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Wednesday, 01 July 2009

The tragic reality of human existence, is the constant demand:   to chase the money (want), demand attention for being superior (pride), express a need and steal a right to decide thereby controlling others (power), assert mine and demand to play god (hate). And extend that hate as selfishness, by threatening the others (violence). These are primary actions, while lust, lies, and a host of others are secondary reactions.

So the question is: WHY do people choose them?
The answer begins with examples and the base element “I am somebody/ don’t you agree”.  The problem of course is “everybody cannot be more, than everybody else/ someone has to be less;   welcome to the world of loser”: the game called winner. 
The foundation of all human trouble starts with “I want, to be somebody special”.  The reality of that disease, then spreads infecting many, and destroying much.  So we begin an understanding of the base functions in human behavior, by understanding there are those who will always choose:   “I am more than you/ I CAN prove it”. These things bring consequences/ those consequences bring all manner of conflict; and primary forces are born in society, because a “percentage” DEMAND, “I am not equal, to you/ or, I will prove I am superior to them/ or in later stages, worship me for I am like a god compared to you.”  Each of these decisions promotes inequality/ greed/ the demand to control/ lust and various other actions and reactions in response to those who refuse to be equal.

To combat these relationships born as mutilations of humanity; by the decision of individuals, not to be equal.  The common cause of “whining/ bitching/ laziness/ hopelessness/ depressions/ mental illness/ obesity or anorexia/ [rape, not sexual here]/ addictions/ sexual deviations and perversions/ ( the deaf, the blind, the mute: “mentally speaking”) and others are all formed out of the need to hide in something or run away from reality. To avoid & stay away from “the leaders” of society.
This aggravates “the leaders”/ and the consequence is: they begin to use force, deception, temptation, swindling, murder, and hate through the various means of “moving the flock” through the gates, and into the “butcher shop”.  Or in less picturesque speech; the means to take what we want, from those who will pay the price for your greed.

The real question is: as less than the majority, HOW do these leaders create the opportunity to rule?

The first example is the choice: I WANT to play the game, and prove I can be equal to you!  This establishes itself in countless variations between “I can get more money than you/ to, I am smarter than you/ to, I can worship religiously better than you/ to I can work harder than you/ to, I can do less and be paid the same/ to, I can steal/ rape/ and kill.”  Regardless the reality; the intent to prove “I am better” exists. The majority however simply play the game, because it rules who gets the resources.  Resources are always controlled by the “rich”/ its how they get their power, pride, and hate (as these must then be defended, to sustain and build more power, pride, and selfishness).  The majority believe they can be equal, if only they work hard; but of course “the rules change periodically”/ to prove you cannot.  The majority believe “the system” will protect them, regardless what system that is;   even though they know “EVERY SYSTEM”, be it government, courts, unions, religion, or whatever is controlled by greed (means, I want yours too) and power (means, you should be my slave), through pride (means, I have nothing for you; “lick my shoes”). 
Behavior begins with: “I cannot compete, therefore I must have a plan”. Jealousy asserts: my world is disgraced, or my life is disrespected, or my heart will be wounded if this continues to wreck the things I hope for, or choose to do.
It is “the plan” that identifies behavior.  People choose what works for them, consequently deliberate decisions are carried out as repetitive answers to specific, but common instances in response to other members of society; worked before, should work again.  Plans become intricate, when established by the lies used to lead other people into a trap.  Thereby behaviors as they turn more complex are realized as opportunities to take from the others, something they value/ or something you want;   such as sex.  The question is:   what do you respond to “with your behaviors, or plans”?  The swindler recognizes behavior as an opportunity to use “your anchors (the things you believe are trustworthy)”/ as the perfect lie, to take what has value to you. Religions assert, your plans were lies (many are)/ therefore you should follow our plans, sacrificing your life for what “we want”.  Only, “we” does not always include you, and the result is strife and complaint.

Here we begin the quest of human life: to establish happiness, where all things are formed as a barrier to that happiness, because behaviors are everywhere that preclude the opportunities of friendship, hope, and love.  Each of these three, require some degree of trust.  Each of these four, can only be established as a relationship with truth. But the battleground is: “if I cannot be happy/ then neither will you”.  Consequently lies abound, failure and destruction are pandemic today, and the future is threatened with extermination, because “so very few care”.

The second example:   “Just tell me the answer/ I DON’T want to learn nothing”.  This forms the basis and relationship of countless realities in the formation of society, the relationship of law to that society, and the construction of government within that society.  The behavior is: “I plan to use or abuse you, for the purpose of myself”; the consequence being, a plot to sacrifice as is necessary, the value of someone else to obtain the greed required to become someone more. The elevation of superiority in society, is constructed from “the skeletons” of those who came before. That construction or those skeletons, can be either the compilation of hate/ or a building of knowledge by love: it is however true, that only love learns.  Hate merely uses knowledge, to establish sacrifice, power, or ridicule.
The developmental understanding of a lesson learned in time, by the realities of life:   is the framework within which truth may be found. Without structure, the basis of a journey designed to expand that knowledge with understanding is lost/ to the construction of excuses, and the reality of “the things people say, instead of do”.

