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Monday, 13 July 2009


        Daniel 12, end of times; from bible

The prediction of a judgment day for humanity.
I do not know who “Michael” is. But it is clear great distress is coming to this world, here and now. During this crisis, people will choose “LOVE, PEACE, &    GOD”/    Or hate, destruction, and violence. Those who have worked hard throughout their lives for (the real)  GOD, will be at peace. The multitudes who “sleep”/ never realizing life and eternity are draining away; will awaken, to choose deliberately who they will be. Wisdom will be shown, and people will then be educated.  Daniel “is done writing” (not me, I am a messenger), people will use his work.

Verse 5 the two others, are a man and a woman standing on opposite banks of the river (water, is a reference to the power of life, as a body & mind, our creation as time, and the ability to move). The power to rule this earth, to present this humanity to GOD,   is: “The man above the river (not me) represents the power that is greater than all humanity; representing   GOD here on earth.  He lifts both hands, it is a gesture for both man and woman to heaven; asking their question: WHAT is to happen to us?  He is then priest.  The answer “a time, times, and half a time”.

Defined it means:  ALL time is a description of order or disorder, as determined by discipline.  Therefore this saying means: there will be a time distinctly recognized as “something different”/ followed by a time, or period of time that is much longer (doesn’t say how long, except, at least greater than twice the original time period identified) through which humanity will make their decisions.  Followed by a much shorter period wherein all reality shall be turned loose to accomplish the decisions that humanity has made in judgment upon itself.  No one, but    GOD   : knows, what humanity will choose.
Verse 10 indicates regardless of the decision by the majority;   there will be still some on both sides alive; the wise will however know what to do with the wicked.

Verse 11 the daily sacrifice is;   what people do, to honor GOD around this earth.  IF THAT ENDS, if you turn away during this time as is predicted by Daniel.  He only sees men; cannot see women as leaders/ a result of his time.  The tragedies that have been built by men/ the abomination that ends all hope for this earth (which is my life, “a messenger”;  tortured to death, by men. Shall come to pass. So says the spirit of my life.) over 1290 days.  This clear example of humanity discarding and destroying the possibilities of a new and different life in hope, honor, love, peace, and truth through RESPECT:    Becomes the evidence, that humanity is abandoned for this cause.  The end of this earth and its life at 45 days more.  Because the vast majority [even the women] turned to hate.  Numbers are not necessarily accurate.
All rewards, all respect for what you did do, is received at the end of days.

It is a prediction, NOT a death sentence:   as you do have choices to make.  As women can make a difference, and say no/ by leading life on earth.  Women will save this earth if they try, and men will surrender if women are prepared; because they have no choice except death. There will be exceptions/ to be dealt with as the existence of hate;   these to be removed.
This prediction demands:   that even if women do not wish to include me in their plans, to work for life.  They must still protect me, or I WILL fall into the hands of men who hate/ who will then use me for an example of that hate.  Proving that humanity does not deserve this reprieve/ did not deserve this message for change sent by    GOD   : to turn, from what men have chosen for this earth.   Do understand, the cause of this predicted hatred against me is:  I have chosen women/ set up the boundaries of a war against men (for leadership/ the removal of their pride and power); and a war against the wealthy, the powerful, the proud, the hateful;  and described all men are going to be subservient to women. I have further,   Demanded all hate shall be removed or destroyed.  And proved I am an example of man, who has chosen female instead of men;  making me an enemy to some, “a hero to none”.  The minority  will come to hate me, and prove it with violence/ if women do not come to my aid instead, I will fall into their hands.  And as is consistent with hate throughout the centuries: I will become an example dedicated to making you fear/ controlling the others by the existence of violence, that will make you cringe.

  It is your choice as women first; what is to happen to this world, and to me/ but not “forever”. It is not mine, you must make your decision; to protect me from men/ or you will watch men destroy me a little at a time. One way, one direction;  or the other will happen.  If I am simply abandoned & destroyed;   all fall in the pit called hate and insanity; “the evolution of hell (man’s creation), by the hands of men, and never get back out/ Armageddon (nature in complete chaos) will immediately come. Failed, without a fight. Didn’t care, and proved it.  YOU WILL THEN CARE/ but it will be too late. Dead.
I am not trying to make you accept me/ not trying to move in on you/ not going to even try to make you do what I suggest.  This is simply the knowledge of human experience, the history of  understanding what the future holds, by looking at the lessons of life.  The prophecy is up to you to decide if you will believe it or not.  I suggest, it is remarkably coherent and possible;  for something written to describe this day, thousands of years ago.

