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Friday, 26 June 2009

Balance, and the world that lives

While it is true, eating another creature CANNOT be considered kind/ it is also true, that without predators, those called prey would soon overrun themselves, and die due to the pressures of over-population.  Consequently harsh though it is, the relationship between predator and prey is not only necessary; it is fundamentally correct.

As human beings, our survival is governed by balance as well/ our world is limited, and human over-population has become an immense threat to every life on earth. We now control nature as human beings/ because we can take more, than nature can do to recover.  This is new, in the history of this world.  Our reality is:   governed by the leadership of men, there has NEVER been, “a moment” when men decided as a mass, that nature could not simply be manipulated or destroyed or mutilated by themselves.  Never been a moment, when the leaders of men who have designed this human world; stepped back from the brink of insanity and arose to understand life is more important than their pride, power, or greed.  Instead regardless of the consequences to life/ they charge into a war on anything and everything with complete disregard for a future, or a reality that is worthy of respect.  What humanity lacks, as a majority is RESPECT.  What men lack as leaders of humanity is RESPECT for anything or anyone but themselves. Not in media/ not in politics/ not in science/ not in education/ not in anything, but a rare individual once in awhile.  Respect is the possibility of an alliance, created from the truth that while we are not the same:   we can be friends, if I understand; and what is to be respected allows.  Respect is the creation of truth, as the evidence located in trust becomes identified by the reality of an existence that will not be denied.  Respect is:   the foundation upon which we build our lives in truth.  Without truth, there is no attributable honor, or honesty, or discipline.  Without honor, there is no search for life, or the essence and intensity of passions called love.  Without honesty, there is no assertion called friendship/ because without honesty, there will be lies, and the intent to use and abuse without consideration of another.  Where there is no discipline, there is no hope for the future/ because discipline builds through the steps of an identity located inside truth; where respect gives the lessons, of a life created in  happiness and joy.
Balance, is a fundamental decision learned from the elemental descriptions of loneliness and hate.  Balance to one that has love, and the passion to survive; owes loneliness the opportunity to assign value to life itself, a life other than oneself:   if only you choose realities, that are not simply you.  Hate applies to peace, hope, happiness, and everything that does have value/ a relationship with love, held within the boundaries of justice and law:   because hate proves what will happen without these things.  We cannot be free, without truth.  But truth by itself, contains all the elements of both love and hate/ along with life and death.  Therefore discipline within truth provides all that is honorably valuable to every life on earth.  Discipline applies the law, love assembles the justice through fair play and equality, people apply respect;   or they fail.

Balance in this economic time for america: IS NOT as obama sees it/ with new rules and new restraints, that are in fact little different than those which already failed.  The problem with men is GREED/ and you cannot contain greed with rules or rulers of men.  Men bribe/ men threaten/ men abuse/ men use/ men choose to worship money, and buy the court.  Men attack governments, because they want more control ; to gain more power/ to abuse and enslave more people.  From the beginning this has been so; and no amount of rules will change it.  The simple truths of reality do not allow for more than better methods.  A better method is simply NO LARGE FINANCIAL institutions.  A better method is simply NO LARGE GAMBLING institutions, such as “wall street”.  A better method is simply NO ALLOWANCE, to make numbers worthless:   which means simply it MUST be tied to something tangible and real; such as gold (as it was when stable) or population counts (so many numbers per person).  But these too, do not contend with war/ and the destructive element that is male; whereby men decide to threaten and prepare, or simply prove they can.  The Vietnam war, was preparation for world war 3, with the USSR.    Like the space program “to the moon”/ which was just a cover up for building inter-continental nuclear missiles. Vietnam was just a prelude for nuclear war; once started, either side would have used anything they had/ everything they had built: not to lose.  It is the reality of men/ it is a foundation of hate.   The only solution: remove the ability of men, to make “large” war.  The only possibility world law, and a world policing force composed of every nation/ that is dependent upon “reasonable balances to control their ability to make war”: such as, very limited and short terms of service to this world (four years and you are out/ unless chosen as a leader;  8 years and you are out as leader/ 12 years and done, for the “top ten” positions that define the organization.  And penalties for these officers, that are real/ should they attack this world instead of defend it).  These things can be done/ they are not hard or complicated: you do understand.

