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Friday, 26 June 2009

The educating of life begins

Passage from opportunity to sadness/ recreates the possibilities of change.  Not because sadness is correct, or the reality of change is not possible without sadness.  But because the choices of men have built a world where sadness will rule/ unless the correct responses called change have occurred. Sadness and depression have the same fundamental root; it says to you, I will not survive/ if you are unwilling to change.

Of the many consequences, the leadership of men have brought to this world, our relationship with life itself is one of the most disrespected truths, they have tried to devour.  Men covet power/ and they try desperately, “to inhale pride”.  “The thousand threats” that encompass our world/ disgrace our lives/ and threaten to end our existence:   are all tied directly or indirectly to power and pride.  Power and pride establish want, hate, and the always present consumption of truth; by the intent to lie.  Power and pride assert “we are gods”/ and the end result is always: someone has to be less “than gods”/ or men are dissatisfied and turn to slavery and lust; as their means to confront those who do not worship them. Power is the price we pay as living humanity/ where the threat of extermination by violence, controls our ability to sustain peace.  Power is then both an enemy and a minimal friend/ because without peace, there is no society or habitat for life as a human being. While it was true, that we could live apart in the past/ today it is more true, that separate or living in the midst of millions the reality of threats that can extinguish life on this earth is the same for all.  Therefore we do need power/ BUT NOT as men have built it in this time.  The power of law, is the essence of peace/ there is no society, and there has been no society, where people have not relied upon law to establish their harmony or peace.  Justice is the outcropping of power, where life decides to participate within society;   by the elegant relationship of what law can do.  Law is the purpose of a union between truth, life, and humanity;  justice is its child. Thereby power has become the law, and the law has become the purpose of life, truth, and humanity.
Pride is the association of images, to produce a demand called “worship me”.  Pride is the downfall of every civilization that has come upon this earth/ because men choose pride whenever the opportunities to live beyond survival and need give them the possibility to turn upon the others, and make life a game. Games are the means of creating “little gods”/ the description of a people who care about nothing but themselves. Pride is consistent throughout history; it is the means of defiance/ the playground of violence/ the purpose of abuse/ the tool necessary to use others as slaves/ the elemental description of both lust and rape/ and the intent to destroy, because people did not worship you. Pride is the base disaster of all humanity, because pride dissolves equality, and demands “me first/ I don’t give a damn about you”.  But as in every curse, damnation is not clearly visible at the moment it is conceived.

Time gives us the opportunity to learn the base levels of pride and how it deceives people, and ruins their lives.  Here we begin with what is historically obvious, and well documented within our lifetime “as a generation together.”  The advent of nuclear bombs/ chemical weapons/ and intentional biological threats sufficient to end life on earth are all the result of university driven science “try this/ try it again;   just keep doing something until you get a response”.  Extreme pride arose, first in the use of these bombs in world war 2.  It was not necessary to consume the people/ leveling a mountain would have been just as effective.  The second bomb, was “too damn proud/ not to drop it”.  And then a succession of nuclear explosions, “just to prove WE ARE GODS, over you”.  It did its job, and made the world fear/ just as the political and military people of the USA hoped.  But it also created the absolute need:   for competition, to consume the arrogance of “no retaliation”.  The consequence being: human society torn into distinct enemies. The result: nothing matters, no one cares, all people learn to huddle and fear/ and the university is believed to be “your only savior”.  Even though they “produced the devil/ that made you fear”.  Fear invades this earth/ people scramble for “everything they can get/ BEFORE THEM DAMN BASTARD’S, kill us all” .  And the net result is complete disregard for the future, for the money or promises tied to a future, and the sacrifice of children and their world:   because “they are going to die anyway”.  So it doesn’t matter: right?  That is the world you built with weapons of mass destruction.  The world critically threatened with extermination and death from now VERY MANY threats created by the university and governments, attacking every foundation needed for the future of life to survive.  All because:   TOO DAMN PROUD, to back away from the extermination of life on earth/ BECAUSE WANT TO PLAY GOD,   “TO DAMN MUCH”.

 Is the common man innocent? No, he is not.  Is woman innocent? No, she is not/ but women have always been the passenger in this time, and it is men who do lead.  Thereby it is men who brought life to this moment of shame: where liars, thieves, cheaters, male prostitutes and whore’s are ruling over life.
TO SURVIVE, all this must change.  TO SURVIVE, women will lead, because men have proven throughout history:  “This is, literally the best they can do”.
Consequently, it is women who must educate themselves, within the possibilities of law/ and justice.  They must then take over this world, through the existence of VALUES that identify life, and support LIVING: so that all can survive, and the children can have a world, and a life to live.

