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Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Lets’ talk a bit

Our reality as a nation and world is quite simple: “too many lies/ too much fraud/ people selling life of all kinds, for money, including their own/ etc.  We are bankrupt as a nation and world, because no one wanted to pay the price of honesty, discipline, or honor; nearly all refused.   Got away with it, because the truth of money is:   “Doesn’t matter how many numbers you have/ until you spend it”.  Then it matters, because all money is a resource expectation, or someone else’s time and effort on your behalf.  So as long as the money is in the bank, “you can be rich”/ but when the money comes out of the bank as an expectation someone must fill, a resource needed by someone else: then competition and reality come.  For the last thirty years or so; pensions have been the “darling of society”/ got money coming to me; I will be rich! Pensions instead of cash: because there ain’t no way in hell, you can be paid this much today/ so they all said, “pay me tomorrow/ I will be owed”; and to end the trouble, business, government, school districts, etc gave in.  Today is a problem, because today those pensions have started to be cashed in: expectations and competition; will extreme expectations coming/ ain’t no way to pay.  So the pyramid scheme has crumbled, and will soon collapse.  That, in very simple terms, is a primary element in your economic demise/ the rest is entirely the robbery of those with a college diploma extorting, or just plain taking money, because no one has held them accountable.  Stripped/ raped/ ravaged/ abused/ used/ mutilated/ and cast in the gutter; cause they don’t care.  Simple as that, look around.

So as a world, we are “neck deep” in a sewer created by greed, expanded by power, and extorted by pride. The consequence is: the money is worthless/ but we must have something to survive, in a reasonable sense of order as a society. As long as you take the money, it is money.  On the day you say, this is no longer money to me, then you change the game: those in control of the game will declare “starve then”.  But with so very many people bankrupt and knowing it, that is a minimal threat, as bartering will exist.  Pride and power will seek to control with taxes/ thereby attacking all who fail to defend themselves with dollars;   but as a society, WE outnumber THEM by millions, and as a consequence we are in charge to the extent we believe we must be.  Not a game, a reality of life, work, heart, and hope.  Cannot overthrow a government; because the people in charge are in charge:   a government is in fact the constitutional agreements upon which life in this USA is stated to be guaranteed.  Therefore the only thing to be overthrown, is the power of a leader, an employee of the people/ who did not do their job according to oath and law, or guarantee.  The constitution, bill of rights, and declaration of independence are worthy enough.  At this moment in time.
Our reality is simply: as WE THE PEOPLE, what can we do?  That answer is defined by three simple things:
(1) we can go to court and use the law, and our right of ownership as WE THE PEOPLE in democracy by vote and understanding. That does mean, a fair and legitimate press is required, of which current media is of limited worth: the wealthy few, own them all.

  (2) We can stop working, so long as basic needs are met/ basic needs are food, water, sanitary, and minimal housing.  In other words, greed must stop.  Reality must understand a need to share the work, and the resources; so that time can be allotted, for trial to work out the details of how we shall indeed, “start over”.  That begins with the assertion: until this fraud/ stealing/ and lies are uncovered, and this terrible mess, the employees of government and university have presented us with is cleaned up:  there can be no “foreclosure, firing, or failing”.  Instead, this law:    UNTIL the day the court battles are done, money will cease to be printed or exchanged as dollars or credit.  People will be given “debit cards” in exchange for their work, which will account for time spent in a work society is willing to pay for/ and that debit card will only buy base level needs.  Society will vote/ on the hours to be worked by each one; and then you are done, or may work for free, or for yourself without pay. 
(3) The only money to be exchanged is coins: because american coins cannot flood society quickly/ particularly if you control them: watch the resources required for coins, and know you control. 

NO appreciation of interest will occur during this period/ no foreclosure/ jobs will be decided by community/ no sale of property by credit or dollars or foreign currency; etc.  The issues of rent, will become a partition decided upon by community vote, of the debit card earnings (if you fail to spend the time given to you by community as an equal)/ you can be discarded for food, until such time as you do your work.  Rent, like other forms of business is not intended to be an income/ rather until the time of court is over, rent is appreciated as the cost of maintenance required.  No maintenance, means no rent; community work can be used where necessary to maintain and repair as is necessary; where honest reflection of that work is given by the owner.  Agriculture is separate, whereby the need for food is great/ consequently the work of the community will be toward establishing a base of food supply that is fundamental to the community:   such as, high schools shall provide for themselves/ whereby the students grow, butcher, tend, etc and establish a critical understanding of what it takes to eat. Factory farms shall be disassembled, so that antibiotics are unnecessary. And critical assembly of the task of creating small farms/ employing a large number of new people, instead of chemicals will be considered and established.  The entire medical industry will teach students, as many as the community provides.

These things have 3 primary objectives: they provide an incentive to the rich to “get this over with/ can’t make no money”; and stop the current insanity, its assault on resources, and the loss of nearly everything to overseas, as they try to cash in their dollars. You will trade in food/ and establish fair trade by barter, without money.  These rules also provide to the common public, a limited resource for living their lives, so the majority will desire this to end, and work in court, for that. And they create a new beginning, for a sustainable world;   whereby all the trouble that has been created will be worked at: such as planting trees/ cleaning the ocean/ creating retention ponds to stop flooding, or diverting a part of the rivers around cities, etc.  A world where fantasy stops/ delusion ends/ and reality is known to be our understanding, in a disciplined but free world. Other instructions are already written/ look for them.  Where there is “an excess of available labor”/ the women shall work to create a new government and law; the men will work to undo all the mess they have made. Both will be paid with debit cards and limited usage; until the court case is done.  All receive the same/ none are different.

As to personal situations, the reality of our lives is really quite simple: to sustain the current lies, the bush/obama solution is to claim trillions of dollars of new debt is not a problem (we don’t have to pay)/ and its not inflation (we will pay the debt/ therefore its not just “printed money”).  But these are opposites, and only one can exist in reality: either the debt will be paid/ in which case “all the free numbers/ will consume you: 50 million workers times $20,000.00 = one trillion dollars!    Or the debt will not be paid, and this is just inflation, hidden by the claim we can pay for what we clearly cannot pay.  Inflation means: because there are more numbers with the exact same value as the money that used to exist:   all those numbers have or will devalue the numbers already held by you.  What is a dollar today, is currently joined by $60,000.00 more numbers this year/ at the end of 2010, the numbers you held as money at the end of 2007:   will be joined by $240,000.00 more numbers.  How is this not inflation?  Clearly it is/ unless you can pay: can you pay, every single worker, suddenly in debt an additional quarter million dollars each/ plus what is already owed.  All you get for it, is an opportunity to work, “for more worthless numbers, every single day.”  Sound like a good plan to you?

