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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Reality suggests, that a return to Revelation 17 is necessary

the question is: how do I, the writer,  fit within this prophecy? The answer remains somewhat hidden from me/ therefore what is consistent “with the woman described”;   is returned to the understanding that men of this day were largely  convinced: only men can lead. What is fundamental to understanding any prophecy, is fundamental to the life that they led.        Fundamental to me, is the reality; I wish for you to survive.

Back to revelation 17
The seven angels (enough to exterminate this world) are seven truths/ the seven bowls (those threats known to be serious enough to make us extinct), environments created by those truths that are then in reality a punishment for life on earth. The great prostitute, is a description of someone who chooses to sell their body, their future, and their life: for what can be gained immediately; great indicates “more so, than all the rest”.  Consequently it is america; as this is what your nation has done.  Adultery is a word describing the decisions of those who rule over life, from individual families to nations:   who choose to fantasize and be deluded about who they are, and what they can do.  The sin is:  all the lies that are born from these deceptions, are passed to another, as these liars take, but        Never repay. You are free, to be “as stupid as you like/ but you are not free to make the others pay for your failure.”  The prophecy goes on to say, “others join in these fantasies and delusions.”

Verse 3 establishes an entirely different scenario in every sense.  It describes a truth isolated from the rest, and held to be spiritual:   or more clearly NOT understandable unless allowed “by the embodiment of truth itself”.  Described is a woman sitting on a scarlet beast.   Scarlet is a color describing  blood, which means to say “very serious”: and beast is a description of base level realities in life, that do not understand the concept of future, the development of decision, nor the respect needed for wisdom. ... the beast or reality of life without true  knowledge or wisdom is covered by the words of a people without respect for GOD , and is actually attacking the foundations of knowledge about GOD AND CREATION in a variety of ways, and with many weapons. 
Verse 4 establishes the woman dressed in purple and scarlet, was glittering with gold, and precious stones and pearls.  Or more simply purple in this day was the sign of a ruler, scarlet again “proves serious”/ glittering with gold, demands she gives value to the people;   precious stones, is an indication of things valued but almost unknown;   pearls the evidence of life understanding and truth/ regardless of how it is conceived.  She hold a golden cup in her hand, which indicates: “ a wine” for the people/ wine being representative of possibilities associated with either happiness, or drunkenness.  
These things are all established/ but then the writer of revelations,  decides NO woman can bring anything from   GOD to man. And he adds, “filled with abdominal things and the filth of her adulteries”.  Therefore he has seen something which makes him revolt from the first understanding of the vision;   which is honorable, a gift from    GOD. 

The title:   mystery, means he knows not the meaning of anything he sees.   But then goes on to condemn: because what he does see, is NOT what he expects to see from, a messenger sent by   GOD .  The question here is: which does the prophet describe, “the great prostitute in the first part;  clearly being America today (babylon the great)”/    OR the woman of the desert who stands alone by that description?
Verse 6 “I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.”  As he calls this one woman, it is surmised that he means the woman of the desert.  The question is, since life is “in the blood”/ does this represent their lives being given to such a degree that it is overwhelming to the work of this woman/ or is it a description of death and dismemberment, a killing machine wrecking havoc on everyone and everything associated with JESUS?  I will let you answer that.  It is a question of honesty, a reality of discipline and the desire for truth. The prophet suggests “THIS is to be an astonishing union”; I do not know how.
In the next part the prophet assigns both the woman and the beast she rides to the understanding of the mystery.  The beast being a society of humans who have attacked GOD AND CREATION with words and deeds:   has gone from “great” to now “nothing great” / to a destiny predicted to be less, from which there will be war, and the death of a nation or beast.  The people of earth will cry, because they believed this could never happen/ and now are afraid.  But it is added, “this nation” will come back.

The seven threats (heads) which do truly threaten this world, are not “eruptive barriers to the future”/ but merely hills;  contained by the grace of what the woman does bring. The seven kings represent the leadership of men;   their methods and ways of ruling over life on earth.  The five who have fallen are: money, power, lies, temptation or credit, and governments/ the one that is, represents pride (we cannot fail/ do as I say)/ the one that comes, is an alignment of many countries in an attempt to control the people, and make them accept the lies: that numbers beyond all possibility of reality; somehow represent  money. It will not work for long.  The beast who is an eighth king, represents the return to lust and greed and deceit/ through power, want, and delusion; they will try, and they may turn violent;   because a thirst for power, does not include “playing fair”.
Verse 12 the ten horns are an attempt to regain power over the people, by telling them promises/ by using flattery and temptations/ by finding someone to hate and blame therefore kill this one, and everything returns to pride and want. Those who desire hate, and worship greed, lust, and power do try to assemble in one army to fight and regain control, of life and leadership of this humanity on earth. 
Verse 14 ; the lamb, is so-called as a description of those people who have chosen truth, live by law, and do worship   GOD.  These live by peace, and assert justice shall rule/ then win the battle for life on earth.
Verse 15:   water is always conceived of as the “power of life on earth”/ because without water, we neither move nor survive; therefore these are things which overtake the world in every nation and every continent. 

