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Monday, 15 June 2009

Lessons in life

Established by our own needs, a relationship with learning is fundamental to survival, work, and happiness.  “Dreaming, doesn’t help.”  Consequently as life continues to change for me, and potentially for you/ the need to learn continues to increase.
Within the elemental structures of my own life, is a demand to learn from the spirit of women; things that were never part of my life as male.  One of the most basic, is the critical demand: our problems as a world, CANNOT be dealt with by confrontation or war!  That type of male behavior, will simply result in extinction for us all/ consequently the need to learn from female is absolute and real.  Spiritual female, HAS demands too:   and continues to “enlighten me” about the absolute inequalities and terrible treatment of females around this world, by such things as sexual slavery; no rights, no ownership, no options.  Absolutely unfair.  And this problem MUST be dealt with correctly, as soon as the potential survival of this earth is acquired.  More things, than I would care to mention/ and NEVER expected to learn.  To survive, we must have an understanding that surpasses current stupidity and arrogance.  To survive, we will have leaders that do NOT rely on confrontation or war.

The question of need asserts: that there are things more important, for life/ than simply established by want.  Among these is the need for oxygen content in the air.  Without oxygen we die, slowly, a little each day until dead.   This simple phenomena is considered “foolish and idle gossip” by most/ BUT THE REALITY IS:   that oxygen in our atmosphere is generated by something/ and is used by us, by all life, and by fires.  Commonly held, that most of our oxygen to breathe with is generated by this “GREEN EARTH”/ critically known, that green earth is disappearing under human domination and abuse. While the wide spread use of fire, is multiplying yearly;   known to be true/ calculated with significant accuracy by the sale of fuels (all types); and the burning of forests, etc; accidently or by people.  We can understand, if the oxygen content necessary to breathe is being “used up”.  Knowledge suggests, that the ozone content of our atmosphere; the place of excess oxygen storage; is quickly disappearing as well/ calculations can be surmised, with realistic consequences.
As to the real truth, regarding just how much oxygen does plant mass produce.  This experiment has already been done in the “biosphere dome” used in america for experimentation regarding space travel.  A foolish and stupid dream/ but significant in that the people were driven out, by a lack of oxygen.  We can further that experiment with a gasoline engine/ enclosed in such an environment running;   simply to see and understand, HOW MANY ACRES, of plants, does it take to support a single small engine?  This then extrapolated out, to our relationship with this earth. The ocean too, generates some oxygen (not familiar with the reality; go prove what is true).           Any who feel this is unimportant, need only place a bag over their head, to learn why it is.  Where will you hide/ how will you run away, without oxygen?

The games of humanity are over/ so say the resources that we need to survive.  Not because I say so; but because the earth says so, when applied to the needs of 7 billion people.  It is not a hard concept:   “All gone/ is an empty shelf;   you may have no more”. Cannot conceive of this? Statistically, we are roughly one person on every single acre of “agricultural land (grows our food/ provides our oxygen)”.  Go measure it out/ ask any farmer you wish, across this world/ what the average yield can be: divide that by the needs of every person for a year/ plus all creatures great and small.  From this point, neither is it hard to understand: that those who live today/ will rob someone else in the future of their opportunity for life, all gone/ too bad.  We literally survive, because of the resources available for our use.  That is a fact/ not a guess.  We will kill ourselves, if population control is not a fact of life: whether you like it or not!  Therefrom it is a truth, that for those whom society must choose to help survive:   our choice is, for the one who lives today, OR the one who “hopes to come” tomorrow.  There are no simple or inconsequential decisions;   one or the other will be chosen. It is a question for society/ NOT FOR an individual or group.  By vote/ every member of society; the parent votes for the child.  Hiding or running away, IS DESERTION OF DUTY, and you are then guilty of abandoning life to death.  Life does not ask you: “if you like the decision”.  Life asks you: who do you choose?  A question humanity should worship/ considering how many have always wanted to “play god”.  A question, unlike the common human response: wherein reality addresses life or death, with absolute concern for what is fair.  There is no place left to run or hide/ the only other solution is war/ or plague, whereby random reality decides so that the impact of our humanity may be lessened.  “Have to grow up now”!  Not a pleasant thought, not a happy thought, not a hopeful thought in many ways; just a reality of life.  We will choose, for one or the other/ with everything we do.