The last endings of the book of Revelation and its prophecy is dependent upon what women do.  It is their prophecy, it is their work, it is their decision.  So says the spirit of woman, who lives with me.  The first 11 chapters of Revelation are devoted to what if men are still ruling.  From chapter 12 on, it is a situation determined by women.  We have passed by the first 11 chapters;   and stand at the gate of women, leading this world. But if you refuse, we will return to the earlier prophecies of weapons of mass destruction, fusion (you probably have about a month, before the earth is dead/ once this fire is lit), and an enormous explosion that penetrates all the way to the core of this earth.  I do suggest;   THAT, IS A     REALLY  BAD PLAN.  There is no going back.  You simply MUST NOT be wrong.  NO gambling with life period.

It is your turn to decide as women/ it is your turn to rule: but I cannot make you.   You must have the courage to save life on earth by doing the best you can.  What you cannot do, is irrelevant.  But if you do not do the best you can do for life, if you refuse to care, refuse to share the burden of leadership as your contribution to life/ then you will not survive.  All life will die.  Not a threat, a reality of our current situation and truth!
The ending, or beginning of a new day:   then is yours as women.  NONE can take this from your hand/ only you, can surrender it, to enter HELL AND ARMAGEDDON.  Because that is where men are leading/ that is the road they took.   You can see it coming in this message;   simply look.


I simply don’t know why me. I am directed to this chapter in the bible; and told to interpret it.  This is what it says. Prove me wrong.  “ Mine,  has become,  a strange life”. But I never alter an interpretation, even if it can be identified in more strict terms; the meaning given to me will be the same.  Don’t know why me, just kept searching for answers. I need them, life needs them; how can that be denied?
A strange reality as well, never would have gambled at any odds that “ an identity called woman, would have anything to do with me”; not even a possibility/ not even a thought.  The potential for my future is, “being used by women”/ or abused by men.  The possibilities with women are MUCH better than with men; so I will hope for that. The possibilities with men who hate, a reality of death that will be increasingly hard to bear. The reality of life, very simply:   we all die, and eternity comes/ regardless what you think or believe, truth will decide. 

The question of your reality is determined by the evidence:   do you not convict both men and women, based upon the evidence/ and put them to death?  You do indeed/ and it is necessary because predators must be stopped.  Today your leaders have set death traps all around/ and it is absolutely necessary that you recognize these, dismantle them, and begin again.  This is about your own life or death; YOU MUST PARTICIPATE to live.  Every single one. Take a side, its better than being thrown in the garbage without a say.  Identify the evidence WITHOUT LIES OR EXPECTATIONS/   AS IT ACTUALLY EXISTS, AS IT DEFINES ITSELF, BY REALITY.  IT IS YOUR LIFE, EVERY LIFE ON EARTH.  AND MAKE YOUR DECISION, THEN WORK.  I know you would rather believe “nothing bad is going to happen”/ its just a “hiccup”; but that is not true, look and learn and believe reality exists, and order decides.  Not your want or expectations;   you believed the “free credit/ free money, GREED for all” would last forever too.  But as soon as more people draw out, than put money away; the end has come to your fantasy.  The “baby boomers” are just beginning to spend/ and they have TREMENDOUS WANTS.  Its not going away, unless you bring reality and the consequences of truth to their door, and make them accept their decisions (to take everything they could, and did demand, “theirs too”), their debt is their debt; it is fear, that made them do so, a world of leaders prepared and able to make us extinct/ but even far worse now.  You must turn the other way, to LIFE FIRST/ NOT money first.   Or you fail, and die.  It is not hard or complicated to understand this/ the evidence is clear, its your own heart that does not wish to surrender your own pride.  “Can’t have every damn thing I want, no more”/ hate that!   You have to choose, want and pride/    Or life, love, honor, truth, and respect; with all the benefits of peace, harmony, and happiness.  Seems simple to me.
Happiness is a decision based upon hope and freedom.  You will lose your hope soon/ because the money has gotten out of your control.  You will lose your freedoms soon/ because others have taken your money, your possessions, and your time for themselves, and will soon, make you slaves. 12 trillion dollars of new numbers is $240,000.00 per each worker:   DID YOU get your share/ by the end of 2010; someone will have these numbers, and the banks will multiply them by at least 10;  but you don’t get any.  GREED NEVER shares.  That means either you go to court, and stop the insanity of running from your truth/ or you hide in guns and horror awaiting the moment it erupts in absolute violence.  Where there is no army to join/ there is absolute chaos/ because one man does not trust another;   so they shoot everyman walking “just to be safe”. Women will join, they have no choice. Blood will flow beyond all expectation. Revenge will come next.  You worship money, you worship pride and power.  You refuse to pay what you owe/ but insist “these owe me”.  The future is bleak, without immediate change, because believe it or not/ there will soon be a day, when NONE will be interested in court, and all will participate with guns/ fires/ and bombs.  Too proud to survive/ chose to die; and then forced to die, no choice.