Even so, our reality in this very day is simply inflation is coming/ but the ability to buy will decrease.  Some people will hold all the money/ while everybody else will fight: the few will own this nation, and parts of the world, because they will have all the numbers, and until you stop taking the dollars, its still money, and they will buy you out; price is no object, because there are “lots of numbers” to use, for the few. Taxes will skyrocket, because that is a part of our reality/ not the reality of a few who control government;   jobs will be lost/ so your employees will give away the nation, as they have been doing for years, to anyone who will take it.  Search and be amazed.
On a more personal level, the reality of inflation is two fold: it increases the number of dollars required for anything/ therefore a constant increase in the number of dollars must be obtained: making it ever increasingly hard to sustain a job.  But if you manage to hold on to your job/ then your current debts will diminish, because you are getting more numbers/ and the debt agreement stays steady: except of course, “for penalties/interests/ fees/ and anything else that can be found”. Regardless not more than fifty percent of the population can be considered employed in truly necessary positions, and that means the day will come when fifty percent unemployment will soon appear.  Continuing the lies means, all the people with their hand out, will continue taking money; someone has to pay with work and resources; don’t they? They king/ queen: you slave.

In the simple sense of time: we know that hardship is coming either as the collapse of confidence in lies and liars and fools/ or as the truth of bankruptcy, and what it will mean to our lives.  Within two years, the obama solution will end in disaster/ but if you demand it;   you may spend the last chance you have to correct and fight to control all these disasters: with your lies and fantasy.  It is a choice/ but it leads to hell and Armageddon; as this earth can no longer stand the destruction of two more years.  If however you choose truth, and go to court: then there will be employment for all, but you will have to share/ you will have to care/ you will have to become disciplined and honest/ you will have to learn truth, and pay the price of survival/ you will have to change/ and you will have to let women lead, because men are men; and there is “no differences coming” if they continue to lead.  History knows.  This too is a choice/ but it leads to life.
As to personal choices at home.  The simple truth is, collect canned foods which have a three year shelf life to the last sale date/ and then its good for roughly 3 to 4 years beyond that last sale date.  Giving you time to know when to use it.  Collect coins, because dollars are easily printed and there are SO MANY DOLLARS/ it is impossible to control them all.  We will stop using them, or go to: rich or poor/ with nothing in-between; an entire nation shipped away to foreign nations.  If you have money to spend, then collect gold and silver coins (these have been money to the entire world, “forever”. That will not change, but do remember electro-plating can make fake coins out of next to nothing.)/ BUT DO put them in a safe deposit box at the bank.  Watch over the bank, or they will disappear/ still better than a hole dug in the ground.  Remember if all you have is a “big coin”/ and you are dying of hunger, and none can change the coin;   then either you “spend a lot for a little/ or you starve”: do you understand?  Demand the government establish the proof, or the business that will prove “real”/ create coins out of bars, at your request, and so on. Keep the name and fingerprint, etc;  of all who sell you coins.

If you have money to spend/ then necessary commodities will find their value as time goes on.  As business slows do to this time without “riches”/ manufactured goods will be harder to get; particularly since foreign nations will ship little here.  That means like other forms of money/ these barter goods, will be worth considerable; but steal-able too.  That means if you NEED, and can afford a tool, or some such thing; it may be better to buy now/ BUT the alternate of that is, a time will come soon as more people;  become more desperate, when “things will be cheap”; if you have the money. Don’t try to get rich, we must work together, or we die/ it is inevitable that hardship will come, but civil war will be “just around the corner”.  Consequently work against that, by sharing, caring, and using respect through the law; and society as a means to “balance the load”.  If a gun is your solution/ then in reality; failure will consume us all.  “Going to kill a billion people”/ just six billion more to go; better buy “two guns”, maybe more?
What is decided for your future, will be done in court/ and through new laws created by the people: THEREFORE BE INTERESTED, AND DO PARTICIPATE LEGALLY, FREELY, BUT WITH DISCIPLINE AND HONOR for a life we can all be happy in.  Nothing good, comes without truth.  Therefore be careful what you understand as truth.  All your experts, have driven you here by lies.  DO BETTER, understand honestly/ question much/ investigate the evidence/ and talk extensively about what is real or not or undecided, because the evidence is insufficient.  DO THE WORK.


The elemental reality of life and death in this world, is a function of the base elements within which our lives find, to assemble the developments of what is “good or evil”. There is no need to fear/ because fear changes nothing, but your perception of reality/ your understanding of the world as it applies to you.  Reality says: “either we will win, or lose, or lose less”. That has nothing to do with fear, it is a composition of truth, as it exists within the time a struggle begins, occurs, and ends. Pain is irrelevant, because apart from an ability to deal with it/ there is no option to say no.  Therein, the consequence between good and evil is portrayed: what is good, assembles life within the parameters of love, and remains only as an example of truth/ while what is evil asserts, that pain can take love away, and reality can destroy what is good.  Neither is an element of nature/ both are decisions confined by the experience of human desire.  Both conceive of a different world, than our reality as life.  We are less than perfect/ we are less than capable of complete truth, because we know it not/ we are less than good.  Those who choose evil, do so because hate convinces them that “other people/ other life” is responsible for who they have become: that is a lie.  Evil is a distinct choice, and each that consumes themselves, will find violence; because that is the choice they made. 
In the days ahead, where the violence of lies, and fraud will take us/ there will be those who hate. The question to them is simply: will you sacrifice your eternity, to covet hades (terrors beyond imagination)?

  In the days ahead, where love must exist, by the evidence of caring and sharing, or we die; the question is: will you fear?  The answer is, without love; what is worth living for, life alone; is not enough.  We are not GOD, we did not create life, we cannot save life from death, we can only do what we can do as truth allows; we are not able to ascend into eternity by ourselves.  Therefore acceptance of this truth, pardons us from the consequences of what we cannot do/ therefore mercy exists in us.  Accept this with grace. But remember as well, that hate has no place in life; you are not judge/ but if attacked, or in defense of another who is attacked by hate: it is not wrong to kill if necessary.

The lesson of greed is simple; there will be a day, when the price of growing hate, is due.
The lesson of life is equally simple: there will come a day, when it is impossible not to choose, which side you belong. You choose/ not another, love or hate: want to or not. We must rebuild from lies, theft, and greed, which means: hate will stand in the way. Whose side, are you on?  Love is stronger, by far/ but only if it is true!