Within that same concept, are the people who say: “let the uninsured die/ its what they chose”.  But of course that is simply not true.  The next set of people say: “let the patient be first/ let them always get everything they want”; BUT YOU PRETEND no one has to pay, and the consequence is delusion and fantasy and fraud.  Extortion, because when the money is not real (yet it spends)/ the list of criminals grow.  Health care is NOT about the individual/ IT IS ABOUT SOCIETY. And society decides how much it will spend on the individual/ because society gets the bills.  If you spend everything on one/ then the rest get nothing! YOU, are only the most important person in this world/ TO YOU, no one else! People will die, its nature’s way: “end of your story/ instead of our story as life on earth”.  That is not a description of “don’t care/ or your life is not important too”/ rather it is a truth, designed by nature, and respectful of the simple reality that all MUST grow up to face their own immortality; want to or not/ just how it is. The absolute fraud must end, “we will pay: but cannot and won’t, nothing but lies”/ the criminal extortion and disgrace of liars and thieves must end: what do we really owe, when your job, works for one/ while our job keeps all of society alive: including you? The vast majority of people are never without health insurance, unless it is simply UN-affordable to them.  People who have dreams of “getting rich”/ sometimes gamble, because you can’t get rich;   unless you have money.  People who are willing to die, sometimes forsake insurance simply because choices have been made.  But no one, simply chooses to die from a lack of insurance.  It is GREED that makes insurance unaffordable, or undesirable.  Greed that controls the pay scale/ greed that allows medical professionals to extort. Greed that buys politicians. Greed that hopes for slaves, and uses every opportunity to create them (more for me).  An endless line of greedy people, all trying desperately to win the game of superiority, by spending someone else’s life; consuming their families; and worshiping the game of power, or pride. Particularly easy to extort, when you believe, the choice is life or death. But in reality, since this is said almost entirely by the elderly/ since they feel secure in medicare; and endlessly go to the doctors for “a pat on the ass, and a lollipop”.  Let us look at them. The people:  Who brought us here to economic chaos, if not those who came before. Can you blame all these lies and consequence on the children? No you cannot!  The elderly say clearly:   if you cannot afford this/ then you cannot have this; is that not true.  Who says, life is unfair/ so just do what you have to do; just don’t make me do anything.  The elderly believe they are entitled “to anything they need to survive/ society owes them.”   Consequently I say to them:   If you think someone should leave, or be left out/ then let it be you.  This is Not, a condemnation of being old/ it is a simple reality: if someone needs to go, those who have already lived are first.  Or in an alternate but equal sense: those who were in charge of community and failed/ SHOULD pay, should they not? Those who chose the debt: are those who owe. How is this a billing required of children. Instead, YOU are thieves/ “taking the very lives of your children/ to make them slaves”.  You are tempters, constantly “saying hero”, of people who simply chose their job: tempting them “come save me personally”/ risk your life for me.  Whimpering for the police if they get killed: when their job is far from the most dangerous done for society, for society, for you.  Where is the whimpering for farmers/ miners/ fishermen/ etc.
In simple reality:   None schedule sickness in their accounting/ consequently these payments must be made by a percentage of income, plus a minimum amount by “community and nation”.  The medical profession/ including dentists; shall divide it up among themselves: “all you get”.  Should the medical professional:  Drop out/ don’t care/ won’t help sustain society until more are trained?  Then we will deport you forever/ or put you in jail, until such time as you prove useful to society.  You took the money/ now you will pay the debts you created.  YOUR turn!  A reality intended to be friendly and fair; providing every opportunity to create competition for yourselves:  to drive down the price accordingly. Or a war, wherein you will NOT remain a citizen here/ or of this nation:  nor be allowed to return or visit.  Or you will pay for the privilege to stay, as we decide.  EXTORTION is a “dirty word”/ marked by criminal intent, and formed in fact by criminal behaviors. The medical profession is “full of extortion and greed”.  Even if “all the others are doing it too”. It is still extortion.


