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Monday, 13 July 2009

 This is a small out take from the home page link end of tyranny;  the change is marked by bold italic letters.

It is time to recognize, Athat I have other work to do.  A surprise that equals Ashock and awe in me; still cant comprehend it/ but I am willing to live it, whatever that is suppose to be.  You should understand that I still love women, not a game/ not a temptation, just the plain truth. But I am not trying to get in your clothes, or anything else; simply always found women a desirable addition to life. I Alove men (the conflict is directed to our reality, by the truth of their decisions) too/ just in an entirely different way; distinctly not the same. [NEVER sexually; not in the past, not now, never]. But this is about our world, not about me.  The whole idea of Agender issues, and a relationship with Aspiritual woman/ beyond my reality in thought. Instead it has become a truth, by reality and a growing understanding that I must trust Athis woman/ that she has earned that right and respect. Dont know how it ends. But it is absolutely clear to me, I have lost all ability to control the outcome of whatever women will do to me/ in a world of billions HOW can this be a temptation to women, or a true choice of mine.  It is certainly NOT what a man desires; I have no choice, I have no defense, I have no rights: Aas a man/ BUT I DO have every right and choice that a young woman would expect/ Ain a world controlled by men: so to speak.  Is that a temptation to you; as a man?  The spiritual woman will decide for me, what is to be. That is the price of entering in Ato the world called female. As is true of all spiritual reality, once inside you cannot get out, unless you understand.  If you try, either fear will consume you/ or insanity will make you completely unable to function normally. I have entered many spiritual truths, and always understood. Female will be understood, but I no not how long that might take/ I have never turned away: the plain truth however, is this time, I am without significant knowledge, and it will be hard.  The very first time spirituality was encountered, I also lacked significant knowledge; but I did grow over time, there was never fear or insanity/ nor is there in this. Just a new experience, and a different reality; adjustments were required. The ability to think in new ways was required: I adapted, and did well after the initial lessons.  I really have no clue, what the future holds for me, Ait is a womans choice/ like it or not.  It is beyond my choice, Ato think like a true woman today/ just dont know how; plain and simple.   Life however  has established the lessons in me, that feel instead,  Alike a woman, in a vast crowd of men/ only I am still a man, and that crowd is all women. They will do whatever they want or desire, and I do understand some concern as would be common to Aany woman in this situation. AIts not that I dont trust women in general/ its simply in a crowd so large as this: I know, there are some here that simply cannot be trusted.  Some situations where I WILL need Arescuing/ and NO MAN, is allowed to intervene, regardless of the situation: you shall not apply any law/ you shall not do anything.  It is for women to decide alone. Failure to abide this rule, is punishable Awith eternal consequences.  Do not do it/ I do not wish to be responsible for your soul.  Whatever women do, is whatever women will do/ man has no say/ even the law has no say, I have no say. ALiterally owned by women.  Men have no say, it is up to women to decide. I dont know why.  So says the spirit of my life. And no, as a man I have no idea how to survive the Apossibilities/ not even enough teeth to defend myself. It is like I have become a young girl, you cant imagine.   Do you want to trade places? I am very concerned, I may be an example to all men; of what women want or desire men to know or be, do, or desire: good or bad/ hate or love: etc.  Do you want to be me, this is not a game. These words cannot be said without consequence;   these words do not describe who among women has a say.  I dont know what will happen, not a clue; Ajust have to wait/ perhaps all good, but I doubt it.  There is no ending date, Ato get out/ dont know how. There is no fear, no regret, nor will there be: this is my life, and I will live it as best I can. BUT HERE THIS WELL, if indeed I am Alike a young girl among men then I should be treated as you would treat a young girl, if the situation was opposite, as described and you were able to decide what would happen/ is that not so. I know I am an old man/ but this is an entirely new situation for me: and I plain dont know what I am doing. Completely out of my element already; not a good sign.  Well, strange for you too.  I dont know; this is just strange/ its going to be complicated, Acant figure it out, today. Not my world, dont know what I am doing; plain and simple. I am confused [NEVER about men], Ababbling, and unable to erase a single word.  THAT is not the life I lead/ have led.   How about blessings to all, and end there. That would be my hope.

