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Monday, 13 July 2009


The foundation of time is: there shall be a beginning and an end. 

The establishment of determination is heralded as: the force of truth, love, life, and hope.  Truth because it keeps us alive.  Love because it makes life worth living.  Life itself, because it is the essence of freedom, through the reality of discipline that gives us time, identity, and the presence of being alive.  Hope, is the cause and concern necessary to “grant a new day”/ and establish the journey of a life committed to that work.  RESPECT intensifies each of these things, to bring us passion, and the ability to understand:   “Life is not just an accident/ there is order here”.

The creation of women as leaders of life on earth: is a determination to depend upon the law, and its policing; to establish life in society. It is a determination to accept the value of our decisions together; as the will of law, and the life we have chosen to live together as a nation or the world. It is the understanding, different ways, different ideas, different purposes, all create a different society for us all. Men have liked their societies throughout history;   but only a fool dismisses the evidence of today, and hides behind a pride that will only kill them, and everything they want.  Men have created the means, the machines, the purposes, and the governments which threaten us all, in “a thousand ways”.  Not only have their decisions wrecked resources, led us to genetic mutilation, and promised to kill us by bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth: “they cannot control it/ we will be dead:   do you really want to gamble with all life on earth?”  Weapons of mass destruction/ preparations for war; you will soon hate each other, as one threatens the other for bringing complete economic devastation to the world. And much more; The list is very long. Men have built the environments of hell, a world insane/ and Armageddon nature in chaos;   neither of which can we survive.  Change, or you drop off the cliff into death. War is still your answer?  Going to kill a billion people/ only 6 billion more to kill!  Still sound like a solution.

Fools and failures will always attempt to destroy order/ its what they do/ absolute IDIOTS let them.  Freedom gives them the opportunity to destroy/ but discipline proves them wrong, in court and under constitutional law. Hatred leads life to the grave/ burying YOU under the weight of lies, destroying YOUR LIFE with pride, by creating a “heart so hard” that nothing matters to you, “but you”.  Not even if you die, because the brain is so barren of life, that selfishness is all you know; people then forget “life”.  Evolution/ science/ genetic mutilation/ weapons of mass destruction/ resource devastation/ hiding and running away/ etc:   ARE ALL LEADING YOU INTO YOUR GRAVES.  And you will die as a world soon, unless you change.  These are the things men have done/ the realities men have chosen; the truth of what they did do.  Women must do better.  Men have failed.

 Do I sound like a religious idiot?  Do I sound uneducated or without any expertise in evidence at all? Do you accept the price of death for this world, if all the gamblers lose your life;   this world;   and you enter HELL AND ARMAGEDDON:    Just because YOU didn’t care enough to stop them.   IS THAT OK WITH YOU,       DEAD    / BECAUSE THE DAMN BASTARD’S WERE FOOLS? 
Answer the question/ AND GET TO WORK, if you desire to survive.  This ain’t no game/ more horrors than you can imagine are coming: as discipline is destroyed. Genetic disciplines build our bodies, genetic disciplines ARE NATURE ITSELF!   There is no going back.  ENERGY disciplines ended, is the end of time/ because it is the end of order, regardless of whether we immediately blow up as a planet or not. Without disciplined order, there is no understanding of what the future will be.  The evidence however turns to the “big bang”/ the single most destructive event in the universe ever, and says: life is over.  There will be no answered prayers for mercy:   BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR DECISION, and you will make it quickly or suffer the consequences.
THIS MESSAGE, IS EVERYTHING NECESSARY to provide the incentive to do the work, examine, investigate, and demand the truth:   so that you can decide for YOUR OWN life, the future for your world, your children and all life.  This is your failure, if you do not.  There is even conversation for you, to establish “a free zone”.  And the conclusion of this opportunity for change will be:   EITHER life or death.  It will not be both as is time/ it will be, one or the other.  As the power that separates us from the knowledge of your own judgment/ because the decisions you have made turns to become: either life or death, because you chose it.  Not because it was forced upon you.