Of all the vomit and flagrant “shit on your head” works established by political leaders/ one of the very worst is in fact:   discouraging/ disowning/ drowning/ or defusing the work of a US attorney, that is in fact protecting the people by laws that do matter.  It is a stupendous exhibit of arrogance, that the list of presidents who buy favoritism and pay back lobbyists and bribes;   with the dismissal of lawyers who actually work for the people, by law is long.  It is the same for politicians who make laws, for the express purposes of illegal favoritism and without the public need, rights, reality or requirements for protection involved: “to hell, with them”.  Let the bastard public pay: GIVE ME the money. Your politicians have no answers/ they are   fools.  Functioning in the fictional world of everybody gets everything/ selling their fantasies to the highest bidder, and refusing what is necessary to return to truth and life as a society built on respect for reality.  They have been taught by university, “to be stupid”.  They have lost their way, by assuming life is a game/ and they can sell what only honor can buy. Lost in a maze, bound in pride and power, being destroyed by the constant pounding of those who whine and cry and destroy dignity. A nation of people, led by a handful of sobbing thieves who think of nothing but themselves/ deluded into placing individuals over the life of everyone.  Everybody dies, get over it.  What is important, is how everybody else lives, with truth!

In a similar vein;   it is elementally necessary, that those who actually do the work of living, survival, and happiness are in charge of deciding what to do with the money.  Money is NOT A NUMBER/ money is the resources required, and the people who invest their lives, their efforts, and their hopes in the work that is necessary for society to do.  Voting “for someone to vote for me” has proven not only IN ERROR/ but flagrantly stupid and fraught with peril and possibility for corruption.  THEREFORE it is absolutely essential for life on earth to sustain itself:   that there must be truth in money/ that there must be sustainable resources for our use/ that we must all share in the possibilities of wealth and resource: therefore separated into [needed money to survive/ a right belonging to all.  Reward money, strictly limited to “pleasantries” such as vacations.  And personal money;    Up to a limit assigned and created by vote among the people on a periodic time table].  In other words, we vote for how much time every person must commit to society per week to sustain ourselves.  And those who do more can be given “time off”/ or reward themselves with personal decisions not necessarily open to the rest.   The difference here is: needed money will buy deliberate things; such as specific foods/ housing/ and such. It is “different money”.  Reward money will buy nothing, it is only what society says it is; and has no other monetary value.  Personal money; “another different money” is gained by doing more for society/ but is limited, so that all who are willing to work, may find their share.  Everybody has a right, and a duty to collect needed money; society will provide.  Nobody has a claim to personal money, its what you do for yourself/ it is your reward, beyond the simple purpose of society, which is to survive and be happy. VOTING is as simple as understanding “truth and consequences”.  Establishing government is as simple as understanding JUSTICE for all.  Critical governmental responsibilities are as simple:   as enforcing “the constitutional documents”.  Taking control as WE THE PEOPLE, is a decision to invest in the work required to create and establish LESS THAN one hundred, single page laws that then do the work of governing for you.  Laws that can be learned by all.  Laws that can be understood by all.  Laws that will be taught to all.  Laws that will be recognized as valid and true, for this society. The rest, “are thrown away”. Rules are not laws/ and every aspect of freedom that can be protected must be protected “within the terms called FAIR PLAY: you get your life/ I get mine”.  WE are going to court/ to decide if you will do these very things and more; to decide if you will  be a real Democracy, of the people:  or faint away letting current rulers decide your future.  No more games/ no more running away: for real, and for life. Needed Jobs, will be shared. 

Some will fear.  Some will aggressively try to “get rich”.  Some will intentionally turn to hate, with passion/ fearing the end of their greed.  Some will find, that truth is a pleasant and happy friend.  Some will faint, and turn to religion; believing arrogantly, that unless someone from their specific design does not lead/ then it must be wrong.  Some will desire more education.  Some will try to murder me, for a variety of reasons.  Some will try to lie, cheat, and steal the courtroom from you.  Some will seek to get everything they can, “right now, squashing any who stand in their way”/ so that they can be “RICH”: before life and society changes.

