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Monday, 13 July 2009

Different ways,   designing the future.

The most elemental reality we need and face, is how to determine the laws we need for the rule of society, the freedom of ourselves, and the control of those who hate, and live selfish lives.

The foundation of these choices relies upon the understanding, and the template, for participating in an educated vote.  Not “educated as in college/ the people who brought us unparalleled greed since the beginning of time”.  But the fundamental knowledge, that life is our foundation, AND WE MUST PROTECT IT.  That humanity is a function of freedom, and none have the right to take that from us/ but we do owe the price, for what we do choose; in realistic terms.  That society, is our framework as united communities to determine the disciplines necessary for cooperation and limited risk to all.  That business is the basis of our ability to change human lives/ while agriculture and fishing is the critical reality linked to whether we will survive or starve. 
The law, is our determination as human beings on earth, to challenge each other under the framework of FAIR PLAY/   while governments are designed “if correctly”, to do the work of insuring our society is functioning within the justice called equality and the reality called fair play through honor, honesty, and deliberate courage.  Without courage, liars take over/ because cowards always believe in lies:   “Let us NOT pay this price/ let us pretend” is their way.

OUR CRITICAL TRUTH as human beings on earth is determined by:   WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE OUR LAW.  As a critical reality, NOT ONE of those laws can be beyond the scope or ability to memorize of even the least of our citizens; “with help from those who can do better”.  That means the laws must be few/ they must be limited in words/ they must be held to “common words”/ and they must be taught throughout the nation and the world.  So that none, will be able to claim ignorance/ and all will be bound to the same definitions of liberty.  Liberty is, “our claim, to a right governed by law”.  Freedom is, “our claim, to be individuals as we desire/ so long as no one else is fundamentally harmed ( your body is your own, to do with as you desire: YOU OWN IT.  BUT YOU may not do anything to someone else, because they own their individual world as well”.  The boundary between “yours and mine” in all other terms is governed by “critical harm”/ to accomplish the variations required for individual rights, that would apply zoning and such, to the realities of community life [here, you can do this/ there you cannot do that].  Your right to freedom is then governed by the discipline required of you to obey the boundaries.  But their right to interfere in your life is governed by the fact:   you cannot be refused an individual right; and there must then be “a respectful (because you are life) area” to do whatever it is that gives freedom to you.  YOU CANNOT HARM ANOTHER/ YOU WILL RESPECT CHILDREN:   OR WE WILL KILL YOU.

All of these things, are conceived by a framework, that builds itself, establishes itself, functions without real intervention, and honors community because it is there doing the work of determining what is “right or wrong” for us.  To accomplish these foundations DOES REQUIRE WORK/ but after that work is done, there will be an established peace.  A developing harmony.  And a true situation wherein war and the other disasters of men are put away forever.
A footnote for the reality of this day is:   WHY IS THERE NO MEMORIAL/ NO MENTION of those who are wounded in war.  Did they not fight for you.  Do they not do battle everyday because of your decisions as a nation; do to their wounds.  Why is it the dead are memorialized and the wounded are discarded with the trash.  Explain it.

Regardless of that:   our reality is, there are no individual matters that will be resolved or attended to/ until the foundations necessary for all life to survive have been dealt with, and are in fact functioning as they should.  Life itself, is more important than just you.

OUR PRIMARY NEED TODAY:   is for the framework that allows people to communicate in an ever widening circle of knowledge/ that is “purified” of stupidity:   creating the base elements and wording that will then be the law of human existence on this earth.   As is clearly demonstrated on this site, EVEN THOUGH THE LAW IS ENOUGH/   unless it is honorably enforced: it is useless, without “policing” to control the selfish and the hateful.  Thereby it is understood, all aspects of  policing is important.  BUT NOT as is “too common” today, wherein the police believe “its them or us/ and control is as if : livestock contained”.   But by, the knowledge of law throughout society;   we are all responsible, but only a few will attain the right to prove it.  By their respect, in their various levels of community; the community selects/ not the city representatives;  by vote, the individual community provides its own policing [its own qualifications], within the city. But the city pays, same for all/ unless allowed to be different.

Our need to communicate:   is determined by the severity of the need.  Currently, with reality terrifying most people/ the mass media does everything it can to destroy reality, and find some form of delusion or fantasy to pretend with.  The “hottest ticket in town” today;   to see a dead man’s funeral (who was he? King of fantasy, a participant in illusion): SHAME ON YOU.   It is the sign of cowards, and fools.  Failures who are refusing the price of life.  Ass holes, who do not understand:   if you refuse to pay the price of life/ all you have left is death, for us all.
Thereby our need, has been left to the liars and idiots that brought us here to die. 

Communication is:   granting to each other, the opportunity to understand reality as truth.  Everything else, is just a toy.
Defining reality: is the destruction of everything that is NOT true. 
Defining truth:   is the expansion of everything possible, by understanding the creation of what this knowledge, these facts can or will do.

The elevation of human existence to disciplined law: is the creation of wisdom, through the inheritance of thought.  Thought conceives of life by participating without the confines of body or mind. Rather it discovers the existence of life, is a relationship with truth itself.  Thought is the transference of truth, into the passages without time.  Time illuminates the struggle to be dimensional: to identify and create the boundaries and environment of our existence.  Thought illuminates and identifies the creation of spiritual: the elemental expression and experience of life itself.  Therein spiritual becomes the boundary, and life becomes our participation in the experience. The question is not, “what is that experience”.  Rather the relationship is why does this expression conceived by freedom exist.  The answer to experience is time.  The expression of freedom, IS:   where may I roam.  Who may I see. And what may I ask.  RESPECT IS A KEY, but only love will grant you an invitation.

The elemental environments of communication established on earth are varied and simple; none is right for all/ but all have an inherent ability to communicate something.  And none can predict exactly where an idea, or foundation for living will come from.  You did not expect me/ how do you deny another, when you were clearly wrong about me?   Listen to each other, or fail.  Your mass communication denies and hates me:   how is this your solution then?   Do what you can do!  No one asks more/ BUT LIFE asks no less of each one.   Do WHAT YOU CAN do.

As I search for any last thing you might lack, that there may be no excuses:   this seems sufficient at this time.  Life or death is a choice/ unless hate intervenes.  Make your decision for life.


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