 Those who love hate, worship power, pride, want, and the rest of violence choose to hate the woman who brings this message, and call her a prostitute.  They will unite, to “steal the woman (me)”, and destroy her with torture and condemnation before the world (by media).  Women will decide if I live or die: if they do not care enough; or will not adequately come to my aid; the torture described, will be real. I do not know why, women must make this decision and do this work/   it is simply true; but it seems honestly a part of taking leadership for this world. Man/ men, are not allowed to help; only women.  If I am not worth enough to fight for/ then I will be lost.   Hate will come/ not a game, a reality; a predecessor, to what will follow and become worse. Not a threat, this is a relationship governed by what has value and is worth fighting for/ or failure “to care or share enough”. I am the evidence, of your decisions; set before your eyes, so that all can see.
Only women are a question to be answered; if they fail “life will die”. Men shall soon, lead no more.
Verse 17-18  is completely unclear;   as   GOD’S purpose does not align with such descriptions as these.  They are in fact completely in opposition to all that    GOD   is a description of.         Therefore it is asserted and assessed:   the prophet failed, and was “over-run”/ by all that he saw. By the demand that woman was a central figure in this, and not man. 


The question of “woman and me”; is largely dictated by the physical and mental reality assigned by the spiritual woman depicted in Revelation 12:   her methods and ways/ and her impact on my life (I opened the spiritual door of female, but did not enter, a spiritual woman came out/ she then found a door in me). She is no longer inside of me; but her methods and ways remain & her ability to affect my life has not decreased. It is simply different/ rather than inside changing things; life is now more a development described by “she owns and controls whatever she desires”. I must endure, and change as needed; change comes regardless of my own desire.
My reality is, by her design, and she is “very close, and personally involved”.  Not in this writing which remains the same/ not in everyday living which is not so different:   but in the consequence of things & changes made, over which I have no control. Somehow, it is not “my life” anymore, but our life together.   It is a strange life. Not without love.  There is NO establishment of anything without trust, truth, respect, hope, discipline, and love:   it is only the “removal of male”/ and the addition of what is clearly female that describes this relationship, its change, and its reality. Except all things sexual, are hers; not my choice, not my body/ hers. Not awful; not mine. My life is really different, just how it is.  I don’t know why/ don’t know why me, or how life will be, or how it ends.
I guess, in real life this is how reality is for some women;   and it is clear, I am “to understand these things” through realities I do understand. The only lessons provided by spiritual teaching, are those based in reality and truth:  Fail to understand the truth, and you fail to understand the lesson.   Living it, teaches best/ but this is a guess, that learning is the purpose; I don’t know why me; I am honestly so surprised, you just can’t imagine.

  I have begun to wonder honestly just what it truly means to be female/ but cannot understand, because what is male simply does not know.  I have never studied female/ women do not like it. What is female in me, is simply “another person in a sense”, and these two do not share similar thought patterns. What is male is male/ what is female is certainly not male, nor is it perverted; rather what is female teaches what other males should not be, by understanding the impact and the reality of how women feel. And I do feel “like a woman, much of the time/ but I think, like a man: feeling like a man is somehow gone”: can’t find it back. It is a complex reality, but these are the outer edges of woman; and I do not know or experience the core relationships; these are not taught, nor am I welcomed to learn. However, opposite of these mental descriptions is the truth that I feel as if I have indeed become “wife, to the spiritual woman who has changed me”/ I am without rights sexually, no options, no excuses, owned.  Simply cannot change it.  These things are UNFAIR, and not acceptable: but, in reality without this spiritual woman very grave errors would have been made; a world closer to being lost forever.  Consequently my life has become her decision, because my desire is “this world should survive”. She knew, better than me!  Feelings are becoming “my own world”, and at times I do forget, “where breasts ( nothing male about them, and the chemicals do overrun me) are concerned”/ I am not the same as other women.  These breasts  present feelings, and I do have to react.  I don’t know why. Perhaps feelings are the real difference between male and female; don’t know that either.

 It is simply my way, “to go, where life takes me”:  in places of truth, hope, life, energy, or knowledge that has honest value with respectful dignity and thought. I cannot say, if this description is adequate to the prophecy of revelation 17;  you must decide. The prophecy, is simply “too accurate” for me to discard.  These words are not a publicity stunt/ not a description of “a mind out of control”: this is life, for me. Your acceptance or consent or denial or whatever it is;   is irrelevant to me. I belong to    GOD , and live accordingly. But given to women, and this time, here on earth. My Eternity, will not be lost/ it is yours’ that is in doubt.   
Make your decisions.
This is not a game!

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