Education begins as: the fundamental foundation of change in humanity is governed by the simpler truth/   pride will be rejected, or you will fail.  Therefore primary to the elementary construction of a new world, a new life:   is the removal of pride.  To understand the basis of pride, is to understand the relationship we hold with one another. In its most simple context, loneliness is a complex question that illustrates the need to discover change.  We begin our lives, as an absolute connection with another human being inside the womb.  We end our lives, as an absolute disconnection with everything.  What is the balance that resides in-between:   constitutes a relationship with human life, that disintegrates over time.  Therefrom as we move from the various levels of independence, into the certainty that we will be alone in this future called time: it changes and alters the composition of who we are/ and what we will become.  Pride is the assertion of a game, into the mixture of life and time assigned by our presence here.  Pride seeks to eliminate the reality of life and death/ by presenting us, with a game to play/ rewards to seek/ people to play with (in one form or another): that we may not be lonely, nor forced to deal with our truth, that we will die:   alone.  Pride uses lies to construct the various elements of games people play, from “we are gods”/ to we are slaves; therefore entitled to revenge, jealousy, violence, and hate. Pride seeks an escape from reality, thereby lust is used and abused in the tragedies:   that reflect life and relationships between man and woman.  Pride fundamentally demands power.  Because power elevates the game, to become “players, who are allowed to consume people: god come to life, as satan.”  For there is no building among the proud/ ONLY the destruction of possibilities for the poor, by the control of resources, the death of opportunities; because they will not let you; IF they can.

Loneliness also establishes, the need and value of love.  Constituting the foundations of a life that will accept its responsibilities and respect the value of others; as it is necessary and worthy to do.  Love creates the living examples of truth, wherein all who abide therein, begin and learn that creation is the opportunity to grow within the critical environments of love, truth, thought, and hope.  Respect establishes that opportunity/ truth creates the venue or path/ love defines an identity worth helping along his or her way/ but hope creates the possibilities that live beyond the means of time, opening the door into eternity.  What we believe, conceives of where we can look for evidence through the creation of life. If you do not believe/ then there is no possibility “of a sign capable of giving you the journey required to find your destiny”.  I believe in the life of JESUS, and therefrom sought my destiny through love with   GOD.  That is my testimony to you/ believe it or not, is irrelevant to me; I am not your sign. Rather the evidence of this day is your sign of coming damnation/ unless you change, as humanity on this earth.
Here we see “a side trip” into the environments of religion as is created by the purposes and decisions of men. Men see religion as their sign, to control this world.  “God made them leaders/ so say the men; and countless text exists to prove this by their own statements”.  NOT by GOD,   but by the statements of men.  The critical link between   GOD and humanity:   is not discovered in religion/ but in creation.  There is no greater proof of creation, than the birth of a child. That means, there is no greater relationship in humanity, than between a mother and   GOD.   While it is clear, that sexual relations can divide and conquer woman causing pregnancy, regardless of hate or right [NO WOMAN should have to endure, or carry the result of hate]/ therefore equally clear, that woman herself is not our connection to GOD, by its most simple sense. The reality is equally clear, the formations of life, the creation of every opportunity called human, and the discovery of life in a fetus inside of woman all point to their relationship with life itself;   and demands, “this is indeed greater/ than found in men”.  IT IS woman, who builds life, for us!  Consequently, it is woman who holds a greater spiritual connection with “OUR FATHER”, than does man. Therefore it is women, who are capable of creating a more spiritual understanding of what    GOD    Would have our lives to be. Evaluated by what men have learned about   GOD in the last thousand plus years: and we find virtually nothing.  This is:   the time of women! Men failed, in nearly everything possible, for life.  That which destroys, or has no real value at all/ is worthless.

Every foundation in love, is an illustration in respect.  There is NO love, unless respect is also present and clearly definable in truth.   Therefore the question of respect for women arises as a fundamental change; demanding the establishment of truth, as we become one world, under women.
We begin with an understanding of what does respect really mean?  And ask the consistent question, who does deserve respect? Separation begins, with the assertion of individuality over the assembly of society.  Respect for an individual does not extend as the acceptance of society; rather an individual has merit or not, based upon their own personal decisions.  Respect for society, is assembled due to the response of a majority, as they defend or decide their own fate as a nation or world. The majority of men, have chosen to exterminate life on earth; in the very near future. It is that simple/ and they deserve NO respect, because this is true.  It is equally true, that women as a clear NON-participant in these decisions; have not yet voiced their decision; and are simply along for the ride men have conceived.  That must change/ and with that voice, with that decision NOT TO BE EXTERMINATED by the decisions of men:   YOU WILL FIND RESPECT!
You will find, that world law is sufficient: to end weapons of mass destruction.  LEAD THEM, TO LAW. 
Arise now, while you can.

The elemental need to describe and define a working solution to the economic tragedy of men;   is also required.

CRITICAL to any and all relationships, is the reality of what you desire this relationship to be. There is “more than one involved” ; and that means, either the purpose “is the same”/ or there will not be harmony or peace for either.  The question of desire, is then refined by the purpose of peace or harmony as defined by the existence of a heart that will support and respect this decision/ or hate its result.
Consequently, there shall be a divide between those who “love or hate” the reality of what is being done. Not limited to men, there are many women who believe their lives will NOT be better with change. Hate in this reality means:   I want, I demand to consume, I will not respect, I refuse to share, and I will not care about the future or its life or life on earth. Truth will be confronted as the enemy/ while lies continue to rule their mind: leave them behind.  The dead are dead, and have nothing to do with life, other than the obstruction of bodies not yet decomposed.

