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Monday, 13 July 2009


The foundation required for demanding the law SHALL RULE IS:   ALL OF US/ NOT just a few of us.
The critical difference between those who can control by hate and violence IS: THEY CAN attack a few of us with violence to create fear/ BUT THEY CANNOT attack all of us, with violence or fear, unless we allow it/ or they control weapons with such superiority that it is not worth the price.
Therein we confront the three basic questions of how to be a true democracy: 
1.  HOW do we become “ALL OF US”?
2.  HOW do we survive the fears of a “few of us”?
3.  HOW do we take their weapons away?

The elemental understanding of peace and love is: I don’t desire war. The examination of why, establishes love as the blessing of people in our lives, the foundations of sexual fulfillment through hope, and the honesty of a world that is friendly, not enemy.
The elemental understanding of hate and violence is:   they DO WANT war.  The examination of why, establishes the cause is:   a base decision to play the game of predator and prey/ demanding either you win or you lose.  These cast off humanity, for the purpose of pillaging and rape/ for laziness, worthlessness, and rage (the desire to make you afraid).

The critical relationship we face as one humanity/ facing the animal called human:   is a very simple, division of the two.  It is not understanding each other/ as these are not the same/ what is love is so superior, there is no distinction of what is not, other than an animal to be caged/ or removed into an area where life is not greatly affected if they survive.
THE ABSOLUTE FOUNDATION NECESSARY TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A TRUE STATE OF PEACE IS;   those who hate shall be separated out/ and dealt with as an entirely different species.  There is no room among life with love/ by those who hate.
Therefore the establishment of peace and law IS as simple as removing those who hate.  They have no value, and they shall not hide.

The question then becomes:   how do we decide “who hates/ and cannot be returned to life”?
The answer is:   let women decide/ because hate worships strength, and women are not strong;   thereby plundered, raped, and abused by those who believe there can be no retribution.  That means women DO learn to perceive and identify hate, more carefully than do men.  During sex, they DO UNDERSTAND who loves them, and who does not.  Without love, the foundation for hate has been laid.  But that does not mean, those without true love cannot be returned.

WE BECOME AS ONE:   when we decide as a majority what is worth fighting for/ what is the objective we will fight to achieve/ and how do we know this is worth fighting for. 

Of these it is clear a life without hate, establishing peace, love, harmony, hope, happiness, and respect are all clear and distinct objectives that are worth fighting for.  We know, as life on earth: that there is a distinct difference between those who love and those who hate.  This is not a game, we know/ and it is clear to all who love, IF ONE SINGLE WAR:   would remove hate forever from an influence upon our lives/ then that war is useful and good.

FEAR IS AN ENEMY: that can be defeated within the resolution to accept the price, is worth whatever it costs.  In more simple terms:   do you not do what is required to not starve to death?  In other words, this survival need, is worth the price/ even if the job or whatever you do to survive, is absolutely not what you desire to do.  There is only life or death, and that means you do choose either to live, or accept you will die.  We all die, its just the time and method that is left to chance.

So the question is:   WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE, worth dying for?  The answer is love itself.  But reality states: if I die, my love dies with me/ therefore I get nothing: HOW can that be worth my life?  Truth replies:   love, true love, does not put a price on life.  If you have priced your life/ you have failed the “pure test of love”.  Even if, that price is beyond all comprehension of what love could be worth.  There are no amount of words, that can compensate you for giving your life for love.  There is no purity in humanity, therefore none are worthy of a “pure test”/ or a reality created by death as worth the price of love.  There is only the truth, that we will die as human beings; entering eternity forever/   consequently in all possible considerations of the value called love.  IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD,   if you die, for HIS LOVE, granting you have no control:   understanding that only love and truth shall decide.  Then it is possible to die for “the love of   GOD “.  Your gift, as determined by   HIS decision on your life.  No one knows, if you are to die tomorrow/   even if you chose greed or hate.  Fearing will not change that.  Choosing bravery and courage, through the love of    GOD HIMSELF.   Grants you, the possibilities of eternal love.   Love is a choice, but life is a gift of    GOD.          Therefore if your life already belongs to   GOD,    Why are you afraid.