The lesson of america is equally simple: from a standing of strength, they prepared for world war 3, by going to Vietnam. It cost too much, in every way. People felt betrayed, because “democracy had no power, against the rulers & ignorance of the day”.   Fantasy began/ delusion took over the money supply, greed became the fantasy, and power became success: the result as it always is, “get out of my way/ you damn piece of shit”. Money is all we want.  But then it got out of control, and every lie necessary to keep the truth hidden away was used by those who didn’t want the fantasy to end, “going to be rich/ so said the public” and government employees couldn’t face their truth, so the university became an expert, “don’t give a damn what you say/ so long as nobody knows the truth”.  And here we are today, destruction everywhere, beneath the blanket of lies/ threats of extinction by the thousands for a whole world.

America went from what was called middle class/ to what is now the result of games in greed: the poor, and the “rich”/ they own you now.  But like all games men play for money, it was not a fair fight.  Like every scam or pyramid scheme, this one used the illusion of debt; to pretend “someday, these do have to be paid”.  While this sounds “fair”/ as with every lie; once you look behind the door, where the truth was hidden/ the reality is easily recognized “this CANNOT be paid/ has NOT been real for decades”. Simple as that.  What is important however, is the lie that exists, and is purported today as well: that these debts will be paid/ BECAUSE THAT HID THE INFLATION OF NUMBERS: AND KEPT THE PEOPLE FROM RECOGNIZING, “these numbers they are giving us” are just pretend.  Consequently “with pretend numbers”/ the rich began buying everything, including media: whereby the constant delusion and disgrace of temptation to “go into debt/ find luxury and be like the rich/ gamble and be free: just sign your name to this credit”; became the american way.  You sold your country for fantasy/ you sold your future for a game you could not win/ you gambled with the future/ and you chose to live in lies, so that you could pretend “debts don’t have to be real”.  Yet you know, that every debtor who owes you “must pay” / isn’t that right?  Because then you know, that every debt created by this nation is expected to be paid;   someone believes they are owed, is that not right? With pensions, and degrees, and unions, and every conceivable extortion; america became the place where “the rich, never had to pay”.  But just under the surface, where the worms do grow;   everything is a lie. Prior to 2008, you gave the greedy 2 million dollars of debts per worker, to work with;   and they bought your world/ ending democracy, and producing the intent and coming reality of slavery (must do this/ or die). You sold this nation for the disgrace of your fear;   that the world will end soon, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Therefore “lets play fantasy land”, and build more weapons; not only military, but economic, social, science, environmental, and more. Today the obama solution is to add $240,000.00 more per worker of debts in the next 2 years/ claiming “its debt/ and not mere fantasy and illusion”.  It is! If debts are to be paid/ then the numbers can have a stable meaning.  But if the numbers are “merely an illusion, of money:  people and resources working for you”/ then it is inflation, and the reduction in value of every asset, by claiming more numbers don’t matter: they do.  With the illusion of a debt (will be paid back)/ there is an assumption, that the prices being paid are stable, that the worker is simply making the same pay regardless of the debt/ BUT IF its inflation, pretending the numbers don’t matter, fantasizing it’s a debt that will be paid/ when in truth there is no possibility: then the worker has stable prices, only because he is taken for a fool. Someone has the numbers called money when inflation exists/ they collect these numbers, allowing the slaves to retain a stable pricing with so called realistic increases that will make them all work harder: but behind the scenes, all the numbers you don’t get/ are buying you out; stealing the nation and corrupting the world.  Because a few then get everything (all the new numbers, trillions), and the vast majority get the lies; and will find themselves without anything of value. And these new numbers will finish the job of stealing your nation; selling your machines and manufacturing; but if you don’t let them, ONLY TRUTH is left: THE GAME ENDS..  And if you do let them, ONLY CIVIL WAR is left: violence in a sea of guns, can only bring “rivers of blood”.  Shame on you, for surrendering your souls. Shame on you for surrendering this world without a fight.  Shame on you, for such disrespect as is rampant greed, the making of slaves/ by forcing the others to live under your control. Shame on you, for even considering the lies. Shame on you for assassinating the children, and stealing their future to your shame, disgrace, and the disease of your fears.
That is america today, and any other conclusion is a lie. Any assumption that you can continue on, without true change;  brings you death.  Pride will demand: “I ain’t giving up nothing/ I want yours, instead of you get mine”.  And they mean it/ and will fight. But money is a game, and to end that game all you have to do: is quit taking the dollar bill/ until the court case is over, and reality has returned.  When government employees create money “for free, for them”/ they do “have a high times, at your expense” buying/ selling/ destroying/ enslaving/ giving/ ANYTHING THEY WANT, and there is no end to their want; the university has a thirst for money that cannot be quenched.  And every hand is out, pretending need, and worshiping anyone who buys their whining, and gives them money for free.

Don’t think so? Every new home buyer gets $8000.00/ does not someone have to pay?  GM gets 50 billion dollars, divided by the 50,000 jobs they may save, “as GM” for a short time=$1,000,000.00 per job: of your money/ your debt as a society. When they fail, vehicle sales simply move to another supplier/ they hire workers. There is only one reason why GM and Chrysler are destroying dealerships who sell their cars: ITS NOT, to help you/ its to control the price, and make you pay considerably more!  This, in a day when few have real money/ and the majority need access to “something honest for them”.  But not to worry though, every worker whose job you buy: fully intends to continue ridiculing “the common worker/ cause their better/ GOT MORE than you”; or didn’t you know? Who else did the government employees give the money/ “their promise, YOU would pay”, too?  If not “the mob”: the very people who have stolen the most/ then to the university, “the very people responsible for threatening, and misleading you the most”. What a good solution/ don’t you think?
The only problem with money of course is, every dime called real money is accomplished by someone else’s work/ by natural resources that belong to us all:   these government employees, give away your work/ your nation/ your world/ and your resources; and hand you the debt, establishing you as a slave; while describing themselves as your savior.  It is a fool, who believes debts don’t matter: someone has to do the work/ or its not money: its just a game.  What will you do, when the resources are gone?  Oh, I know: that’s the “kids trouble/ you don’t care”!  Don’t want the truth/ cause you are bankrupt? Too bad/ you gambled, you won with lies, by stealing and cheating, through fears: and today the debts are due.  Too many hands out, “for free/ give me EVERYTHING YOU GOT”. After all, don’t they have the numbers to prove, how superior they are/ just be a slave and shut up; just take off your clothes “and assume the position”, or perhaps be “dumped in the garbage instead”; who the fuck cares.  Ask any liar, he or she will know/ the only thing you can do with power, is create fear, or buy sex & people.  Life needs respect to maintain happiness, society needs respect for its people or they hate. Want to guess, what happens next? Without truth and change, you are dead; you just don’t know it yet.