I wont do an interview, except for women, by women, and to women;   if it is absolutely necessary/ NOT about the past. This is present and future, and only lessons apply to the past. Otherwise, no/ its not my job.  My reality is simple: finding a need to search Afemale, for a solution/ opening that door into the spiritual world.  What is the spirit of woman found my only weakness as a man:   I CANNOT/ WILL NOT surrender this world of life, without a fight!  I cannot win that fight as a man/ men cannot keep this world alive; this is, the best we did do. Having opened the door, what is true inside searches you as well/ and found, that I am about life, and GOD, and not about male.  The end result of that is, she found an anchor within my soul, and the war began.  Spiritual woman won, by the simple truth, I cannot surrender this world without a fight/ and I MUST have Afemale inside or truth says, it is over.  That leaves me, with the core reality of man/ and the truth of woman in control. That leaves me owned by woman, because I need her; and she is in control.  She has defeated me, and will decide my future.  For clarity: I DONT care if you work with me or not/ I WILL NOT SURRENDER THIS WORLD , without a fight;   even if its a one person battle.  You will not survive, unless you help/ but my decision is to fight, as a woman, because nothing less can keep this world alive. That simple statement makes me completely dependent upon the spiritual woman who has become Athe leader of my life: I DONT know how to fight Alike a woman.   I know not how it ends, for you or me.  I know not, what the woman who is now the spirit of my life will do;   clearly there are Aissues.  Dont know, if I become a woman in the end/ return to man someday if she allows it/ or if there will be a new and completely different relationship between what is man and woman in me forever.  There already is dramatic change/ but the future as a reality for me;  is completely unclear. What is the core reality of man could not be MORE SOLIDLY ANCHORED in man. An anchor, is that which you refuse to gamble with; a belief that will not be stirred or shaken. It is AYOUR CHOICE, the essence of your own world.  I plain dont know how it all ends.  Its not my choice, as an individual: this has literally become a reality between what is man and woman in me staring directly at life on earth becoming extinct: staring directly at each other and deciding who will lead our way.  We both agree TRUE CHANGE must come:  But the man is already defeated; because only the woman can sustain life.  Simple or complicated; my life, is  that.  Our human reality is then:   if women can change me, they can and will change you too; because I am as solid as any man can be.  A statement I truly dread to make, but find necessary.  This is what the spirit of woman decides, and demands. It is a reality I cannot fully comprehend. Confused again. This is the apparent reality for which I was chosen, invaded, and changed (controlled by woman). I dont know how it ends, but I will face it, as best I can.  AIt sounds bad!

My initial reaction; Athis is going to be a prison, with torture; me standing between women and their right to lead this world/ life or death for this world; BAD.  But after struggling with it for awhile, I tried AI could bend/ but recognized no, that is not their goal, this will not help. At the moment, it seems more realistic, Ahow bad could it be;  the life of women is not bad.  Even so, its not simply Athe  possibility of understanding women; by a lot. Another surprise.  The REALLY odd thing is, I no longer feel Alike a woman at all, even the breasts are leaving me alone (currently look smaller, dont know why). Its just  a strange life, the one time I hoped to find some sort of explanation “from woman in me”;  poof, she’s gone, disconnected . I dont know why, but I do know it has nothing to do with any expectation of sex on my part, as a man; AFAR too many women, to think this is a good thing.  Lost, dont know; Aits a womans decision, no clue. The reality of not Afeeling like a woman; has clearly become thinking like a man, BUT NOT being able to act or react like a man, caught and controlled. I dont like it.
Every time a return to Aman for a short period, breasts (a word intended to be respectful, but women should find their own word; so I could be sure. They are bigger again, required to add that.)  start Aironing me down again;  straighten me out. I lose something every time, just how it is.  The spirit of woman is never far away, it is distinctly like stories heard: where men control their wives, take away their freedom, use their sex any way they please, and are too strong to fight, to close to run away; know me too well to hide.  Only I am the wife, she is the Ahusband.  I cannot escape it, I cannot change it, I literally do have to live with her demands. Not fair, is irrelevant.  The end result of this is clearly going to be, the end of my identity as male; but the core reality of being male is still solidly in place. Cant be good; I am going to be a battleground, between the core realities of man, and the critical definitions of woman:  where failure, lets the world die.   NOT “your savior”, a man caught in the middle of a war that must be fought and won by women:  between men and women. Or we all die.  By all definitions;  I clearly am,   “Captured by woman, a tool, and potential resource, that can be exploited”. Whether I agree or not. Hard to believe, even by me, but true.
 I can feel it coming:  BAD, caught in the middle. And, if I cannot act and react like a man; when it does get bad, IF my body does have to act or react, all that is left is,  “like a woman”. BAD, CAUGHT, TRAPPED, CONTROLLED:  BAD .  