WHERE THE HEART LIVES, is where desire learns the value called passion, the identity called love.  Life is the assertion of “an empty cup”, which we must fill for ourselves. Or more simply, your life is created to be the essence of what you believe is worth your effort and time. Love is a passion, filled with the desire to expand our world, by including the environment of a hope, that experiences an expression of the identity we love.  This desire, intensifies the value or identity of any relationship that delivers a foundation upon which we then build our truth.  Love requires a relationship to survive, a critical link between what shares our existence with hope/ and the reality of a life, which literally cares about our desire as life.  GOD    IS, the foundation of all love, and if you attain truth, respect, and love;   this relationship will become real.  NOT a hope or fantasy; but a reality defended by the truth: that loneliness is not “a part of your life”. It doesn’t mean, life will be happy at all times.  It does mean, life will be honest at all times; truth is essential to all relationships.   In this reality of life or death for this planet, our world is the environment we must hope for/ a relationship with life we must defend within our own desires for a future/ an identity we must share, created from the simple discovery: that no environment, no relationship called nature, is the very same as NO life for us.  The heart, or more correctly your purpose and desire for life combined into the actions and reactions that identify your own passion:   must be shared by the understanding, we are in trouble as a planet. Resources are being depleted, threats abound, men have stolen from each other to the point of war, and that only begins the list of threats from which our lives/ this planet and its children, will become extinct.   It is up to each one, to defend:    or deny and accept “they don’t care enough/ to hell with life”.  Therefrom the elemental decision:   either to love this earth & this life enough to believe we have a future/   OR to hate this earth and all its life enough, to dribble and ooze tragedy from one end to the other, as hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos) ends all chance to survive.   IS REQUIRED OF YOU. 
The vast majority will say: “it ain’t that bad/ another religious freak spouting end of the world: NO ONE should care”.

But I do not tell you to believe in me/ I SAY TO YOU, go to court and review the evidence, and understand how the liars and fools have corrupted and are destroying your world.  You didn’t believe “a recession would come”/ you didn’t believe, spending without limits would catch up/ you don’t believe weapons of mass destruction will be used in “your lifetime”/ you don’t believe nature will fail, due to mutilation and the crucifixion of life as is being done before your very eyes/ you don’t, believe the oceans could ever fail for life/ you don’t believe science projects attempting to use vast amounts of energy, in scenarios that are intended to break the disciplines of energy established here will be your end:   you are fools and failures, because you live your life in denial of truth.  These, and many more realities are defended only by lies/ but the lies exist, because the constant source of leadership by men insists:   WE, DON’T HAVE TO CARE.  The constant demand of nearly all men is: WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE.  The constant reality of attack and confrontation on every life, IS SIMPLY WE DON’T CARE WHO DIES;   “Except me of course”. These elemental descriptions “of people without sense” establish the simple truth: that if you will not grow up, and listen to the evidence.  Thereby assemble the truth and identify the threats that are real.  It is then considered true: YOU have passed judgment upon yourselves/ and should receive the reality you deserve.  It is a choice.

The question of economic survival is then NOT as men have conceived it!  But as women will design it.  That fundamental foundation is written to be:   WE SHALL WORK FOR LIFE/    NOT “for money”.  Those who refuse, shall be removed from society as real and appropriate decisions are made.

The critical question of what to do with the time presented after the work required for survival is done:   is assembled within the truth of what does peace and harmony mean to us.  This question, requires an understanding of the relationship that does NOT include want or pride/ but is governed instead by the truth of our reality described by love, hope, honor, truth, respect, and discipline.  Freedom is an absolute essential, because happiness is formed in freedom, revealed in the liberties we take within society, and is elevated by life to enjoy the blessings of living.  Freedom is also, fraught with compositions that do not allow peace or harmony/ therefore discipline is also required for life to appeal to all.  The dividing line is:   “You, were not threatened or harmed significantly by these actions”/ if  I/ we, choose to be reckless with our lives, it is our body and our time.  The price of reckless, belongs with your freedoms: your bill, or perhaps “insurance just for the reckless”.
The elevation of women to be leaders throughout society, is assigned by whether YOU CAN identify and create the opportunities for “man woman and child to be happy”.  In a man’s world, this is judged by whether “we are rich/ or poor”.  In a woman’s world, THERE MUST BE AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY.
Want and pride drive “rich and poor”/ want demands “let them be poor; OUR SLAVES”, while pride demands, let the game be our means/ and control of the rules our method.  This is the way of men, and it brings periodic war/ unrest/ and every form of hate known on this planet.

 The way of women, is a reality that I cannot simply identify;   because even though I am controlled (kind of like a wife, in days past) to “a spiritual woman”.  I am NOT allowed to understand everything it means to be a woman. It is a complex reality of, this is her choice/ and I am her helper.  NOT a “ voice”/ rather the breasts attack (they alter my reality) what is male in me; and the end result is, a relationship conceived without male in me, for a time defined by breasts, which I cannot control. “Too much for you, you believe in evolution; an impossible religion based in fantasy and delusion: without a single layer of truth”. How can you live, “without all the parts and pieces needed to survive, and multiply, grow in a disciplined manner/ but yet be free?” evolution is insane. Even so, for me This becomes: An understanding assigned by spiritual definitions/ but a reality created from the physical dimensions of a body & mind, when overrun by “breasts”, that believes it is at least partly/ or more correctly: more woman, than man, during this time. This is accomplished by understanding the base levels of reality that exist for woman. This is then the distinction necessary to assemble the rhythmic details of actual life.  The end result, sexual conquest (absolutely nothing I can do about it: the spiritual woman owns, I do not) reinforces “woman”/ and actually surrenders my identity as a man a little more each time. The foundation for female, spiritual development is then set/ the reality of introduction and invitation into the spiritual realm of female has occurred; and today, I do understand the reality “of what female spirit is saying”/ not in complexity, but in truth.  I will assemble for you ONE simplistic detail in terms of spiritual journeys: the beginning entry is not unlike, the reality of tinnitus ( a hearing disability, that multiplies as a sound inside your head: when the frequency matches the particular damage you have).  Tinnitus IS NOT a participant in ANY form of spirituality/ HOWEVER, if you understand the rhythms; and can join “the song”: then your ability to hear what is being said WILL multiply.