But regardless of all these complaints, worries or hopes: the trial set before you will continue, until you decide as a majority if you will live or die as a world.  Women are allowed “to rescue me”/ if they wish: I have been given to them.  No, it is NOT about sex/ NO I do not “wish for sex”; consider how many women are in this world, and you would not either: I am completely vulnerable. I do, feel like a woman must feel surrounded by a “sea of men”: not fear or foreboding/ but not “comfortable” either.  NO this is not a statement of sex is bad, or any other reality you may surmise. {NO this is not a statement that I wish to remain celibate/ that was necessary, to establish and create the time required for this trial; to protect any as best I can from being targeted with me.  However on the opposite side of that reality, is the truth I do “feel a little ashamed” for not helping women in sexual need.  We are designed for each other, for a reason/ a reality that binds us together where there is love shared.  But that too, is an alternate reality, which makes it impossible “to stop sharing/ without true tears”.  There are no simple answers/ so I chose the one with greatest need.} THIS IS a statement generated by my relationship with “the spiritual woman” that began and did create this trial for you/ through me. I had established in critical truth, that men were UNABLE to save this world/ therefore confrontation was all that was left. It is the introduction by this spiritual woman, who began and created the hope and truth, that women are different, and THEY COULD create a different world.  Consequently, I returned to law, and she demanded your education.  It is a long story, read it if you wish:   www.complexdestiny.info, and the just talking sites.  In reality I owe this spiritual woman a great debt, for returning me to “your lives/ rather than your deaths”.   I do not know how it ends/ my life has changed, that I do know.   It is, strange reality of female and male living together with female now, in charge of everything.  Not bad/ just different; but really different, you can’t imagine. Everything is different/ not kidding; hard to describe.  But even so, I DO KNOW:   you have your opportunity to change, and survive.  What you do with it, is up to you.

This trial, is also about changing the tragedy planned by men/ wherein the use of weapons of mass destruction ends their foolish lives, and yours too.  Do you not recognize the tv show “life after people”/ is literally the expectation that we as humanity will not survive much longer?  The plan is simply: when it gets bad/ THEN we will destroy ourselves!  This from a humanity that fears every aspect of truth and death; it is a lie/ but it is also a truth. A lie that death to the world will be by intentional contrived suicide/ a truth, that extermination of this world WILL be “the insane, reduced to terror and its horrific reality”.  Unless we stop all this madness.
It is true, men are NOT equipped to lead this world in the coming days of trial and tribulation; wherein we must endure the reality of choices that men have already made.  Women must lead, simply because they are NOT men/ and will choose a different way.  Men have established their answer; it is to exterminate life on earth, because they are too arrogant and proud to save it, as a majority.  Simple as that.
The answers of women, are yet to be seen/ it is simply understood: women are different than men, consequently if left to their own decisions/ IF ALLOWED the freedom, respect, and security of being in charge of sexual relationships and judgments.  IT IS CERTAIN, they will choose a different world/ and we shall then conceive of survival “for a thousand years”.  If not, absolute tragedy will have you dead, in less than twenty; more probably ten years.

As is clear with N. Korea; a nation of men clearly depending upon war to be their answer/ the reality is: north to Russia/ south to China/ or east to S. Korea are all suicide (because America protects S. Korea).  It is however, their only recourse after preparing for war, and blindly abandoning peace or the opportunities of friendship and building for life. S. Korea will be chosen for war.  Nuclear war will be complete suicide for N. Korea/ but it is decided by one man, or a tiny handful; and they are NOT “smart”, or they would not have built themselves a tomb.  It is stated by your “smart people” that a merely 25 nuclear bombs could end this world.  It is stated by your military, that biological weapons could destroy over 90 % of humanity if released [our only defense, is to “be isolated, self-sufficient communities”; as best we can.  Like it or not, it is the only way/ and there is no possibility that every potential threat will be destroyed.].   It is known, that chemical weapons can easily kill millions. It is understood, that a missile strike on a nuclear submarine fitted for war/ through the exploding bombs on board could create a tsunami “a thousand feet tall”. And there is more:   “Yet men play games/ and the world waits to see when it will die”.  THERE IS NO NEED, to fear weapons of mass destruction in terms of panic/ that would be useless!  Either we destroy these weapons before they destroy us/ or we die: simple and plain.  NOTHING will remove them/ BUT THE LAW, and the necessary resources required to establish and secure this world in law.  IT IS A CHOICE.
The establishment of world   law/ and a world policing force, that is only governed by world law/ and a world forum for deciding cases brought to that court are all fundamental to the survival of earth.  Because with true world law, and the removal of weapons: the possibilities of peace DO exist.