The very first lesson in how women fight has become clear. The realities assigned with it, simple.  I am edited/ and not allowed to discuss it. For women only.

Your life, is a choice between facing reality and truth; or dying/ believe it or not, this is no game. This is NO temptation of women. Without confrontation/ aggression/ or war; men are without tools:   women hold the key, because the vast majority have always lived without these things. We CANNOT survive a major war;   which means men cannot rule.    We CANNOT survive Aany, of the major threats that are from men.  Death all around.  WE MUST IDENTIFY AND CREATE, Aa different world quickly and that simply leaves women as our only chance for change or life; through law.  Believe it or not, it is true.  When you know it/ cannot refuse it any longer: then you are already dead.  Think, act, work, and accept reality through truth.  It is your job, and your duty to life on earth.   THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES.   THIS IS IT.
We CANNOT be wrong/ this world can only die once: THINK.    And be afraid of those who wont.
     WE CANNOT survive the current science. We CANNOT SURVIVE more resource losses. And so on;   this is it, for a world on the edge.  You dont see it, because we have not yet fallen past the point of no return;   BUT once you have, it will become completely obvious, YOU WILL DIE, without options or possibilities.  Either live or die; because once you fall off that cliff, there is no going back/ no Awere sorry/ no returning to discipline after you destroy it. There will be NO LIFE.  There is no middle ground, THIS is a pure choice, either life or death.  Energy without discipline, has no relationship to action or reaction; therefore it does whatever it wants to do, it invades,  or escapes, or removes bonds: it will change everything. Stop your science, or say goodbye now.  The list is long, and this is a VERY DISTINCT CHOICE. 

 Life does NOT have to end, humanity is making this decision.  MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION, and work for life.
BEFORE you are Athe living dead.


the following is a reprint from earlier work, it seems to fit.


        Of critical relationships, and the new lives we must form in society as our decision to change;  the greatest threat to harmony is the male decision to play.  Going to prove “I can win”.  A large percentage of human trouble comes from the simple reality, “I am bored/ lets do something;  which then becomes a game”.  Those games multiply into making other people slaves, or conning them out of money, or challenging them to risk their lives, or whatever it is/ there are thousands of little and big games.  The foundation of male demands to “tame and control the most vicious predator” they can, comes from the game they use to describe and determine the winner.  That game refines itself into who can control the most powerful machine, or business, or government, or energy;  etc.  but the end result is, a price will be paid for this, and someone’s life shall be lost because of this as the passage between what can be done and what cannot be done is littered with dead or damaged bodies.  
The demand to remove the games, and establish peace on earth within the harmony of happiness and truth;  then requires that boredom shall be attacked as invalid and unwise.  That simple fact, is then a confrontation with freedom, wherein the lazy or the person who demands to be entertained;  becomes aware that they are in charge of their own life, rather than yours.  Women play games too, the most common is the entrapment of men;  while it does take a lot to get men to commit to a lifetime/ the reality is as is true of men and their games, the games women play do tremendous damage to peace and harmony as well.  Therefore in connection with a need to dispense boredom as an inadequate means of living/ the reality of entrapping men must also become identified with, “a bad thing to do”.
The essence each and every action that translates into a game involving other people is the simple truth:   “that I am feeling alone,  isolated, and unwanted”.  Selfishness wants a game to prove this is not so/ that instead of these feeling , I want to believe something else;   consequently the image is born/ of a life that needs no other, therefore wants no other, but uses another for simple pleasures or abuse as entertainment.   The foundation element involved is pride, wherein I refuse to accept I am less or equal/ instead I will be winner, and prove the arrogance of what that means by transferring my own demands for ruler, over you.   Those who accomplish  conquest, and become “great rulers/ or have great  money, essentially the same”:   do not quit these conquests, because to do so would end the image they have created inside themselves;  as never quitting.  “I am winner/ and none shall defeat me: period”.  Therefore a constant battle must be waged, or you are nothing more than a spectator.  Most however are not absolute in their arrogance/ but they don’t want to be insignificant, or without threat, so they choose to plot an plan behind the scenes:  literally  presenting life with extortions, and other criminal elements as they find proves “fear me”.  Fear me is easier than conquest.  Fear me, is the essence of the animal predator waiting out of sight for an opportunity to pounce without being seen, or defended against.  Fear me is the essence of war, and the primary purpose of it once the critical assembly of forcing the people to war has been accomplished.  There is so much war over history, because the men in charge of leading preferred to accept war over the issues of creating and supporting peace.  Peace has no winners/ because everyone is a winner.  Harmony has no arrogance, because harmony is the essence of a life without hate.  Hate is the foundation of every game that is not played simply for fun.