       Regardless of that, I am not a woman in reality/ rather I am a development architecturally defined by both man and woman. It is a strange reality, a relationship developed by needs, a truth created by the same spiritual quest:   to keep this world alive, by the same answer/ let women lead.  Spiritually, the interlocking of a relationship (spirituality demands: the door is a dimension defined by the respect anchored within your acceptance of this place) created by female spirit, and the foundations of a female life is a complex reality determined by levels of thought which you are not entitled to. Female spirituality is a very different place than is male.  My reality is more simply “change”/ my existence is more simply “owned, by woman”. The dimensional alterations of discovery, a mixed blessing with consequences I do not yet understand. It is, a strange mixture of slavery (NO, I cannot do anything not allowed/ and yes, I may understand certain levels of this reality).  I do not know how it ends, or what comes next.
Consequently I cannot speak for women/ I can only assist you in understanding the consequences of your own desires; and how men will react to them. YOU MUST identify the world that you will create/ and subject it to the reality of what people will then think.  The issues of men, are largely unnecessary: THEY have ruined their leadership with lies, thievery, and failure.  Consequently they have little to offer/ but constant and deliberate pride, focused on want and power through selfishness.  BUT that does not mean, you are free of being correct, or applying the necessary force required to be heard.

What I can provide for you are the simple things:   such as a governing plan that says, “I will NOT vote for someone to vote for me/ I WILL vote for myself, on the primary decisions that affect my life.  Including the law.  There are simple plans already discussed for “changing government”, through the elimination of their power over money: by our decision and control. The nation of Iran, is currently describing its desire among many for change: “we are unhappy”.  That has nothing to do with other nations/ it is their choice, not yours. Their reality, not yours: stay out.  In contrast to that assertion/ is the reliance on law for change: the FAIR and CRITICAL resolution of change in every nation is developed within a VERY DEFINED DISCUSSION as to the nature of what is wrong for you/ and why the others do not wish to assent.  When the truth is itself gathered, INSTEAD OF BLIND, FOOLISH, WANT OR PRIDE/   only then can a true decision be made, and a nation confront itself with reality.  However confrontation is a man’s answer/ reality has moved past man:   and seeks mediation through negotiations under the possibilities of peace and harmony described by law/ NOT by war.  The ability to identify what will become life, as an opportunity in freedom/ within the duties and responsibilities WE DO OWE each other.  Is a framework that understands, every choice has a consequence/ every life, is either freed or enslaved. To be free, requires a life that allows you to survive/ which means stop crucifying nature, stop destroying resources or face death and war.  To be free accepts there must be law, and justice.  The law gives boundaries, thereby creating peace, because “I have choices too/ freedom and rights, are not just you”.   Justice accelerates the opportunity to expand freedom into the liberty to assert, “I NEED NOT be bothered, my freedom to do this, has been won”.  Thereby the environment of rights, that are inalienable, inherent, and true are established without a war.  The foundation of humanity as led by men/ refuses freedom, because it is a function of freedom to allow the slaves to go free (therefrom do your own work/ and share the resources with me/ us). The rich man, HATES freedom/ because it removes his slaves.  The foundation of men as leaders of society assert: that rights are the “tempters wand”/ for like other means of leading the slaves to work; the game is won or lost behind closed doors, where the wealthy and powerful sit, and despise rights: because it removes the pride and power of control.  The fundamental most aligned with terrorism over truth, “is the courtroom floor”/ where hidden behind closed doors, the tragedy of absolute tyranny and traitorous acts can be done in secret; where a judge can be bought, or terrorized and any dissident can be thrown away. 
Peace is the demand of the masses/ war is the demand of a leader, who has no other means of controlling the people.  Either we fight them/ or the people will fight “us”; once established, the people must fight for themselves.  Thereby we learn, to control governments and war/ we must control the rulers, and take away their ability to declare war.  The law, rules here as well/ with clear guidelines, and absolute necessity.