THE ELEMENTAL TRUTH OF WEAPONS is: only weapons of mass destruction are capable of sustained killing.  Therefore prior to all deliberate actions to define and create “a world called one”/ these must be removed and the possibilities for more ended.
As to all other weapons, the truth is they have a weakness.  They MUST be re-supplied with ammunition, fuel, or men.  The critical reality is then:   WHAT, FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT is so vital, that the stream of these things will end/ if you just control or dismantle this one single part.  One of the heralded efforts of world war 2 was:   destroy the ball bearing plants, and the tanks, trucks, etc WILL CEASE ROLLING.   Or take one ingredient out of gun powder, and it stops functioning.  Or without tires, these don’t move. Or without fuel, that cannot go. Or without food and water, the soldiers will die.  Or without the influence of the rich, “the government” ends: thereby we know, if the rich are no longer “rich: able to control their slaves”, governments will fall.

Brutality and hate, are the result of attacking the few: “the rest run away, and hide”. [sometimes you must, if the odds are too strong/ BUT SOMETIMES it merely takes a surprise to change this reality].  Whereas if a few attack them all, control them all by the use of weapons;   the reality is, this has become the government/ because the weapons make it so. So the question is:  how do we destroy the possibilities of a few people with weapons that then control the majority?  The answer is: it is essential to gather together/ throw those with hate out, or imprison them: and establish a boundary that will be defended here.  When you are strong enough, the predator stays away.  The animal that is hate, is like any other predator of nature: they understand, if the body is damaged to any degree/ they could die themselves.  Consequently they pick on the weak, the sick, or the unaware.  Human animals do the same:   IF YOU are gathered together, without hate to divide you/ THEN YOU are strong enough to contend with those who have weapons.  Divide and conquer, is still a very significant rule of war.  As in all prey animals, they hold together in tight formation, so that the predator does not come in their midst, and divide them to die.  Critical understanding is: “we must know, what to do as a vast majority, even if someone becomes a victim”.  Every prey animal faces a predator with vastly superior weapons/ but the prey survive and thrive, because they do have a plan.  The opportunity as a human being, IS TO REMOVE THE PREDATOR HATE/ so that there is no more “victim”.

The opportunities here are quite simple: human animals who hate/ ALSO HATE WORK, and they refuse to supply themselves; so they come to steal whatever they need or want.  People supply them, by allowing the rich.  Without the rich, there is no treason/ because there is no reality wherein the rich man will be allowed “to consume the others, or their resources as a group”.  That means there is no reason to trade the others, for wealth; as is commonly done in humanity today.  People supply guns, NOT because the hateful make the guns, hate, hates work.  But because the “rich” use their slaves to create guns (among many weapons), so that the hateful can then steal from the same people with violence, and supply the rich man with the same people to consume;  by slavery “they now need, to survive”.  People produce the very same things that enslave them.  But they do it, because a few control the resources required to survive, by other means called money/ or weapons:  “If you must have water/ then you must have water”.  Simple as that.  But the question is:    If the resources are not controlled by a few/ THEN, would we be free?   The answer is no, because resources are not endless/ and freedoms without discipline means waste, or extreme waste as is america.