Men in particular will “cry foul” over this proclaiming: professional sports is not about hate.  But the reality is for the professionals playing it is a job, not a game/ the fan however recognizes these sports as an opportunity to prove superior in something, or as someone;  hence the passion, and consequently the violence wherever the masses of men are sufficient enough to overrule the policing parties.  Little “is bad of itself”/ it takes humanity to cause it to die, and be resurrected as something less.
Women will hide, vowing “it is a lie, to say that entrapping men is about hate/ we want love”.  But reality will show, and has proven with divorce that this behavior is not conducive to love/ but rather exists to force someone against their will, to be what they would otherwise not be.  That is not love, instead it exists in the beliefs called fear.  Fear has many levels in reality, the least of which is:  the insistence that life is worthless without someone else.  It is  not, unlike the constant patter of “an inner voice” that suggests “everyone else has this, woe is me”/ the reality of life is:  in terms of men and women, if not in love, then what you gain is a servant, an enemy, perhaps a friend to some extent;  and maybe “easy sex”;  don’t have to look/ don’t need to try/ who gives a damn about romance:  GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.   You can buy sex easier/ you can take money and buy the time;  of people to work for you without as much trouble.   Thereby the truth of marriage, apart from its expectation is:   without the love, there is nothing of any particular value unless you are at least friends. Friends don’t trap each other, or any one else.  Men of course also entice and tempt women/ but usually just for “easy sex”.  It’s a game/ the more successful ones, usually want a challenge;  or its no  fun.
So, in its most simple sense, the question of life in humanity is:  why is there so much hate?  That answer divides along the lies of arrogance and greed/ takes a “left turn” at the issues of controlling each other for sex or security/ and demands  the essence of living a lie, just because so very few are willing to face themselves as a fact of life.  Loneliness comes into view, as the primary target of all humanity, defined as the association of tears, with life.  Simply because there is no one to play with me/ no one to make me feel valuable and accepted/ no one to share my moments, or care about me.  That leads to hate, and hate leads to games in order to make people play with me/ make them accept me/ make them have sex with me, and so on.  Didn’t get what I wanted from you/ so I made you do this, because I had to, to get what I needed.  Because loneliness is harsh, and threatens to destroy with suicide and sadness.  The consequences of people who injure themselves pops up here, wherein sadness lurks, and people scream “help me not be so sad”.  The consequences of people who injure others pops up here, wherein the issues of personal suicide are conceived as “its your fault/ therefore justified to hate you”.  But both realities occur in and from the consequences of loneliness/ and lead from hate, to its constant companion of violence.  Hurt yourself hate yourself.  Hurt another hate another.  But for some, it is momentary/ while for others, it is a blind submersion into death and its consequent failure “I want to be feared/ because it lessons the fear in me”.  There is no room for sympathy herein/ instead these are choices that emanate from the simple truth, these did not search hard enough for life inside themselves.  It is your duty to do so.  It is your obligation in time to find yourself as life, and accept yourself as an opportunity in time.  None can do this for you/ it is your job.
Therefrom we return to the elemental existence of loneliness and ask why is this necessary/ or more correctly why is it so important that even the whole world is affected with the same experience, no matter who you are?  Only the degree of loneliness, or the extent of those feelings are in doubt/ if you are human, you understand what it means to be lonely.  Whether in a crowd or not.  Religion is built on loneliness, and the need for discipline.
Therefore it is easy to understand that discipline provides an important asset in terms of loneliness/ whereby the mind is detailed, and cleaned from its “rambling ways”/ by attacking it with discipline, and demanding no more of this.  So the very first asset that loneliness produces is the need for discipline, and the reality of a task required of you to produce it.  Those who fail, fight with depression, suicide, anorexia, and more.  These are feelings of inadequacy, which can only be attacked by the determination to be more that simple fodder for destruction, or “feed for the animals”.  Determination results in a journey to understand life and redirect its essence into the truth of who you are.  Thereby leaving all fantasy and delusion behind, in the search for truth.  The consequence of this is to establish a necessary acceptance for the realities of life, and understand, that life is, what life is;  and it is not our right to change that fact.  It is our opportunity to live and work within wisdom to align the necessary knowledge into working elements of life.  Therein the essence of home comes to life, and every issue of love reaches into our soul to identify what is real and necessary in the search for eternity.  Defined within loneliness, is the environment of life itself.  Finding instead of a threat called death/ is the reality of life without end.   What then happens, if you do not die;  are you condemned to a life without happiness?  Or is there a clue here, wherein we may search for more, than what is simply ourselves.  Beyond ourselves, identifies and illuminates the essence of love, and asks very simply:   if I have love, if I can be joined in this life with love in ways that never leave me lonely/ then have I not entered within family.  Is my life then not worth living, even into eternity?  This is a question that must be searched for/ a reality that only you can do for yourself.  My answer is;  yes, life in love is worth living, even eternally.