Justice is the demand of individuals/ the reality of a society that builds for harmony, instead of hate.  Justice is the structure that divides love from hate; and establishes the foundations of a society that may become friends, because none prey upon it.  Justice is the ladder, capable of ascending beyond the simple mental or physical developments in time;   into the dimensional escape of thought.  A place where time is no more, and life is supported by the spiritual recognition of RESPECT. Respect is a foundation, a framework, and a building process to the elevation of what is peace, harmony, friendship, and hope.  Respect builds love, while trust and truth translate love into the blessing of a life respected by the honor of your presence in my life, your purpose and desire shared as my own; and mine also with yours.  Respect is an environment wherein we share happiness, and live as the beautiful creation life was meant to be. There is no peace or harmony without respect.  There will be no real justice, unless respect is present for all to see.  There is no love worthy of the name, where respect does not come first. Pride is an enemy/ want a delusion/ selfishness, the terms of a prison dedicated to you.  LIFE is the reflection, of your choice/ the reality of their choice upon your life.  The question that exists as time is:   do you want life, as “a beautiful jewel” treasured by its relationship with soul/    OR “do you want to be rich/ and prove who can be enslaved.”
What I can provide for women:   is the simple truth of healthcare/ which is to understand; its just a job, like any other/ and requires both respect for everyone involved, an honest paycheck for those doing the work, an intervention in the roadblock that interferes with competition: and the simple truth, that a percentage of your income will be required.  With limits created by vote/ no more fantasy or delusion allowed. If you don’t pay/ they die.  If you do decide to pay/ IT WILL come out of your paycheck: NO MORE PRETENDING.  No more whimpering. No more stupidity or “we will pay later”/ YOU WILL pay up front, or they die.  SAME for all. And yes I do understand the reality and consequences of death: my 9 month old nephew, whom I saw often: died of a brain tumor that kept him from eating or drinking.  He died of thirst, over weeks.

Social security ends ( I am 56/ and understand age is coming for me as well): YOU stripped it of all its value/ with endless claims of GIVE ME THE MONEY; and never pay it back.  Replaced with: a percentage of gross national income; divided by all who receive/ as they choose.  Too little too late, and your dead. Do you understand, YOU CHOSE DEATH for this world with your greed and indifference.  YOUR DECISIONS to be afraid, and therefrom let the world and your children DIE.  Shame on you.
Disabilities and other forms of frailty shall also receive a percentage to be divided among those who receive/ as they choose.  “Its all you get/ choose wisely”.  Yes I do understand disabilities: tinnitus wrecked “my normal life” with the worst being a sound that would not quit equal to the approximate volume and tone of a common “smoke detector”; for three weeks straight. And would flare again, at the slightest touch.  Like it or not, survival for society: is not dependent upon the disabled/ we are busy just staying alive. 

What I can provide illustrates a framework for people to work.  Or more simply: if you don’t have a job/ then society will provide you one “to bid on”.  If you win the bid/ you do the work.  If you fail to do the work properly (with reasonable results aligned with honest expectations and descriptions of what is to be done), you will not receive the money.  Those who have done well in the past, may match any single bid and expect employment to follow. While you are working/ you will not bid on the next job; only when completed are you able to bid. There will be no contracts: merely the stated goal/ the resultant bid/ and the amount of time required. Specialty work, requires proof of competency:   BUT THERE IS NOT much speciality work done in this world/ and rarely does it take “more than a few moments to learn”.  NOT a “degree, etc” shall decide/ but actual hands on physical proof demonstrated before the community within which you bid/ that you are adequate for the job.  If you fail to meet expectations/ or fail to understand the job adequately: you may surrender it, with minimum pay for work accomplished. The community may replace you, BUT they will prove why in public process:   NOT THE DAMNED, such as is the media in lies and failure and abuse common in this day.  But with a true picture of the entire situation, including what is done sufficiently well. There are no restrictions except age, where bidding occurs.  No hazardous (such as asbestos/ etc) work is allowed, UNLESS you are over the age of 60 years. The purpose being to protect youth. No bidding by minors, unless there are no persons over the age of 17 years; and only then, if the job is not dangerous.

There are thousands of opportunities to work/ BUT there are NO opportunities “to be rich”.  Not for a single one. That means: YOU MUST decide, if you are going to let this nation and this world die; because you are so damn lazy unless you can buy slaves, you don’t want to do nothing.  Bridges do not generally need entirely new structures/ they can be rebuilt as they are: or with engineered structural additions.  Supports can be redone, by building around them.  Primary road surfaces do not move, thereby an appropriate tunnel built directly underneath them can house wiring/ sewer/ water/ and even transportation of commercial goods in these simple access: or by building up the road surface, etc.  In other words, DON’T bury the main utilities incorporate them within main roads. Earthen dams/ levees can simply become more massive, with suitable efforts to seal them; retention basins and overflow rivers must be built. REALISTIC efforts MUST be made to save every species/ but that means diversity:   you cannot simply save a species dying in its own habitat/ you must find them new habitats and places to expand.  That allows you to make decisions NOT detrimental to the others.  Understand what is needed and replicate it if necessary: somewhere else. Where very significant numbers of humanity are affected, such as a choice between agriculture and cities over water: IT IS THE CITIES that must learn to conserve. IT IS THE CITIES that must be rationed:   because if they don’t eat, it will be war.  Dumb ass, nearly one billion people already go hungry; and soon the ocean will be dead: adding over one billion more who will then,   be starving!  Still think you got plenty?  It ain’t so; you stand at the door to hell, by never ending war:   “Either I live/ or you; there ain’t enough for us all”.  Welcome to the world of cannibalism.    DO BETTER, OR DIE.

The establishment of an education:   IS FOR THE PEOPLE BEING EDUCATED.  IT IS AN EDUCATION DEFINED BY:   WHAT THEY NEED, AND THEY DESIRE TO LEARN.  Not for the delusions and fantasies of a few, who pretend “the best and brightest/ get the best grades”.  That is simply NOT true.  Rather the best and brightest, are the people who represent real life, in ways that protect harmony and peace, BY ACTIVELY supporting justice, AND a future: for all.