The elemental experience of life is a choice:   either you will choose to expand yourself in ways that remove barriers and identify the possibilities and opportunities life alive provides/   OR you will choose hate, and the contraction of all life, by the selfishness that abandons life itself to choose: “I/ you don’t matter”. [Hiding or running away, DOES fall into this category, this decision. Life NEEDS your help. There are no excuses.]  As that focus continues within, closing the doors to all living experience associated with relationships: life begins to die, and is replaced with the disorders that are found when creatures attempt to play god “and create their own little world inside/ or control the whole world outside, by their demand.”
We are the only creatures built by order, to be allowed to choose a destiny for ourselves/ DO to the understanding created, when participating in thought.  Thought is an environment; a method and means to the elemental path of life itself. Thought is a relationship with truth, the function and foundation built as a “spiritual means” to enter the essence of truth, and describe, define, or identify creation itself. Thought does NOT “consist of me/ I”.  Thought is the transparency and illumination of a relationship that is conceived when multiple truths come together and align themselves in the creation of understanding.  More;   conceives of artificial intelligence/ which is nothing more than another enemy to fight with; as such, it is unwise.

Discipline is the creation of boundaries that can be defended by the truth of a participation within the laws that are defined by discipline.  Discipline creates an environment.  But freedom establishes hope, and life in happiness.  Freedom is the elemental expression of a life without boundaries, wherein all things are friendly and without danger/ yet we know, by wisdom that this is not true.  Therein life itself learns, that where discipline rules alone, the world is ordered and pure, but without the truth of an experience generated by happiness.  We also learn that life where freedom alone rules the expression/ that life will end, because it will be hollowed out, by the loss of experience that take more than they give.  Consequently, WE NEED both discipline and freedom to be happy and whole.  Balance provides a life designed by both.  Gender creates the role of male as disciplined protector/ while female conceives of the role called freedom, and the essence or provider of happiness. Where there is order and truth, there is hope.  Where there is hope and the honesty called love, there will be truth. Where there is truth life can survive.

Mental criminal insanity is bound to one simple truth: they discard order, and react to any stimulus without regard for the understanding, “this is not over”.   These lack discipline/ but even more so, they lack the foundation:    Of a desire for friendship.  Where your need is only selfishness/ what good is someone to share with; this is an enemy, a vile piece of trash stealing “from me”.   Consequently, as order is discarded, the violence goes up.
Critical acceptance of friendship as the provider of happiness through freedoms used to express our happiness together, are essential to a mind that will flourish and grow in the understanding of love. 

Depression, IS the demand for change/ to alleviate depression change must come.  That change can be small, or large; it is unimportant what, so long as it represents a new life, or an experience longed for/ suppressed for/ or created for the possibilities called friendship. Freedom is your demand, consequently the disciplines you have selected unto this date; have not been accepted by your life, and must be changed. We are not owned!  We are individual lives, and our bodies are individual properties; therefore only “I, can own me”.  Neither can you own another; not in marriage/ not by legal or implied or religious contract:   we are not slaves, by life, we are meant to be free.  But discipline understands, there are costs to freedom/ and if all you want is freedom, it will hollow out your life, and leave you empty; think before you act.  Accept the cost before you accept the change.  Repent (won’t do this again)  honestly if you are proven wrong.  And forgive where life says; my heart will allow this.  That is YOUR decision, and it has nothing to do with society/ so long as its within real law (meant to protect life itself/ not control your destiny, but enhance it with freedom, discipline as knowledge, and critical punishment only where understanding admits: “society in harmony”, can not survive this).  A society in harmony is: where possibilities are married, with the price that must be paid.  Therefrom, we understand the price of freedom beyond the limits agreed upon by over ninety percent of the voting  population;   is separation.  That separation is governed by distance/ that distance is governed by the realities of what order in nature would identify as RESPECT.    It is noted, that you can make no ruling as to nudity in so far as removing it from mainstream society.  NOT because it is a “good thing” to have people naked.  BUT BECAUSE WE ARE BORN NAKED, it is elemental to our lives/ and you will just have to deal with it as best you can; within the perimeters of duties required/ and places where this will be allowed based upon the percentage vote of any particular community and its residents:   50% say lets go naked, means 50% of the city shall comply.  The areas that say no, shall bid pay higher taxes across the board; “sales, property, income, etc”.  You will bid how high you are willing to go, until there is sufficient areas’ within the city to accommodate the people who do have a right to be free.  The bid cycles with every election it ties to. There are to be NO more little enclaves with their own rules/ the rules that govern people are for us all to decide; NOT you.  Small rural towns are exempted from “special demands”;  they could be overrun.   There is no right to decide for someone else; but there is a right to demand “I paid a higher tax for this, by percentage, in this area”/ consequently you must go “over there”.  By the same meaning, you cannot tax another, just because you don’t like what they do: smoking, alcohol, etc is not a “fund raiser for you”/ it is their right, even if it costs their life.  We, as a society  also tolerate the tragedy of all your mess/ all your insanity/ all your excess in countless ways; no more picking on anyone.  Its not something for the immediate future/ in ten years of so, you will either be ending all life on earth;   or you will have proceeded to the point of greater freedoms, because truth has allowed you to remove hate.