The political games are not a true conspiracy/ instead, the reality is merely a result of “college education”, whereby fantasy and delusion, are mixed with an imagination that has NO connection to truth and reality.  Can’t expect much, “from kindergarten school”.  Arrogance comes, with assuming you know, what you do not know/ stupidity comes from asserting reality doesn’t matter. If the employees of government had not thrown numbers at your system of thievery; it would have collapsed/ and you would now be worse off.  If you continue on however, having had this opportunity to adjust you blatant, arrogant, deceitful, diseased pride and intent for power: you will die/ because the evidence says, “this earth cannot accept a humanity that will not respect nature”.  Pride is an enemy/ want is a disease that infects and destroys life.  You are on trial, right now as an earth: fail to find respect, and nature will fail, giving you hell, and Armageddon.
It is a fool and a failure, who believes lies can create anything of value.  It is a liar and thief, that throws away the money they stole/ pretending “once the evidence is gone”, they can convict me no more.  Idiots “are a dime a dozen”;   because you have to be an idiot, to accept blatant stupidity and disgrace.  We must return to truth, if you refuse, your lies will kill you. Because this world is being destroyed, for nothing more than your pride, your want, your disrespect, and the vile reality of true selfishness and absolute “don’t care/ about nothing, but yourself”.  Without change, destruction will be complete within less than twenty years from today.  With honest and real change guided by truth, love, honor, and respect;  this world can go on “for a thousand years”.  There is no middle ground/ one way or the other will occur.

I am not perfect either/ perfection is an irrelevant excuse to control what cannot be controlled.  We are not perfect, ain’t no point in trying.  But that does not mean its an excuse/ simply put we need to understand, and be lenient where it is possible to do so. Many things in the past have been regretted.  Just how it is/ unlikely or impossible that life is different for you.  We are not perfect/ but when it is clearly put before you, that change is necessary: what matters, is if indeed you do change; as best you can.  Same is true for me.

Life, has been changing me, seems necessary somehow; issues between man and woman have become critical to understand. Don’t know why, or more correctly why me; it is clear and certain, men and women need a new beginning to their relationships as well, as simple society. Somehow, I seem to be involved in that/ don’t know how, other than a little information.

I transplanted some tomatoes recently/ couldn’t find the proper tool, so the   roots were damaged, and as a consequence these plants need daily watering just to keep them alive. It was disrespectful to the plants not to do the job correctly/ but couldn’t find a tool, and busy with other things.  Regardless, it became an instruction to me as well, in that my own reality “the roots, as a man” have been dug up/ and the consequence of that has been a mental existence, (the separate 3 percent of the brain, that functions without thought, merely in the theatrics of life)/ rather than a true participation with life.  Roots are necessary:  as those who live in such a shallow world as action and reaction/ are without understanding why, & subject to every whim, and every want, and every mental abrasion or failure that is common to human existence.  Roots are necessary, but what has changed in me, is on the inside.  Even so, I began the journey back from time into soul, and found female inside: it is a strange journey.  Regardless, it is my life and I will live it.  In the very first part of this spiritual journey:  a large old fashioned shiny hatchet, was shown to me, with a very sharp blade “up front/ close and personal”; did not see who held it.  In the next battleground of compositions, I see a man standing fifty feet away or so, but we are connected, from my penis to the man by a cord that simply cannot be broken.  The ax or hatchet then appears and the cord is cut, away from the man/ and handed to women. A sign, that it will do no good to continue trying to hold on to male. “Later presentations, of the warrior (no identification, except abilities) and the ax”, clearly indicating, or more correctly demanding, what is male is gone: no excuses/ no dissent/ no options/ no escape, only female is left. Parts that used to be male, are now owned by women. It is not a game.  And then a red light was added to my little house (spiritually speaking), indicating “sex, for women”. Not my desire; love, or need is the only cause in me for sex; and only if I do believe it is the right thing for this woman and this situation and me. Not being in charge of this decision; is something I cannot really comprehend; “its just not me”. Even so, I am 56, not pretty, and so on; don’t know what it will mean in reality.    The only question I could find, to these spiritual descriptions was: WHY Me, what did I do?  The only answer I could find: young girls are sold into sexual slavery every day, NOT their fault/ NOT their desire/ NOT their option/ and NO possibility of escape: and they are NOT allowed to own their own “sexual parts and pieces”. A reality I do understand/ a truth ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR: but know not why this would, or could happen to me. Or what will come of it. My world has become “so different”/ you can’t imagine; and still changing. Opening the spiritual door of woman; was both a disaster, and a blessing.  A blessing, because it changed my ways regarding this work to an education for you, an opportunity to survive for you.  But, she has changed me too, the price required.  It is worth the price, just very unexpected; in terms of my own reality.  I really am “so surprised”. But even so, there are no solutions for survival in this time, with men/ I know that, I learned that; and until I “was informed, women are an option”, there was no need for an education.
Change is coming. I feel a new relationship with body/ a new experience with breasts, “for the first time, nipples seem important; don’t know why”. It is a strange life/ certainly not mine, as the male my identity actually exists  upon; is challenged to die/ I literally don’t know how to be female.  This is a new and different life; coming to change my world, my identity, and my experience as life. It is not “my decision”/ it is my life.  Don’t know why you, “public review” are involved in this/ the necessity of creating a distraction is over.  From a very private life/ completely hidden by most considerations from this world: and sorry to say, not entirely forthright, when asked to reveal it in some ways, throughout the past.  Because; “People build expectations/ they fail to support or defend or work for themselves, if they think “he can do this easily”.  Not a good thing, people commonly get jealous as well. But there are those who would have been helped, could have been helped; and were not: “a little selfish, I am sad to say”. 

 I am now presenting a very public life, can’t imagine why:  maybe its some kind of payback, I just don’t know. Just somehow necessary, I really don’t feel as if there is a choice. Simple as that. Can’t imagine the journey, or the ending.


There are changes coming in the religion called evolution as well;   forced to defend themselves from the absolute insanity that they represent, it would seem “presto, a new fossil”/ but dated far beyond anything previously found; so pristine nothing compares/ so perfect to their needs, “don’t need to know anything else”.  But when things appear, on cue/ when a need requires something, to keep “the money, power, and prestige from dying”: it is useful to look for substantiating proof. There are many ways to false date a bone.  Wherever money is prolific and will be spent; the criminal, and the fraud, and the fool; will be there.