So the question becomes; HOW do we control the want, that drives selfishness into hate, treason, or as a participant in hate?  The answer: CONTROL THE ABILITY OF THE OTHERS TO BELIEVE THEY CAN BE RICH.  That is done, by creating income and property restraints.  That is done, by tying business income with the number of full-time employees that you have.  That is done by creating a business model wherein the employees can vote on how much money the boss or owner will take home as pay/ the business is then allowed to accumulate money, but the human income is restricted,  for the people, by the terms set within society by vote. The people thereby get an ownership stake.  The reality of investors, people who will take a risk for business established by the community:   we need a job, therefore let us create it for ourselves.  Need creates business, freedom and opportunities create the entrepreneur.  The reality you make three times more than most is sufficient. The end result, “lots of little business/ not much big business, only where needed”.  These things control the rich/ and if you control the rich, you control the government.  Where want is limited “to the essence of equal”/ there is no opportunity for the tragedy of hate to fully take hold. No matter how much you hate, society will demand: “you are NOT going to control us;   we are equal”.
From here, there will always be the criminal; unless hate is truly removed, and honesty, justice, equality, and love take over your lives.  Consequently the question of weapons will always exist: people have been killing each other since the beginning of time, “I want yours/ I hate you/ be my slave”.  So we have dealt with want, established a basic comprehension of reducing or eliminating hate, and need to address slavery by controlling the limits of income and property per person. We do this by controlling the natural resources as a society.  Money is in fact: the work of a human being/ or the resources he or she, allows you to take.  Freedom is doing what you wish as an individual/ so long as the consequences of your actions do not impact my life greatly.  Discipline is knowing what is in the best interest of life and society, and choosing it.

So let us begin with society, such as is seen in america: the people are happy to be led by liars and fools/ and to help them hide fantasy and delusion ridicule their lives.  Why, because they don’t want to pay the price for what they did.  The majority worker, does not want to pay the price for what the others did.

In the trial dedicated to this site:   we see that the price is too high, and the authorities who do stand to lose much/ because truth will take it:    They simply refuse to obey the law/ gambling they won’t be caught, because “I am small and insignificant”.  That part is true, I am equal to any other citizen/ what can I do?  The answer is nothing/ but I stand before the law, and they stand as criminals against the law: and the law does rule over what is right, what is fair, what is demanded of each of us/ and penalizes the worst offenders, by whatever means the law has set forth: such as impeachment, for a president, lawyer, and judges who stood before the nation and said:   I will protect and preserve the constitution, I will uphold the law....etc.  A sworn oath means, there will be punishment for failure.  There are no excuses, because each of the litigants named in this trial have sworn their oath before the nation/ and failed.  There is no allowance for race issues, as the original litigant here, was George W. Bush (who did no better);   it is the office of president that is defendant.  As to personalities, they are irrelevant/ because redress of grievances is about the job of presidency, etc; that is being addressed.  THE JOB, is not about personalities, THE JOB IS ABOUT WHAT YOU DID OR DID NOT DO, FOR US.  There is no excuse for “ignorance of the law”/ no validity, in I didn’t know: they were named defendants in this trial/ and they received significant warning. A person legally bound by federal warrant, through an oath:  to serve this nation according to the law, that is dominant and pervasive, and there is no personal right allowed to make an alternate judgment.  The opportunity for this group of litigants to repent, and establish the law, remove the gambling and threats to our lives; by working for the people, creating democracy in truth for these people, and accepting law: is real/ is a true choice/ and will be their own decision: each one.   I came with the demand to obey the first amendment redress of grievances/ and every single defendant is bound to that demand.  Thereby in the case of this america and its authorities/ the law rules that punishment is necessary.  And the people, the police, and the courtroom are legally bound to enforce it/ even if they do not desire the consequences.  A redress of grievances by the people, is a legal demand, and a guaranteed right.
So the question is:   how do we enforce the law/ when the officials in charge of doing that very thing refuse?