There are sexual agreements that come with legal marriage/ there are sexual bonds created by love:   BUT THERE IS NO OWNERSHIP.  Either love decides for you, or it does not. Love is not a purchased agreement.  Love is not a religious ceremony or statement of duty.   LOVE IS A DECISION, THAT SHARES EACH OTHER AS ONE.   If you do not have that, then you share less; if anything at all.  LOVE IS A DESIRE THAT CARES.   LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION that removes freedom and disciplines our lives together because we are one.  LOVE IS a sexual expression, only when two hearts beat as one;   or less expressively, when two people cease to be a part of this world/ and enter within their own expressions of life, as my soul resides with you.  You are free to choose for yourself, sexually/ and none have a right to tell you no.  But undisciplined sexuality always has a price; understand it well, accept it as true, or know you are cheating. If I have a right to know/ then you have an obligation to tell me.  That means, you are responsible for spreading disease/ or trying to steal support, where it would be withdrawn if this were known.  BE FAIR.  If you have made promises, that cost another because you then broke that promise; there will be financial costs.  BE FAIR. Children are to be understood as societies responsibility/ BUT IN RETURN, women shall accept the limit,  two children and you are “permanently” done.  If you choose to sell your body/ that is a business, and business is controlled by society; they may or may not, have a right to tell you no; dependent upon damage done to the harmony of society itself.  Personal irritation is no excuse.

It is absolutely necessary that you begin to lose your fears of each other as female and male.  It is absolutely necessary that respect enters your world in sexual terms, and the honor necessary to understand: freedom is required, but discipline prepares the heart for love, without love all sex is empty of any true value.  It is used, abused, and destructive, unless respect exists/ love is NOT real, unless there is true respect; doesn’t matter what he or she says.  Sexy is just another word for identifying “she is WOMAN, can’t be a doubt or question; whose form and reality prove: designed by GOD”/ to a man. Sexy is a visual medium, that identifies “respected, cared for properly, free, happy, disciplined enough to be with me (share the life I live)”. Doesn’t have to be perfect/ look in your own mirror to understand why.  And if you do think “perfect”/ then consider that pride is a tragedy (a participate in hate).  Love is a reality of the heart, not the eyes; and comes to those who do share, because they do care and understand;   we have one life, time.  There are also those who are “sexy” / just because they are doing the best they can; loneliness, is an expression that can be seen; and my own heart believes “I can help with that, sexual expressions are about accepting each other when honest and honorable; therefrom, they do heal loneliness, and express respect for you, even love for you”.  Not all men are trying to use, or abuse women; even if they are not willing, or simply cannot stay.  But that, as a reality always leads to tears/ and the end result is completely dependent upon what the woman wishes to believe was true.  There needs to be sexual honesty and truth between men and women.  Those who only want to play games, identified/ because neither man or woman is a trophy. Do not have vasectomies; because regardless of what the others might tell you: this removes the chemicals that makes sexual intercourse acceptable and fun.  Without them, its just “hot sticky work”.  A vasectomy won’t remove the desire of a man for women/ but it will remove his true desire to share physical sex; the price is high/ for women too.  One less man for you/ a husband that will be changed, and YOU will be sorry too; when sex is basically over between you. Don’t believe the liars/ when you remove the basis and reality of chemicals, IT DOES change the experience.  Without critical desire to complete the process, women will complain/ and men will cry. Ask your man if the experience would be the same, if there was NO moment where or when sperm would ever come forth again? I tell you plainly, it matters to man.   It makes little to no difference as far as babies go, because the man cannot have a baby/ but the woman is still free to do whatever she decides.
I can only guess sexy is the same for women.  I find absolutely nothing sexy about men. Being a woman, is not determined by the size of your chest (bigger simply shouts woman louder); the differences in our bodies, makes us an individual signature in life.   Don’t simply discount that for “visual”.  Romance  is about,  the understanding and clear relationship “this one is different than me”. This one is both balance and delight in the blessing of life.  This one, can complete my life.
Panic attacks; are created by confusion, feeling trapped and without the necessary knowledge required to be safe, or get free. Doesn’t matter what the situation is, the base experience is “I cannot protect myself, from this; particularly severe: I might die”.  They are also about believing that life and body are unpredictable/ thereby inherently unsafe for me. The solution, is to understand even though body and mind will die, someday.  The reality of our lives is a very simple:   we did not build ourselves, nor this world; and it is built with love, with exceedingly clear thought, and with exceptional detail for the possibilities of love and happiness.  Consequently, if we did not build our lives, but received them as gifts clearly dedicated to the fact we are loved; then death should not make us afraid. If we are loved, then even though our situation is grim; there will always be hope.
Religion is a discipline/ thereby all exercises in discipline for life in society,  are worthy of their respective place in society.  Leave them alone.  Remove those as is evolution, that are obvious liars and fools.