Some will always accuse me of “sexual intentions” against women; its not true.  It is however possible, that you will avoid and discard and disgrace this message;   throwing it in the garbage/ and avoiding me altogether.  It’s a choice.  But the reality is:   that won’t change a single threat against you.  Won’t save you from any distress that is coming.  Can’t save you from your “science”/ prepared to kill you now; easily could, unless GOD   intervenes on your behalf.  The world is NOT the same place it has always been.  TODAY MEN HAVE built weapons to destroy you/ chosen science to destroy you/ destroyed the environment significantly, broken chains that are necessary to the order of life, wrecked resources, etc.  How, is that the same? There is no place to hide/ no place to run: either we fix these problems now.   Or they will destroy you, the future, and this earth itself;   because that is what men chose. That is where they led you in this day;   to the gate of extermination, insanity, cannibalism, and worse.
It has been my job to tell you to change/ to stop.  It is your job to make that happen.  Women’s job to choose a new path, and a new way for different, hopefully better.  And it has become my job, to identify for you, THE CHOICE that you have made.
To date, all or nearly all, run and hide.  Certainly no surrender of pride, or power, or selfishness, etc.    Stop or die, is my warning to you.  Work if you understand, because there is no second chances
Every excuse is erased, because MORE than enough individuals know this site and this message exists.  If this message gains traction and is identified to the world; then you have a chance to survive.  Can’t and won’t change, if they don’t know why. If change begins; my reality goes to life or death by  the choice of women.  If no change begins, your time on earth is limited to not over 20 years, or a tiny bit left for a few/ but if science is not dismantled 2009 could easily be your end.

 It is literally  your turn now, to work for life/ or let it die.  Eternity will know, who you chose to be, and why.  Just how it is. You can be afraid/ but what possible good would that do?  There is no place to run, no where to hide from machines or militaries that can destroy an entire world.  You will not escape a nature in chaos, it keeps you alive/ without it and all that is necessary for all of nature to survive, you die too.  Its not complicated. Today, we can still work for life/ but once the edge of no return has passed:   can’t recover, nature will die, etc, its too late.  People will say, “HELL WE ARE GOOD”/ BUT like a body with cancer, just because you feel good today, does not mean you will survive for long. “Can’t see it can you”/ but that does not mean, its not there.  Wake up or die, simple as that.
As to the possibilities of being sexually used, “not pretty, old, half bald, bad teeth, usually unkempt;   not then because, “too tempting”.  That means used, not under my control; don’t have a say.  Not my decision at all.  The spiritual woman who has taken control of my life and destiny, owns everything tied to this earth,  all/ not my choice, she proved better at understanding what is needed for life.  Respect says, she will rule. Just how it is. You don’t understand it?  It’s really none of your business; my decision, my life, my reality:   not yours. Let women decide, life or death for a world means: don’t interfere, regardless of the outcome. Women will choose. 
I will help if asked/ until the point of no return, when nothing matters anymore.  There is no possibility for a long term relationship under these conditions, unless completely ignored; you could become a target.  I cannot accept that possibility.  If completely ignored; Even then, time will be too short, so no relationship there either. It has passed by, like it or not.

Look beyond your arrogance, and find your own truth.  This is mine.

  The following is  repeated by adding it to “ending and conclusion”, with slight changes.

As to the possibilities of women leading life, leading men.  The critical question is addressed in two parts.  Men lead other men by controlling them with weapons or threats.  They do so, by creating individual groups, and then making someone responsible:   so that fear can be created “look what happened to him”. Then tiers of groups so that individual groups can be targeted for violence: “look what happened to them”.  By separating and dividing these groups [DIVIDE AND CONQUER]/ these men into “he is responsible” just a few can be targeted for violence/ while the others stand still because they are not being targeted.  All men know, “jump in, where hate lives/ and they will turn on you next”.  All men know:   unfair or not, if you don’t follow the rules/ these leaders will say “they have a right, to kill you”. All men know: the probability of another man helping you is very small; unless you are in a group committed to each other, as is the military/ but, in the military, you can and will cause trouble for the group itself, if you are selected as a target; making their grief, your fault.  Sound fair?  Its not, and men know that too!  But because a fairly large, very well armed group of men, who are literally prepared and waiting to do you harm stand for leadership:   it takes a lot, of men together to defeat them.  That does not happen, because in war/ the opposite side, is more dangerous than the leaders; and in non war conditions, it is more irritating than dangerous for the majority.  When militaries grow uneasy/ the leadership finds someone to war with;   its how they control.  History proves, militaries DO grow uneasy with their leaders.
Some will suggest this is “a discussion that could bring disorder to the military, thereby endangering the nation”.  BUT THE FACT IS;   that people have produced and communicated throughout media: how to make an atomic bomb, and much more; insanity is who you are.  That suggestion is mute.  Just because you are insane as leaders of  men, does not make me an enemy.  Instead take a look at yourselves, and all the tragedy everywhere, in everything:   all because of money.   Fools setting up dummy corporations/ bastard’s everywhere;   selling anything/ not to worry, we will make money cleaning up the mess, or just declare bankruptcy and do it all over again.