Balance, in a human need for healthcare: is determined by respect.  Is one life, equal to another life?  The law would suggest that those who fail to respect society, fail to respect peace, truth, work, happiness, hope, justice, and sanity: are not equal.  But that does not mean, they cannot be equal.  Regardless: is one old life, equal to a young life?  Truth says, even though the old life has contributed in some ways or means to the existence of others, or the reality of life in society:   it is the young life that holds the  future.  Therefore in a decision of past or future/ it is the future, that MUST be respected.  Balance on all other issues and terms for healthcare is assembled from the simple truth; that money, or the promises of one person to pay another: is determined by what is fair/ NOT by what can be demanded, or extorted, or controlled.  EVERY call to be rich/ is a demand to enslave the others.  EVERY demand for power/ is the intent to isolate and remove freedom from the others.  EVERY assertion of pride and arrogance:   is a club, to remove the dignity of others/ and assert “winner”/ over you.  Therefrom we all do understand, that healthcare like any other version of work, is determined by what is fair/ or what is greed.  The assembly of medicine in america:   IS FUNDAMENTALLY UNFAIR.  Because those who are primary to the creation of competition in the field of medicine: CONTROL the possibility and actuality of that competition by controlling the school/ and making completion of that schooling utterly without merit. School, is used to “keep you out/ and not let you compete”/ as long as possible; by providing a tiny amount of actual learning; mixed with a complete sewer of useless and financially entangling trash.  It is the people in charge of “university” that did this too you.  It is the people who chose to entangle and enslave, and extort the healthcare system for their own power and greed: that must be clearly and deliberately destroyed from their power to control.  Must be held accountable, for the tragedy they chose to cause with their arrogant intent and purpose called GREED.  Or more simply “GIVE ME YOURS TOO”/ the weapon being, refuse and you can die. But even that was not enough; so a true and concerted effort was used to make as many as possible fear: “don’t want to be wrong do you/ so    Take this drug/ buy this advertisement/ worship this university;  and give us ALL your money; pretend the government isn’t real and destroy the future for everyone.  Ain’t they grand?

Balance IS a function of choices, such as: is it better to continue inflation (called debt/ but ain’t nobody going to pay)/ or is it better to stop living lies, and participating in selling this nation to absolute despair?  The answer in truth is: we must stop the lies.  But humanity does not like balance, simply because balance is the opposite of want.  Want says, “I don’t give a damn, about the consequences/ GIVE ME THAT”: TO HELL, with the rest.”  And all the people participate in want, which then moves society farther down the road to actual hell, each and every day. There is no balance between truth and lie. That is the one place in life, where balance does not exist.  But nearly one hundred percent of  humanity tries to live here “in the middle ground”, throughout its whole life.  They believe: I can have this/ I can do that, and someone else can pay, I won’t.  Or they believe, that consuming everything today is ok/ because those people of tomorrow “have to fend for themselves”: even though you took their resources, and now they cannot.  Or being wealthy is something more than just making slaves out of the others; it isn’t.  Or gluttony, ease, selfishness, etc is ok; cause everyone else is doing so.  In other words    Humanity tries to balance truth with lies/ tries to balance lies with want/ tries to balance want with hate/ and tries to balance injustice with war.  All of which cannot be done. The real balance of truth is life, wherein the compensations and value of life is given the opportunity to identify and realize the foundations of truth can allow for mercy. Mercy is an understanding of value/ even though the actual value is unapparent or hidden by the consequences of an action or reaction that does not warrant any form of tolerance.  Thereby where truth is an absolute/ mercy is a function of thought, whereby the foundation exists; but the building lacks structure, and there is no discipline capable of supporting a life with honor: as of yet.  Mercy therefore defends a life, based upon the hope and elements of trust, that create an opportunity to try again.