Participation in life requires you to do what duty needs you to do.  Everybody as a minimum level of duty that is required for society at peace.  DO YOUR SHARE, and more.

I have done my share.  I have done my duty. I have created the possibilities that include changing life or government; for peace, and by WE THE PEOPLE.  As I have been taught to do, by    GOD.  Believe that or not.  It is YOUR TURN to do the same, as best you can.  NOT what you cannot do/ but what YOU CAN DO.  
It is your responsibility to keep this site open.  Your responsibilities to fight for life, and distribute the message.  Your responsibility to make a decision to protect life on earth, identify and examine the evidence/ prove you are actually, WE the people/ and able to be owners of this the United States of America;   by more than just waving a flag.  Life on earth NEEDS YOU/   make your choice, and work for this world; it ain’t too much to ask.  Its not a game, life really will die, because the threats that can exterminate you, are real, and conceive of true destructive power.  Its all or nothing, like it or not, no second chances;   just how it is.
My responsibility to you, is over.  Only my desire to help you survive remains; and it is my desire/ not your right to demand.  It is the spiritual woman who has become the truth of my direction and journey in life that decides the future for me.  My work for you is over.

In the days ahead/ if not before, as you become panicked; you WILL come looking for me.  IF I am alive.  IF, it is not past the point of no return, which is less than the year 2012; IF YOU ARE NOT CONSUMED BY your “science” before that date.  I will help only women/ not because of any other purpose than “its their turn to lead”.  Men are through.
The reality is:   only   GOD   knows, if you will be helped.  I will study as life allows/ but I am not your savior, and this message is not your guarantee of survival. The sooner you begin, the more likely you are to survive, all the threats of mankind; in their quest to play god.  Fail/ too late/ you will be abandoned to your fate.
That is the word of the spirit; the reality of your own evidence; and my statement to you.  Make your decision/ stop falling into your own graves.  So ends this work for your lives on earth.  YOUR TURN, or die; “ it’s a reality thing”.

Unless there is some form of advertizing added here, under this tab;   the site is now closed to me.  It has become yours;   sealed for your personal discussion and decisions.  I will not reopen it/ women will own it, and do whatever they choose:   if they form an organization to work for life on earth.  The education is over,
Make your decision.