There are questions of “international diplomacy”, fundamentally looking at N. Korea in this moment. This is a government, that feared all others/ surrounded on all sides, by those more powerful than they.  As a consequence, the leaders sold this nation to the machinery of war/ the disciplines of hate. Throughout the decades, time has proven the end result of this, as has been the end result of every government attempting the same: what is necessary for the people is abandoned and sacrificed, to the delusion (we will not fear) and the reality:  fears of war, dismemberment, rape, and torture are all coming. What is feared, becomes the only solution to survival: because you spent your lives, your nation on things for death/ yet that solution of war, is a guaranteed failure, and death to a nation, and very many people.  It is a reality only the truly insane would embrace; because you will be defeated, and it will not take long.  The time of change has come: to make a new decision, or die.
The foundation upon which a new relationship is built:   IS THE FORMAL submission by all parties involved, “that we will not attack you/ YOU are safe, so long as you do not attack us”.  Since there is no trust/ since there is no method to be safe where weapons of mass destruction are involved.  It is the introduction of “world law, and world policing” that will establish true peace; nothing less will do.  With world law and policing as represented by all nations within this force:   THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE, for any nation to retain possession of ANY     TYPE OR FORM    Of weapon of mass destruction.  ALL will surrender them, in unison. 
Anything less is an excuse.  Anything less will not end the mistrust. Anything less   will end in extermination of life on earth.  In an environment “cleaned of insanity”: THE POSSIBILITIES of women in leadership, women in command, extends the opportunities of trust to open up, and change all communication between nations; destroying other weapons as well, for an opportunity in peace.  Granting for one brief period on this earth:   THE CHANCE to do better, and prepare a future that humanity and life on earth will survive. 

And you will make them, reaping or surrendering life, by the decisions that you make.

The foundation of male leadership will not allow this, referring to the consistency of male threats, sneak attacks, outright wars, fundamental thievery, and the endless disgrace and dishonor of men, who refuse to live by truth.  Causing reality itself, to exterminate their chance to survive without war on others.  These liars, choose their fate/ build their weapons: and invade other lands, because want, pride, power and selfishness leave them with nothing more than hate.  Consequently “kill, or reap the reward you sowed”/ is not what they wish to hear, but it is their truth. In america today, the leadership of men have proven exactly that: drowning in fear, they chose gluttony in place of peace.  Instead of law, they built weapons.  Instead of peace, they chose stealing “give me more; why should I care/ WE ARE GOING TO DIE”. Instead of reality by the terms of justice and truth, the entire nation chose want, pride, and power;   assassinating their own children’s future.  Instead of life, they have chosen hell (we are going to die for real/ we are the living dead/ and there is terror beyond imagination)   and Armageddon:  nature will soon be in chaos, as you have deliberately chosen to destroy the very chains and foundations that give us life.  And people often describe me “as mentally unstable”:   look what he writes. Yet I chose life/ I chose truth, and without regard for your ridicule; have found “more than you”:   because freedoms are important.  People tell me “nothing bad can happen/ no trial will come”.  Because you do not respect the law/ and you do not respect reality or truth. The law will be respected, or your next stop is anarchy and civil war:   it is that simple.  As to “bad things”: lies and liars/ fantasy and delusion/ fools and failures, DO inherit their reward.

You are not required to respect me, it’s a choice.  But you will learn that truth does control this world.  Lies and liars only control “a few moments of deception”/ using, abusing, & taking from life its “comfort zone: the excess which softens harsh reality”: until reality has assigned the punishment you will receive.  Fail to shingle the roof, and the house falls down/ NOT today, not even for a year or two: but it will fall down, and leave you exposed to every storm, fighting for life. Is that not true?  The money is gone/ your credit will very soon end/ “your house, is decrepit and damaged nearly beyond repair”, because you are led by “university graduates, who have been taught fantasies and games. They have memorized what it means to be fools, and have deliberately chosen failure for a world”:   as does happen to all deadbeats and idiots, “the world is about to say, we will not carry you forever”. You failed to grow up! Not only did you fail “to shingle the house”/ you gambled it away, and did not care. You told your own children to die, by the choices you have made/ the weapons you built/ the science so arrogant and damaging to life, that it can kill this world.  SHAME ON YOU. Bastard’s, failures, fools, and assassins. Endlessly whining “we are going to die/ they are going to kill us” and deliberately choosing to take everything you could get:   instead of working for life. You are going to die/ we all do: ITS CALLED LIFE!  But unlike any other generation in time, YOU have decided to kill the children, and this world.  THERE WILL be consequences in eternity/ beyond anything called horror today, forever.  DO BETTER, or die the true and deliberate,   enemy of   GOD.

The reality of men will turn to confrontation as it always does, when the last lies fail.  They will look for enemies/ and most WILL be ready for REVENGE, and some will point to me: “he told on us/ revealing all our lies”.  But of course that too is untrue, as liars proclaim nothing but lies or temptations built upon the demand “follow me”.  Not to life/ but to the purpose of every lie, which is:   to make you, do whatever I want.  The money is gone, not because of anything I did/ YOU SPENT IT, AND MORE.  You didn’t care enough to protect it, because you wanted to be rich/ and didn’t care how.  You chose to sell your children to slavery, because selfishness, was more important than life.  Shame on you/ a pitiful disgrace.