Balance is an environmental concept, wherein love is the environment, and life is a destiny formed by the journey of two people engaged in a relationship that challenges their own ability and intent to share the descriptions of their life as one, instead of two.  Balance is a shared composition/ not a relationship of “leader and follower”/ but the blessing of a union defined by the freedom to merit, and the duty to display; a sacred opportunity to know each other far beyond any other. Balance cares enough, shares enough of sexual honesty;   to become truly a part of each others life. An environmental truth of love, is the balance that male and female represent to each other.  One is assigned an analytical opportunity to share expressions/ the other is created within the consequence and development of “feelings” that lift and separate life from its existence; to give both joy and hope forever.  It is necessary to “bond with truth”/ but it is also necessary, to enter within love for the purposes of a life worth living, a joy worth encountering as freedom is surrendered in each; for the desire harvested from both. Desire being, that foundation capable of believing you can complete me/ we, can become a destiny of our own through love. The foundation described is:   GOD   IS FIRST   / thereby the trust required to enter within each other, is NOT gambled, but revealed by the love    GOD   gave us to understand.
Balance is the elemental essence of truth, as it binds together those things identified as love/ and destroys those things, that are not identified as love, but have chosen hate instead.  That which is unworthy of being described as love or hate, is merely discarded. Therefrom we do understand that passion and grace are formations called anchors, from which we extend ourselves within the search for truth/ from which we cherish the opportunity to find someone who can share our attachment with life.  An anchor is the base element of our belief/ that which calibrates and determines how far we can reach toward truth, before our connection with life itself can fail. A passion, is that intent to risk what cannot be replaced, for the purpose of your heart, and the blessing of what life has given you to value.  Grace is the possibility, which then becomes our opportunity to begin again; when we fail. Rebuilding is hard/ but each time we learn something of truth; that which we build becomes stronger, and with more courage; allowing truth to extend our lives and expand it into spirituality itself.

Balance in the spiritual world, is a journey between what can exist within you as truth/ and what cannot enter eternity as life, because it is not true.  The difference is, the destiny you may seek. Every life has a destiny, but unless you prove an identity established in truth; that destiny will disappear.  It is your job, to prove you are true to the destiny life will create. It is your job to prepare for the test eternity will cause. That test is:  everything but truth will be destroyed.  Only truth can survive in eternity, therefore only truth created by respect, love, hope, discipline, trust, joy, happiness, honor, courage, honesty, and strength are allowed to enter. The question of eternity is balanced in another way as well: it is a test of your desire, bound to the content of your trust; that will prove life has a place for you, a level of relationship that will survive.  Eternity is a place of relationships, as they are necessary for all to survive and be happy.

The human environment as led by men, is more about money than it is about relationships: that money of course is simply about how to make the others DO whatever I say/ make them be whatever I want them to be/ and make the opposite sex choose me.  A balanced life includes relationships that are “critical estuaries (a place where many ideas grow and flourish in unison, because we shared)” for all the life, that will form because this relationship is here. A balanced life will include an education/ but it will be governed by the disciplines required for examining the evidence by our own truth, and discovering what has value to me. A balanced life understands the relationship of one human being, to another is governed by the behaviors of both; therefrom we do understand, “polite, courteous, kind, happy, hopeful, truthful, real, honest, honorable, disciplined, loving, respectful, and more” all have a place within the frameworks of every mind.  A balanced life uses knowledge, to gain wisdom, by the evidence of living: its called common sense; and its value cannot be underestimated. Common sense, is the school of values/ by test of reality; provided by the consequence of action and reaction conceived within every passion or intent of a human life. Different lives see things differently, because different lives accept or reject the base foundations required to believe or disbelieve what is important. Balance accepts: what is needed to sustain life and happiness are first/ everything else is less.  Men accept what is needed “to be rich” is important/ and everything needed to sustain life is governed by the people you can enslave.  Men believe happiness is assembled by pride, held together and proven by power, is complete by the evidence of trophies called women and sex;   and is coveted by all, due to the selfishness that consumes them from the inside.  Do you see the difference?

A happy life assembled from truth, has enough (because I am alive and NOT enslaved), builds enough (because it is my duty to share the burdens of life), conceives of friendship (because love is impossible to share alone), and respects the dignity of a life that does share and care enough to do its best, and sustain society by believing and hoping for all: thereby “un-judged, free to be whoever we wish to be, without damaging the others significantly”.   A happy life understands the value of truth, accepts with deliberate honesty the possibilities represented by the opposite sex and lives honorably; “in ways that hope, both will be happy always”. A happy life lifts all of society, because when we are all happy/ then we are at peace, and the foundation we have laid will bring justice through truth.         
LIARS, attack every aspect of a happy life, by asserting truth does not maintain or recognize what happy is: these failures assert, WANT, PRIDE, POWER, AND LUST/ are the fundamental fixtures of what people desire for themselves “its called selfishness”.  The unhappy people blame the happy people for their misery/ yet given every possibility in want, pride, power, lust, and selfishness through greed: these are little more than misery or the excuse required “to make the others pay, by ridicule, or seizure of their hopes, or corruption of their government, or treason to their society”.  This is done, because want, pride, power, lust, and greed through selfishness simply begets HATE.  And hate consumes life, by turning into violence and abuse of others. The road to hate is filled with temptation, and lies/ the path to life, is a personal journey that dedicates itself to truth.  The difference is:   one searches for everything but themselves/   the other searches and finds oneself, thereby completing the path to being alive and sharing that life with others.   GOD   is an integral part of finding truth/ without truth there is no direction; therefore no real possibility of conceiving a destiny beyond oneself.