All love is BEYOND YOURSELF/  which is why so few find it, to be happy.  All love is the essence of caring and sharing existence, not to prove anything, but the honesty of your choice, and the honor that is your life in this decision of peace and harmony for you.  Selfishness is unfriendly/ pride is an enemy/ and want is nothing more than a tempter, without discipline.  So as we look beyond the elemental structural decay of those people who are dying in hate;  the relationship we share with each other is governed by four individual choices that will be made inside of you.  The four choices again are:  LOVE,  selfishness, pride, and want.  Love believes in happiness and aspires to elemental family and home through the practices of hope, patience, discipline, courage, honor, honesty, respect, strength in peace and harmony declared before the world;  and more called value.  Selfishness however lives by hiding among the dark areas of the mind, finding in lies an plots through planning the opportunity to steal happiness, and take it for yourself (even though you cannot own it long, because it does not belong to you, it is foreign, and will be rejected:  or you choose against selfishness, and find love).  Pride relies upon the individual lies inside that declare the image you have created for yourself is enough for you, and nothing but what you can do matters;  because in this world you are either a winner/ or a loserequal to revenge, and a right to be feared.  Want exists in the simple truth, that nothing is important but you, that life is less than what you are, and eternity is for fools.  You want riches/ you want sex/ you want everything RIGHT NOW.   From these four definitions, we see the plight of human experience.  Add in the fifth called hate, and we see history in the making.  Some argue that hate is most powerful/ some argue its selfishness, pride, or want:  BUT IN REALITY  LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY OTHER FORCE IN THIS UNIVERSE, “it can provide eternity/ nothing else can”.   Not even truth, because without a cause or desire to live, there is nothing of value.  Some argue hate is enough/ but hate is a destroyer;  how can this be of value?  It is not.
Here then is the truth of all life in the universe that survives:   that love is enough, to conceive of family and belong within the inner world of life.  To suggest anything less is necessary in this world for happiness and peace would be a lie.
So we then begin in search of the human element that becomes a participant in our relationships with each other/ as will be honorable enough to approach love, and accept life as wonderful and blessed in the wisdom of happiness.   Element means;  standing alone this is one thing/ but joined to someone else, it is entirely different.  The fundamental foundation of male is as defender of life.  Every male knows, that if you are extremely well known, if you are understood in every aspect of life so that nothing is a surprise  anymore:  then you do become more vulnerable to surprise attack.  Consequently if someone is trying to trap you, the need for caution is obvious and warranted as well.  This is offset in humanity by the need or desire for sex among both male and female/ and the reality becomes a game with people hurt on all sides;  including children.  The primary difference between male and female children is very simply;  the male is bound within the idea that he must defend life/ the female is faced with the possibilities of a job to establish life on earth, and protect it.  Therein both share the same basic experience, but it is expressed in entirely different ways, as life.
The four other variables listed above are simple associations with self, that identify no other cause for life “than me”.  Consequently all possibilities for happiness are held as “me”.  The formal “I want, I need, I expect, I demand , I worship, etc:    are all realities superimposed on life, creating a hostile environment that refuses to die.  Therefore life is simply, “mine/ who the hell are you to take anything away from me;  I am god, over me”.  Which then commonly extends to “god over you too”.
The first element of life, which is love;  is clearly separated from the other four variables by the complex truth, that there are no simple answers for “we”.  We is an expression learned from the values of a relationship with loneliness that has been defeated by the treasury of thought, wisdom, and value.  We have known what is less/ now we must learn how to achieve an environment of equals in freedom searching for love, hope, happiness, and life.  These things require courage, duty, honor, honesty, respect, truth, discipline, knowledge, understanding,  and determination.  Everything less, fails.  But mercy is a part of love, and hope remembers it with absolute trust.  Therefore apart from every necessity that provides a deliberate journey into love and its constant companion life, is the element trust.  Trust is the essence of a critical truth in love, that I HAVE become an existence joined forever by the consequence of my choice, to believe in truth and identify this love as my life in eternity.  Truth is a complex matter as well;  forever joined to the understanding of a situation by ALL ITS PARTICIPANTS, not just what shows as the evidence of the moment/ therefore thought, knowledge, and understanding are all necessary before wisdom can conceive of trust and experience this as life.