  It should NOT be so for you as women.

Instead of fear, there needs to be a growing organization of one/ therein none can be targeted, and all can have their say. The difference between this and a political organization is: you must find a way to be one party of women/ NOT two or more as do men. In that way, your numbers are increased; some men will join you from both sides, and you will control the vote.  The difference is: instead of politics, YOU must exercise the right to determine the law, to define the law, and then enforce the law, by controlling the legislature.  Men control large groups of men with few leaders.  YOU are to control small groups of men or women with large groups, by the power of law.  Politics apply the possibilities to a vote, for someone to vote for me.  Women must apply an individual vote to the law:   and the possibilities for what comes next, to the politics of working within that law/ not creating it as a little group of representatives.  But understanding, ALL LAW, we will do together as one.  One vote, for me/ by me, every citizen: to decide for ourselves what OUR LAWS will be.  What our spending will be, as a percentage to this or that;   of the income as a nation.  No credit/ reality through truth.   INSTEAD OF WORSHIPING MONEY:   WORK FOR LIFE.   Instead of being prostitutes, as are many men, for an easy dollar; “going to be RICH”////.    GIVE YOURSELVES HONOR, and be HONEST.  Find discipline, and give freedom through respect.

TO WOMEN; I will make you only this one promise:   if you support me in terms that are true to working for life, peace, and love through truth and respect for life on earth.  Then I will support you, and never turn away.  We will, do our best/ and we will succeed, if you care enough, about life.  It is your turn, not mine;   you will lead.
I make only this demand:   we will work for the survival of life on earth.  We will demand as an organization the end of : wrecking/ trashing/ destroying/ threatening/ consuming without  justifiable cause/ injustice/ and the assassination of all life now and in the future; of this nation and world.  We will establish respect, equality, and freedom through discipline.  We WILL change this world, because we must.  The price paid, will be accepted as necessary.

This is accomplished through the single weapon we have to do so:   THE LAW.  The law that WE CONTROL, as WE THE PEOPLE/    The law that we create, by our vote, by our decision on the critical legal and social issues OURSELVES;   is enforceable by the means of women.  

Men have created and sustained a world built upon the single premise:   if you are a few, YOU CAN CONTROL, by establishing fear of weapons and violence, and a focus on just a few as an example to the rest.  Thereby the rest cower and hide or run away; creating divisions throughout men because the desire of men runs from rage to righteousness/ from violence to cowardice/ from bravery and duty, to treason and traitor; all because a few control by the weapons they do carry and use.

Women WILL RULE, by the simple truth of law:   IF WE ALL KNOW AND AGREE,   THIS IS OUR LAW/ THIS IS OUR WEAPON AGAINST “these few damn leaders, who desire to make us slaves”.   Then the law is in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, and as we the people we SHALL focus on those few leaders that believe we can be killed, etc;   just because they are proud/ greedy/ lustful/ and without respect for us.   WE ARE THE LAW, of every nation.  The difference between today, and tomorrow by the will of women, is:   tomorrow, it is not a gun that decides/ it is the agreement of the people THEMSELVES, that will be enforced.  Not the words of people who made the law for us/ BUT LAWS, CREATED BY WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES.   The decision, the agreement, the reality of our duty to this nation and to ourselves;   because this is OUR way, and OUR method, and OUR nation.  We made this law/ and YOU will not steal it from us.  The difference between today and tomorrow, is the COURTROOM IS OURS/   NOT THEIRS!  That means, the judge will be subject to the foundations in law that we have provided/ and any who discard our laws;    Will be imprisoned, or worse.   WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO DECIDE.  The employees work for us, and it is their job to enforce what we HAVE DEMANDED from them.  It is not, “a few damn leaders” barricading, dissolving, or destroying our demands.   It WILL BE:     We the people;    Barricading, dissolving, or destroying those leaders who fail to keep our demands/ BY TAKING THEM TO COURT, and searching for justice for ourselves; presenting justice and equality to those who fail to understand.

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