As to the possibilities of women leading life, leading men.  The critical question is addressed in two parts.  Men lead other men by controlling them with weapons or threats.  They do so, by creating individual groups, and then making someone responsible:   so that fear can be created “look what happened to him”. Then tiers of groups so that individual groups can be targeted for violence: “look what happened to them”.  By separating and dividing these groups [DIVIDE AND CONQUER]/ these men into “he is responsible” just a few can be targeted for violence/ while the others stand still because they are not being targeted.  All men know, “jump in, where hate lives/ and they will turn on you next”.  All men know:   unfair or not, if you don’t follow the rules/ these leaders will say “they have a right, to kill you”. All men know: the probability of another man helping you is very small; unless you are in a group committed to each other, as is the military/ but, in the military, you can and will cause trouble for the group itself, if you are selected as a target; making their grief, your fault.  Sound fair?  Its not, and men know that too!  But because a fairly large, very well armed group of men, who are literally prepared and waiting to do you harm stand for leadership:   it takes a lot, of men together to defeat them.  That does not happen, because in war/ the opposite side, is more dangerous than the leaders; and in non war conditions, it is more irritating than dangerous for the majority.  When militaries grow uneasy/ the leadership finds someone to war with;   its how they control.  History proves, militaries DO grow uneasy with their leaders.

Some will suggest this is “a discussion that could bring disorder to the military, thereby endangering the nation”.  BUT THE FACT IS;   that people have produced and communicated throughout media: how to make an atomic bomb, and much more; insanity is who you are.  That suggestion is mute.  Just because you are insane as leaders of  men, does not make me an enemy.  Instead take a look at yourselves, and all the tragedy everywhere, in everything:   all because of money.   Fools setting up dummy corporations/ bastard’s everywhere;   selling anything/ not to worry, we will make money cleaning up the mess, or just declare bankruptcy and do it all over again.

  It should NOT be so for you as women.
Instead of fear, there needs to be a growing organization of one/ therein none can be targeted, and all can have their say. The difference between this and a political organization is: you must find a way to be one party of women/ NOT two or more as do men. In that way, your numbers are increased; some men will join you from both sides, and you will control the vote.  The difference is: instead of politics, YOU must exercise the right to determine the law, to define the law, and then enforce the law, by controlling the legislature.  Men control large groups of men with few leaders.  YOU are to control small groups of men or women with large groups, by the power of law.  Politics apply the possibilities to a vote, for someone to vote for me.  Women must apply an individual vote to the law:   and the possibilities for what comes next, to the politics of working within that law/ not creating it as a little group of representatives.  But understanding, ALL LAW, we will do together as one.  One vote, for me/ by me, every citizen: to decide for ourselves what OUR LAWS will be.  What our spending will be, as a percentage to this or that;   of the income as a nation.  No credit/ reality through truth.   INSTEAD OF WORSHIPING MONEY:   WORK FOR LIFE.   Instead of being prostitutes, as are many men, for an easy dollar; “going to be RICH”////.    GIVE YOURSELVES HONOR, and be HONEST.  Find discipline, and give freedom through respect.

TO WOMEN; I will make you only this one promise:   if you support me in terms that are true to working for life, peace, and love through truth and respect for life on earth.  Then I will support you, and never turn away.  We will, do our best/ and we will succeed, if you care enough, about life.  It is your turn, not mine;   you will lead.
I make only this demand:   we will work for the survival of life on earth.  We will demand as an organization the end of : wrecking/ trashing/ destroying/ threatening/ consuming without  justifiable cause/ injustice/ and the assassination of all life now and in the future; of this nation and world.  We will establish respect, equality, and freedom through discipline.  We WILL change this world, because we must.  The price paid, will be accepted as necessary.  IF you help me, then we will also work for happiness between men and women on earth, through acceptance and reality, by creating access and the fundamental ability to understand what it is “I/ we need to know”; to help the children as well.

This is accomplished through the single weapon we have to do so:   THE LAW.  The law that WE CONTROL, as WE THE PEOPLE/    The law that we create, by our vote, by our decision on the critical legal and social issues OURSELVES;   is enforceable by the means of women.  