This society called america;   is completely unbalanced.  Having traded every good thing for lies, having lost the foundation of democracy which is truth.  The reality is clear: you have become liars and thieves/ cheating each other/ tempting each other/ plotting and planning against each other; and blaming the children, because you have no where else to run or hide.  You are a pitiful disgrace, because want, fear, pride, and the assumptions of power control your leaders.  They refuse to stop lying/ thereby destroying the possibilities of life in truth;   prior to absolute collapse: wherein civil war will occur, if truth and court do not.  Your leaders will start ranting and raving about “less unemployment” as they strain to remove workers from the roles of unemployment by ending their benefits (six months, and you are out).  There are some programs of relief after this for those who are allowed to qualify, after they are dropped from unemployment/ but they are not counted among the unemployed.  Is it not a lie, to assert unemployment figures have dropped/ just because “nobody cares in leadership”?  But look at yourselves:   debts beyond 120 trillion dollars, but media and all leadership dedicated to telling you only what the federal government owes; which is trillions.  One trillion dollars equals 50 million workers, times $20,000.00 each one.  We are a nation of about 50 million workers.  You have no balance/ because you prefer to be lied to.  You have no truth/ because you prefer to stack on your children’s lives, the tragedy of your own gluttony and selfishness.  You say we can have anything we want/ but you have paid for nothing, but tragedy;  since the Vietnam war. And utterly refused to listen, from the least to those called “real leaders among you”.  All because you want pride, selfishness, power, and greed to control your lives: congratulations, it now does!

 Shame on you, for disgracing your children and your world.  You have become a disease. You have fought fear with gluttony/ you have chosen death, over a fight to preserve this life on earth/ you have taken life, and made it a toy with your so called “science and university”: without respect/ without substantial knowledge or truth/ without love or dignity or strength:   you have become a nation of whiners, liars, fools, and failures. A nation who believes in numbers, who believes in leaders:   but doesn’t have a clue, refuses to be knowledgeable, and hates the truth.   Just in this last year and one half: the dollar bill you held in 2007 has now been joined by $60,000.00 more dollars per worker.  In other words inflation is 60,000 to one over the last year and a half.  They call it debt/ and claim inflation does not exist:   but debt is something that can or will be paid.  And even if you wanted to/ none of this debt will be paid; therefore it is fantasy money.  Except among the “rich” who are now constantly buying everything you used to own.  Soon, you will be, “a nation sold into slavery”.  Because someone has this money, and if the people themselves are not getting it/ THEN the people whom it was given too, are using it for themselves: to rob you of everything that is left.  Can you compete: with a man who is given all the money YOU are promised to pay with your debts?  No you cannot.  Happy now?  Dumb ass.   WAKE UP, and shake the shit out of your head.

Balance, establishes the distance between what is good, and what is bad.  Thereby an awakening may occur between what is truly “the correct method of proceeding” in matters of both heart and soul.  As is apparent within the above paragraph;  an adjustment is also necessary in me/ as what is male inside continues confronting;   where it is obvious that confrontation is not only useless, but fruitless as well.  The foundation assembled by female influences, do establish that an education is the only method of value available to us all.  Therefrom a more concerted effort to remove confrontation, and identify the base levels necessary for your survival are awakening in me. We proceed with the disciplines necessary to understand the situational crisis that does exist.  Thereby all who have a heart/ everyone who has a soul, will understand their own contribution is necessary.

