAUSE THEN THE EARTH IS DEAD!   Therefore you must accept the price of stopping those who do gamble with your lives, with everything alive, with this earth, and every possibility that is time for humanity. You must take them to court, and prove what your future will be.  Prove that you will survive all these threats and more, without cause for concern;   or the gambling, the mutilation, and the absolute thirst to play god;   shall end.
My purpose here is not to condemn you!  It is not, to judge you:   men and your leaders of men have already done that: they have condemned you/ and you are extinct; by their commands. The law lives by its truth.  Only the last few moments before it is too late to turn back remain.  Dead because the machines are ready to kill you.  Dead because you cannot stop them fast enough today/ UNLESS   GOD intervenes on your behalf.  Dead, because you are so absolutely poor, so destitute of honor or truth & utterly devoid of respect, and failing love;    Because want has consumed you. Either you will find your heart and soul back.  Either you WILL choose love, respect, honor, and truth;   or you will die as an entire earth goes to sudden and horrific death throes;   this world vomiting you from existence.  Can=t believe it is true?  Then consider this, who among you knows when they will die/ is it not a surprise?   What among these words leaves you doubt:   that life on earth is in trouble? Where is the evidence that you can survive this list of:   the decisions of men?  Show me the truth.
My purpose here is to HONOR, LOVE, RESPECT, AND ESTABLISH TRUTH.    Because that is what    GOD    Sent me to do.  But you have no honor, your love is for money, disrespect is your way, and truth is as nothing compared to your demand for illusion/ delusion/ fantasy/ and greed.   SHAME ON YOU.   Your pride controls you, and the wretched disgrace that is your own want consumes you.  How then can I make you hear:    AChange or die@?  The answer is, you must find this reality yourself!  To do that, you MUST recognize your failures. Reality demands the truth/ there will be no temptation or lies: either you choose to live/ or you have chosen to die.  Either way, it is the choice you have made.  Or the choice of those who choose on your behalf, taking you with them/ crushing them, with your souls for an eternity;   joined together as death, through the terrors you will embrace.  The curse you inherited together:   assassins of this world.
YOU ARE NOT DEAD FOREVER YET!   Pray, because life demands it.  Pray, because GOD IS GOD!  PRAY, because without    HIS HELP, you are already dead. And understand, if you tempt/ if you lie/ if you fail to be respectful:    YOU will curse this life on earth, to even greater depths of HORROR AND MUTILATION.  It is the price of failure.

LET IT BE SAID:     GOD    DOES LOVE YOU!   But let it be understood clearly and without the slightest doubt:   UNLESS YOU CHANGE, all life on earth will be abandoned to the men who would be god.  The people who say to themselves AI will design better@.  The utter fool, complete failure, and absolute disease upon this earth of the insane who cannot even comprehend without   GOD,   you do not exist at all.    Failure to find respect, REMOVES  All influence of   GOD !   Which leaves you only with the mind of man, and his decision to destroy: SATAN then lives,  and true HELL AND ARMAGEDDON shall begin.
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The real life struggle, between life or death for a world.  The place where a seed is planted, for a new and better world.  The relationships created between wisdom, knowledge, and understanding within the search for honor, truth, and reality.  The legal US supreme court trial asking the simple question: WILL you obey the first amendment redress of grievances for the people?  In defiance, risking impeachment; the litigants and the court say no. The law abandoned to anarchy and wealth. A discussion of money, and more. 1 trillion=50 million workers, times $20,000.00 each.  Life is not a game.

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