The confrontation of men, will turn to government, and demand retribution for all the lies, all the theft, and all the cheating: EVEN though most common men participated, and worshiped the gamble to be “rich”.  They will get nothing, ALL will turn to greed and selfishness:   as is common around this world/ because after all, to give something of value now requires the politician and his soldiers to surrender something that they claim; and they will not surrender anything. That leaves revenge, and revenge means “I want to take something more/ than you took from me.  I want you to fear me/ instead of me being nothing to you.”  The big “going to save you/ give all the money away” incentive plan will be shown as the biggest theft of property the world has ever seen.  As this “money” is multiplied, and every property that can be bought is now being bought: thereby controlling reality in terms of what is left, is nothing for “the common person”. Those who retain ownership, will find themselves faced with taxation, and various other forms of inflation making it impossible to economically survive.  A nation of slaves/ the game of wealth or poverty complete. But pride will come, fire/ guns/ torture/ horror/ and hate will arise in violence without end; and the world will be frightened, because you do hold so very many weapons of mass destruction/ so many mutilators of nature and life/ so very many people without a soul (gave it away/ to pursue     Hate).  The wealthy will believe “we can buy anything/ we can run away”.  The politician and military man will believe WE CAN CRUSH ANYONE/ and pursue victory by the depth of dead bodies, and mutilated minds.  The religious will run and hide, as usual.  And the university will hate with a passion that leads them to violence beyond belief.  All, because you worship money more than life. NONE will get away for free; the price WILL be high/ and end in extinction for this world. This is the consequence of your complete failure/ the reality of your lies coming to their fruition due to economic hate for one another: complete fear, regarding each other, and absolute distrust of each other. That is why there is weapons of mass destruction: because men, cannot and will not trust each other/ because it is proven, men cannot trust each other; simple as that.  And there is more.
It has not yet come to pass, therefore it is possible yet to choose life through the introduction of truth and reality; destroying lies, failure, and fools: instead of life.   But to date, your only contribution to life, is are leaders who say:   “monkey don’t see/ monkey don’t do/ monkey don’t listen or care”;   because the human monkey is a fantasy that does not exist, except for your mind. Fail to turn will become:   An animal is what you wish to be/ an animal is your destiny.

Choose better quickly, or receive your reward. Extermination from this planet.

And while you are at it: those people who spread terminal sexually transmitted diseases “can be castrated/ if not killed, or imprisoned”.  The spread of AIDS is a very serious offense, equaling 2nd degree murder if once/ equal to mass murder if more than one is infected.  Consequently this disease MUST be identified/ and carry true penalties.  Other penalties are dependent upon the result. The initial reality is “could have/ should have/ NO excuse not to have known”: the penalty, NO DRUGS to extend your life.  A media champaign that makes this certain, is then necessary.  This is not to say people with bad sexual diseases cannot have sex/ RATHER this is a demand you may only have sex with those people who already have the disease, and if you intentionally infect them: the punishment will be severe.  It is then necessary, for public web sites to establish those who can and will have sex with a specific disease. THERE IS NO PRIVACY, where my life, my health is dependent upon knowing YOU are a criminal.
And while you are at it: take away the terrible tool, used by nearly all dentists: “the little out of round drill bit that cleans inside the hole for filling a tooth”/ this little invention destroys at least twice as much tooth material as the old way of actually working.  It is BAD policy to wreck teeth, for “easy”; therefore a banned product, with penalties for anyone using or owning the tool. 

And in eastern countries, where “rooster fights” are still common: it is reported, and seen on television, that to save one of these expensive birds many of these owners will such out the blood from the neck of these roosters to keep them alive.  WHEN THAT is done, the human being gets a mixture of cellular damage, blood, mucus, and various other mutilated or damaged bird, body parts.  The end result is: transferrable DNA, chemicals, or pieces that can potentially alter the disease potentials of inner species pathogens. Are there not other idiots?  Blood by itself, carries this risk; if you swallow it.  And for what? To be a winner? WHAT IS a “winner”?  Is it not someone who makes others a loser first; someone who may work harder, or try harder, or fight harder, or do you prefer the  american version today:   LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, & WRECK other lives just to say “look at me, for a second or two”.  Or maybe you prefer the Olympics version: work for years/ do nothing else with your life, and win “the race” by one hundredth of a second:  “Wow, what an accomplishment”! Around every pathetic corner/ under every damn rock/ every excuse to gamble and risk life IS ANOTHER DAMN FOOL trying to be “winner”.  What is a fool?  Someone who risks everything for nothing.  What is a failure? Someone who has already lost something valuable.  What is a liar? Someone who hates and hides from the truth.  What is a thief? Someone who destroys trust, and blindly pretends “they have a right/ or just don’t care”.  What is a cheat?  Lets look at an example “the bank who pretends/ secretly assures you this temptation won’t hurt a bit:   and then with penalties, interest, and a variety of other weapons.   Literally seeks to make you a slave.”   A damn pit of vipers;   all saying look at me, “I, am a winner”.  A worm should know better.