So lets look at reality: and discuss the simple fact, that an organism does not exist without complex interactions all of which must be in existence at the same time/ or must be defined and created by genetic order (deliberate, thought in action/ nothing else can create. Do robots create themselves/ or did they not require knowledge/ the collection of parts/ fundamental delivery of systems, resources, energies, and utilities; just to name a few): this, in an environment that is functional to the purposes required/ has the mental and physical capacity in some form to breathe, eat, capture food, air, water/ expel it and reproduce all at the same time “birth exists”: a literal factory, for the purpose.  Otherwise whatever is suggested “evolved”/ simply dies, or more correctly cannot be formed.  What about bones/ blood/ organs/valves/ sight/ hearing/ touch/ immunity and defense/ skin/ senses/ lubrication/ coordination/ abilities/ joints/ balance/ the chemicals required/ the organization established/ thinking & comprehension/ tongues & teeth: and so much more!  Dumb ass, how is this an accident: when every single one, and many more; are required for your life! The elemental truth of oil, coal, and gas; all establish “noah’s flood”/ simply because without a world wide flood:   these organic materials could not have been gathered in such quantities and buried together as such uniform pockets and depths.  It is impossible, without a flood.  If you wish to be religious, it is clear this happened in “recent times”/ if you do not wish to be religious, a world wide flood did exist, at a time when life on earth was abundant. In the fundamental truth of energy comes the sun, and over millions of years, the reality that goes along with that energy of size, as the sun does use its atomic mass for fuel, and as a result must decrease in size over time.  That means millions of years ago, the earth was much hotter, and life much harder to come by; not to mention very significant other factors regarding volcano’s and such.  The life we know today, exists on oxygen/ plants are critical.  The life in an ocean today exists on chains that form first on land; got to have food. The university makes money/ and the people, and their communities want that money, and as a consequence; “do whatever it takes, to keep their money/ their job/ their security/ their pride and power”; and they will deliver to you anything you are willing to buy.  Money rules the university, power and pride rules the community. Just like the doctor who makes a tremendous amount of money, “cutting off your leg/ your breast/ or whatever”;   what the hell does he care, if it ain’t worth doing?  Give me the money/ after all, its like winning the lottery, and it only costs a couple hours and your body parts.  Who gives a damn?  Do you really think, people don’t sell your body, or mind; even your life, for their wealth?  Grow up, this practice is as old as history.


I have stated, that I can and will deliver two motors/ intended to replace existing means.  I work by the simple terms, “if there is no truth or reality, why this does not work/ then it will.”  There are those who would suggest, “give it now”/ but the facts are:   without recognizing how critical this situation is/ there will be no change in human society.  Therefore it is absolutely necessary, that humanity becomes “uncomfortable”/ that they may listen to their own needs, and perceive the reality of how, why, who, when, and where they did go wrong.  To intervene, and not allow this to occur; would be completely irresponsible.  Consequently, if I do not die/ the promise will be completed, but the time is not now. First, you will grow up, or prove you actually can listen, and not assume change is now unnecessary. And yes, I do believe that advertizing can come with either of these inventions, for these sites/ but the spirit inside says no.  It is your job, not mine. Your life or death/ not mine, as time is unnecessary to me; I don’t care/ this is primarily about children, and all life on earth. If that is useless/ then my life here on earth is without meaning; time is then irrelevant to me.

It is said of me, “don’t want him in charge of your last days/ he will let you die”.  Its true, but not because I don’t care.  Instead our reality is very simple: those who take resources today/ leave another life in the future of time, without an opportunity to survive.  Therefore, “if you save one today/ you kill one tomorrow”. It is a choice/ that I do believe borders on the assertion, at a minimum: you must be able to feed yourself/ clean yourself/ and move independently, to assist your own life. We all enter eternity, time is the only question; and that means death in time is somewhat irrelevant/ because only eternity truly matters.  I however will not decide what is functionally necessary for you.  YOU will decide/ and YOU will understand, by the reality of truth, that without resources all die: therefore it is real, and true, “save this one/ and you kill another in the future”.  It’s a choice.  Let the old decide for themselves. Let the rest decide for themselves, fully understanding: what can happen to anyone, can also happen to you.  In the final analysis however/ since your attitude is so blatantly selfish: I WILL remind you, that it is the young, and the parent or worker that deserves to live, if a choice must be made between old and young.  You had your life/ they must inherit their opportunity, same as you.  It is the old who die, if that decision must be made/ NOT the young.  It is only fair!

Countless tragedies are coming; you will run out of fertilizers: “things responsible for a current thirty percent increase in food production”.  MUCH SOONER, because you throw it on grass, “oh its so pretty”. Over time, trillions of gallons of poison and pollution’s; just because you want EASY/ just because you are insane, over lots of things.  You will soon lose livestock confinement practices, because antibiotics have been fed for decades/ and you grew pandemic after pandemic because fools want an “extra penny”. Without antibiotics there is no confinement agriculture, because disease will wipe the business out, by killing the creatures.  You have NO backup method of survival.  You will soon empty the aquifers, irrigating without cause/ useless, foolish, blind, stupidity; time after time after time.  Not a chance to refill them, or grow the crops necessary;   so you will capture rain and dump it into the aquifer/ ruining it in less than twenty years for all, less than ten years for most.  No drinking water then either, fouled with poison, and every disease imaginable (because instead of dumping all your poisons into the ocean/ they will be in your aquifer, and come out in your tap).  You will soon have no medicine/ because antibiotics built the medicine you do have.  Without antibiotics, there is no surgery, because people die from infection; and with far greater threats, those infections will be worse than history knows.  For the sake of a big house/ you cut down, and sacrifice everything/ including the oxygen you need to breathe.  For your want, you trade a world, and every life in it with destruction; ten million square miles of plastic trash in the pacific ocean alone/ not to mention the other 6 oceans, and what they contain.  You grow at 2 million new mouths to feed every week/ and cannot feed those who live today. You have emptied to critical levels, ALL OCEAN LIFE; and just don’t care/ BUT YOU WILL, as this feeds a billion people.  “All gone/ no food for one billion people”: is that not, a recipe for war?  Not to worry, weapons of mass destruction are your saviors/ isn’t that right?  So say your leaders!  What could go wrong/ hell, the leaders of men know what they are doing: AIN’T THAT RIGHT!  Hell yes, just take a look at the economies around the world, “practically perfect”. So men say, because they sure as hell ain’t going to listen to just women.  But they are going to die, without true change.  It’s a choice.  You are failures, and fools: following the blind, believing in every lie that media tells you, worshiping the power of money and selling your lives and your children for numbers that will crash into nothing. You, are a disgrace/ because even with all the evidence against you, even with TERRIBLE THREATS, that can consume this world:   YOU STILL don’t care enough, to even talk about reality or truth.  Shame on you.  “Going to wait and see”/ going to gamble something will come along, so it will all be ok again;   NOT SO DAMN BAD NOW, for me.  But life as a world is at the line of no return, wait and see:   YOU WILL BE DEAD, no chance to return.  Gamble with all of life on earth, and you will lose.  How could you possibly be “ A BIGGER FOOL”?  How could you possibly be, less of a human being, than you are today?  The answer is in HELL, AND ARMAGEDDON (nature crucified, because you didn’t care: when it mattered).