Men have created and sustained a world built upon the single premise:   if you are a few, YOU CAN CONTROL, by establishing fear of weapons and violence, and a focus on just a few as an example to the rest.  Thereby the rest cower and hide or run away; creating divisions throughout men because the desire of men runs from rage to righteousness/ from violence to cowardice/ from bravery and duty, to treason and traitor; all because a few control by the weapons they do carry and use.
Women WILL RULE, by the simple truth of law:   IF WE ALL KNOW AND AGREE,   THIS IS OUR LAW/ THIS IS OUR WEAPON AGAINST “these few damn leaders, who desire to make us slaves”.   Then the law is in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, and as we the people we SHALL focus on those few leaders that believe we can be killed, etc;   just because they are proud/ greedy/ lustful/ and without respect for us.   WE ARE THE LAW, of every nation.  The difference between today, and tomorrow by the will of women, is:   tomorrow, it is not a gun that decides/ it is the agreement of the people THEMSELVES, that will be enforced.  Not the words of people who made the law for us/ BUT LAWS, CREATED BY WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES.   The decision, the agreement, the reality of our duty to this nation and to ourselves;   because this is OUR way, and OUR method, and OUR nation.  We made this law/ and YOU will not steal it from us. ALL investigation beyond personal decisions starts at the top, and will work its way down:  NO MORE starting at the bottom, and disgracing us all. The difference between today and tomorrow, is the COURTROOM IS OURS/   NOT THEIRS!  That means, the judge will be subject to the foundations in law that we have provided/ and any who discard our laws;    Will be imprisoned, or worse.  That means, the tragedies, and threats, and the people who made them a part of our lives:   WILL BE FOUND, and WILL go to trial.  No more shitheads in charge, no more shit spewing from the universities, no more, no more, no more trashing, destroying, or wrecking our future, our nation, or this world;   or our lives!

  WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO DECIDE.  The employees work for us, and it is their job to enforce what we HAVE DEMANDED from them.  It is not, “a few damn leaders” barricading, dissolving, or destroying our demands.   This  WILL BE:     We the people;    Barricading, dissolving, or destroying those leaders who fail to keep our demands/ BY TAKING THEM TO COURT, and searching for justice for ourselves; presenting justice and equality to those who fail to understand.

    We will show the leaders, the law is stronger than you.

THIS is the key to democracy, the demand it is our nation, it is our world;   AND WE WILL RULE.

The reality of freedom is:   this is about my individual life, it need not concern you, unless there is a true and significant threat.  The reality of law is: this is about our individual lives TOGETHER, working in the ways that create peace, promote harmony, and enjoy the happiness of what we can do as friends to support and build our world. The reality of liberty is: my time is equal to your time/ my life is equal to your life.  RESPECT, DUTY, HONESTY, TRUTH, DIGNITY, INTEGRITY, AND DISCIPLINE    is owed to me/ and I to you. That is my/our guarantee, by constitutional decree. LIBERTY, is the right to demand the guarantees to every citizen, the law established to protect our rights, SHALL be free.  Which means, NO adverse reaction can be allowed, by any governmental authority/ employee. The court, the military, the police, all branches of government shall obey the law/ and the people shall remind them, because they can.  Without fear.

End the fantasy, go bankrupt and return to truth in money.  Take the LIARS power away, by destroying delusion!       BE FAIR!  Protect the lives, not the wants of the people during this transition with food and necessities. And require that everyone has a right to a job/ a duty to do that job, or be removed from this society:   therefore we must share the work, as is necessary.  And the nation returns to “we are alive”.  Choose your future, don’t be buried by greed, or any other reality or derivative of hate.    
Don’t want too?  Going to kill a billion people, “to protect yourself, demand what you need and want”: like too many in Africa at the moment, and around the world since history began?  Just 6 billion more to go!         Think.  And then understand its true “you don’t have to give a____,_____,____ about anything”(you fill in the blank).  But you do, have to live the reality that you did choose for life on earth.  The truth, NOT your fantasy, excuse, or lack of honor, duty, or responsibility.  The world deserves better, “than you don’t care”/ life deserves more, than a simple “let someone else”.  IT IS, your responsibility to life, to help us all survive.

  MAKE YOUR DECISION/ time is running out.  For life on earth.  Your threats are still growing/ YOUR EXTINCTION will follow.             CHOOSE                   LIFE FIRST!

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