The answer begins with:    WE STOP PAYING MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT.   You begin by organizing and making this the reality of your demand:    It is our government, and it is our right to stop paying our employees until that redress is fully and functionally in place for our benefit;   complete with punishment for all and any liars/ and the means to draw any person to court for interrogation or defense.  YOU WILL DEMAND, we will not pay, UNLESS THE LAW LEADS OUR LAND.  No person shall lead without the law. No money shall be given until the law is obeyed. The law is ruler here/ NOT any person,  constitutional law rules. And that is the only thing we follow. In truth;  not the delusion of a few individuals, regardless of their titles!  You then move to establish that threat by creating a day when the money will stop [we will not work for you].  You then create the necessary framework to keep the people from starving, or a severe crisis by enabling the credit of a community that serves itself:   NOT for laziness or blind stupidity.  But with the understanding of a need to get this settled quickly, and thereby applying pressures to those who are in the way. Government runs on money/ the rich run the government: thereby the rich are where the pressures of getting this settled shall fall.  I leave that to your own legal choices/ advising you, “it is not the army that you need to fight/ but their most critical weakness, that you need to exploit”.  As is the case of this trial: they would pay me no heed, except for the money involved.  But they wanted the money, so they joined the ride.  Their primary weakness is: they WANT your work, “to pamper and caress their lives.”  Think about it.
The office for civil rights responded today: “... the OCR has determined that it does not have jurisdiction... closed. They are correct, they do not have jurisdiction, but a guaranteed inherent right has jurisdiction within the constitution: and that means “they don’t need jurisdiction”/ they merely have to enforce the law, or establish those who do enforce the law: Because this is the law. The correct “check and balance” for the court is an assembly of people who DO DEMAND that the judge MUST adhere to the proper civil rights as described by the law: or that judge(s) will be removed.  The failure to adhere to guaranteed civil and personal rights for each member of society as the law allows, and demands:   is cause for removal of the judge.  The correct avenue to begin these proceedings is to demand the law that was used/ the evidence of testimony by the judge created;   to evict the rights, guaranteed by law.  Failure to do so, is immediate removal from authority.  Failure to adhere to the law, is a criminal offense, whose punishment is governed by the potential damage done, against the people who have been abused.  This is also a job, “for the nation’s / or state’s attorney of record.”  With the same demands, and the same punishments for abandoning the sworn duties of your job.

 But do remember this, in america the extreme wealthy will lose the most in returning life in america to reality, truth, and fair play;   returning americans to EQUAL.  And they won’t like it/ and they will resist.  The consequence of that resistence is equal to “an eye for an eye”; because YOU will be careful to insure this is their choice, and not yours.  YOU MUST be lawful in every consideration.  You will declare “marshal law” as a community if needed keeping careful accounting to establish what is honorable and fair when that day comes.

As to governments absolutely unfair, and in need of the removal of tyrants.  When fully entrenched, they are ultimately a tragedy for the people there, that requires a war to remove. Where PROVEN that humanity has been removed, and a vicious predator to the people has come to destroy: that animal can be killed without retribution.  Unlike critters that are nearly extinct, and must have a reprieve; the species predator human: can be destroyed without even the law, they are simply vermin.
That means: either you do arm the people with their own weapons and training as a world effort.  Or you establish world law, and world policing to take away the dictator, and his cohorts;   bringing to trial all who do so deserve.  Or you simply assassinate as needed the leaders of the pack.  Do bear in mind:  in all large predator packs, there are several who desire to be leaders, consequently the removal of one simply opens the door to another.  However there are few leaders allowed in any pack;  which means take away a tiny few, and the rest will be dispersed shortly.  Making the criminal process of tracking down each one, realistic for the humans.

“Broken government” is rebuilt by establishing the necessary communication and vote to produce a true and HONEST consensus among the people about what they desire their nation to be.  THE LAWS they will obey.  Dependent upon the level of chaos; that threatens, the population must group together to protect each other; creating law within their respective groups, until better is possible.  World law institutes the necessary guidelines that all humanity have agreed:   these things will be done throughout this world.  Such as NO ONE OWNS ANOTHER, and that applies equally to sex.  You cannot buy, etc the life or sex of another human being; they can sell it if they choose as a business.  But none may charge or collect, other than the person who decides their body is worth so little as this.   Nonetheless, every individual owns their own body, and none may oppose or deny that. Not for religious reasons, or expectations/ not for legal definitions/ WE/ I OWN SELF!  No one else.  (The issues of spirituality in me, are separate and defined truths.  This is not a part of your world, it is a part of mine.)
If the world intervenes: its, One year/ one vote, and the outsiders leave.  If more than that is necessary, its up to all concerned: and there is a billing due.