Again, I am NOT your leader/ nor do I wish to be your leader.  My ways are not “your ways”/ my life is littered with the people who describe me as “mentally not like us/ therefore he must be disrespected”.  My ways are about eternity/ yours are not. You, are like a spoiled little child, constantly throwing tantrums, constantly whining I want more/ look at me/ pay attention to me. You, have a head “big as a garbage truck” / ears but playing “music” so loud of how great we are; that you are absolutely deaf.  You, refuse to see the future; because it means you must change: not blind, arrogant and so proud you are willing to kill your own children, just so you can be GREEDY.          WOMEN WILL LEAD YOU, I will help them if they choose  it, because life is far too important to refuse.  But YOU will GROW UP, YOU will WAKE UP, and YOU WILL enter into truth and be honest with reality;   or I refuse to continue to care.

This site is now, “the most controversial legal site” on the internet today.  That means in simple terms:    If you cannot or will not find something to talk about, from it.  Find something worth arguing about.  Discover something worth learning.  Or listen to the arguments of a world ending beneath your feet/ within the understanding of your mind.  Or even words that talk to heart, soul, love, or thought:   then you have failed.  I have not/ because this opportunity to change is real.  This time of decision/thereby trial on earth:   is not a game.  There are consequences coming.  There is the life of every child at stake, there is the life of every thing at stake.  There is an entire world facing collapse, and needing your input as a human being who cares.  If that is not enough for you, then this is without meaning, and I find it unnecessary to continue; even though life is worth a fight, it CANNOT be simply my fight/ it must be “yours too”.  
I am largely “naked” before you/ a reality I do not appreciate, because people make plans, demands, and generally fail to respect anything “but winner”;   which I regard as a complete failure.  The primary difference between the people of my base generation and me is:   we all experienced the threats of nuclear war/ particularly in the Cuban crisis, the threats made by leaders of the USSR.  The absolute tragedy of arrogance as was the USA (blowing up islands, just to make others fear) and so on.  I looked around and said:   “I MUST” do something/ while the rest looked around and said: “going to get mine, as fast as possible/ can’t do nothing, therefore I refuse to care”.  But in reality the proof of failure was during Vietnam protests, particularly at the colleges: “all talk/ no heart”.  You are not “exactly, personally attacked by me; although what is male is absolutely through being tolerant of tragedy”.  Rather the realities of this day/ the tragedies in failure to understand or think/ the greed/ the complete disrespect for life/ the overwhelming demand to gamble with every life on earth; and all the rest, are attacked by me, due to the complete outrage of men (do you not lead)/ of university (do you not show them the way)/ and lack of honor in any sense of the word, that is either politics or law that is a testament to your ways, and your failures.  You as a humanity on this earth,         Are foolish.  If you will not accept truth, if you will not accept reality, if you will not accept honesty and the need to work for life: NOT money: then you are lost.
DO BETTER, OR you will die.  Hell and Armageddon will come true.  VERY soon.

No, I am not perfect either/ by a long way. Yes, I know a tremendous amount of people are simply fighting to stay alive, and not be ridiculed or abandoned by the others. Yes, I know life is not fair/ but that does not mean you are innocent, does not mean I could not have done more, or should not have done more; we are all human, simple as that.  So the primary reality of this work is to educate/ to HELP YOU understand the base reality:   that nature is in jeopardy of dying, war is a real threat, extinction a true possibility; and if you are not willing to fight so you can survive.  Then you surely will not survive.  This is NOT a   war of violence/ this is a war of knowledge and understanding; hoping for wisdom to emerge and identify a new reality that we can survive, a future that can be happy and at peace.  THAT is not, today.

There are consequences to everything, CHOICES MUST BE MADE.  There are consequences to not dating women honestly and with love/ it opens the door to men who fail, and use them for trophies, abuse them, infect them, and more. But in this one area, it is still my belief: I absolutely could not/ because this work requires “identifying, a very many people who will hate it/ and then hate me; and that too has consequences”. There are consequences to not being able to communicate.  Consequences for not respecting the food or water or life. Consequences for allowing leaders to control weapons of mass destruction/ and not demanding world law. Consequences, some of which are eternal.  THEREFORE CHOICES MUST BE MADE.  Rather than just “being a flock of animals”.  Prey animals force each other to be “the same”/ because it is necessary for them to survive.  Predator animals force each other around with tactics deliberately designed to ridicule and inflict damage/ to prove “I will rule you & you will submit”.  HUMAN PEOPLE are intended to be INDIVIDUALS, not the result of a flock or a pack/ but true to life, and themselves.  Think about it.  Because thought is the difference!  Thought translates the moment into a future, the future can then be expanded into the possibilities of an eternity.  Every action leads to a reaction, or the expectation of a reaction/ that can only be isolated and subjected to thought, IF you are willing to use thought.  More simply, the decision that you make tomorrow;  whether you understand it or not/ leads to another decision tomorrow, in the direction of the first. As wisdom increases, you will understand how your own decisions, become the journey that is your life; and today, how those decisions will be the environment of tomorrow. Or death. Thought is an individual reality, a truth that can be shared/ but a path that must be taken alone. Want is always wrong, because it does not seek to understand or let truth decide. “Want is easy”/ until the consequences come;   such as is seen today.  Liars multiply like rats; but are seldom seen, “until the ship is sinking”.  Thieves don’t care. Cheaters simply want you to be their slave, not more complex than that.  And the people who are willing to jeopardize their own bodies and life/ for little and worthless things:   are literally desperate for attention.  Give them respect for making a better decision/ or if you do not, is that not tempting them: because you paid their price. It is a sad thing, to see a life destroyed, maimed, or damaged: learn something instead.

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