 As we look together, to our future:   we must look at the realities of our needs.  If we truly need/ then we die without that resource.  If we truly understand/ then we choose to kill or assassinate or save the future from what will be our choice.  What is male in me, is angry; because the future of an entire world has been brought to the edge of chaos, simply because people (meaning you: look in the mirror, and be sure) have chosen to play games, and hide from truth in fantasies and denial.  People are pretending, particularly in america/ that they can choose whatever they want;   destroy anything they desire;   discard anything that is not in their own selfish interests:   and then exterminate the world, when reality is destroyed.  What is male in me, is LITERALLY angry with you for these things.  What is female in me today, understands the base elements of this behavior is a fear that will not be denied.  Consequently we must learn to accept what can be changed/ and develop the determination necessary to change that relationship with our lives by introducing truth to your existence.  A bit like washing the dirty laundry/ but once its clean: will you not then be happier?  Your dirty laundry, the distance between what can survive and what cannot survive and continue for life in this world; has been discussed to a minimal extent.  You are aware of the critical threats (there are many more; hidden in universities/ militaries/ businesses/ politics/ abused, used, and confused by media/ religious threats and more).  But if we do not start simply, there will be only depressions and failure.  Consequently what is most simple, what is most dangerous, and what is consistent with an identity that the mind can come to understand:   begins at the national ignition facility.  Where their own statements are “we are going to release energies on this earth greater than exploding suns”.  Or at CERN in France and Switzerland, where their own statements are: “we are going to recreate, the single most destructive event, in the history of the universe”.   This is your “university/ your science/ your government” at work, with the clear intent and reality: WE DON’T CARE/ we want toys.  But life is not a toy, and it is up to you as the people of this earth to identify and create the opportunity to stop these people from playing with your lives, from gambling with this earth.  From playing god, so that you can continue to survive.  This is not a game, machines are already being used that literally can transform our reality in an instant.  That does not mean “we are dead already”/ but it does mean:    Where fools lead the others, absolute tragedy will soon come/ particularly when the game they play can in fact ignite this world on fire, or create an energy without discipline that knows no boundary and describes no end.  If you cannot be intelligent enough to understand: these experiments are little more than the religious description of satan (destroyer of worlds)/ then you are not intelligent enough to be worthy of your lives; all is lost.  This is a choice.  That choice is, to believe in universities/ governments, and continue worshiping them without justification/ or to return to truth, and accept the burdens of life as the price you will pay; for happiness and for time.    This is not a battle against education/ this is a battleground against the arrogance, pride, and power of a tiny few who believe they are gods, and use, abuse, and seek to prove they must be worshiped. “Look at what we can do”.  What they can do, is kill life on earth/ that is their power, and you as people of this world did make that possible for them to do; by a complete lack of discipline or respect for this world or its life, or its time.  WHAT THEY DID do, is steal all your money/ destroy all your honor/ lie about everything to keep you from truth: and lead you to the gates of hell and Armageddon. You cannot be gods/ if you refuse to quit trying to be gods:   then judgment will let you consume yourselves.  It is a promise/ that will be kept.

It is my opinion that on or about September 11, 2009;   if no fantasy money from TARP funding is found for the masses/ they will come to realize:   “The game is over/ and reality is about to begin”. That leads to the simple conclusion: if there is no court, no adjustment through the law/ then what is left is revenge, destitution, prostitution, and war.  Think, before you sell your soul:   DEMAND court and accountability, with or without me.  The proper method is, “when the sewer don’t work/ the water and all utilities are shut off/ the people won’t sell you food anymore: strike only in his front yard/ demonstrate only on his streets/ destroy only his neighborhoods.  THEN the “rich or powerful man” knows “its his life too”. Do not attack “his police” CHOOSE to outnumber them so badly, they will back away.  If they bring guns, then so do you. BUT IF THEY do not bring guns to kill with: then do them no harm, as they are just like you, wanting security for themselves. Identify the rich man/ identify any “ rich-man police” that are a true threat: distribute their pictures/ isolate them: and prove we will not be a game.  If they leave, disrespect “is a two way street”. The real  streets are filled with working people, “just like you/ they cannot end the game: they are just like you”.  Demonstrating there is like playing with trinkets/ why bother? GO, and understand:  ONLY WHERE THE RICH MAN LIVES, are the controls to “the game of men”: to see who can be enslaved, or used, or abused, or raped.  ONLY WHERE THE RICH MAN LIVES, are found the true reigns of government.  ONLY WHERE THE RICH MAN LIVES, are the guns that keep you from the resources you need.   Change the rich man, and the world changes for you.  He is not your job;  because human needs create jobs, not rich men/ they merely control your access, with power.  Stop wanting to be rich, and build a better world. Stop letting others be “rich”, and learn peace, harmony, friendship, and happiness.   NOT communism! But with limits, and with a voice that votes for the true important issues and laws of the day yourself.  NOT by voting for someone to vote for you/ BUT VOTING FOR YOURSELF ON LAW, AND RIGHT, AND REALITY, AND A FUTURE you will survive.  Do it now, because there is no tomorrow without true change. 
You will survive this change by providing a courtroom to discuss your truths, and prove your future.  You will live by understanding:   WE ARE THE MONEY/ it ain’t no damn paper.  Therefore if you are the money, then you are in control of who gets the food, and whose needs are met.  Choose carefully/ stop the greed: and become wise.