We do stand at the gates of terrible consequences/ or critical change as a world.  The choice is yours.  The possibility whereby this reality is chosen or denied:    Is a courtroom within this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA today.  It is this trial/ NOT because I say so:   BUT because it is the last chance you will get, before insanity takes over and rules this world.  You are a world of thieves/ a world of liars/ a world of fools/ a world of leaders governed by greed, and devoted to “EASY”.   LOOK, at your reality/ understand the critical truth of male leadership that has brought you to the door of extinction.  YOUR leaders of men, have brought you to the edge of oxygen starvation/ ruined or destroyed immense water reserves/ mutilated and intend to destroy nature and environment/ built weapons to exterminate life on earth/ brought every ocean to the edge of complete life collapse/ spent fortunes on “science” just to kill you/ LIED, CHEATED, DECEIVED, STOLE, FAILED, AND MADE YOU SLAVES, by stealing the value of your money and more.  And you follow them all, in an orgy of stupidity and greed.  Shame on you!  Look at your fears:   do you not fail at everything important? Pretending, playing games with life, destroying everything touched, abandoning your children to death;   fantasizing how rich you are, when in fact “its just numbers without meaning”.  Can’t pay your bills/ pretend the children will pay.  Won’t accept the necessary changes/ build weapons of mass destruction instead.  Can’t feed the people/ spend all your time and effort on “science” without a purpose of design for anything but death.  Destroying the world with your want: and just don’t give a damn/ won’t care/ and ridicule all who share.   SHAME ON YOU/ pigs know better. Stop whimpering/ end the tragedy of tears without truth or honest meaning/ stop LYING.  It is not, too much to ask.  Shame on you/ preparing to destroy life on earth, because you will not face your greed, consumption, and thirst for power or pride. As a world, you are a disgrace.

You can kill me/ but I tell you true: the price will be high. It is certain, there will be those who consider, plot, and plan. The religious, the old, the sick, the hateful, the proud, the powerful, a few from every category and type of humanity WILL be among those who believe “I/we, are better off: IF he is  dead”.  They are wrong, but humanity worships righteousness (without truth)/ worships lies (because they prefer fantasy)/ worships delusion (because they want free and easy)/ & demands “look at me/ pay attention to me”.  Consequently as interest grows in this trial;   I WILL become an undeniable target for hate.  Women have had opportunity to prepare/ if you did not, you will lose me as your aid.  Not an end for you, merely “harder”/ do not give up. Rest assured: I AM NOT, “a miracle worker”/ NOT your leader or follower.  Instead, of perfection; I do commonly work at the 90-97% development of thought, as more is “considerable effort”/ and it has been sufficient for me.  That leaves up to ten percent in error/ and as is true of us all, there must be some measure of participation “to clean it up; for anything better”. The little things do matter at times/ the little things can kill you, if you fail to understand or recognize or respect them. This is our reality, and our truth is:   consequences are coming, do to the terrible disgrace that has been the leadership of men. Nobody is perfect/ but to choose want over life; to choose weapons of mass destruction over law;  to choose stupidity over a respect for life, and gamble with everything we need to survive as life on earth: is inexcusable (the only real description, “satan”).  The religious are concerned about me.  I say to them:   look at yourselves, where your leadership has taken you! I come in peace today, for your life.  YOU have followed and worshiped: the road to hell. IS THAT not so?