The third example:   “I will buy or sell you/ or me”.  This behavior is the creation of an environment that says: I understand, and accept that I am not enough by the things I do offer today.  Therefore I will do more/ by plotting to take from another, or from you, what I need to succeed.  The price “I” place on your head, the reality of what I must sacrifice; determines the game that will be played.
The basic construction is very simple:   life is not worth more than my want!  Your life, is worth less.  Bodies are sold.  Hearts are broken.  Realities and resources are sacrificed.  Because the game must be played, to make me “happy”. 
The question is then, if happy:   is the end of friendship, trust, and truth; as deception always follows this road (so many people do it)/   WHAT THEN is       “Your happiness”?  The answer is: “I am, the creator of my own world”.  But lets examine that world: to achieve,   “mine”/ you have, or would have sold anything necessary to conquer your enemy “those who stood in your way”.  To demand “mine”, requires that none shall be allowed to “share the claim of mine/ not ours, mine”.  To establish sufficient trust, to demand vulnerability; you chose to lie, cheat, and deceive/ thrusting truth, honor, and life from you “like vermin”.  To prove, you are more/ someone “has to worship or at least be jealousy” of you, therefore others must suffer, so that you can be “grandeur”.  The claim to fame is: “I beat them/ I ruined their chances/ and I claimed their victory as mine.  The consequence being hate, and the spread of revenge.

The fourth example: “i can run away and hide”.  This behavior is the acceptance;  that I cannot compete, and must find another way to survive.  It is prevalent in many people, and much of society, as humanity learns;   one can talk better/ another can win this game/ this one is violent/ and this one is what others want, not me.  Etc. 

One of the most common developments is obesity or anoxia; the same cause, with different results.  The fundamental to be established is: “but, I have an excuse”.  The reality a more simple, I am unable to be “everything they are”.  Truth interferes with the simple demand: you are life, the most valuable creation in all of this universe.  But lies interfere, and demand: not here, I am not so valuable.  The biggest cause of hiding and running away is “the desire for husband or wife/ someone to understand everything, and accept you for who you honestly are; a world to accept you, as you are”.  But the world of humanity does not care/ the people whom you “settled for”, are less concerned about you, than themselves.
Critical construction says: “you have judged them all, too”.  Because what you chose, is a consequence of what you believe.    Therefore what you believe is both the burden behind which you hide/ and the reality from which you are running away. Essentially chaos, the fundamental conflict of emotionally needing the crutch which is beating you up;   ends in despair and self destruction due to the antagonistic relationship that develops inside heart and mind.  I need, is not a relationship to be avoided/ need is paramount to survival, and must be addressed as honestly as possible.  The crutch of perceived human judgment, is however the most basic acceptance of surrender possible: didn’t even give them a chance/ decided for them all;   “I am nothing, or less, or unequal, or ugly”.

These decisions not only lack discipline, or fulfillment, or happiness: they extrapolate the means to avoid contact with an alternate reality of people that will accept you;  by designing and defying reality with the consequences of actions and reactions that push people away.  There are always others, which then take the place of “everybody”, and life goes on/ unless none are found, in which case suicide becomes a possibility.


The fifth example is:   “I will fear, everything”
This behavior, establishes, “I believe this world is a terrible thing/ I believe violence and death are going to strike out, and take away my life.”   I therefore believe   “God,   hates me”.
The common construction of this life, is to barricade yourself behind another/ and claim “too much fear, to run away”.  They then become your savior/ they then are asked to rule over your life, and as a consequence, you become their slave; even if they don’t desire it.  The common demand in dating is: “I fear, being alone”. The foundation for change, is an understanding that recognizes life and body are elemental tools, that describe a relationship beyond our existence as a mind.  These realities of complex destiny DO, identify Creation, and explain the relationships of love as the example called “Jesus Christ”.  Not by the religious/ but by the reality of love expressed in ways that we could understand, even today.

The foundation of fear is simply: this will become everything so horrible, that I cannot bear to think or search for truth in anything else.  Fear then, is “a closed door”/ through which we cannot go, unless truth allows us to enter.  Forced to remain on the side of fear, is a decision that declares, “it is you, who will not accept what is true.”  There are horrific realities in this life as time, there is death to one and all, in every form of life in time.  Therefore the true question required of fear, is the acceptance or rejection of what is called eternity.  Do you believe/ will you truly care, if life is lost?
Only love cares, only time ends.  That description identifies the simple foundation: what is truth?  For it is said, what is true can never be changed, it can only be covered up; and that is “true”.  Thereby we do understand the level of our individual truth cannot simply be erased, but exists as the identity of what our lives have become.  The question of eternity is then dedicated to what does truth do?  The answer is: truth identifies the laws, and establishes life throughout this universe. We live, because truth in genetic realities and environmental disciplines allows us to live.  We love, because this is our decision, in the creation that is our contribution to life itself.  Consequently love is a creator, when joined by our existence/ and truth is a law, that cannot be denied.  These three things “love, decision, and law”,  express a desire for life.  The question is, how do we exist beyond the limits of time?

The answer looks to energy, as the provider of environments, wherein the possibilities of eternity are only clear;    Where the level of energy is so extreme, no reaction can exist to its existence; thereby it does not change, but remains constant and forever. The passage between “here and there”/ remains the domain of OUR CREATOR.  Look honestly at the beauty that is life itself.  Look with truth at the disciplines of genetic nature.  Look at love, and its examples in hope, life, and truth.  And then understand with simplicity: that    GOD   is capable of far greater things than any single one of us/ or all of us together, can understand.  Choose to believe, your life here is no accident!  Thereby, we come to understand the blessing of peace:   “That life nor death, is our true domain/ for we are not here by our choice;   and we will not die, without   GOD who gave us life to live.”  Believe and trust, in    HIS LOVE.

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