I will believe “the male in me has died now; or is at least contained. The man inside, remains without confrontation or the opportunity to defend, woman rules: the base elements, and fundamental rights.  The sign of breasts is woman, but the truth of a spiritual woman inside;  is the reality of change that could not be defeated”.   Not because what is male, “deserved to”/ but because confrontation is a failure, and that is what male does; when all other avenues seem closed.  The balance between male and female, that bridged the gap and identified differences beyond what either one could tolerate; seems to have ended.  Instead of male, the education described by female will take over/ and male will assist in every way possible; becoming a union of one, instead of a passage between two.  The term died here, is more directly tied to “no longer in charge/ change has come”.   The same will occur for this world/ because confrontation, where chaos and tragedy arise will solve nothing.  We must identify and create the educational realities that bind our world together as one humanity working to protect us all. We must erect the structures of life, that will ascend beyond want, pride, hate and all the destruction created by the leadership of men:   and DO BETTER!  We must establish love, harmony, and peace/ or there will be war.  And that war can escalate into life ending for this world.  If this is “too much to ask”/ then you are nothing more than “the living dead” already.  Your graves await.  But if you desire life, will live for truth, and will identify and create peace on earth: THEN this is your beginning to a new and better life for this whole earth.  There is no “middle ground” left/   life on this earth is now prepared to die:   OR MUST CHOOSE, to live.  You must assemble thought, or you will die.

Thought recognizes the probabilities: that all the increases in allergies, mental, cancers, etc would be statistically recognized as consistent with increases in     genetic mutilation, chemicals, and various other hazardous that men do to this world.  What is not statistically recognized yet, is the possibilities and probabilities of genetic alterations that will critically change our abilities to eat, understand, move, and so on.  The university believes genetics are merely a “gamblers game”/ just get the right combination together and presto you are a winner. But with trillions or more correctly infinite combinations; the odds of “the right combination” by chance: are risks only the most illiterate and foolish, don’t got the mind of a worm people would make.  Our lives are created by genetics/ our death is developed through the mutilation of genetics as they age and “fall apart” (giving children their chance at life).  If no one died/ this earth would be shoulder to shoulder people;   if you disregarded that all     Would be dead instead do to the competition.  Death is necessary for the production of life/ it is fundamental to our existence in many different ways.  And men play with it like a toy/ pretending they will be gods.  Demanding of it: don’t teach me/ make me god.      How is that NOT the religious description of “destroyer(s) of a world”.

 Nature is not wrong/ nature gives us all life. Nature is not even cruel, because the combination of predator and prey is the balance that makes continued life possible.  Nature is not sentimental, nature is governed by truth; and the truth is YOU are killing nature at every possible encounter. “Its what men do”.   The foundation of life in every physical sense has survived because nature has not been able to be dramatically controlled by men/ nature was “too much”.  But today, with machines and 7 billion people: we now control nature/ thereby the foundations that kept us alive, are now up to us.  And throughout this earth, men are not only failing/ they plan our extermination when things get “unhappy”.  As I look around, there is not one instance of real work, that would be sufficient to keep this earth alive. Just bits and pieces to pretend we “are doing something”.  But humanity has UNBALANCED this world/ and if very significantly more is not done in REAL WORK AND HONEST TERMS;   you will be too little, too late.  Remember all the lies and failure regarding weapons of mass destruction/ global warming/ greed/ or anything else that the majority of men all decide “they want/ or they don’t want”?  Nothing else matters, if there is a way “for want/ pride/ selfishness/ or power”: men worship these things, and the majority does rule/ or the powerful simply change the rules, and the people must rebel to change anything.  History proves this true.  But reality proves this will no longer keep you alive/ you have challenged nature for “the right to rule” and won.  NOW, EITHER YOU WILL ACCEPT TRUTH, as your leader/ reality as your best teacher; or you as this earth will simply die.  Its not a game;   everyday more of nature is defeated than can be recovered.  Like money in your bank account/ never put anything back:   and soon it will be empty.  Unlike humanity, there are no lies in nature:   only life or death.

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