As to areas of state where there is no formal government and in a state of chaos.  The primary reality is: either there are no jobs or basic means to survive because of resource loss/ or there are so many guns, that none can find the means to create an army; because the people have given up on their future.  Warlords rule.  The foundation of a future of hope, includes food, water, sewer, housing, and other basics for which people will stop believing this is not worth the fight any more.  And choose to fight for the life they believe will come.  Therefore critical reality demands the value of a life worth living, in the eyes of these people shall be defined and created as a possibility.  And then the warlords shall be given the simple ultimatum: either you shall be friend, and work for life, for society/ or enemy; a criminal condemned, with a price on their head; that need not be tried, the enemies against the law created for this world, are declared dead.  Shoot them etc, as you wish, without concern.  Those who choose to become;  As a friend, you will participate equally: will be tried with leniency; if they prove in fact “not enemy.  As an enemy, the law will come to arrest you, and hold you responsible for every single crime. “When the government is fixed”.   “I would NOT expect, a long prison term if I were you”.  The simple way to eradicate “public enemies” is to identify them correctly by their crimes; and then put a bounty on their heads; dead is fine/ but do be correct.  There will be people who claim the money. If not the people/ then mercenaries.

The law is simple: either the people obey, and demand their leaders shall also obey the law/ or there is tyranny, and the result will become anarchy, as the people inherit the reality of what failure really means.  You have heard the words “freedom ain’t free”/ its not free for the soldier/ its not free for their family/ its not free for the citizen either; the battle ground is law, the rights that establish our lives will always be under attack.  YOU DO, have to stand up and support law/ or the people hired will tire of it, and the threats will mount; and justice will fail.  NOT the authority, he is or is not/ by the evidence:  But the law, as our constitutional foundations demand.  Law makes democracy/ without law, there is none. The law is unnecessary, where the predator animal is human/ and the cost of this animal’s survival has been proven too high. Some things are obvious, “like shit on the bottom of your shoe” if you look.

Work is simple as well, the more efficient in terms of “larger machines, etc” you get/ the less people you need.  Therefore control of how large machines can get is a realistic use of government interference: IF that is controlled by the population itself, NOT by any authority.  The elemental proof of employment is: that we all have enough.  When there are poor people, either there is not enough employment OR the wealth is NOT being shared.  The question of sharing, is also a decision of the nation and its communities.  The nation for large decisions/ the community as a whole, decides for their location as to how much property or natural resource of any kind, can be  allowed to the individual. The income adjusted over time by vote, creates the level of personal wealth;   up to so much/ not below so little for the average work week.  But the freedom to make that income “in a day”/ for the year remains.  You may not however receive credit or any other means of income should you fail to budget correctly.  Once past the limit, your only means of income is to properly instruct the others, in how to do what you do, or what they desire to learn, if it is a benefit to society.  Establishing infrastructure increases resource use and consumption/ but it is necessary and useful, if done with a conservative future in mind. An education is about learning what you need to know, or what YOU desire to learn.  It is not about memorizing someone else’s use for your life; thought is a process of expanding the possibilities, while tightening the disciplines required to achieve acceptance of truth.  Its your responsibility to learn/ not memorize, but learn for yourself, because you desire the message of change. Learning is about change/ if you know; then there is nothing to change.  Consequently learning is your relationship to changing the life you live, by doing the work you perceive as your hope and truth  allows. The world changes for you, when you cannot be trapped, or it is very unlikely.  The world changes for us, when love, the shared responsibility of our future;  allows for wisdom to replace our decisions in want/ with the truth of what we can honestly do.  IN SUPPORT OF REALITY.  Not against it, as is today.

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