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Monday, 20 July 2009

WHAT if they are wrong?

The national ignition facility (NIF) among other things is prepared to create fusion.  Facility is built, machinery in place, soon to make experiments that can never be turned back.  Experiments that can literally kill this world.
Among the list of things they intend to do, is create a hotter environment that what is caused when a star explodes 180 million degrees;   look at their site.  They intend to create fusion, and have no doubt that they will/ neither do I.  Fusion is the burning of atomic bonds;   literally the bonds which hold atomic nuclei in place; burning.  Which means that everything based upon atomic structure here on earth IS FUEL.  The nif counters, “we can control it because there is tremendous pressures on the sun which contain it”.  But what if fusion, the burning of atomic bonds, doesn’t need that pressure; what if, once lit;   it just keeps burning until all atomic material is used up/ just like on the sun.  Do you really think you could “put out the sun, with a fire hose?  Really”, did you forget that water is nuclear in origin which makes it fuel too.  At millions of degrees/ with nothing to throw at it but fuel;   WHAT do you believe our chances are to put fusion fire out?  Explain it/ cause once its lit, if it won’t go out itself; then earth becomes “a lake of fire”/ and we are dead.
There is ONE chance, fusion could potentially be put out, if you do it immediately.  A very large atomic bomb with pinpoint accurrancy might disperse it enough to cause the fire to stop.  Or it might intensify it/   regardless of that, there is no other choice.   So let us consider the reality itself.  IF you sent a missile and it exploded in the right place; the unintentional consequences would be:   the people of the San Francisco area would all die (better them than the whole world/ and they are dead anyway because of a pillar of fire that would be created several miles high;   within hours if not minutes of ignition.  “Why do you suppose they call it an ignition facility?”

So that area is clearly dead/ but it sets on a major fault line, a major atomic bomb will undoubtedly set off at least one major earthquake/ at the edge of the pacific ocean. Potentially causing a major landslide:   Which will turn into the probability of a 1000 foot wave, that will completely consume Hawaii/ and irreparably damage China and all coastal lands on the pacific rim.  Damage done, due to a nuclear bomb, and there will be nuclear repercussions from those countries; millions dead/ because america was playing the fool.   Just like the assholes at Chernobyl nuclear power plant; only worse.  Given the tragedy of the event however/ it does not compare with NOT trying to remove fusion from this earth.  If it is sustained, the oxygen will be gone in about a month/ the propagation of the fire is likely to cover at least one quarter of the earth by that time.  So it’s the best bet to survive/ all because fools want to play god. 
You can find more information go to open top tab nif or cern for a look at another terrorist plot to literally destroy all life on earth. There is much more.
You can deny or believe anything you like/ but YOU CANNOT simply turn back the clock.  Like Chernobyl “they were sure nothing bad would happen.  They were just playing.  But this time, its an entire earth, a reality that will be dead, if these human beings “guessing because its an experiment: which means they don’t know”.   Do you want them to be wrong?  Do you want this gamble to proceed?  Are you that foolish?  Really, dead “tomorrow” just because a man somewhere in Livermore Ca.  killed an entire earth.  How stupid can you be.

The elemental reality of CERN, is they too want to be god/ playing with a machine that could release an energy beyond action and reaction/ where discipline ends.  The speed of light squared (speed of light x speed of light, created by men)/ accelerated by exploding protons, lined up like a train, so propagation of the explosion is instantaneous.  They want to recreate “ the big bang/ the most violent and destructive event in all of history, in this entire universe”.  They too, want to bring that here, and are running experiments to do that very thing.  What we do know for sure, is nothing in time compares to this energy.  We know, because the evidence of stars tells us so.  What we don’t know is: once released, does it ever stop?  Why should it? We can differentiate the base reality of this energy, because it is absolutely certain the entire universe of mass being located in one single spot/ suddenly erupted with such force that its effect is still seen today.  The potential here could easily be: that a hole could be dug directly to the earths core; might stop there, who knows.  But extrapolating that into a reality for this earth means that all of Europe is dead, in the first instance.  Leaving the rest of the world with a hole to the center of this earth; magma flowing and a potential for a crack to develop that could split this earth in half; create a psunami that would wipe out the entire eastern United States and more.  All because a few men want to play god.   Do you really want them gambling with your life, this whole world; for nothing?  Really!  We cannot go back.  The only reason a hole to the center of the earth is depicted;   is because that would be one prophecy of the book of Revelations fulfilled.  I am more inclined to believe this kind of energy if released, will weave throughout the earth surface and below/ destroying atomic bonds and energy disciplines which could become “dirt that gets up and moves, mountains that collapse or explode; the possibilities are enormous/ because the energy released is beyond our ability to understand.  It will have no discipline/ because nothing will react to it; it is too fast.  You are going to be wrong, if you don’t stop these mentally insane people.  Too late is too late/ there is no going back.  Life will be dead quickly.
Are these not terrorists?                                             

How can you believe they are not doing the very same things with genetic mutilation/ crucifying life on earth.  NATURE IS, the genetic code; once that discipline and order is lost, again there is no going back.  This is not economic hardship/ this is not whining or crying or greed;   this is every life, every body, every chain, every possibility possessed by life on this earth.  Without nature we die, without order the human body can deform into horrible configurations; and there is nothing we can do to get it back.  NOT DEAD/    DOOMED, to horrific terrors.   This is not a game, there is no going back.  As with all things, where money, power, pride, selfishness, and hate exist;   look behind the doors, to see people playing with life as if it were a toy/ gambling with life, to see if they can be “god”.  All we get is:   the complete destruction of the physical world.  How is that fair?
The decision to intervene is simple: “speak up, and don’t be denied”.  Life on earth needs your support.  Wrong, when the whole earth is at stake;   is death for us all.   Think.
This is not about pride, not about power, not about anything but life on earth, our future, our world.  Is that not worth a conversation?  Even if it means your job.  Is not life itself worth this tiny price, to prove and ask for proof, that nothing is worth gambling this much.  To ask IS NOT our lives worth more than this.  At the web site above, your leaders said no, to a US supreme court trial, regarding this very thing.  Your leaders said NO:   to the very simple question, will you honor (obey) the first amendment guaranteed legal right, to a redress of grievances for the people of this United States of America.  They chose to break the law.  They chose to fundamentally deny a guaranteed legal right of every citizen in this United States.  And they allowed a threat to every life on earth to move forward, without a single word, except “denied”.  Trial number was 08-1339;    Denied less than a week ago/ but undoubted erased by this time.  Don’t believe its worth the trouble? Tell that to your child. Don’t believe life on earth can die, just because of a “little experiment”?  Why not, explain it when you do expect all your fantasies to come true. Life is a reality.  Take a look at your money, you expected completely different; “its america after all”/ yet the numbers are lies, the debts are enormous, the people were completely unaware, and there is no real end in sight;   because there is no truth in your leaders. What you want is irrelevant, what you believe is anything you like.  But what is reality will force you to accept truth, and if that truth is: “you let the university gamble your lives away; then you died, and the whole world will end.  The numbers are big enough, the reality is simple enough, the foundation of stupidity and arrogance beyond anything sane.  Wake up!

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