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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

There are two women held in N. Korea;   NOT unlike the many women already being held in prison. But these two are a little different.  Consequently, when all other methods fail/ it is time to attack the pride of men: and confront these “leaders” with the reality of how much they fear women.  Did these women not “invade the country”, believing that the story of women in N. Korea should be told?  If that is all the information that can be proven collected: THEN, it is fair and certain to say;  the male dominated hierarchy can be made to feel small and insignificant, because they attack women, for being women.
If you choose this line of aggression, DO be aware that retaliation by men could include violence.  Consequently use care, to distribute the claims of cowardice to as many as possible.  It is a nation of “power and pride first”/ among those with weapons.  Therefore it can be, a champaign of “look who you are fighting”/ and prove this is not evidence of a regime in utter chaos.  A bigger bomb, does not make you a man/ it merely says:   “A bigger fool”.
If it is proven true, that these women did indeed simply go to report on the women of N. Korea, and their plight, their lives:  and were jailed because of it.  THEN let the women of this world be heard.  It is your life too, that men have challenged.  It is your world too, that men have threatened.  It is live or die for us all, in terms of a nuclear war.

In terms of the american economy; the question is not if there is enough numbers already implanted into the fraud of continued reliance on lies; there is enough numbers.  Consequently the reality is, that by trying to contain the graft and corruption and has led the march in greed: to consume “an entire world”. The economy will soon fail entirely.  Because it takes “numbers for all”/ to return to fantasy land;   and if you refuse to let the people continue to play in their delusions; they will be unable to sustain hope. Truth then comes.  And reality will prove, the very numbers intended to “free the people” and return back to fantasy land/ have now been used to rob the people, and take away everything they have hoped for. The wealthy NEVER share.  Because if they did, then they cannot be wealthy/ if they do, then they cannot win the game.
Critical control over government is demonstrated by what the people choose to do/ and how many weapons, how much death the people will face to change their leaders.  Critical law, declares what the people have chosen to do/ and that means, if the leadership fails to uphold the law, then the law has a right to remove that leader.  EVERYONE must obey the law, that is chosen by all the people as our nation, our way, and our rights; or it is anarchy, proven and simple.  The law is critical government.  JUSTICE is a description, of people enforcing the law..
In contrast, where the law is corrupted/ where the court, is owned by the wealthy/ where governmental leaders are free to lie, steal, and make fools of the people:   there HAS BEEN ANARCHY, and treason. A place where traitors, deserters, and cowards breed among themselves.

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