The end result of our human existence in this time is: that we must become different than we are.  We must establish society as the growth of relationships/ NOT as the continue growth of competition to consume.  That means the importance of money will end/ the opportunities for friendship must and will grow.  The foundation of business will and must be changed to “community independence/ social stability”.  The money must be backed by gold or some means such as a population count/ by which that money cannot be tampered with OR controlled by government employees: it MUST be stable, or you end as fools; as is today.  Employment must be considered a right/ up to what is required for survival, and a little more.  Greed    MUST END.  In every situation, and in every end result, the worth and value to society by supporting life and nature, rather than destroying it:   IS FUNDAMENTAL to your decisions of change.  Nature now needs us, or it will die/ leaving us to die, and go insane. DIVERSITY is necessary. Personal   Freedom is necessary.  Critical law is necessary.  Understanding BEFORE you vote, is necessary.  Choosing wisdom is required/ that means truth is absolutely fundamental for the opportunity to live. Teach life, teach reality, learn truth and understand the basis and function of law in all things.  Learn discipline, and struggle hard to teach RESPECT for everything alive. BE FAIR. Honor JUSTICE, and participate in your world.  Be who you are/ not what you believe.  The difference is:   “For love/ or for hate; because apart from simple survival, this is our choice for life.  What you believe matters, as it influences everything you are willing to do; but it is not your life, life comes from the decision to participate honestly in a relationship that creates desire, from the love in your heart.  Or as hate descends to destroy you, it is the desire to control, to achieve power, and to mock the others with your pride.  These are directions for your soul, and it will “walk”:   in the ways, you choose.

The search for expression, is an element formed through the passions of what you believe.  The search for life, is an experience accepted; as the meaning for, “I am alive”.  The young must work through their experiences/ they must endure the results of an expression that is not valid or sincere, they must laugh, they must cry, they must learn of relationships that are more valuable than life; or they will fail to appreciate the sanctity and honor of living in this world.

The value of life is found, in three simple things: what you accept as true/ what you believe has value/ and the choice called love or hate. There is no value in hate, but to remind those called love; of how blessed they are. There is no value in death, except to understand: the message here in time is, this will end; therefore only what happens in death does matter most. The body is only a messenger, explaining the possibilities, and expressing the costs; your life only exists within the body, it does not exist as the body.  Because in reality, a body is only a network of primary parts, that do not influence “your soul”.  The mind, is an appreciation of freedom, and it measures relationships that you may understand the basic levels of life and society in its search for peace and happiness/ but it is not life either.  There is no purpose in a measurement, unless it leads to desires of a heart; no relationship worth having, unless it is love. Both life and love, examine the heart; for it is heart that journeys into the world called soul. Without heart, you cannot go, where life does exist. Without a soul, you will never see the eternity for which you were born. Therefore the question of heart, examines and investigates the truth of who we are, judging us for the sake of love, if we can be found worthy of life’s most precious gift: passage within the soul of another. Few are found worthy/ because few, are willing to pay the price of love; which is respect, truth, honor, & courage.  You must attain them all. Heart is a question, a relationship with the truth of your own desires/ a respect for the purposes that are real.  Heart is the honor of knowing the life you live is genuine, because you chose it, you work for it, you live it, and you believe in the value of its identity within you as life in love.  Courage is required, because the world does not like this price/ nor do they accept, that “you, can achieve what they refuse to believe”. The result of hate, is violence/ the result of jealousy, is revenge/ the result of ridicule is isolation: but not from    GOD .  HE searches for you, and you are found/ if only respect, truth, and love are inside your soul.  Anything less is not worthy, anything less is a relationship with mercy, or death/ but if your soul holds these things, then friendship awaits, for you. Heart is the discovery of a world that does not exist as time/ rather it lives only as life. Soul is the passage beyond time, that enters within a relationship, conceived as thought, but bound within the freedoms that produce and respect the truth called law.  Every law, that brings peace, happiness, hope, and truth to life; as a desire through love, is an experience blessed by time and eternity.  Every form of justice, that lives for the moment of a value recognized as truth, gives to us respect/ that we ourselves may build a door within ourselves; to open unto love. The passage between us, born in the essence of our shared reality as life.  The quiet, a time to believe in life, through the essence and honesty of hope. A trial, the moments given to test the fabric of our heart, that we may know the condition of our soul; and repair or repent as needed. Pride is an enemy/ want a disease.