        Our trial, is one of life or death/ because everything we need to survive is threatened in one form or another.  There will be conflict/ there will be hunger and poverty/ there will be critical choices, that no one wishes to make; but everyone must. The best women can do, is enough.  The best women and men can do as equals, under the leadership of women; will bring happiness, peace, hope, truth, and prosperity for the vast majority.  But only if you let truth decide, and reality determine the methods and way.  We need a world in cooperation with each other.  We need a world that can trust its leadership and its neighbors to be fair/ to be friendly to all/ to be honest and plain:  so that all humanity can share in the knowledge and understanding of what is important to every life on earth.  Men have proven to each other as nations: none can be trusted/ few can be allowed a strong alliance. WOMEN MUST do better. Men worship their weapons/ their leaders strongly desire war as opposed to peace, when any conflict arises: history proves this true.  WOMEN MUST NOT.  Instead of conflict, women must establish JUSTICE, through fair and legitimate law; establishing equality for every nation.  These are NOT, “hard things to conceive of”/ but they have been impossible to adhere to with men as leaders: because men want power, and worship pride.  Women MUST do better, or the tragedy of 7 billion people on this earth: WILL CONSUME YOU.
I bring you a message of change or die/ because it is your destiny to decide this very question for all future humanity.  But with that judgment, comes the reality of its truth: YOU WILL live by the choice you make. OR HELL pounce upon you, with a terrible ferocity.  I am unimportant to this decision/ IT IS NOT about me:   this is about you! THIS IS YOUR LEGAL FIGHT/ THIS IS YOUR FACTUAL INFORMATION/ THIS IS YOUR DETERMINATION TO DEFINE AND CREATE WHAT IS TRUE.  IT IS YOUR TRIAL, I am NOT fundamentally involved/ beyond what is necessary. BUT, If you don’t care enough to fight for your world/ then you will die.

 My potential murder, is irrelevant:  However, that does not mean a penalty shall not be served on you by    GOD,   { If me, HIS messenger (let the evidence decide) is killed by you}: I am here for you/ NOT for me.  This is your chance to survive/ use it wisely: there will not be another.  NO second chances/ NO mercy if you fail:   this is NOT a game. Believe it or not, is irrelevant; truth will decide.  But only women shall lead to a new and better life. Fail to remove men, and you will be destroyed: they are abandoned, because they led you to the gates of hell and Armageddon/ and are plainly too proud, to back away.  Women WILL decide the fate of life on earth; it is their vote that matters. This truth will NOT be turned away/ women will lead, and choose for life. If they abandon their work/ then you are dead.  If men utterly refuse, or damage the possibilities for all life on earth/ for this world to survive: a plague WILL be visited upon them. But only if women are losing their own battle to dominate this world.  Women are required to fight for justice/ for peace/ for truth/ and for happiness: it is NOT free.  That fight is for you to decide/ but it will not be fought with bloodshed; YOU MUST think, and act accordingly.  You must accept the price required, or you will fail.  You will share, accept friendship and love as equals with men/ you will do better than they: or you too, will fail to keep this earth alive. Women are NOT superior/ they are different. And different leadership and direction;  is an absolute necessity to survive.  Foundations are first, the rebuilding of life by the ecological and environmental chains we need to survive ARE REQUIRED; choose wisely.  This is no game/ it is life or death for you: because the evidence says, tragedy and chaos are coming.  Fail to prepare, and you panic; go insane; kill, cannibalize, and then die as a world in hell. Fail to protect nature, and genetics, and it dies; leaving you in Armageddon (nature in chaos).
Truth IS more important than love/ because truth keeps us alive.  Love makes life worth living, and provides everything “beautiful”/ but that is desire; not the essence of life, its meaning called value, instead. The foundation required is then built entirely, on truth.  But if you will be happy and at peace/ life must find love: as truth in life.
Consequently time and effort has been devoted to the complex cause of human relationships particularly between woman and man.  As this potential union, is by far the most representative of all this life has to offer, in the blessings of both peace and love: if you are true, defined by respect for each other, and willing to forgive and accept repentance, as is necessary for us all.  No one is perfect, instead we live in the simple understanding, that life is the essence of our truth; dignity the relationship of our determination to be free; love the blessing most distinctly defined by the honesty and honor of who we choose to be;   and passion, the intense reality of what we believe, when it becomes our work, and our existence as life itself.  Therefrom I tell you carefully and with hope:   be honest and disciplined with what you believe/ let truth guide you, let reality prove to you, disturb the evidence at times so you can see and feel the consequences and know through understanding: if you are wise. But do not disrespect nature or love or life.