If you recall the “simpson trial”/ one of the evidence presentations that went wrong is the glove.  Proven worn by the murderer, it was soaked in blood, left at the scene, and dried by the sun.  what was not understood in that evidence is the reality that leather soaked with fluid, in this case blood, and dried in the sun shrinks.  The consequent “didn’t fit”, was nothing more than a relationship not examined in detail by the realities involved.  A hand can also be abused, and made to swell.  So the question of trust “in the evidence of life” wherein your life in love must be placed in the balance of another soul/ REQUIRES  a list of knowledge and wisdom so extensive, that it is best to understand and believe that    GOD   is the one you must trust first/   and then within your trust of love in   GOD  / it is possible to cultivate a more complex relationship with others.  Because    GOD   will not fail/ thereby eternity is protected in you.   HE LOVES US, and that is enough for life to remain on earth;  as you or me.
Even so, in terms of the human heart;  we need to love each other, as an experience that deliberately tests the essence  of life itself, so that we may proceed into life.  As the value of existence is shared in us.  With critical feedback of our faults, and our happiness, and our expressions in living;  the opportunity to search for our own truth becomes evident in those who understand that complexity is for our own benefit.  Every identity is built upon more than one single truth/ therefore a search must exist beyond ourselves, but also beyond elements of ourselves that prove a relationship exists with thought itself.   We are a participant in thought, wherever the experience of life, is not simple or benign.  That means more simply;  that our development extends from the elemental dimension of loneliness, to the essence of love, family, friend, and home/ but also seeds are placed in trust, that give us the benefit of thought.  Where there is trust, there can also be a spirituality with life itself that does not exist anywhere else.  Without trust, there will be “nothing good”.  But with trust, the foundations of a world that exists in thought, can communicate with the blessing of life that gives us soul.  Soul is the opportunity to escape our relationship with time, and journey into life as eternity ourselves.  Spirit is the communication with thought that reveals the questions we will ask.  Heart is the creation of ourselves, that is allowed to ask these very questions.   Happiness, is the understanding “I am allowed”.  May truth be in your soul, and trust form the heart that journeys beyond.                GOOD PRAYERS, to you.
The question of beauty arises in heart and soul, transforming the grace of freedom and liberty to journey inside yourself and become as you were meant to be.  Beauty is therein understood, by the expression of an experience in life tied directly to its own honesty and honor.  Beauty is held within the moments of a dignity met with courage, that forms the delicate weave that is life itself.  Life is not a transient relationship with time, it is interwoven like a fabric that must be worn/ a skin that cannot be removed without severe harm.  That does not suggest “life is on the outside of the body/ but rather merely mentions life as a substance that can be seen by the environment it creates.  Nature provides the beauty, life provides the intensity, chemical energies provide the time. Life is an elemental substance, transformed by its relationship with body into the various art-forms that exist on this earth. Time is in essence the measure of what we can conceive within ourselves, because it is time that transforms and co-exists with reality in this relationship we share.  What is truth, underlines our need to know the value and sanctity of nature.  What is nature identifies and understands the relationship we share with energy.  What is art, believes in “beautiful” as the essence of a life held by awe, in the marvelous experience that is freedom within ourselves.  What do you desire for your life/ is a question that you are allowed to answer;  even if reality forces you to be as you must be to survive.  The critical relationship of humanity to itself and this world, is governed by what we choose to do to ourselves, our world, and each other;  this is the price of freedom, and it is neither small nor more fair, than we are to our world, our life, or to any other life.  You do receive a world that those who preceded you created.  You do live an existence governed by decisions created in the past;  even a body or mind, are distinctly influenced by these decisions.  Love is to beautiful, as a flower is to life/ displayed in brilliant colors, delicate, and woven in the treasuries of an ability to share the future with a decision created in the past. We cannot change the past, we can only desire to weave the reality of our day into a decision that will become our future as life on earth.  If we are wise,  “nothing like today”/ then beautiful will be grown.  If there is no change, then by the decisions of this day, there will be no life at all.      Dead and gone forever/ a whole world lost.  Humanity has taken the easy way at every juncture that mattered;  that result of laziness and apathy is a disgrace of disrespect and disease mutilating the future that will not sustain you.  That is the legacy, of your leadership by men.  Change, or you will die.



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