The root of our struggles with life, the essence of what we believe our existence should be.  Therefore the elemental conceptions of a life, discover the foundations that   GOD and life allow us to behold.  We are man or woman/ male or female;  because that is what body and mind make of us to be.  The compositions of change, from what nature has done are only mental;   unless the soul has been given to this change, in eternity. This is not “a decision of humanity”/ rather it is a decision of   GOD.  My own fundamental   struggle with change, is that kind of reality.  The invitation handed to you, in the words that identify “things and realities and truths which you cannot understand or believe”/ are not intended to convince you of anything. Rather the fundamentals involved participate in 3 separate relationships: I am not your leader/ not your savior/ and not more than a simple messenger in time, granted the right to present you with change, that you may survive.  It is fundamental and true, the possibility of a world falling into collapse and war/ are mere fantasy to nearly 100 % of the population on this earth: BUT THE EVIDENCE, states otherwise, and if you do not come to the moment of minimal thought, whereby evidence and truth are important to you; then everything else is pointless.  Roots are the fundamentals we follow inside ourselves, to recreate the boundaries of life, by the evidence we find inside.  Until you are willing to work as a participant in truth; you cannot know, “who you really are/ nor can you know what is true of this world”.  My own life, is nothing more than my own life/ such as is yours. That means what happens to me, is highly irrelevant to you/ and you to me. But truth is an alternate experience binding us together, as we experience the blessing or curse that is life in this time. A blessing creates peace and happiness/ a curse demands chaos and trial, it is established by your hate, and held together only by your fears/ or the fears of another, even the majority. The foundation of american economy has been built on the shit of human decisions, that held:  nothing of value in truth/ let us lie! And so you did, until that shit, fantasy, delusion, and theft; became the literal sewer of today.  Nothing of money is real, because it does not represent the work and resources available for life to return the composition of “expected value”/ you played a fools game, and became fools.  Why should you expect anything different/ this is your reward. It is what you asked for/ it is what you worked for/ it is what you earned, and stole for. This is not ridicule, it is your reality. It is not my conception: it is the truth of your own numbers, and expectations. The vast majority will ridicule me, but only because you have no comprehension of what spirit or soul actually is.  This, because the price is higher, than you are willing to pay.  That price is truth/ that price is RESPECT for GOD/ that price is “humble”, understanding GOD IS GOD, and you are not.  We do not deserve, we ask.


Lots of people like to say, “the good years are behind us”/ but that is blatantly untrue.  The so called wealth you generated with your lies, the blatant disregard and disrespect for the common worker that is associated with massive debts and complete fraud, the children you assassinated, or attempted to assassinate by building traps, killing off their resources, preparing weapons of mass destruction, and all manner of excuse to go to war, in the coming years: have nothing to do “with good years”.  Instead these are a testimony, to the tragedy of your lives; the absolute arrogance of your greed; the blatant irresponsibility of a people so filled with want/ that they sold their own nation, world, and lives to play the game of gluttony and disgrace. Becoming a disease to the future/ a cancer to the rest/ and leading damnation for this earth.  How few did not join in, and declare “we are great”/ even across this world.  Didn’t care/ didn’t want to care/ refused information that was not greed, power, or pride: lived for nothing, prepared to die as sluts and whores casting the world to its death, because you wouldn’t even try to stop the cascading effects of fear out of control; failed, with barely a notice of complaint.  All, because you refuse truth, and align yourselves with want instead. Truth allows reality, honesty, honor, discipline, and duty to decide when coupled with respect.  Want allows and creates every lie, theft, and deceit necessary to take: because you refuse to care, and blatantly demand you won’t share. Shame on you. Not you? as you go whimpering away to hide or run in fear.  There are no excuses, when a world is in jeopardy/ when life is literally being decided as we speak: either you work for life/ or you live as a coward, or other enemy.
But you don’t have to believe me, do you/ don’t have to believe in any evidence you don’t want, or simply refuse to accept/ don’t have to stop playing games, until dead.  But you do have to live whatever is true.  The fantasies you have created for yourselves are ending/ because “you want to be paid/ and not even fools, will soon believe, this is simply impossible”.  That means, whether you accept the truth and work for life/ or refuse the truth and discover death through the end of lies, the consequence of failure: the only real enemy is life or death.  A relationship with one OR the other will be your reward. There is no going back/ there is no mercy for deciding “you don’t care”.  This is a choice, and you will abide and live your decision. The world will follow: making you, “primary assassins, for life on earth”/  OR,    RESPECTFUL of your duty, to repair as best you can; all the damage you have caused.  It is one or the other.  This is life and a future/ or death and the hell, men have led you too.                                            CHOOSE.
Gambling means:   you do not, care enough.  End of humanity!

Critical to the survival of this world, is the reality, that many men are merely “like men”: and not only do they want to be paid/ they want power and pride as their reward for “being like men”.  Not men, a humanity with dignity and honor:   but like men, lying, cheating, stealing, and hating, to prove they are in charge, arrogant and proud;   and will kill to stay that way.   The acts of terrorism against the USA are proof of that, not only as direct violence/ but indirect violence, whereby thieves, liars, prostitutes, and the diseases led by greed have all come to steal america from its people.  The question is:   how do we identify these people, & what should then be done?  The fundamental answer is very simple: hate is the enemy, and hate can be identified whenever “the curtains come down”.  Sexual behaviors, are fundamentally significant in identifying those who hate/ which means, the women who have sex with these men do know, “when hate has violated their world”.  Hate is a functional description of people who do not only not care about life/ but find their world fulfilled, by judging and condemning the others.  Not in the simple terms of an education which you must endure/ but the blatant attempts to control, enslave, and establish power, if not death over living humanity, and other creatures. It is hate that assails you/ it is hate that robs you/ it is hate that threatens and establishes violence over you, not nature, but humanity/ it is hate that rapes, destroys, violates, and refuses the law. The question of what to do, after hate is recognized is dependent upon what can be done.  Isolated/ removed from society/ rehabilitated/ or just plain killed; are all legitimate options.  But as hate is removed from power, society, and leadership, there will be a vacuum; that men all intend to fill. Men are men/ their inner networks, and fundamental ways of dealing with leadership; are historically proven and in place: which means, no matter who, the reality of similar or same shall be established by men who replace those who are taken away.  Hate is the builder or power of mobs/ without hate there is only angry groups, challenging in justice.  With hate, there is violence and revenge/ as those who challenge the others with hate, learn to manipulate by condemning “the enemy as worthless/ or claiming the enemy calls us: worthless”/ and we will show them power. A mob is the power of one to lead/ an angry group is the reality of injustice for many. The law serves equally, as written fairly; or it serves no one, but the leaders of a  mob. Without someone to blame, there is no mob.  Without the intent for power and control, there is no violence. Equal justice, and the freedom to choose creates peace.