The elemental passage between man and woman is RESPECT/ this creates love:   not sex.  The fundamental establishment of truth, creates trust; and it is this trust that becomes a bond shared “in critical moments”.  Trust creates love:   not sex.  The righteous believe, “everything depends upon their morality”: but life depends upon truth, and truth knows only the difference between what is real, and a lie. Consequently nothing depends upon morality, because it is the rules of men. Like religion, rules are not entirely bad; for they do represent the foundations of time by the common sense of living. In other words, rules are defined for cause/ but they do not recognize individual truths. Only broad circumstantial evidence.  The morality of sexual condemnation comes from the multitude of liars, that have visited both sexes throughout history.  The individual truth of sexual expression, comes from the development of trust; but be aware, that there are many looking for a trophy, not a companion. There are more intending to use you as a body (don’t care about “you”), for lust. Without truth and respect, a constant source of honesty between you: your relationship is not about love.  But that does not mean it cannot be about friendship, loyalty, or the desire for sex. That is your decision alone; for you cannot make anyone accept you/ that is their decision alone.

The battleground of sexual behaviors, MUST be disarmed.  That means, no more games that hurt or mentally maim another human being.  I suggest you choose honesty; just plain ask for sex if that is all you want.  Just plain be who you are, because that is the only person that can be accepted. Understand the reality of polite and kind/ be gracious and patient and kind.  Do unto others as you wish they would do for you; because this is the creation of truth, as you believe; or the reality of lies, if you do not: therefore repent, clean your mind, and try again.  Not everything works in relationships, not everything is worth doing, or worth fighting about:   choose your battles, so that whatever is won or lost, is actually worth the price.  Why be scarred, or cast aside;  over nothing? Loneliness IS a valuable asset: it prepares you, for the compromises ahead in a relationship worth fighting for/ but it is not a friend, for any length of time, therefore do the best you can, to find a friend and build on that reality. Change only for your own decision in identity; because we all must be, who we are. Change is not for someone else to decide/ it is only your possession in life. But do understand, that friendship is determined by meeting the needs, accepting the truths, and identifying what is same: that we may journey in this life together.  Consequently some change is inherent and necessary, where lives are involved.  NOT identity where you have made your decision/ but behaviors, where life is merely coping with expectations, or other fundamentals of society and simple living. The body is yours, and you may do with it as you wish/ so long as you are willing to pay the price. Sex is neither good nor bad/ it is the humanity that makes it “a beautiful experience”/ or evil.  Choose carefully, protect each other with honesty and discipline: learn to listen.
I am not “pretty”/ nearly toothless/ not rich: and more.  But I still do have value: consider that, as you decide who to discard. Consider carefully as well, the fact we need everything to survive and be happy/ consequently as you throw away the images you don’t consider “good enough” for you: understand clearly you are throwing away someone else’s future. We all have needs; we all have desires for happiness; we all make mistakes;   and we all need someone who cares at times, and someone who will share honestly to remember “life, is not just about me”.

The blessing of time, is the opportunity to make mistakes and begin again; regardless how many times you must try, to build a life worth living.  The reality of youth is: “today, I can do whatever I want”.  The reality of age is: “tomorrow will come, and the price is determined by what I have done today”. Some things won’t heal, some things will change, some people will become the reality of your life, some will not even though they are invited.  The difference between old and young is simply: I did not know, this “is my everything”, until the day I learned time had meaning.  The opportunity to build my own identity is that meaning.  The reality of eternity, answers the question why.
In every relationship there is a beginning and an end; it is natures way, a consequence of life through time.  The question called eternity examines our existence in terms of a miracle/ and thereby conceives of “what could be next”.  That answer is determined by OUR CREATOR, not us.  But it is true, and real to understand: life is the most valuable treasure in this entire universe/ thereby it is fair and literal to say,    HE who created us, did so because of that reality.   The possibility of our salvation, can be seen in     “The biblical JESUS”.  Whether you believe, is up to you.  I for my part, “see in the written text” a love unparalleled in human history, and choose to believe HIS story is real. Truth is the essence of life, but love is the power behind all that desires life in truth.  Thereby we know, that creation is a beginning.  Therefrom we understand, the essence of life is not limited by “us”. 
May you find peace within your soul; soul is your relationship with   GOD.   Created through the development of your belief, through the essence that becomes the truth of who you are intended to be.  Work for life/ do not be shy.

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