 CHANGE REQUIRES CHANGE, and that leaves no place for men to lead. They brought us here, and they will lead us nowhere but to hell; it is a simple historical fact/ very little changes, because it is men that lead.  That brings us to women, and the possibility and potential for change they do represent. They are not men/ they do not have the entrenched methods and means for controlling leaders of men, because they do not understand women; consequently the same things do not work. Fear is a factor, therefore fear is a constant that must be contained when women are in charge; by giving them the power over sexual relations between male and female.  Provided with that, they will be free to be “women in charge”.  Fear is an enemy/ because it helps you not at all: you will do what you can, on the day when life or death is a challenge. Either you win/ lose/ or pay the price in pain or cowardice.  It is that simple, fear helps no one. The leadership of women, is a necessity;  A reality not particularly desired at this time (don’t know what they will do), but a truth made necessary because men have brought us all, “to death’s door”.  And they must not be allowed to lead us through/ that leaves only women to lead. Like it or not. It is impossible to say, what women will do.  It is however VERY CERTAIN what men will do:   we do face a long series of crisis ahead, and men will choose war/ its what they do.  Water shortages/ food shortages/ population crisis/ economic failures; a LONG list of tragedy, because that is what men have chosen. Life and nations thrown away, for nothing more than:  greed, lust, pride, and power.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, that women could do worse:   we do stand at the gates of hell and Armageddon/ we are threatened by NIF as an ignition source for a “lake of fire, covering this entire earth”/ we are threatened by CERN, people willing to “recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe”/ we are threatened by genetic destruction, men trying to play god/ we are threatened by civil war, due to massive and intentional liars, stealing, cheating, swindling, and promising “freedom”/ while stripping the nation bare, raping every citizen, and claiming “innocent”:   rivers of blood, do wait in silence; upon the decision of men to get their revenge; in a nation filled with guns.

Men would not, negotiate to remove weapons of mass destruction: they want the power, and pride of believing “I can play god”.  Men did not watch over the money/ did not watch over the nation/ did not watch over genetics or any part of nature/ did not care, as the global evidence of a dying environment overwhelmed them with facts/ did not choose any direction, but more lies.  They refuse to face the truth about oxygen requirements/ refuse to face the truth about oceans/ refuse to face any truth, and turn only to money, power, & pride; choosing want and the disgrace of minutes, instead of a future for life.  Men allowed the children to be slaughtered, in terms of a future, they took their resources, they took their time and said let them die; who gives a damn/ while playing “dad”, and promising “you will inherit money”; when it is only,  a worthless pit of absolute stupidity. Money is worthless, without a life to share it with/ I guarantee, even if you had all the money in the world; if stuck on a deserted island without life/ YOU would not be happy.  Therefore it is the people, the life, the friendship, and the treasury of an opportunity to choose in freedom that give money its place in society: not possessions/ not power/ not pride or want, but the honesty of life shared with life.
There is not one true decision that I know of under the leadership of men, that is honestly “for the future/ or protection of anything, that they would not sell”.  What is fought over, simply receives a “little more time”/ until the money takes over.  What is promised, “we will then protect the fish, if we know where they live”/ turns into “GET THEM ALL, or don’t come back”.  Liars, thieves, failures, fools, a disease, and a death to this earth:   they lead no more/ or you will die. An entire earth abandoned, because you are not worthy of life. These are simple facts, not a conception or excuse: this is what you bought, these are the decisions men have made, as a majority, leading life on earth. Shame on you.

To all men and women; if you won’t go deeper than your fears, to search and find love, life, truth, hope, and respect inside/ then you won’t live.  This is fundamental to the understanding of anything beyond want/ this is critical to the relationships that must be shared to enter within true thought.  Intellect is worthless, thought is a beginning to wisdom/ intellect is merely the game, of who can build a better trap. The reality of life, is not a game/ it is a decision. What you believe, fundamentally alters the abilities of the mind, to generate thought.  Therefore it is necessary, to go beyond all beliefs, and enter within what can only be called “truth”.  Truth, will guide you into the consequences called knowledge/ truth will let you perceive of understanding: truth will become the basis that is wisdom, and bring you peace. Because stability knows the future, and understands the path beyond wisdom to life itself.

Knowledge says, “numbers roughly equivalent to $60,000.00 per worker” has been distributed to a limited variety of places over the last one and a half years.  Understanding says, if these numbers had found their way into the hands of workers, they would be rejoicing/ “pay later or not”.  The numbers have not appeared for the worker/ not here.  It takes extreme greed, to hang on and not share this amount of numbers; in other words, the vultures are apparently waiting to watch you die.  Some would suggest, “we are being more careful now”/ but reality knows this is only a game, strictly the last moments before it is finished; and to hang on to the numbers simply means “you want the others to die”.   Unless we see the numbers quickly, come to the workers themselves/ regardless of being worthy; those who took the numbers were not worthy/ just more greedy. The result will be deflation, for a short period, where increased loss of potential value, drives more into bankruptcy; where employment is again accelerated/ and the sudden collapse of every lie leaves you standing at the gate of violence or truth.  The truth is: YOU WILL start over/ too old/ too late/ too weak or sick or whatever, is irrelevant.  You will begin again or die. That is the reality of those who led you into this pit of economic chaos/ prepared you, for hell and Armageddon. 
These are your reality, either the fraud of numbers that will quickly lose meaning/ or facing reality, and ending with the lies eating out, the substance you claim “is yours”.  But lies are lies/ and gambling with an entire nation means “you lose”. It is NOT my idea/ it is yours. I do wish for you better/ but without truth, it will not be so; in fact, everything will deteriorate around you and fail without truth and change.

It occurs to me, that questions presented regarding “female and me”/ might be suspected of “intending to lead”.  It is not so, I fully intend never to lead anyone; I will only help women, if they so choose and are in a position of influence to help society. I am not here to lead you/ not here to save you, regardless of “gender issues”.   You MUST choose to help this world survive, through change. Again, I have my own troubles; added to the concept of “being cut off from male”, is the addition: “not mine, ours”.  Life is one day at a time, “just reporting it/ don’t know why”.

Other issues include: we all have to build the life we will live (I am an oddity, at this point).  But regardless of that, the things we choose impact our future; even the little things can and do sometimes have a big impact. If you have always “wanted to be somebody”/ THEN WORK for the purposes of this site, because it is a relationship with whatever life will become in our future on this earth.  We are choosing life or death for a planet; YOU are participating in that decision, no matter if you run away and hide or not.  GOD   KNOWS.  I am not your decision.  I am just a messenger/ telling you, the evidence says you will soon die, without change.  I am telling you, “its ok not to believe me”/ INSTEAD, GO TO COURT and prove whatever is true.  Believe then, THE TRUTH.  Believe in law, it is our true friend/ because it removes “the humanity” and replaces judgment with the words that we have agreed to live by. The law then judges/ NOT the people.  The law, shall then be remade, by the people; as is necessary to achieve justice, safety, truth, and fair play. That is a purpose of this trial.  This trial is built upon a wide base of reality.  This trial is conceived by the evidence of trials that have come before.  This trial is shaped on purpose, to a point of law; that cannot be defeated with truth.  Therefore the dedicated intent of that law itself; called the first amendment redress of grievances, is the demand of this trial.  Obey the law, as all citizens must;   or it is anarchy, and then chaos.


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